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May 1, 2020 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

May 2020 Quotes

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May 1, 2020

The government knows that people would have told them to take a flying leap if they would have tried to implement contact tracing during the 2018-2019 flu season. However, they think a virus with a fancy name that came from bats in communist China is their ace in the hole.

Major Internet companies like Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc. know how to block certain information, ban certain people and deliver the content they want you to see.

Some people don’t think independently enough to ask the right questions, but some people avoid asking certain questions on purpose.

Asking the right questions informs the public. Asking the wrong questions keeps people ignorant.

I don't believe in shooting the wounded.

I thought everybody was taught that it is considered appropriate to touch somebody on the arm, but nowhere else unless you get consent. That’s what I was taught and that’s what I have done.

Morning Joe reminds me of a telenovela.

People that want me to think like they think make me want to think like them even less.

It is hard to respect other people’s fears when you are not afraid especially when they inconvenience or control you.

You can’t use smoke and mirrors forever, God

If Morning Joe and MSNBC did not ask Tara Reade to come on the show today with Joe Biden, then they are playing games.

Did anybody on Morning Joe’s show ask Joe Biden if he would speak directly to Tara Reade? They should have because that is what an innocent person would do to clear the air. They wouldn’t avoid her, have their spokesperson make a statement and then go on a TV show and plead innocent. Would they?

Like I blogged a young girl named Jennifer Felio said I raped her and recanted 24 hours later because she was lying. Our Christian high school threw both of us out and her parents probably made up the lie to save her from getting expelled. Whatever the case may be she eventually told the truth and cleared my name and I met her face-to-face afterwards in front of our parents. I would be happy to sit down with her today face-to-face and talk about that situation because we had consensual sex and my dumb friends walked into the room at the party and saw her on top of me the whole time. I am innocent and that is how an innocent person would respond even though that was almost 30 years ago. When President Trump answers questions from the press in front of a helicopter you can’t hear the questions very well, but you can hear his response. This works well if he doesn’t answer the question.

Innocent people are hurt by false accusations.

If you ever live in a beachfront condo in Hawaii you will pay HOA fees out the yin yang, but you will also hear loud gardening tools like blowers and trimmers in the morning because they are too cheap and reckless to care about the environment or the occupants and would prefer to buy the cheapest, smelliest tools available.

If somebody tells you to lie to somebody and you take their advice you might suffer the consequences.

You won’t get away with a lie if somebody knows the truth.

Joe Biden asked who will search his sealed records in Delaware. How about Chief Justice John Roberts?

Joe Biden’s denial was scripted, but not very strong. “It never happened” is not as strong as saying, “I did not touch Tara Reade” or "I have never touched Tara Reade".

Until I saw Joe Biden on videotape I had never seen lots of video clips of a man touching cringing women and young girls.

Christians lie just as much as non-Christians.

It is ironic that people that have polluted their body and all life on earth for decades want people to suffer by losing their job and staying at home, so it will reduce the chance that they will catch a virus that is rarely fatal.

Do you know what is always fatal to all life on earth? Your lifestyle. Just because it does not always kill quickly it still does not mean you have the right to do it.

The U.S. lacks righteousness because it lacks righteous judges. It lacks righteous judges because it lacks people that want to be righteous.

The older generation makes up their own rules.

You need to know what you are and nobody is telling you.

I will never work for somebody that pollutes.

I will lead the people that you can’t lead because you are a bad person, Jesus

If God exists I know exactly why God will not talk to you.

Americans think they can hear God’s voice through a sinful filter.

If you have to choose between living the last days of your life in horrible pain, taking disease-causing pain pills or getting risky surgeries you might want to rethink some of your decisions and tell others how they can avoid doing what you did.

Most old people don’t care whether or not the young generation makes the same horrible mistakes that they have made.

Gilead Sciences is making the U.S.’ governments favorite drug right now. The same people that consider marijuana a Schedule I drug like morphine and peyote want people to take remdesivir. President Trump called it the “hot thing” today.

If you ate everything the USDA has approved you would get very sick. If you took every drug the FDA has approved you would suffer horrible side effects and you could even die.

When is the last time that a consequence enacted by the U.S. on another country has improved their behavior and made everything better for everyone?

Many drug dealers sell all sorts of drugs and talk very highly about them despite some of them being safe and some of them being unsafe.

The U.S. government said they were transferring my stimulus money on April 29, 2020. However, it still has not been transferred into my bank account. I think it is indicative of a defective electronic funds transfer system that takes too long for funds to arrive after they have been sent. It could also point to a corrupt banking system that likes to hold money and profit off the interest for a while before making it available.

Bret Baier just said, “Fair, balanced and unafraid” on Fox News. Unafraid, maybe. Fair and balanced, not even close.

If a vegetarian presidential administration was in the White House I doubt that they would tell meat-packing plants to stay open.

You won’t realize how much everything is geared toward the rich until you are poor.

Reportedly, today Texas opened restaurants after being closed because of COVID-19 even though the state suffered its biggest single-day death toll yesterday.

I think if a terrorist attack would happen in the U.S. or if another virus would infect people while the country is dealing with COVID-19 it would cause very serious problems.

The rich influence the country the most.

Reportedly, some people treated with remdesivir still died.

Reportedly, somebody was dying from COVID-19, said goodbye to their family on Facebook live, took remdesivir and then recovered.

Every day without universal healthcare is another day they want people to die.

Most of the things that you think are going to kill you probably won’t kill you.

The more you believe the more you will suffer.

I can trace most of the problems that I have suffered throughout my life to trusting people that I should not have trusted.

If Kim Jong Un wanted to prove to the world that he was still alive he could find better ways to do it than the picture North Korea released today. (Note: This is what I wrote after the mainstream media displayed one picture of him cutting red fabric and nothing else while questioning whether he was still alive or not on Friday. The next day I saw several videos of him on CBS This Morning and realized this photo was actually a still taken from the video. Shame on CNN and Erin Burnett.)

It seems like the mainstream media gets so much information that they don’t have the ability to analyze all of it.

Many people that need to buy marijuana from people on the street to treat their illnesses are suffering more during the COVID-19 ordeal because they can’t get it and some of them could even die.

People against universal healthcare are complicit in homicide.

Don’t forget that the debilitating COVID-19 ordeal and response began in New York. The mainstream media, governors and mayors, Republicans and Democrats followed their lead based on their fears and their responses which were based on the way they were unprepared.

If you say more people would have died if people did not drastically change their behavior you might be right, but that is still called an assumption.

Wise people make conclusions. Fools make assumptions.

The poor think the rich are selfish and tone-deaf.

CNN with Anderson Cooper cut to a clip of a doctor saying, “Every patient will take remdesivir” and it sounded misleading because he was mid-conversation and every patient won’t take remdesivir. He was referring to clinical trials. They played the longer version on Erin Burnett’s show and the clip was part of a conversation with a reporter.

Remdesivir looks like a joke. Reportedly, taking it intravenously for many days may help some people recover from NC19 a few days sooner.

Sen. Schumer said he wanted Dr. Anthony Fauci to testify before Congress, so they could ask him questions without President Trump controlling him. Other lawmakers want to question him as well. However, the White House is forbidding him from testifying.

