Everyone should write about moving things that inspire them.

Thursday, May 24, 2016 12:44 PM HST - Posted by Jason

One of These Days

Two quick passes was enough to soak you in,
so I might chase you down to behold you again

I am taken, moved and pleasantly distracted,
I feel humbled, chosen and meek

The sun is going down
and time is running out,
we make time for what we love,
some people actually listen and watch,
so we don't have to repeat ourselves

And I still feel a slight urge to stop
when I reach the end of a page...

Taking my time, thinking wisely,
separating them into camps,
but only in my mind

I have no real will,
no insidious plan,
just observing
the woman, animal and man,
growing, thinking and hoping
that next time will be the best
and my heart won't break again

Monday, May 23, 2016 1:46 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Empty-handed now by design,
so turn on the melancholy
and the country music,
turn up a funky melody
and let's go

It's time to heal and grow,
but I think I already know
it's not the comfortable path,
like a seed that bursts through topsoil
and stretches toward the sun

Putting it off,
buffeting myself again,
in the final minutes,
just a little more decadence
before my focus sharpens
and discipline takes over

Raising limbs,
ready to walk on waves,
artificial light,
in manmade caves,
while ancient songs
are sung like they're new,
great songs, bands and genres
across the radio's dial
wonder who saw this coming Cycle,
the body,
two parts,
one changing,
behaving differently,
but maintaining balance,
with effort, on purpose,
after my choices got me here

Monday, May 23, 2016 1:46 AM HST - Posted by Jason

36 Pics - Album 46 (Rated: R For Nudity)

Sunday, May 22, 2016 9:06 PM HST - Posted by Jason

A Long Fast Begins

I started a long-term fast and it is going well. It began on May 21 and I haven't decided when it will end.

I've done a lot of fasting and I intend on writing a book about the discipline. I think that a lot can be learned by avoiding food for periods of time. It can facilitate a lot of healing too.

This should be an exciting week. Not having to think about food has already been liberating. Since I only eat organic food, I often have to settle for something quick with sugar in it or I have to pack food in my backpack and take it with me. Restaurants don't sell it and the grocery stores that do sell it aren't nearby.

I'm going to use this time wisely and do a lot of writing. I wrote a new poem a few minutes ago and I'm going to publish it on my blog soon. I'll also write some stories and probably more blogs on various topics.

I have been drinking a lot of water and drinking organic coffee. I haven't had any honey or tea yet, but I probably eventually will. Water is critical though because it hydrates me and fills my stomach. I filter tap water with a Brita water bottle and I take it everywhere and drink all of the time. I also drank about

I can feel my body shedding dead cells. Fasting is like nature's way of taking a scalpel to our gross parts. Eventually I want to reach my leanest weight because I want to burn all of the fat that was made with non-organic food. I think that I will be healthier that way, so that is my goal and I will reach it eventually.

Good luck in your fasts and diets. It's not easy, but it is worth it. In case you need inspiration, I wrote a book called, Do the Math Diet and you can find it online.


Saturday, May 21, 2016 1:03 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Real Bad Shave

I got a real bad shave,
stubble everywhere,
it's rough in some places,
smooth in others,
sometimes you see it,
sometimes you don't

Shaving in the shower gets close,
exfoliating is like shedding skin,
but my mirror gets foggy
and when I can't see,
I shave kinda shittily

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 2:33 PM HST - Posted by Jason

I'm Not

Damn you, McDonalds,
I hate the food you serve,
but I keep coming back
for the water and Wi-Fi,
not to mention the restroom
and sometimes some napkins

I can't imagine why people eat your food,
everybody is knockin' on heaven's door dude,
but I must praise you for letting me
run my laptop's battery until it's dead
without even bugging me, enough said

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:37 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Sing Your Heart Out

With almost no battery left,
it started freaking out again
and suddenly a letter key
opened other windows for me

Typing letters or numbers,
most of them anyway,
was off the table,
no dice,
no way,
no hace

Like an evil force took over and declared,
"No more words! You must restart!"

With little choice and few options,
all I could do is upload the sound
before it happened again

No link, no pic,
no promo tweet,
I just uploaded it
for friends, family
and hardcore fans,
for rogues, vagabonds
and my sanity

Dull aching accompanied the funky bass
and as the first hour of this week passed,
the cool breeze blew across my face
and it felt crisp and fresh from recent rain

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 5:50 PM HST - Posted by Jason

42 Pics - Album 45

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 7:42 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Be a Revolution

Well done, good job,
nobody did it like you,
you lived like nobody would
and like nobody even could

You risked your life
in more than one way and
you did it every single day

Angels don't know how you did it,
but I will never tell them

You set the bar high,
but nobody wants to fly,
they just want to think that
they're better than each other

You did it and we were impressed,
especially in that world
that became a great mess,
now you can relax
because there is no more stress

One day I'll have some questions for you,
I already know the answers because
we saw what you can do,
but I want everyone to know

You are one of a kind and I love you

Monday, May 9, 2016 2:15 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Hear To Win

The beach teems with life,
while some birds fly high,
cockroaches stroll by and
an amazing surfer says hi

The ocean is alive with fish and life
I think about stuff, like when I had a wife
and although things are simpler now,
I don't wake up beside her and say, "Wow",
but I think that I will live

Different chapters of the same book,
what I found and who I am look alike,
as amazing inspiration lies in between
sunbathing beauties,
God's amazing glories
and my thoughts and mind

Everything is here like when it began,
the weather is great and I'm a huge fan
of this magnificent, peaceful island

Lifeforms arrived here by plane and sea
and now it is stuck here like you and me

Crabs crawl around the rocks,
ants act like they own the place
and geckos walk where they want
while winged bugs fly by my face

I am just admiring it all,
there is so much to take in,
it blows me away and humbles me
as I recall that I am here to win

Sunday, May 8, 2016 11:48 PM HST - Posted by Jason


It is a beautiful world,
even though my friends are dead,
it was nothing that I did or said,
they just grew old and passed away

My thinning grey hair is a spectacle,
but I don't really care,
when they judge me and stare,
I'm already on to the next thing

My parents died long ago,
where they went
nobody can know,
but I've carried on anyway

I'm a lone warrior,
carrying the torch forever and
I've suffered from bad decisions,
but when I sleep,
I don't hear their voices
because I have peace
and I've made more good decisions than bad,
living this amazing life,
I've had more rad experiences than they've had

I did it my own way
because I knew that
people will say what they will say
and I just need to be the best me

I may never die,
I could stay here forever,
but I've seen so much and
in every kind of weather,
I've made my peace
and seceded a time or two,
just to live and find what to do
even though the world
forgot what was true

Saturday, May 7, 2016 3:45 PM HST - Posted by Jason

I Got a Question

All I had, all I was,
all I ever hoped to be
was in her hands

Maybe I can't pick 'em and
I should stop while I'm ahead,
if I'm honest with myself,
she really left me for dead,
so maybe I'm better off without,
I feel much better now, no doubt

On my own,
but never alone,
the world is spinning and
it's hard to tell who's winning,
but I won't stop trying
and I can't quit flying

Waiting in love and for love too,
if that's your name, if that's what you do,
maybe we could be together, just me and you

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 5:17 PM HST - Posted by Jason

High On You

Another fine beauty smoothly sails by me,
through the squelchy guitar,
she's wearing nothing but black

With long flowing hair,
strolling without a care,
she is definitely a divine d'vention

My mind flips and my heart jumps,
blue blood races through my veins
and I'm taken

My mind is blown and although
some people don't like her,
it matters little to me whether
they are the few or the many

Never done, always repeating,
sleeping and eating,
writing and fighting,
it's just one thing after the next,
but she lovingly takes me away
virtually every single day

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 3:16 PM HST - Posted by Jason

40 Pics - Album 44

Sunday, May 1, 2016 11:51 PM HST - Posted by Jason

She is Magical

Everything is a calculated risk without room for error,
one wrong move could be costly, it could make me
rely on somebody and that's the last thing I want to do

Another beautiful day surrounds me
like nowhere and nobody else could be,
she kisses me and I kiss her back

Impurity poured over beauty,
unlike it used to be,
taking steps like a baby
through time and eternity,
in each forsaken place,
I uncover what I see

People hear wrong and they misunderstand,
from every prophet, priest, president and band,
they take off running in the wrong direction,
a seemingly gross insurrection to humankind

Pressing and pushing onward,
forever leaning forward,
imagining uphill is downhill,
spinning wheels harder and faster,
again and again for the thrill

Friday, April 29, 2016 11:11 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Bike Riding

Have you ever ridden a bike? If so, when was the last time that you went for a ride?

Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and keep the environment clean. It also saves you gas money.

I ride my bike about 100 miles a week and I burn 40-50 calories per mile. However, if I would buy gas, I would pay $12 a week to pollute the beautiful planet while being inactive.

Riding a bike helps me take in nature. When I see something picturesque, I like to pull over and check it out. Sometimes I see a rainbow or an animal or a pretty view. It gets me places quicker than walking too.

While I was on a bike ride earlier this month, this man caught a fish:

This gecko lizard wanted to go for a ride:

This bird was very bold:

Here are seven tips for bike riders:

1. Look both ways and expect the unexpected. Most drivers don't seem like they're looking for bicyclists.

2. Keep your tires full of air. It will make it easier to ride.

3. Stay hydrated. Drink purified water before, during and after your ride.

4. Lock your bike through both tires, the seat and the frame, if possible.

5. Use reflectors or a light if you ride at night.

6. Consider riding when cars aren't around because it will be cleaner and easier.

7. Children should wear a helmet and ride with an adult or a friend, if possible.

Have fun and be safe.


Friday, April 29, 2016 7:06 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Time To Be Alive

Love in the 21st century
transcends miles and
pours all over me

I'm lucky with crumbs,
but she gives me more,
in her head and heart,
as she speaks to others
we're holding each other,
in time and space,
rolling the whole ball of wax
through this crowded place

The world is on our heels
unapproving, judging,
but we're doing it right,
like running in the light,
their accusations fall flat
and they can go fly a kite

Changing worlds with a word,
what was once absurd is here

Bringing blessing and cursing,
wanting a brand new way
that treats others the same
because anything less
is unfair and for the lame,
not to mention quite a shame

Waiting for a word,
building on what I heard,
for better, never worse,
writing, singing, rapping,
doing it all, of course

The artsy, ancient offices
of poetry and prophecy
have not been lost on me,
but they're held high by many
and we're beginning to say
the same things
as we slowly become one
and they hear us
and know us it's fun,
although sometimes
they hear and fear
and they want to run
we'll have our day
and bask in the sun

Monday, April 25, 2016 4:44 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Staying up all night could've been predictable,
except I came too late and I was locked out,
so I hit the ground running like I've done before,
but it feels new again as I quickly pick my route

I'm seemingly in survival mode all of the time,
anywhere and everywhere that I want to roam,
working to stay focused in a world of lollygagers,
racing, thinking, feeling and writing another poem

I want to get away, even if it's somewhere close,
in a grassy park, on a sunny beach or by the breezy bay,
it's beautiful with lots of cozy places to see and stay

I find a big tree with a wooden bench around it,
I look up and admire the amazing life around me
various types of birds are singing songs
and I'm taking it in and I'm stoked that it's free

After eating sweet granola and coconut,
I hang out with Puff the Magic Dragon
while Led Zeppelin plays Stairway to Heaven
I recall Robert Plant's utterances from a live cut
in between the album version's lyrics and
I wonder if they were part of the song's original intent

It's almost time for me to fly,
as I see a lady that asked for a phone
in a dark alley last night walk by

Friday, April 22, 2016 5:43 AM HST - Posted by Jason

42 Pics - Album 43

Friday, April 22, 2016 12:48 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Pretty Sorry

Eerie shadows across the dark park
usher in some songs from yesterday

Lights flicker and dance,
unnatural like the ones above,
watching us night and day

Breaking on through to me and you,
shaking off the old, putting on the new

We are like gods or kings and queens
compared to many throughout history,
going to our head, affecting how we see

With wings to fly, some seldom do,
terrestrial and distracted people
are rarely found living life anew,
as the clean and unclean keep widening

Crowds press in because they want a special word,
but what have I said and what have they heard?

Why should I teach 301 courses when they haven't passed 101?
Does their path really end with that shaky rendition of the son?

Love, it starts there,
but wisdom is blind,
so leave it all behind
and encounter everything new,
like it could be good,
it might be right and
it too may be true

Thursday, April 21, 2016 7:42 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Like Tubman

What is life without taking risks?
Wake up and try something new

She greeted me with warmth and love,
head covered, wanting to embrace me

So I let her in and
threw caution to the wind
because healing
only happens a gram at a time

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 12:47 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Bright, Shining Aloha

Six faces discovering a brand new world,
feeling a connection miles away from
the island they call home

Pointing, looking, listening and feeling
whatever the wind blows and feels like revealing

Bowed down or wielding sticks,
bright colors with cartoon cats,
they're plain beautiful to me,
soaking in sun rays,
drinking in beauty for free

Hawaii is habitually hosting others,
showing everybody aloha and hospitality

Monday, April 18, 2016 1:30 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Swimming in Starlight

On the surface it might not be beautiful poetry,
but colors and hues through red sand
can change your lens
and chase way the blues

Like resorting to 295 hours in the sea,
you just start seeing things differently,
as for me, after beholding striking beauty
is always when I can really feel and see

Clouds watch a surfer ride a wave in twilight
but in a half hour we'll be swimming in starlight

Saturday, April 16, 2016 2:02 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Just to take you and take you in,
letting your scents fill my senses,
throwing our cares to the wind,
again and again and again

Your warm, smooth skin
made a lump in my throat,
I'm guessing it's okay,
but the chances seemed remote

There is no past and no future,
nothing else exists for a while,
merging and dissolving as one,
shaking and laughing with a perma-smile

Thursday, April 14, 2016 12:46 AM HST - Posted by Jason

After All

Seeing her bloom
reminds me that
my ticket lets me ride again

When I bought it,
I thought it was
single use, one-way,
but to my surprise and delight
I can use it over and over

I might compare the two rides later,
but I'd be a fool to let the ticket expire

Sure, I needed some
time in between rides
I even felt sick to my stomach,
but I feel better now and how,
so let's ride the whirly wheel together

Thursday, April 7, 2016 4:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Assigning Value Again

Watching words and images,
hearing voices and sound,
I see the whole world again,
coming alive, palms on the ground

Passionate souls
seeking meaning
and the spiritual,
working hard,
guarding the young,
absorbing love to heal

but so very sweet,
which is no small feat,
flying fast,
never missing a beat

Crying on command,
just in case,
carrying it around,
through time and space

Fragile and strong,
nothing really wrong,
loving every great song,
longing to belong
and do it again

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 4:39 PM HST - Posted by Jason

36 Pics - Album 42

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 10:55 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and My Parents

In America, it is difficult to turn on the news without hearing about the upcoming presidential election and the candidates that are running. It has been an exciting primary process and two of the candidates remind me of people that I know very well.

First, I don't identify as a Republican or a Democrat right now. I feel disillusioned about the current condition of the United States and I see a lot of weaknesses in the two party system and most of the candidates that we have to choose from. Sadly, third-party candidates usually don't have a chance to win.

When I vote for politicians, I like to vote for the person that I think will do the best job. Sometimes I have voted for Democratic or Republican candidates, but other times I have voted for independents, minor party candidates and write-in candidates. I also vote for propositions and ballot measures.

This presidential election cycle there are two front-running candidates that are unique and interesting: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I like both of them to a degree, but I don't think that I will vote for them because I don't like what political parties do to candidates. I think that there are many public servants that have a good heart and want to serve society, but their party makes them act a certain way and prioritize various issues that don't have much to do with me or the majority of Americans like me.

Donald Trump is an interesting character and he reminds me of my dad. My dad owned his own business finding all sorts of qualified employees for companies' technical departments for decades and they are about the same age. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and he is wise, tough and laser-like. He watches the news and cares about all sorts of things and people across the globe. My dad also coached soccer for decades and about half of the time he managed girls and conveyed a deep respect for females (including his love for my mom) to me. Trump owned the Miss USA pageant for about 20 years and despite some recent accusations about sexism, I don't think that's really part of his character.

A political candidate has never reminded me of a parent. However, since I was an only child and spent my first 18 years at home, my dad and I had countless conversations about all sorts of things and I learned a lot. I also learned how to quiet my lips and mind and listen, so I could understand what he means. I'll never forget all of the hours we spent together because he prepared me for life and I felt like I could ask him anything under the sun and he would answer honestly and completely as he could. Sometimes I grilled him too!

