Have you ever wondered why some animals quit eating food for periods of time?

Friday, October 28, 2016 9:01 AM HST - Posted by Jason

40 Day Fast Wrap-Up

On Monday I rode my bike to the store to get some groceries and it was taxing, but I enjoyed it. The trip took two hours and I spent about two hours in food preparation. I know I have to eat eventually, but it requires a lot of time. At least cooking is something that I enjoy, so it does not feel like hard work.

I boiled a dozen organic eggs and they are chilling for tomorrow. See my blog for my hard-boiled egg recipe. I also cut organic broccoli into pieces and separated organic chips, macadamia nuts and sunflower seeds into portion sizes (some with organic raisins and coconut flakes). I rehydrated organic pinto beans for eight hours, cooked them for four hours and stored them in the frig. I cooked a big chunk (48 ounces) of tofu in bread-sized pieces and seared it with sesame oil.

Before I slept I cooked dried, organic pinto beans and they turned out well. I made delicious, healthy burritos with half of them and I might take some on the road. A few years ago I went on a long trip and brought lots of bean burritos and they kept well for a few days without refrigeration as I drove across the country.

Since I only have a few more days left on this island, it is good to have my grocery shopping and most of my food preparation for the week complete. I wrote a menu for the first two days, but I haven’t stuck to it. I may blog my organic pancake recipe if it tastes good. Organic blueberries, oatmeal, yogurt, cinnamon and coconut should spice up the batter.

Who are your favorite bands?

Who are your favorite bands?

I have so many that it is hard to list. Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Switchfoot, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are some of my favorite rock bands. I could go on and on because there are 100s (new and old). Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding and Rihanna are probably my favorite pop-alternative-soft rock singers. As for country music, I like Taylor Swift, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Luke Bryan. Ice-T, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, N.W.A., Eminem and DJ Quik will always be my favorite rappers.

In the beginning of my fast, I grew a beard for more than three weeks and shaved it. It was thick and it took some time to shave the whole thing, but I have been shaving weekly since then. I will probably shave every day next month, so I have enjoyed giving my face a rest. I like a close shave or 1-2 day stubble sometimes.

Growing up and attending churches, I learned about the death penalty and how some Bible verses supposedly support it. I have recently analyzed the verses again and I don’t think they are a good argument for the death penalty. In fact, I don’t think I believe in the death penalty at all and most countries have banned it or stopped it.

In America, states are running out of lethal injection drugs because drug makers don’t want their products used, so some states are bringing back execution methods like firing squads. 19 states have banned the death penalty (aka capital punishment).

These verses are not specific. I looked up the Greek words for some perspective and cross-referenced them with the rest of the New Testament as well. Regardless of what it could have meant, it would be wise to take it in context and understand that it applied to 1st century people and has little to do with us. We should also remember that the New Testament was not written like an unbiased news article, but like a poorly constructed, persuasive speech.

I fought some dehydration especially toward the end of my fast and I could tell because my urine was yellow. I kept drinking water, but I needed to drink a little more. It is easier to stay hydrated when I eat because food often contains water in some form. When Jesus finished his 40 day fast, the Bible says that he thirsted and it makes good sense.

A year or two ago I bought a bathing suit that was too small for me and I think that I probably fit into it now. It is on another island, so I will have to wait and see, but it is rad and it has a 28 inch waist. A few times I had considered returning it, but I am glad that I didn’t because I could use a new bathing suit and that one is unique. I think that my suit will fit well now too.

When I sat down to eat and break my fast after 6:22 p.m., Stairway to Heaven began to play. I had programmed several Led Zeppelin songs to play and that one was up. Later I watched Jimmy Page talk about the creation of that song on BBC on Youtube. They were an epic band.

Here is a list of random things that I was able to accomplish during the fast.

* Got a replacement social security card
* Got an 808 phone number
* Got my cavity refilled with white filling
* Lost about 20 pounds
* Healed my infected gum and root
* Cured athlete’s foot on both feet
* Cured skin infections on both legs
* Saved money
* Saw and filmed beautiful geckos
* Took pictures of amazing flowers
* Experienced living on the windward side
* Experienced living in a suburb with a bike
* Experienced an outdoors shower and toilet
* Experienced using catchment and well water
* Experienced living in one of the rainiest cities
* Got a haircut, manicure and pedicure
* Wrote several poems for my 10th poetry book
* Pre-paid for some Internet services
* Connected with people that are unable to eat
* Designed a new website
* Designed a new password protected landing page
* Password protected my backups folder
* Broadcasted first Periscope video
* Created a series of unique fasting blogs
* Got a replacement ATM card

Before the fast I saw and filmed an active volcano and after the fast I ate some organic food that I had never eaten before. Kilauea erupting was surreal and some people that live nearby think that it will flow through the city again some day.

Good luck and don’t underestimate what you can do.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 8:08 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 40

Thanks for following my fasting journal. I will write one last entry, but it is over. I made it and it went well.

Good luck.

Monday, October 24, 2016 5:57 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 39

There are about 37 hours to go and I already wrote a grocery list.

My trip to Hilo, Hawaii went well, but it was not uneventful. If you want to see pics, I uploaded 50 of them to my blog. There are lots of amazingly beautiful flowers in Hilo.

My friend dropped me off on one side of Hilo and I shopped and did errands while walking to the other side. In total I walked about eight miles and it was a little taxing because I haven’t eaten or exercised very much in a long time. I never felt dizzy or lightheaded though. I was also adjusting to my new body and probably putting weight on different body parts because my center of balance has changed. Since I lose about .5 pounds a day, I have probably lost 18-20 pounds and I may lose 25 before it is over. It is difficult to say how much water weight I lost and how much will stay off because I could have been retaining extra water with extra fat.

The dentist examined my teeth and refilled a cavity with white filling and it went pretty smoothly. Waiting and filling out forms and the appointment only took about two hours and I could not be happier with the results. In fact they were seeing me on an emergency basis because I needed a root canal, but I healed it before I could walk-in and they decided to fill it anyway. The hole from the previous filling that had eroded was a food trap, so it could easily get infected after I started eating again. I asked the dentist if I was a fantastic flosser and brusher would I still need to get it filled and he said yes.

One guy in a big, raised truck with another dude beside him almost hit me as he pulled into a gas station. We both obviously thought we had the right of way. He did not look very smart, so he probably forgot that the pollution comes out the back end (like his butt), so I made sure he remembered. Hawaii is a leader in pedestrian fatalities and I have a lot of things to think about and do and worrying about getting hit should not be one of them.

On the way back I rode the bus for the first time and it went well. I met some interesting people and we talked about pollution, fasting, food, tea, weed, science, etc. I also spoke to the bus driver because I was the last one to get off the bus. He looked like the "gentle giant" type of Hawaiian and we made small talk.

It was a long day because I left at about 5 a.m. and I did not sleep all night and I returned at about 6 p.m. Fortunately I made it back right before dark because the route from the bus stop to the cabin would have been pitch dark if I would have taken a later bus.

The geckos in Hawaii are beautiful and there are three of them that come and leave the cabin at their whim. However, there is also one albino one. The first time I saw it was in the morning after I woke up. It was sitting on some white tissues on the sofa and I thought it was a dead gecko at first because it didn’t have any color. Its tail was smaller than the others and it ran off when I approached.

A few days ago I saw the albino gecko a couple of times in the ceiling above my seat on the sofa. There is a crack and I looked up and it was looking down on me! It is hard to know what these creatures are thinking, but they all like honey and I have been applying honey to my body and throwing tissues in the trash after I wipe off the excess. To them that appears to be a delicacy. It is also the one and only edible thing that they will find anywhere unless they eat a bug. They have gotten leaner since my fast began because there are no crumbs and no food trash or bugs that are attracted to those things.

When it rains hard the Internet goes off for a few minutes. I think it hits the satellite dish and moves it, but after it recalibrates it comes back on. Since I am on a volcanic island thousands of miles away from everything, I can’t complain.

I had a normal ocular migraine one minute before 1:40 a.m. on Wednesday. I was twisting and looking up toward some light when it happened and it lasted about 5-10 seconds. I simply saw about a dozen little flashes like lightning squiggling a few a times, but my eye doctor said that it is probably nothing to worry about. It is interesting that doctors don’t yet know why the phenomenon occurs.

By using an Excel spreadsheet, I have created a template to keep track of my calorie consumption. On November 1, I am going to write down what I eat and how many calories are in it and stick to a 2,000 calorie a day diet. I should lose a pound a week at that rate because I will be active, but that is the plan until the first of the year and then I will reevaluate it.

Do you use a comma after a preposition? There is a simple rule that is easy to remember. If there are fewer than five words in the prepositional phrase, then you do not use a comma. However, if there are five or more words, then you use a comma.

I like food.

Organic Food I Have
Organic Grocery List
cider cheese
orange soda large eggs
root beer whole wheat tortillas
island fruit Rockstar nonfat milk
macadamia nuts tofu, pickles and salad
Ezekiel bread broccoli and mushrooms
sunflower seeds whole wheat cake flour
dried pinto and black beans yogurt
blueberries shredded coconut
honey lemons, oranges, bananas
whole wheat flour apple cider vinegar
sesame oil tomatoes
vodka raisins

Some of the things that I intend on making include blueberry and coconut pancakes, bean and cheese burritos, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, tofu sandwiches with sesame oil, hard-boiled eggs, omelletes, whole wheat tortilla chips with sesame oil, some sort of mixed salad and maybe oatmeal raisin cookies. It should be exciting and it may give birth to a new recipe or two.

