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April 1, 2020 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

April 2020 Quotes

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Stock market investors get jittery and sell their stocks when they get wind of over 100,000 projected American deaths. Who knew?

Fearful people tend to give up their rights without a fight.

I was going to begin writing 109 Haikus in Kauai today. Since I am supposed to honor a statewide stay-at-home order maybe I should write a book called 2020 Quarantine Haikus instead...

Maybe I should buy some organic vodka (or gin) and spin some Quarantinis.

Imagine if COVID-19 is a curse for eating wildlife.

We’re going to learn from this, but what we’ll learn isn’t fully known yet.

I disagree with Mark Esper. The “war on drugs” has failed and it’s time to legalize plants.

How dare the government say they are fighting drugs coming into the country while people die from opiate pills and other substances that could be considered drugs at a record rate.

I don’t believe in the government’s drugs. I believe in making my own decisions regarding plants.

Government says they want to destroy Mexican drug cartels, but they aren’t concerned about pollution in the U.S. from Mexico via the Tijuana River even though it has been occurring for decades.

It’s not surprising to me that an old, conservative, religious government has tried to remove and keep illegal THC which is an integral part of medical marijuana. THC opens and expands the mind which exposes their bullshit for what it is.

When poppy and coca plants are legal it will save lives because it will reduce the amount of potentially deadly, processed drugs.

I never asked the government to protect me from plants.

Government will destroy your life under the guise of protecting you and others.

I am not letting this go.

Why are psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA illegal?

When the government declares a pill is illegal instead of regulating its consumption for safety they cause or allow many deaths.

Lies make me ill.

Human rights begins with your body. If you do not have 100% control of everything you want or need to do with your body, then you are being controlled and not actually free.

I don’t miss the mortuary yet, but I probably will in a few weeks.

After displaying a COVID-19 death toll graphic for many days in a row, CNN has removed it on April 1 and hasn’t even mentioned how many people died today.

Whose fears are you honoring?

I am not surprised that some Christian pastors have rejected the government’s fearful mandates and are meeting anyway. The government is not following any biblical principles in their attempts to stop COVID-19 and telling the church to stop meeting is anti-biblical and a sign of the times.

If the government has the power to harm you, then the government has too much power.

If you calculate the U.S. average, daily death toll from COVID-19 from the day the first death was reported on March 1, then there have been about 148 deaths a day. If you calculate the U.S. average, daily death toll from the first person diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 15, then the death toll is about 62 people a day.

The COVID-19 response suits self-righteous Americans well because they love to virtue signal.

If nothing changes in the U.S.' relationship with China because of COVID-19 they are being foolish.

If you thought liberals had no faith I think the COVID-19 scare and response will disavow you of that notion.

The causes of death that have killed millions of people that people are ignoring will continue to kill millions of people until people care and change their behavior.

Some people say COVID-19 will disappear when the weather gets warmer and if everybody is indoors using their air conditioner, then it should be warmer outside soon.

Has anybody grown a conscience about the way that they were polluting the planet or is everybody waiting with baited breath to fuck up the place again like usual?

Reportedly, as of April 1 about 2.2% of people in the U.S. that get infected with COVID-19 die from it.

On this current trajectory and in light of the government’s intentions to lift stay-at-home orders on May 1, they are apparently intending on COVID-19 killing around 25,000 people before May 1 and about 75,000 to 215,000 more people dying afterwards. With all due respect that doesn’t sound like much of a plan.

I use CNN, MSNBC and Fox News applications to watch the news on my Apple iPad. CNN’s app is the best. MSNBC’s app makes me enable Location Services and buffers or crashes when I change from the small screen to the full screen. Fox News doesn’t require Location Services, but unlike the others they do not allow you to watch a little screen and access other applications at the same time. All of the apps let users enter their cable TV credentials to watch live programs for free.

If Americans didn’t eat such a poor diet and have such an unhealthy lifestyle they would have a better chance to fully recover from COVID-19.

This weirdness is going to cause a lot of problems in the U.S. for a long time in many different ways.

I hope I see your face again because I can’t quite remember your name.

There should be a way to prove to the government that you have gotten over COVID-19 and are immune to it, so you can return to your regular life instead of living in hiding for no reason like they want everybody to do.

Why doesn’t the government protect us from air pollution?

Fools judge others more than themselves.

On my last day in Kahului, Maui, I used my camp shower at Jack N the Box because they have an outdoor spigot and strong, overhead eyelet in a secluded place by their store. An employee told me to stop and I said ok and that she would never see me again. Meanwhile, an armed security man took their cash and walked to his running vehicle and I asked both of them a question. I said, “If those two homeless people stink (and I pointed to two homeless people in the parking lot) whose fault is it?”

A wisely worded question can be more powerful than an angry threat because the hearer will answer in his or her head and it will be a conclusion that they can’t easily deny or reject because you didn’t put it there.

If suicides increase in the dystopian state of America I will be unsurprised.

On this trajectory the planet has a death sentence and America will have blood on its hands because only America can stop destroying the planet before it irreparably changes everything for the worse and then motivate others to quit destroying it too.

