Poems don’t need to rhyme, but write about what you know.

July 18, 2019 9:29 AM HST - Posted by Jason

A Little Tart

There’s a hill
like a halfway point
in the middle of one’s life
and after you hit it,
it goes downhill

Everything becomes blurry,
growing strangely occurs
like a plant living in a jar
struggling for air

Things that stimulated growth
seem to stimulate recovery,
always playing catch-up,
like a vessel breaking down
and being battered by high seas

Can it be reversed?
How can machines help?
Will the first ones that do not die
be a combination of human and robot?

July 15, 2019 12:03 PM HST - Posted by Jason

A Knockout in Line

She wanted to put
a smile on somebody’s face
and she did today.

July 15, 2019 12:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Hit the Spot

A full belly solves many problems,
people suffer psychologically
when they can’t eat food
and must go hungry

A full belly ensures people don’t rebel
against the system that’s in place
where some people win
and others lose

10 cents a day, so they say,
is what taxpayers pay
to feed the poor
with EBT
and people must work
at least 20 hours a week
to be eligible for the SNAP

Feeling full
and having that need met
is the foundation for all other needs,
so it’s important that it’s as healthy as it can be

July 14, 2019 2:10 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Feeling good
like all my ducks are in a line
and pressing on toward the mark so to speak

It’s still see-ball, hit-ball,
reruns and new ones,
again and again

Ebb n flow,
fluctuations of life,
entertaining and altering

All different tones
continually pouring in
expecting different things

A smiling countenance
can go a long way
especially when
it’s not norm

Kingdoms, fiefdoms n fortresses,
connections and encounters,
islands with stars n lights,
pushing down the gas
to get away again

July 13, 2019 1:45 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Caling All Cell Phone Zombies

Fuck you!

Stop pointing your damned camera at me!
Whatever your attractiveness was
on a scale from one to ten
it is half of that now

Stop invading my privacy!

What in the hell is wrong with you?
The cyclops, bald guy and troll
can’t understand how I feel,
but it doesn’t matter,
so stop it now

Leave me the hell alone!
Do you want to hear me pray
for bad things to happen to you?

Do you want to know how I spell karma?
When you retire you will only get 75%
of your social security investment
and that is how I spell karma!

I have made my peace,
nothing will ever scare me,
people like you make life hellish
and I‘ve been over it for a long time

You don’t get it though!
Does your father hate you?
Do you mistake hate for love?
Did you like the picture I took of you
pointing your cell phone camera at me?
Go online cuz it’s there for the world to see!

I want nothing to do with you,
I think you’re sad and pathetic too,
grow up n stop bothering everybody,
you won’t ever find me fucking with you
and you won’t see me invading your privacy

July 10, 2019 6:05 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Let Go

Waiting and waiting,
everything’s moving in slow motion,
on a loose schedule that I won’t worry about

Pressing onward,
to finish writing Anti at the Decade’s End,
How to Fast Well and A Brand New World: How It All Ends

The rest is done,
now I must finish these three books
before I change gears and try to record audiobooks
of my poetry catalog and maybe some other books of mine

Always seeing
the ever-evolving future
and writing everybody in like I can
even though others are doing their worst

If I had a magic wand,
I would change so many things
around the world that it’d be brand new

It feels very unfortunate
to have to trust the untrustworthy
with the final steps of uniting humanity
because it’ll clearly take a miraculous event

Watch and guess,
listen and maybe you’ll see,
you’re circling the toilet bowl with me
because I see how it is and how it’s gonna be

July 8, 2019 6:57 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Your Signature

“conventional” food-eating
and synthetic chemical-rubbing

You can paste it into all your emails.

July 8, 2019 6:54 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I look at it
every which way,
so I know what it says

I hear it
over and over,
with eyes open and closed

I spell it out
and I sound it out,
so I hear how it may sound

If it says something
beyond words on a page I’ll find it.
Do you want me to find it under surveillance?

July 8, 2019 9:26 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Not 007

You’re so cute,
but why are you
acting so strange?