I will probably only post one or two more messages in this 40 day fast journal. Tomorrow at 6:22 p.m. I will break the fast because it will be exactly 40 days. I will take some pictures and a video or two. If you want to read some new poetry, I blogged one yesterday and I will blog another one this morning.

Good luck.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 12:03 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 34

Jason Gastrich

What does your poop smell like? Guess what mine smells like. It is difficult to describe, but sometimes it is odorless and sometimes it smells a little like honey or bile. If you ever fast like I am be prepared for some (not all) loose bowel movements.

It is fascinating to me that overeating solid food allows your body to store it as fat, but when you burn that fat it is no longer a solid bowel movement. I can attest to that because I have probably lost about 15-20 pounds and I have had only a few very small bowel movements. I have been drinking copious amounts of fluids and urinating a lot (which doesn’t really smell like anything), but I do not think the fat is exiting that way either. It appears to be burning into nothing as my body needs fuel.

When my 40 day fast ends and I leave, I will have avoided food for nearly half of the time that I have spent in Hawaii island. I will be here a total of 88 days (87 if you count the days when I came and go as half-days), which is about 46%. There are many great reasons for my fast, but two of them are saving time and money. When I have more time I get more things accomplished and not having to leave to visit the store, buy food, store and prepare it and eat it has saved me many hours. Also, since organic food is very expensive in Hawaii I likely saved between $500-$750.

One benefit of my fast is it has allowed my body to repair a tooth and gum issue. My white filling eroded in about 10 years like the dentist predicted and it has needed to be refilled. Unfortunately, I have not gotten it done and it has been open for about two years and it is a food trap. Over time it became infected and about a month ago I noticed that the infection was bad and spreading, so I started sucking on organic rooibos tea bags and it went away. This is not to say I am in the clear yet though. It is difficult to get rid of an infection that is under a tooth and in between teeth, but I am working on it. On Thursday, I have a dentist appointment to get it filled and my teeth cleaned and I hope I don’t need anything else. I do not like shots or antibiotics and I definitely don’t want a root canal if I can avoid it.

For safekeeping I have uploaded my .mp3 files to my server, so I can download them to other machines and indefinitely hear them anywhere. However, I have duplicates of some of them, so I am making sure that I delete the duplicates. Most of them are ripped from CDs that I purchased and it was a long process to convert them to .mp3 files, but it was worth it. It appears that I have over 7,000 songs, which makes sense because I have spent a lot of money on music over the years.

I am very happy that I am not subject to any company’s "cloud" server. Clouds are insecure (as we have seen in the news) and I do not want to depend on a third party’s quirks and rules to get my files. For instance, I have no interest in downloading, installing or using iTunes. It is a memory hog and I have no use for its intrusions. I think that Apple should add a micro SD card slot to iPhones, so people can have easy, unhindered access to their data.

During my fast about a dozen times I have drank 1-2 ounces of organic vodka. I don’t think it did any harm and it may have done some good. Usually I swallow some organic honey first to pave the way for the hard, straight drink. It does not give me much of a buzz, but I think it could clean out my insides like rubbing alcohol cleans the outside of my body. I know it’s not exactly the same, but all alcohol cleanses and I won’t drink rubbing alcohol.

Do you like stories?

Do you like stories? Who doesn’t like stories.

Before the 1900s, my dad’s German side of the family lived in Germany. However, after the Nazis starting rising in the early 1900s, they changed their last name at least twice and came to America. Before I was born my family’s last name was Gastreich and the translation may mean "rich guest". My name Jason means "healer", but I digress. Since my family was German and lived in Germany it seems odd that their name would be "rich guest". Nonetheless, that is the earliest version of my last name that I know of.

My elderly aunt Dixie in Hollywood, Florida told me a wild story when I was a child. It was probably inappropriate to tell a child, but I think that aging people sometimes impart sensitive information when they think that they may not get another chance. On a visit to her house from California, she said that she researched it and was married to a Jew for many years and she may have discovered (or concluded) that one of my great, great grandparents may have had a relationship with a high-ranking Nazi officer which may have resulted in a child, so they changed their name and left Germany to escape. I was in my early teens, but I recall her telling me that story when my mom was temporarily elsewhere and saying it probably was not Adolf Hitler.

Dixie is not on my dad’s side of the family because she is on my mom’s side. Nobody on my dad’s side of the family has ever said anything like that and when I told my dad the story he shook his head no and said she is getting old and a little batty and sometimes says things that are not true. Therefore, I took it with a grain of salt and filed it under "unlikely". Something obviously happened, so maybe I can figure it out one day. She also said that I may be related to the Jews that were being persecuted in Nazi Germany, but I don’t think that there is any evidence for that either.

Speaking of stories, I have published three books of short stories and I am preparing to publish a fourth one. On September 14, 2012, I published one called The Plan and it was about the situation in Benghazi, Libya that happened two days earlier. You can buy A Brand New World: The First 15 Months (in Kindle, paperback or ebook formats) and other books of mine by clicking the Books link on top of this page. However, you can read the story below because I figured it’d be relevant to post it now because presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of State) initially lied about it and the media repeated her lies, but I was not buying it.

The Plan

"Just give them what they need, father," Ramin said to his dad Amin.

"Son, you don’t know what you’re asking. Do you hear yourself? You’re asking for a world war," Amin declared.

"No, I’m not. I just think this could be the beginning of something great. Our people need to rise up. They’ve been getting the worst end of everything for too long. The ugliest, hottest part of the world. The disgusting filth the Great Satan’s excessive cravings have given us. We’ve felt them polluting our hearts and minds while we push back and," he said until Amin held up his right hand.

"Sit down," he said. With his head in his hand, he began to speak.

"If we give them weapons and they kill some Americans, they could send an army of troops over here," Amin said.

"They won’t! Plus, by that time, there will be protests and demonstrations all over the world! Our allies in the brotherhood will be encouraged and they’ll do the same thing!" he said with indignance and continued.

"We won’t tolerate their troops on our land, anyway. Will we? I don’t think the people will allow it," young Ramin said.

"You know the answer to that. If they pay enough, they can put troops throughout Libya. Will the people get upset? Sure. They might even riot, but the government will be getting paid extra. Plus, we get a lot of money in aid from the United States. Remember, we have to play the game with them or we don’t get it," Amin said to his son.

President Amin was happy to train his son in his ways. He knew one day he’d be unable to rule, so he wanted to teach Ramin everything and he did. Ramin remembered how powerful his dad was. Being the president’s son was a big responsibility, but being the president was an even bigger one.

"So, let’s do this," the president said in a hushed voice. "Let’s start small and we’ll give them a couple rocket launchers and see what happens. I’ll have them shipped in unmarked crates and they’ll be there in the morning."

As he walked out of the room, he yelled back, "Let the brotherhood know!" Ramin got excited. Would people get hurt? Maybe, but it didn’t matter. He believed that if he or any of his brothers die in an act of war they immediately get an extraordinary, heavenly award. This, of course, made no logical sense because the afterlife can only be assumed and estimated. Nonetheless, this irrational belief had sustained them for hundreds of years in submission and in the desert, so they weren’t going to abandon it without a fight.

The next day, the rocket launchers arrived and were used to shoot at the United States embassy in Libya, killing four Americans and damaging several structures. Subsequently, protests, riots and religiously motivated murders on Americans ensued in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Gaza and throughout the world.

Good luck. We shall see.

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Day 32

Having under 10 days to go is a mental victory because the days remaining are finally in single digits, but it is even better to know that there is only one week left to go.

On Thursday night, I dabbed some organic honey on my shin and it immediately improved a long-time skin issue. I think it was a collapsed pore and it was on the front of my shin and it looked a little like a pimple. However, it was persistent for a few years and sometimes it would bleed and turn into a scab. I rubbed more honey on it on Friday for good measure, but I am happy to see that this skin thing is almost unnoticeable now.

At the end of Day 30, I took some pics. I had taken some on Day 1 and Day 20, so I figured Day 30 was a good time to take some more. The pic below shows my body from my left side. I am going to wait until Day 40 to release more before and after pics, but I wonder how dramatic the differences will be.

Do you think that the Holocaust happened? When I heard that some people deny the Holocaust I was shocked. I think it happened, but in my experience numbers are usually wrong. Therefore, I think that the numbers of deaths and such could be false. Since I am part German, I would like to visit Germany and perhaps I can gain more insight into what led to Adolf Hitler’s rise and what exactly happened in the aftermath.

The third and final presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is on Wednesday. It’s too bad that it qualifies as a debate and it is too bad that they don’t invite a dozen other candidates. There are many great ideas out there and those two people (and their parties) clearly don’t have all of them. Imagine that.

Illegal immigration is a topic that the candidates have discussed because some people think that it has cost Americans jobs. It probably has because workers have overstayed their visas and eventually gotten better jobs that Americans actually want. You can’t pick organes your entire life, for instance. If the government decides to deport more people I think they should use a "last one in, first one out" policy. If illegal immigrants are so brazen as to sneak in the country after the national outcry against illegal immigration, they need to leave and wait in line like law-abiding immigrants or apply for a waiver if they can prove that they were in a conflict zone.