Growing up in a Christian home and attending church and Christian schools, some of Donald Trump's rhetoric reminds me of things that I have heard from religious leaders. I was the person that always brought a Bible, notepad and pen and took copious notes because I saw the learning experience like a class and I didn't want to waste my time. Sadly, in many churches, pastors highlight pet issues or say things that don't quite line up with the scriptures. Since I held the Bible in higher regard than them, I always tweaked what they said to make it line up with the scriptures before I wrote it in my notepad. If I changed it, I didn't give them credit, but I felt it was more important to write something true in every circumstance rather than something confusing or only correct in a narrow context. My book, "10,000 Wise Quotes and Spiritual Sayings" was one of the byproducts of that journey.

For these reasons and some others, I can interpret most of Donald Trump's words without too much effort. I don't give him any free passes though. Sometimes his claims and plans seem outrageous, but they typically line up with what religious leaders are saying (or have said). They can contradict common sense or the way some people think and speak though. However, I think that some people forget how there are many different ways to convey information (e.g. saying the opposite of what is true for effect, exaggerating, threatening great things when you want your enemy to concede minor things, directing the conversation one way so it doesn't go another way, etc.). Trump is a good businessman and he has sold his hotel ideas to rich, powerful people, so we shouldn't be too surprised that he is using every weapon in his verbal arsenal, so to speak.

I'm an only child and I love children, but I have spent a lot of time around adults like most only children do. I think this has assisted me in acquiring more understanding, patience and wisdom as I seek the truth from imperfect people.

Hillary Clinton is the leading Democratic candidate and she has a history of public service and was also the First Lady when her husband Bill Clinton was the president. She has a lot of passion and seems qualified to be commander in chief. However, conservatives have a lot of problems with her.

Although they differ a lot, Clinton reminds me of my mom. They are about the same stature and look alike. I asked her if she would vote for Clinton and she said no and when I asked her why she said that she has different values.

My mom has always been a strong person and I would describe her as a religious conservative because she wears her faith on her sleeve. The most important political things to her seem to be abortion, traditional marriage, etc. Attending a huge (conservative) Southern Baptist church for decades with my dad, she basically believes like they do and they are typically anti-Clinton. She has never been involved in politics, but she has led Bible studies and women's groups.

Hillary Clinton is about the same age as my mom, but I think that she spent most of her life in Arkansas and New York. My mom grew up in North Carolina, Wisconsin and New Jersey and she moved to California decades ago with my dad and his side of the family.

My mom took off about 20 years of work to raise me and be a homemaker. Afterwards, she worked for many years as a secretary for a high school and a school district. However, while she was off we did a lot of things together, as you could imagine. She would drop me off at school and pick me up. We would eat meals together, garden together and do everything from errands to beach trips to movies. She was a lot of fun to be with and I learned a lot with her.
br> My mom and my dad are the oldest siblings in large families and so are Clinton and Trump, which could be another reason why they seem similar to me.

Some people say that a certain percentage of the population changes their political positions as they age. In other words, they are either conservative and become liberal or are liberal and become conservative. Since Trump was a Democrat and changed to become a Republican, it appears that he has become more conservative with age. I think that I have become more liberal with age because I held more conservative viewpoints when I was younger. Part of the reason that my perspective on the issues has changed is because my view of religion has changed.

It makes sense that with more information a person can make different decisions and choose other options. I feel that when I was younger I was passionate about a lot of things, but I didn't have as much knowledge or understanding as I do now. I don't think it's wise to be reckless or wasteful now, but my environmental views, for instance, coincide more closely to Democrats. However, the totality of my perspectives don't fit perfectly into any political party's ideals and I don't feel like they have to.

I love Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I am happy that they want to serve the country. Both of them make far more money than the $200,000 that the government will pay one of them to be president. They are also set for life, so they have little need for the money. Nonetheless, one of them will likely be the next president of the United States.

We have some enormous problems in the United States and I'm very concerned. I hope one of them has the wherewithal to fix America's greatest problems, but it will be a miracle if they do. Most of the problems that they will be called to fix are not recent and took many years to get to a tipping point. They could take many years to be fixed, if they can be fixed at all.

Sadly, when a country is in this much debt, has this much division and this many problems and threats, I think it will be like steering a sinking ship. You can't get rid of $19.2 trillion in debt overnight. Even if it were possible, what would stop the country from immediately incurring more debt?

There are about seven months until the general election and I hope the best candidate wins. Sadly, it seems that they are majoring on the minors, but time will tell. One of them could be steering us through Armageddon and a revolution.

Updated: April 6, 2016, 3 p.m.

Friday, April 1, 2016 3:03 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Like This

As liberal as you wanna be,
you are inspiring to me
because it feels liberating,
and exciting to be so free

Different stripes
are interesting to see,
I don't try to be anything,
I am just being me,
despite norms or pressures
from people or a party

See ball, hit ball,
what a philosophy,
like when an orange is squished,
its insides are seen by everybody

Liberty, litmus tests and morals,
under a shade tree without squirrels,
harsh expectations and accusations
fall flat on the ground eventually

Good, better and best,
perfection seems far away,
but maybe those terms don't apply
when you live a honorable way
instead of for a being in the sky

Visions of living right in peace
and solving the puzzle of war
get me thinking and inspire me
to read, research and know more

Would it be fair to leave everything like this?

Thursday, March 31, 2016 1:08 AM HST - Posted by Jason

62 Pics - Album 41

Saturday, March 26, 2016 6:01 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The 12 Apostles, Matthias and Jesus

I'm fasting and blogging on Jesus and his apostles. I figured it would be enlightening to study them. My research and blog won't be exhaustive, but it will be informative and it might teach you something.

Jesus apparently chose the following disciples: Simon Peter, Andrew, James Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James Alphaeus, Jude, Simon and Judas. Matthias was chose by the disciples after Jesus' Judas' apparent suicide.

First, I think it's important to note that this might be fiction. About 2,000 years after it happened, we don't have any sound ways to verify that these people existed (at least not to my satisfaction). However, I will concede that they did to try to learn about them.

The are called apostles or disciples, but they are the only ones to hold the high office of "apostles". This is important because when the Bible was canonized, they prized the writings that were produced from the people that knew Jesus. It was held in high authority and canonized in the Bible, even though we have precious few ancient manuscripts today and no complete copies of the Bible until 100-200 years after Jesus' death.

Jesus didn't write anything. That's disconcerting to me and it's shocking. Whether the backstory about Jesus eternally existing and forgiving sins is true or not, it would be nice to know which teachings he thought were the most important. There is a chance that he did write and they were destroyed or stolen.

I'm also disappointed in the way that the gospels and the entire New Testament was written. It wasn't penned in a journalistic way, let's just say that. It was written in a way to convince people that it is true. If it happened today, all of the news media outlets would cover it with reporters and we would know it inside and out and be able to make our own conclusions about it. However, the Bible is essentially a collection of ancient stories.

Simon Peter

Peter's name was Simon, but Jesus changed it to Peter. Peter (or Cephas) means rock. Peter was a fisherman that was probably born in western Syria.

Peter denied Jesus three times and fulfilled prophecy that said he would do so before the cock crowed. He felt ashamed afterwards, but after Jesus' alleged resurrection Peter was restored and recommissioned when he met Jesus and told him that he loved him.

After Peter proclaimed his faith in him, Jesus said this.

Matthew 16:8, 9 "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

Since these verses are so ambiguous, I won't bother using this space to guess at the meaning. However, it was obviously some sort of blessing.

Tradition has it that Peter was crucified and he insisted on being crucified upside down because he thought he wasn't worthy of a death like Jesus' death (crucifixion).

The next apostle is Andrew, but I will probably write about a few of them at a time for the next blog. After staying up for three days, I ended my fast, but I'm going to continue this exercise anyway.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 11:44 PM HST - Posted by Jason

30 Pics - Album 40

Friday, March 11, 2016 7:10 PM HST - Posted by Jason

25 Pics - Album 39

Friday, March 11, 2016 6:49 PM HST - Posted by Jason

9 Essential Amino Acid Proteins

Your body needs enough amino acid proteins each day, so it can make muscle tissue and repair itself. It can produce some amino acids, but it can't make all of them. The ones below must be consumed in food.

histidine - rice, wheat, beans, corn, yogurt, milk, mushrooms, potatoes, bananas, citrus

isoleucine - soy, tofu, legumes, pinto beans, black beans, lentils

leucine - soy, tofu, legumes, pinto beans, black beans, lentils

lysine - tofu, soybeans, soy nuts, yogurt, cheese, northern beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas, edamame, milk

methionine - tofu, soybeans, soy nuts, nuts, spirulina

phenylalanine - cheese, milk, almonds, chickpeas, lentils, soy, tofu

threonine - tofu, soybeans, soy nuts, watercress

tryptophan - spirulina, spinach, seaweed, soy, cheese, yogurt, watercress

valine - soy, edamame, black beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lentils, potatoes, yogurt, milk, cheese

* This list does not include meat which has all of them or peanut butter which has some of them.

Friday, March 11, 2016 6:28 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Seven Hours of Community Service in Honolulu

If you have ever done community service hours, you know that it can be a great experience or a bad one, a fun time of learning and serving or a miserable time of servitude. Well, I was fortunate to have a positive experience in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When I got a citation for being in the park after 10 p.m., I was angry about it. Parks are beautiful at night and I think that they should be open 24 hours. I wasn't doing anything wrong. Nonetheless, I had to go to court to take care of it.

I work at night and sleep during the day, but I had to visit the court in the morning a few weeks later. I would have been sleeping at that time.

The judge was nice, but he wouldn't outright dismiss it for me. However, after he ordered me to pay a $50 fine, I asked if I could do community service and he assigned me seven hours. This caused me to make an appointment at the community service scheduler/overseer office, return about two weeks later and schedule community service hours.

The man that assigned me community service was named Chris Lam. One of my close high school friends was named Chris Lamb. We had a long, storied history. In fact, our circle of friends had some ups and downs.

Ironically, Lam scheduled me to work in the park where I was caught after dark. I asked him if the Boys and Girls Club needed volunteers and he said that he didn't know, but completing my hours in the park worked well. I was able to split them into two sessions one week apart, even though they began at 6 a.m.

The first day was simple and I raked leaves in and around the tennis courts. The sun was rising and the beach was only steps away. I had been up all night. It was surreal and the four hours flew by as I listened to the radio and worked.

The following Thursday (yesterday) I finished my remaining three hours and I swept in and around a bathroom and raked leaves near the entrance of the park. I filled several bags with a couple of other guys and one of them generously kissed the sky, so we bonded. The time passed quickly and I finished my hours.

I hope I don't get any more court-ordered community service hours, but if I do, I wouldn't mind working like this again. The morning hours in Hawaii are perfect for outside work.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 7:42 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Another Island Day

It is a brand new day
and I am happyvto feel it
in a brand new way,
doing it
like nobody else could
like nobody else would
(like nobody else should?)

within a framework
wishing fools
would have less bravado
(you know?)

if explaining my routine
inspired a team
to do the same,
the way I am
feels like training
for an important game

Gusting wind
blows rain clouds through,
but they won't deter me
I have a lot to do

Saturday, March 5, 2016 9:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Getting Lean - The First 40 Days

It is very difficult for some people to lose weight and there are many reasons why. Some people have poor eating and exercising habits. In some cultures, now and throughout history, having some meat on your bones has been a sign that you are rich. I also think that there is some merit to the set point theory that says your body and mind "gel" in adolescence and try to maintain a similar body fat percentage throughout life.

The body and mind can be adverse to becoming lean if food or money is in scarce supply. If you might not have access to food for a while, it becomes more difficult to lose the last few pounds for aesthetic or other reasons. Keeping a little extra fat on the body is likely an ancient, biological process to prevent starvation.

I've been losing weight by counting my calories and maintaining a daily caloric deficit and I have been sticking to an organic diet and exercising every day. This will save me money and help me lose a few pounds a month and possibly even more. This is the end of week six and I hope to reach my goal in about 4-5 months.

I've noticed more definition in my arms, legs, stomach, face, etc. My back has been making more adjustments and my flexibility is slowly increasing. I also feel like I have lots of energy and I'm full of confidence because I have been creating caloric deficits for 40 days.

I'm planning on fasting at the end of the month and beginning of April (e.g. March 30 - April 3). I'll choose the exact dates toward the end of the month and it could last up to a week. It'll change my body type a little more and give my diet a jump-start into April.

Good luck on your weight loss endeavors. If you need some guidelines and encouragement, check out my book called, Do the Math Diet. It works.

Saturday, March 5, 2016 1:56 AM HST - Posted by Jason

40 Pics - Album 38

Saturday, March 5, 2016 12:56 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Not Pre-Programmed

New leaves are turning over,
as old scares and cares drift away

Inspiration to continue and create,
from dusk to dawn, early and late,
I'm filling in the spaces,
in all kinds of places

Listening, learning, loving and healing,
it warps around and starts again

The day of the week
controls how people are,
like how much they work
and drive their dumb car,
but I don't care which day it is,
I am myself every day anyway

Friday, February 19, 2016 6:30 AM HST - Posted by Jason

40 Pics - Album 37

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 12:15 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Battle

Catching a glimpse of myself,
I remembered that I'm in a battle

Me versus me, rising up,
out from under the tree,
I am disciplined,
the only way to be

Feeling newness each and every day,
it's never dull or even the same way,
but it's rich, full, rarely lame and although
people often want money and fame,
I really want wisdom and self-control today

I'll be damned if I can't look in the mirror,
so I'll fight my heart out until we win here

Saturday, February 13, 2016 10:45 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Like Diamonds

Eating up the night,
in the crescent moonlight,
night is like the day

I see a familiar face and
a gang of smiling strangers
in virtually every place

The stars and planets come out,
twinkling to us, they like to play,
lighting up the world,
even New York and LA

The radio is my soundtrack for the night,
until it doesn't go down right,
then I roll from station to station

With a blowing breeze on my cheeks,
I am always fearlessly pedaling, penetrating,
racing to be free and caught up again

Do I dread doing this again?
Should I be angry or thankful?
Can I be both? What is fruitful?

Inheriting this backwards,
dying, lying world wasn't fair,
it's so far from right,
but does anybody really care?

Saturday, February 13, 2016 12:32 AM HST - Posted by Jason

30 Pics - Album 36

Friday, February 12, 2016 7:12 PM HST - Posted by Jason


The last day of my fast went well and violet was the color in the spectrum for the day.

Carrots can be violet and so can tomatoes and corn, along with aubergine and Barney the dinosaur. I have a violet notepad and I like wearing it and different shades around it.

The main purpose behind my spectrum fast was to catapult myself into a new diet and it worked. Today is Day 10 of 180 and I have been eating 2300 calories a day. Since I've been creating a large calorie deficit like this virtually daily, I have lost a pound or two. I anticipate saving $1,000 and losing a pound a week for the next six months.

I haven't been keeping track of the miles I ride on my bike, but it has been a little less than usual. However, I still average a dozen or more a day and every Costco trip is 10 miles round trip. Also, riding the exercise bike at the gym for two hours each night has become a habit.

Creating a daily calorie deficit helps me physically and psychologically. My body makes better adjustments and stretches further and my mind knows that I'm doing all that I can.

My body is adjusting to the new diet, but it hasn't been easy or graceful. I've eaten more calories in the first half of the day than I'd like and I always seem to be avoiding food for the last 5-6 hours before bed. This is probably good for my teeth and organs though. It gives them a rest. It has required discipline, especially because I didn't have any coffee for the last few days.

I'm sticking to an organic diet and I've added dried apricots, canned tomatoes, shredded coconut, cashews and vegetable soup to my usual diet. My usual diet consists of organic food like tofu, chips, raisins, chocolate, sunflower seeds, granola, almonds, bread, bananas, apples or applesauce, rice, honey and cinnamon. I also drink organic rooibos (red), black and green tea and organic instant coffee.

I used to eat oatmeal all of the time in San Diego and Long Beach, but I haven't eaten it here. It was relatively inexpensive when I bought it by the pound. When I lived in San Diego, I hadn't started eating organic food, so I bought the regular stuff. However, the organic oatmeal that I bought in Long Beach at Sprouts was delicious and buttery. I'm going to buy some at Down to Earth in Honolulu this month and try it with organic cinnamon, raisins and honey. I bet it will taste great.

Yesterday Costco was selling organic strawberries, bananas, apples and blueberries, but the pineapple was not organic. They were selling good-sized pineapples for $2.99, but I avoided them because I only eat organic food. They're fun to cut and I have a good knife for it, but I'd rather find an organic one.

