Poems don’t need to rhyme, but write about what you know.

January 1, 2020 5:30 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Dear Readers,

Today I am publishing 64 poems in a book called Running on Fumes. It will be available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com's website soon.

I have started writing more poems and I will publish them in my next poetry book. The newest ones are at the bottom. It has no title yet, but it should have 50-75 poems and be published around April 1.

Happy New Year and good luck in 2020.


January 1, 2020 5:30 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Stay Up

I can’t tell if you’re just being irresponsible
or maybe you’re pursuing liberal Utopia,
but it doesn’t look good to me now...

You know I love you,
but I am not a party to that anymore
and in this wild world I can’t see it go down again

You’re so far away,
I don’t know what to say,
but everything matters and
you can make somebody like me
disappointed n depressed for a while

There are so many battles to fight and
so many people pay lip service to the truth,
but some things become easier to transcend and
some things get harder cuz repetition wears you down

I’ll just never be impressed with young people in old people’s ways,
so primitive, sideways, backwards, unoriginal and wrong......

It’s bad enough that the worst aspects
of American culture have been proliferated
and spread around the world like a deadly virus,
but we don’t have to be the way we were last century

The best ways must be ahead......

January 3, 2020 9:50 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Like the Weather

I was in a sun shower
and a moon shower in Maui
and both of them were beautiful......

eventually formed everywhere
because a moist storm is coming through
and I had to walk around them in my sandals......

It was wet most of the day,
but fortunately I didn’t get drenched
or have to wait it out somewhere forever......

I’ll take more pictures for my books
that’ll be dropping on April Fool’s Day 2020,
one’s on garbage and one’s on reflections in puddles
and pictures that shadows make on the ground and elsewhere

January 4, 2020 12:25 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I think your only prayer
is that people don’t accurately judge you......

All I smell’s pollution when I see you,
how do you expect me to react?
That’s what I know you by
cuz that’s your thing!

I think you want people to lie
and act like you do not produce a stench
that’s gross and collectively destroying life on Earth,
but I can’t do that as somebody that’s trying hard to capture
the way that things actually are, so I can write accurately about them

It’s bad though and it’s not good,
somebody should care enough to change,
but they lied to your parents and they tricked you,
what can anybody do about an indoctrinated, lying legacy?

January 5, 2020 4:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The Night Shift

Staying up all night feels good for a change
because a routine quickly seems
like a rut to me......

I think I draw inspiration
from the day and the night,
but I have to fight to enjoy it
because stuff gets in the way

Nighttime is peaceful n beautiful
as a bright, 3/4 moon hangs with me
like an eye in the sky looking at Kahului

Music and coffee are helping me
stay awake and fly through the night
because nothing’s open for three hours
although it may not be a problem tonight...

January 5, 2020 8:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Well Done

If you’ve ever worn an outfit around me
that showed off your rock hard body
and revealed your hard work,
I wanna say well done!

Lots of things discourage me and get under my skin,
but an inspiring physique is encouraging
as I try to better myself daily

Keep up the good work
cuz maintenance can be as hard as getting there
even though I know some of you were just born this way......

Well done!

January 6, 2020 1:06 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Shine On

As I reflect on the 500 stories that I wrote in A Brand New World,
I am happy the series is over for now even though
I’ve written six more story ideas......

I still watch and read news online,
I see the direction they want people to take
as I walk by CNN playing on a high TV at my gym,
but I don’t “like” YouTube videos now cuz Google sucks

I’ll publish at least two more books in the series,
they probably won’t include any new stories,
but it’ll be fun to include some goodies
in A Brand New World: “10 Books”?
for fans that want a deeper cut,
you know, a look inside......

2020 could be a wild year with changes, upheaval and unrest
not only like it has been in some areas around the world,
but possibly even in the United States of America,
so much is happening everywhere so quickly,
bad leaders make it easy to hate others
even if it says more about them......

January 6, 2020 1:11 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Using My Reserves

Today I am fasting and
it feels like I am using the reserve fuel
that I’ve been keeping around my whole body just in case
there’s a famine or something bad happens and I need to use it for a while

Well, it’s going away,
so I am getting used to it and
sadly I don’t know how much I’ll benefit
if I consider everything cuz it comes with issues

Dressing warmer means more clothes to wash which is a hassle and costs more money,
I will need to wear layers of clothes to stay warm when I get leaner,
but I have done it before and I can do it again,
I just need to continue......

Ketosis is a real exciting process,
but the body likes using its own fat for fuel
cuz it keeps using mine and giving me lots of energy

One bonus is burning fat instead of buying food saves money,
but I definitely do not want fat wrapped around my vital organs or
a knee or hip replacement cuz old knees n hips sometimes wear out

January 7, 2020 1:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Fuck Off

You are not fooling me
because I know people like you
and I am ready for ewe to surprise me,
but I doubt you will cuz you’re going downhill

I’ve seen fat people get fatter
and now I know that every non-athlete
will probably be overweight in a few days......

You might fool yourself,
but you will never fool me again
because I see the folly in your ways
and I hate your gods because they destroy
and I don’t care if you say you’re a girl or a boy

You are wasting space and time
and sure, Maui has no dating scene,
so you just loiter and stare at a computer,
but I can’t forget everything I know about you
and your diet n lifestyle are so disgusting to me,
I want nothing to do with any of ewe and you’ll see

January 7, 2020 6:24 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Ewe Mother

I planned to leave Maui at year’s end,
but I decided to stay a little longer,
I ain’t running from anything
and you ain’t pure yet,
so here I am......