It appears that my freezer and refrigerator stopped working for several hours due to a power surge. It could have been sabotage too because the circut breaker by the curb was thrown. After it was returned to the original position, it came back on, but sadly my frozen bananas were lost. Luckily, I salvaged the organic, frozen blueberries and organic drinks that I am saving for after my fast.

When I came to this cabin, I did not want to use the refrigerator and freezer because I had gotten used to life without them and I knew that they require a lot of energy. However, the landlord said he wanted to keep it on to prevent mold, so I decided to put a few things in it and make some ice cubes. It would be wise for single people to use a small, personal refrigerator until we convert to clean energy though.

Do you smoke weed?

Do you smoke weed? Since doctors are "recommending" it for a wide variety of medical conditions, marijuana is obviously a beneficial herb. I am fascinated by the way that zero cases of lung cancer have been associated with smoking weed. I think it is because of the healthy qualities in the plant that offset the potential harm. Part of the human body consists of carbon and smoking pot injects more carbon into your body, which probably is not a big deal. The challenge with smoking pot is heat management because it is an expectorant and it will pull junk out of your lungs, but you could add to it if you burn your insides with hot air. Water pipes and some vaporizers attempt to remedy this problem.

Manuka honey is supposed to arrive tomorrow and it is taking a little longer than they thought. I cannot recalling using UMF certified honey, so I am starting with UMF 5+. I will ingest it orally and rub it on some places to see what it does. It is renowned for its healing properties from New Zealand, so I am interested to see its effects.

Organic honey may have cured the black toenail fungus that found its way under my big toenail. I rubbed the honey into the spaces between the skin and the nail 2-3 times a day for about 2-3 weeks and it looks gone now. I don’t like using prescription or over-the-counter medicine, so I am happy that this has worked, but I will continue to treat it a little longer.

Instead of returning the local, dried, organic turmeric, I decided to simply throw away the diseased pieces. I only found little five pieces with tiny black moldy dots on them. The rest looked good, so I ground it and spent an hour making about 120 gel capsules. I also made about 100 organic garlic caps. Those are the only supplements that I regularly take, so I am set now.

I had never ground turmeric before, but as soon as I did it became pungent. I have a little left, so after my fast I may sprinkle it on some food or cook with it. When I ate meat, I used to apply turmeric to meals like chicken and tuna fish, but I may be able to put it on something else now.

Friday, October 14, 2016 1:41 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 28

I have not eaten for a short month and I feel great.
A few days ago I ran out of organic turmeric because Island Naturals did not have any more. However, they had dried, local organic turmeric, so I bought it. I didn’t realize until later that it had some little black spots on a couple of pieces. I did some research and it is common for it to get moldy when it is made this way, but I don’t think I want to consume it.
Since I was unable to return to the store, I threw it in another plastic bag and put it in the freezer. It was only $6 and I don’t like returning things like that unless I immediately do it, so I might just throw it away. I have already purchased many great things from the same store.
On November 1, I will begin an exciting and challenging maintenance program. I will be getting used to my new body size and shape while trying to maintain the health gains and add on to them. Therefore, I will need to exercise and eat a limited amount of organic food each day. I am 100% ready though and I already have a flexible plan laid out.
On my forehead I have had some skin lesions that the skin doctor has removed by freezing. It is a fairly ordinary practice for people with fair skin and I have 2-3 little places on my face that could be removed. However, I started treating them with organic honey the other day and I hope to get some good results, so I don’t have to see a doctor. We’ll see what happens.
Can you believe that I hated talking on the phone so much in Honolulu that I would walk or ride my bike places instead of calling in advance 100% of the time? It made life a certain way and I liked it. However, I get 250 free cell phone minutes each month, so I am thinking about using them a little more often.
On the next island, if they save me a bike ride and a walk through a large store, that is a lot of time saved. I would typically wait and lump my visits together, so I never wasted a trip to the store, but sometimes I must go for one or two things.
Sucking on organic rooibos tea bags and doing some other things has healed my inner gum! I am so happy to see it too because it was worrisome and I thought that I might have to get an antibiotic shot or even a root canal. These are the things that I did that make it go away:

* Sucked on 3-4 organic rooibos tea bags a day on the infected spot for 2-3 weeks (usually after I brewed them for tea)
* Pulled organic sesame oil about a dozen times, each time for at least 15-20 minutes
* Drank water, unsweetened organic coffee and organic tea and occasionally some apple cider vinegar
* Brushed my teeth, tongue and flossed
* Rinsed and gargled with sea salt and water
* Rinsed and gargled with hydrogen peroxide and water (50/50)
* Daily took self-made gel caps with 1.5 to 3.5 grams of organic turmeric powder/black pepper and organic garlic powder/granules
An Indian girl that I met on Twitter said that her dad pulls organic oil every day. It is good for your health because it brings out toxins as the healthy oil absorbs them. You could also use organic flaxseed oil, organic olive oil, etc. If you have gum disease or an infection in your mouth I think it would be wise to try it as well. Lately, I have been ingesting less honey, but not on purpose. I simply use it sporadically to stave off upset stomachs. It is also medicinal, so squirting some into my mouth only helps. However, I did not have a bowel movement for about three days until yesterday and it was very small and obviously just used honey. This is normal when you don’t eat any food and it has been one less thing to think about. I experienced some gas in the last few days and I think it may be because of the fat that I am burning. The first fat was likely organic fat from the organic food that I had been eating for the last three years.
These are things that Hillary Clinton has recently said that I think would be a good idea.

* No tax increase if you make under $250,000/year
* No more ground troops in Syria
* 500 million solar panels
* Free college tuition if you make under $125,000/year
* Expanding ACA to become universal healthcare
Donald Trump has proven that he has at least one billion dollars. He may have more too, but it is likely difficult to add all of his money and assets because they are in different parts of the world and their value fluctuates. Nonetheless, when he won the Republican nomination Trump started relying on GOP funds instead of his own to fund his campaign. I think this shot him in the foot because he has much more money (and probably less baggage) than the GOP. Perhaps it just goes to show what many of us forget. Very rich people love money and they want more money and they grudgingly let go of what they have.
Trump made fun of other candidates for using a teleprompter and then began using one. He bragged about using his own money to fund his campaign and then he began relying on the GOP’s money. I think Trump’s accusations against the GOP candidates had some merit, but nobody ever gives money without expecting something in return. A pastor of a Southern Baptist church told me that in private. Consequently, his bragging about being independent and being unable to be bought falls flat now. The GOP is paying his way and will expect x, y and z from him.
Sadly, most of Trump’s ideas sound like they were conjured in the 1950s. For instance, he wants to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency and see the resurgence of dirty energy and I have not heard one word about renewable energy. America reportedly has gas reserves to last 100 years, but it would be wise to keep them in the ground and switch to clean energy now. Trump is not the only one with an antiquated picture of ideal America, but many others see things the same way which probably goes to show how much they have been lied to and how gullible they are.
Donald Trump has said little that I like, but his strength is drawing attention to things that America needs to fix. He has untested plans to fix things, but at least he has been able to identify things like immigration and infrastructure that need fixing because political candidates don’t always do that. Nonetheless, things like that need to get fixed as soon as possible because our enemies and nature itself could exploit the country’s weaknesses.
In and around the cabin that I am living in, I have found all kinds of interesting bugs and animals. It is in an undeveloped area of Hawaii and there is lush rainforest everywhere. I’ve seen crickets, frogs, fruit flies, mosquitoes, cats, ants, spiders, fleas, geckos, cockroaches (flying and terrestrial), chameleons and several unidentifiable bugs. I can also see about 20 different plant species and many different birds from my window and it is gorgeous. Needless to say it feels close to nature. My organic shirt is comfortable and I wish that I could easily buy organic clothes. I would start with socks, underwear and shirts because they stay close to my skin. I might buy some online, but they are more expensive and I might have to get white shirts. Buying organic cotton and having them dye it seems foolish. They are about $5-6 a shirt and some people don’t ship to Hawaii. I’m disappointed that zero local stores and big box stores carry organic clothing (in the mainland and here). I bought my organic shirt at a roadside stand in Waikiki and it was not even made in America.
Speaking of America, the TSA is making me decide which four liquids to bring on the plane. They only allow four, 4-ounce containers. What would you take? I bought large bottles of organic soap and organic sesame oil, so I will probably take eight ounces of each or perhaps three containers of soap and one spray bottle with oil in it. Unlike the airport in Molokai, they actually search you in Hilo. Maybe you guys are just idiots and that’s why I look like I am God to you, Jesus. Did Jesus ever say that? Are you sure?

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Day 26

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela
There are nearly two weeks to go until I break the fast.

I have been resting a little more lately. When I pushed my body on a bike ride last week, my legs had extra lactic acid for about 24 hours, which is normal. However, I have been keeping odd hours and staying up all night sometimes. I like to vary things and I have even taken a nap or two.

Do you ever get the feeling that politicians are fighting the wrong battles? I do because the air is not clean, we still build, sell and use war machines and the food is unpure, for examples. It seems like their priorities are wrong and that may contribute to why Americans typically give Congress single-digit approval ratings and the Senate barely higher than that.