I have plenty of stories to write and I have been sporadically writing poetry. I also have some blog posts of various sizes that I want to make about all kinds of different topics, so I will try to get to those soon as well. My schedule is unique and it feels like I'm always on the run, but I always have time to focus and get some important things done.

I'm about to publish a book of stories that I wrote called, A Brand New World: From Station to Station, but I must read the last 15 stories because I might have slightly altered them before publishing them online. Since I had to access my backup copies, I estimate that half of them were unaltered and half were tweaked once or twice because I changed something minor after pasting them into my HTML editor. I'm going to try to recall what may have been changed and if I can't, then readers might get a slightly different story (e.g. more vague or verbose).

Shout out to my friend Nour in Lattakia, Syria because she emailed me the only story that I could not recover. I got very lucky.

Peace and good luck.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 3:13 PM HST - Posted by Jason


When I saw the planets align,
I wondered if somebody else
was watching me,
but believing in intelligent life
on a local planet
seems like distorting reality

If some being lived
some other place
it doesn't know we're here
or it doesn't want you
to see his face

Friday, February 5, 2016 9:18 PM HST - Posted by Jason

36 Pics - Album 35

Thursday, February 4, 2016 7:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason

No Asphalt Monster

Lying under my tree,
I rest and I'm free and
when somebody approaches,
the birds always alert me

Listening to the sounds
of chirping and the breeze,
the weather is perfect,
so I don't freeze
and I'm happy that I can
sleep as long as I please

Safe and asleep, I'm restored
and when I wake up,
I'm renewed across the board

Every time that I arise
with the ocean in my eyes,
I'm stoked on the blue skies
and good to go until tomorrow

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 11:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Today is day six of my seven day spectrum fast and the color is indigo.

In case you aren't familiar with indigo, it is a bluish color in between blue and violet. It's like dark blue or navy blue.

Rare mushrooms are indigo and some birds and snakes are indigo. It was originally an organic dye that was manufactured in India.

I don't wear any indigo clothes, but I do wear navy blue quite a bit. It is one of my favorite colors and sometimes I prefer it to black.

Some indigo was used in the Kakaako wall art, but other than that, I didn't see much indigo today.

During the fast, I have clearly lost some weight and I have felt good overall. I stayed up all night last night and had a busy day today and I'm just getting started with the evening portion! A few times I have gotten an upset stomach, but a little water or organic honey made me feel better.

Check this out:

"Isaac Newton introduced indigo as one of the seven colors in his spectrum. In the mid-1660s, when Newton bought a pair of prisms at a fair near Cambridge, the East India Company had begun importing indigo dye into England,[8] supplanting the homegrown woad as the source of blue dye. In a pivotal experiment in the history of optics, the young Newton shone a narrow beam of sunlight through a prism to produce a rainbow-like band of colors on the wall. In describing this optical spectrum, Newton acknowledged that the spectrum had a continuum of colors, but named seven colors: "The originall or primary colours are Red, yellow, Green, Blew, & a violet purple; together with Orang, Indico, & an indefinite varietie of intermediate gradations."[9] He linked the seven prismatic colors to the seven notes of a western major scale,[10] as shown in his color wheel, with orange and indigo as the semitones." - Wikipedia

Good luck.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 5:19 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Yesterday was day five of my spectrum fast and I focused on the color blue.

The sky and the ocean are blue and some people's eyes are blue. Some butterflies, rocks, lobsters, fish, mushrooms, eggs and all handicapped placards and signs are blue.

The wind has been coming from different directions lately. We typically get a S/SE wind in Honolulu and sometimes it changes to a N/NE wind. However, we rarely get E or W winds, but we have been getting them lately. It seems like they're pretty clean unless you're standing in the middle of the dirty road.

I drank a small swig of organic vodka because I think a tiny bit is good and probably works like an antiseptic to my organs. Drinking a few ounces would have made me sick and drinking more than that could have killed me because there is nothing in my stomach. I don't drink much.

I've been able to adjust my back and neck a lot more lately. It always happens when I fast. Since I recently started using Vine, maybe I will upload a video of me cracking my back. It probably won't take six seconds though.

Blue was a character in a movie that died. He was an old man, so they gave him the name "Blue". You can hear Will Farrell say, "You're my boy, Blue!" at the funeral below.

Tomorrow is indigo. I can hardly wait.

Monday, February 1, 2016 6:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Yesterday was day four in my seven day spectrum fast and the color is green.

Countries like Italy, Jamaica, Brazil, Ireland, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Libya and Pakistan have various shades of green in them. Green is the color of some grapes, healthy grass and many different varieties of tree leaves.

I like the color green and I am wearing a green sweatshirt right now. It's virtually army green. I also have a green pair of shorts.

In America, green and red symbolize Christmas. When I wear those colors together, I think that I look Christmas.

I have been told that my eyes are green, hazel and brown. Calling eyes any one color seems like a misnomer because they're multiple colors and mine are green with a small swirl of brown. They seem to change color in different lighting.

My fast is going well. I have not felt too tired and I have simply denied myself food again and again. Drinking lots of water has helped. I have also enjoyed organic green tea and different varieties of chai rooibos tea and coffee. Fortunately my empty stomach hasn't minded my organic turmeric and black pepper supplements or my organic garlic supplements.

I have also had a shot or two of organic cinnamon. It is good for breath and bacterial issues in the mouth. It could be good for the gums too.

Today is blue. Take care.

Sunday, January 31, 2016 12:30 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Today is day three of my seven day fast and the color that I am focusing on is yellow.

Ripe bananas, some ears of corn and bell peppers, butter, garbanzo beans, honey and cheese are yellow and enjoy the third color in the spectrum. The sun is also yellow.

I haven't noticed very much yellow around Honolulu today. However, the construction workers that wear bright orange shirts also wear bright yellow shirts. I saw them this morning and realized that they alternate them. The weekend crew could wear the yellow ones or the foreman might decide what they wear each day.

Highlighters are yellow. They highlight words on paper that are written in dark letters. Lights that illuminate rooms or the outdoors are often yellowish.

I have caught yellowtail and yellow-finned tuna fish. They didn't fight too hard, so I didn't pass the pole.

Egg yolks, daffodils and some trees are yellow. Ancient people in India acquired yellow dye from cattle urine after the cows ate mango leaves. The leaves made them sick, so they eventually stopped doing it.

Yellow traffic lights are located in between green and red lights. The lights are typically vertical and yellow is in the middle. When the light turns yellow, drivers must decide to either speed up or stop. Drivers heading downhill typically have more time to break with longer green and yellow lights in relation to the hill's size.

I don't wear yellow very often, but I have heard that it indicates intelligence. However, I have read mixed things about it. For instance, it is connected to Judas Iscariot and while it has positive connotations in Asia, it may have some negative ones in the United States.

I'm going to continue my fast and tomorrow I will consider the color green. Lots of things are green.

Good luck.

Saturday, January 30, 2016 5:44 AM HST - Posted by Jason


This is the second day of my seven day fast and since I'm focusing on one color of the spectrum each day and today's color is orange.

An orange is orange; the fruit. The orange, plum and grape are fruits that are named after colors or vice versa, depending on who you ask.

Cantaloupe, persimmons, pumpkins, traffic cones and life vests are orange. Some bell peppers, carrots, road signs, butterflies (like Monarchs), flowers, fish (like Nemo) and cats (like Garfield) are orange.

I have never worn or liked looking at orange very much. Red clashes with orange, so that's a combination we should steer clear from unless you want to peacock.

AFC West divisional rival Denver Broncos wear orange uniforms, so I think I acquired an aversion to them over the years. Rooting for the San Diego Chargers and watching ESPN and hoping for the guys in the orange uniforms would lose was typical for a few months a year. I had little love for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns too.

I seem to recall my mom saying something about not wearing bright orange when I was young. She said it's normally what Cal Trans workers, parolees laboring on the side of the road and some construction workers wear and that I didn't want to be identified as any of those people. It made sense and since I didn't buy my clothes when I was a kid, I didn't wear black or orange.

It's odd that bright orange t-shirts have recently made their way into the fashion mainstream because manual laborers sometimes have to wear them. I think orange shirts became popular when pink and blue pastels did.

I did not see very much orange today. There is a small band of construction workers that work on a tall apartment building in Honolulu and I saw them. I think they have to wear them because they all do every day along with their construction helmets. Besides that, I saw very little orange.


Thurrsday, January 28, 2016 10:28 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I'm fasting seven days and focusing on one color of the spectrum each day. Today is day one and the color is red.

The color red is on exit signs and stop signs. Red plastic is on the rear end of every automobile and when the driver breaks, it lights up red. It's also the color of fire alarms, Russia, Smirnoff and Communism.

Remember the Red Scare? Hopefully not.

I'm wearing a red sweatshirt right now, but I sparingly wear red. However, I happen to have two red t-shirts now. 24 Hour Fitness' main color is red, so some people think that I work there when I wear it to the gym.

My alma mater San Diego State University's colors are red and black. As the Aztecs, it was fitting.

They call Mars the red planet, but it's really reddish. It certainly isn't stop sign red. It's more of a salmon, from what I've seen.

I like to eat red bell peppers and I think that they are the healthiest among the bell peppers. I also like eating red chili peppers even though they are very hot.

Did the Catholic church create the "cardinal red" color?

Aviation uses flashing red lights to indicate various things, but "Roxanne, you don't have to turn on a red light".

Red is one of the colors in the American flag. They include red, white and blue. It can symbolize blood.

I used to drive a red Acura Integra car. It had a sunroof and the back seats went down, so it was a lot of fun to drive at SDSU and across the country. I also had a red Honda Prelude for a short time.

They say that people in red vehicles get pulled over by cops more often and get more tickets. I think that might be true, but it is difficult to know if the cop would have ignored you breaking the law if your car was a different color; most of the time, probably not.

I visited the red rocks in Sedona and Arches National Park, Arizona. They were more of a brown-red, but they were beautiful nonetheless.

Fire extinguishers are red and they are contained inside of red boxes in schools and other areas. Fire hydrants are typically red.

Some foxes are known as red foxes, but they are actually pretty brownish.

There was a funny man named Redd Foxx. On Sanford and Son, he used to grab his chest and scream to the heavens for his deceased wife. "Elizabeth! This is the big one!" as if he was dying and heading to heaven to meet her. My dad taught me a great impression when I was a kid and of course my mom told him to knock it off.

Good luck.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 8:18 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Astonishing beauty was bound to hit me
on the last day of my chubby apathy

what could I do or say?
who else could I be?

Frankly there was just too much of me,
but I beheld your beauty even though
it was nearly too much for me to see

With long golden hair
a sad, pouty stare and
short shorts,
without a care
I saw you and
your hot friend over there

I noticed you first,
but she was breathtaking too
when you left the room
I knew what to do
drop everything
and follow you

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 7:31 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Doing things differently,
all over again,
just me

I see it and feel it
like electric light,
they keep spinning,
vacillating between
wrong and right

Growing and adding on
to whatever I laid down yesterday,
on the street again,
with nothing and everything to say

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 8:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Fasting 7 Days and Dieting 6 Months

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? If so, have you kept them?

I didn't make any resolutions, but I have been maintaining my body weight by adding up the calories I burn and ingest each day. This week, I'm fasting and starting a new diet that will help me reach my goals. Here's what I'm doing.

Beginning Thursday, I'm fasting for a week and focusing on a different color of the spectrum each day. ROYGBIV indicates the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I'll probably just have organic honey, organic tea and water for seven days. It will be a good cleanse and way to kick off my diet.

After my fast, I'll start eating 2,300 calories a day. That's a good number because that's how many I burn in an average day with normal activity. Since I ride my bike between about 16-18 miles a day and exercise elsewhere, like at the gym, I typically burn about 3,200 calories a day. This means that I should be in a constant state of burning fat in my diet and I will burn between a pound and a pound and a half of fat each week.

I'm not very overweight, so I should see results within a few days. The encouraging thing about this sort of diet is that every day will be skinnier than the previous day. I just have to stick to the diet plan without rebelling and failing. After a few days turn into a few weeks, it will be a habit that will be hard to break. I also won't mind saving money because the 900-1,300 organic calories that I would normally be eating would cost at least $5 a day. After fasting for a week without food and dieting for 180 days, I could save about $1,000.

I'm dieting this way for six months, from February 3 until the end of August 3. I have performed a similar fast (except for focusing on the spectrum) and a similar diet and they work well. In fact, I became very lean in 2012 and I wrote a book called, Do the Math Diet. I'm going to use the principles in my book to slow everything down and get it right for 180 days, so I can reap the benefits for a lifetime.

I think that my body will adjust to and enjoy eating the same amount of calories each day. I'll drink extra water to stave off hunger, separate food into 300-500 calorie meals and eat one every few hours throughout the day. I'll also make sure that I don't eat too early or too late. By giving myself a smaller eating window, it will feel like I'm able to eat more. 2,300 calories is a lot of food, especially when it's lowfat, but it's a lot less than what I have been eating each day to maintain my weight.

My diet will consist of healthy, organic food like whole wheat bread, raisins, bananas, honey, tofu, chocolate, granola, beans, apples, rice, almonds, salad, sunflower seeds, tea and coffee, etc. I'll keep track of everything I eat in a spreadsheet. I'll also take some before and after pics because it should be a big transformation. I could lose about 4-5 pounds in the first week and about 34 pounds in 6 months to bring the total close to 40 pounds.

Changing your body type isn't easy. Most people don't do it, but I think that everybody can if they try hard enough and don't give up. It just takes discipline and determination. A llittle accountability doesn't hurt too.

Good luck with your endeavors in the new year.

Monday, January 25, 2016 3:56 PM HST - Posted by Jason

31 Pics - Album 34

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 8:08 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Hints like breadcrumbs
leading us everywhere
living like we know it

Country numero uno
sabers and sound
I stand here watching
a merry-go-round

Beauty and brains
keep me going
forever flowing
green growing
us knowing

we have it covered

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:26 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Hit Me One More Time

You take me away
your beauty grabs me
and I hardly know
what to say

With soft skin
and gentle features,
when you look at me and smile
my heart jumps

I could get lost
in your long hair and dreamy eyes,
you put a skip in my step,
like I am kissing the blue skies

You bring a smile to my face
and shine a light in this place
and I want to meet again

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:26 PM HST - Posted by Jason

How Deep Is Your Love?

Everything counts, so add it all up,
but before you work for what they have,
make sure that you really need the stuff

I imagine great things within reach,
but they don't just magically appear

Time and work,
transcending fools,
I choose the best tools

Can your conscience let you work for them?
If you do, will you lose sleep at night?

Staying up all night shows me another side of the city,
riding my bike, listening and connecting, it's just me
and a brand new world for my open eyes to see

Sunday, January 17, 2016 9:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

27 Pics - Album 33

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 12:26 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Looking Out In Honolulu

Looking Out In Honolulu

I recently published another poetry book and it is called, Looking Out In Honolulu. It contains 36 poems that I wrote in Hawaii in late 2015. The book is available on Amazon Kindle, in paperback and in ebook format.

I am about to publish my third book of short stories in my series called, A Brand New World. The First 15 Months and What Happens Next contained 180 short stories and From Station to Station will include about 50. I have already written some stories for the fourth installment in the series and it is called, A Brand New World: Outside Like Islands. You can read them here.

Visit my books page for more information and links to those books and the others that I have written and published.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

50 Pics - Album 32

Saturday, December 26, 2015 8:56 PM HST - Posted by Jason

37 Pics - Album 31

Friday, December 18, 2015 6:18 PM HST - Posted by Jason

40 Pics - Album 30

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 11:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The Diverse Field of 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

This election cycle has been interesting and unique because so many different types of Republican candidates are running.

Like a diverse society brings unique personalities and ideas to the table, a diverse cast of presidential candidates does the same thing. Acting senators, current and former governors, a businessman, a doctor and a businesswoman round out the major Republican candidates.

Each of the 50 states elects two senators and they write bills and debate and vote on legislation on the senate floor. Therefore, they have an intimate knowledge of what is happening in the country; what has already been tried, what works and what doesn't work. Rand Paul from Kentucky, Marco Rubio from Florida, Ted Cruz from Texas and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina are the four current senators in the race. Rick Santorum is running as a former senator from Pennsylvania.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham are from southern states, so they represent constituents that have southern values. Although Florida is a southern state geographically, it is more liberal because of its diverse population, proximity to Cuba and ethnically liberal population. However, it is fairly split between conservatives and liberals. Do you remember the 2000 presidential election when Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore virtually tied in Florida?