Do you have to hold a cell phone camera
two feet in front of your face?

cell phone zombies exist
always feels right,
but they’re a horrifying sight

This planet was different
before privacy invasion
like the way it is now

July 6, 2019 9:29 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I can’t sit still too long
because one door closes
and another one opens again

No big plans,
but plans
always in flux,
revolving on whim,
taste, mood n peace

I can’t stop,
just an oddity
that makes me me

It’s still early,
but being subject to others
feels too constraining mid-game

Weekends always feel crowded,
it doesn’t matter where I go
there are more people

July 4, 2019 2:08 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Independence Day

Morons idling
like any other dumb day;
looking stupid too.

July 3, 2019 7:36 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Turn the Terrible Page

Maybe I’ve got lemon eyes
for a bunch of reasons,
maybe it varies and
I just press hard
every so often
on a different nerve
to feel and see and know
cuz there’s lots of bs out there

Somehow you get me and
it’s not just in my mind,
we see the same

Here I am,
there I am and
there you are again

July 2, 2019 8:17 AM HST - Posted by Jason

100 Bucks

Imagine getting an extra $100
to do whatever you want

Imagine checking your balance and
having $100 more than before

What would you do with it?
Would you celebrate?
Would you save it?

Money is a blessing and
a responsibility

June 28, 2019 7:06 PM HST - Posted by Jason

You Always Fail

I already won,
I already beat you guys
like a red-headed stepchild and
I’m lapping you like you gave up the ghost

I won’t ever quit,
so you’ll fall further behind
until you stop and run the right way

I thought you people
were good people,
but I was wrong,
you are awful

You don’t even try,
you’re lazy, weak and pathetic,
it’s hard to deny what Revelation says,
you are “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked”

I don’t care how bad you fail,
but some people might,
others have to live
with the toilet
you create
before you fly away
to your eternal delusion and
leave us with the consequences

You should grow up,
grow a fucking spine and
be a responsible adult this time

Can you wipe your own ass?
It does not seem like it.
You act like a baby
still drinking milk,
so I am here to remind you
of how much you fail every day,
your filthy betrayal isn’t going away

Look at me and recall the great faith I had,
it’s gone now because of your actions,
I can’t be associated with your God,
I’m honest about everything,
but you lie about things,
you will pay for it too

How embarrassed do you want to be today?
How many ways do you think I can put you in your place?
You fail and say it is ok because you are the recipient of holy grace,
but I am calling your bluff, I know your God and you’ve never seen his face

I won’t quit
or ever give up,
I will not go away,
I’ll be staying this way,
so do your worst every day,
but you’ll see how bad you are
when you stop justifying your sins

June 27, 2019 6:57 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Purple Peacocking

I see you again
with your brightness and subtleties,
seemingly, somehow, slowly warming up to me

Your gentle way
is nice to experience
when I visit any ole day

Young, patient, curious,
with bells on, ripe for the picking

I’ve seen it before,
but never quite like you

I notice your competition
and I understand how that goes,
it must be hard to work around bozos

I’ll be back
and I’ll check you out again
just like a book I may take home with me

June 26, 2019 3:48 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Not Awful

This poem is about you
because I see you sitting down
right in front of me with your tan body
and your sexy Daisy Dukes and trucker hat

What are you trying to do to me?
You make it harder to think
about whatever I was
thinking about,
but that’s ok,
I’d rather soak in your beauty
even if it means devoting my time
to studying and fantasizing about you

There is something special and surreal
about a beautiful lady that lacks confidence
and wants affirmation from me like she needs it

With gorgeous blue eyes
and sandy blond hair,
I am already sad
that I must go soon,
but you know how to do it,
how to make a man’s heart jump
and warm up my end of this room

Copy or follow? Follow or copy?
I see you are ready for what’s next,
hugging yourself with your bare arms,
in overalls trying to be cute or something,
wanting me to use my wildest imagination!?