A few days ago Donald Trump apologized for lewd comments that he was caught saying to Billy Bush in 2005 and some people complained about his apology. Everybody should be weighed on their own merit, but it is a pet peeve of mine when people want a better apology. Some people never apologize and others are bad at it. I cannot imagine that Trump gives heartfelt apologies very often, so the fact that he apologized was noteworthy. In my experience, people have used apologetic confessions to hold people down by saying that they need to say it better or do penance and I think those people miss the point of an apology.

I created a new launch page for my links because I like to access them anywhere and open all of the web pages that I like to use. I password protected it and embedded my calendar on the page too. Where is it located? That’s a secret. It took a little time, but it was worth it and it looks great. It is one of the few web pages that I have made that I hope that nobody ever sees. There is nothing terribly private on it, but my links help me quickly get around the Internet and my calendar shows me what’s going on from any computer in the world.

Did you know that hops are good for you? The bitter herb that they use in many beers has been used for a long time to heal. They say that hops have anti-inflammatory and estrogenic effects, antioxidant activity and anti-tumor and anti-infection properties. Therefore, I drank some organic hops a few days ago to put them to the test and they were good.

When I healed the skin infections on my inner thighs with organic honey, another nearby skin infection a few inches away healed on its own. I was pleasantly surprised, so I treated it with some honey once or twice to make sure, but it is definitely gone. It was under hair, so I know I didn’t accidentally treat it or it would have been sticky and I would have remembered. Thank God that I have never had an infection on my scrotum or penis, but with ones that close I was a little concerned.

It appears that organic honey has cured the toenail fungus that I had around one big toenail. It is difficult to tell if it is completely well or not, so I am going to keep treating it until I get a pedicure and then I will wait to see if it returns or not. I think that will reveal whether it worked or not. It has not been a horrible case, but it has been persistent for a few months without any medicine.

Columbus Day was on Monday and it is also know as Discoverers’ Day in the islands. Recently the holiday has been increasingly scrutinized because of Columbus’ record with the Indians. He was a brave explorer, but far from an angel regarding the way he treated people.

On September 15, I started my fast at sunset and it was 6:22 p.m. Since the sun sets a little earlier every day, when I end the fast on October 25 the sunset will happen at 5:50 p.m. To make the fast 40 literal days I am going to fast an extra 32 minutes before I stop, but I will start preparing food earlier in the day.

On Friday, some shipments from are finally arriving. I don’t mind the wait too much if they get here because I understand that I am in a remote location. It took some of the sellers awhile to confirm and ship things and I thought that some of them might refuse to ship to Hawaii. However, it looks like I have shipments arriving and one should be here this week. I am expecting UMF 5+ Manuka honey, a hoodie, bandanas, a SD card reader, organic peppercorns, Brita water bottle filters, laptop adapter, an epic bike lock and a guitar strap. Basic supplies.

Since I will travel from Hawaii to Honolulu with only carry-on bags, I didn’t want to order anything large or "dangerous". I had to avoid ordering disposable razor blades because the TSA does not allow them in carry-on luggage. I also cannot bring honey onboard if it is over 4 ounces. However, I will have two weeks to consume it, so that should be enough time.
Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

Blue Hawaiian Gumamela

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Day 24

23 full days of not eating are complete. That means that there are about 17 days to go and I was thinking...

Illegal immigration is a hot topic in politics right now. In America, people are mainly concerned about Mexicans and Central Americans illegally crossing the southern border. People are also concerned about refugees that come to America from countries that have terrorists.

Growing up in San Diego, California, which is a border city with Tijuana, Mexico, I had a unique look at the illegal immigration problem progressively getting worse. I saw news reports and heard stories about people tunneling here, running drugs, crossing in wheel wells of cars, etc. I crossed the border and visited Mexico dozens of times and never saw anything like that, but the border patrol is very strict and thorough regarding entry to America. They always stop me and ask me questions about the reason for my visit and they have searched my trunk before too. There are certain laws regarding what you can and can’t bring back to America, so they enforce them and make sure that illegal aliens don’t enter.

One problem is the border wall stops and doesn’t cover the whole southern border and some of it is not monitored well enough. Another problem is the war on drugs that we led and gave to Mexico. It is destroying their country via drug cartels and drugs have been sent into America from Mexico by countless drug dealers. In San Diego there was a grade of weed called Mexican aka Mexi and it was a lower grade weed because they grew it outside in fields in 55-gallon trash cans and it sometimes got a little pollinated by the wind and you got a seed or two, further degrading it. It was the cheap stuff.

As for Syrian refugees, I think it is a tragedy that the U.S. is in Syria. It is not our war. Nobody asked us to be there. Syria asked Russia to be there. John Kerry said there is no military solution to the war. The war is causing sieges and starvation. I think that America should win the war and redraw the Syrian map or pull out and let them take care of it. If America is playing politics, it will never end and it is the civilians that are suffering the most.

If the U.S. wants to keep bombing (e.g. paying to keep military in Syria, dropping bombs, training "rebels", etc.), they should help to relocate civilians that are in harm’s way. I would doubt that America is the best place for them since it is thousands of miles away and they may not speak English or want to come here. However, the U.S. can build a facility there for them to take refuge in until the war is over or until a local shelter is found.

This gecko likes to get really close to me and stare. It has even jumped on me twice and licked my foot a couple of times.

I had an ocular migraine that lasted several minutes. It was trippy because I saw colors in the upper left corner of my vision. It looked like every color of the rainbow and appeared like neon lights in store windows or stained glass in a Catholic cathedral. I used to keep a journal of when I had them, but they rarely happen. Never before had I gotten one this colorful or one that lasted this long. Usually they last seconds and they look a little like the game Asteroids with a few asteroids shooting in different directions. I have talked to my eye doctor about them and he does not think they are anything to worry about, but I think something on the computer screen may have trigged this one.

I imagine that on Day 35 I will look roughly like what I will look like in the days following my fast. I say that because I remember past fasts and because the body weighs less without food in it. When people eat normally their body can have up to a few pounds of food in it that it is digesting. Since I am losing about one pound every two days, I think it will be a similar amount. I am already feeling leaner and I took a seven mile bike ride yesterday that went well.

Roads in Hawaii island have poor bike and walking lanes. Sometimes vegetation grows into them and forces pedestrians in the street. It is dangerous and if drivers are not paying attention they could hit somebody. It is very beautiful except for the cars and most of them stay clear of people, but the roads are clearly set up for cars and pedestrians were an afterthought. That’s a shame because it is bad enough that people that care about their health and the environment have to get polluted on cars and be in danger, but having to be in more danger because the place is overlooked or underdeveloped is sad. I’ll take some pictures on one of my bike trips to illustrate what I am saying.

I registered to vote yesterday because Monday is the last day before the upcoming election in November. I figured that I should do it by Friday to give it enough time to get to Hilo and be processed. I am looking forward to voting, but I still cannot imagine voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

At the health food store, I bought some organic apple cider vinegar, organic apple cider, organic orange soda, organic root beer and some organic garlic powder and granules. I am saving the cider and soda until after the fast because there is sugar added. They will be tempting, but a bunch of white sugar is not what I need or want right now. I also bought this organic tea and it is very tasty.

Apple cider vinegar may increase fat oxidation, contain polyphenol antioxidants and lower blood sugar by causing you to partially digest starch, which likely feeds the good bacteria in your body, so it works as a prebiotic. I bought nine of them at the health food store today and I drank one. They are all organic and in different flavors like lime, cinnamon and honey.

On April 21, 2012, I published an electric guitar cover of Don’t Stop (Color On the Walls) by Foster the People on YouTube. I liked the song as soon as I heard it, but I wanted to jazz it up with crunchy electric guitar. Shortly after I released this cover they released an electric guitar version that is similar.

Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it.

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Day 21

Since it is the halfway point of my fast, I took some pictures. Can you tell the difference?

Yesterday I uploaded two songs to my website by Big Tent Revival and Imagine Dragons. It is interesting how a song can mean one thing one day and another thing later. I guess that is the beauty and mystery of ambiguity.

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization is the final stage. It is attained after all of one’s basic needs are met. It is "the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone." It is basically the point where a person can invest in others and the world around them because all of their needs have been met. Since I had a good childhood, I think that I got to that point in college and I have been that way ever since. It is really a frame of mind.

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? When I lived in San Diego, I paid a monthly fee to Gilden Chiropractic and went unlimited times. It felt good to get my back adjusted as needed and Dr. Ken used the Gonstead technique. He gave me a great piece of advice one time. He said, "If you keep yourself in great shape your body will make its own adjustments." He also said that you can make your own adjustments if you know how. Each time I get lean my back cracks more on its own and it cracks easier, so I think he was right.

I stretch and do a little yoga almost every day. However, I am looking forward to doing it after I finish. Being 20-25 pounds lighter should make it easier to get into poses and easier to hold poses for a longer period of time. Being overweight puts undo pressure on ankles, wrists, knees, etc. I am going to work myself up to longer yoga sessions soon.

Do you ever use Twitter? I like it much better than Facebook because it is an exciting way to learn new information and connect with people around the world. In 2011, I created a Twitter account and it has been an exciting social media journey so far.

One thing that I do on Twitter is visit celebrities’ pages and laugh at the things they write. Some of them just tweet advertisements, but others make a lot of funny jokes. I created a page to easily visit their pages and the link is on the left and called Laugh and Learn.

On the mainland, when I stopped trusting and using lotions and weird chemicals I turned to organic flax seed oil. It was fantastic and I would buy bottles of it at Walmart. However, they stopped carrying it in Hawaii, so I started buying and using organic sesame oil instead and it is fantastic as well.