No matter how much you worry and no matter how scared you get some things just aren’t newsworthy.

Liberals have made wild assertions about COVID-19, assumed that they are correct, belittled others for not accepting them, assumed the government’s projections will happen and then made more assumptions based on those assumptions. What a twisted house of cards.

Americans are like drug users that need an intervention.

If anybody doubted whether or not the ruling elite think New York is the center of the galaxy I think those doubts have been assuaged.

I love Andrew Cuomo (and Chris Cuomo), but I don’t want to hear him talk every day. If I did I would probably move to New York.

Shout out to politicians that don’t fear monger, but quietly and strongly do their job well.

If 10 million people that filed for unemployment insurance benefits get $600 a week the U.S. government will spend $6 trillion a week on them. $6 trillion a week is approximately $24 trillion a month which is approximately what the entire U.S. national debt is now.

The U.S.’ response to COVID-19 is like somebody with a hangnail cutting off their hand.

Allegedly, God created everything in six days and Christians want us to believe that Jesus has been preparing a place for Christians in Heaven for almost 2,000 years? That doesn’t add up.

It is puzzling that a nation founded on Christian principles and run by Christians that believe in instantaneous, radical, positive changes want to do things the wrong, filthy, deadly, way for as long as humanly possible.

In 2020 because of COVID-19, the government is doing something similar to Americans as it did to me in 2011 when it broke down my door and arrested me for growing medical marijuana for medical marijuana patients in San Diego, California.

Mentally strong people should be fine in isolation and poverty, but mentally weak people probably won’t be ok.

As long as you don’t call your sins what they are you won’t repent.

There are zero verses in the Bible that condemn any of my behaviors, but there are many scriptures that condemn many of your actions.

The unrighteous call the righteous self-righteous.

If you can prove your righteousness, then you aren’t self-righteous. You’re righteous. If you can’t prove your righteousness, then you’re self-righteous.

What happens if you get windmill cancer and COVID-19?

The average Christian is displeasing to their God if their God actually wrote the Bible.

You aren’t influenced by people you don’t listen to.

Every day politicians and the mainstream media dump their problems and issues on us.

The mainstream media is practicing transference on Americans every day.

Assholes try to make good people afraid.

Nobody can make you eat.

When I flew from Maui to Kauai a few days ago the TSA flagged my backpack and confiscated a can of organic pinto beans that I had put in a zip-top bag. They said it was considered a gel over 3 ounces.

I dated a Greek girl with one leg in college. She said she was born that way and she thought it was because her parents lived by a nuclear power plant in Greece.

Johns Hopkins University was dead wrong about Hong Kong being the country with the second most COVID-19 infections behind China. Dozens of other countries have more infections.

What will they call the next coronavirus? Perhaps they will call it “the new coronavirus” because calling this one “coronavirus” is a misnomer because it describes a type of diseases and not a specific one.

I still do not fear COVID-19. I think there is an extraordinarily remote chance that I will be infected. Also, I think if I get infected I will not die or have any lasting health problems from it. I am not afraid in the slightest despite the government and media’s best attempts to make people fearful.

It is in the best interest of the rich to scare the poor into obedience.

Are people with sickle cell anemia more vulnerable to COVID-19?

I think if pastors don't add burning fossil fuels to the list of sins that they preach against everything will die.

Money makes life different, but not necessarily easier.

After you realize you’re going the wrong way, you wonder if there’s a shortcut to get you back on track.

“Pollute like us or we will kill you with our pollution.”

Hold every emission captive.

People in the future will not understand the way that you live.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the most hated generation.

People that look wealthy aren’t necessarily wealthy.

The government should commission automotive shops to recycle vehicles.

“What did you trade your vehicle in for?”

What I was is no longer what I am.

The bus in Kauai is free, but it comes every two hours instead of every hour now.

People that don’t ride a bike or take public transportation don’t realize how their disgusting lifestyle has deterred the development of public transportation and bike services.

If someone is simmering in anger because of you, you may regret it.

Rachel Maddow, some people watch your show away from home and some people watch it in the afternoon.

Over the last few years I have noticed more and more Mexicans in Hawaii. Today I saw a new sign written in English and Spanish. Since I grew up in San Diego, California (a border city), I can easily tell the difference between Mexicans and Asians/Hawaiians.

One little known benefit of the COVID-19 scare: when you give the bird to irresponsible, single people driving SUVs there is a reduced chance that they will pull over to fight you

COVID-19 is deterring carpooling.

If the weakest people are dying from COVID-19, then natural selection and survival of the fittest will produce a stronger gene pool.

After I moved from Maui to Kauai, I unsubscribed from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s email list. However, I just realized that she is Kauai’s representative in Congress too! Now I have lived on three Hawaiian islands that she has “served”. Please God make it stop.

Kauai needs its own representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Kauai is 300 miles from Maui and separated by water.

Disgusting people like disgusting people.

Over 250,000 Americans have immunity to COVID-19. If you are in good health, being one of them before you reach old age might be wise.

I affirm the efficacy of reputable vaccines, but the toxins that they include with the vaccines should never enter anybody’s bloodstream.