I think China is a lot like Israel and the U.S. i.e. they feel accountable to no one.

Evil people criticize righteous judgments to no avail.

I started hearing people start speaking with the word “so” when I listened to Hawaii Public Radio’s broadcasts about five years ago. People being interviewed on NPR would say it. I think it indicates how the reply was conjured in advance. Recently, President Trump started saying it before answering questions from the press.

President Trump avoids answering questions, but uses questions as a chance to say whatever he wants.

What would you do if everybody was slowly killing all life on earth with their lifestyle and they were unnecessarily afraid of something that made them stop killing everything? I wish I was referring to Christianity, but I am not.

It is easier to deceive somebody with a mask on.

I think people are so used to being lied to that they don’t even know how to discern the truth.

Writers for the mainstream media know how to craft every word to make stories a positive for Democrats and a negative for Republicans even when they do many of the same things.

Medicine does not cause an irregular heartbeat. Poison does though.

I think people working in the medical industry are like low-key sadists and most of them lie by omission.

I am not particularly impressed by doctors or nurses unless they are organic vegetarians that do not burn gasoline or coal or use harmful chemicals. You can’t compartmentalize good health and those people should know full well that their lifestyle kills everything and they should change.

I would rather inconvenience myself than talk to anybody. I would rather inconvenience myself than use software or services that will invade my privacy even if they are free.

The rich tend to influence the country the most.

Imagine someone without any of your interests, God

Don’t let others do the thinking for you.

Fox News is out of touch with reality.

The Dow Jones stock market index has dropped about -1,000 points in the last two days.

Reportedly, the death rate for COVID-19 in New York is 6% and the death rate in California is 4%.

I never expect government handouts, but I think it is wiser to get money from the government than a service.

There are some mean-spirited “journalists” on Fox News.

I don’t think the country will return to business as usual without a bipartisan effort across the country.

The medical marijuana raids in San Diego, California in 2011-2012 were not only the Drug Enforcement Agency’s fault under the Democratic Party’s Obama administration, but they were also Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders’ fault because the San Diego Police Department assisted them.

Reportedly, at least 64,950 people have died in the U.S. from COVID-19.

If politicians let people treat the U.S. like a toilet, then nobody should be surprised when people suffer and die in it.

Reportedly, 16 people have died in the Hawaiian islands from COVID-19. Only Alaska and Wyoming have reported fewer deaths.

A great coach makes a world of difference.

Recklessness and ineptness look like malice.

I believe Joe Biden even less after his denial and I definitely will not vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden was innocent I think he would have addressed the issue of sexually assaulting Tara Reade as soon as it came up and he would have done it on camera for the American people without reading it on a teleprompter like he did today.

Repeating yourself in a denial is a bad sign. Moderating your voice between your regular speaking voice to an irritated voice and back to your regular speaking voice is another bad sign. Joe Biden did both of these things.

I think some people may be so used to tailoring their speeches to influence their people that they know can be influenced that they tailor their denials in a similar way.

I am starting to consider that President Trump might be the sort of person that supports population control and sees lots of people quickly dying as the best way forward for the country and the world.

If a rich, powerful person working for the government wanted to reduce the population they would probably start with the people that were dependent on the government. If they were able to get rid of those people, then the government would not have to continue taking care of them (e.g. giving them money and services). This may include poor people on welfare, old people on social security and possibly even veterans on pensions.

We probably shouldn’t underestimate the things that someone might do to try to stop the bleeding.

Joe Biden, if you ever touch my daughter I will knock you on your ass.

Somebody that is harmless to you might not be harmless to others.

I just looked at dozens of pictures of Joe Biden inappropriately touching men, women and children of all ages and I think his problem may be worse than the pictures reveal.

Biased people typically don’t reveal why they are biased, but they try to hide it.

There was no federal or national stay-at-home order. In fact, the president probably does not have the ability to make such an order unless he declares martial law. It did not stop Stephen Colbert from lying about it though.

I watch comedians with the same sort of discernment and skepticism that I use when I watch the news.

Evil people are willing to do and say all kinds of things to take the focus off their wickedness.

The only thing more depressing than the COVID-19 ordeal is Stephen Colbert and other comedians that can’t seem to transcend what is happening and make jokes about other things. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have lost all of their viewers that were in the middle and on the right if they had any in the first place.

Stephen Colbert and several other TV comedians have taken us into their dumb lives and their one-dimensional jokes are painfully obvious because they don't lambast their gods, but they continually write jokes about their enemies. Do they actually think that is a new or interesting format?

Predictability is not a good look for a comedian.

I would have graduated with a higher grade point average at San Diego State University if I had not learned that the opposite things were true at Christian High School.

Please rest assured that I know you are all horrible people and I see very little difference between any of you, so don’t worry about trying to be better than anybody else, God

Shout out to comedians that are promoting good causes. Shout out to everybody that donates.

Comedy is fantastic medicine. May 2, 2020

Do you like yourself better as a rich person or a poor person? If you don’t know maybe you should figure it out.

Your fears are not my fears and your fears will not be my fears.

Some people worry a lot.

Do we want the big angry guy screaming about wanting to leave his house in his house or in the general public?

Go to your room and don't give me any lip, America

Maybe the protestors that hate the stay-at-home order have a really disgusting house. Maybe their spouse wants them to mop the floor and clean the garage.

People instinctively recoil at tobacco smoke because it is deadly poison. Some people recoil at marijuana smell because they are full of shit and they acquired an aversion to it that began in their mind.

My mom never pierced her ears and never drank beer, alcohol or wine. She also never broke a bone and told me that I had never broken a bone either. I still have not broken a bone as far as I know. She thought that was important because of what the Bible says.

You can’t destroy something that never actually existed.

Imagine if your favorite people die earlier than they should because they eat polluted food and breathe polluted air.

If you want to stay inside that’s cool with me, Mother Nature

When I bend over I can touch both palms on the ground with straight legs with ease. When I do it in public I hear people marvel, but I am just stretching and it feels good. Should I tattoo Jonah on my ass? Maybe I can write "JO" on one cheek and "NAH" on the other cheek or maybe the "O" can be my asshole.

My parents named me Jason, but my father has called me “J” quite a bit. Sometimes people ask my name and I tell them, “My father calls me J”.

Look on the bright side. If Joe Biden becomes president he can give world leaders a good pat down.

It took them a long time to figure out people in New York City have a disease.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Catholic Church sought and destroyed many apparent transitional fossils hundreds of years ago, so people would avoid questioning special creation.

I wonder if the White House avoided renewing their social distance guidelines because President Trump wanted to leave and speak at rallies.

Hawaii’s Gov. Ige has not officially banned flights into Hawaii, but because of COVID-19 he has ordered Hawaiians to avoid renting rooms to people and he has ordered a 14-day quarantine for anybody that flies to Hawaii. If they did not book a place to stay before the order was made they will be forced to leave or arrested. I think these orders and the stay-at-home order will expire on May 31 unless he extends them.

Telling somebody to be careful is as hypocritical, nonsensical and controlling as telling somebody to be humble.

People that don’t know the Bible tell people to do things that contradict the Bible and people that don’t know the Bible do them.