Well you did it
and now I want to see you smile
and share a few words with you maybe in a while

June 25, 2019 11:52 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Highlights of Twitter

Teasing Dane Cook about
fucking sexy, terrorist chicks
with a terror group in each tweet
cuz ya gotta support the team bro
and teasing Ted Cruz about his dog
or yelling at Jerry Brown n Bo Obama
forwarding Apocalyptic, weather stories
connecting with climate change protestors
telling off the Pope a hundred different ways
live USWNT soccer and Padres baseball
friendly, foreign government officials
connecting with Rahaf Al Qunon
hearing lyrics a little differently
debating anti-choice trolls
tweeting Instagram links
rejected pickup lines
conversing with comedians
Hawaiian board of tourism ads
listening to Venezuela’s side of the story
telling off creeps like Bill Cosby and Hulk Hogan
getting blocked by users like the Muslim Brotherhood
tweeting Spotify and YouTube song links
journalists and writers live on TV
world leaders n their writers
porn stars
taking polls
using IG for Part B
teasing Rosie O’Donnell
Donald Trump’s nonsense for a while
connecting with a gorgeous, cam model
analyzing the breaking news stories in real time
making a journalists list with thousands of journalists
asking Astronaut Kelly if there was significant shrinkage
asking everybody a plethora of rhetorical, serious questions
encouraging Jim Acosta, soccer players, Kathy Griffin, Roseanne Barr, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Kurt Cobain’s daughter and the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Look them up and show them love.) Last update: June 27, 2019

June 25, 2019 9:44 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Waking Up Again

My first cup of hot coffee
smells like the beans
that I just ground
cooling down

I could add water
and cool it down fast,
but it may water it down,
so I seek a happy medium!

It has a dark, robust flavor,
its bitterness is sweet with no honey,
but not too sweet like butterscotch candy

The burst of caffeine and antioxidants
feels explosive and I feel like I could ride all day

My first cup of hot green tea
tastes delightful with lemon sans honey,
its sweetness complements the tea’s blandness

My first cup of hot red tea
lifted me even without any caffeine
and I could feel its nourishing power in me

Caffeine and antioxidant arsenals
are my defenses against free radicals
and other evils that want to permeate me


June 21, 2019 8:48 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Today’s two years after my mom died,
the sun set behind patchy clouds
and it’s the first day of summer,
it would’ve set behind the mountains

It feels weird
and being in public
people want to cheer you up
because they expect you to be happy

In the end Mom would want you to be happy,
even though it sill feels like she died early

June 21, 2019 3:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

"Huffys Go Puffy"

It’s rubbing every revolution,
so it’s time for the wrench again

As a prop plane flies overhead,
big trucks pollute the crisp air
with a beautiful canvas
in front of me

Birds and bubbles float overhead
after I fix it and clean my hands

June 18, 2019 8:28 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Dead Men Don't Wake Up

Nobody needs Jesus
and people that pedal him
need to get a life and a real job

Anybody can worship a placebo and run through walls,
but nobody needs to and there is no evidence
that he does what you want him to do

People take his name in vain,
like he’s a lucky rabbit’s foot or magic 8-ball,
I have seen it and I have believed it and it is nonsense

Do your best without bs,
stand up on your own two feet
and don’t tell me about your twisted faith
because I don’t care about your dumb delusion
or why you just seem like a fucking asshole anymore

June 18, 2019 6:25 AM HST - Posted by Jason


I moderate a
poetry board on Reddit.
I know everything.

June 17, 2019 8:21 AM HST - Posted by Jason


I told eight billionaires they’re losers and
bad pastors they are wrong and lukewarm,
I encouraged the weak and the people in pain,
I loved the hated n put the popular in their place

I listened to journalists n the mentally ill,
I uploaded rad rainbows, selfies and
plenty of cool looking critters too

I shared new, old and underground songs,
I praised the encouraging people and
always held truth in high regard

I appreciated kindness from Ice-T, Fluffy and Andy Dick and
I was honored when Tulsi Gabbard, Christine Romans,
Gavin Rossdale and Cory Booker followed me

I listened to President Trump repeatedly lie and
I condemned President Obama for the way
that I was treated in 2011 and 2012,
not to mention Bill Clinton

I connected with users
on the other side of the world,
even people that didn’t speak English
like a beautiful Saudi refugee named Rahaf,
the soldier that shot and killed Osama bin Laden,
Anthony Scaramucci and the one and only Kevin Max