Each state elects one governor and he or she is part of the executive branch of government (like the president). Current governors Chris Christie (New Jersey), John Kasich (Ohio) and Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) and former governors George Pataki (New York), Mike Huckabee (Arkansas) and Jeb Bush (Florida) round out the governors in the race. Kasich is also a former congressman.

New Jersey is a northern state, so Chris Christie could be considered a "yankee" by southerners. Republicans are typically conservative, but ones from New York and New Jersey tend to be less conservative than ones in the Bible belt.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have never held elected office, but they are top candidates in the race too. Donald Trump turned an inheritance worth millions into billions of dollars by building and developing hotels and golf courses around the world. He was also a reality television star for many years, so he has a lot of name and face recognition.

Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon and a television drama film was made about his life. Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. played Carson. Carson was also the first doctor to separate conjoined twins.

Carly Fiorina was an executive at a major technology company. She has experience traveling to other countries and meeting politicians and high-level executives.

Not only do all of these candidates bring powerful personalities and unique ideas to the table, but they also pave the way for others like them to run in future races. The American people have decided to seriously consider non-politicians for the nation's highest office, so they will likely do it again.

Donald Trump is the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Ben Carson was in the number two spot for a while, but polls show him in 3rd or 4th place now.

America is disillusioned with politicians for many reasons. Some people want less domestic spying and more freedom and liberty. Religious conservatives want to end abortion rights and return America to its Bible-based roots. Others like the way things are evolving, but want America to return to prominence like it was decades ago.

There are many significant problems in America and in the world today and it will take a lot of work and ingenuity to fix them. It will also take a leader that people will trust and get behind. After Republicans choose which candidate will represent them, the candidate will run against the Democrat candidate and it looks like it will be either former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton or long-time, independent, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (who describes himself as a socialist).

Another thing that makes these Republican candidates similar, yet different is their religious beliefs. They all hail from Judeo-Christian sects, but they differ too. They represent Roman Catholicism, Calvinism, Protestanism, 7th Day Adventism, Anglicanism and Presbyterianism.

The Republicans range in age from 44 to 70-years-old.

The media was used to covering typical politicians, so it has been a unique election cycle for them too. They have had to alter their coverage methods for the non-politicians because they simply think differently and answer questions differently. They still seem to be motivated by the almighty dollar though.

Whoever wins, they will inherit around $19 trillion in national debt, aging infrastructure, a changing climate and a military that needs upgraded equipment. They will also need to address difficult 21st century problems like terrorism, drought, fires, pollution, renewable energy, the economy, gun violence and human rights issues. Studies have shown that the head of state earns a reduced lifespan and pictures have shown the wrinkles and gray hair that come with the job.

I appreciate all of the candidates and the thought-provoking and soul-searching that they have inspired. It's an exciting time to pay attention and get involved because these politicians care about America and their love for the country is inspiring.

I'm looking forward to the new year and the 2016 presidential primaries that will determine who runs for the Republican party. While I don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, one of them always seems to win, so it's a good idea to hear what they're saying, know their intentions and get involved.

Thursday, December 10, 2015 5:05 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Audioslave - Gasoline (Instrumental with lyrics)


House is haunted
I just wanna go for a ride
Out and on
Before I set this room alight
Left alone forever and for crimes unclean
With my patience gone
Someone take me far from here

Burning that gasoline yeah
Burning that gasoline

New day yawning another day of solitaire
House is honest
Clearly more than I bear
Drag me off
Before I set my world on fire
Out and gone the sun will never
Set tonight yeah

Burning that gasoline yeah
Burning that gasoline

No what for's, only a can of red
It says danger on it
I have found another way

Burning that gasoline yeah
Burning that gasoline
Burnin it all away
Burnin it all away

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Twitter Followers By Country

These numbers are based on 142,025 Twitter followers rounded to the nearest hundred by country. The number of Twitter followers that I have are always in flux and they're typically increasing. This was a snapshot from December 1, 2015. The remaining followers are in many other countries, but they aren't listed if they compose fewer than .5%.

41.7% (59,200): United States
8.1% (11,500): United Kingdom
3.9% (5,500): Brazil
3.7% (5,300): Canada
3.4% (4,800): Mexico
2.3% (3,300): Indonesia
2.1% (3,000): Venezuela
1.9% (2,700): Argentina
1.9% (2,700): Australia
1.7% (2,400): South Africa
1.5% (2,100): Colombia
1.5% (2,100): Italy
1.4% (2,000): Chile
1.4% (2,000): Philippines
1.3% (1,800): Spain
1.2% (1,700): Egypt
1.2% (1,700): India
.8% (1,100): France
.8% (1,100): Ireland
.8% (1,100): Japan
.7% (1,000): Saudi Arabia
.7% (1,000): Turkey
.6% (900): Germany
.6% (900): Peru
.5% (700): Ecuador
.5% (700): Malaysia

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27 Pics - Album 29

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35 Pics - Album 28

Saturday, December 5, 2015 AM HST - Posted by Jason

In Remembrance of Scott Weiland

When I read that Scott Weiland died, I was sad and disappointed because I have been a fan of his for more than two decades.

As I sat down and got online, I logged into Twitter and immediately saw a message about Weiland's death. I was moved and I confirmed it in a search engine before I began responding to my thoughts and feelings. Since the average lifespan is over 70 years old, 48 is such a young age to die.

My introduction to Stone Temple Pilots (STP) was in 1992 when the Core album dropped. I had graduated high school earlier in the year and I had started attending San Diego State University. While I lived in the dorms the first year, I listened to them and when my friend and roommate-to-be Chris liked them, I knew they were rad. I also heard STP with my fraternity friends and my high school friends that I infrequently saw.

STP was considered a San Diego band, but that wasn't a deciding factor or a big deal because most people hadn't heard of them until their hits played on the radio from the Core album. They were in my rotation with bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.

Weiland had amazing vocal chops and I could hear that he had powerful vocal chords. His falsetto was beautiful and he could hit highs and lows. His band was fantastic too and that was a critical element because if they stunk, I wouldn't have listened to him. However, the bass grabbed my attention because Robert DeLeo played quickly up and down the neck. The lead and rhythm guitarists were talented and the effects gave them a unique, layered sound.

On July 17, 1994, I saw STP perform live at SDSU's Open Air Theater and it was awesome. Weiland danced around the stage in his signature uncharacteristic, flowing style. As they played, two giant lava lamps flowed on each side of the stage and I had never seen anything like it.

I was a big fan between 1992-1994 and my life changed a lot on November 1, 1994 and I stopped listening to a lot of bands because I took a very conservative, religious path for about a decade. Consequently, I stopped listening to them and many others for a while.

When I began listening to STP again, I was teaching guitar and bass lessons, so I found several of their songs on guitar and bass. For instance, Sour Girl's bass line is rad. The guitar chords in Wicked Garden and Plush are sort of iconic and the two notes in the main hook in Vasoline are fun to play. The slide guitar in Interstate Love Song is unique in a rock song. I also discovered several random songs from albums after Purple, like Art School Girl, I Got You, Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart, A Song For Singing, etc.

Weiland was credited with using a megaphone on Crackerman and Sex Type Thing as a vocal effect on the Core tour in 1993. He might have inspired Jean Luc La Joie from The Kry to use one in 1996 on the song, I Believe It. He might also have inspired Martin Smith from Delirious? to use one too. I bought a megaphone in 2005 and confirmed that it is a cool vocal effect.

I heard that cocaine was found by Weiland's dead body in Minnesota. He had struggled with heroin and alcohol abuse and he entered rehab multiple times. In fact, I had tickets to see him perform with Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Velvet Revolver in San Diego at the House of Blues on February 7, 2008, but they canceled the tour after the Los Angeles show the previous night because he entered rehab again. Needless to say, I was bummed and when Velvet Revolver broke up, I was even more bummed because I never saw them perform live.

I disagree with the war on drugs and I think it has created many more problems than it has solved for Americans, people in neighboring countries and people around the world. For instance, if the coca plant was still legal, Weiland probably wouldn't have illegally purchased processed cocaine from a drug dealer. Despite what the initial reports have said, it might not have been cocaine and it could have been something totally different or it could have been cocaine cut with a harmful substance (e.g. rat poison). If he could have grown coca, he could have chewed it, vaporized it or extracted the essential compounds.

On April 5, 1994, when Kurt Cobain died it made me feel awful. I was a big Nirvana fan and I was in shock. During that time, I was a sophomore experimenting at SDSU and it made me depressed and agitated.

For some time, I have thought that every apparent suicide and every apparent overdose should be investigated like a homicide. I've experimented with some stuff and I have found that the human body is very resilient. In other words, I think that you would have to try hard to kill yourself with drugs and I think that most drug users understand this.

In 1995, a Led Zeppelin tribute album called Encomium dropped and STP recorded a song for it. I'm not always a fan of covers, but their rendition of Dancing Days is very good. Here is a live version of it.

On July 27, 2008, I saw Stone Temple Pilots perform at a special venue called The Green at Qualcomm in San Diego, California. I had seen sporting events and concerts in Jack Murphy Stadium (which was changed to Qualcomm Stadium), but this was the only concert that I ever saw "on the green". It was a large, grassy area near the stadium where they hosted some bands that year. Somehow I ran into an old friend named Wally High at the show and I had lost touch with him, even though he was the best man at my wedding, so I was stoked to see him and the band was excellent.

I also saw STP perform on July 1, 2009 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles (Sunset Strip) and they were excellent.

I always hate seeing people die, especially at a relatively young age. I deeply hate finding that people that have blessed my life have died, so that is one reason why this article was hard to write. It feels like I have been ripped off and my thoughts and prayers go out to Weiland's friends and family.

Take care of yourself because sometimes life is unpredictable and short. There are no guarantees, so make every moment count.

I'll miss Scott Weiland and the way that he inspired me. At least I will always have his recorded music and we are fortunate that we have the opportunity to watch all sorts of live concert footage on YouTube now.

RIP Scott. Thanks for being inspirational. Thanks also to Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

Memorable lyrics:

"And I feel so much depends on the weather."

"Why drink the water?"

"And when you lie down to sleep I'll protect you from the demons of the night while I'm watching you grow."

"There's so much I could teach you if you only had the time. Pray. There's so much God could teach you if you only had the time."

"Nowhere to run to. Nowhere to hide. Sing the song. Go deeper inside."

"Can you see just like a child?"

"I run through the world thinkin' 'bout tomorrow."

"I wanna be as big as a mountain. I wanna fly as high as the sun. I wanna know where the river goes."

"If I were stronger, I could be a mountain range." "Drink the wine and save the water." "I got you to paint the sorrow on my day and I got you, I got you to paint the roses on my grave."

"She said she'd be my woman. She said she'd be my man. And I can't live this way. Please refill my soul."

"What keeps me breathin'? Don't have an answer. Drownin', but I won't let it go. Away now. No way out."

"It isn't you. It isn't me. Search for things that you can't see. Goin' blind, out of reach, somewhere in the vaseline."

"Too much trippin' now my soul's worn thin."

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28 Pics - Album 27

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27 Pics - Album 26

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27 Pics - Album 25

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Brita Filtered Water Bottles Review

During the last year, I have used two different Brita, filtered water bottles and they have advantages and disadvantages.

In case you aren't familiar with Brita, they are a water filter company. They make filters for pitchers, sink systems and bottles. I've used their pitcher and it's pretty good, but this review is only about the two bottles.

First I purchased the hard-sided, black filtered bottle for about $17. I used it and I bought several replacements when I lost or broke them. I also returned a couple that became defective.

One time one of them lasted three months, so I used a replacement filter. The water tasted good, but I had to suck it out. In other words, it doesn't come out of the bottle on its own or by squeezing it. The filtered water needs suction to come out.

The black bottle is hard, heavy-duty plastic, but I found that it doesn't last longer. It's actually more prone to cracking and I accidentally broke several of them (e.g. when a bus hit me on my bike, when a guy driving the Walmart Zambroni ran over it, it fell out of my bike when I hit cracked roads, etc.).

Next I bought the soft-sided, blue filtered bottle for about $11 and I have liked it better. I like how I can squeeze filtered water out because I couldn't do that with the other one. Now I can dilute drinks (e.g. hot coffee and tea) with cool, filtered water and I can drink it sooner. I can also squirt the water on things (e.g. fire, wet stains, etc.).

As pictured above, the blue bottle came with a carrying handle. However, I didn't like it too much, so I took it off. I didn't like it because my fingers touched the bottle's mouthpiece when I used the handle. I tied a zip tie around the handle to make it longer and it worked a little better.

Both bottles fit inside a standard bicycle cup holder and I used them on my bike with and without a cup holder.

The black bottle holds 23.7 ounces of water and the blue bottle holds 20 ounces. Nonetheless, I didn't notice much difference. The black bottle has a longer, larger stem for the filter than the blue one, so you can't completely fill it anyway.

I give the blue bottle 8 out of 10 stars. The bottle is economical, convenient and well-designed and since it is made with lighter plastic, I probably don't have to worry about breaking it. I simply fill it with water, turn it upside down and squirt it in my mouth. Since I don't have to suck, it is faster than the black one.

I give the black bottle 6 out of 10 stars. It served its purpose and it was good, but a little pricey. Even though it broke and was damaged from time to time, Walmart understood about the returns.

I'd recommend either one of these bottles to someone on-the-go that wants pure water. The filters work well and they are convenient. Most of the water we encounter in America is clean, but sometimes we drink through dirty pipes and it's difficult to tell how bad they are. However, if you have a Brita filtered water bottle you can drink cleaner water anywhere because it changes ordinary tap water from a drinking fountain into purified water.

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28 Pics - Album 24

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Paris, France Terror Attacks On November 13, 2015

Do you ever feel strangely connected to a string of murders? I've been studying the ones in Paris that just happened and the terrorists were coordinated and obviously trying to send some messages.

In part, it was at a German-French soccer game and I am German. My best friend is Cambodian and it also happened at a Cambodian restaurant.

When we were kids, Charlie and I played on a soccer team together. My father was the coach and it was called the Eagles and the band's name was Eagles of Death Metal.

The "death metal" in the band's name is symbolic of the bullets that rained down inside the venue. The band is from California, so an attack on them in Paris, France sends a message to America and California as well.

I hate pizza because it has very little nutrition and is always made with poor ingredients and a pizza joint was shot up.

"Nice team" is a joke with no punchline and that was the name of one place that was attacked. Could this be a message to people that pretend they're nice?

Terrorists used semi-automatic weapons to shoot people and property in a restaurant called "Chime". You could say that they sounded the alarm or "rang the bell" there.

I am like a counting Voltaire on Twitter and elsewhere, which is the name of another place that was attacked.

There is no more El Bataclan on the right bank of the Seine river. El Bat-a-clan (God hits a clan?) could highlight and symbolize how the Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars. The Greek word "ethnos" in the passage refers to ethnic or tribal wars in the biblical end times. This is one reason why decades ago apologists predicted racial and religious fighting, not only in Africa and the Middle East, but also around the world and even in America.

Added later:

One of the attacks was close to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. This shows some solidarity, I think.

The two explosions at the soccer field were three seconds apart.

Tonight's concert at El Bataclan was obviously canceled. The band that was supposed to play is called Deftones and they are from Sacramento, California. Sacramento is the capital and by economy, California has the 5th largest economy in the world and I ran for Governor or California in 2003.

"They are gunning down the whole world one by one" was a quote from Paris, France. "Gunning" has two meanings and one is to shoot with a gun, but the other means to open an engine's throttle and accelerate (e.g. to make one's heart race or hurry, by extension). The word "whole" has more than one meaning too. It can mean "entire" and it can also mean "balanced".

The Paris attacks happened 17 days before the COP21 global climate change meeting. Some are billing it as the last ditch effort of the climate change movement to do something before it's too late. Some people hadn't heard about the event, so it serves as free advertising.

Al Gore was in Paris ahead of the meeting. French president Francois Hollande was at the soccer stadium when the explosions went off.

Since ISIS claimed that they were behind the terror attacks, they were likely trying to bait France and their allies into entering a widespread war. Just like Christian theology predicts an end times war in the Middle East, so does Islamic literature. I don't know how much Muslims care about Christian prophecies (although they do honor the Old Testament prophets), I know they value theirs. They could be trying to make them happen (although they occur in seemingly unmentioned cities in the Bible). They might be fulfilling them by accident or as self-fulfilling prophecies too.

The only American citizen that died in the terrorist attacks was a student from Cal State University Long Beach. Her name is Nohemi Gonzalez and she was a Design student. Before I spent the last year in Hawaii, I lived in Long Beach for two years and I attended Long Beach City College. When I wanted to transfer to CSU Long Beach and complete my Journalism bachelor's degree, they told me that I couldn't because I already hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

I was supposed to visit Belgium on an international trip, but I sold the Eurail passes and airfare that I bought because I changed my mind.