Was Jesus careful before John 6:66?

If you ever tell me to be careful I am going to laugh so loud that I scare you.

I will never use a pronoun again when I refer to a monotheistic God because if one exists, God is not a man or a woman. If a monotheistic Creator God exists, then God is not human or constrained by a male or female designation, so no pronoun is necessary or accurate. It is a misunderstanding at best and sexism at worst.

There is no evidence that God is male or female.

Joe Biden pleaded innocent on mainstream media’s Morning Joe program on MSMBC to people that were in his political party which is the Democratic Party. Why didn’t he go on Fox News and talk to Republicans?

How credible is an interview if the interviewer and the interviewee are in the same political party?

Apple’s default feature that automatically uploads iPhone pictures and videos to iCloud is intrusive. Also, if you accidentally use it for a while and want to stop using it and delete your data from iCloud, it will delete the data from your phone too. It should not be this way.

Assholes want you to make bad decisions that will benefit them.

The Bible is such a joke that I should probably stop talking about it.

Take a good look at the church now because it won’t look that way after I return, Jesus

Is Jesus the world’s greatest cult leader?

The people that wrote the Bible are the most prolific liars of all time.

Maybe you don’t need a savior. Maybe you just need to pull your head out of your ass.

I didn’t realize that I had over 300 Christian songs in my #1 Spotify playlist until I removed them tonight.

Nobody needs a steady stream of bullshit.

May 3, 2020

Apple is like a person you barely want to be friends with that wants a serious relationship real bad.

Jesus Christ makes some people horrible people which is good evidence that he was not the Christ and does not exist.

Does a prophet have the power to change God's covenant?

On April 7, 2015, a bus hit me in Hawaii while I was riding my bike. It was on what would have been my 14th wedding anniversary.

If you ever get hit by a city bus in Hawaii (aka The Bus) they can give you a CD with footage of you getting plowed down because there are several cameras inside and outside the bus.

I think the bus driver in Honolulu that hit me was trying to hit me. If he was not trying to hit me, then he could hit anybody and should not be driving a bus. However, I have no doubt that he saw me and he knew that there was no bike lane and tried to squeeze past me in the same lane and couldn’t do it without hitting me.

Christians are Christianity’s worst enemy.

Religious conservative baby boomer women used to stay with their husband despite abuse and lies.

If you lie to somebody, then try to control the future to make your lie become the truth you are still a liar. You are actually worse than a liar.

Fox News is full of liars.

Today I am beginning a 4-week fast. It will go from May 3 through May 30. I will eat nothing during that time and drink no fruit or vegetable juice. I will drink water, black coffee and unsweetened tea. I may also drink a squirt or two of honey, but that’s it. I might extend it and fast longer, but I will not make it any shorter.

If you are fat you should fast.

Since President Trump is too weak, depraved and godless to do it, I am calling you, the nation and the world to fast now. Oh yeah. While you are at it repent from your sins.

Follow me if you want to live.

Calling Donald Trump godless is an insult to the godless.

Years ago I said if you kill anybody that I am against you and you are not on my side, but those days are over now.

Far be it from me to tell a slave that he or she can’t fight his or her oppressors and I consider all of you slaves. In fact, most of you think you are slaves.

Paul wasn't politically correct.

Don’t worry. I will get the hell out of here, Jesus

Do you think there is any difference between the Democratic Party or the Republican Party and a cult?

Are the most dangerous people in more than one cult?

Sadly, I think cultists have been in charge of defining what a cult is for a long time.

When I used to attend Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California which is a Southern Baptist megachurch they labeled Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses as cultists. Miles McPhearson at The Rock Church (and his mentors at Horizon Christian Fellowship) in San Diego, California which is a non-denominational megachurch in the Calvary Chapel movement did the same thing. In retrospect that was awfully ironic.

If you torture the data enough it will say whatever you want it to say.

A fool kills the wrong person and they die in vain.

Being with somebody that can be controlled is risky because if someone can control them they will end up controlling you too.

Since I killed the cockroach the fly has loved me.

The bigger your church's congregation is the more fools are around you.

If you live in a city in the United States the only reason that you may not think it is disgusting is because you don’t spend the majority of your time outside.

People should not have to live inside to escape your filth.

CBS’ Face the Nation program has some of the country’s best con artists writing for it.

If God exists and is eternal and has no concept of time as we know it do you think God sees any difference between you slowly killing people and life on Earth with your pollution and you murdering somebody in cold blood?

When I tell polluters in public to pray there is no God I mean it.

Just because you don’t value your own life it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t value other people’s lives.

People that only eat a couple of berries from a poisonous tree may never realize how poisonous it can actually be.

The Great Depression is already taken, so should we call this one the Beautiful Depression?

World War II got the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Knowing President Trump he probably thinks World War III will get us out of the Beautiful Depression.

Unlike WWII I doubt 49 states will be able to avoid fighting in WWIII.

Either a foreign country has the ability to simultaneously hack several U.S. military computers, another country has an aircraft that the U.S. knows nothing about or the U.S. military is lying to the American people about an UFO.

The military's recently released UFO video looks like an admission of guilt.

If you want to know why North Korea fired shots at South Korea yesterday I think you need to know what South Korea said and did while there were rumors of Kim Jong Un’s death.

I think North Korea possibly with China’s help may have better spy equipment than people give them credit for.

I think North Korea actually wants peace with South Korea and even some sort of reunification, but they don’t want the U.S. involved and they know the U.S. has turned South Korea against them.

If the truth puts my life at risk, then so be it.

If you live in Kauai and you don’t have food to eat, I will gladly meet you at the grocery store and buy you a healthy, organic meal.

People that are busy spinning their own narrative must have a hard time discerning the truth.

I think Fox News likes to broadcast anybody working for the government that says they aren’t giving Americans money or services.

I was itching to help you before, but now you must seek me with your whole heart or wait for me to speak, Jesus

If the voices in your head are weak and dumb why do you think that is?

If anybody thinks they have the Holy Spirit of the living God residing inside of them I would be happy to debate them about it and prove that they don't.

Bible teachers taught me that the unforgiveable sin is “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” which is a debatable phrase. Some people said it means unbelief. However, since they affirmed the “once saved, always saved” doctrine they applied this unbelief to people that never believed in Jesus Christ. Imagine if it doesn’t though.

Chuck Missler taught me one of the most interesting things that nobody else ever taught me about an Old Testament passage of scripture. He said, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain” had nothing to do with cursing or swearing like parents commonly tell their children. He said it referred to ownership.

Chuck Missler also taught me that there was a common mistranslation of an Old Testament passage of scripture due to the misplacement of a comma. He said, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” should read, “When the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Missler said the enemy doesn’t come in like a flood, but the Spirit of the Lord does. He said a Jewish Hebrew scholar taught him these things, but they seem self-evident in light of other scriptures.

Taking the Lord’s name in vain is what hypocrites do not what potty-mouths do.

Strange bird noises like I had never heard before woke me up from a dream this morning.

Since the U.S. gerrymanders and elects a president that loses by millions of votes do they seriously think they have the moral authority to tell Venezuela that Nicolas Maduro must go and Juan Guaido must rule because they assume his election was fraudulent?

