Poems don’t need to rhyme, but write about what you know.

April 2, 2020 10:17 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Before the Addendum

Before the Addendum

Dear Readers,

I hope you're well. Yesterday I published my 21st book of poetry called Before the Addendum in paperback and Kindle formats. The tentative name was Preparing For the Addendum, but I changed it at the last minute. The book contains 73 poems and 13 of them have never been seen before. It is available on Amazon.com.

This month I am beginning to write two books of poetry. One will be a book of general poems and I will post most of them here. The other one will be called 109 Haikus in Kauai and those poems will not be published online. In about three months I intend on publishing both of them on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats.

Thanks for your interest in my poetry. The newest poems are at the bottom.


April 2, 2020 9:41 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The Heat is On

Why don’t I build something,
so they can burn it to the ground again?

I don’t need seed money,
I don’t want help from anybody,
I will create everything from scratch!

I ask for nothing,
I still get everything
and I’ve built kingdoms
like nobody has ever seen

I know who I am
and I know what I’m not,
my aim keeps improving,
my swing is grooving,
can’t stop moving,
gotta press on
right now

it feels like
I am scorching every heater,
ready to do it in a tight little beater
and I’m not even close to being finished

April 10, 2020 10:47 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Man

Staying in for good will be a mixed bag
because it is beautiful outside and
I will have responsibilities and
a high calling once again

A home base sounds good,
another place I can call my own,
I’ll build a greenhouse and grow stuff
like veggies and it will be fun and healthy

I won’t be here, well not exactly here,
but I will pick the right spots and
build something brand new,
I’ll disconnect myself and
I’ll get away from ewe
like my uncle did
after Vietnam

I’ll wake up when I want,
stay up as late is I want and
maybe start another business,
in my time I’ll do whatever I want

I’ll travel sometimes and visit the beach,
I’ll see new places and keep writing,
starry, night skies will be inviting,
in the end maybe just maybe
I’ll share it with somebody

Maybe I will get a cat or dog,
string up a clothesline and
make a stool from a log,
we will see one day...

It will be a new chapter and
a new adventure and I know that
I’ll be proud of the man in the mirror

April 20, 2020 2:01 AM HST - Posted by Jason

I Won't Be Fooled Again

Anger welled up
as I saw what they were doing
to paradise and I came undone again

I remembered my voice
and how I already cried today
as I rode a bus with the homeless

Americans can’t stop polluting everything
even in a pandemic there’s no hope,
no way, no light, only darkness,
it’s gets blacker every day

April 20, 2020 2:16 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Like Dolphins

White birds fly high and seem happier
because fewer cars are on the road now
since everybody was ordered to stay home

The air is cleaner and it smells better,
but it’s just a matter of time until that changes

Have people learned to be righteous judges
or do they still avoid judging while doing evil things?

The “don’t judge” movement was the worst thing to hit America
because people avoid making righteous judgments and everybody loses,
fools have no shame and grow in confidence while we suffer from their devices

No matter what you say there aren’t lots of truths,
there is one truth whether you like it or not

Hating the truth is despising reality,
but the multi-truth movement was probably born
when liars would not stop passing off their lies as the truth

Hypocrites ruined it for everybody,
easy living and vehemently casual Christianity made everybody say,
“That’s your truth, but I have mine”, but none of them seem particularly truthful to me

May 12, 2020 7:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Have you wondered why I haven’t written any poetry for a while?

Since I have been indoors due to Hawaii’s stay-at-home order I haven’t written much poetry. I write poetry by necessity because I feel compelled to write it. I like writing poems, but I don’t force myself to do it.

I have not written any published or unpublished poems lately. However, I have written some haikus for my upcoming book called 109 Haikus in Kauai. I have also written a few stories in A Brand New World: The Addendum. I will not publish the haikus online until I publish the book, but you can read the stories on my website.

Since I have been inside I have broadcasted live and recorded many videos. Some of them were in a 10 video series called My Journey (2012-2020) and some of them have been my comments on live news broadcasts. Perhaps spending my time on other tasks has distracted me from the joy of writing poetry.