One terrorist that got away drove a black, Volkswagen Polo car. I used to have a longsleeve, black Polo shirt. In fact, my father gave it to me. He likes that brand, but it might have been the only piece of black clothing that my parents ever gave me. It was gifted about a dozen years ago and I wrote it and washed it until it faded.

I've played soccer for decades and I have also coached it. I possess two soccer certification licenses in California, so I can coach club players again. My dad coached high school and recreational soccer for many years, boys and girls, and he has the most high school wins in San Diego county.

If I can think of other things that relate to the story or reality, I'll blog them.

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22 Pics - Album 23

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AAA Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries Review

I've had a mixed experience with Rayovac AAA rechargeable batteries.

During the last three months or so, I've returned the batteries twice because they stopped holding a charge. Both times, two batteries in the four pack immediately died even after charging them for 8-9 hours. The pack costs about $9 and Walmart will replace or refund them for up to 90 days.

My digital radio burned two AAA batteries every two days. However, my analog radio uses two AAA batteries every three days. I had initially calculated the money that I would save by switching to rechargeable batteries and I found that after two months I would break even for buying the charger that came with two AAA and two AA rechargeable batteries and a four-pack of AAA rechargeable batteries.

All of the products I used and tested were Rayovac because it was one of the least expensive brands (not by much) and I wanted to stick with one brand.

With the increased battery time for using the analog radio, I estimate the break even date could be three months (or right about now).

I'm a little disappointed about having to occasionally return the batteries, but I like the way that I'm not wasting space in landfills with the terrestrial ones. I hope the technology advances because I was very careful with these batteries and it seems like battery technology should be way past this point for many different types of batteries.

Using rechargeable batteries has prompted me to listen to my radio a little more often. There were times when I wanted to save battery power before, but now I treat it more like an iPod with a built-in rechargeable battery.

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21 Pics - Album 22

Saturday, November 8, 2015 12:13 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Oahu and Maui, Hawaii

Who hasn't thought about moving to Maui? If you haven't, then maybe you don't know it very well because it's amazing.

I've lived in Honolulu for the last year and it has been a unique experience. Hailing from San Diego, California and spending the previous two years in Long Beach, California, I have appreciated the cooler breezes and the cleansing rains. The warmer temperatures are welcome as well.

When I visited Maui a few months ago it was awesome. Lahaina looked intact and I visited a few old favorite places and found a few new places too. When I was 15 years old (1989), I visited Maui with my parents and my Asian friend Charlie Tang. I also visited Maui after graduating from San Diego State University at 22 years old (1997). It was my graduation gift from my parents. When I returned with my (now) ex-wife, we visited Honolulu and I was 30 years old (2004). I could have cut and run in 2011 or 2012, but I tied loose ends in San Diego, traveled and hit the streets of Long Beach for a couple of years and studied journalism and creative writing.

After waiting a decade, I returned to Hawaii in 2014. Now I've been in Honolulu for the last year, except for a visit to Maui and Molokai. It has been memorable and I will publish a book or two of poetry that was inspired while I was here. I'll also publish a book or two of short stories that I write in Hawaii.

I'm thinking that it would be exciting to live in Maui for a year. I could stay any amount of time, but that's probably just right for a few reasons. I think it would have everything that I need in closer proximity and I could be more productive and have more time to relax and connect with my body, nature and others. I used to like the Honolulu beaches a lot, but I remember even as a kid saying that I didn't like the island as much as other islands because it felt built up with big roads and stuff like San Diego had. The other islands have less and typically enjoy an even slower pace.

I get bored in the same place too long. The same routine irritates me too. That's probably why I do 20-some-odd things over and over, but I radically change the order and the time of execution, so they don't get old. That's fine and it works, but still. It's a great big world with lots of amazing things to do and see.

In a way, I think each island could be its own state. Living in Oahu, I see that everything in Hawaii is very Oahu-centered and mainly the Honolulu area. It makes sense because Honolulu is a densely populated tourist trap, but each island is unique. I think independent statehood would help them, but it might also bring unwanted government encroachment. Or who knows. Maybe they could get it right and be the perfect state.

The sharks are pissed. There have been shark and eel attacks in Oahu and shark attacks in Hawaii. Clearly they aren't content with their habitat and being nourished like they should. Human shouldn't be a part of their diet.

Since I don't really know what I'm swimming in, I'm not as excited to get in the water anymore. Especially when the waves are poor, which seems like almost always around here. I don't remember the surf being so bad, but I was smaller so maybe it just looked bigger.

Finally, and it's hard to say this, but I don't really think that mainland Americans should live in Hawaii; at least when it comes to me. That's how I feel. I think the US hastily made Hawaii a state under duress and some people are still pissed about it. So, not only am I typically of the "you don't want me here? okay bye!" persuasion, I have read the history of the island and the queen's plea for us to leave her alone. That was only about 120 years ago. We could make it right, but I doubt we ever will. However, what we do do is export the worst parts of American culture to them and pollute everything like crazy.

Good luck.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 8: AM HST - Posted by Jason

23 Pics - Album 21

Saturday, October 31, 2015 11:25 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Three Emotional Hawaiians

This week, I had three encounters with Hawaiians that could have ended very badly. They all happened to happen on the same day too.

While I was inside McDonalds on my laptop, I needed to use the restroom. Since I was in the middle of listening to a song, I just brought the laptop with me to the urinal. I always take care to point the camera at my side, so nobody things that I'm in there to film anything or anyone. I rarely do this too.

While I was urinating, I noticed that somebody left the toilet behind me and to my left and walked out the door without washing his hands. I didn't turn to see his face though. After he walked out, another person walked in. After I finished, I recognized him as one of the security guards.

After I peed, I took my bottle to the water dispenser to refill it and an angry man approached me. He started off with ambiguous threats and I had no idea what he was talking about, so I told him that he had the wrong guy. Eventually, he became more specific and he accused me of recording him in the restroom. I didn't and I have never done anything like that, I stood up to him and vehemently denied the accusations.

This Hawaiian kid was probably 5' 9" and 250 pounds. He had soft drinks in both hands. After a minute of this bewildering banter, the security stepped in, apologized to me and the guy walked off. Tragedy averted.

It's hard to ascertain motive in these sorts of encounters, but it's hard to believe he didn't have a hidden motive. If you slow down, cooler heads usually prevail though. Sometimes I think it's good for people to see how an innocent individual sounds and behaves because all they have heard are actors.

The next encounter was in Safeway. I was using my laptop in the upstairs area with the tables while some lady talked or pretended to talk on her cell phone at the round table next to me by the railing. There were a couple of others up there too.

At first she didn't point it at me, but after a few minutes, I caught her doing it and I asked her not to. She was overweight or obese and obviously trying to flirt with me and I wasn't interested. Well, she took offense to this and called the police. She never identified herself. She was wearing a "Security" t-shirt, but a lot of people wear those.

I went inside and spoke to her boss. I told him the entire situation and got back on my laptop and waited for the police. Innocent people like the police and they also don't really mind cameras that much, but I digress.

Two cute little Hawaiian cops arrived. Seriously they couldn't have been more than 5' tall. They just stood there pretty much and the manager talked to her and asked me to leave so it didn't escalate, but he said that I was welcome to return and I said fine and left.

This woman angrily got in my face a couple of times and called the police all because I asked her to stop pointing her cell phone camera at me. I didn't raise my voice, touch her, threaten her, curse or do anything to provoke it too. It just goes to show that sometimes defense is the only offense, but once again I had to take a risk to take a stand.

The third encounter actually ended well. I was about to crash at a campsite and a Hawaiian guy decided to camp nearby and I thought he wanted to fight me. It was dark, but it looked like he was about 60-years-old and he said his name was Cy. I was listening to music and he started moving some things and seeming generally irritated, but he was okay.

When I discovered that he wasn't the third psychotic Hawaiian of the day and that he seemed intelligent and even interesting, I connected with him and we chatted for about 15 or 20 minutes about all kinds of things. He said that he was raised on Balboa Island in California and that he is half Hawaiian. He said he had been living on the street since he was 8-years-old.

Cy said that because he is a big lumbering Hawaiian guy that he tends to scare some people and he has to assure them that he is friendly. I have met some very large people that feel like they have to do that, so I understood what he meant. I wasn't afraid of him though.

A couple of good lines somehow came out of my mouth when I was talking to him. One was: You can't throw the first punch. The first punch is illegal, but the second punch isn't. I also told him to check out Maslow's hierarchy of needs because I thought he was a self-actualizer. That's a pretty amazing thing to be, especially for a homeless person.

When Cy said, "You have to watch your back," before we crashed, I laughed and said, "You have to make your peace and say if die tonight, then this is the night." And we slept, but when I awakened he was gone.

Saturday, October 31, 2015 10:36 AM HST - Posted by Jason

My Former Mother-In-Law

My former mother-in-law was an interesting woman and I hate her.

She is Lebanese and Armenian and she is likely other sorts of Arab too. She married an Armenian-Palestinian man, who is my former father-in-law, but I digress. She killed spiders with her bare hands! It was quite a spectacle.

The reason why I say I hate her is because she said I was no longer welcome in her house. Her daughter and I were going through a divorce and I stopped by her house to talk and she cut me off. I really thought that I was going to have this relationship forever. She is also the grandmother of our daughter Jordan, so being unwelcome in her home not only spoke volumes about her and her relatives and how they felt to me, but also about how the future of the relationship could take shape.

When someone says that they are not interested in your presence any more, you have two options: stay or leave. I prefer leaving because if you stay, you risk becoming a doormat for someone that didn't really love you to begin with.

Saturday, October 31, 2015 9:33 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Ending My Fast on the 6th Day

My nine day fast turned into a six day fast, but it was still good in a lot of ways.

I felt compelled to end my fast after I threw up a of water. I did it twice and once was on the night of the 5th day and once on the morning of the 6th day. I drank a lot of water, so I left a giant puddle in each store and I apologize.

I think I threw up for a few reasons, but mainly because of the dehydration and supplements. I'm pretty sure the turmeric, garlic and ginger supplements (all organic) that I took didn't go all the way down because I hadn't eaten in days and I was dehydrated. My insides might have choked it, so to speak and it could have dissolved above my stomach and made me feel ill. That's what it felt like.

Part of the reason why I couldn't fix the problem is because I didn't trust the water at the McDonalds where I was at. I found gum under the spout after I filled a cup and drank it, so I didn't fill up another cup, but I wasn't sure if it was under there for my first cup or not. It didn't spray funny, so probably not.

Since I was at Safeway when I puked the second time, I bought some organic food and ate it. Tofu, blue chips and bread. I brought honey and cinnamon for the bread, so I feasted.

Today I feel great. Leaner. Fine. The inside of my neck doesn't even feel burned like it normally would from stomach acid. I imagine this is because the organic turmeric and organic ginger helped it.

Good luck with your fasting and always listen to your body while you're doing it.

Thursday, October 29, 2015 11:41 PM HST - Posted by Jason

21 Pics - Album 20

Thursday, October 29, 2015 11:20 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 5 of My 9 Day Fast

Today is day five of my nine day fast and it has went very well.

I began the fast at about 155 pounds and yesterday I was about 152. The scale said I was two pounds heavier than that both times, but I subtracted two pounds for shoes and clothing. I might be a little dehydrated, but I have been drinking copious amounts of water and I don't think I am. I'm not thirsty, my pee is clear and losing three pounds of fat in four days of fasting adds up.

I have been getting a little warmer at times and a little colder at other times. I tend to get cold inside places with cold air conditioning, so I sometimes wear a sweatshirt. I tend to get warmer when I'm exercising or a little dehydrated and it is remedied by drinking water.

My exercise regimen hasn't changed. I've been walking a lot, riding my bike and riding an exercise bike. I have also done some personal stretching and yoga to open my joints and increase my flexibility.

I haven't eaten anything and I have ingested organic coffee (Mt. Hagen), organic green tea (Bigelow), organic red teas (Yogi) and sea salt. I have also had a little vodka and some organic cinnamon, limited amounts of organic honey and three supplements: organic turmeric with organic black pepper, organic garlic and organic ginger. I consider all of these things (with the possible exception of vodka) very healthy. However, the acidity of the vodka helps offset the alkaline of the tea and it likely cleans inside of me (like rubbing it on a wound, for instance).

I haven't taken many pictures of myself and I haven't measured any of my limbs or anything. However, I notice more definition all over my body and I feel lighter and airy. My body has changed and it's shrinking every day. I'll take some pics soon and I imagine that however I am on Day 6 or 7 will be like the way I am after the fast due to water retention and food flowing through my body like normal.

On November 30, 2015, I am going to add organic-only liquids to my organic-only diet. I have one more month to finish the transition, figure out the best ways to do it and imbibe whichever non-organic drinks I want (within reason). There are many unique drinks in Hawaii, but most of them aren't organic, so this is my chance to try some of them before I give all of them up for good. However, I don't anticipate doing much "sampling" during the fast.

I stayed up all night one night and it was exciting. In fact, my body typically feels like it can stay up all night about one night a week. If I do that and either take a nap the next day or get a little extra sleep, I'm good to go. I'm curious about REM sleep and sleep deprivation and if I could sleep much fewer hours if I could just grab REM sleep a few times a day.

This week I met three Hawaiian people in one day that were very emotional and confrontational. Two of them wanted to fight me for no good reason and one opened himself up to me like he wanted to be my best friend. Ironically the most intimidating of them was the friendliest, possibly because he was the third and final one of the day to approach me and I stood up to him like I did the others and he didn't really want to fight me. I don't think the others did either, but they let their emotions carry them away.

I love Hawaiians, but some of them are emotional as a woman on her period. When they get that way, you really need patience and restraint to deal with them or it could end badly. In a way, some of them are suffering somewhat like some African Americans are suffering, but that's another story for another time.

I've written some poetry and stories and I hope to write more. Connecting online with a lot of people on social media is always interesting. I haven't played guitar yet, but I hope to play today. I've been listening to a lot of music and digesting a lot of news.

Some great personal things have happened during the fast, but I don't want to mention them here right now. I don't know if you'd call them "miracles" or not, but I have been blessed. However, it hasn't been easy and the blessings have come after hardships and suffering.

This is roughly the midpoint of my fast because it's day five (Thursday) and I will break the fast after day nine on Tuesday. There is a chance that I could break it very late on Monday night or very early on Tuesday morning, but it just depends on how I feel. That will be a literal nine days and Tuesday morning will be like 9.5 days.

After my fast, I will have fasted 11 out of 31 days of the month (for diet purposes, I count months through the 2nd day, not the last day). Next month, I anticipate fasting on November 8, 15, 22 (Sundays) and from about November 28 through December 2. As I get leaner, eat less and budget for organic food better, I anticipate my $315/month food stipend lasting longer and my fasting less. I can buy more food if I want, but I enjoy fasting and all of the benefits it produces.

Good luck with your fasting. It is the cure for obesity and lack of self-control.

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30 Pics - Album 19

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25 Pics - Album 18

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20 Pics - Album 17

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Reading the Bible From Cover to Cover

Growing up as a Christian with Christian parents, we went to church together and I attended Bible studies. I also attended Christian elementary, middle and high schools, along with some Christian graduate level work at several colleges. Sometimes I even attended huge, Christian music festivals and evangelical events like Harvest Crusades, Miles Ahead Crusades and Billy Graham's Crusade.

During those years, very few people stressed the importance of reading the Bible in its entirety from cover to cover. It was never an assignment at any of the Christian schools I attended. In fact, when I was a child in church, I recall only one boy saying he read it and he was homeschooled and had no friends. Churches never told us to avoid reading the Bible like a regular book from beginning to end, but it was always more of an afterthought because hardly anybody did it. Perhaps it's because of its gruesome content or ill-advised demands.

The church sermons, class lectures and Bible studies that I attended used the Bible and I typically brought mine. At school and Bible study, I needed to memorize scriptures. However, only Miles McPherson (and possibly Ray Bentley) ever really challenged us to read the Bible from cover to cover. I started and I did it for a while before stopping, listening to parts of it and reading sections that I have either enjoyed or were curious about. Now I've read and listened to most of the Bible and I know that there is nothing in there that will change the way I feel about the Bible and my feelings about God. Another time, I can expand on that.

It's interesting that reading the Bible like a regular book is not something that American, 21st century, fundamentalist Christians in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s were typically doing. I doubt it's because people don't want to be held accountable for what they haven't read, but I think it's because there are mundane parts of the Old Testament that weren't written to modern Christians. I also think it's because many Christians are "nominal believers" (or lazy) and prefer doing other things.