Donald Trump praising Kim Jong Un and condemning Nicolas Maduro is absurd.

Since Donald Trump thinks he got away with calling it sarcasm when he suggested injecting disinfectants, can anybody discern whether his words are honest or sarcastic now? Does he think he has an out for saying horrible things forever?

It feels like all bets are off now.

Were you surprised at the way Americans did nothing after Edward Snowden's revelations? The government did not even stop warrantless wiretapping Americans or the rest of the world.

The only way a corrupt government can stay in power is by controlling the military and major corporations and the U.S. government is doing both.

There has only been one Vice President that was older than Vice President Joe Biden in U.S. history and he died three years after he left office at 78 years old.

Throughout history one of the most powerful things that people have done to broadcast their discontent is stop eating.

One of the books that I read on fasting said something to the effect of, “Some people fast as a last resort, but when you fast you have resorted to the most powerful spiritual discipline available to you.”

On Apple devices like iPad you can’t uninstall their Safari web browser. The only way you can remove it from view is to enable Screen Time and remove it as one of the Allowed Applications. Epic fail.

Alex Jones, please don’t eat your neighbors.

I forgot how fearless I was until I went outside.

” - car alarm
“You still haven’t figured out what causes disease. You will. You will.” - me

Except for the God damned gas-burners I breathed the cleanest air I have ever breathed in Hawaii tonight. It was misting a little when I began riding my bike, so it even smelled a little like dew. It was therapeutic until I breathed automobile pollution.

Three police officers in huge vehicles with flashing lights pulled over a driver tonight. It seemed like overkill, but maybe they had nothing better to do or the driver came from the airport and didn’t go straight to their house. May 4, 2020

What do you think a jealous bird call sounds like?

I have never been ordered by a judge to pay child support. In fact, I have never even been asked to pay child support. I guess that's what happens when your former wife steals your kid. It would have been awfully egregious to steal the child and ask for child support.

I could buy a gun with my stimulus money, but how many guns does a person need?

If you are a creepy, weird motherfucker don’t think that I will devote a lot of time to you on that basis because I have a higher calling.

Imagine how a sane person would look if everybody else was insane.

Spectrum Internet in Kauai repeatedly drops for no apparent reason. Reportedly, it is par for the course.

There are fewer bugs on concrete than in the grass.

You can live any way you want, but if you choose to live in a way that harms people and other life on earth, then how can you be considered the good guy?

One’s justification for doing things the wrong way wears thin very quickly, but you would know that if you had a soul.

I think people tend to tune out honest people when they love the lie.

There are two accounts of Judas’ death in the New Testament that seem to contradict each other. When I studied apologetics I considered how they could be harmonized by saying Judas hung himself, then fell and landed on his head (e.g. the branch broke). However, I think that is unlikely. I also think Acts 1:18 contradicts Matthew 27:5 because it says in Acts he bought a field and fell headlong in it and died, but Matthew says he hung himself (27:5) and somebody else bought the field (27:7). Those two accounts seem unreconcilable and I think they are lacking important details, out of chronological order or contradicting.

Ironically, wimps expect others to be strong.

In the U.S. there is a running joke among some liberals that what they are doing to avoid destroying the planet isn’t nearly enough.

Some people hate houseless people and want to manipulate or harm them.

Rich people aren’t used to socializing with content people that hate their guts for the way they live. They are used to people kissing their ass for what they have or pretend to have.

Some people want to know the truth unless it pertains to them.

Reportedly, the CDC said 90,000 people will die from COVID-19 in the U.S. in June.

Were verses omitted from the Bible that said Jesus palled around with the Pharisees and Sadducees? Maybe they talked story or went fishing together.

When Jesus ran away from his parents and they found him in the temple when he was 12 years old and the people marveled at what he was saying do you think he was trying to locate his biological father?

Luke 2:50 is one of the dumbest verses in the Bible and I doubt it is true.

The older I get the more evidence I see that Christianity is a sham.

Unbelievers have said that religious belief is a crutch, but I think it is actually a mental disorder.

"Poor Charlie." - mom

People that are out of ideas tend to make poor decisions.

America’s founders and framers never intended on the federal government having nukes, MOABs, biological weapons, ballistic weapons, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, submarines, machine guns, hand grenades, etc. and the citizens having shotguns and pistols. In fact, they would cringe at the notion.

I don't think my grandpa fought in two wars so people could destroy American lives, the country and life on Earth with their lifestyle.

Some weak people are not interested in becoming strong, but they want others to think they are strong.

Churches are full of diseased people that are not getting well. In fact, they are getting worse.

Pride comes before more pride.

The Dow Jones stock index rose by .11% (+26 points) today. I think that is indicative of the way nobody knows who to trust and there is unprecedented lying, fear mongering, uncertainty, subterfuge, confusion and distrust in the U.S. right now.

I will never trust anybody, but I will listen to somebody with discernment.

Teachers in Christian schools and teachers in public schools teach conflicting things. However, I do not think that the truth is multiple choice.

Truth does not rely on the credibility or credentials of the speaker.

Americans are so broke and bankrupt they don’t even have 30 pieces of silver, Jesus

Some people make dragging their feet into an art form.

If you thought Americans were fat and gross before you should see them after they lift the stay-at-home orders. Porky the pig will be jealous.

"What did the 19 in COVID-19 stand for daddy?"
"The 19 pounds that everybody gained."

It isn’t surprising that people constantly doing things the wrong way are insecure, boxing shadows and wasting time and money.

Most Americans routinely eat a horrible diet and ignore health problems until they need to pop pills to try to fix them, so I am not surprised that they are banking on a pill to save them from COVID-19.

Americans are itching to worship their gods everywhere again.

“You’re giving me a rash.” - mom

Why do you want to be somebody you’re not?

How many knife throwers have a felony that prevents them from being able to buy a gun?

People tend to support people that they want to like them.

Reportedly, 68,932 people have died in the U.S. from COVID-19.

Reportedly, the number of deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19 have declined over the last five days, but if people are not being tested, then they are not being counted in the confirmed cases and death tallies.

Why don’t we implement contact tracing for cold sores?

You never know how somebody will react when you tell a joke and that is part of the beauty of it.

If FEMA has not been able to provide ventilators, PPE (e.g. masks) and tests for COVID-19 patients and workers across the country or at least coordinate their acquisition and dissemination why does FEMA exist?

Do you know what can be infectious without showing symptoms? The air you breathe.

If the White House prevents Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx from testifying before Congress there are plenty of other physicians, scientists and experts that would be happy to talk to them about COVID-19 without a subpoena.

It’s beautiful outside when you are not there, God

If at all possible I would prefer to avoid being a part of your absurd drama, Jesus

Reportedly, Jesus attempted to seek and save the lost not people that were playing games.

Why don't you change a few things, so I can brag about you to my friends, Jesus

When is the last time that somebody identified as a crazy person?

Asking Donald Trump’s opinion on a contagious virus is like asking Mickey Mouse about rocket science.

Threatening and financially harming a country like China that obviously has easy access to many zoonotic, infectious diseases and can prevent American journalists from reporting in places like Wuhan seems unwise.