I have felt creative lately and I will start writing poems and posting them here again soon. Thanks for reading.

May 16, 2020 4:05 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Do We Need a Miracle?

Why don't people see
the effects of their actions?
Why can't people look down the road
and realize that there is trouble ahead?
Are they alive inside or are they just dead?

Without pride and dominance what would we be?
I thought we were much more than that, you and me...
Who cares about the amazing beauty outside that was free?

Everything is going away...
Are we going to watch it fade to black?
Is this really you? Don't you want to take it back?

May 19, 2020 7:08 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Air I Breathe

For many years
I fought two unseen enemies,
both different, yet both were the same

One foe jumped on my back from the beginning,
clogging all my pores from the moment I woke up,
soiling the clothes I wore, slowly turned them black

The other bastard blew far away,
but I knew it was there n everywhere
because I saw how its wickedness was made

I fought both enemies tooth and nail,
day and night with all my might
while the others fell prey
to their dirty devices

I conquered the first one
and beat it to the bloody ground,
but the elusive enemy still screams
like an angry siren around every town

I don't care if I stand alone,
but I know that I don't anyway,
people may think I'll give in,
but I know that I won't, no way

Lead or follow
it is up to you,
but sooner or later
you'll give an account
for all the things you do

As for me and my house, we'll follow the sun
until the battle's won, until we're one

May 27, 2020 11:48 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Me and Monotony

Staying inside
all the time
isn't easy

I lose track
of which day it is,
it's just me and the TV
and my cup of tea or coffee

The government is afraid
and sending mixed messages,
the powerful can't be trusted,
so I'm on my own this time again

May 27, 2020 11:51 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I hear about death all day, every day,
nobody cared, then everybody cared
and now they act like they care

Primal urges guide everybody,
guilt, threats and bribes pacified the masses,
but now their taskmasters are becoming increasingly anxious

I see more than they see,
I will be more than they'll be,
I'll take the best things for free

They can't wait to worship their dirty gods again......

June 1, 2020 3:53 AM HST - Posted by Jason

I'll Keep On Keepin' On

One more month holed up inside,
writing, thinking, recording and watching,
bathing, listening, singing, typing and talking

The country’s worrying
and keeps opening and closing
as people are dissenting and revolting,
but Hawaii might be on the right track now

I can do it for 30 more days,
but anything can happen and nobody knows
if or when the virus stays or goes, but I am undeterred

I am disciplined and strong,
I’ve been right and I’ve been wronged,
but I am resilient just like my fellow Americans

June 5, 2020 10:55 PM HST - Posted by Jason

9 out of 10

eat meat
burn coal
won't recycle
burn gasoline
drink like a fish
smoke cigarettes
use synthetic soap
love weird chemicals
and won't ever exercise,
but you paid social security

hate gays
are a racist
lie all the time
are anti-choice
believe nonsense
control everybody
hide all your mistakes
steal from your own family
and give the church your money,
but you have stayed out of the pokey

bleed cash
are a Zionist
can barely see
oppress others
affiliate with fools
embody hypocrisy
act like you know it all
in a destructive fraternity
and are as dumb as the rock,
but you've earned lots of money

Maybe the devil needs a hitter
because you're batting .900
and you’re not a quitter,
maybe he’ll use you
to bat clean up
on his team

June 7, 2020 6:16 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Like Dr. Seuss

You're depressing by the pool
and depressing by a stool

You're depressing in the sun
and depressing as you run

I don't want to see you right now,
I don't want to see you later,
you are gross like a cow
and ugly like a gator

Be quiet and just go away,
leave me alone today,
leave me alone
every day

I don't want to hear you,
I don't want to be near you,
I only want to forget you exist

June 11, 2020 2:37 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Actual Bear

I dissented,
you heard my cry,
but I did not realize
it was time for them to die

I see your ways,
but I did not intend
to be quarantined 90 days,
what else are you able to send?

