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January 1, 2020 12:01 AM HST - Posted by Jason

January 2020 Quotes

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This morning I considered how the U.S. doesn’t seem to recognize regional allies sometimes and this afternoon the news said Russia, Iran and China conducted maritime drills together for the first time in history.

We become like the things we see, hear and think.

You were burning so much poison that I figured you wanted me to burn a lot of medicine to offset it.

If you can’t walk without being intrusive you probably belong in the DSM-V.

If people legally destroy the planet isn’t that the government’s fault?

I hope I don’t get what you people have. Is it contagious? Does it hurt? It looks painful.

What is more empowering and destructive than faith?

How can I hope in God when the Bible says the Earth will melt?

"This morning I considered how the U.S. doesn’t seem to recognize regional allies sometimes and this afternoon the news said Russia, Iran and China conducted maritime drills together for the first time in history.

We become like the things we see, hear and think.

You were burning so much poison that I figured you wanted me to burn a lot of medicine to offset it.

If you can’t walk without being intrusive you probably belong in the DSM-V.

If people legally destroy the planet isn’t that the government’s fault?

I hope I don’t get what you people have. Is it contagious? Does it hurt? It looks painful.

What is more empowering and destructive than faith?

How can I hope in God when the Bible says the Earth will melt?

“That’s cool.”
“You’re an idiot.”

People are acting like the world isn’t burning.

What you do was cool 40 years ago, but it isn’t now.

You have believed lies because your families have believed lies.

People don’t understand people that have a different body.

Do you want to read my reply, hear it or see it on my face?

It’s almost time for people that don’t know what in the hell there they’re doing to be in charge.

I just crossed the room. Not sure if I did it right good sir.

I should make some predictions. That’s what Jesus said.

Staying somewhere too long feels like enabling.

Some people misunderstand marijuana’s efficacy because they are used to the way that pills work.

Which one is more important, what you’ve done, what you do or what you can do?

You usually need to articulate what you want before you get it.

American Christians want the Middle East to be a certain way.

Buses that are 30 minutes late should be free.

“What if you tried to get off Baby?” - Michael Stipe

You have trusted bullshit for way too long.

If President Trump is not impeached in the Senate like he was in the House doesn’t it spit in the face of the elected politicians that voted for impeachment and their constituents that wanted the same thing?

I’ve been steeled in a weird way. I’ve been stolen from in a weird way too.

If Republicans reelect Donald Trump imagine who they might elect in 2024. Maybe they’ll nominate a NASCAR driver, Kid Rock or the host of Survivor. The game show guy seems to be working out great for everybody.

Most Americans seem to be ok with the military killing foreigners overseas in other countries if they are perceived to be a threat.

I think the message that President Trump is sending by killing Iranian General Soleimani in Baghdad is we don't care if we had comment interests in the past, but you are our enemy now.

I think another message that President Trump sent by killing Iranian General Soleimani in Baghdad is that even the death of one contractor (not a soldier) will warrant a swift and severe response.

I want to start a business like a cafe or restaurant and require everybody to present something unique about themselves at the door AND get there without polluting.

Is there a correlation between Jordan Peele being a hilarious comedian, marrying Chelsea Peretti and producing horror movies?

Your solution is causing problems.

The U.S. government wants people to think Iraqis want our military presence there, but Iran is causing trouble. In reality, I think Iran and Iraq are natural, regional allies and they are both tired of the U.S. being there.

“I’m keeping flowers in full bloom....I’m bending spoons” - R. E. M. (Michael Stipe) (Nothing like weed and soup.)

“I’m sorry” and “incredible” are possibly always misused at first glance, but in reality and in literal, plain and painful meaning they are being used quite accurately.

“What did you do today?”
“I created Instagram except people can’t comment or like anything.”
“Sounds great.”

Today I ran into one of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and he said I looked like I lost weight. How often do you hear that on January 3?

Try telling somebody stuck in their ways that their ways are wrong especially when they are your dad.

While you burn gasoline I hope you know that I am not affirming.

Sometimes you only see what they want you to see.

America, where right looks wrong and wrong looks right.

The people with the worst judgment on Earth think you are amazing.

Most people are assholes to somebody and nice to somebody else.

You make it easy to avoid being jealous of you.

