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July 1, 2020 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

July 2020 Quotes

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July 1, 2020

I think the more unrelatable President Trump becomes the more the younger generation will oppose him.

Minor League Baseball canceled its season because of COVID-19 and it is hard to imagine how Major League Baseball can play a season without them. When somebody gets hurt or sick a team brings up a minor leaguer, but now they can’t or they won’t be prepared. I think MLB will eventually cancel its season too.

I sent my dad two masks from Hawaii and he got them in California a few days before Father’s Day. I think masks reduce the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, but I think the N95 masks are best.

Clotheslines work well on a sunny day.

For years I have maintained that only credible death threats should be censored on social media and it looks like Facebook agrees because they just removed 220 Boogaloo groups for inciting violence.

President Trump acts like a child on Twitter and Fox News treats him like an adult which is funny.

Reportedly, Catholics on the Supreme Court struck down an anti-Catholic law that stops religious schools from getting taxpayer money. Unbelievers are upset that their tax money will teach students religion now.

I think when religious schools start getting taxpayer money from the government that the government will be able to dictate what is and isn’t taught in schools and it will lead to the end of religion being taught to kids in schools. Religious schools have refused government money for a long time for that very reason, but now under the banner of “school choice” they have secured government money and it could backfire on them.

I don’t think the freedom of religion involves using money from the government to fund teaching religion.

Religious people are angry that their tax money funds abortions, but now non-religious people’s tax money will fund teaching religion.

Fox News just spun something.

It’s time to roast Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne Conway looks like a banshee. She rambles like she is on crystal meth. She acts like a defense attorney for a 10 year old. She sounds like a college freshman delivering a persuasive speech. She seems like a used car salesperson.

My best friend looks a lot like President Xi. We have been friends since childhood and he is Chinese-American.

Most people are extraordinarily inconsistent.

I love kids.

When a baby cries he or she doesn’t bother me. It actually makes me laugh and I wish I could just scream when I need something.

Many years ago I said “snail mail” online and a mail carrier said that hurts their feelings because they deliver mail as fast as they can, so I stopped calling it snail mail and started calling it regular mail.

I don’t think reducing the number of American troops in another country is a bad thing unless that country is being attacked and needs help.

Today the state of Arizona reported more NC19 cases than the European Union.

Reportedly, today 52,770 cases of NC19 were reported in the U.S. and it broke the previous record.

There is no substitute for confidence.

Yesterday I dreamed that I left a small bag in the hallway by my door by accident and when I remembered and opened my door to get it somebody had stolen the money out of my wallet. I knocked on the door across the hall to ask them if they knew anything about it and a man opened the door a few inches and was not helpful. The dream seemed real and I woke up agitated like it was a nightmare.

I think sometimes a health problem is associated with an illness that is actually a symptom of the treatment.

I make a distinction between the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (abbreviated by NC19) and COVID-19 because millions of people have gotten NC19, but many of them don’t develop the symptoms that characterize COVID-19.

You can’t manipulate reality.

Some people like married people and religious people never develop certain qualities, but develop blind spots instead.

If you don’t repent you will die in your sins.

Dead people can’t forgive you. Invisible people can’t forgive you either.

I hate hope.

I don’t care what you hope any more than I care what you think. I only care about the truth and what you know.

Pathetic people broadcast their hopes.

Young people don’t listen to everybody.

Some people think everything is about race, but others think nothing is about race. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Mike Solan is a dope.

If China wants Hong Kong to be like mainland China I don’t think anybody can do anything about it.

Some Americans realize that “bringing democracy” to foreign countries is a pipe dream.

Expecting a communist country to act like a democratic country is absurd.

There is no such thing as Hong Kong autonomy or Hong Kong democracy.

Some Americans expect a country that has no idea what democracy is to become a democratic country.

Imagine if the U.K. took over Florida and decades later it handed the state over to the U.S., but signed an agreement that said they wouldn’t fully integrate into the U.S. for 50 years and then other countries that were at odds with the U.S. started getting closely involved with and in Florida. That is essentially what is happening in Hong Kong.

Chris Cuomo either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want people to understand that there is a national, left wing organization called Black Lives Matter and there is the notion that black lives matter. They are two different things and some people support both, one of them or neither.