I want you to see me transcend
and lose more fat as I get stronger
and hit my stride before I go to Kauai
cuz you need more help than you know

I am writing the truth just like I did before,
but I am also taking lots of pictures
and I’ll publish picture books
in mid-2020......

Maybe I will be gone by April Fool’s Day
or maybe something will change my mind again,
but it’s my pleasure to be here while the bombs drop
because I have plenty of bombs to drop on my own now
and unregenerate wannabes that plague us are going down

I like walking,
but you like driving
and looking like a fat ass

I like riding my bike,
but you drive to Starbucks
like an incompetent dumb ass

I like calling you what ewe are
because when I go away for good
I can always hold my head very high,
not only did I avoid polluting in Hawaii,
but I was honest about addicts’ pollution

So get ready to hear the truth
like you have never heard it before
cuz I can tell that nobody wants to repent
and I see how everybody thinks they are right
and it’s the biggest and most disgusting shit show
that I’ve ever seen or will see in my entire fucking life

Maybe pollution wouldn’t look so disgusting
if it wasn’t carelessly strewn across the most beautiful state
which is probably one of the most amazing places in the whole world too

January 8, 2020 7:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

You're Not Great

Today I am fasting again,
removing myself from the eaters
and focusing on water and ketosis now

President Trump is weak and foolish
or he would call the country to a collective fast
because people need to focus and control their own life

Throughout Earth’s history
leaders have called their nation to fast,
but Donald Trump will never tell America to fast
because he can’t and won’t and it would hurt the economy

America’s leadership wants riches
and they want to control the poor and vulnerable,
being holy and keeping the planet clean are all but forgotten

Would it matter if the church declared a corporate fast?
Would Christians finally learn how to repent?
They are hopelessly stuck in their ways
and nobody’s worse than the man
that thinks he’s great
when he’s not

January 8, 2020 7:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The Royal We

Some people
are unstoppable
like a force of nature
and people better look out
because they are going to win,
create and make something great

Everybody knows who they cannot stop
and they get the hell outta the way
because resistance is futile,
the only other option
is redirection

Sirens wail,
they call your name,
but roofs made everything static
and things aren’t actually that way at all

January 11, 2020 8:38 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Always Interrupted

“Which dream should I pursue next?”
I think as I sit under an umbrella in the rain
across the street from a beautiful lady in black...

Two chickens recognize me in a black metal chair,
but I only see one of them at first and Gimpy’s talking n talking
like nothing I’ve ever heard before and I see the black scab fell off her leg
cuz the wound was almost done healing and she was barely even limping anymore

I look at the ground on my right side
and see the other bird that I named Lou
after “Looky Lou” cuz he always stares at me
and Lou Alcindor cuz he boxes out the other birds

When I fed them organic sunflower seeds,
Lou was the most dominant rooster
and wouldn’t let me feed Gimpy
unless he ate first or too,
so I fed them

Today Lou didn’t chase away Gimpy
(I may have to rename her soon),
but he joined in the feast
like a civilized beast
and ate normally
with her...

January 13, 2020 9:09 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Waving and Cheering Again

What if I say,
“I miss your beautiful eyes and smile”
and that’s why I’m returning to Instagram now!?

If I return it won’t be far off......

I look at some users
and I see all kinds of asses,
but others are quite entertaining
and they are even artsy sometimes

sharpening iron,
that is what I miss
cuz that is what it was,
wielding my spiritual gifts,
exhortation and encouragement,
to edify and reciprocate over and over

January 13, 2020 9:35 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Somebody asked me about the distribution of my books
and I said, “I don’t care” cuz they’re on Amazon,
but I should’ve said they’re being purchased
at Amazon.com stores worldwide
and discussed promotion

January 14, 2020 7:50 AM HST - Posted by Jason


I awoke before sunrise,
but before I could walk very far
a car’s light pollution was in my eyes
and I deemed them the day’s first loser......

Drivers break the speed law
and I call them losers too
because it’s fitting......

As I walked to the cafe
vehicles were idling everywhere
and stinking up the clean morning air,
making me angry like they always do daily

Nobody cares about things that matter
even in the most beautiful places,
but they justify themselves
and say they’re justified
by a cosmic being,
but they aren’t

Workers with loud, stinky tools should be ashamed
and I exhorted them to use electric tools,
so they could be quiet and clean,
but the workers acted
like they're dumb
cuz they are

Today I am fasting
and my stomach feels empty,
but I have to see people eating crap
that destroys them and the planet that I live on
and it’s pathetic because they are just blind and dumb
and they’re dragging everybody down with them into the abyss

No God
would ever want
anything to do with them
and if there’s a kingdom of heaven,
then these fools better not rely on a Bible deal
cuz they’re disgusting and I don’t think God plays games

I imagine they’ll shovel shit for eternity
in the kingdom of heaven
or go to hell

January 14, 2020 9:03 AM HST - Posted by Jason

More Losers

I left the weird cafe on foot
and as I walked past businesses
a moron in a truck rolled through a stop
and stunk on me like a belligerent motherfucker,
so I judged him appropriately at a volume he could hear

Disgusting vehicles burned gas while I walked on the side of the road,
one big vehicle had engine trouble and smelled like death
and it made all the other vehicles pass,
so they could drive more slowly,
but it still smelled for miles

When I took a shortcut through a parking lot
I noticed people sleeping in vehicles
and more maintenance workers
with loud, stinky machines

I wanted to use the WiFi at McDonalds,
so I entered the store and sat down,
but everybody was overweight
and looked pretty unhealthy,
so I fought depression
and discouragement
with indignation
per usual

Does anyone own a fucking mirror?
When did gross folks stop judging themselves?
What makes them think they can keep up this horrible ruse?