I made people laugh and
I learned from many journalists,
I promoted pro-choice and free speech,
I warned others about the exact same way that
I was suspended before it happened for the final time

I connected with skeptics, comedians, leaders, writers,
people on live TV and lots of regular Joes like me

I tweeted song lyrics that I heard by bands
like U2, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Green Day n Switchfoot
even when everyone else misheard and wrote them down wrong

I wouldn’t trade my time on Twitter
for anything else in the world,
but I am not the type to
stick around when
I’m not wanted

Good luck everybody,
you know where you can find me

My canon is closed and
my spirit has left that world,
since they sang Barabbas’ tune
under a big, bright, full, 616 moon

June 16, 2019 6:33 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Another Father's Day

Father’s Day is bittersweet
for me and many people,
some have lost a dad
or a grandfather,
kid or brother

Finding a healthy outlet and
a way to use your gifts is critical,
staying busy and knowing lows will pass,
defining and redefining yourself,
you can always start anew

As you age you realize
who truly cares and
who just used you,
you appreciate people
that have stuck around and
you learn from pain and tragedy

Nobody can keep you down,
people can take their toys and go home,
but it only goes to show they weren’t worth your time

June 14, 2019 1:06 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Quitting something
you do every day
is emotional

You keep thinking about it
like you have for so long
and dealing without it

Letting go feels so liberating,
changing your affections
is not always easy,
but it’s worth it

You see things that
remind you of your addiction
and contemplate reasons to return to it,
but you know it gets easier with every passing day

June 9, 2019 7:43 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I made it on the bus
in time for the trip to Haiku
because I want to experience
part of Maui that I have not seen

Whenever I ride
it feels like an adventure
because I’ll just bike if it’s close

This time two bucks
takes me 14 miles upcountry

It’s a beautiful day
and the heat has broken,
so it will be cool when I got off

June 7, 2019 11:14 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Reasons to Be Beautiful

Beauty found me yesterday
and would not let me go,
she looked in my eyes
and made things ok

Inspiration flowing both ways,
immediate pleasure, undeserving,
appreciating and feeling everything

Electric sparks and joy within,
overflowing, improving me
and helping me see

Strength on my side saw strength within,
lifted me up and made me well again

Giving and getting,
mutually blessing,
like it used to be
in a distant dream

June 2, 2019 6:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Go ahead and beep your dumb car alarm
like you have gold bars in your vehicle,
like you rub it with a damned diaper,
but I still won’t steal it stupid!

You are out of touch and belligerent
and I can’t believe that I was ever like you

How many ways
do you destroy the Earth?

Did you pollute the way here,
buy polluted food that polluted,
pollute home and pollute sleeping?

What a shit show,
I gotta to go...

May 15, 2019 9:18 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Your WiFi suddenly went down
after a weird loiterer entered.
Was it just a coincidence?

I know you don’t know what happened and
I see that you aren’t gonna figure it out...

Like I said before
I own a business and
make money in my sleep,
it is called residual income,
so even though I’m self-employed and
time is money I do not care what you do
because I can type in a document and
I am not addicted to the Internet
even though I like to learn and
connect with others online

Do your worst because I am resilient and
after I eat and clean my table per usual
you will think I was heaven-sent again

May 10, 2019 10:50 AM HST - Posted by Jason

A Wicked Game

I am ready
to hit the road.
How far will I go?
You don’t know,
but you’ll see.

and rolling,
over and over,
blissful, but awful,
it is beautiful and ugly,
some sort of twisted dichotomy
that I never asked for
or consented to,
set in motion,
so I am just

May 8, 2019 12:27 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Eternally Hot Off the Press

I feel like I am free,
I can do whatever I want,
whenever I want within reason

I guess I am the poet,
analyst, seer synthesizer,
so how could I remain silent?