If MSNBC was not playing games they would have interviewed Joe Biden in person without giving him the questions in advance. There are NBC affiliates in Delaware with plenty of reporters that could do it any time too.

Imagine being honest about everything.

This week the U.S. should exceed 70,000 COVID-19 deaths and $25 trillion in debt.

Does anybody get the feeling that Donald Trump doesn't know what he's talking about or what he's doing?

Soldiers have unique confidence; decorated war veterans in particular.

Donald Trump is a false prophet.

It’s time to roast Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers looks like he cuts his own hair with a flowbee. He acts like he has nightmares about Donald Trump. After a five year engagement his wife had to subpoena him to seal the deal. He named his son Concierge after delivering him in his apartment’s lobby. How many blue shirts does he own?

May 5, 2020

In light of the gambler’s fallacy I think it is highly unlikely that intelligent life exists anywhere else in the universe.

Americans did not sacrifice their jobs. A sacrifice is something you choose. American workers were sacrificed.

In which ways do you think you are like a 1st century, houseless Jew that ate organic food and never cared a lick about money or a job?

Every month poor people get free money for food in the U.S. and it’s called EBT or food stamps. If people don’t have money for food, then something is wrong. They probably either committed fraud and are ineligible for EBT, they have plenty of income and money and want to spend it on something else, they haven’t bothered asking the government for EBT or they eat too much food.

I have given organic food to many houseless people that I have encountered. I do not give money to anybody else to buy food for anybody.

I would not give “conventional food” to animals or put it in landfills.

If you think my body shows signs of being dragged behind a car you’re right. It does.

I dated a lot before I married at 26 years old. (I am divorced now.) The most awful person I ever dated was a Mormon girl named Michelle that lived in Memphis. In fact, it was so horrendous that I hoped she would drive off the road, run into a phone pole and kill me. I have never been suicidal and it was the only time that I hoped for death.

I haven’t been on social media in a while. How is the virtue signaling going?

One of the worst things about social media is the way verified weirdos get an extraordinary number of likes compared to cool, regular people. Some of them are obviously fake and purchased, but it is lame and makes the entire place even more of a vain shit show than it already is.

Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos were banned from Twitter and they are not in prison. It couldn’t have been that bad then.

I won’t be careful, but I will be purposeful.

This generation needs to wake up.

May 6, 2020

Imagine if an impersonal God just expects people to avoid living like idiots and being assholes.

Reportedly, 71,069 people have died in the U.S. from COVID-19 in 67 days which is 1,061 deaths a day on average.

In the U.S. life expectancy peaked in 2015 and I wonder how much it will dip after the COVID-19 deaths.

CNN has gotten into the habit of praising its own reporters even when they do a poor job. For instance, today they displayed a graphic that said, “How did 3 Russian doctors fall from a window and die?” (or something to that effect) and then they congratulated the reporter. Journalists are supposed to find and relay answers to the public not questions.

The worst mistakes are the ones you never realize you make and the ones you never admit to yourself.

I won’t be careful, but I will be perfect, Jesus

I think people may have complications from NC19 if they have an infrequently used immune system because their immune system may overreact.

Reportedly, no state has met the government’s NC19 criteria for reopening.

Does President Trump realize that dead people may be unable to vote for him?

According to the U.S. national debt clock the U.S. has just exceeded $25 trillion in debt and the clock appears to be spinning faster than usual.

According to the Bible the U.S. is not mentioned in the end times. According to Bible prophecy teachers a pandemic and crippling debt are possible reasons why.

The things that you do may not be extraordinarily destructive, but if billions of people do them they become very destructive.

Reportedly, fewer heart attack patients are being treated in hospitals. Perhaps it is because people are eating less meat.

Today the Dow Jones and S&P stock indices went down, but the NASDAQ stock index went up. I think that is because people are staying at home and using technology more frequently while businesses are closed. It may also be indicative of the way that state governments are discussing using technological devices to monitor and track people.

Is sarcasm an impeachable offense?

President Trump may have reversed his decision to end the coronavirus task force, so he could continue to prevent Anthony Fauci from testifying before Congress while appearing like he has a legitimate motive.

The U.S. military drafted my dad to fight in the Vietnam War, gave him hepatitis with a needle and sent him back to the U.S. because his brother was already fighting in Vietnam.

You have lied every day for as long as I can remember, so why should it matter if I lie to you, God

If you are a cigarette smoker and you catch NC19 you would be a fool to continue smoking.

Reportedly, New York City usually sees about 100 out-of-hospital deaths a day, but during the COVID-19 pandemic there have been about 200 out-of-hospital deaths a day.

President Trump blames the Obama administration for not leaving the “cupboard” stocked with PPE, but I don’t think that is a valid reason for not having it full in the 4th year of his administration.

If I ever disappear every word I have written on my website will be published in a book.

I don’t know anybody that has gotten NC19.

If my mom caught NC19 and was dying in a hospital from it they would have to throw me in jail before I would agree to stay out of her room or the building. I would gladly risk infection to be with her in her final hours.

Remember that the liars leading the country don’t care what they lie about or whether or not everybody believes them.

If you drive to a food bank you should get your priorities straight.

If God exists who do you think God wants to live and who do you think God wants to die?

In 3 1/2 hours this afternoon, the U.S. national debt increased by $563,680,381 from $25,039,651,373,715 to $25,040,215,054,096. That equals $2,684,381 per minute, $161,051,520 per hour and $3,865,236,898 per day.

If you live in California, Hawaii or New York it doesn’t matter whether you vote for Donald Trump, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck because the Democratic Party candidate is going to win.

I think whether humans will actually colonize Mars or not is debatable. Nobody has even walked on Mars yet. Whoever goes there first will die there too. I tend to think that the world’s chaotic state will prevent ever getting the chance to colonize Mars. Furthermore, if they don’t find a way to terraform the planet (and they may destroying it trying) whoever goes there will have a relatively miserable experience indoors.

Imagine if China sent NC19 to the U.S. at the request of environmentalists that were sick and tired of Americans destroying everything and all life on Earth with their sad, pathetic lifestyle.

If you are proud of something that stinks, I will shoot you down, God

22 countries have more NC19 cases than Sweden and Sweden did not issue a stay-at-home order.

President Trump said the states have to open, but he is wrong. Governors and mayors do not have to do what he says.

I will show you again how you worship a false God and how I am the closest thing to God you will ever see, Jesus

There has never been a better time than now to burn your Bible.

Fuck the Gideons.

May 7, 2020

The Bible was wrong! It is easy for rich people to get into the kingdom of God! Look at the U.S.! Look at all the rich people repenting from their sins in ashes now! JK

Boko Haram means “western education is sacrilege”. Why and how do you think they originated? Did you contribute to their origin?

If the U.S. is worried about others flying to the U.S. and infecting people with NC19 either on purpose or by accident, then a vaccine may be a wise idea.

This morning CNN displayed a graphic on the screen that said something to the effect of “Anybody that’s not afraid of the coronavirus is lying”. Well, they are wrong again, but this is a new level of fear mongering and control.

Donald Trump isn’t strong. You’re just weak.

Can they prove the invisible thing was here before they proved it was here?