July 2, 2020

If President Trump was not so erratic and if he actually had a good relationship with President Xi, I think China would be handling the situation in Hong Kong differently.

Some people want you to make a terrible decision because it is the decision that they would make.

In Kauai, Costco and Safeway have installed see-through, plastic screens at checkout stands to separate customers and checkers. The checker at Costco scanned my card through the plastic barrier. Walmart, ABC Stores and health food stores have not installed barriers. McDonalds and Starbucks are letting customers enter with a mask, buy food and leave, but they have closed their dining areas.

Some people were not wired for certain things and it is becoming apparent that Americans were not wired to deal with a pandemic.

I think President Trump would rather watch you die than wear a mask.

When President Trump says COVID-19 will disappear maybe he means you will die and then you won’t see it anymore.

Russia is clearly lying about the number of COVID-19 deaths and there are likely 50,000 deaths from COVID-19 that they have attributed to other ailments.

If President Trump was running against a younger Democratic candidate or if Joe Biden was running against a younger Republican candidate the party with the younger candidate would be playing the age card. However, since both candidates are very old with health problems and will exceed the average lifespan for an American man before their term ends both dishonest parties are hamstrung and can’t talk about it.

Imagine if there is a God and God lets Christians into Heaven with everybody else, but keeps them in a certain area away from everybody else and doesn’t tell them that everybody else is in another part of Heaven.

Dumb people have bad ideas.

Replacing Columbus Day with Juneteenth is absurd, but replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day which has been celebrated on the same day for many years makes sense.

If the U.S. took land today from Native Americans like they did about 200 years ago it would be headline news across the world and other countries would probably sanction and condemn the U.S. for it.

Russia’s death count from COVID-19 does not look accurate, but India’s death count looks inaccurate too.

Money blinds some people.

I think a country’s territorial waters should be quadrupled.

There are over a billion adult women on Earth, so there is no good reason to illegally, statutory rape a young girl in case you can’t think of dozens of reasons like I can.

July 3, 2020

I almost forgot how much I don’t like watching people read on TV.

Some countries like Russia, India, Chile, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan seem to be underreporting COVID-19 deaths. I hope they are not lying and I hope they are not letting the virus kill vulnerable populations that are undesirable or dependent on the government.

You can tell how the TV media want you to feel about a story by the b-roll they play as they tell it.

The TV media uses logical fallacies, sensationalism and arguments by assertion.

Religious people have a twisted definition of tolerance.

Mayors and governors have forbidden large gatherings across the U.S. for months and they have encouraged or mandated face coverings, but President Trump has hosted three events with thousands of people in Oklahoma, Arizona and South Dakota without requiring face coverings.

The only Confederate soldier that I have heard of is Robert E. Lee. It is astonishing that there are so many statues and monuments to various Confederate leaders across the country and in the Capitol.

Hawaii has confirmed 975 cases of NC19 which is the lowest number of infections by state in the country. There have been 19 deaths and only Alaska has confirmed fewer COVID-19 deaths.

The two, non-contiguous states are the ones with the fewest cases of NC19 and the fewest COVID-19 deaths.

Some prophets need more encouragement than people realize.

July 4, 2020

The New York Times said President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore was dark and criticized him for hardly mentioning the pandemic. I’m sure that would have cheered everybody up.

Somebody needs to tell President Trump how to pronounce Ulysses.

I turned off the TV when President Trump started speaking about the jobs report on Thursday because I knew it would be a sad, pathetic, off-kilter, dishonest, prideful, boastful diatribe, but I still had to watch some clips on TV news stations. I was right too.

Did Jews start anti-Semitism? If you don’t know which people are Semites which means descendants of Shem, then look it up and you’ll be surprised. Jews are the most anti-Semitic people on earth. Christian Zionists are also anti-Semitic.

I don’t think you can be a Christian without being a Zionist.

999 cases of NC19 have been confirmed in Hawaii. It is the last state to have under 1,000 cases.

Reportedly, there are about 30,000 more senior citizens in Florida that are registered Republicans than Democrats. If COVID-19 kills a lot of elderly people it could sway the election, but President Trump won in 2016 by about 113,000 votes.

July 5, 2020

Reportedly, 54% of the COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. were people in nursing homes.