I’m done and I washed my hands of it,
but that doesn’t stop the world from doing it,
they will be as moral as their pastors and peers
which means they probably will not be moral at all

January 14, 2020 9:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Where Do You Place the Blame?

Blame the government
because it makes you a bastard,
I don’t accept their horrible options anymore,
but since you do and you choose from them you lose......

I don’t make the rules, I just call it like I see it
by using my senses and the most important ingredient: honesty

Lies used to work fine
when there weren’t billions of burners,
maybe nobody would have ever exposed them
if it were not for the Internet and for people just like me,
but I am not buying their ways because I know better and I see

January 15, 2020 4:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

No Malarkey

I have refused receipts for months
and I am not looking back
I don’t need them

Costco went ape as I tried to go
without taking their receipt
and they sent me
back to get it

Walmart freaked out too
cuz they check them at the door......

To avoid causing a big commotion
I’ve been taking essential ones
in an alcohol wipe wrapper

I tell the person at Costco’s door
to keep it cuz I don’t need it
to return things anyway,
I am in their club,
so they have

Hawaiian Moons brags about their receipts being safe,
but I already knew the others were unsafe......

can be exciting
and that is how it feels
when I don’t know my balance
that’s on my receipts, but I don’t care

January 17, 2020 8:36 AM HST - Posted by Jason

An Orange Cone

I am one of the Orange Cone people,
we love and protect all the orange cones and
worship at their sacred base whenever we see them!

is our holiest material and
the way that orange cones are created
clearly indicates their design by higher intelligence and
they were probably made by a superior, extraterrestrial being.......

All Hail!
Nobody shall ever defile the orange cones!
Whether they’re short, squat and pointy
or tall and skinny they are beloved,
foretold in our holy books and
eagerly anticipated by all
for centuries......

January 20, 2020 8:52 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Like We Do

C’mon homeless man!
Don’t you want to be like us!?
We’ll keep polluting you till you do!

Don’t you want to get off the street?
You could sell toxic products for a corporation
and they’ll pay you, so you can burn coal like we do!

Work long and hard enough
and you’ll poison everybody quite effectively,
but you’ll also have enough money to buy yourself a car,
so you can get fat n lazy polluting everything you see like we do!

C’mon homeless man! Aren’t we inspiring?
Don’t listen to the news or anything.
Just do as we do cuz we’re right
and obviously the happiest!

C’mon homeless man!
Come and make some idiot rich,
so you can destroy everything like we do!

January 20, 2020 12:25 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Some people say
we’re gonna sink into the moon
and totally disappear from view when we land

If their estimates are correct
there should be dozens of feet of moon dust,
but if our calculations are right there’s only two inches

I hope we land safely
cuz I wanna stick my shoes in it!

January 20, 2020 12:28 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The Last Time

When I walk around town,
I see all sorts of beautiful things
like palm trees swaying in the wind,
birds chirping, snails sliding, geckos and
anoles, rainbows, earthworms, mongoose and
many other critters and various types of vegetation

As I exercise outside and
walk from place to place every day and night
the air isn’t always clean and sometimes it smells disgusting
as it gets in my eyes, ears and nose and makes my clothes extra dirty......

Despite the beauty one could call it a disaster
cuz it doesn’t exactly feel like paradise,
but ultimately I’m upset at America
for not making everybody
treat Hawaii better

January 20, 2020 12:28 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Listen Jordan

You don’t have to believe
them or anybody for that matter,
but pity them cuz they were lied to too
and they still haven’t realized or admitted it

I am the Original they wrote about
after we went to Switchfoott’s Bro-Am together
and if you think that’s the only song about me you’re wrong
listen to Vice Verses and see if you understand what they’re saying
because they have great footage of everything and it seems like yesterday

People whitewash the past
and revisionist history is everybody’s favorite pastime,
but shouldn’t we live in a way that’ll actually please God (if one exists)?

The fundamentalist fog is powerful and difficult to see through,
so who will be surprised if it chokes the U.S.?

January 21, 2020 12:35 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Take a Look Around

New music fills my ears from an old band,
but I’ve never heard this song before

It is three minutes until noon,
so I may watch the news,
but I may not too......

I can predict what they’ll say sometimes,
but they always wanna hear from us,
so it’ll be interesting to see
the impeachment

Everybody around me's complacent,
there is no sense of urgency,
so I am transcending
their weird gears
and I see you

The truth doesn’t discriminate......

