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June 1, 2020 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

June 2020 Quotes

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June 1, 2020

It’s time to roast Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton looks like a voodoo doll. He acts like he represents African Americans, but if they aren’t rich, old, religious Democrats he is just tricking them. He sounds like a demented old man on drugs. He seems like he takes himself way too seriously.

Somebody spray painted Matthew 19:24 on the wall of St. John’s Episcopal church in Washington, D.C. Matthew 19:24 reads, “Again I say, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into the kingdom of God.”

Many of the places that are experiencing protests and riots are cities where I have lived in, visited, wanted to visit or considered living in. I have lived in Miami, San Diego and Long Beach, California and I have visited Baltimore, Birmingham, Fort Lauderdale, St. Louis, New York City, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Louisville, Denver, Atlanta, Oakland and San Francisco. I have wanted to visit Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Tampa, Boston, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Seattle and I have considered living in Santa Monica and Sacramento, California, Houston and Bellevue, Washington.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is talking about “common sense gun reform”. My common sense gun reform involves disarming the U.S. military before the civilians.

Picking between MSNBC, CNN and Fox News to learn about the protests is like picking between feces, diarrhea and vomit.

Rich people that have profited from the rigged, oppressive system and done nothing to fix poverty and racism are acting like they are reporting and commenting on poor people standing up against racism and oppression.

Reporters, pundits, politicians and others are judging a man’s motivation by the color of his skin and they want people to stop judging people by the color of their skin.

Judging somebody by the color of their skin and telling others to stop judging people by the color of their skin is hypocrisy.

The media is full of race baiters.

President Trump just used the Bible as a prop.

Republicans have horrible ideas, but many Democrats have horrible ideas too.

Reportedly, President Trump can’t use the Insurrection Act of 1807 to move the military into states without the permission of each state’s governor. Washington, D.C. is an exception because it is not a state.

I can’t imagine President Obama saying or doing the things President Trump is saying and doing.

How is your abode?

The media should interview some poor white people that have been abused by police officers like Kristofer Bergh. He said the officer that killed George Floyd pointed a gun at him and his friends which were all white and lied to his parents causing them to file a complaint.

Beware of black people in power that stand up for the status quo and have had the chance to remedy systemic racism at least in their area, but have not done so.

Illegitimate people are telling people who a legitimate protestor is.

Shout out to the Trump administration for giving poor Americans a $1,200 stimulus payment and for giving unemployed Americans an extra $600 a week.

Terrence Floyd is a fool.

I think George Floyd’s family’s end game is getting paid for the death of George Floyd and I think their attorney is fueling that goal.

The media gives airtime to people that tell others to peacefully protest, but they do not give airtime to people that tell others to loot, riot and burn things.

People that rarely pray don’t have confidence to pray out loud.

At least the mainstream media is holding President Trump accountable for his words and actions.

Religious people are oddly optimistic.

“You didn’t know the time of your visitation, so I left.”
“Jesus I don’t have a watch.”

CNN said there was widespread looting in eastern midtown Manhattan today, but I have not seen any footage of it.

My username for myfreecams.com has the word “anarchy” in it and it’s always funny when the ladies call me anarchy.

After sunrise it was relatively peaceful across the country on the major news stations, but I had a feeling that things would change after nightfall.

The TV media employs a lot of judgmental people.

I ate five organic onions on May 30. I cooked them in organic extra virgin olive oil in a pan and four of them were yellow onions and one was a purple onion. They were yummy.

Brian Williams is getting paid by pharmaceutical drug ads on MSNBC after a news segment on looting pharmaceutical drugs in Van Nuys, California.

You could say that Jesus was a non-violent protestor, but he reportedly predicted that the Jewish temple in Jerusalem was going to be torn down brick by brick to its foundation because they didn’t recognize him. He also said the people and their children would be killed and then he chased out people that were in the courts. These things indicate he wasn’t exactly a non-violent protestor. Reportedly, there was a fire in the temple when it was sacked in 70 A.D. that melted the gold and after it flowed through cracks in the rocks looters tore the temple down brick by brick to get to it.

Edward Beck is a fool.

Did you know that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, William Barr, Chris and Andrew Cuomo, David Muir, Lawrence O'Donnell, Stephanie Ruhle, Stephen Colbert, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are Catholics? Did you know that 22 out of 50 U.S.senators are Catholics? Did you know that four out of nine Supreme Court justices are Catholics (five if you count Neil Gorsuch)?

Jesus called the first pope Satan. If there was no resurrection, then there was no restoration of Peter too.

Fox News is broadcasting a commercial that encourages people to donate money to feed old Jews that are stuck in their house due to COVID-19.

I will never be interviewed by a religious person because I don’t want to affirm their beliefs and they lack integrity for having them.

I will never accept an honorary degree. If I didn’t earn it, then I don’t want it.

Vapid people like symbolic gestures because they hope somebody else can attach meaning to them.

Being unable to quickly get the country over the COVID-19 pandemic and the George Floyd riots must be difficult for a narcissist like President Trump that wants to be the center of attention and control thoughts and actions.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox News hosts are like bad magicians.