Reportedly, toward the beginning of the NC19 outbreak in New York City, Gov. Cuomo ordered elderly hospital patients that came from nursing homes to be sent back to nursing homes and it caused a lot of deaths.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s girlfriend was diagnosed with NC19. I think Americans are saying the same thing now. Donald Trump, Jr. has a girlfriend?

Yesterday President Trump delivered a speech in Washington, D.C. and said we would not tolerate the radical left or angry mobs tearing down statutes and 40 miles away in Baltimore, Maryland radical leftists in an angry mob tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it in the harbor. Eight days ago Trump signed an executive order for the Attorney General’s office to pursue a 10-year prison sentence for anyone that attacks a monument, memorial or statue.

President Trump has been bragging about his performance on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test that asked him to identify a lion, a rhino and a camel and draw a clock at 11:10.

I had two dreams last night. In one dream I pooped my pants and in another dream I was frustrated that I couldn’t get WiFi at a gas station.

As a vegetarian that has fasted for 40 consecutive days without food, shows like Naked and Afraid and Bear Gryll’s survival shows that act like they must find animals to eat are absurd. They would be better off if they fasted.

The media enables the Trump administration. If they were a friend, coworker, acquaintance or even a family member and they acted and spoke they way they have you would cut them off.

If you could trace the majority of the problems in your life to one person you would cut him or her off if you had dignity and integrity.

Judge yourself frequently and accurately or you will never stop being an idiot.

President Trump said 99% of NC19 cases are totally harmless, but about 5% of the people with confirmed cases in the U.S. have died.

Reportedly, California recorded a record number of NC19 cases on July 5, 2020 after 11,786 people were confirmed by tests.

You must have some bizarre interests and lack credibility if you are still a Trump supporter.

If medical science had not progressed enough to diagnose people with heart disease due to a horrible diet, then people would probably think people were dying of heart failure from fear like it says in Luke 21:26.

Vegetarians don’t die from heart disease.

July 6, 2020

Over the Independence Day weekend lots of people were shot by civilians and some people including children died. The shootings occurred in cities with Democratic and Republican mayors. Hoover, Alabama and Greenville, South Carolina have Republican mayors and Chicago, Washington, New York and Atlanta have Democrat mayors.

Kayleigh McEnany reminds me of Baghdad Bob.

President Trump’s Twitter feed looks like the ravings of a madman.

I will not be surprised if somebody files a lawsuit against somebody that gives them NC19.

The COVID-19 response has revealed how U.S. citizens have a lot of freedom and how the federal government can’t shut the country down like they can in a Communist country.

On Saturday President Trump said the U.S. has tested almost 40 million people for NC19. However, on Fox News on Sunday they said 35.5 million people have been tested.

The White House said people will learn to live with it in reference to COVID-19. I suppose that is true unless they die, then they can learn to die with it.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said President Trump is the only one standing in between angry mobs and statues after dozens of people were shot during the Independence Day weekend and many children died in several cities across America.

40 people have tested positive for NC19 in Kauai. Zero people have died and one person required hospitalization. Hawaii’s 19 COVID-19 deaths have occurred in Oahu and Maui. 1,030 people have tested positive across the Hawaiian islands.

Some people with a lot of natural beauty have gotten a lot of attention whether they have liked it or not.

Some people with a lot of natural beauty have developed differently.

21st century warriors don’t need big muscles. They need strong minds.

Most people agree that black lives matter. However, not everybody supports the Black Lives Matter organization’s entire agenda or everybody in the movement.

President Trump hates Amazon, but is excited about the NASDAQ stock index’s record high and Amazon is the 3rd biggest stock in the index ahead of Google, Facebook and many others.

July 7, 2020

It seems like Fox News is getting worse because they keep minimizing the serious problems in the U.S. and distracting viewers from them.

I am content with taking down every statute, memorial and monument to a person that owned slaves. I am also content with removing every slave owner from U.S. currency. I can’t fathom owning a human being and they did not have to own slaves. Owning slaves is a black mark that can’t be justified by any amount of good deeds.

I like the phrase “all people are created equal” more than “all men are created equal”.

Reportedly, 3,041,129 people have tested positive for NC19 in the U.S. and 132,993 people have died.

If you can’t spend all day every day with your child, then maybe you are an asshole.

I worked from home, took my daughter to school and picked her up and I valued every second we spent together.

