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January 11, 2023 3:16 PM PST - Posted by Jason

The End of A Brand New World


This week marks the end of an era.

In 2012 after boldly writing and publishing The Wrong Side about what happened in San Diego, Do the Math Diet to articulate how I lost weight and Growing Great Cannabis (aka Marijuana) while I fought criminal charges my world was changing from married life as a father to single life as a homeless person and a full time student in Long Beach, California. My family suffered a medical cannabis raid and it destroyed the life that I knew, so I was on my own.

On August 30, 2012 I published the first stories online from a new book series that I called A Brand New World. On November 1, 2013 I published the first book of 136 stories called A Brand New World: The First 15 Months.

I felt betrayed by everybody in particular my country, my government, my religion, my family and my friends. I was legally helping suffering people and treating my painful childhood football injury without pills. What else could I do? Although I fought four felonies for a year and took a one misdemeanor plea deal in child endangerment (which was nonsense) in November 2022 it was expunged from my record.

I studied journalism because I craved the truth and figured the only way I’d know it is if I became a journalist. I began using my powers of discernment to read between the lines. During this time of paranoia and change I slowed everything down and wrote everything I could to avoid being fooled again. I didn’t trust anybody and considered all sorts of possibilities.

I wrote stories and published books as I lived in Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island. I also moved to Miami for four months and published more books there including one ABNW book before returning to Hawaii and continuing. 30 stories are in How You Will Die which was written in Miami and somebody dies in every story. After I returned to Hawaii I wrote How You Will Live which includes 40 stories and a life-giving tip in each one.

After writing book #7 I published a compilation book with books 1-7 and I wondered how much longer I’d write these stories, so I decided to publish a canon of 10 books and 500 stories. The last one was supposed to be A Brand New World: How It All Ends. However, after Donald Trump was elected president I decided to continue writing stories which is why the final two books are called The Addendum and Addendum #2.

In 2021 my great aunt Dixie died and when I was a kid she made me promise her I’d visit her tomb in North Carolina after her expiration. I also promised my daughter I’d return for her after she turned 18 years old. Therefore, in June 2021 I returned to the mainland to do those things and continued writing books.

The Addendum was going to be the last book. It includes 100 stories which brought the total to 600 stories. However, after I was unable to see my daughter or even speak to her while she was 18 years old I decided to publish one last book. Now the series is coming to an end and it includes 12 unique books and 666 stories.

I’ve always wanted people to read these stories more than I’ve wanted money for them. In fact, I penned 16 stories in An Audience of One for my daughter Jordan. Therefore, I’ve published every story on my website for everybody to freely read until it was time to publish them in a book. Now you can read stories 1-60 in Addendum #2 online and this week starting today I will finish writing and uploading the last 6 stories in the same manner. No spoilers except Prince is in #61 and it’ll be published today.

Thanks for your interest in my writing. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last decade of stories and enjoy these final ones as I finish writing A Brand New World.

Jason Gastrich

A Brand New World: Addendum #2 - 60 stories - in progress
A Brand New World: The Addendum - 100 stories
A Brand New World: How It All Ends - 105 stories
A Brand New World: How You Will Live - 40 stories
A Brand New World: How You Will Die - 30 stories
A Brand New World: The First Seven Books - 325 stories
A Brand New World: Fallen From the Sky - 25 stories
A Brand New World: After the Anointing - 21 stories
A Brand New World: An Audience of One - 16 stories
A Brand New World: Outside Like Islands - 29 stories
A Brand New World: From Station to Station - 54 stories
A Brand New World: What Happens Next - 44 stories
A Brand New World: The First 15 Months - 136 stories

January 12, 2023 12:44 AM PST - Posted by Jason

Top 10 Responses to “You’re High”

My first college roommate Chris Clayton and I used to joke around a lot and he liked to tease people that accused others of being high like it was a bad thing. This humorous Top 10 list was inspired by our conversations at San Diego State University. Enjoy.

10. I must be high to talk to you.

9. You go low. We go high.

8. Most high actually.

7. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

6. You’re hopped up on more chemicals than I am.

5. Don’t worry. It’s legal.

4. Like Hawaii?

3. What gave it away?

2. I sure hope so.

1. Nope, but I will be soon.
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