When I attended church, Bible studies and Christian classes, I took copious notes. By writing what was said by hand or typing it on my laptop, I enhanced my listening skills and I obtained 10,000 quotes for a book that I published called, "10,000 Wise Quotes and Spiritual Sayings". It also showed me which pastors were full of substance and which weren't. Sadly taking notes in Christian churches looks a lot like studying the Bible at a Catholic mass. In my experience, it's uncommon and even rare.

I don't feel ashamed for not reading the entire Bible, even though some skeptics tried to shame me one time. It is a big book written to a lot of people over a long time. Some parts are exciting and some are boring. I studied it in several languages to learn what I wanted and needed to know.

Don't worry. If it was an authorization for war in Iraq and it was my job to decide, I would have read it all and voted no. As for the Bible, unless you accept unproveable claims by faith, I think the jury is still out regarding its authenticity and reliability; especially for afterlife claims.

Good luck.

Monday, October 19, 2015 8:13 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Hawaii, America, African Americans and Travel

After being in Hawaii for 11 months, I can hardly believe that it's a state sometimes. It's just so different than the rest of the United States; far different than islands like Catalina, Alcatraz, Long Island and Key West. It's also different than Ireland and Great Britain. Perhaps one day I can visit some Asian islands and draw some more comparisons and contrasts.

I've driven across the continental United States five times and I've visited more than half of them. Each state is different with a unique feel. Some places are tropical, others are dry. In some regions, there is a conservative majority and in others liberals rule. Some cities are dominated by military families or government employees. Others have chosen to tie the success of their local economy to dirty energy like gas or coal or even "natural gas" obtained by fracking. Some cities have a lot of Mexicans (e.g. southern border cities) and some states have a lot of white people (e.g. Utah). Each one has an interesting and unique flavor.

Hawaii is unique for several reasons. It was created by volcanoes and it lies off the continental shelf, for starters. It also had nothing to do with America until the United States took over, erected military bases and voted for statehood. Americans like round numbers, so they probably preferred 50 over 49. Hawaii became the 50th state (and is the most recent one) in 1959.

Living in California, I thought it was interesting that there weren't hundreds of years of American culture there. This became more obvious as I got older, visited other states with more history (e.g. Virginia) and visited countries in Europe with much more history. In fact, California wasn't a state until 1850, so it has just 165 years of statehood, although the indigenous people were scattered throughout the state and the country.

Hawaii is actually a chain of islands. Some of them are well known and some are relatively unknown. Maui, Lanai, Kauai, Hawaii, Oahu, Niihau, Kahoolawe and Molokai make up the inhabited islands. The Leeward (also known as the Northwestern) islands that few people have heard of inlude Nihoa, Necker, French Frigate Shoals, Gardner Pinnacles, Maro Reef, Laysan, Lisianski, Pearl and Hermes Atoll and Kure. Some of them aren't much more than a large rock.

Hawaii is very different and some people that call Barack Obama a communist and an anti-American might not understand how different it is in Hawaii. Since the place is dominated by Asian immigrants and tourists and has a relatively new history, it hasn't been indoctirnated and set on a familiar course like the mainland states. Sadly the Hawaiians were displaced. Some of them carry paperwork and still get indigenous people benefits. There are very few black people here. Any sort of African American identity or uniqueness seems lost, especially in comparison of the way things were the last two years in Long Beach, California. Suffice it to say, you probably won't hear the next #1 Rap or Hip-hop album drop in Hawaii because that lifestyle doesn't really exist here.

Hawaii isn't just 2,500 miles from the mainland United States, but it's 2,500 miles away from the next habitable location. Guam and some little islands are found if you travel west almost 4,000 miles.

80-90% of Hawaii's population is Asian and from numerous Asian countries. Most of them have adopted some American culture. They dress and eat like Americans, for instance. It's interesting and sometimes disheartening to see people that your government overthrew now enjoying various parts of the gross American bounty and vices. It's awkward and disappointing too.

I think indigenous people complicate the homeless situation because some people think that residents should be able to sleep wherever they want because that's what they were doing before America came. However, the roughly 5,000 homeless people on Oahu are dominated by people from Asian countries.

Food is more expensive in Hawaii. The roads are in horrible condition. It rains all of the time and it leaves huge puddles. I think it would be fun to publish a book called, Puddles of Honolulu and I'm seriously considering it.

People are really nice in Hawaii (especially the service sector) and there are some great radio stations from various genres. Honolulu is also a great launching pad for visiting the other islands.

The weather is amazing because it never gets in the 50s and it rarely reaches the low 60s. In fact, it typically stays in the 70s and 80s and dips into the 60s every so often. As long as the wind isn't howling and the rain isn't pouring, it's very comfortable and a little more humid than I'm used to in California. Good luck.

Thursday, October 15, 2015 8:29 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Mauna Kea, Hawaii's Controversial Thirty Meter Telescope

As a person that cares about the environment, I have mixed feelings about protesting the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).

Living in Oahu, I hear about protesters on Mauna Kea, which is a dormat volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii that stands 13,796 ft. above sea level. They have been camping at the top and blocking construction. However, the government recently passed legislation to prevent them from camping there anymore, which resulted in some arrests (and the cases were dismissed) and more protests.

There are lots of important causes and reasons to protest. For instance, gas-powered cars, coal or contaminants in food are very destructive. Sadly, it takes a lot for Americans to protest anything, but these are Hawaiians, so it's a little different.

I respect the right to protest virtually anything for any good reason, but it would be wise to follow local laws and customs. In this case, a deal has already been made to build the telescope and it is just a matter of time before the project is complete.

There are arguments for and against the telescope, but I think it is awesome that it will be the most powerful one in the world. Perhaps things will look closer than the tiny dots they used to look like. Some Hawaiians recognize that they have a history of using the stars as navigation around the islands.

The arguments against the telescope center around the pollution from foot traffic and such and how they feel the land is sacred and shouldn't be defiled.

I hope everyone can be more proactive when it comes to things that need to be changed. I also love people that stand up for what they believe in. However, I think these protestors are barking up the wrong tree on this issue and they should either move on or use the legal system.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 2:01 PM HST - Posted by Jason

19 Pics - Album 16

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Fasting, Food and Eating

Today I'm fasting without any food all day. So far, so good. I will drink lots of fluids and lose about 2,000 calories. This fast will also ensure a calorie deficit for the week.

I have been counting my calories like I did when I wrote, Do the Math Diet. All of the calories I eat and burn each day are calculated in a spreadsheet and I do my best to create a calorie deficit or at least break even. When I fast Sundays, I say no to food and catch up on any calories that I could have burned during the week.

I'm fortunate enough to qualify for $318 of free food each month. About 15-20% of Americans do as well, but they receive varying amounts based on their income and location. I'm thankful for the assistance and instead of looking at it like "supplemental", I consider it the whole month's food allotment.

Last month in Honolulu, Hawaii, I fasted 14 days and I spent about $311 on food (some coffee and honey was unused). This month I'm anticipating $318 lasting about 23 days and I will fast eight days. I'm probably going to fast on October 18, October 25 and from about October 28 until November 3.

I only eat organic food and sometime in November I am going to begin only drinking organic liquids. I didn't think that I could make the change when I chose organic food in Long Beach, California because I used WiFi Internet cafes and restaurants that required me to buy something. Nonetheless, there are enough places around Honolulu that I can make a 100% organic diet work without compromising on liquids anymore. It isn't easy because I have to stock up on healthy, organic food from two stores and take it with me every day, but where there is a will, there is a way.

I'll maintain my weight until the fast at the end of the month. It's difficult to know how long it will last because I don't know how long the food will last, but I will probably lose about 5-6 pounds during 6-8 full days of fasting this month. I get the food allowance on the 3rd of every month, so I count months from those dates.

Since Americans are suffering from a worsening obesity epidemic, I think it would be wise for everyone to count calories, reduce caloric intake, exercise and fast. In fact, when people get a food allowance I think they should do what I've been doing: eat only organic food, fast weekly and fast when it runs out. I can probably do this for 6 months until I get really lean and then my body burns fewer calories.

I'm spending about $13/day on organic food in Hawaii. If I eat nothing 8 days this month, that means I will save about $104. Losing fat, saving money and reaping all sorts of benefits from fasting are powerful motivators. It also brings me closer in touch with the human condition and the suffering of those that don't have enough food or money (e.g. refugees).

Good luck in your dieting and your fasting.

Saturday, October 10, 2015 3:16 PM HST - Posted by Jason

25 Egg Pics - Album 15

These eggs were created from the first Twitter egg. You can have them, use them and manipulate them any way that you want. Enjoy.

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Turkey has a fascinating history and an even more unpredictable and extraordinary future.

Turkey is a Muslim Arab country, but it also has a Christian and secular population. Some say more than half of the ancient Christian places mentioned in the Bible are in Turkey (e.g. Antioch, Ephesus, Sardis, Smyrna, Tarsus, Lystra, Philadelphia, Colossae, Pergamum, etc.) Therefore, it attracts Christian tourism, investors and such.

Turkey has been called the gateway to the east and it is a sort of crossroads. However, Turkey joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and it has been trying to join the European Union. However, it still has many changes to make on a lengthy to do list.

When I visited Ireland, I spoke to a frank Irishman in a hostel and he knew about politics and such. He said that they see Turkey as dirty Arabs, not Europeans and don't really want them in the European Union. I figured if this was the sentiment in Ireland, which is probably a middle-of-the-road country when it comes to European elitism, Turkey wasn't really welcome in the EU.

Turkey is a NATO member, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. Some Muslims think that having foreign, western troops on their country's soil violates their religion and that's exactly what NATO has done in many countries. It has put Turkey on the west's side as they play the middle.

Turkey is sort of a "swing state" in the war against ISIS. Their door swings wide open both ways. Terrorists are drafted by ISIS and flow through Turkey's southern border and into Syria. At the same time, at least US-led militants, munitions and supplies have flowed through Turkey's southern border and to the resistance fighting Assad in Syria and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Some of the help has went to the Kurds that have possessed land in Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Turkey has had back and forth relations with Russia, but in reality Russia could be their biggest ally. It is difficult to tell whether or not they understand it yet or not, but NATO will use them for western interests and the EU could indefinitely dangle them by a thread like a marionette. Meanwhile, Russia will be willing to pay them to use their airspace and bases, just like the west has done, but without any pressure to make changes or accept the unacceptable and without angering their Islamic adherents.

I don't think Turkey can play the middle forever. They could get fed up with Syria's unrest and find another solution to the conflict besides just ousting Assad. However, Turkey looks a little like Egypt to me. As long as western countries support Turkey with money, they will be influenced and controlled by western interests, but one day there could be a coup or a regime change and things could drastically change very quickly. That's what happened in Egypt. Enough people disagreed with the pseduo-democratic government that they were ousted as the US donated money and jets.

If Turkey closes its door to the west, it will make it more difficult for western forces to get to the battle lines in Syria. I don't think Turkey will close its doors to ISIS' recruits because they hate Assad (and don't care too much for the Kurds) and they think that ISIS has the best chance of overthrowing Assad. I also think that Turkey's government and general population have enough sympathizers with radical Islam that closing their doors to ISIS would cause more problems (e.g. domestic terrorist bombings, suicide bombers, etc.).

Bible scholars might wonder if the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 and 39 is about to happen and it might. The countries mentioned sound like the ones aligned today (e.g. Iran, Iraq, Syria and Libya) while Saudi Arabia watches and questions it. I didn't really see Turkey as a country that's on that team until recently when I realized that allowing thousands of radical Muslim fighters through your country is still siding with the radicals. However, even if the prophecy does occur, it might not happen like people think because it sounds like it involves a nuclear misfire or mishap. More on that later.

I knew a pastor that used to say he wanted to die in Turkey one day. When I asked him what he meant, he said that he wanted to preach there and be a martyr. He didn't have a deathwish or anything and I went to his church and Bible studies for a few years. I also rented an office from him, so we had a few conversations.


Southern Baptist pastors typically have a region that they focus on ministering to. It might be in Africa, Asia or Europe. They will plant a church there (often with a young US pastor from the home church until they raise up a local pastor and plant another church), visit, report to the home church and raise money, etc. It is part of church-building, but it means a little something different to each pastor. Some just like visitng the hot Kenyan sun once a year and spending time with poor village kids to give them used clothing that they will cherish.

Some Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) pastors like placing themselves and their influence in the most strategic, end-of-the-world location there is. Well, that's my ole pastor buddy from San Diego and he hasn't said much to me about it lately; which probably isn't good. In the same vein, Turkey does tend to weild very tight controls on the Internet, which is never the hallmark of a free society.

Updated: October 14, 2015, 9:14 p.m. Scroll up.

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24 Pics - Album 14

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Vehicles I've Owned or Driven

In 2012, I drove my Ford Focus across the country to see my dying grandmother and I sold it in North Carolina to Carmax. I ride a bike now and I don't anticipate driving another gas-powered car. I would like to get an electric Harley Davidson motorcycle some day.

This is a list of vehicles that I've owned in the order that I've owned them. Below is a list of other vehicles that I've driven.

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Prelude
3. Acura Integra
4. Isuzu longbed truck
5. Toyota van
6. Ford Thunderbird
7. Ford Focus

For a limited time, I also drove a few other vehicles.

- My dad taught me how to drive a manual transmission with my neighbor Chris' Toyota truck.

- My dad leased new Mercedes vehicles throughout my childhood and most of my adult life, but I rarely drove any of them and I wasn't supposed to. My mom had a Toyota truck when I started driving, but I don't recall driving it.

- When I was 16 years old, I drove my aunt's manual, domestic truck in North Carolina. I think it was either a Chrysler or GMC truck.

- In San Francisco, California, I rented a Chrysler Sebring convertible and drove it down the coastline to San Diego.

- I used Car2go in San Diego, which is an electric car company that uses Mercedes cars.

- I rented a Daewoo in Israel for a week and I drove clockwise around the country.

- Someone in Oceanside, California donated a manual Volkswagen Jetta to the non-profit corporation that I directed, so I bought a battery for it, drove it to El Cajon Blvd. and sold it.

- Somebody gave me a Nissan Sentra and I drove it for one month until it died.

- In Honolulu, Hawaii, I rented a domestic convertible car for a week when I visited after graduating college.

- When I was 15 years old, my parents bought me a Honda Aero motor scooter and drove it around San Diego county.

- I've also driven a few moving vans around San Diego county and I've rented a few other cars on trips.

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20 Pics - Album 13

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A Critique of the Paleolithic Diet ("Caveman Diet")

The Paleolithic diet (also known as the "Caveman Diet") focuses on consuming foods like eggs, nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oil, seafood, poultry and beef. There is no calorie counting and organic food has nothing to do with it.

The Paleo diet does not allow dairy, refined sugar, canola oil, salt or processed foods. If it stopped there, it wouldn't be bad, but the diet also doesn't allow any grains, quinoa, legumes (lentils, beans, peas and peanuts) or potatoes.

Some problems

Meat is expensive, unsustainable and unethical. Do you really think that 7 billion people can eat meat and feed their animals meat all of the time? Not everyone in an ever-increasing population will be able to be carnivorous because it will take too many resources and it would be wise to wean the planet from meat and to better sources of nourishment.

Fish can be contaminated with high lead and mercury levels. Chicken and cattle are given steroid and antibiotic shots. These chemicals can be passed along to the consumer and cause anything from hair growth to a reduced response to antibiotics when ill.

Sweet potatoes are excellent for you. They provide fiber and vitamins with carotenoids and antioxidants. Russets also have protein and minerals and could be baked or boiled and eaten in moderation. They could also contain some trace nutrients that the body needs.

Beans are a great source of amino acid proteins, fiber, calcium and iron. They also require fewer resources to grow than animals.

Your body needs salt to survive. When it has enough salt, it functions properly and all of your organs work like they should. However, nobody really needs sodium chloride and everybody needs salt. If you completely removed sodium chloride (and the additives along with the granules) from your diet and only consumed sea salt, I think it would be difficult to overdose and your health would improve.

Whole wheat is a source of fiber, minerals like selenium and protein. It can also lower bad cholesterol levels.

Eating whole wheat and beans provides all of the amino acid proteins that the body cannot make without eating any meat, making meat an unnecessary part of the diet.

Organic food is better for the environment and the body. It is free from chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. Any sensible diet or dieter would eat only organic food.

Counting calories is an important part of dieting and maintaining your weight. If you don't count them, then you don't know how much you have eaten.