I think some of the asymmetric attacks against the U.S. around the world have been trying to entice the U.S. into a war in hopes that other countries will respond even though it would result in World War III.

People can’t stop because they won’t stop.

Your life is a slow walk.

Lots of small-minded people are holding back progress.

How could I write books about how shitty people actually are without getting up close and personal?

If your beauty routine harms the environment it probably harms you too and you should change it.

I would have been in more accelerated classes in elementary school, but Bostonia Christian Elementary School wasn’t very accelerated.

I think the Israeli government takes every anti-Semitic attack around the world seriously and personally and sometimes takes action because of them.

I don’t have time to posture.

Turn off your fucking engine.

Do you know how dumb these people look? Something tells me you don’t.

I’ll beat your ass in time. That’s what God said.

“I wonder what’s going on at the mortuary.”
“There’s always somebody there.”

They are preying on the most impressionable people.

Reddit, Twitter and some other social media platforms are not conducive to free speech to the limits of the U.S. Constitution, but they control speech and in turn they control people.

The two anonymous Reddit users in r/Maui (or was it r/Hawaii?) that told me to read a book probably work at the library and want to fuck me. I have not been to Kahului’s public library for a month or two.

Did the loose organic carrots still use protection though?

I think the U.S. wants Iran to stop hating Israel and that is the root of the government’s scapegoating, case-building and sensationalism. War actually benefits a lot of people and the way things are structured now it probably benefits the victors more than peace does. If there is a greater incentive to go to war than there is to make peace, then there will eventually be war.

What do you think the lack of homeless people in Congress means?

Some of you should have stopped eating a long time ago.

Some people act like a badass after they have a kid, but I think they’re even weaker and fuller of shit than before.

Some men have been poor leaders so some women have been leading instead and some of them are horrible leaders too.

Who can compete with people that are proud of garbage? Who would want to?

I don’t need to replace anybody with anything.

I would have been a better person without American football.

Motherfuckers don't call motherfuckers motherfuckers because they are motherfuckers too.

The most digusting people are in denial about their repulsive lifestyle.

Somebody as ugly as you shouldn't pollute because it only makes you look uglier.

If the U.S. wants a democratic Iraq, then they should respect Iraq's sovereignty and decisions even if they want the U.S. to leave.

Some black people have said gross and perverted things that I have never heard anybody else say.

People don’t know how to judge their own behavior. They only seem to know how to justify it.

The old people that want respect for being assholes are going to die and young people that are sorry they were assholes will take over.

Do comedians have their World War III jokes ready?

Some people like morons to affirm them.

This is me playing ball. You probably don’t want me to stop playing ball.

Donald Trump said he wants NATO allies to become much more involved in the Middle East, but after the U.S. killed General Soleimani and Iraq told the U.S. to leave they decided to leave too.

People will not admit that somebody is disgusting when they are like them.

Consider that fat, ugly, polluting motherfuckers may discourage some people and make them depressed.

I regret looking at you once because you are so disgusting, so don’t expect me to see you twice.

If it harms the environment, then it harms humans.

If you are brutally honest you may say things that nobody has ever said or heard.

If the U.S. killed an Iranian general that was famous for killing Americans and others and Iran retaliated by firing missiles that didn’t kill anybody, then maybe they didn’t like him that much, they have something else planned or they’ve turned a corner.

Can you destroy the planet with your lifestyle and still love yourself?

If you say you are a liberal or a conservative make sure you’re not just a fundamentalist.

Have all the relationships you want but nothing beats being left alone.

Today I offered a homeless guy some organic raisins and he graciously accepted them. He said his jaw was broken and he couldn’t eat things, so he was unusually excited for the raisins.

How many vehicles did you spit on today?

I think sunscreen caused coral bleaching on my head.

If you do not believe somebody, consider immediately telling them. Even if you suspect somebody’s lying you can tell them that you do not believe them. Also, remember if you catch somebody in a lie that you can dismiss everything they say like a court would do.

The prophet Daniel might have installed people in Persia to recognize when Jesus was to be born not necessarily (or not only) by the star, but by using math. See Daniel 9 and consider the mathematical prophecy embedded in it.

Some people are inspired by the truth, but others keep circling the toilet bowl.

How can I set the prisoners free if I cannot see?