Do your worst,
I know you still hear me,
they fear you and they hear me too

I like your style,
the silent, long game fight,
I am with you in spirit every night,
the bloody resolution is coming into sight

June 12, 2020 9:03 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Stop While You're Behind

Dear absconded,

You thought my love was greater than my anger and you were right,
but you also thought that I would always submit to you
and forsake my strength and independence
and you couldn't be more wrong

By the way,
how's your Christian family?
Why didn't they ever visit you in jail?
Wasn't seven days enough time for them to see you?
Isn't there something about doing that in the Bible they read?
I'm sure they're visiting all kinds of other prisoners these days......

I think you're scum
and your time is gonna come,
by my count you have 3 months and 3 days
until the charade is over and the lies come undone

Stop bothering me,
I know my daughter's voice
and she'll speak when it's time,
I don't need your deceit or your lying

Is anybody else cursing you?
Has another fool fallen under your awful spell?
Your enablers will evaporate soon and you'll see where you fell!

I pity everybody that must be around you,
but I know your family is your main audience
because only deluded sheeple give a rip about ewe

Did you see Miles lie on CNN?
He wore dumb glasses and was full of shit again,
but he was also very smart, slick and smooth just like always

I would wish you luck,
but I'd prefer to see you die,
you didn't just break a promise with me,
but you destroyed a covenant with God, you and I
and you stole eight years of love and affection from Jordan

June 13, 2020 1:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Just Kidding

The media taught me to judge police
by the color of their skin,
so surely civilians
can be judged
that way

Mike Tyson was arrested for rape,
so black people must be rapists

O.J. Simpson was arrested for murder,
so black people must be murderers

Mike Vick was arrested for dog fighting,
so black people must be dog fighters

Wesley Snipes was arrested for tax evasion,
so black people must be tax evaders

R. Kelly was arrested for sex trafficking,
so black people must be sex traffickers

Jussie Smollett was arrested for a fake police report,
so black people must file fake police reports

Jesse Jackson, Jr. was arrested for fraud and conspiracy,
so black people must commit fraud and conspiracy

Will smith was arrested for assault,
so black people must assault others

Jay Z was arrested for stabbing a man,
so black people must stab others

50 Cent was arrested for drug dealing, assault and battery,
so black people must deal drugs and assault and batter people

Blac Chyna was arrested for public intoxication,
so black people must get wasted in public

Nicki Minaj was arrested for packing heat,
so black people must carry a weapon

T-Pain was arrested for driving with a suspended license,
so black people must drive with a suspended license

Stacey Dash was arrested for domestic battery,
so black people must batter people at home

Miles Richie was arrested for a bomb threat,
so black people must make bomb threats

Just kidding

June 16, 2020 10:23 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Wide Awake

The race is on
to download all my files
cuz GoDaddy bites the big one,
after being on hold for over an hour
they still didn't do a damned thing for me

I know what happened and
why they are acting this way and
you may say it's my fault, but it's not

Now I must see n hear Starbucks fools
burning gas for a sugary drink,
I am wide awake and woke,
but sadly I can't say
too much for them,
the deplorables
are so sad

June 18, 2020 5:33 AM HST - Posted by Jason


I returned because I sensed a need and
I wanted to use my superpowers
to exhort and encourage

Seeing where I left off,
I realized I am somewhere else now......

I took a walk down memory lane
after I ended my break and
I remembered how
it used to be

Americans need each other,
there’s a peculiar sense of community,
people need to create, affiliate and make sense
of things they think, feel and see even if it is brand new

I can’t fall in line
or tow the party lyin’,
but I can muster something,
maybe I can write, play and sing

I appreciate the entertainers
that do it for any reason besides money
because they turn my head and they draw me in
with the way that they’re interesting, unique and funny

June 22, 2020 6:48 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Oh Baby

I know you want to give it to me,
but I really don’t want it!

I hear you making small talk and
I see you checking me out,
but I shouldn’t......

I stopped a long time ago
because it’s not good for me and
I’d tell you why, but you wouldn’t get it

When I say no thanks
just take my word for it and
know I wish I could, but I can’t!