Jeff Sessions said, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Nobody is good. Not one. Some great people smoke marijuana though. Good people don’t believe anything.

I don’t think comedians were meant to be kept indoors all the time. They are getting funnier, but some of them seem like they might need help.

I guess there is a chance that God wants to hang out with mentally ill people forever.

In no way, shape or form is faith evidence. If you beg to differ, then represent yourself in court and when a judge asks for your evidence tell the judge your evidence is faith. Take a picture of the judge’s face and email it to me.

May 8, 2020

For the last two days my bluetooth keyboard malfunctioned. It inserted a number like a 5 or a 6 every so often and the space bar wouldn’t work. I even tried new AAA batteries and it didn’t help. However, today it works fine.

I think people have underappreciated the way that the seasonal flus peak in the winter, so they are spread less and go away quicker because people spend more time indoors away from other people (e.g. at home).

Show me a Christian man and I will show you a man-child.

I have an independent streak.

If it poops I won’t eat it.

I think honey has extraordinary healing and restorative properties in it that humans can measure or identify with their current measuring equipment.

There should be a way to upload videos from Periscope to YouTube.

Reportedly, in the 7 weeks between mid-March and May 2, 33.5 million people filed for unemployment insurance in the U.S.

I would not be surprised if a leader in each of the churches mentioned in the New Testament (or at least some of them) made a deal with one or more people that canonized the Bible.

Why wasn’t the Violence Against Women Act called the Violence Against People Act? Pandering?

Slave owners cared a lot about their slaves.

I considered that COVID-19 might have come from Jews, but I did not find evidence to support that theory.

Did Jesus worry about the way people felt about hearing the truth? Did Jesus speak the truth or his opinion?

I don’t believe in situational ethics, Jesus

Joe Biden’s best quality is revealed every time Donald Trump opens his mouth.

"If you think COVID-19 is bad you should see what else I have for you." - bats

Who makes you do the things you do?

If you Iike everything about somebody you probably don’t know them very well.

Reportedly, there have been 187,859 NC19 cases in Russia, but only 1,723 deaths. That is a death rate of .9% which is one of the lowest in the world.

Why isn’t tomorrow going to be different than today?

You can say Jesus cares about the COVID-19 pandemic (and that you are a follower of Jesus), but if it would have happened in his day it would not have affected him at all. It would not have cost him his job. He would not have filed for unemployment. He would not be worrying about the future or stuck inside either.

Contact tracing = contact tracking

Since President Trump’s valet/chef and Vice President Mike Pence’s spokeswoman reportedly have NC19 why haven’t we heard about the contact tracking application they are using and how they have contacted everybody that they have contacted over the last two weeks?

Every time you email somebody that uses Gmail or a similar major corporation that does not use end-to-end encryption you are sacrificing your privacy.

Who cares what will happen tomorrow or next year? Doesn’t anyone want to live right now?

My number in soccer is 14 and my number in football is 55. I picked those numbers because of Dan Fouts and Junior Seau.

The pharmaceutical industry and the government are preventing all sorts of natural treatments and cures from being discovered and utilized and the medical profession isn't helping.

Evil people don’t ask themselves how they can be better. They ask themselves how they can better conceal their wickedness.

I didn’t want to be wrong before and I don’t want to be right now.

If you don’t know what you’re seeking you probably won’t find it.

If you don’t know what (or who) you’re seeking you probably won’t find it (or them).

Who do you think the antichrist will be like when the world worships him in the 3rd temple and becomes one? The Rock? Think again.

I am not applying for the job, God

Getting married is a good way to stay deluded.

Being passive aggressive is a way to control someone.

I’ll show you Jesus. Are you sure you want to see him?

Mitch McConnell is an evil person. If he died we would all be better off.

May 9, 2020

A wicked generation does not care if you whisper the truth, scream the truth, paint them a picture, write them a poem or a story, kill somebody or burn down a building. They will not listen.

Would you rather be weird and right or ugly and wrong?

Does anyone look dumber than the person that won’t listen?

Somehow President Trump feels justified making reckless, inaccurate statements.

Stop burning gasoline and there won’t be a market for gasoline. Stop burning coal and there won’t be a market for coal.

Andrew Cuomo acts like he is in touch with the facts, but he is out of touch with reality.

Keep depressing people away from you and you may not be depressed.

Would you rather talk to people that you can influence or people that you can’t influence.

“What do you think?”
“It doesn’t matter what I think. I am a journalist.”

Time is the evolutionist’s magic wand.

If you don’t ask the right questions you won’t get the right answers.

If the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are right I have Israelite blood in me because I am part Seminole and they think Israelite tribes called Lamanites, Jaredites, Mulekites and Nephites were ancestors of the Native Americans.

President Trump doesn’t want to know the truth. He wants to believe his own lies.

Putting your life in the hands of somebody that is content to see you die is a fool’s errand.

Shut up and stop playing games and repent.

Sociopaths act like they care when it is convenient for them.

I earned a B.A. in psychology when I was 22 years old because I wanted to diagnose my family’s pathology. I knew it was abnormal behavior based on the way my friends reacted, but I did not understand.

Controlling people thrive on ignorance.

The mainstream media is corrupt and so is Fox News whether you consider their station mainstream media or not.

The news that the major media outlets were broadcasting and are no longer broadcasting is still happening in the U.S. and around the world even though they don’t have time for it anymore.

When you get older you look like your true self.

In junior high school I had a friend named Jon Tehran and he changed the name of The Cure’s Let’s Go to Bed song on his mixtape to Let’s Go See Fred because his dad was a pastor and he didn’t want to get in trouble.

If you don’t know what your sins are you are either a liar, a moron or both.

You don’t need a “Holy Spirit” to tell you what your sins are. You just need to pull your head out of your ass.

Pastors taught me that God uses the Holy Spirit to convict Christians of their sins slowly and incrementally “in God’s timing” as they are able to confront them because they have so many sins if they were to realize all of them at once it would be overwhelming.

Congratulations to everyone that has broken loose from the shackles of religion.

“Christianity is a relationship not a religion.”
“No. It’s a religion and you are a fool.”

I can’t imagine any Bible verses directed toward prideful people and rich people that are not applicable to 21st century Americans.

If you use proxy servers in different countries and search for things in search engines and on YouTube you will realize that the things you are used to finding and expect to find are not always there.

The U.S. media continually has lower numbers than the worldometers.info/coronavirus web page. However, they update the website at approximately GMT-0 every day and I prefer to quote them instead of the media. The media is usually 1-2,000 deaths behind, but they usually catch up within a day. I doubt people are being overcounted (why would anybody say somebody is dead if they are alive?), so I think it is more likely that people are being undercounted by the media.

CNN is telling people about a city in Ecuador that nobody has heard of and nobody can spell because that’s what rich people do. They think they have all their ducks in a row and have nothing better to do than see how bad others have it. That is one reason why the U.S. invaded Iraq. It is also one reason why they don’t fix domestic problems.

I can hardly wait to get outside and see fools point their cell phone cameras at me again. JK

I can hardly wait to get outside and smell the pollution from people that think their shit doesn’t stink. JK

Imagine if you changed your name to Jesus Cryst just to hear people say it.