People should appreciate skepticism.

If you can’t look at people in the eyes, then you might be on drugs, too rich or too poor.

People don’t know how to judge others.

Many restaurant corporations have gotten rich by selling food made with poor ingredients.

If something is unsafe for the environment, then it is unsafe for the human body too.

I pity Iran for shooting down an airplane with dozens of their own people in it. They should be ashamed and everybody else that hasn't been pursuing world peace should be ashamed.

Who thinks Jeffrey Epstein and Qasem Soleimani are smoking cigars on an island somewhere?

You are under no obligation to trust anybody.

Everybody needs to stop plotting murder.

I hope Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t run on the roads. Literally. They broke.

Have Harry and William Louis gotten a DNA test?

Which news outlet has pictures and videos of the damage that the Iranian missiles did to the Iraqi bases?

When you visit somewhere without many possessions it looks like you moved there.

I think a Democrat president will stop majoring in the minors.

I want to live forever, but I don't think that's possible with the Earth this way.

A stranger told me that the Rothschilds’ money is in every country except for Iran and North Korea because they have purposely kept it out. He also added Syria to the list.

I think somebody that thinks everybody must do something undesirable eventually gets used to the idea.

What if Iran intentionally shot down Ukraine Airlines Flight 752?

Hey Iran, be careful goddamit. I exhorted you to disarm and warned you about the military. Why don’t you listen?

I bet Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney get along very well. Who wants to be the subject of an angry break up song that plays on the radio over and over forever?

Does a song care if anybody hears it?

People that are being deceived don’t see life as a battle between the deceived people and the enlightened ones.

If one spouse is a moron, I think there is a very good chance that the other spouse is a moron too.

Next time I am going to look at you zero times.

Is there any hope when two people look at the same thing and one calls it home and the other calls it garbage?

When you want the outcome to be a certain way there is no telling how it would have been.

The more polluted the skies become the more polluted the rain will be. The more polluted the land becomes the more polluted the sea will be.

Organization pays dividends.

After I reject you it doesn’t mean you should try harder to get me.

Will the unrighteous even care about a righteous judgment?

Some people are so stupid and off that they don’t realize how stupid and off they are.

If you are against border security I hope you are pro-peace at least. Think about it.

The Trump administration is getting flak because the media, Democrats and pundits are saying there wasn’t an imminent attack and he was attempting to distract attention from his impeachment, but they say General Qasem Soleimani was responsible for over 100 American deaths, so probably any time was fine.

I have been using a VPN with my iPad and it has freaked out PayPal, Wikipedia, Amazon and some other companies. They are apparently uncomfortable with people protecting their privacy online.

We’ll get it right unless you insist on getting it wrong.

Instead of trying to look sexy as you exit your huge SUV why don’t you try a shit sandwich?

Do I have enough medicine to counteract all the poison?

If you look like you pooped your pants when you smell vehicle emissions that’s a good example of an automatic reflex. If you look like you pooped your pants after smelling marijuana flowers that’s a good example of an acquired aversion.

If your Internet connection wasn’t so slow I wouldn’t be here so long.

I don’t think I would have acquired a taste for beer if it weren’t for my friends and my father. The first time I drank beer I thought it was disgusting and I gulped lots of air and bought Mylanta at the drug store for my upset stomach the next day.

Is Iran shooting down Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 at 6:15 like shooting it down at 11:59?

“Hey Jude borrowed a note.”
“”He probably stole it.”
“You’re antisemitic.”

President Trump said he believes that General Soleimani was going to attack four U.S. embassies and when he says “believe” I think he means he has a hunch and no evidence.

The major BitTorrent websites are strangely gone. Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents seem to be gone. I think it is much harder to download a variety of new movie, music and show torrents these days and some companies like Apple don’t even allow apps that do it.

Christians bring great shame to the Holy Spirit.

What is it like to call white black and black white?

Are they the covered uncovered?

The “don’t judge” movement isn’t helping because it’s dishonest.

Immoral people need a deal to be moral.

I don’t think people even know where the goalposts are.

Religious people are wrong about more things than they are right about.

Can you encode or decode a message in UV light?

The only thing I must do is avoid becoming like you.

If you live in society and can’t make choices that do not harm, then you live in a wicked society.