January 25, 2020 11:03 AM HST - Posted by Jason


Go ahead and eat shit right in front of me
with your sad enabler and I’ll do my best to ignore everybody
because I am photographing and writing books every day, one day you’ll see

You are disgusting and you should know better,
I don’t have anything to say to you just like cigarette smokers
because you already know how stupid you are and how you should change

I don’t envy you,
but I pity you and whoever you infect
because your disgusting lifestyle and body are pathetic

I’ve never wanted to avoid
what you eat n do more than I do now,
you are the poster child for what to avoid and
I see and hear loudly and clearly, so fuck off already

Convince somebody else
that you have redeeming value
because I don’t see it and you lost me,
but I know your lying game has fooled you,
so I wonder who your moronic behavior fools

January 25, 2020 5:10 PM HST - Posted by Jason

No Fucking Harleys in Hawaii

Time feels like
it stands still in Hawaii,
people live many different ways
in between the tourists, wind and rain

I could sleep all day
or just go to bed at sunset
and nobody would ever bother me,
but if they do bother me they will regret it
because short of a death blow they’re going down

Which song do you wanna hear?
People prefer to lie here,
but I prefer the truth
despite its effect
right now

I don’t see what you see
because you enjoy the fog like a fundy,
but I see things as they are and will be and it’s sobering
especially when the majority is just evil people that are in denial......

Pick poet liars if you can find them because it’s not me,
but until they run cleanly and quietly on electricity
how about no fucking Harleys in Hawaii!?

January 26, 2020 8:20 AM HST - Posted by Jason

One in a Billion

She won’t fool me again
and I hope she doesn’t trick you
into being somebody to impress me
because I will meet you wherever you are

I’ll smell through any scheme
and I should have seen through hers
when I met her on a church bus in 1999
even though it was a crafty disguise
and I was prepared for anything

Be yourself and know
you are not good enough
unless your actions are pure

Your leaders are corrupt
and they are selfish assholes,
so I don’t expect you to be perfect
because they are quite the opposite,
but in time I know you’ll become great

Your moral leaders are immoral,
so don’t follow them or praise them,
look in the mirror, be honest about stuff,
condemn your mom’s gross car’s exhaust
and be honest about food you eat every day

Am I going to be horrified?
Are you going to die soon?

You won’t go to church with me
because I have discovered that morality
doesn’t exist inside church walls, only control
and majoring in the minors like a bunch of wankers

Count down the days
because I should be there soon
and your world will change for the better

I’m sorry that
you must look at what you see,
but the government took you from me
and the side of the family that captured you
is full of stupid, superstitious, hypocritical morons,
but I haven’t thrown in the towel cuz I am in you baby

January 27, 2020 1:13 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Blowing Up

I can’t walk out the door
without people polluting on me,
sad motherfuckers in the drive thru
waiting for God damned burgers n fries

I swear that one day I’ll be gone
and you will never ever see me again
because I will not join you in your stupidity
or your humanity or whatever you call society

Everything is a load of shit
and people always do horrible things
that hurt my body and drive me closer to death,
but they don’t care because they are selfish assholes

I’ve seen enough here,
I hate Hawaii and the United States
and I hate every incumbent in the government,
nothing matters, everything’s a joke and fading away
and everybody has spat on my love, patience and wisdom

I can’t wait to disappear
and never see your ugly faces again,
your shitty judgment and hateful behavior
masked in a smile like you’re doing me a favor

Fuck you,
you’re lucky I don’t kick your ass
and live out my last days alone in jail
because you aren’t making anything good
and you just destroy everything I see constantly
depressing me because I actually live life honestly

There’s no revolution, just the status quo,
these are transplants and disgusting descendants
of the weaklings that gave up and gave away their land
to the oppressors, liars and usurpers, the U.S. government

The people I see are weak beyond belief,
they don’t want change and don’t want to change,
they want bullshit and their heart and desires are disjointed,
so much so nobody knows what they believe if they believe anything

January 27, 2020 4:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Two Futures

Let me paint a picture for you
because you may be unable to imagine the future,
actually I will paint two pictures and you can pick one of them

The first portrait
includes you living a defeated life,
imagine lifespan continuing to decrease and
imagine the diseases you could acquire with your food,
in a polluted environment and in a place where people don’t care

It’s “every man for himself” in this dystopian future and
people are destroying quicker than they create,
young people increasingly despise you
cuz you destroyed their future and
life on Earth as we knew it

You pollute in your sleep and everywhere you go,
with your food and everything else you use
on your body, clothes and home......

How do you like that picture?
How do you wanna die?

Now I will paint another picture for you.......

You live in a home that doesn’t pollute at all,
you wake up in the morning and drive to work without burning gasoline,
you eat the best organic food and didn’t even have to kill any animals to do it and
you live a long, healthy life cuz the air and water are clean and you make wise decisions

Your conscience isn’t increasingly darkened like it would be,
you don’t worry about who will rightly call you on your shit and
everybody looks up to you as a leader and person of integrity and
you don’t destroy life for poor people that are living in coastal areas

Great people want to know you and
what makes you tick instead of hating you and
wishing every day that you would hurry up and die......

The future is up to you,
but I already made my decision
about who I want to be and who we’ve been,
so what’s stopping you from living your best life for real?

January 27, 2020 7:33 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Until I Roll the Dice

I am counting down the days
as I turn back the clock
and shrink......

About three decades ago
I kissed a girl’s face on this island,
it was the first girl that I had ever kissed,
so before I leave, I want to revisit that place......

Losing fat and feeling strong,
I must look like I did when I was 15
even though I’ve seen a lot since 1989

I am ready for her
even though I know Shannon’s long gone,
but I could meet somebody else and even if I dive and
come up in the cave and nobody else is there except for me
I will still consider it a personal victory......