I have enjoyed my jobs,
but writing stories about death
are not always easy for me to write
even with the end increasingly in sight

80 stories still remain unwritten
and it feels like a double portion test,
I am not in a hurry n I have many ideas,
so I should be able to finish them in the fall

42 haikus remain unwritten too,
but they keep flowing all the time,
so I will finish them by summertime
with and without using end line rhyme

May 2, 2019 9:23 PM HST - Posted by Jason


It is wet because it has been raining
and I have been wondering
what I should do

I have energy and if I can make it until midnight
I can shop for groceries at Safeway,
it could break the norm

I could write some poems and stories,
watch the early morning news,
shower before the sunrise
and ferociously meet
a brand new day

Yoga will feel awesome,
my body will be loose n limber
after I stretch, twist, push and bend
and I can charge my tablets while I do it

Everything is within a bike ride,
so this town feels like an old glove
even though it has flaws n blemishes
it feels small and big enough for me now

Just to learn to articulate
by practicing and honing my skills,
writing, analyzing, asking and listening
will contribute to a night well spent
along with a warm shower

What a cozy night this will be,
I wonder if anybody else does this
or if it’d be fun to do it with somebody

Music will accompany me
like it is doing at this very moment
and I will sing and ride hard when I hear it

My secret spots are calling to me now,
I hope I stay awake all day tomorrow
because that will be a true test,
I won’t sleep until nighttime

I will drink plenty of tea and coffee,
it’ll keep me alert and awake
tonight and tomorrow

I need to make a plan,
I want to make good use of my time,
maybe even catch TV news while the world is sleeping
and discover a new day’s news as I interact with people shaping the world

May 1, 2019 2:21 PM HST - Posted by Jason

I Am Never Giving Up

I won’t forget you,
I can see you in my mind’s eye
and I hear you say, “You can do it daddy!”

I know you’re far away
and I can’t see you now,
but that’ll change one day

I don’t believe what they did
and I don’t believe a word that they say,
you were all I didn’t want them to take away,
so we’ll have to make up for lost time in 2021,
we can go to the park and to the beach,
play instruments and watch a show
and go anywhere you want to go

I have so much to tell you
and you will probably be shocked,
my path has been extraordinary and unique,
it has been difficult even though it has been worth it

I miss you every day,
I want to talk to you too,
but I don’t know what to say,
I would rather just wait until
I can see you face to face,
I still don’t trust anyone

Take care of yourself,
nobody else knows how to,
they don’t take care of themselves,
so you know what I am telling you is true

You don’t have to be like them,
you don’t have to accept anything you see,
I surely don’t and if you don’t maybe you are just like me

April 30, 2019 11:53 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Last Day

15 hours are left
in my fast and I am well

I like eating and
the big boost of energy
I get from healthy organic food

I may stay up all night and
eat after midnight and
think, read and write

When I woke up today
my headache was all gone and
I’ve been hydrating with water and juice
from a lemon I squeezed in green tea with honey

It’s just a question of time now......

April 25, 2019 6:03 PM HST - Posted by Jason


Scream in my fucking ears!
C’mon! Scream real loud!
I will scream back and
remind these people
obviously on crack
who the boss is!

April 24, 2019 9:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The Queensryche: Empire Album

An old song reminds me of a distant place
with an amazing girl under the stars
way out in the country boonies

So high and alive,
mesmerizing guitars,
shredding all night long,
powerful, thoughtful lyrics,
each song uniquely amazing,
so I set her gorgeous friend
up with my friend Casey,
he was a lucky dog,
he nailed her too

She was small and fun
and didn’t expect too much
because we were all so young

She was the only one
my friends and I randomly
drunk dialed at Baldwin’s house
and visited in the middle of the night

Country girls are lots of fun
and they tend to like city slickers like me
even though I actually grew up in San Diego county

April 17, 2019 5:11 AM HST - Posted by Jason

I Tell You No Lies

I listen closely to everything near me,
being mindful of my surroundings
because you never know
when chaos could break out

Reggae jerks me
back into my new reality,
the wind is cool, crisp n clean

I am always anticipating the worst,
ready for the other shoe to drop,
still swaying to a great solo,
with my eyes closed,
cracking my back,
clearing my throat and
touching my palms on the floor,
but only when it is relatively clean

Dressed warm, sufficiently caffeinated,
I am burning the midnight oil and
I gotta plan out my day
or I’ll get pissed

April 14, 2019 9:51 AM HST - Posted by Jason

She's So Sweet

Maybe I am the perfect one for you
is that what you are thinking too?
I see you returning twice and
now your mom walks by
to see what you see,
so what’s up?
Testing me?