I guess you can
throw my receipt away......

June 23, 2020 12:14 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Want What You Got

So little is certain and
so few people are trustworthy

I was blind for so long
because I grew up religious and
I was taught that people were different

Rich people run the world and
if you’re rich you can run it with them,
but if you’re poor you may control very little

I was taught to let go in a different way,
so now I fight for freedom and bare essentials

The rich
don’t get it and
they won’t if they have
a silver spoon in their mouth

Some battles aren’t worth fighting,
I pity people in chains and
I feel for everybody
bound to fools

Some pains go away,
but others just get worse and
we’re one day closer to riding in a hearse

June 26, 2020 1:20 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Truly, Madly, Deeply

This isn’t my life and it isn’t me,
this is a stubbornly persistent illusion
like a mirage and it will be gone very soon

I am ready to change and evolve again,
it’s beautiful outside and this chapter must end

Life is about adjusting
to new sights, sounds and scenarios,
I am resilient and it only takes me time to do so

The changes won’t be without issues,
but nothing’s easy and everything takes work,
I will appreciate the changes and meet the moment

I’m in a beautiful state,
there is no doubt about it,
but others may be suffering,
so I will not complain about it

I am in front of the tube on a soft sofa,
but I have already imagined the next chapter

To find something great
you must leave the good behind,
you can’t look back or worry about it,
you need to truly, madly, deeply not mind

June 26, 2020 7:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason


The water is heating up and
it’s going to turn my beans into coffee......

It smells so good and
I can hardly wait to drink it!

My body likes a boost and
caffeine stimulates my brain and
keeps me alert as the antioxidants flow

I will drink it black without any sugar
because it tastes fine and
I don’t need it

I might add organic cinnamon or
some filtered water to cool it,
so I can drink it sooner

It’s almost time for another cup!

June 28, 2020 3:31 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The End of Religion and Politics

You can’t control me
with any amount of money,
I’ve already proven to everybody
that I will live outside on $60 a week

I’ll set a fire
and burn your politics to hell,
I’ll fast in paradise
and stay up each night and yell,
I‘ll write lots of books
and won’t care how much they sell,
I’ll broadcast to the world
with some insightful stories to tell........

There’s just something about the truth
that keeps me alive and well......

I didn’t realize I was a rebel
fighting for truth that was a lie,
but now I know what’s really right
and I don’t care too much if I live or die
because I punctured their mystical illusion,
an elaborate hoax that was a powerful delusion
and now I’m gone, an altogether separate revolution

Everybody lives for something
and I already lived more than most,
at least I know the most important thing
and how to skewer saints with a holy ghost

June 29, 2020 4:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

I Feed the Birds

Today I bought supplies
and a slick hot rod that will be ready
and waiting for me when I finally hit the road

Now I am building myself up,
so I hit the ground running
and shrink like I mean it

Most of the future is uncertain,
but I can control enough to satisfy me

I will whiz past everybody
that sits on their hands
because life is short
and I don’t worry

Tomorrow will take care of itself......

June 30, 2020 6:35 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I don’t know what to say
and I don’t know what to write,
but as people are dropping like flies
everything else is seeming awfully trite

A virus is spreading fast
and killing people every day
showing no signs of slowing now
and politicians can’t make it go away

Protect yourself
and stay as safe as you can,
it is clear that the people in power
don’t have a clue and don’t have a plan

It looks like the worst is yet to come
because infections keep rising,
but with the fools in charge
it’s not very surprising

If you’re young and strong
you will probably be fine,
but if you’re old or sick,
COVID is not benign

Stay in your house or wear a mask if you go out
because you can catch it and spread it
any time you move about......