I don’t wanna be 15 or 155 again,
but I want to remember what I thought and felt and
see things through my eyes, so I can remember everything

Somehow I met Shannon again in California,
so I’m not wishing to feel her clammy skin like then and
I’m certainly not going to mess around with any minor children,
but we will see what happens cuz we won’t know until I roll the dice

January 28, 2020 12:06 PM HST - Posted by Jason


“Come up here and talk to us now,”
Jesus said and you suddenly appear before Peter
and you are standing alone in Heaven at the pearly gates

“Welcome to Heaven,
please present your case now,”
Peter says as he turns pages in a book

“Well, I have been a good person,”
you say and shrug your shoulders with your palms open

“What else?”
Peter defiantly asks you

“I worked hard
and made a lot of money,”
you say as if you think it’ll impress him

“How did you treat God’s creation?”
Peter asked and put down the book and folded his arms

“I loved it. It was awesome,”
you reply

“If you loved it, then why did you pollute it?”
Peter asked with a puzzled look on his angelic face

“Everybody was doing it. What else could I do?”
you proudly announce and inquire

“Where did Jesus live?”
Peter asks

“He lived in Israel,”
you reply

“More specifically,”
Peter says

you say

“Outside indeed. You should’ve heard the roosters.
Where did you choose to live?”
Peter asks

you say

“And what did you do there? What did you burn?”
Peter asks and you feel very guilty......

“I don’t know. Firewood? Coal?”
you say

“You’re getting warmer,”
Peter replies......


January 29, 2020 8:55 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Shooting Star of a Lowered Expectation

Are you taller than me now?
I think about you all the time and I miss you!

I haven’t stalked you or anybody else,
that’s not me, so how you are now
will be a surprise to see
one day soon

I found a way to be best and
to win on my terms and
I have discovered
the only way
to live

Your mom’s evil, but not alone,
watch out cuz her best intentions
could get you killed slowly or quickly,
I know she was taking years off my life

I have no idea whether or not
a stepdad has been raising you and
I only hope that your needs have been met
because I am your one and only biological father

Take care of yourself,
people are wicked and
their love is more like hate,
but I love you unconditionally

You’ll find that the people you think love you
don’t love you if they help you harm yourself and others,
if they try to control the way that you think, feel, act and believe,
they actually don’t love anything in any discernible way and we know it

I am an organic vegetarian and I don’t burn fossils,
I am a leader and the same man you knew,
few people can hold a candle
to my mental strength or
my courage and spirit,
watch them squirm and
run away even before I arrive
like the fake Christians that they are......

Everybody in your sphere knows full well
that they better run, duck and cover
cuz they stole you from me and
they lied their asses off
to do it too......

Stay up and stay pure like I am,
stay focused and be ready,
things won’t always be
like they are now

I love you,
don’t forget that
we have lots of life left to live and
we have a story or two to write soon
while we take on the wicked world again

January 30, 2020 8:01 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Dear Mom

People don’t know
what matters anymore,
it’s just one big shit show,
a race to the damned bottom
while we all circle the toilet bowl

I miss you,
but you aren’t missing anything new,
it’s just the same old nonsense over and over and over

I barely care if I live or die now
and I don’t expect to see you in the sky,
I’ve made my peace and felt this way for years

Dad loves and misses you too
and he expects to see you
in Heaven one day......

I don’t believe anything anymore,
but I think you’d still be proud of me
music dulls the pain everywhere I go,
so in a way nothing’s changed you see

Every single day
I am more confident
and stronger than the last
and after dad goes to see you
I am going to disappear from view

I’m going to scatter Dad’s ashes with Charlie
off Wailea like we did with your remains,
so you can be together forever......

I just wish that I could trust somebody......

January 31, 2020 7:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The "Slave" Class

If renters are not like slaves,
what are they like?

If you rent a home,
does it feel like flushing money down the toilet?

You get no equity from your payments and
must keep working many hours to earn money,
so you can pay the monthly rent to a landlord and
if you lose your job you better find another one fast
or you won’t be able to pay your rent or the utility bills

Everybody should have the opportunity
to buy a home cuz home ownership is freedom,
part of your monthly payments become equity and
eventually you can even borrow from your investment,
but you will not be able to do that if you only rent a home

Renting a vehicle
seems like a fool’s errand too,
no matter that it continually depreciates,
but working for an asset that decreases in value and
pollutes the planet does not sound like a very good idea to me

I think renters resemble slaves
because they can never quit slaving away or
they will be evicted and their car will be repossessed

If your rent is $1,500 and your vehicle is $500 and
let’s say utilities and gasoline costs $500 too,
then you need about $2,500 a month,
plus some spending money and
food money of course

If your job pays $20 an hour (congrats),
that means you must work over 125 hours a month
because Uncle Sam will take some for income tax and such and
you’ll never see that money again, but you’ll need to do it again next month

Do you have over 125 hours a month to throw away cuz I don’t and
my time is very valuable and I would rather write and run my own business
even if it isn’t wildly successful now cuz I consider how I will make a fool rich and
might need to sell bad things to unsuspecting people or at least the company may and
using my skills and energy and barely keeping my head above water sounds like a raw deal

January 31, 2020 9:43 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Ok Dumbass

Ok what?
Why don’t you shut up?

Saying “ok” is as useless and
meaningless as saying “really” and
I am getting tired of hearing fools say it

When you say “ok” you think you are in control,
but you don’t have a modicum of control
over me or anybody else I see,
so get over yourself......