Butter is full of unhealthy cholesterol and saturated fat. The Paleolithic cavemen did not eat it and it is not on the diet, but it has been adopted into the modern Paleo diet.

About me

I count my calories, eat organic food and stay away from non-organic food. Maybe that's why so many birds, bugs and bushes seem to like me.

I would never do or recommend the Paleo diet. In fact, I think it's a horrible diet and you should avoid it. It encourages ignorance, ignores organics, disregards cost and sustainability and it omits important, healthy foods.

I wrote a book called, Do the Math Diet. It's more like a lifestyle because you don't have to avoid foods, if you don't want to. You just have to count the calories that you burn and the calories that you consume. Of course, it would be wise to consume the right foods and exercise, but the key is to create a daily (or at least weekly) calorie deficit until you reach your weight loss goals.

Good luck.

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21 Pics - Album 12

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Fasting Wrap-Up and October Diet Plan

My 14 day fast turned into a 10 day fast, but it still went well. It went very well, in fact. I had tons of energy and I think it's because I've fasted so many days throughout my life and especially lately. If I get plenty of sleep and I almost always do and if I hydrate enough, it's very easy with lots of water and a little tea, coffee and honey.

I estimate that I lost about 2,000 calories a day each day, so that would equal 20,000 total calories lost. That equals about six pounds. I weighed myself at the end and I was 154.4 pounds with clothes on.

My organic diet costs around $13/day on average, so fasting 10 days saved me about $130. It also saved me a lot of time eating, preparing the food and riding my bicycle around town to get it.

I'm going to maintain my weight for the next two weeks and fast again on Sunday, October 11. Each day, I'll count my calories and make sure that I burn and eat about the same amount and hopefully create a small calorie deficit. I'll probably also fast the rest of the Sundays in October and the last week or two of the month.

I've been able to stretch further and it has felt really good. Twisting releases toxins, so it's great for my body. I can reach further past my toes and twist left and write with greater ease.

I can see more definition in my legs, stomach and arms. It's good to be on my way to a goal, even though it won't be obtained over night. At this rate, I'll begin 2016 as a very lean, mean, fighting machine.

Good luck in your fasts and dieting. You have more strength than you realize.

September 30, 2015 Edit:

During my fast, I suffered through some leg cramps. They were mainly at night and in my left leg. I think they had to do with the pinched nerve in my back. Since I got leaner during the fast, my posture and related body parts and muscle groups have slightly shifted. Standing, sitting or sleeping the old way when my body was bigger instead of the new way, with a smaller, leaner body is something I catch myself doing and fix. It usually has to do with "tucking in my spine".

The news has been talking a lot about refugees lately, so while I was fasting I felt connected to them. Many of them are suffering with little or no food. In some ways, they are like me and I am like them.

I decided to take my organic turmeric, garlic and ginger supplements two or three times a day. Since I wasn't eating any food, those supplements helped maintain my health, reduce inflammation and strengthen my immune system. I buy the organic powder by the pound online and make my own gel capsules with it, so I know what's in them and they're not too expensive.

A few times I got cold and it was likely because of low blood sugar and being leaner. Even in Hawaii, it gets cold sometimes. Usually it's only cold inside some restaurants and in certain seats. However, when it's windy and rainy, it can also feel cold outside.

I had plenty of energy and not once did I avoid doing something because I was fasting. I might have ridden the exercise bike at the gym one hour instead of two hours though. I also enjoyed 20-30 minutes of yoga several times.

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20 Pics - Album 11

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Hawaii Rain

I've been in Hawaii for more than 10 months and I'm fascinated by the weather. Coming from Southern California, I'm used to experiencing dry weather and rare rain. I'm also used to less humidity.

It rains all the time in Hawaii. However, it rains different amounts in different parts of the island. While I'm in the Ala Moana and Waikiki areas of Honolulu, I always see clouds moving along the mountains. Sometimes they're dark and they typically move fast from east to west.

I ride my bike around the island, so sometimes it rains while I am out. When it does, it usually doesn't last very long and it's more like a misty sprinkle. Once in a while, it rains hard and fast and several inches within an hour and stops and becomes sunny again.

The winds are often in the 15-20 mph range, so rain comes and goes quickly. Besides some small mountains, the island is relatively flat, helping the clouds scoot along and go back out to sea.

The rain cleans everything and makes the island green. It seems like about half of the island graciously soaks in the rain while the other half is like a rock, so it just runs into gutters, reservoirs and the ocean or evaporates.

Living in an environment like this takes some getting used to. Sometimes I get to my destination and I'm soaking wet and once in a while I have a cool mist all over my body. When there are huge puddles, I have to take other side streets and be extra careful. The roads are damaged and the rain collects in the holes, which happen to be in the bike lane (when there is one).

I have a backpack tarp that I use to cover my backpack as I ride my bike in the rain. I don't have an umbrella though. I'd rather just hurry than mess with one.

I like how the roads aren't as dirty here as they were in Long Beach, California. My feet don't get as dirty as quickly when I wear sandals and it's better for my body. It's probably cleaner partly because of the rain. However, I wonder how nourishing the rain (and the sun) would be if we could experience it falling on us without it first traveling through pollution.

Sadly after one large rain recently there was a large sewage spill in Honolulu and I went snorkeling around that time and I got a double ear infection. I thought I would be safe because I was with my experienced buddy and on the west side of the island and the spill was in the south.

People don't complain about the rain. They slow down a little more (if that were even possible) and have a little more compassion. Most cars go out of their way to avoid splashing me on my bike, but every once in a while some fool hits a giant puddle way too fast by me and splashes me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 4:11 PM HST - Posted by Jason

17 Beers I've Drank in Hawaii in 2015

2015 has been an exciting year. I started it in Hawaii and today is the first day of the fall season.

I don't get wasted, but I have known to toss a cold one back from time to time. These have been my faves this year.

Guinness - Ireland
Sapporo - Japan
Shock Top - Belgian White - US
Corona - Mexico
Red Stripe - Jamaica
Kona - Longboard - US (Hawaii)
Kona - Big Wave - US (Hawaii)
Coors Light - US
Budweiser - US
Stella Artois - Belgium
Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale - US
Samuel Adams - Rebel IPA Ale - US
Mickey's - US
Steel Reserve - US
Land Shark Lager - US
Primo - US (Hawaii)
Kirin Ichiban - Japan

Monday, September 21, 2015 7:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Pics - Album 10

Friday, September 18, 2015 10:24 AM HST - Posted by Jason

14 Day Fast (Sept. 19 to Oct. 3)

I'm fasting without food for 14 days, from Saturday, September 19, 2015 until October 3, 2015. During this fast, I am going to avoid food and drink a lot of fluids like organic tea, water and organic coffee. I will also drink some organic honey.

$225 paid for exactly 16 days of organic groceries in Hawaii. I also have about $40 of organic honey on hand that I will consume during my fast. I might only finish $25-30 of it though.

I will burn around 2,000 calories a day, so by the time I am finished I will have burned about 28,000 calories or 8 pounds. This will make me feel lighter on my feet and riding my bike up hills should be easier.

I might drink a beer or two during the fast. I feel like it detoxifies me, but I don't want to overdo it because being intoxicated is expensive, unhealthy and counterproductive. I have drank a beer or two on an empty stomach after fasting and not eating for days and it was good. If my pinched nerve, anxiety or inflammation acts up, I could take my cannabis medicine with no contraindications.

When I start fasting, I will write some goals and ideas. I will likely write several poems and a few stories and I will play electric guitar many hours during the fast. I will also probably ride my bike about 150 miles. It should be an exciting time as I excrete toxins and reshape my body again.

I am eating three cans of organic black beans today. Along with organic raisins, organic rice with quinoa and organic applesauce, I will be ready to start a 14 day fast tomorrow.

The sauna feels great any time, but I think it's especially purifying when I'm fasting. I want to go before during and after my fast, but not every day because it tends to dehydrate me and it can exacerbate inflammation.

Fasting is difficult and there are highs and lows, but it's always worth it. I never regret it. I always learn things and finish in a better place than where I was when I began.

Good luck with your fasting and your clean endeavors.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015 7:33 AM HST - Posted by Jason

28 Pics - Album 9

Sunday, September 13, 2015 10:25 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is Unreliable

I hope people aren't trusting the Body Mass Index (BMI) too much. An online calculator said mine is about 22.9 and my weight is 160.

The calculator said a "normal" range for someone my height is 18.5 to 24.9 and it said that translates into weighing between 129 and 174 pounds.

One reason why I think the BMI is untrustworthy is because if I weighed 174 pounds, I would definitely be overweight. In fact, at 160 pounds I feel a little overweight now.

129 to 174 is a 45 pound range, so perhaps they should split it in half and move the upper half into the overweight category (e.g. 152-174 is overweight and 129 to 151 is normal).

In case you want to try the online BMI calculator that I used, here is the link.

Good luck,

Sunday, September 13, 2015 9:59 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Upcoming 12 Day Fast

I have already bought all of the organic food I'm going to buy before October 3. I counted the calories and there is about seven days of food, so I'm going to fast from about Monday, September 21 until Saturday, October 3 and it will be about 12 full days.

My other option was to fast today and/or next Sunday and for about 10-11 days, so it evens out either way.

I'm hardly counting calories at this point. I'm just watching dwindling food supplies and looking forward to what's next. I'm not going to wolf it down too fast though. I just know I don't have to keep a close count right now.

Fasting is an exciting discipline and my body changed after I fasted for a week. It's going to change again for the glorious month of October. The new size medium t-shirts will feel a little roomier around my shoulders and biceps where they are extra tight.

If you fast, good luck. Feel free to tailor it or adjust it. I might even drink a beer or two on my fast. The old adage, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is a good truism.

I think getting drunk is a poor idea and can damage the liver and promote bad decisions. However, some studies have shown that is of little or no consequence or actually healthy for adults to drink a beer, shot or glass of wine each day. Anything that damages and cures is curious and alcohol has a large potential for abuse, but I think the positive effects are due to its purifying nature inside the body (e.g. vodka is a disinfectant for external wounds) and the way it relaxes people.

Getting to a goal is difficult and maintaining that level is hard as well. Life changes and moves fast, but few things in life come without hard work. I think the short-term and long-term benefits of fasting exceed the temporary discomfort, although being lean with rippling abs will certainly heap upon me a new set of problems. "You just can't win for losin'".

Saturday, September 12, 2015 9:48 AM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Pics - Album 8

Thursday, September 10, 2015 11:45 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Eating and Fasting

I'm fascinated with the way eating and fasting affects human health.

Some foods like organic honey, almonds and cashews are fantastic sources of energy. Since I switched to an organic-only, vegetarian diet in 2012, I have reaped many benefits. I also have a clean conscience because my diet doesn't involve killing animals and it is environmentally friendly.

Until the end of the year, I am planning to eat organic food and fast on Sundays. I'm also going to fast for a week or two a month.

I weigh about 155 pounds and I think I will lose 7-8 pounds a month. I don't want to get any leaner than 130 pounds, so I think I could achieve this weight near January 1, 2016.

When I fast, I drink lots of water and sometimes a little honey. I usually drink organic coffee and tea too. However, I don't eat anything and I like to make sure my last meal is something fibrous.

A lot of people are overweight and many people want to gain muscle. Losing fat is a great way to do both because when the body has less fat, it looks more defined and stronger. We all have abs that help us sit up and function, but most of us have a fat layer over them and cannot see them. Most people can workout their abs as much as they want and they will not see them because they're underneath fat.

I think the optimal body size for people is leaner than we think in America these days. Society has given us all kinds of messages, but people almost never see messages to eat less. More than half of Americans are either overweight or obese and that is going to cause all kinds of problems for them and society.

I enjoy fasting and I feel like it purges my body of toxins. I think it's worse for us than we realize to carry around excess fat. It's bad for our joints and it's not good for our organs.

Fasting is final and it's a quick, efficient way to lose fat and there is absolutely nothing more that you could do. (I'm not considering liposuction.) I feel good when I fast and great afterwards. My skin always looks better afterwards and I know my organs are happy to get a break from constantly working.

I'm going to see all sorts of health benefits as I become leaner and I already am feeling them. I can stretch further and I'm lighter on my feet.

I want to stay ahead of my laundry's shrinkage because I recently bought some shirts and underwear and I'd like them to last. I'd also like to comfortably fit into my skinny jeans and my new Size 28 bathing suit that I have never worn.

When I'm not fasting, I keep track of every calorie that I eat and every calorie that I burn. Since I naturally burn about 2,300 calories, that's my baseline, but I always ride my bike and burn about 40-50 calories per mile. This means that I burn up to 1,000 extra calories on my bike.

Since I've been fasting on Sundays, I have been trying to lose about a pound a week. Since I could easily lose two-thirds of a pound on Sundays, my weight loss goals for the week and month haven't been too difficult to attain. Adding an extra week or two of fasting each month will expedite it.

In the new year, my maintenance program might differ. At 130 pounds, I might only burn 1,800 to 2,000 calories on a regular day. Consequently, I might also look for a more balanced approach to my calorie consumption.

Good luck with your eating and fasting. Don't leave food in plain sight or eat it just because you saw it. Consider immediately breaking large portions into smaller portion sizes and rationing it for later.

Good luck!

Monday, September 7, 2015 6:19 PM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Pics - Album 7

Friday, September 4, 2015 9:43 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Marijuana Use in America

I've written a few articles on marijuana because I feel that it is a beneficial herb that has gotten a bad rap. However, I don't think that most people realize how good it really is.

Unfortunately, marijuana has been illegal in America after decades of lying to people and telling them it can make them go crazy and die. In the 1960s and 1970s, hippies smoked marijuana and brought it into popular culture. This made people associate pot with smoking, the 1970s era or something bad and taboo and not the medical panacea that it actually is.

Every day across America, hundreds of doctors recommend marijuana to patients with health ailments. These are licensed medical doctors that attended medical school and they have been writing medical marijuana recommendations for more than two decades. Oddly, it still remains a Schedule I drug.

America is experiencing a vaporizing boom in America because it's legal to vaporize tobacco in 50 states. However, some of those vaporizers are actually vaporizing marijuana and with people using so many different devices to ingest so many different chemicals (legal and otherwise), it's probably a miracle when a police officer actually stops someone and asks them what they're vaping.

I have tried, but now refuse to smoke cured tobacco or cigarettes. I think something in the curing process makes the tobacco unsmokable and I wonder how it would be to vaporize it after simply being harvested and dried.

There are many different cannabinoids in marijuana and I think that some strains are higher in CBDs than others. I think that different cannabinoids affect the body somewhat differently. However, they all seem to reduce inflammation, intraocular pressure and anxiety and could be used to relieve pain or stimulate bowels, appetitite or creativity.

I'm disappointed that marijuana isn't legal in 50 states and I think the system is broken. It's unfair to Americans to keep it illegal, legalize it for diseases, legalize it for common health ailments or make it recreationally legal depending on longitude and lattitude.

This translates into lawsuits and all sorts of hassles. The federal government needs to step up and be honest, but they've taken a very long time to do it. I think it only goes to show how they don't want to admit that they've been horribly wrong. The war on drugs has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives around the world.

When marijuana is no longer federally illegal, thousands of government workers could lose their job or have less work because they depend on prosecuting and incarcerating people that are arrested with marijuana-related charges. However, it's something that has been happening in some states and will continue to happen as more states legalize pot.

We don't like to think about it, but anywhere in America that an illegal, medical or recreational marijuana user uses pot, he or she could be arrested and charged with federal crimes because marijuana is federally illegal. These charges (e.g. possession of a Schedule I drug) could result in an expensive, stressful lawsuit and even years in prison. This just isn't right.

Thursday, September 3, 2015 2:42 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Ready to Go

This one goes out to kids with tons of talent,
to the ones that aren't doing their dream job,
but won't lose sight of their dream

To kids oozing with talent and ability,
like nobody else has ever seen

Reared and raised for this moment,
by design from the time of butterflies and bells,
flowers and powers, rebels and revelers,
cowards and liars, believers and baals

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 8:48 AM HST - Posted by Jason

23 Pics - Album 6 (Partly Rated R)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 10:43 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 6 of a 7.5 Day Fast

Today is day six of a 7.5 day fast and it has went well.

I have had lots of energy riding my bike about 10 miles a day in Honolulu. I also rode the exercise bike at 24 Hour Fitness for two hours yesterday.

I could have taken a nap yesterday because I only slept for about five hours the previous night. I slept about nine hours last night, so I could make up for it and catch up on my rest.

I have been staying hydrated with lots of water. I also drank some coffee today because it helps me stay alert and it is good for me. My instant organic coffee from Germany is excellent, but sadly I must drink the regular stuff at restaurants and cafes. I usually feel weird using their WiFi without buying something and some places (like some McDonalds and Jack N the Box restaurants) won't give you free hot water.