You are looking great by the way,
whatever you are doing,
just stick with it

You are as hard as a rock and
look as healthy as a horse,
I dig, so good luck

Great Daisy Dukes btw,
they complemented your ass
in a nice way, I must say, way to go

Lucky for your thoughts and
your encouragement as you vibe toward me,
it’s a gorgeous night outside and I hope you enjoy it
I am turning in because I am sleepy despite drinking hot coffee

April 13, 2019 5:48 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Starbucks Sucks

What sucks worse than Starbucks?
Starbucks sucks.

They have plastic straws, paper and plastic cups and plastic lids,
“conventional” coffee, sugary sweets and fiberless finger food,
synthetic chemicals in the bathroom and old manager’s hair,
it’s enough to make a righteous man lash out in disbelief,
as rich people pollute to and from the store for drinks
that they could easily make on their own at home

Every electrical outlet is situated by an intrusive seat,
so they can stare over your shoulder as you type online and eat,
judging you up and down, growing more jealous every passing moment

Do you want hot water?
Get in line and ask for it.
How about cold water?
Get in line and ask for it.
Want the bathroom code?
I bet you do. Get in line.

Their dairy has steroids and antibiotics,
their honey is as organic as a tribute band and
their pastries may pass through you in a week or two

Low standards meets cock-eyed optimism,
that’s Starbucks for you n like I say at McDonalds,
burn it right off because all fat is not created equally

April 11, 2019 8:58 PM HST - Posted by Jason

I'm So Happy

Thanks for being pretty before me,
you are a complicated one and persistent

I accept the challenge to dance with you
and let our minds wander together
Wild hair,
dangerous makeup,
darty, colorful, patient,
soft and warm,
I see you

You make me smile!

Yes, lean,
I rise

April 8, 2019 1:14 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Looking Up Again

Another new beginning,
it feels like I have a lot of those,
it always feels liberating to start over

Nice and buzzed
among the zombies,
birds chirping and rising,
wannabes just looking at me,
but they still can’t see what I see
or they wouldn’t be that way

My radar
is on what I decide,
nothing more, nothing less,
despite how nice, mean or intrusive
people may act on this planet

It feels good
to see things outside the herd
because that mentality was dumb and mind-numbing

second sight,
using all of my faculties
to discern like life depends on it
because that’s how I do it

April 7, 2019 2:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason


I am spitfiring.
Did it come out too fast?
I can’t go back and rewrite it.
It will be in the annals forever.
I can’t worry about it though.
I can’t look back or wonder,
just gotta write n let it go
and I may even see it say
more than I intended
somehow as usual.

Another, big, full day,
one that was special in another life,
but now it’s like any other one in my humble opinion

Symbols and foreshadowing,
teasing and looking into the future,
it is not easy to give an overview of something
that has not happened or been written yet,
it is like writing history in advance,
but it is not impossible for me

40 is such a round number
and my brevity must have been acquired
through journalism and mediums like Twitter and blogs,
it feels good to finish and get on to the final one in this unique series,
even though I thought I would be somewhere else when I penned the final book

April 4, 2019 9:40 AM HST - Posted by Jason

The 11th Hour

The day is done and
it’s almost time to sleep,
I couldn’t squeeze any more
into this third day even if I tried

I live in a mixed up place
where people are being misled,
the young don’t understand how or why,
but the easy path looks pretty good at first,
yet with no one to raise a standard for everyone,
who will rise up?