We can beat it if we’re smart,
but it will test our strength and heart
because only the ones that will survive
can protect the ones that will die
and right now they don’t care
enough to let it pass by
as all their gods
fail them

July 2, 2020 1:25 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Pushed Out

I’ve missed you
and how you light up
whenever I speak to you
and how my fire inspires you

So delicate,
but all grown up,
a spark plug of sorts,
passionate and sincere,
I feel intensity in your eyes
and you make my heart smile

I waited over a week for her
and I can wait one more
to get off the floor
and reconnect

I close my eyes and see you,
you read my mind and commune,
you sing and dance in your underpants
and recall how you love entertaining people

I’m lucky in a way
and you are blessed,
we’ll keep stealing away
whenever we feel stressed
and healing pains like we can

I’ll inspire you
and you’ll inspire me,
what a beautiful way to be

July 3, 2020 1:33 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Ocean Beach

I see it in the distance,
waves crash under the pier
and saltwater sprays the pylons,
I approach it alone without any fear

I am already there,
I don’t know why I ever left,
it’s homecoming in my mind’s eye

Beach sand is squishy in between my toes,
I strum a chord as the sun slowly goes
below the bluish-green horizon...

New music empowers me,
old music is on hold,
I’m discovering it
like pure gold

Maybe God has a sense of humor,
maybe it is sick sometimes
like a brilliant disguise,
freaks in my eyes
like to say so

I raise my arms and surrender
because I give up......

Did I age?
Where did I go?
Do I know more now?
What do I actually know?

Maybe I am like a dog
that has been chasing its tail,
the more I learn the more I realize
how many things I don’t really know

Needs are put on hold,
thoughts are measured n refined,
everything’s surreal and electrified here
like it was before when we were intertwined

I give up and I give in,
maybe I don’t need to win,
but maybe I already did again

Am I picking up where somebody else left off?
Am I doing a puzzle after losing pieces?
Am I progressing toward the light?
Should I stay up all night?
I’ll figure it out...

Tack and sail
is my way forward,
it’s never a straight shot,
it doesn’t matter what ya got,
loss’s gain if you only want to see

July 4, 2020 3:08 AM HST - Posted by Jason

At Your Service

You know you are not an earthen vessel
but you are an amazing human being,
so turn off the three boys from DC
and experience your freeing!

Listen to some Blink
and tell me what you think,
sing along with Third Eye Blind
or Metallica and see what you find

Mark Stuart lost his voice
and God did not seem to care,
Pete Stewart revealed it was a lie,
but Spotify pays him for Up in the Sky,
Franklin Graham thinks he takes a stand
by buying TV ads to evangelize Americans,
but TobyMac can’t even afford to pay his band

Hear Katy, Hayley and Meg,
they’re seeking and can relate to you,
the nation’s so-called moral majority’s wrong
and despite what you hear there’s no glory for ewe

Adam Lambert will move you
and Twenty-One Pilots are old souls,
keep strumming your guitar and creating,
write down your thoughts, feelings and goals

This chapter will be over soon
and then we’ll turn the fucking page,
so stay within yourself and find balance,
be yourself, you don’t have to act your age

Dance, read, run and ride a bike,
do some things that scare you,
make time for what you like
and commit when you do

It’s hard to focus with so many distractions,
but let it test you and steel your resolve,
stand up for the weak and the poor
and watch the wicked dissolve

July 4, 2020 7:12 AM HST - Posted by Jason

My Sacrifice

I am almost ready to leave
this tomb that they made for me
even though it was never really mine

This isn’t living
like I want to live my life,
but it fosters herd mentality

People are afraid
and their fears won’t go away,
they’ll throw money at their problems
and think a pill or injection is the best way

Prevention is the best medicine
and some people need a stronger mind,
some people can’t say they are living anyway,
so what are they so worried about leaving behind?

My 100 days
will be over pretty soon,
then I will hit the street again
and sleep under a beautiful moon

80 days may be a double test,
I will think, ride, fast, sing and write,
from the garden to the forbidden island,
I will take lots of pictures and sleep at night

My journey keeps changing,
but I don’t worry about where it leads,
I reside in the richest country in the world
and a grandiose consortium meets my needs

July 6, 2020 4:05 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Concert

She tracked me like an animal
after the Audio A concert
and sat next to me
on the bus

The big yellow beast
slowly snaked around Laguna Seca
and drove campers to the dark, campsite areas
in Monterey, California at the Spirit West Coast festival

I was hot, sweaty and dirty
from jumping around, singing and dancing,
but Sarine and her sister wanted to talk to me anyway

She said she was from Israel and I was impressed,
but she said her dad was born in Palestine
after she was pressed......