Youthful protestors are making it clear that they can’t be stopped and are willing to fight back even against law enforcement.

CNN and MSNBC keep playing Terrence Floyd with Al Sharpton in Minneapolis telling people to vote and avoid violent protests and Fox News keeps playing chaotic scenes in Democratic Party-run areas like New York City and Minneapolis. This is partisan propaganda at its finest.

CNN is trying to give the impression that law enforcement in Democratic mayor Eric Garcetti’s Los Angeles which is in Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s California is in control and looting is sporadic now.

It is a shame that rich people still are not getting the message that poor people are sending them.

Rich people ask questions to nobody and answer them because they don’t actually want answers.

The media thinks society can change without them changing.

TV media is the opposite of journalism because journalism eschews opinions and analysis and TV journalism relies on it. In fact, TV media uses people to report stories and then they tell people how they feel about it and how others should feel about it.

Before TV journalism did not have a tone of voice.

Journalists, fuck your tone of voice, fuck how you feel and fuck your facial expressions.

Rich, powerful people want others to be impotent unless they sing the same tune. There is not one person on TV that I want to be like, Jesus

People that are hated by their peers are not understanding why they are being hated because they are still in denial.

Prideful people are never blameless.

June 2, 2020

Dan Scavino is a moron.

Some oversized dudes were acting dumb in the men’s locker room in Honolulu and some other fools were dropping weights on the floor above me as I showered and it sounded like they could fall through the ceiling, so I rapped Colors as I showered and everybody got quiet and left. It was like Jesus drawing in the sand.

Andrew Cuomo sounds like Mr. Rogers on steroids and cocaine.

MSNBC doesn’t just give Democrat Joe Biden airtime, but they also give his surrogate Symone Sanders airtime after he speaks without any counterpoint.

Most of the cities with people that are protesting police violence have a Democrat mayor.

Catholic Joe Biden didn’t just pander to Christians in a Methodist Episcopalian church, but he pandered to African Americans that dominate their congregation.

Seeing people protest in a pandemic is surreal because almost everybody is wearing a mask or face covering making them look particularly ominous.

Reportedly, over 80% of the people taken to jail in Minneapolis are from the area despite local politicians saying they are mostly from out of town.

The way President Trump was holding the Bible yesterday resembled the way you would hold it in a “sword drill”.

If you don’t do bad things that others do you are a better person than they are.

There are many indicators in the Bible that we are in a competition. Verses indicate believers will receive eternal rewards and treasure in heaven based on their good deeds on earth. Life is compared to a race by Paul. Heaven is called a kingdom and according to the Bible it won’t be the same experience for everybody. There are also five crowns that believers could get if they earn them on earth.

Since I have read the Bible and listened to it on audio I have sarcastically said to people reading the Bible, “Let me know if anything changes in there!”

President Trump posing with a Bible in front of a church doesn’t bother me as much as the way the military dispersed peaceful protestors that were obeying the law and exercising their right to peacefully, publicly protest in front of the White House. It was something that Trump had just said he supports too. Seeing those people being scared, prodded and chased away like animals is disturbing.

Bad people seek moments when they are praised and perceived to be good because it fuels their pride and they know they won’t ever be treated like a good person.

When I was 17 years old I left my parents’ house and I did not return until my father made a deal to pay for my college tuition, room and board, a weekly allowance, a new car and car insurance and then I returned for a few days and said goodbye to my mom before I moved to the university.

When I was 16 years old I was arrested and law enforcement put me in the juvenile diversion program. They said if I did not get arrested for anything else until I turned 18 that my offense would be removed from my record. However, they also said if I was arrested for something else, then both of my crimes would be held against me. I was not arrested during that time, but my parents made me obey the juvenile curfew law that minors must obey even though my friends never obeyed it. I had to be home by 10 p.m. every night or I had to stay the night at a friend’s house.

When I was 15 years old my parents made me a deal. They said if I earned As and Bs on my semester report card in high school they would buy me a motor scooter. In California you are allowed to drive one with a learner’s permit at 15 1/2 years old, so I got As and Bs and they bought me a new Honda Aero motor scooter and I drove it everywhere.

Put yourself in a position where you will be blessed and be patient.

Don’t expect me to be somebody again in your lifetime, Jesus

The U.S. has not seen a pandemic like COVID-19 in over 100 years and the U.S. has not seen riots like the ones after George Floyd’s death in over 50 years.

When I lived in Oceanside, California in 2001, two men broke into my van that was parked in front of my apartment’s fence and stole my Yamaha acoustic guitar, American Fender Stratocaster electric guitar and DigiTech RP-7 multi-effects pedal. I saw one of them jumping the fence in the gated community, realized what they did after checking my van and called the police. The cops found one of the perps which was an African American man named Michael Lafayette in the nearby McDonald’s drive thru. They recovered my electric guitar and pedal and arrested him. I went to court and the judge ordered him to pay restitution for the acoustic guitar that his friend stole and he made a couple of payments before disappearing.

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