March 27, 2019 10:15 AM HST - Posted by Jason

A Poem For Sleeping

I can see
consternation on her face
as she talks on her phone in her truck,
being fun, bold and mysterious in her own ways
(but mainly just in her mind)

She probably has a voice
like gravel, sandpaper and cigarettes,
but she is looking at me to see what I see now

She always compares herself to others
and she has been hurt by mean guys
more often than she’d like to admit

March 26, 2019 7:50 PM HST - Posted by Jason

On a Neighbor Island

The beautiful and majestic Maui mountains
jut into the sky and tower above me
as puffy, white and gray clouds
hang around in the wind

People are doing what they did yesterday
like somebody keeps handing them a grenade

Food, medicine, bills and no money,
repeating, repeatedly learning,
listening and feeling,
never stealing,
just thinking and healing
at every conceivable minute n hour

I am getting ready to fast soon and
mentally preparing for skipping six days of food

So many distractions worthy of my time,
but I go right, left, back and then
I back track and do it again

Don’t ask me how,
but I just stay focused,
have the drive to press on and
I see a light at the end of the tunnel

I can feel the wind blowing and
I throw my arms in the air and listen
to my still small voice and I’ll be riding
down the street on my bike in 10 minutes

March 24, 2019 3:19 PM HST - Posted by Jason

You're Right

There is always beauty somewhere,
I see it outside and sometimes in somebody
that’s wearing an accentuating outfit or in a smile,
a flower, clouds lazily floating by or in a howling wind,
experiencing it all at once can be an amazing sight to see

Hawaii has a lot of natural beauty and
the daytime air feels warm almost everywhere,
birds chirp, hop n fly, slugs slowly squish n squirm by,
butterflies n bees like the flowers below dancing, palm trees

What do you need to enjoy the best things?
I am everywhere with everybody in my pocket,
worldwide, as I change modes and leave the plane

Maui feels less crowded than Honolulu,
it might be about 10% of its size too,
with fewer people and less traffic,
it feels more relaxing and chill

I’m capturing it in unique ways,
so I do not forget what I see,
as dirt is adding up on me,
I must wash my laundry

March 22, 2019 2:22 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Be Bester

Changing, adapting again to my environment
and my peers’ habits and preferences,
another unique environment,
but not an unfamiliar one,
even though aloha flows
and the green bud grows,
I don’t know, I just don’t know......

How can you begin to list your priorities?
Who would you listen to if you did?
Which voice is the honest one?
I have been asking myself
that question for years

All of the songs converged
and blew up in an instant,
again and again,
just self-actualization,
prayers like remote viewing

Music makes everything flow
and I can still feel the cool wind blow,
what a great place to be in this twisted country
it isn’t easy feeling like everybody is circling a toilet bowl

Leading everybody into oblivion wasn’t my cup of tea,
but hopefully we can be more sensible and avert many disasters

Temporary homes are the best
and having next to nothing feels great,
what better way is there to enjoy everything?
sticking myself in a smelly box and flushing money
down the toilet do not sound like wise ideas anymore

March 18, 2019 11:34 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Just a Fading Fucking Reminder

I thought I knew
what time it was before
it was “six in the morning”
and then it all changed,
maybe for better and
maybe for worse...

It’s like we were running the wrong way
and it suddenly dawned on me

Debbie Downer actually isn’t me all of the time,
but seeing people proud of shameful ways
feels depressing to me sometimes

Blasting them is like shooting fish in a barrel,
but they need a radical intervention
after a very rude awakening

It’s just a “see ball, hit ball” kinda thing,
writing about what I always see in front of me
whether it’s great beauty or something gross n filthy

March 17, 2019 6:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

O Nothing

Everything is always so filthy,
wind blows and rain falls,
but it gets dirty again
with a black soot,
a darkened hue,
bugs and beasts
must live in the muck
and it doesn’t seem right

Stretching my spine, ready to fast,
keeping my temple in order
and wondering about the future

They may call me snowflake or tree-hugger,
but what about the filthy world now?

March 14, 2019 11:55 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Lost (Our Love)

Listening to the story,
continuing to hear the pain
and strain from the art outlets
emphasized with keys and minors
ringing out loud until the end of time

March 12, 2019 2:55 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Tattooed INRI Verse

Sitting in a big metal bird,
I am listening to a dissident
and I have about six hours left

Let’s go!
I am ready,
but here I sit,
primed, unafraid, steeled
and stronger every day,
just like the songs say

Smiling faces
fly me far away
because we know
my heart wasn’t built to stay

Another world awaits......