People will avoid being honest about somebody if they get money, goods or services from them.

Some people think if they can deceive themselves, then they can deceive others, but life doesn’t work that way.

I hope the Latter Day Saints have plenty of blank pages in the back of their religious books because they’re going to need it.

When you like somebody ask yourself why.

I am unafraid of you and demonstrably stronger.

There is no way in hell that things will ever continue like work as usual.

I think most liberals don’t understand the mind of a strong, old, conservative, white man.

Are they buying ads in some states to influence people that haven’t been educated?

Hey Kevin Spacey, please stfu. I don’t care for your creepy videos as your Southern character from the job you were fired from as your sex abuse accusers add up and disappear.

If he denies it, then maybe she’s the liar.

The people around you that value garbage have made you confident in crap.

Maybe Enoch was just really good at hiding or maybe he was murdered and cremated.

Many years ago I changed my middle name to Jesus, but I changed it back to Alan (or Al).

I want to know who Joe Biden owes favors to, what Elizabeth Warren actually believes and how Bernie Sanders thinks he can implement his Democratic Socialist agenda with a Republican-led Senate.

If you don’t think Joseph Smith was a prophet, then you probably don’t understand what a prophet is.

I think Switchfoot knighted The Edge. They beat me to it.

How many vehicles have hidden cameras in the front or rear?

If I was President Trump I wouldn't brag about killing General Soleimani because it means he couldn't negotiate his capture or surrender.

Gas burners know how to shine a turd.

I think Imagine Dragons’ song Thunder is a good test in concert to see who wasn’t raised pronouncing the “th” sound.

I am increasingly repulsed as their conscience is increasingly darkened.

When I lived in Long Beach, California between 2012-2014, I listened to the radio every day. Imagine Dragons’ song Radioactive dropped on the radio on October 29, 2012. I remember it well because my radio was active.

Sometimes I agree with half a song.

Some people don’t care if you improve.

Change makes some people nervous.

I don’t know if I can get a complete organic vegetarian diet in Molokai or Lanai, but I can get one in Oahui, Maui, Kauai and Big Island.

I fed another hen and named her Ug. It’s short for Ug Lee.

If your vehicle burns gasoline perhaps you should stop looking at it like you do.

If I visit Safeway I can wave at passengers landing in commercial airlines at Kahului Airport because they fly a few hundred feet over the store.

Do you have an apology bumper sticker? Want me to make a sorry flag for you?

If I stole somebody’s island would I treat it like a toilet (with them)?

If somebody stole your island would you treat it like a toilet with them?

Who else needs to die for your sins?

Who else will tolerate your sins?

Are you gonna kill me slowly or quickly? Have you figured it out yet?

When I order a drink that’s normally in a plastic cup I ask them to put it in a paper one and I drink it without a straw.

My Worst Fear: Flipping off so many cell phone cameras that people start pointing their cell camera at me to get a pic of me flipping them off

Meghan Markle looks a lot like a white woman.

“I am here to recover what was lost.”
“Jesus ok how long have you worked in data recovery?”
“Feels like forever.”

Are mentally ill people diagnosing mentally ill people? Is that why there are so many mentally ill people running around? Some people belong in the DSM-V.

If you didn’t notice how beautiful Erin Burnett looked on CNN yesterday you missed out.

I like how Erin Burnett didn't let President Trump move the goalposts. He says he didn't break the law, but impeachment relies on a different standard: high crimes and misdemeanors. Fox News doesn't hold his feet to the fire.

Things have been structured in a bizarre way, but they could have been worse.

President Obama told Donald Trump to avoid hiring retired General Michael Flynn because he is a crook, so Donald Trump hired him and Flynn was convicted and awaits sentencing.

I’m not President Obama.

Threats may listen too.

It only offends people that weren’t going to listen anyway.

Lots of people aren’t getting what they need.

You can say you are a homeowner, but if you have a mortgage you only own the equity.

Stop when you’re behind.

I don’t want to see anybody lip syncing.

Do I need to check and see if religious people are still following the same magic fairies?

Remember that Jesus refused to give some losers a sign.

Practice makes better. Usually. I’ve never seen perfection.

I’d rather starve than eat food that is not organic and I do.