To recap you say “ok” like a dumbass
and it’s totally meaningless and
doesn’t control anybody

When you say “ok” it reminds me of a fool
that’s so weak he must tell somebody
to do a thing they were gonna do
to feel big and strong and
like they’re in control

Grow up,
we don’t need your consent,
whether it’s backhanded or sincere,
I certainly don’t give a shit and I am ready
to mock you like the wannabe we know you are,
keep cultivating a mind-numbing, thoughtless voice,
but I am cultivating the sound of righteous indignation,
so don’t be a dumbass ok?

See if you can construct a complete sentence,
mumble under your breath if you want,
but you sound like a moron,
so try using your brain
like an adult......

February 1, 2020 1:08 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Last year my body felt like a 1985 Toyota van,
I was 20 pounds heavier and lumbered around town,
it crept up on me and eventually I disliked what I’d see
whenever I checked out my body in the mirror at the gym

I had more inflammation and broke a sweat easier,
my clothes were tight and I was straining to do my thing

Alarm bells went off in August
because my best self isn’t overweight,
so I made a way to lose fat and I’m not done

Now my body is like a sporty sedan,
I sail and glide when I walk and
I have more energy in me,
I feel good and free

In a few months I’ll be at my optimal weight and
my body will be as hard as a rock or piece of steel,
it’s an inevitability now and it could be a bad analogy,
but it feels like running downhill with a wind at my back

My body may resemble a Ferrari in 2020 and
I will probably feel as good as I can be,
protecting my ankles and knees
from damage by impact

My daily caloric needs are decreasing and
that means I’ll need to eat less to maintain my weight,
not to mention if I keep walking around the Hawaiian islands,
it will be easier to get around and I will be quicker and feel stronger

This is working so well,
I’ll include it in my fasting book,
but I can’t say that it has been easy

February 3, 2020 10:50 AM HST - Posted by Jason

How You Doin' Lizzy?

What’s up?
How have you been?
Are you singing and gigging?
I haven’t used social media for a bit

When you followed me
my heart skipped a beat or two
and it was always fun to follow you
because you’re cute with a great voice
and you seem so artistic, rad and colorful

I hoped that I could meet you one day
because you looked like lots of fun
and I’ve been a pro musician too,
so a rendezvous with you
could be cool in NYC,
Hawaii or anywhere

I can play the guitar like ringing a bell,
so hit me up for any reason at all,
especially if you need some

February 4, 2020 7:41 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Can You Feel Pain Inside?

Turning the corner will feel liberating
there are so many things that need to be healed,
it is like I have been tacking and sailing across the sea

Being honest about the good and the bad,
maybe there is more good stuff than bad stuff if I look hard

So many ways I could plug in
and I just can’t decide
as I inch closer
to something
or other

Music blaring,
throat scratchy from singing,
it feels like bedtime cuzI didn’t sleep last night

They are listening,
but who is “they” exactly?
Well, that’s anybody’s guess......

February 8, 2020 2:55 PM HST - Posted by Jason

McLovin' the World

Always stuck in between two things,
always in the in-betweens or so it seems,
one thing ends and it’s time to begin something,
but sometimes I see it over and over in slow-motion,
hoping it’ll change or I’ll live to write another rad episode

My book series is done and I am almost ready to write a spin-off or
record audio books, write a book of haikus or all of the above,
I started writing my third page of story ideas today,
it’s nothing spies don’t know even though
I write them on paper by hand

I like taking a deep breath or two,
keeping my head above water and making sure
I am heading toward my goal like I hope I am every single day

I am also slowly running it by everybody
as I see them change in different ways as people do,
some subtly and some less subtly, but rarely anything too drastic,
as for me I decided years ago it’d be better to be an open and honest teacher
than somebody trying to be mysterious that doesn’t help others by revealing their ways

I like the Hawaiian attitude of distrusting everybody,
but most Hawaiians actually trust a few people and I wish they wouldn’t
because it is those charitable ties and beliefs that can cause everybody some problems

It isn’t easy to tell people you don’t believe them,
but I do when they expect me to believe stuff even if I know them,
I will even announce it mid-conversation if they are rambling and I will say,
“I don’t believe that” and “but go ahead” sometimes, other times I’ll tune out their lies

I will never let my guard down and I can see it a mile away now
like the two ladies with the child that sat in front of me today,
I could tell the mom gave her child to her friend to hold
as she looked for somebody to ensnare with “love”,
it was a pretty good set up, but I sniffed it out,
lil black boy didn’t look like he belonged
in that other white lady’s arms......

The X-Files taught us to Trust No One,
President Reagan famously said, “Trust, but verify”,
so pick one or both, it looks like we have been lied to a lot......

February 8, 2020 3:01 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Bye Soon

Stores I won’t visit and dumps that have banned me
are adding up and I feel like it’s almost time for me to move on

I have big plans and
I don’t plan every step of the way,
so my plans are short, medium and long term,
flexible and I am always ready to go at the drop of a hat

Some towns make it hard to get around if you don’t drive,
Kahului feels like one of them unless you stay in the same area all the time

To go outside town I need to ride a bus or walk a long way,
if I walk up to Wailuku, is there ever a time when it isn’t lined with cars?
How about walking the road to Hana? Will I be a shriveled head when I arrive?
Exercising, breathing heavily and sucking down toxic, disgusting emissions is awful!
Should I be thankful that there are buses at all or complain that they come once an hour?