These are some of the uses that I have found for sesame seed oil.

Uses for Organic Sesame Oil
Moisturizing lotion
Baking and cooking
Oil pulling
Extracting essential oils
Shaving cream and aftershave
Gel caps
Add to oatmeal
Hair conditioner

Stay out of trouble.

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Day 19

A few days ago I uploaded another song of mine and it is called Cut Away. It’s another instrumental jam and I use an acoustic guitar. You can listen to it below.

My body has been colder lately and that is a normal sign of fasting. My body temperature lowers because I am not eating any food and generating the body heat required to digest it, but I don’t mind it too much. A little more clothing or a warm drink helps. The outside temperature is comfortable as well, so that helps too.

If you fast, don’t think that you won’t have to brush your teeth. On the contrary, you need to brush your teeth a little more than usual because of bad breath. Your mouth is burning dead cells too and you need to brush your tongue and your teeth at least twice a day. If you will be around people, you should definitely brush your tongue and gargle something to kill germs. I have been gargling a roughly 50/50 mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. It is an effective, safe, inexpensive mouthwash that doesn’t expose you to lots of weird chemicals.

I have been tasting some funny things, but my body has not been smelling very much. I just scrub on some natural deodorant once or twice a day and I am fine. In the past, I have both smelled really bad all over and not smelled hardly at all like now. The fasts before I ate only organic food were when I smelled, so all fat must not be created equal.

If my calculations are right that I will save $750 by fasting 40 days, I have saved about half of that or $375. It’s hard to know for certain, but when I visited Costco a few days ago, I would have spent about $300 instead of $25. To get a complete organic diet for the month, I would also need to buy about $300 of food at one health food store and $100 at another one.

The money will come in handy (when doesn’t it?) and I intend on donating $100-150 to the Nature Conservancy when I leave this cabin at the end of the month. That is about how much I am costing in electricity for three months, so I am donating to reforestation in North Carolina to cover my carbon footprint. On Charity Navigator it appears that about $7-8 out of every $10 goes to helping the environment and the other part goes to operating expenses, advertising, etc.

It is funny how fat is sort of an investment. I have lost about 10 pounds so far and I am feeling lighter on my feet. When I am finished I will probably walk and it will feel like gliding.

I finished organic coffee beans from Papua New Guinea and I am almost done with organic Ethiopian ones. I will still have some organic Guatemalan and plenty of organic Mexican and German left. I also have several varieties of red and green teas. Everything will likely suffice, but I would not mind trying organic Nicarauguan coffee from the local store because I haven’t had it and $10/pound is a good deal.

Is there anything worse than televison commercials? I hate seeing pharmaceutical drugs advertised on TV. The list of side effects is always laughable, but not funny. We are raising and retiring generations of pill poppers. So, those commercials are crap and if you look at the horrible food advertised, the vehicles that pollute the environment and the chemicals that nobody should touch or smell there are very few good commercials.

For many years I have been backing up my files and hosting websites on a server. After using several smaller companies and learning a lot I went with GoDaddy and I have been using them for a long time. I have never trusted Apple’s Cloud and I never used to backup my files there when I used iPhones and iTunes. After the Cloud was hacked and naked celebrity photos were leaked on the Internet it seemed like I did the right thing.

Hosting your own files is the way to do it. You just use file transfer protocol (FTP) to upload and download them. I have backed up my photos and music on the server for many years and it is always available, no matter what happens to my devices.

Apple’s iCloud
GoDaddy’s Hosting
Does not work with Android Works with any device with FTP
1 TB space: $10/month Unlimited: $10/month
Host no domains Host unlimited domains
Was hacked and leaked photos Was not hacked to our knowledge
Hides music and videos in iTunes Can upload and download all files

I took inventory on the food that I have left and I probably have enough to feed me for the days after the fast before I go. I have organic black beans and organic pinto beans (both dried), organic honey, organic carrots (that might stay good in the refrigerator) and frozen organic bread, organic bananas and organic blueberries. Even though I could probably squeeze out about a week of meals, I think I will buy a few organic things to celebrate the conclusion of my fast. Nothing too decadent, but a few tasty things will be great.

I just noticed that I also have some organic oatmeal and organic sunflower seeds remaining. On my tentative grocery list, I have organic cheese, raisins, orange soda, chocolate, eggs, peanuts, apple cider vinegar and tortillas. I am thinking about making organic bean burritos and organic oatmeal raisin cookies, but we will see. Everything sounds good right now!

Have you ever heard Natalie Tran’s comedy videos on YouTube? She is an Asian girl that lives in Australia and she has produced ten years of videos to entertain people. I think she is hilarious and to spite her cheeky warning that clip art is dead, I’m going to post some old school clip art right now.

Good luck.

Sunday, October 2, 2016 10:00 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 18

Yesterday I drank some organic apple cider vinegar with cinnamon and it was good. It was 32 calories and organic stevia and organic cinnamon were in it. Many reports say that it is good for detoxification and for maintaining good health. It tasted good and I sipped it over the course of an hour or two. I am not drinking any fruit or vegetable juice, so that will be the closest thing to it.

I’m at the end of my organic shampoo and conditioner, so I tried my organic body wash soap on my hair and it worked well. I was a little surprised, but I have a big bottle of it, so I’m stoked. Dr. Bronner’s Almond scent is my favorite and it has coconut, hemp, olive, palm kernel and jojoba organic oils in it. The bars are good too, but the liquid soap has many uses.

Do you ever use encryption? Some countries are battling encryption rights because they apparently don’t think their citizens should be able to anonymously browse the Internet. For instance, France has banned the Tor browser that gives you anonymous access to "95% of the Internet" through proxies around the world. Encryption is also offered on cell phones, for emails and it is a valuable add-on. In the days to come I hope that they don’t take away encryption rights because everything is already very intrusive.

If you fast and ingest nothing except water and organic coffee, tea and honey, this is what your poop may look like (just in case you want to know).

Do you play any instruments? I can play about a dozen of them and I started with piano. I also played flute and trumpet a little when I was young.

In college, I picked up the tenor saxophone and learned how to play it. Eventually I traded it in for my first guitar in 1994 and it was an Oscar Schmidt acoustic dreadnought. A few years later I bought my first electric guitar and then upgraded it a few years later to an American Fender Stratocaster and I still have it today. It’s epic and it might literally sound better with time. I don’t have my Marshall or my Fender amps that I used to have, but I have a Roland Micro Cube.

After I started teaching guitar lessons in San Diego in 2002, I bought a Yamaha keyboard and started playing piano again. After brushing up, I taugt piano lessons too. I also bought a bass guitar for my ex-wife to play, but since she never did I learned how to play it and eventually taught bass lessons. My Ibanez bass guitar was not too expensive, but it sounded good and I used a Korg effects pedal and a Crate amplifier. If a song had a cool bass line in it, I would learn it and sometimes teach it to my students that week.

In 2006, I picked up the drums because I rented an office from a church and they were always in the sanctuary. I took a lesson or two from a good drummer there and eventually figured out how to play them. Sometimes I would teach a guitar lesson and accompany the student with drums to give them a band-feel, if that was their thing. It helped, they liked it and it was fun.

Around 2008 I bought harmonicas in every key and taught myself how to play them. I had played harmonica before and it is simple. Each one is in a different key, so when you know the key that a song is in all you have to do is play the one in that key and every note will sound good.

In the early 2010s, I upgraded the keyboard to the M-Audio Venom 49 synthesizer and it was fun to play. Sliding in between notes is a great feature with the pitch bend wheel. Katy Perry’s song called Roar is a good example of using one. Check it out.

I also bought and learned how to play the congas, a rainstick, shakers and the tambourine.

What do you think about President Obama’s reign?
This is what I think.

The Good
The Bad
New Hawaii and New England marine sanctuaries No action on marijuana legalization
Vetoed Keystone XL pipeline Approves Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Restricted oil shale and tar sands development United States Postal Service is bankrupt
Halted coal mining leases on public lands Has been unable to radically reduce gun violence
Signed and ratified the Paris Agreement Taxpayer money for warrantless wiretapping caught nobody
Will see the U.S. national debt double to $20 trillion
The birth and rise of ISIS in light of U.S. interests
Obamacare offers no dental care
Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) still has 61 prisoners

If you fast, you should consider eating some sea salt. Your body needs salt to perform its daily functions and when I chew up and swallow a few pinches of it with a glass of water, I feel more aware and like normal. I would not substitute table salt though because there are strange additives in it.

Imagine if you could read everything this fast.

Sometimes if you want to know what a graphic is you can right click it, choose "Inspect" and look at the file name and it might give you a hint.

I will probably upload about 40 new pics to my blog soon. They will compose Photo Album 59. I already have about 34 pics ready to go. This was going to be one of them, but I decided to put it here first. This is a gecko that visits me from time to time.

Thursday, September 30, 2016 5:55 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 15

Hawaiian flower

I took a break from daily blogging and visited the other side of the island, so I haven’t written in a few days, but I am well.

This is Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. It is close to where I am living and it is an active volcano.

After about three weeks of growth, I shaved most of my beard. My razors became dull and it was difficult without clippers, but I have left a fu manchu for a few days. I’m probably going to reshape it and eventually shave it all off.