Has anybody ever learned an instrument without the instrument? I wonder because I know how to play guitar and I can hear music even if it’s in my head and find the notes on the fretboard.

If people that burn gasoline and coal every day assume that people that have self-control will be understanding and accepting I think they are sorely mistaken.

My mom looked a little like Nancy Pelosi and Erin Burnett at different parts of her life. She had brown hair and blue eyes and was lean until she got older. My mom said she was a Democrat when she was young, but she was a conservative, religious Republican in all my memories.

You may own something or do something that you think makes you cool when it actually does the opposite.

Your prized possession may make somebody else vomit.

How is KHON2 the most accurate weather? Is there any voodoo or black magic involved? Do they consult a ouija board?

A society that relies on fossil fuels is a weak society. Fossil fuels are going the way of the dinosaur (again).

I laughed so hard I farted twice and I remembered that my mom used to do that at home once in a while and we’d laugh harder and my dad would roll his eyes.

The reporter doesn’t necessarily like the story he or she covers like the poet doesn’t necessarily care for the world he or she is describing.

Have you ever been upset at somebody that expected you to believe a wild story?

You would probably totally throw off somebody without confidence.

Has anybody considered lining the border with Chupacabras? I’d turn around if I saw them. We may be destroying some things without realizing it.

Pointing your cell phone camera at somebody is rude.

You can fuck up a lot of things, but God damn you if you fuck up the air I breathe.

How will somebody convince me that they love me if they are also killing me?

How do you woo savages?

Wanna know where you are? Go to Craigslist’s website and it will send you to the appropriate city that corresponds to your IP address.

Lots of parents I see in public ignore their kids and seem unhappy.

The weird thing about Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing in the Senate is that the 47 non-Republican senators need about 20 Republicans (67 total votes) to impeach and remove him from office. Therefore, the handful of Republican senators that actually think he should be impeached may vote against it because they know it won’t make a difference and will only serve to harm their political aspirations.

Shout out to my first guitar teacher. After I learned how to play chords on acoustic guitar on my own for three months (per his suggestion), I visited his studio at Valley Music in El Cajon, California when I was 21 and Tyler was inspirational and taught me hooks and stuff. Otherwise, I am self-taught although I used to ask musicians to show me chords and licks at camps, festivals and services and when I taught lessons I learned numerous hooks, solos and songs to teach my students.

Sheeple don’t know they're in a war. They think they are winning an invisible war, but they are losing one.

Moronic behavior still doesn’t become smart if everybody does it.

People lie about people that pay them.

He likes you guys a lot.

You are sad assholes, but you aren't much sadder than the other sad assholes.

Lunar soil is a misnomer.

#144,001 is gonna be bummed.

PETA is going to shit a brick after Israel builds its temple and sacrifices a cow. They're gonna have a cow.

People worship so many gods that they don’t even call them gods anymore.

There’s no credible evidence that Jesus is alive.

If life isn’t nearly overwhelming you might not be living.

Out of touch people can’t compartmentalize it.

I quit drinking a little organic red wine daily and before I could start drinking organic apple cider vinegar I caught a cold. I also stopped eating my steady regimen of organic carrots, red bell peppers, apples and bananas because I am avoiding Whole Foods. Perhaps that had something to do with it. I also stayed up all night and skipped a shower one time.

Some conservative Christians have been taught that women cannot be pastors. The teachings vary and some churches restrict women from only the head pastor role. I think Christians that believe that way also will not support a woman as president.

People keep calling black white and white black because they like black more than white.

After Paul McCartney released I Don’t Know I told him I didn’t believe him, but I kept it in my Spotify playlist. I could only imagine my face as I heard it. However, he also released Despite Repeated Warnings which sounds like he got his answer.

Donald Trump is not a great person and that’s why he can’t lead America’s enemies.

Dependence isn’t balance.

I will probably leave Hawaii in 2020 because everybody treats it like a toilet and most of the politicians don’t care.

How can I expect anybody to care about me when they don’t care about themselves?

My college youth pastor David St. John tried to control my sexuality (well, he didn’t want me to have one night stands or be gay).

Selena, I am covered tonight.

Rich people don’t judge bad acts that other rich people do if they do them too.

Imagine a higher intelligence on Earth that usually does not want to be perceived by humans.