My mom took 20 years off work when she got pregnant with me and we spent lots of time together every day and it was great. She dropped me off at school and picked me up. She took me to soccer practice, to the mall, out to eat, etc. She even dropped me off at my first concert, so I could see Guns N Roses when I was 15 years old because I couldn’t drive yet.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong said they are working on a COVID-19 vaccine capsule which sounds better than an injection.

For a long time I didn’t think President Trump was a racist because I didn’t see much evidence of his racism. However, after hearing him and watching him for several years I think he is actually a different kind of racist than the ones that I have known. I think he is the type of racist that manipulates minorities for personal and financial gain and prefers benefiting white people.

My father owned a personnel agency and was self-employed for decades. When my mom and I visited him at work he was usually twiddling a paper clip at his desk. We weren’t sure what he did.

My dad was an unsung co-founder of a technical school called Coleman University (originally Coleman College) in San Diego, California in the 1960s. He had lists of graduates that needed jobs and he was an Internet pioneer that found companies that were hiring and put them together. He called himself a recruiter, but sometimes they are called headhunters. The company instead of the employee paid him for finding them the employee. It was somewhat lucrative although it was occasionally feast or famine.

When I was young and people asked me what my dad did for a living I said, “He finds people jobs in the computer field.” I think he told me to say that because it summed it up succinctly.

Reportedly, 60,209 new NC19 cases were reported today which is a record in the U.S.

July 8, 2020

If “violent speech” is protected under the Constitution, then I support it.

Hearing people whine about the need to reopen schools is as distasteful as hearing people whine about the need to reopen the economy and both are irresponsible statements by the same people that love money more than anything.

President Trump is so irresponsible and corrupt that he can’t give the entire country the same guidance to get the 50 states through the COVID-19 pandemic, but he will give them the same order to open schools and the economy.

July 10, 2020

President Trump said, "this is a political witch hunt, the likes of which nobody’s ever seen before." If this is true I don't think anybody has seen a president promise to reveal their tax returns and then never do it.

They are paying people $24/hour in Hawaii to go door-to-door and ask people to take the census.

Some people check their schedule, but I check the moon.

“Are you babysitting or is that your kid?” - rejected pickup lines

COVID-19 is making people less talkative in Hawaii which is strange. Usually everybody will talk your ear off forever even if you don’t know them, but now only about half of the people will.

The old “don’t talk to strangers” adage could actually save your life now.

I’ve never seen a roach escape from a sticky roach trap, but I have seen a mouse escape from one.

If you think you have a chance with me you have obviously watched way too much TV.

Reportedly, 33% of Americans approve of the way President Trump has handled COVID-19. Were they raised under power lines?

Some old people are liars and they like young people that are being deceived because they passionately promote what they know is a lie like it is the truth.

Adults control their children by praying with them.

My former wife asked me why I didn’t pray with my daughter more often. I think that was how she controlled her, but we spent quality time together and I liked watching her grow into her own person without trying to manipulate her.

If you have a religious conversion story from your childhood you should probably tell a lawyer or police officer because it was child abuse.

July 11, 2020

If you feel inclined to be more religious to impress a person of the opposite sex or their parents that is a sign you should end the relationship.

If the TV media didn’t suffer from transference their shows would be much shorter or different.

Professional sports have nothing to do with patriotism.

I have a body of work that increasingly draws attention to the way you are an asshole.

The so-called body of Christ is a joke.

Sometimes you have to start over at the beginning.

There is nothing redeeming about religious adults.

There is nothing endearing about religious children.

I am not big on deathbed confessionals, God

I might have a half-black sister, God

Is it sister or sista?

If you don’t mind change nothing is the end of the world.

Being poetic takes effort.

When treachery happens you never know when it will end.

Depending on how much wine Jesus drank on his 40 day fast he might have lost very little weight. Just sayin.

If it weren’t for religion, dysfunctional parents and horrible people of the opposite sex there would probably be fewer gay people.

I wore a face covering and called the place a shit hole years ago and now they call the place a shit hole and wear a face covering, Jesus

A lot of people ask to be my Facebook friend, but I don’t know them and I think it’s a little weird that they have to say they know me before they can ask to be my Facebook friend. My friends aren’t liars anymore, but I meet new people all the time.

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