On Thursday morning, I intend on breaking the fast. It'll actually be seven days without food on Wednesday afternoon.

If you attempt a fast, I suggest drinking lots of water. If you fast longer than a day, consider ingesting some sea salt.

Obesity is an epidemic in America. People eat the wrong things and too much of them and they don't exercise enough. However, excess weight leads to heart disease, diabetes and the early breakdown of joints and tissues, so be proactive and stay in control. The optimal body type is likely different than the one in your head because we have been trained to think that being overweight is acceptable.

Good luck.

Monday, August 31, 2015 6:33 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Open Letter to Pastors with Electric Cars

Dear Pastor,

I noticed that drive an electric car. Please let me ask you some questions.

1. Do you know which type of fuel makes the electricity for your car?

2. How are rubber tires made?

3. Which is better for the environment, synthetic or non-synthetic motor oil?

4. What is plastic made out of?

5. Which fuel source does your home use?

6. How big is your family's carbon footprint?

7. How big is your congregation's carbon footprint?

8. How are you working to reduce it?

Friday, August 28, 2015 1:37 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 2 of a 7.5 Day Fast

This is day two of an eight day fast and it has gone well. So far, so good. I had the very beginning of a headache yesterday, but I hydrated a lot and it went away.

I'm sticking with fluids like water, organic coffee and tea with cardamom pods. I'm also drinking some organic honey and cinnamon. This is one of two honeys that I bought at the Down to Earth health food store yesterday.

Madhava Organic Whipped Cinnamon Honey

Now I have three different organic honeys with unique qualities. In a way, they are like different strains of marijuana.

I'm not pigging out on honey though. I just consume a few hundred calories a day with a squirt or a sip here and there. I think it is purifying as my body detoxifies.

I anticipate losing about 5-6 pounds on this fast. I imagine that the way my body feels on Day 4 or 5 will be the way my body will be a few days after I finish because of water retention and food inside my body. I recently bought some shirts, so it's comforting to know that as they shrink, I will fit into them well. I also have a Size 28 bathing suit that I'm getting closer to fitting into! I'm stoked on that and expect to be able to wear it soon.

I'll break this fast on September 3. That will be 7.5 days. When I'm finished, I will continue my weight loss program of counting calories and fasting.

I have lost weight with the Math Diet, which is counting my calories and trying to create a calorie deficit on a daily basis. Fasting on Sundays has helped and I've discovered that I exercise a lot and I need a lot of calories! In Hawaii, buying organic groceries for one active person costs about $500/month.

Fasting is healthy and it makes you feel good. There are too many benefits to list. You should try it. Just don't think that fruit juices don't have sugar added that isn't labeled. I used to do juice fasts, but I won't anymore unless I squeeze it. Ingesting table sugar is bad for you and definitely not what you want to do on a fast.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 9:42 AM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Pics - Album 5 (Partly Rated R)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 4:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Growing up in a suburb of San Diego, California, I made lots of friends. I had neighborhood friends, school friends, church friends, etc. I also played sports like soccer and basketball with the Boys Club and I met friends there as well.

Out of 3-4 best friend candidates, Charlie Tang is number one because we keep in touch. I met him in elementary school when my parents introduced him to me. They helped a missionary bring his mom, dad and sister to America because there was fighting in Thailand. He is part Cambodian and part Thai and possibly part Korean or Chinese too.

Hanging out with Charlie was always fun. He was extremely nice and I was an only child, so I tended to be louder and more obnoxious. He was my wingman at the shopping mall and even at my first kiss when I met a girl in a pool on Maui when I was 15 years old. He helped keep swimmers out of the cave for a few minutes, so we could make out.

Charlie played soccer with me and we won a lot of games. He was very quick and he wasn't afraid to take on players for the ball. He also followed the coach's instructions well and the coach was my dad.

I'm impressed with the way that Charlie has gotten a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. He also works for a pharmaceutical company, he married a beautiful lady and had children. He really applied himself, worked hard and achieved the American dream.

When we were young, Charlie lived across town in El Cajon and his parents managed a donut shop and we'd visit and eat donuts. In adulthood, his family managed an Asian restaurant and we'd eat big, yummy meals there for free. I'd take him places like San Diego Chargers' games with my dad's season tickets, so I didn't just mooch off him.

To help his brother stay out of trouble and have a job, Charlie started a medical marijuana storefront in San Diego and it was cool. I'd go there on weekends sometimes and we'd hang out and talk. When I directed a collective, we talked business and medicine and everything in between because we were actually raised in conservative, Christian environments and attended Christian school and church together.

Now I'm in Hawaii and Charlie is still in San Diego. I've returned to some of the places that we visited when we were young. There is also a large Asian population here and while it's mixed and there are many tourists, it's likely at least 80% Asian people.

I'm thankful for the way my upbringing introduced me to different people and cultures. I was taught to never be racist and to love people equally despite their differences. As a unique only child, it's not that difficult for me and I wonder why it can be difficult for some people. However, as the world becomes smaller, I think people will love their country like family and other countries like their extended family members.

Today, despite any attempts by the media, Hollywood or the government to paint Asians or certain Asians in a negative light, I am not buying it. There aren't good Asians and bad Asians based on a line that someone drew. People that grew up differently can act and be different, but it doesn't mean they're all the same or that the way their government's leader or dictator feels represents all of them. Sometimes freedom of expression doesn't exist in Asian countries and people are afraid to stand up to injustice and the government. It still doesn't necessarily mean that they are all communists or evil or anti-religious.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 3:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

20 More Rad Pics - Album 4

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 8:26 AM HST - Posted by Jason

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire

If you ride a bicycle, you will inevitably have to change your tire. You might ride over glass and puncture the tube or it could deflate another way. These are some simple steps that you can follow to quickly fix your bike's flat tire, so you can get on the road again.

1. Find a safe spot to change your bike's tire. Locate an air pump.

2. Get an adjustable wrench and a bike tube. A flathead screwdriver could help, but it's not essential. Make sure that you get the same size tube as the tire that you have and need. Some of the air valves have difference configurations (e.g. Schrader), so plan accordingly. Schrader valves are the most common ones, but the racing bikes have smaller valves.

3. Use the adjustable wrench to remove the wheel. There are two screws, one on each side of the tire. Turn them left until they almost come off and then you can remove the wheel.

4. Remove the bad tube and check the inside of the tire for sharp objects. Be careful, but don't skip this step. If something sharp popped your tube, it could still be inside the tire and you need to remove it or it could pop your new tube too.

5. Pump a little air into the new tube, but don't fill it.

6. Put the partially filled tube into the tire. Make sure that the valve stem is pointing toward the middle of the tire.

7. Put the tire and tube on the wheel rim. Slide the valve stem through the hole in the wheel rim. Work the tire around the rim and make sure it is tucked inside it.

8. Slide the bike's forks onto the wheel. Finger tighten the bolts and then tighten them with the wrench by turning them right (clockwise).

9. Inflate your bike's tire to the recommend air pressure. My 26" tires need 40 pounds of pressure and it is usually written on the tire. Good luck.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 1:25 PM HST - Posted by Jason

21 Pics - Album 3 (Partly Rated R)

Friday, August 14, 201510:11 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Hawaii Four-0

This week, I published my 19th book and 8th book of poetry called, Hawaii Four-0. It has 148 poems that I wrote between August 28, 2014 and August 10, 2015, in Long Beach and Santa Barbara, California, Honolulu and Molokai, Hawaii and in between. If you're looking for a poem that used to be in this blog, it is in the book now.

I'm selling this book in paperback for $4.99 and on Amazon Kindle and .pdf eBook for $2.99. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 9:17 AM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Cool Pics - Album 2

Monday, August 3, 2015 2:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Hot MyFreeCams Models

Myfreecams is a website featuring some beautiful women. It's like a 24-hour, online strip club, so adults can remotely watch.

I respect women and I appreciate the female form. I have always appreciated them and I know that when these women do this work it keeps a lot of guys out of trouble.

In the brief time that I've used, these are the top models, but there are hundreds of ladies on the website that I have not seen. If you visit, be respectful and consider paying the $20 to be able to tip it to them and enable lifetime, premium membership features.

The models are in no particular order and this blog post is Rated R and intended for mature audiences. You can click on the pic to enter their room and you can connect on Twitter (although some of their accounts are private).

Salena Gomez

Alabama Whirly

Britney Rose

Rae Riley


Allie Bay

Jisel Lynn

Lacey Black


Vicky D

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12 Sunset Pics

Here are a dozen pics from the sunset in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 27, 2015.

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20 Mo Pics - Album 1

Monday, July 6, 2015 9:33 AM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Quaint Pics

Sunday, June 28, 2015 6:30 PM HST - Posted by Jason

20 Rad Pics

Sunday, June 21, 2015 8:24 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Wolf Alice performing Moaning Lisa Smile

Saturday, June 6, 2015 4:30 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Egg Characters

Friday, May 29, 2015 3:17 PM HST - Posted by Jason

More Kaka'ako Wall Art

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 8:30 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Kaka'ako Wall Art

Saturday, May 16, 2015 11:12 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Saturday, May 16, 2015 11:12 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Wednesday, May 13, 2015 9:21 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Friday, May 8, 2015 9:01 PM HST - Posted by Jason


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Flea & Anthony - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Saturday, April 18, 2015 7:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Saddam Hussein's statue falling in Iraq

Thursday, March 26, 2015 6:16 PM HST - Posted by Jason

14 Day Fast - Day 1

Saturday, March 21, 2015 7:14 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Monday, March 9, 2015 8:16 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Sunday, March 1, 2015 12:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason


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Kaka'ako Wall Art

Sunday, February 15, 2015 3:30 PM HST - Posted by Jason

80 Day Diet

I am fasting today and tomorrow I will begin a new diet. Although it won't be easy, I am excited about it because I will lose some unwanted body fat, gain discipline and save some money. It will also make me quicker in the water, which is always good when you catch big waves!

A few years ago I wrote a book called, Do the Math Diet because I discovered a great system that helped me lose weight. On this diet, I could eat anything I wanted (although I found it even more imperative to eat healthy food), but I just had to count my calories. Every day, I counted the calories I ate and the calories I burned and I made sure that there was a deficit. After several months, I reached my goal weight and I even defined my abdominal muscles for the first time. I felt great and I learned a lot about my body and health in general.

I will create a nearly 500 calorie deficit each day, at least on average. At the very least, there will be some daily deficit for 80 days and when I'm done, I might decide to go longer. I will count all of the calories in everything I eat and I will also count all of the calories that I burn during exercise. Since I only eat organic food and I live in Hawaii, food is very expensive, so I will definitely save a few dollars every day. Since I'm on a budget, that will be useful.

On a typical day, I burn between 2,600-2,800 calories. Sometimes, like when I practice yoga or ride the exercise bike for three hours, I burn about 3,000 calories. I do not intend on changing my exercising habits, but I will adjust the amount of food that I consume.

Right now, I weigh about 165 pounds and I carry about 13% body fat. I know this because two days ago they measured my body fat and weighed me at 24 Hour Fitness. Fully dressed after a large breakfast, I weighed 167 pounds and I had 13.7% body fat.

I do not have a goal weight in mind and I won't weigh myself very often. However, like usual, I anticipate immediately losing some retained water weight and I will not be carrying the extra food that I typically do as I digest it. Also, I anticipate losing nearly a pound from today's fast which began last night and ends tomorrow morning.

I will have plenty of energy because I will eat lots of food from the major food groups every day. My normal diet is very healthy and I eat things like bananas, raisins, whole wheat bread, tofu, honey, black beans, peanut butter, apples and applesauce, sunflower seeds and stuff like that. Sometimes I'll eat a little granola, tortilla chips, chocolate, carrots or yogurt. For the past three years, everything I have eaten has been organic and I will continue on that path. I do not trust food that hasn't been certified USDA organic because the government has approved unhealthy and harmful food (e.g. hydrogenated oils, mono and gi glycerides, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) and they shouldn't have. They also allow growers and manufacturers to use harmful, chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and steroids. Those things are not allowed to be in organic food.

When I am finished with this diet in May, I will likely burn about 12 pounds of fat (which is roughly 500 calories x 80 days). I am not planning on fasting, but I might fast a little. There might also be some days when I create a larger calorie deficit. I anticipate my weight being around 150 when I am done. That will be a great body weight for me and I will look and feel great. I will also be in striking distance of 135-145 pounds, which might eventually be an optimal weight for me.

Wish me luck and good luck in your exercise and weight loss endeavors.

Sunday, February 15, 2015 1:50 PM HST - Posted by Jason

My 40 Favorite Saturday Night Live Cast Members

The comedy TV show Saturday Night Live has made me laugh a lot throughout the years. I know that not everyone thinks it's wholesome, but I tend to put no limits on comedy because I think it should fall under freedom of speech.

Since SNL is airing its 40th anniversary episode tonight, I decided to make a list of SNL cast members that made me laugh the hardest. It wasn't too difficult to choose them, but they reflect the years that I watched the show. In some cases, I liked and was more familiar with a cast member's movies (like Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase) than their acting on SNL.

Dana Carvey
Chris Farley
Phil Hartman
Amy Poehler
Eddie Murphy
Bill Murray
Adam Sandler
Norm MacDonald
Dennis Miller
David Spade
Will Farrell
Tina Fey
Steve Martin
Keenan Thompson
Darrell Hammond
Taran Killam
Seth Meyers
Jimmy Fallon
Kristen Wiig
Bill Hader
Fred Armisen
Jason Sudeikis
Chris Parnell
Tracy Morgan
Will Brewer
Chris Kattan
Alec Baldwin
Dan Aykroyd
Chevy Chase
Jim Belushi
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Pete Carroll's Final Super Bowl XLIX Call

Some people are saying that Head Coach Pete Carroll's call on 2nd down and goal in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLIX was a bad call. A few people are even saying it was the worst call in Super Bowl history and in the history of sports.

Despite what some people say, I think Pete Carroll made the right call and I have many reasons for my opinion.

In full disclosure, I am a San Diego Chargers football fan and I didn't really care who won the Super Bowl this year. Although I attended San Diego State University and I watched Marshall Faulk play amazing football in Jack Murphy Stadium (aka "The Murf"), I am not a college football fan and I have no opinion of Pete Carroll's coaching career or his teams. However, I have watched hundreds of NFL football games and I have attended countless Chargers home games because my father has had season tickets since before I was born.

The Seattle Seahawks were losing to the New England Patriots 28-24 with :26 seconds remaining in the game and Seattle had the ball at New England's 1 yard line. Quarterback Russell Wilson had just completed two passes, one for 11 yards and one for 33 yards and Marshawn Lynch ran it on first down and goal from the 5 yard line and did not get in the end zone.

On second down, with only one timeout left, the clock was moving and a pass was a good call. If Wilson would have thrown an incomplete pass, it would have brought up 3rd down and goal from the 1 yard line with about :20 seconds remaining in the game. That is a great position to be in. In four down territory, they could have ran the ball twice and even called a timeout in between runs, in case they didn't score on 3rd down.

If Wilson would have completed a pass without scoring a touchdown, Seattle could have called a timeout to stop the clock. At that point, the coach could have given Wilson two plays, so they wouldn't have had to huddle for a long time or rush in another play on 4th down.

In my opinion, Wilson made a terrible mistake and the Patriots' defense made a great play. If Wilson would have looked off Ricardo Lockette or pump faked, he probably would have gotten a different result. Instead, Malcolm Butler read Wilson's body language, knew where he was throwing the ball and picked it off.

Pete Carroll shouldn't be the scapegoat. Wilson could have made a better play. He could have ran it in or he could have thrown it to another receiver too. One yard equals three feet and Russell Wilson is almost 6 feet tall. Therefore, he could have fallen forward and scored.

Wilson should have seen Butler and he shouldn't have thrown the interception. If nobody was open, instead of making a risky play, he could have thrown it through the back of the end zone and he and his team would have gotten two more downs to score.

I think it's easier for fans to blame a coach than a player. Good coaches are often contrite and don't mind taking most of the blame for losses. However, I don't think Pete Carroll's call was bad. I think the execution of the play was poor and that Wilson needs to improve his game. Every star wants the ball when the game is on the line, but unfortunately not everybody knows what to do with it or has the ability to do what they need to do with it.

Since Wilson is just 26 years old, he will likely have many more opportunities to redeem himself. Hopefully he doesn't let this error become a stumbling block for future success.

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Jimmy the Groundhog bites Wisconsin mayor

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