Today a 75 year old woman at a bus stop in Lihue, Kauai told me that the first COVID-19 patient was a disgruntled chemist from China that brought the disease here on purpose to kill as many people as possible because he is dying.

If you add all the days that I have fasted, I have not eaten by choice for many months of my life. However, I have only not eaten by circumstance a few times. It’s a different feeling when you don’t decide to avoid food, but you are unable to buy food. Fasting is empowering, but hunger is debilitating.

Today I began instinctually saying something that I used to say in my first years living on the street. “We’re screwed.” It had little to do with COVID-19. It had to do with people still ignoring the biggest causes of suffering, disease, death and eventual extinction even after making radical changes.

The American lifestyle is the biggest cause of disease on Earth.

Today the Kauai police arrested a homeless man that flew here from Oahu because he had no lodging and violated the 14 day mandatory stay-at-home/self-quarantine order by Gov. Ige. I hope they aren’t rounding up all the homeless people and incarcerating them because that doesn’t seem fair.

I visited Costco, Safeway, Papayas and Hoku foods today for groceries and it’s safe to say that the organic food supply is not being threatened at all which isn’t surprising to me.

On April 3, Molokai logged its first case of COVID-19. Reportedly, the infected person got it from Las Vegas.

I should record a parody song of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 because we have been ordered to obey a curfew in Kauai from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day due to COVID-19.

Living in a country that is demonstrably losing its power and influence feels like aging and approaching death.

You taught me lots of things and decided not to follow them.

Your safety, health and well-being revolve around knowing and following the truth.

Hawaii is letting people exercise outside, but if you sit down you can get warned, ticketed and jailed. What about practicing yoga? Yoga poses are still and can look like sitting or laying down.

Donald Trump ordered states to stop allowing exemptions for people to get EBT (food stamps). In other words, if a homeless person isn’t working or isn’t earning a lot of money they won’t qualify for EBT anymore (technically, they will only be eligible for 3 months in a 3 year period until they are 50 years old). However, he stayed the order for a while because of COVID-19.

If you cause a problem and then you fix the problem how much credit should you get for fixing the problem that you created in the first place?

The COVID-19 response by governors is like coming to Jesus and only changing your hairstyle. It’s like getting a stain on your tie and changing your shirt, suit, pants, belt, socks, underwear and shoes.

I told my mom that I loved her many times throughout my life and in the days, months and years before she died, but I think I would be even sadder about her death if I never told her.

Yesterday at Safeway there were lines and only one checkstand open and self-checkout. The cashier said she was the only person there that could do it. In a pandemic you would think the grocery store would try to get customers in and out as quickly as possible.

A scientist’s assumptions are not necessarily any better than a layperson’s assumptions.

I don’t believe a lot of things that are commonly accepted in society.

The truth defies a lot of textbooks.

I think making assumptions about fossilized teeth is unwise. For instance, how do we know that ancient explorers didn’t bring marsupial teeth with them to the Americas? Perhaps they were considered good luck or medicinal. How do we know they didn’t bring the opossum too?

“Laughing Buddha” isn’t actually Buddha.

Gautama Buddha was not overweight. The overweight man in a cloth sack aka the laughing Buddha was a Chinese monk named Budai.

The more you hate homeless people the more out of touch with reality you must be.

The worst medicine harms you instead of healing you.

Pharmaceutical drugs’ side effects can occur whether or not the pills work.

It’s a shame that it took a pandemic to make some people do what they should have been doing anyway.

Scared people say and do things that unafraid people don’t say or do.

Joe Biden seems like he is senile.

Seeing fools quarantined in their homes has never made me want to be more unlike them.

If we can put a man on the moon we should be able to make a way or device for people to breathe freely in public without catching a virus.

It is funny how unoriginal people try to be different and create art.

Even though my piano teacher told my parents I was a prodigy my father didn’t want me to be a musician as a kid because he said I wouldn’t have anything important to sing about until I was older.

People don't mind horrible art if they like the person that made it.

Sometimes I click on a link to a YouTube video, but I don’t watch it. I pause the video and comment.

When I listened to Bible and prophecy buff Chuck Missler speak many years ago he said America is not mentioned in the Bible and it is strangely absent from the End Times verses. He said there were several reasons why America would be a non-factor and he proposed a few devastating possibilities.

I just realized that Ezekiel 39:6 could more easily refer to the U.S. and U.K. now that the U.K. left the European Union (which biblical scholars see as the revived Roman Empire).

Despite your religion and whether or not the Bible is true over a billion people are learning it as fact and could make its prophecies happen. This has been happening for a long time too.

Some Americans are desperate to justify their fears.

The mainstream media can create the illusion of consensus.

I’m so bored. What’s COVID-19 like?

I think the stay-at-home orders are going to cause Americans to gain weight and more Americans will become overweight and obese.

Was Pinocchio Jewish?

“When did your nose grow to its full size?” - rejected pickup lines

Every time somebody dies these days I wonder if it was from COVID-19 or not.

COVID-19 is bringing false prophets out of the woodwork.

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