Reportedly, farmers are destroying $3 billion in farm goods. I hope they incinerate it because most of it is not suitable for landfills.

I have nothing against the rich. I have something against the people that destroy life with their lifestyle. Should we call it a deathstyle?

Instead of reporting the news through a mask outside why don’t reporters use a bubble?

I know exactly one place in Kauai that sells organic wine and there has not been a shortage. Why? People prefer garbage.

I don’t think the stay-at-home orders are causing mental health issues. I think they are revealing them.

It's time to roast Steven Mnuchin.

Steven Mnuchin looks like a Ken doll’s friend that was left in the sun too long. He talks like he’s pinching his nose. He acts like a principal in a public school that watches the Fox Business channel all day. He seems like he might have a pole up his ass.

Rich people care about weird shit.

May 10, 2020

I don’t believe that water or water ice are on any other planet or moon and if you do, then you trust somebody that I don’t trust.

The people that say all the water on earth came from outer space sound like they came from outer space.

Imagine if somebody’s beliefs would put you out of work. Imagine if they were right.

Child Protective Services (aka Child Welfare Services) in San Diego, California is run by Nazis.

In my experience criminals tend to change their name, so they can start over with a different name. However, I have not seen much evidence that people that move to Hawaii and change their name are criminals. They tend to be friendly new age types.

183 countries have signed and ratified the Biological Weapons Convention that forbids the production, acquisition and use of biological weapons. However, Israel is the only country that has not signed or ratified it and has the designation of “No action expected in near future”.

In the U.S. rich people have the ability to stay in the public eye even if they are horrible people that are hated by many people.

I have never used a dating website or dated anybody that I met online. Before I was married I never had trouble meeting somebody new and dating them. Since my divorce I have not attempted to date anybody.

If you do not get educated you will make the same mistakes that your parents made.

Fools try to justify their folly, but the wise crave correction.

The dumbest people are people that won’t admit they’re dumb because they stay dumb.

Faith is evidence of ignorance.

Some people die trying to heal.

May 11, 2020

Religious people think a particular God is pleased with them while an actual God if one exists must be angry.

The truth is self-evident. You’re just a liar.

Imagine if you decided to be in the first group of people to live (and die) on Mars and while you were there researchers on Earth found the cure to every cancer and discovered how to indefinitely extend human life.

Are you surprised that Donald Trump’s experience on a reality TV show didn’t prepare him for being president of the United States? What is Puck up to these days? Maybe Republicans can nominate him next.

If the Democrats nominate a great presidential candidate I think he or she will easily win this year.

President Trump lies to people, acts like his lies are facts and then gets upset when they don’t believe his lies.

Did James Corden forget how to tell jokes?

Shout out to Kaitlin Collins.

May 12, 2020

I can do everything I do better without you, Jesus

Is showering considered exercise?

I’d never eat a human.

I won’t work at a job that makes me pollute.

Reportedly, there could be over 137,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19 by early August.

World War II was the last important war the U.S. fought in.

People without power fight strangely.

The more faith a reporter has the worse the report is.

Donald Trump feels validated every time he tweets because many users like his tweets.

Sheep are stupid.

Donald Trump calls himself a Christian.

Donald Trump is a good example of why nobody should be a Christian.

The next Bible I burn will be in the name of Donald Trump.

If you fast you can change your body type to whatever you want it to be without surgery.

If the Presbyterian churches had integrity they would excommunicate Donald Trump.

I have called gasoline black death juice for years. What do you call it?

Donald Trump is making it more difficult to figure out what is actually happening.

I am not surprised that their medicine isn’t saving them, God

Americans routinely use treatments that damage their organs.

Yesterday and part of today there was a partial interruption on my wireless Bluetooth keyboard. For instance, it required pressing the space bar three times to make a space. Also, a key or two inserted a number when I typed. However, this evening it suddenly went away. I did nothing to try to fix it this time.

Wicked people encourage others to make decisions that will conceal their mistakes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if meatpackers are in poor health.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Melania Trump divorces Donald Trump.

Many years ago I coached and trained kids in soccer camps with a company called Uncharted Waters. We worked in Greeley, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.

The death rate in Sweden from COVID-19 is double what it is in the U.S. at 12%.

A fool gives wise advice, but does not take it.

Bill Murray had a book open on his kitchen table when Jimmy Fallon recently interviewed him. If it was a Bible he was probably reading Revelation because it was open to the end.

Americans are itching to do everything wrong, backwards and sideways again, God

Reportedly, the Democrats introduced a $3 trillion economic stimulus package that includes $10,000 of student loan forgiveness. Do they think poor people only go to college for a semester or two?

If your state offers free community college tuition you would be a fool to pay to attend a university for your general education classes (e.g. your first two years).

Some comedians get married and get much less funny. I think it is because they avoid making the easy and true jokes about their spouse and try to think of other jokes and they aren’t that funny.

What is worse than a comedian that does a recurring, dumb bit, but is backed by a big corporation, so they never stop doing it and don’t listen to anybody that says it’s stupid?

Your writers aren’t as funny as you used to be.

What is the difference between you and Donald Trump? Are you sure? You might want to get a second opinion.

If you were a responsible pet owner you would feed your dog and cat organic vegetarian food. You would avoid walking your dog on filthy city streets too.

Kurt Cobain was wrong or being facetious (or speaking symbolically) about fish. They do have feelings.

I am waiting on John Mayer to change.

Dear comedians, if your house or spouse were funny we would have seen them on your show by now.

Everything that used to make nobody laugh still makes nobody laugh.

Shout out to Jim Gaffigan. Honoring a lengthy stay-at-home order with five kids and his wife must be difficult.

Some of you look like awful parents.

I dare you to fake sneeze without covering your mouth everywhere you go after they lift the stay-at-home order.

PayPal’s dispute resolution process is corrupt.

When I visited the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in Los Angeles for a comedy show people were clapping like trained animals regardless of whether or not it was funny. It reminded me of a sad pep rally for a losing team.

Being a humble ass does not make you a better person.

Many people pretend to be humble, but are not humble at all.

Rich people think others care about things they care about that have nothing to do with the reason why they are famous.

You shouldn’t have put a ring on it.

There is nothing unique about Jews. They are people just like everybody else and maybe a little inbred.

In the U.S. many people are afraid to criticize black people, Jews and gays because they have been treated like protected classes of people.

Has a dummer ever listened to John Legend’s music without falling asleep?

May 13, 2020

At the beginning of Morning Joe on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski introduces Joe, Willie and herself. I bet she feels right at home.

President Trump says he is a wartime president now and it resembles a war because of his disinformation campaign.

If it were not for the free press most of the country would be believing lies and making horrible decisions.

I liked Greg Gutfeld until President Trump endorsed him and now I don’t have much respect for him.

Jesse Watters has a B.A. in History, no journalism training and no experience in politics, but Fox News gave him a show and lets him contribute on other shows all the time.

Older people remember Joe Biden when he was younger, but younger people do not have the same recollection.

Being overweight is still unsightly and unhealthy even though big corporations are hiring overweight people for TV more often now.

Nothing is more self-promotional than TV.