Another island will be fun and a good change of scenery,
I am up for a challenge and another adventure,
so why not give it my best college try?

I don’t expect people to be very different
cuz they have been set up to fail the same way,
it’s the easiest lifestyle and the only one to most folks

A new place will inspire new thoughts, new thoughts inspire new words and
new words inspire new poems, blogs, quotes, stories and pictures

February 10, 2020 1:58 PM HST - Posted by Jason

From One Synthesizer to Another

God damn,
dummies everywhere
and the last bit of clean air
was breathed at about 7 a.m.,
it won’t be cleanish again till nine

Besides stating the obvious
there are morons becoming depressed
because they don’t have anybody for Valentine’s Day,
what a dumb holiday and who in the hell is St. Valentine anyway?

I feel like I did in 2012 after the shit went down
cuz I stopped seeing mutual friends I had before the divorce
they were my friends in the first place, but they needed them more than I did,
so I promptly left San Diego cuz I wasn’t even going to run in those crazy circles anymore

They kicked me off Twitter,
Reddit is dumb, partisan and restrictive
and Instagram is owned by Facebook who’s corrupt,
so which media do I use to get a message to somebody now?

I can use any medium I want,
but I don’t like sharing myself with crooks
cuz they do not deserve my data and all they did
is create a medium to disseminate and steal info from us,
now they sell us stuff and make money hand over fist cuz of us

I create on my website and since I left social media
I’ve been even more creative than I was
because those cookie-cutters
want people to conform
and be the same

My words haven’t disappeared
and my desire to exhort and encourage
won’t ever wane because they’re my spiritual gifts,
so I will find a way to get through even if I must create it
like the way that we created subtweeting and spoke volumes

We are all on the same spaceship,
tacking and sailing to some distant destination,
words are being recycled, synthesized and displayed
in brand new ways to make us laugh, think, feel and respond
even if those responses are in different mediums or use different ways
and I want to be a part of the back and forth as we fight the good fight together

February 10, 2020 2:08 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Alien Y

When I think about you
in your senior year of high school,
I wonder how you’re feeling and doing

It’s raining in Maui today,
in case you were wondering......

I’m dying to see you,
but it probably will not be
until after you graduate because
you’ll be like me - 17 when you walk

Senior year will be fun, you can’t do it again
and your life will get more complicated
and stressful, believe it or not Jojo

I love you
and I hope you do
what you want and stay safe

You are still around
some demonstrably askew folks,
so I don’t know how you might wanna remedy it,
but I’m sure everybody has their claws in you and pulling you
into their mystical Jesus jerk-off nightmare, but that is not the only way

Your mom’s clique, sect and minority fruitcakes
were tricked at a young age because their parents were tricked
ad nauseum throughout history to some sad point, so make wise choices
and see if you can see yourself looking back in 10, 20 or more years and be best baby

February 11, 2020 1:57 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I could stay here for three hours I think
as I stare out the windows at the pouring rain

That’s what I like about this place
not to mention there are no cameras in the dining room,
that’s may be my favorite thing, people may be less tech savvy,
all I know is they rarely point their dumb cell phone cameras at me

No WiFi works cuz it gives me the chance to write,
play PacMan and Solitaire like I did in Miami,
eat some tasty organic food that I bring
and I can scrape my bowl clean

Anything goes with these liberal kids......

Drink the free water cuz it’s cold and filtered,
even fill your empty bottle twice in 10 minutes if you want......

Take a dump in their toilet and they won’t mind
even though the sign says, “Customers Only”

The tables are clean enough for me
and cool air keeps me awake,
so got green geckos?
I’ll be back......

February 13, 2020 7:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Dear Cam Girl

You inspire me
with your body, attitude and whimsy,
so keep up the amazing work you do for everybody

If I had a million dollars,
I’d tip you whenever I came in your room
because I know lots of poor boys love to see you
and you deserve it for working your ass off the way you do

How did you get such a great tan?
Your naked boldness is cool
and I am blown away

I won’t play it cool or act a fool,
you are sexy and beautiful

Thanks for sharing your sweet self,
society is a bitch sometimes
and the great people
go unprotected,
you are one
like I am

February 14, 2020 6:36 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Welcome to the Health Food Store

Many kinds of people are in health food stores
and if you go there you will see them

Some visitors buy healthy food
when they are alarmed about their health,
others drive there each day to eat breakfast alone

People that work there seem nice
and like they know stuff about nutrition and health

Some people get caught up in the hype,
whether it’s Gluten Free, Low Carb, Natural or Vegan,
they fall prey to a fad or lifestyle that’s only one piece of the puzzle

Health food stores apparently make some people act arrogant
and like they are better than everybody else

I hope the people that drive there to buy local, conventional food
don’t think that they are doing anybody any favors

Eat nothing except vegetarian organic food,
then you will be the healthiest and most careful
and maybe the Smithsonian will want your feces too

February 14, 2020 6:28 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Get the Balance Right

are complicated systems of using people,
but in America people listen better or worse at different times

The dog that barks the loudest
is usually the one that was hit square between the eyes
and even relationships with dogs take a lot of time, energy and effort
and no dog lives forever, so you will lose that lovely little animal one day as well

Nothing beats being alone
and I think people know that deep down,
but they’re happy to be dependent like house cats

A cat’s wild outside
and it hunts and uses its senses
to avoid predators, find food and stay alive

When the cat comes inside,
it depends on its owner for everything
and their senses dull because they don’t use them,
they get fat because they don’t exercise like they did outside
and they even get diseases not unlike humans get from living their lifestyle

Don’t waste time when you’re single,
see it as a great opportunity to get stuff done
and become an even better person in the meantime,
you only live once and being sad about alone time is silly

Meanwhile this so-called St. Valentine’s Day
which is an “unrecognized”, recognized holiday is almost over......