Fu Manchu

Speaking of hair, my hair is getting long, but I am going to maintain its length soon. I want to put it back in a ponytail, so I can stop growing it after my bangs get a few inches past my chin. The back is plenty long now, but the bangs barely reach to the end of my chin.

Hair is a fun way to express yourself. I have grown my hair long a few times and I usually donate it to Locks of Love. If you are considering a major haircut, you should look into them because they help kids with no hair.

My body has already changed quite a bit on the fast and I can see more definition. I just looked at my pictures from Day 1. At the end of Day 20, I will take some more pics because it will be the halfway point of my fast. I will wear the same thing and stand in the same place the same way and do it again at the end.

Organic Hawaiian honey

While I was in Hilo, I visited a great health food store called Abundant Life. They were selling lots of delicious, organic food that I could not buy because I am fasting. However, I bought the organic honey pictured above and it is tasty. I drink very small amounts from time to time and I occasionally swish it around inside my mouth for 10 minutes. This local honey has a thick consistency, so that may make it harder to swish.

Honey is 86 calories an ounce and it is good for many purposes. It has literally healed four skin lesions or abnormalities. I think the ones on top of my feet were athlete’s foot that was accidentally spread from the bottom of my foot with oil. The other two on my inner thighs that may have been yeast infections completely cleared up and went away in about a week of honey treatment. Both of them had been stubborn and with me for months. Now I have no more skin issues like those and I have discovered the healing power of honey and the human body.

I have a few theories regarding why organic sesame oil did not heal the skin problems. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin well, but I think it may have been feeding and partially sustaining the infections. I also think that since the oil has a high smoke point and conducts heat, instead of the infection getting air and cool temperatures it got more inflamed with oil. I am happy that it is no longer a concern and I am in the process of healing other things, but more on that later.

I’m a fan of the news and I think I always will be. Growing up, my dad and I watched the news and talked about it. He knew all sorts of insightful things and would explain stories and back stories to me. Most of the time we watched local San Diego news that also talked about the world a little.

When I was betrayed by the government in 2011, I became very interested in journalism. In the horrible experience, I realized that bad things go on behind the scenes as far as spying, entrapment, red tape, the system, etc. are concerned. Now I want to know what is going on everywhere and the news link on the left side of the page will help you do the same thing.

There are a lot of interesting anchors on TV news stations. Some of my favorites are Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, Erin Burnett, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Megyn Kelly and Jake Tapper. There are lots of good ones though and I like new ones as well. I don’t have many expectations when I watch the news, but I get many different messages from the broadcast and I interpret, consider and apply or reject them.

In Hawaii, I have listened to the radio a lot. While I lived in Honolulu, I heard all sorts of amazing reggae and alternative music. They have some great stations there. I also like listening to talk radio.

Hawaii Public Radio is a great company because they offer commercial-free music and news 24-hours a day. They broadcast a couple of other things as well, but there are never commercials, so I have been happy to donate to them. I have also learned a lot in their news programming and it helps me stay on top of things.

Geckos like to climb stuff. Here is living proof.


Sunday, September 25, 2016 12:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 10

I have been a sports fan and an athlete since I was a kid. Growing up in San Diego, I quickly became a fan of Chargers and Aztecs football, Padres baseball, Clippers basketball, Gulls hockey and Sockers’ soccer. My dad has great season tickets to the Chargers, so I have been lucky enough to go to a lot of their games. An epic tailgate party always goes down beforehand, but I digress.

Playing tackle football before you finish growing is dangerous. You could stunt or change your growth. That’s what happened to me in Pop Warner football in between 7th and 8th grades. It was a cheap shot too, but the injury may have taken a few inches off of my height. My recollection and interpretation of those events have evolved over time, but I remember it all too well. I grew five inches that summer, so unfortunately it happened during a growth spurt. In retrospect and in light of reality and CTE cases, I think it is a really bad idea for legal guardians to let the kid they are trying to keep healthy and strong play a violent game like tackle football where they could easily sustain a life-threatening injury.

There is too much war and not enough peace. It seems like each country lacks a delegate focused entirely on keeping the peace and making peace. Things could head that direction, but like they say, it could get worse before it gets better.

I think dirty energy has been holding clean energy back for decades. A number of energy sources can fuel our transportation and homes, but businesses have chosen and the government has allowed the cheapest ones that pollute the most. Since they are entrenched in providing this energy (e.g. politicians and others have stocks in them, make deals with them, etc.) and since the amount of pollution and the environmental and fiscal cost of pollution were either unknown, underestimated or concealed, there has not been a rush to renewable energy. Also, since US’ foreign policies led to record low prices for oil, people seem to find it easier to disregard what burning gasoline is doing to the planet.

What if global climate change actually makes places like Saudi Arabia or Russia more habitable? That is what seems to be happening and that is why it was renamed climate change instead of global warming. Some hot places are cooling and some cold places are warming. Since they have lots of oil reserves they are probably in no hurry to move to clean energy.

Someone on Twitter approached me with a document that he was writing about big money behind some bands. It made sense, but it was sort of rambling and difficult to understand him. Nonetheless, it helped to confirm what I already knew that these new bands aren’t simply talented like millions of others, but they are also backed by millionaires that do as much as choose the songs and words for them.

Speaking of Twitter, I enjoy connecting with people on there. I learn through my searches and connections. It is also a good place to have friendly debates and discussions from time to time. The poll feature is interesting because you can get people to quickly vote on something. As I write this, I am waiting to see the results of a 15 minute poll about smoking cigarettes. The results may surprise you.

Last night, I shot my first Periscope video. Somehow a frog came inside, so I restarted the song that I was listening to because it had a cool intro and I grabbed the camera. When I got close to the frog, it started jumping and it jumped several times.

While I have lived in Hawaii, I have experimented with different sleeping patterns. My body does well with the typical 7-8 hours at night, but sometimes I get creative at night and stay up all night. I even decided to sleep days for many months in Honolulu because there were fewer cars at night and the nights were peaceful and beautiful.

Here on Hawaii island, the satellite dish Wi-Fi is faster at night, so I’m going to sleep during the day and I will be more productive online. I just started the transition and it is working pretty well. It’s not that hard to do when you live on the edge of a distant island that is many time zones away from the mainland and others. With this routine I should be able to catch BBC’s Outside Source that airs at midnight. I have been listening to it for a couple of years and it’s informative and brings me stories that I wouldn’t normally hear. Many of them are related to the UK, but others are about the US, the UN, countries they colonized and important issues.

It would be great if society would stay open 24-hours. If things like libraries, grocery stores and more businesses stayed open all night more things would get done. It could help the economy too. That was one disappointing thing in Honolulu. After midnight there were no places to go for organic coffee and Wi-Fi and few places that even had Wi-Fi.

One exciting aspect of my website is the photo albums. On my blog, I upload about 30-40 pics every week or two. Some are original .gif files that I make and others are still screenshots or interesting photos I find online. Around Hawaii I find all kinds of things to shoot. I just uploaded 36 new pics to Photo Album #58 and they are from the last 12 days and one was recently taken of me.

I ran out of organic garlic a few days ago, so I have been only using organic turmeric with organic black pepper supplements. Turmeric is good at fighting inflammation, but if they really studied it lots of people would use it instead of pharmaceutical drugs because it works better without side effects. If you research its health benefits you will see what I mean. In 2016, there is no excuse for turmeric’s medicinal qualities to be anecdotal and keep citing the ancient Indians and their practices, as if to make it sound more foreign to Americans. Anyways, I just ate two grams of them because they work. They relieve inflammation all over the body and they are safe. I buy the powder and make my own gel caps though because most of the supplements on shelves are bogus. 21% are legitimate according to a study.

The funny thing is that some companies are worried about artificial colors and they are starting to use turmeric, which is bright orange, for coloring. It is a healthier option and it would be ironic if the food coloring industry began using turmeric before the scientific industry called it what it really is.

I’ve been drinking several cups of organic rooibos, herbal tea each day and sucking on the tea bag. Rooibos has antioxidants in it, no caffeine and it is from a bush in Africa. Sometimes it is known as red tea. I have three varieties and most of them are plain, a few have organic vanilla and one has organic: cardamom pod, cinnamon bark, ginger root, clove bud and stevia leaf. It is tasty and called Chai Rooibos by Yogi.

In a little more than 24 hours, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will engage in their first presidential debate. I am looking forward to watching or listening to it. It will be interesting to see how they perform under pressure because they have different strengths and weaknesses. I think they should have let the top 10 candidates debate.

I didn’t vote for him.

Friday, September 23, 2016 9:38 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 9

Baby gecko lizard

At sunset tonight, eight days or 20% of the 40 day fast was over. I feel fine.

I’m seeing more definition in my abs. I imagine that I have lost about 4-5 pounds so far. I rarely use a scale, but before and after pictures won’t lie.

My body has been getting colder. That’s a typical side effect of fasting. It actually feels good because it stays warm here. The temperature ranges between about 90 in the day to 70 at night, but it’s usually in the middle and cooler inside.

Getting tan is part of this transformation, so I will start tanning in a few weeks. My skin is pretty white, but if I start slowly and build a base tan I can get pretty dark. Unfortunately, I think I have some combination skin on my face because of some bad lotion I used as a kid. Otherwise, the rest of my body seems to have inherited some of my father’s skin tone.

My body is in a state of ketosis. That’s when it shifts from burning fuel to burning fat for fuel. It turns out that fat is actually a great fuel source when it is already on your body.