My dad planted thoughts in me when I was young
about beautiful brown-skinned Arab women
with big noses and hers checked out,
she had big eyes and a big snout

I didn’t know
if I would see her again,
so I got her phone number and email
as I left the bus and a year later we were married

July 6, 2020 5:05 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Eviction

A weird message
was posted on the door
and it warned me to stay out,
but I entered the house anyway

A hand grenade
was on Paul McCartney,
but someone else put it there,
so I knew they entered seeking me

I figured
they could keep my crap,
but I needed my clothes and black cat,
so I grabbed my guitar and belongings and left

I hit the road
and never looked back,
I left the house and San Diego
and headed down a brand new track

July 6, 2020 6:19 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Inheritance

a great inheritance
that you will get one day
promised since your childhood

You think about it
and it’s reassuring to you,
this crazy world’s unpredictable,
but there’s nothing that you can do
to change it or lose it or forget about it

You sleep in an apartment,
a duplex, condo and even a frat house,
you crash on a sidewalk, a street and a park bench,
but you know that one day you will inherit a great, big house

You can see it in your mind’s eye
like your childhood home,
it’s a matter of time
until it’s yours

July 8, 2020 3:53 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Transcending the Flow Again

After the stroke of midnight
I heard the pitter-patter of rain,
so I took my green tea to the sofa
to see MSNBC on TV one last time

In 13 hours I’ll be gone,
I’m hitting the road again,
just like I have done before,
I will cruise my mountain bike
under the summer sun in Lihue

I am going to buy a new guitar
and find a shade tree to play under,
I will meet new friends and take a swim,
everything will be electric again in wonder

There are tests on the horizon,
but I am as ready as I will ever be,
I am still unafraid fighting to be free
and to live a clean, rad life abundantly

I will eat food every other day
and when I eat I won’t eat too much,
I know I can persevere for 80 days again
fighting through weakness, hunger and such

I need another tattoo or nine
and I want to see the forbidden isle,
I have to keep writing my unique books
while keeping an eye on jingoes and crooks

So I am cooking my last meal,
before the great adventure begins,
it will be another long, full day today,
but I am ready for whatever fate sends

July 10, 2020 10:03 AM HST - Posted by Jason


It briefly rained on me on my first day
as I rode my bike down the street
and I looked for a rainbow,
but I couldn’t find one

Straight outta quarantine
it felt rad to be on the street again......

The sun warmed and tanned my skin
and I explored the town like I had been there before

Cars zoomed by me
and I smelled floral scents
from flowers on bush-like trees

I took it in and exercised new muscles,
so tomorrow I will surely be sore,
but I will do it some more

I saw new faces in familiar places,
but tomorrow I will go somewhere new

I will fast without food,
but do everything else the same

On top of the world it’s fun outside,
I think I was getting depressed
cooped up inside so long
with news on a loop

It is a different world now
people are wearing face masks
like bank robbers and train spotters
and learning how to communicate anew,
but it won’t take long to figure out what to do

July 10, 2020 10:06 AM HST - Posted by Jason

My New Yamaha

I bought a new guitar and I’m gonna make it sing,
it wasn’t the most expensive thing,
but it will do the trick

My fingertips are sore
from fingering old and new songs
with my favorite bands

I found licks and melodies
by Nirvana, PVRIS and Hayley
and played my instrument skillfully

What a blast!
I’m gonna play every day!

July 12, 2020 2:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Only 80

I am finally a member
at the YMCA and it’s great,
so I will visit the club daily and
the Village People sang about it,
but it doesn’t seem very gay to me

There’s no food or gay stuff,
but there’s a jacuzzi, gym, pool and showers

I have stayed at the YMCA
in the Bay Area and in Jerusalem,
but I was visiting the area at the time

Lihue is my home for now......