February 15, 2020 2:49 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Say Ow!

Junior Seau was a fantastic football player,
when I attended Chargers games in San Diego,
he would ignite the defense and they would attack
and it was amazing to see him sack the quarterback

Inside Jack Murphy Stadium,
I’d stand by my seat near the 50 yard line
and yell so loudly my voice echoed around the Murph,
I know that he heard me, I could tell cuz he would go crazy!

Whoever I brought with me
would inevitably cheer and high-five me
cuz Junior would go nuts as the defense dominated
and opponents failed to stop his speed, grace and intensity

I liked Seau so much that I wore his number,
after I had the chance to wear #55 I wore it
cuz an upperclassman wore it before me
and I had to wait for him to graduate
from Christian High School first

Seau’s restaurant in the valley was fun to see
cuz I liked the food and the atmosphere,
I’d meet my parents for lunch there
and we’d eat plenty of food,
my dad even gave me
and my former wife
our first iPhones
at Seau’s......

One phrase that characterized Junior was “No Fear”
cuz he would rush the quarterback with reckless abandon,
but when I heard he took his own life I was very sad and upset

Watching Junior and the Chargers was a lot of fun,
but I don’t care about NFL football anymore,
people should be a lot more careful......

You only live once and they say that CTE can’t be diagnosed while alive,
but they should take care of players, everybody knows they’re hurting themselves
and taking years off their lives hoping to be rich and famous winners playing tackle football,
but they shouldn’t face life-threatening consequences for playing a dangerous game to entertain

February 16, 2020 3:48 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I don’t want any drugs they try to sell me on TV and
I am not into pills, I’d rather use medicinal plants and herbs

Can you walk into a store
and buy marijuana where you live?
“Medical marijuana” is fully legal in Hawaii,
but it’s in its infancy which means it’s nowhere,
so people that need weed must look for it elsewhere

Some “drug” dealers are dicks,
they blow people off or charge too much,
they make people travel to them, then they aren’t there,
it’s a shit show I wouldn’t wish on anybody especially if you’re in pain

Drug laws are dyslexic and wacky in the U.S.,
people that need marijuana can’t get it
cuz feds calls it a Schedule I drug,
but all kinds of other junk
is readily available
for everyone

Pick your poison,
do you want Tylenol or Ibuprofen?
How about some cigarettes, Vicodin or vodka?
Degenerative diseases are the new fad, so be careful......

If I made the drug tests,
everybody that eats a typical American diet would fail,
but I live in a land where people are dishonest and like to harm others

I am tired of treatments and cures being illegal,
I am sick of poisons being everywhere,
if America can’t get its shit together
I can always go elsewhere
cuz this is bullshit

Idiots like Jeff Sessions are clueless,
they don’t understand the pain that people are in,
they are probably pill-poppers and invest in pharmaceuticals,
but I don’t buy any of their bullshit cuz I know that they are full of shit

If you’d free the foliage and
give me every plant in the world,
I’d give you every treatment on Earth

February 17, 2020 8:31 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Folly of Man

This place sucks,
everybody constantly pollutes it,
I can’t go anywhere without being polluted on

People eat garbage
I can’t feed to animals or toss in landfills,
they rub bad chemicals on their body and ingest them too

They’ve been duped and they are living a lie,
they think they are something they’re not
and they deny what they actually are
to everybody’s detriment......

People don’t care about America enough,
they don’t care about it as they should,
pretend environmentalists abound,
hypocrites aren’t taken seriously,
but that’s all people ever see

Trump talks about “shit hole countries”,
but what has he done to help you stop polluting?
Has he made a way to move without making everything filthy?
If not, then why in the hell would anybody ever vote for Donald Trump?
Isn’t a vote for Donald Trump a vote for you to keep polluting in your sleep?

It isn’t fair for government to be this way,
they are making bastards out of you,
you think you’re living the dream,
but you foment a nightmare
that’s cursing everybody
for time and eternity,
truly, truly...

It isn’t rocket science,
only an idiot would deny the way
that billions of people polluting the planet
is going to destroy life on Earth as we know it

Take me away
to a place that’s righteous,
where people don’t lie and destroy
all day and all night because it isn’t right

I want to live forever,
not in your backwards delusion,
but on a clean planet people care about

You overestimate the allure of the shit hole you’re making,
but the suicide rate reflects how people truly feel,
(which is double if you count opiate deaths)
just look at the Boomerang Generation
if you think your way is inspiring

Governments, businesses, consumers and churches have failed us,
none of them are even remotely righteous and they don’t even wanna be,
they live every day in status quo hell whether they shake their fist at it or not

Is everyone too weak, lame and pathetic to be holy
and repent from their wicked, destructive ways?
To quote John’s Revelation Americans are,
“wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked”
and everybody’s always suffering
in their sickening wake......