Wikipedia says, "deliberately induced ketosis serves as a medical intervention for various conditions, such as intractable epilepsy, and the various types of diabetes. In glycolysis, higher levels of insulin promote storage of body fat and block release of fat from adipose tissues, while in ketosis, fat reserves are readily released and consumed. For this reason, ketosis is sometimes referred to as the body’s ‘fat burning’ mode." For some more information, see Ketogenic fasting.

Fasting is an all or northing ordeal for me. I could never have a snack and continue, for instance. If I did, it would destroy my resolve and end the fast physically, spiritually and mentally. I have had some urges to eat, but I say, "Zero" immediately and shut it down because there is no way that I will eat anything until I’m done.

I have enjoyed the extra time that fasting has given me. Without counting every hour, I have probably saved $150 and 10 hours without having to buy, prepare and eat food. I have also cut back on some of my social media time online, so I can focus.

Which parts of the world are not fighting a war right now? Sometimes I get tired of hearing about it, but I won’t let it happen without knowing about it. I wish I could stop all of the fighting. People all need the same things and I realize that there are some evil people that will never talk peace, but I think a lot of the fighters would gladly put down their weapons of their demands were met. There will be a day when everyone comes to the table and ends this foolishness because like with dirty energy if you keep us on the current course there probably won’t be much left of this world in 50-100 years.

On a lighter note, when they came out I used to watch several TV shows like Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, The X-Files and The OC. Before that there were shows like Seinfeld, Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Monk, Forensic Files and The 4400. I would watch them alone or with friends and we would talk about the episodes. In retrospect, it was a very American thing to do as I grew up. The drama and the storylines were captivating. Nonetheless, I have been more interested in comedies and horror in recent years.

I am using organic honey to treat a skin problem on the top of my foot and it is working (I use it at night or geckos try to lick it off during the day). It is the third thing that I have tried, but the first thing recently and every day I can notice it getting better. A little bit of the skin problem was on my other foot and it already cleared that up. Honey has some powerful properties and I hope people endeavor to protect honey bees and the environment. The United States already gets almost all of its organic honey from other countries. The USDA assumes bees got pollen from GMO flowers in most cases, so it cannot be certified USDA organic. The stuff I’m using is from Brazil and I have to go an extra mile or two to get it, but I was fortunate enough to get enough for the fast.

The animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) considers honey an animal product and said that I should avoid it because they are against it. I told them that I think it is medicine because I disagree with them. Bees make it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unethical to use honey. I only use the organic stuff though.

If you are interested in Bible prophecies and the like, check out this tweet. A Russian politician named Vladimir Zhirinovsky has been reelected and he supports Donald Trump. Books have been written about him because people have compared him to Adolf Hitler and said that he has aspirations to take over new lands.

Stay out of trouble and don’t make me bail you out of jail again.

Thursday, September 22, 2016 3:33 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 7

Jason Gastrich

The fast is about 17% done and I’ve been doing well.

I’m growing a beard for three reasons. First, shaving is a pain in the butt. I want to see the white spots and use it as a cautionary tale or a teaching moment about chemical lotions and I’m going to shave it either before I finish or when I finish the fast. Either way, I should notice thinning in my face. It is nice to give my facial skin a break from a sharp razor because I typically like to shave every day.

I’ve uploaded some new original instrumental songs and poems to my website. I played the songs on my American Fender Stratocaster. I used an RP-7 pedal by Digitech and one of them was recorded in an alternate tuning that nobody will probably ever find.

In November, I’m publishing my 10th poetry book. Since January 6, I have written 72 new poems for it. It will be the 22nd book that I publish. I’ll say that I have, "Published 21+ books" and it will look like I have published adult material.

Booming Backlash is the name of a new story that I wrote and published online. After scribbling the idea in my notepad around July 2, I found it because I was looking for story ideas from the beginning. I probably have a dozen, unwritten, story ideas and a half dozen great ones, so it’s worth leafing through.

I found a different looking gecko today. It was brownish and had rougher skin. I took a brief video of it before it ran away, but I was able to put it on Vine.

I’ve been noticing more definition in my arms and legs. I’m not very dehydrated because I ceaselessly drink water, organic coffee and organic tea. I also swallowed some organic cinnamon in my coffee.

Cinnamon is anti-bacterial and anti-clotting. It fights diseases and infections, contains fiber and has vitamins like calcium, iron and manganese. There are 6 calories in a teaspoon of powder.

Organic sesame oil inside of a pump spray bottle is good for a lot of things. I use it instead of lotion on my body, to cook with, to clean my mouth and as a foot moisturizer. I’m sure it’s much better for the body than all of the weird chemicals that are in lotions too.

In 2012, I wrote a story about a deadly superbug and I published it in A Brand New World: The First 15 Months. Since the United Nations met in New York this week to discuss the impact of superbugs, I figured I’d post my story here. Here you go. This is Super Bug.

Super Bug

A Brand New World:
The First 15 Months

Super Bug

"Just spray it more with this," Shannon said to Ms. O’Malley.

"We have to be careful. We don’t want to waste it."

Ms. O’Malley was referring to the chemicals they used in the hospital to kill germs. A one liter bottle cost 20 Euros. It was made with a litany of chemicals Ms. O’Malley couldn’t even pronounce.

Taking the bottle from Shannon, she shook it up and continued spraying.

This was one, funky mess like they had never seen. Last night, a drunk man with meningitis and syphilis threw up on the floor and it stunk. They could still smell the stench and even taste it a little.

One week later, a little boy was visiting his sick mother in the same room.

He dropped a gum ball on the floor and it rolled to the corner where the sick man had thrown up. Instinctively, the little guy put his mouth on the floor and as his tongue touched the cold floor he sucked the gum ball into his mouth.

Two days later the boy died from a super bug virus he contracted on the hospital floor. It was resistant to antibiotics. Fortunately, he didn’t pass it on to anyone. It killed him too quickly.


Need more scrolls? More scrolling?

Check out my friend’s tree and screen. He is a crack up, but he doesn’t like crack.


I’ll stay alive. You do the same.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 10:40 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 6

I have been posting each day in a unique way. Today is only text. If you want to see a new pic of me, I uploaded one to Twitter tonight.

Since I’m starting and ending at sunset this is actually the beginning of Day 6. Day 5 went well. I have been resting and I took a good nap today because I woke up very early.

If you want to hear some great music, click the music link above. I uploaded a few new songs there today.

I bought some organic honey from the store today. It is a huge part of my diet because I try to avoid even organic table sugar and I only eat organic food, so that doesn’t give me many options. Honey has some amazing antimicrobial and antibacterial properties though and it never goes bad.

When I make my own organic supplements, I know what is in them, so I prefer to do that. They conducted a study in New York and only 21% of the time was the advertised supplement actually in the bottle. They are not regulated, so they lie and get away with it. I typically prefer less government intervention, but they could help.

Have you ever tried synthetic marijuana? I haven’t and I don’t intend to. I’m sure I would live, but I’m sure I would prefer actual marijuana. Sadly, synthetic pot has killed people because of the harmful chemicals in it. It is probably like drenching a cigarette in vodka, drying it and smoking it. More trouble than it’s worth.

Sometimes I use a browser called Tor and it is excellent. It automatically connects you to the Internet through various proxies. It also allows you to visit "95% of the Internet", which is sometimes called the dark web or the deep web. Unlike traditional browsers, it lets you visit .onion websites and there is a lot of interesting information and stuff you could get into out there.

What do you do when your eyes need a rest? If you really want your eyes to be refreshed, then try cupping them for a few minutes. Find a dark place, close your eyes and cup them with your hands. This disallows all light from entering. Our eyes are exposed to all kinds of light at all times of the day and sometimes the night. Cupping them gives them a real rest.

It rained again yesterday and today. It rains almost every day. In fact, this city is one of the rainiest places on Earth. When I picked a new place to live in 2012, I avoided places that got lots of rain because I get a little seasonal depression. Nonetheless, it is a welcome change, usually brief and keeps everything green, so it doesn’t bother me. It also fills the well and the catchment for me and many other people.

In the last 6-7 weeks, I’ve been catching up on some shows and movies. I don’t watch many things twice, but I wanted to continue some shows that I had started watching a few years ago. So far, I have watched Dexter, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Workaholics, Community, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Tosh.0 and Portlandia. I might watch new shows called Kevin Can Wait and Madam Secretary.

As far as movies go, I have watched Borat, Dumb and Dumber, Star Wars 7, Napoleon Dynamite, Up In Smoke, Silver Streak and Stir Crazy. I intend on watching Dumb and Dumber To and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom soon. I have never seen Jim Carrey’s sequel, but I bet it is hilarious.

Do I have exquisite taste or what? I actually like many different types of movies and shows. I was disappointed to see that Bear Grylls stopped filming his wilderness survival show right when I stopped watching it. I was hoping to binge watch a few seasons of it; Good Eats with Alton Brown as well.

I’ve enjoyed many different kinds of organic coffee during this fast. This coffee from Germany, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and Mexico is great. I ground four of them and the other one is instant organic coffee. Apparently, instant coffee is just coffee that has been freeze-dried. I think it darkens your teeth more though because it dissolves in water and you don’t filter it like typical coffee.