Sometimes only part of a song reminds me of somebody.

If you are offended by a righteous judgment, then you are probably never judged righteously, lied to and deceived. You are probably an asshole too.

People in Hawaii seem to pollute like the people in California, but it feels different because it’s more beautiful and cleaner in Hawaii. It seems like everybody should be doing their best to preserve it and not destroy it.

You wear everything you say on your face. Maybe you should stop talking about me.

Some people hear a whisper. Others only hear a scream.

Donald Trump's legal team is full of liars and they are lying before his Senate trial even begins.

Just because I haven’t called you a loser to your face it doesn’t mean you’re not one.

Should I start flipping off every car I see when I walk around town? I think looking at them is making them think I am validating them and I want to disavow them of that notion.

Hoping another country can save you is not a good feeling.

Which diseases are normal?

Cards were stacked against me and I didn’t realize it.

Assholes that impress nobody except themselves is why people hate America.

Recovering from an illness feels like powering up.

The rich and powerful don’t decide what’s true.

Do you think America deserves to die this way?

People are not used to somebody accurately judging them.

Imagine if we discover one day that McDonalds is bankrupt and every franchise loses their name or closes.

I can play a dozen instruments.

Being right sucks when everything is a load of shit.

Dependent people look a lot alike.

If the Republican Party tells Republican senators to vote against President Trump's impeachment they should be charged with a crime.

Some Asians laugh at homeless people at McDonalds.

Can Wolf Blitzer see into my soul?

Since it's a subjective call the only argument against President Trump's impeachment that may resonate with me is saying it doesn't rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors (because nobody knows what that means). We will hear a lot of hemming and hawing though.

If each letter of your password is visible for a split second as you type it, then it only takes a video recording of you typing it to figure it out.

If Russians killed Ukrainians while President Trump delayed their aid money that was congressionally mandated, then he may have some blood on his hands. I wonder if that bothers him.

“I live in a mansion, but it is far away and it belongs to my dad.”
“Sure Jesus. We believe you.”

Who were Jesus' grandparents on his biological father’s side (and where did they live)? I’d like to know about those people.

The senate should debate whether or not President Trump’s actions rose to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Most of the games you play are in your head.

Donald Trump used to be a Democrat, so I wonder if the whole thing is a conspiracy. If it was a carefully planned Democratic Party ploy, then I think you can expect to see the Democrat’s candidate win in 2020 and it could usher in a new age.

Whatever tangible thing you think I want from you you're wrong.

I’ll be damned if you catch me looking at a cell phone for more than a minute or two at a time.

Lots of dumb, pathetic people are addicted to their stupid cell phone and they waste many hours on it.

Would you rather be the truth or the evidence?

People tend to worry about people that get skinny.

The liberal mainstream media has acted like the only viable candidates to challenge Donald Trump are Democrats.

I am being watched by people that I do not see.

Everybody is killing, but few people are creating.

The trained mind can be backwards and sideways.

Much greater care should be taken of the air.

I’ll believe it when I smell it.

There is no mechanism to say something is alright if a few million people do it, but not alright if everybody in America does it.

Sometimes you have to become stronger to overcome a strong enemy.

If there is record heat and you don’t make a change, then you are unregenerate.

CNN is talking a mile a minute about the impeachment trial. Slow down and take some breaths bro.

Do you think I turned down a free vehicle that burns gasoline and I am jealous of your vehicle? Rest assured if it pollutes I am not jealous of it and I call it a smelly piece of shit. Do you prefer the pronoun “you”?

Imagine if Nancy Pelosi made a deal with Donald Trump to let it go when he orders witnesses to avoid testifying.

We are being spied on, tracked, lied to and poisoned.

If President Trump was innocent wouldn’t he provide the documents to Congress that they want and allow anybody to testify?

President Trump, who is Ukraine investigating next? If you remain president can we assume that the next five years will be full of you leveraging American money, power and influence to investigate Democrats? If so, don’t stop at the Democrats.

Did people under your covenant kill everything?

Maui, Hawaii makes it hard to walk and easy to drive everywhere.

Christians and sinners are less relevant than they think they are.

I am an organic vegetarian and I have asked the Smithsonian if they want my feces.

I’ve never seen anything gay at the YMCA.