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants, vitamins like Magnesium, Manganese, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Potassium and Riboflavin and almost no calories. I drink it black and I drink it pretty much all day. In a typical day, I can easily brew 5-6 cups of coffee. It keeps me alert and helps flush toxins.

I’ll write more tomorrow and try to integrate another unique perspective.

Monday, September 19, 2016 11:13 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 4


I was bitten by two mosquitoes last night. They left giant welts and red splotches on my abdomen, but they are much better today. I hope I didn’t contract anything. A mosquito would have to be infected with a disease from another human or animal to spread it and there are very few people in this area, so I am probably fine.

Recording a video on laser hair removal was postponed because I want my hair to grow a little longer.

At sunset today, I will be 10% done with my fast. It has went very well overall. I got the squirts earlier though. At least that crap is getting out of me. Note: if you eat a lot of honey when you fast you will get the squirts. I learned that the hard way, so I have consumed only about one ounce a day.

I have rinsed my mouth for several minutes with sea salt twice and I have rinsed it with organic honey twice. They were cleansing and left my mouth feeling refreshed. I have also squirted organic sesame oil in my mouth from time to time.

My body burns about 2,000 calories a day now and I consume under 200 calories a day. About 100 calories are from honey, 15 are from organic garlic capsules, 10 are from organic turmeric/organic black pepper capsules, 30 are from organic coffee and organic tea and 30 are from organic sesame oil.

Creating a 1,800 calorie deficit for 40 days will burn 72,000 calories. Since there are 3,500 calories in a pound that means I should lose about 21 pounds. I did not weigh myself beforehand, but I imagine that I weighed about 170. 149 will be a much better weight for me. I may do a few physical things and I may retain less water at that weight, so it could be lower.

Since I don’t have to buy food or drinks for 40 days I am going to save a lot of money. Organic food is very expensive in Hawaii, so based on what I spent the previous six weeks, I think I will save about $750. That will come in handy. Sadly I think some religious leaders avoid calling people to fast because of how much it would hurt the economy.

In a way, body fat is an investment. It can be difficult to lose weight for many reasons, but when you do you save money. Nonetheless, with the food supply as it as I recommend getting as lean as possible as quickly as possible. I eventually want to get even leaner and make sure that I lose all of the fat that was created before I switched to organic food.

I prefer eating organic food because I know that it is healthier than the other stuff. It can be difficult to find though. Sometimes grocery stores sell food that is locally grown and they don’t know if it is organic or not. However, organic is always better for the body and the environment because it doesn’t have pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics and it can’t be grown in sludge. Organic simply has higher standards and I want to live as good and as long as possible by treating my body as well as I can. It’s stunning that only a very small percentage of Americans eat organic food, but I hope that is changing.

I wrote a new story in my, "A Brand New World" series. Writing short stories is exciting and I like dreaming up a scenario and painting a realistic picture that tells many different stories and lessons. Sort of like a prophetic parable and they are typically based on something happening in real life; like the backstory to a news story.

After Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi, on September 12, 2012, I decided to start writing stories. I watched and read the news and I knew that it was not a random event or a lone wolf type of terrorist attack, but it was planned well in advance, so I wrote the backstory. After publishing that story online on September 14, I started publishing more stories and eventually removed them from my website and published them in a book. So far, I have written, The First 15 Months, What Happens Next and From Station to Station. Outside Like Islands will be the fourth book in the series. Click the stories link above to read the newest ones or the my books link to buy copies of them.

Gecko lizard

The gecko above was captured on a cardboard box through a screen. They hang around the house, inside and out. They also make for interesting vine videos. Check these out. I captured geckos, a chameleon and a frog in the act.

Have a great day and week.

Take care,

Sunday, September 18, 2016 1:01 PM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 3

Jason Gastrich

Day three is going well and day two was fine.

I uploaded some gecko vines and the link is on the left. These lizards are outta control. They stick their tongues out and jump on me. They are beautiful too. Lots of people in Hawaii just let them live inside with them. They eat bugs.

I hate weird chemicals. Check out my dynamic .gif above. See my beard? I used to always rub suntan lotion into my face first where it is white. Also, my hairline has turned white and that was always the place where I rubbed suntan lotion (and shampoo and conditioner) into my skin as well. Even from childhood, my parents bought brand names and I have used them for most of my life, but I stopped in 2012. I only use suntan lotion in emergencies like when there is no way that I can void being in direct sunlight for many hours.

It is a shame that the government has approved products that do this to your hair. Look at President Obama’s hair. Look at many different men and women that don’t color their hair and you can see a pattern of gray where the folicles no longer produce color and there is probably a good reason for it. They probably rubbed something into it.

Hair dyes are horrible for your scalp too. Chemicals are obviously doing something to our skin when our hair changes color (dies) and stops growing. I used to use hair dye for about a decade, but I felt it was impeding hair regrowth. Everybody loses a lot of hairs every day and that is normal, but when you dye your hair it makes it harder for new hairs to grow back. Now I only use organic shampoo, conditioner and soap and I don’t dye my hair. I think those are important when it comes to keeping your hair intact and its original color.

If you are an adult with spotty gray hair, try to recall what you rubbed into your scalp or face. A high school friend of mine had two spots of gray hair and I wonder if his parents experimented on him.

My back has been making lots of adjustments. When I am heavier it doesn’t crack as much or as far. It is good to hear and my chiropractor would be proud.

I pulled organic sesame oil last night and I will keep doing it from time to time. It is a good way to disinfect and cleanse your mouth. I just swish it around for about 15 minutes and spit it into the trash and then rinse my mouth and tongue a few times with water.

I am officially on well water now. My grandparents Ma and Pa Rose in Elkin, North Carolina used to have a well. They canned their own beans too, but I digress. I was paying about $1.25 for 5 gallons, but the well water is free and closer. It tastes and smells good, but I still filter it through my Brita filter bottle. I filtered the reverse osmosis stuff too. I could save $30-40 because I drink a lot of water.

I interviewed my mom about the shooting that happened at her school 15 years ago and it went well. I am going to write it soon, but I probably can’t publish it right away because a news company asked for it. It may be an opinion article, but it won’t be over the top.

Some of my blogging and journaling will be done by video. I will just embed them in this page, so you won’t have to go anywhere. I intend on posting a video tomorrow on electrolysis and laser hair removal because I have some experience and knowledge about those topics.


Saturday, September 17, 2016 10:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 2

Jason Gastrich

Eyestrain headache led me to bed early or I would have stayed up late. I got hot sweats throughout the night and I threw up water. I felt better afterwards and went back to sleep for a few hours.

I wrote a new poem called On the Inside that will eventually go in my next poetry book. I also uploaded some songs. Click the links above to visit my blog and music page for everything.

I’m interviewing my mom today because she was a high school shooting survivor. I’m writing an article about it and it has been 15 years since it happened. She was unhurt, but it happened right in front of her.

I watched some news on YouTube this morning. MSNBC from yesterday and the previous week and month was good. I also watch Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers’ late night TV shows. I typically only watch the comedy bits and the bands that I like though. Some interviews are good.

I posted a couple of vines this morning. Yesterday I caught a frog jumping around and a chameleon in between two panes of glass. The wildlife made for interesting, unique videos.

I feel much better today. My headache went away and I don’t feel nauseous. I have been drinking lots of water and it helps regulate my body temperature and keep me hydrated.

At sunset tonight, I will have completed two days of fasting. That is 2/40 or 5%. Fortunately, I don’t have a physical job or much physical activity that I have to do. I have plenty of energy and expect to throughout the fast, but I can get a little lightheaded when I vigorously exercise after fasting a long time, so I will try to avoid doing that.

Good luck and I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, September 16, 2016 9:20 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Day 1

Jason Gastrich

The first step in a journey. This is Day 1.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 7:20 PM HST - Posted by Jason

The Discipline of Fasting

99% Full Moon

Fasting is a great way to break away from the norm.

I could write thousands of words on fasting and I will, but this is a brief introduction to some of the key elements and my upcoming fast. I’m excited to be fasting from sunset on Thursday, September 15 until sunset on Tuesday, October 25. However, I would start much shorter and work my way up to a long fast if I were you. That’s what I have done over the course of many years of fasting.

There are many types of fasts ranging from juice fasts to Ramadan fasts to abstaining from everything. Which fast is best? It is like exercise. Whichever fast you get the most out of and do the most is the one that is best for you.

I am going to fast without food, but I will ingest a few things. I have a small arsenal of fasting necessities and I am at the end of my food, so it is good timing. Here is what my fast will consist of:

Several organic coffees and teas
Organic honey
Organic powdered garlic supplements
Organic turmeric with organic black pepper supplements
Organic sesame oil
Sea salt

Caffeinated coffee and tea will help me stay awake. There are also antioxidants and other benefitical compounds in them. I drink coffee and tea without sweetener, but the honey is a very important element. I consider honey medicine because of its healing properties and it helps stave off nausea, so I will squirt a little in my mouth from time to time.

I will pull the sesame oil to remove toxins in my mouth and I may use it in medicinal gel caps too. I always buy vegetarian gel caps and make my own supplements.

Those are my ground rules. I will take pics and record videos throughout the fast and upload them to my website. I probably won’t follow a consistent format, but I am going to utilize audio recordings, video recordings, pics, poetry, blogging, etc. as I feel led. I typically like to journal and get a lot of things done, so I will blog about the fast as well.

Good luck in your fasting and your endeavors and I hope we all learn some new and interesting things.