Some CNN hosts seem like they are in a cult. Some MSNBC hosts seem like they are on drugs. Some Fox News hosts seem like they are out to lunch.

People like people that affirm their assumptions.

I have never seen a comedian advertisd as much as Comedy Central advertises Trevor Noah on YouTube and now they are advertising him on CNN too.

Reportedly, meat prices are at record highs.

PETA said a meat shortage is not a food shortage and I agree.

If you eat meat I can tell by the way you smell and it isn't good.

Republican politicians act like giving Americans money from the government takes money out of their pockets.

I have stayed in some of the nicest places across the Hawaiian islands, but they still use loud, smelly, gas-powered equipment to maintain the grounds.

When people that call a place home treat it like a toilet all hope is lost.

People get away with horrible things when others do them, when others are envious of them or when people are too passive to confront them.

I would not be surprised if the Democratic Party majority in the House of Representatives passes bills like the $3 trillion stimulus package because they know they will not pass in the Senate with a Republican Party majority.

Is South Korea considered a U.S. colony?

People should prepare to avoid school in the fall because school may be canceled or attending school may be a significant risk.

It‘s time to roast Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen looks like a Hispanic Barbie doll that was left upside down in the sun. She talks like she hangs out with sailors. She acts like an attention whore. She seems like a professional virtue signaler.

Hawaiians have acquired many disgusting habits from mainlanders, but religion is one of the worst ones.

The president of Northeastern University said they bought 2,000 dorm beds and are rethinking classroom density, so they can reopen in the fall. Unless students sleep outside and unless classes are conducted outside won’t they have to build new buildings and hire more teachers?

The only way Major League Baseball will start on time is if they have been flouting the stay-at-home and social distancing orders during Spring Training.

It is not a stretch to assume that people that sell drugs are on drugs.

Social distancing without masks in a room with no windows is silly.

I think Republican lawmakers want Americans to return to work despite the risks, so they don’t have to give Americans any more money.

If contact tracking aka contact tracing does not work will they design a microchip that can be inserted in your hand or forehead?

Perhaps there have been exponentially more deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19 than in any other country because some Americans have the weakest bodies, the dumbest minds and use the worst treatments.

If you think you know an environmentalist, then ask him or her what their carbon footprint is. I think you will discover that you don’t actually know any real environmentalists.

Stockholm Syndrome + Rally Around the Flag effect = Stockholm Around the Flag Syndrome (SAFS)

Some rich people glorify things that cause disease, destruction and death.

The typical American diet is horrible and causes diseases.

If God exists do you think God sees any difference between missing the mark by an inch and missing the mark by a mile?

May 14,2020

If it weren’t for the large U.S. military presence and the large amount of tourist money I think the people that call themselves Hawaiians would have taken back the islands a long time ago.

Envious people act like children.

In a court of law the jury is allowed to ignore a witness’ entire testimony if they tell one lie.

I think Americans underestimate or ignore the cumulative effects of depravity.

It’s ok to say, “I don’t know.”

How much does fasting help after you catch NC19?

Challenge trials sound dangerous and unethical.

Many people in the Bible like Abraham and Solomon had multiple wives.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, they said Donald Trump’s name 24 times in the first 26 minutes.

Twitter is a great place for people that like to make unsupported assertions.

Since states get so much money from taxing gallons of gasoline they may have a very difficult time weaning themselves from the scourge of gas-burning vehicles, but there is no other way.

People that depend on money from a source may be very slow to condemn that source because they don’t want to get off the gravy train.

Slaves don’t know how to ask for help.

States like California and New York that are complaining about not having enough money have probably tied the money they use to pay for salaries and services to gasoline taxes.

Betting on the wrong horse will cost you.

Reportedly, during the Trump administration 193 federal judges have been confirmed. 138 of them have been in district courts and 51 of them have been in circuit courts. This is the most lifetime appointments that a president has made by this time in his presidency in history.

I see why you don't care, but I still care.

Andrew Cuomo is putting the onus of contact tracing (contact tracking) on New York hospitals.

I like how people like Andrew Cuomo shoot straight and bottom-line it.

Reportedly, Gov. Cuomo has addressed New Yorkers 75 days in a row about COVID-19.

President Trump’s “America First” jargon wears awfully thin when states must buy all sorts of PPE, NC19 test kits and reagents from China.

I think a lot of Republicans are going to hold their mask and vote for Donald Trump in November.

President Trump disbanded the pandemic task force in 2018. He said he is a businessman and did not want them sitting around.

President Trump’s words, inactions and actions have made the COVID-19 pandemic a bigger disaster.

Last night I dreamed that kids threw dirt at me and I was dirty from head to toe and I sat in the passenger seat of a car. I got out and approached a big tour bus and Anthony Fauci stumbled out and was high on drugs.

Be as patient as you want, but don’t assume that others will be patient too.

Some people have too many voices in their head.

Staying in a contentious marriage can cause physical and emotional pain.

I enjoyed driving my daughter to school in the morning.

Apparently, when a Christian couple says they don’t believe in divorce what one spouse is actually saying is, “If I am unhappy I will tell you I want a divorce and torture you until you believe in divorce.”

As depressing as it may be I think we may have to accept the fact that nobody is going to tell us to return to life the way it was anytime soon except for Donald Trump and he’s a fool.

Has anyone seen Dr. Drew Pinsky’s portfolio?

I think doctors (and others) with pharmaceutical company stocks are in no hurry to legalize marijuana.

People can’t hide forever.

Rich old people are freaking out.

I hope your body is ready for the future because mine is, Jesus

Donald Trump’s spin is doing the opposite of what he wants it to do.

The U.S.’ COVID-19 response is destroying the U.S. economy.

They don’t mind if we “slowly” die, but they don’t want us to quickly die.

It feels like the world has been running the wrong way.

Is the Bible the original National Enquirer?

Donald Trump said the reason why we have more cases is because we have more testing. Is that also why we have more COVID-19 deaths?

Does President Xi refuse to meet President Trump? Trump has made it a habit to belittle China and scapegoat them, but who has tried to build bridges with them? It is not time for a photo-op, but I think a meeting is long overdue.

People with pretend relationships act a certain way.

If I was the president of the United States you would have either seen me talking to President Xi by now or you would have seen me in a bat cave with a flamethrower.

Donald Trump is more of a weasel than a leader.

May 15, 2020

I write quotes in iPad’s native Notes application and upload them to my website and YouTube Premium suggests videos in the Home tab that contain keywords in the title that I wrote in my notes. They are from YouTube broadcasters that I am subscribed to, but I never asked them to do this.

The U.S. government has made a lot of enemies over the years, so I would not be surprised if people in other countries bring NC19 and other viruses to the U.S., so they can spread and kill Americans.

America’s enemies have the ability to make the COVID-19 pandemic last indefinitely and not just their rich enemies, but their poor enemies too.

If China has been studying NC19 in a lab, then they know how to infect somebody and when to send them without being detected.

Some of America’s enemies have no motivation to see the U.S. be successful in any way, shape or form.

When Kim Jong Un was missing for weeks he might have been kowtowing to China for their dastardly ways.

Most Americans are too busy fighting personal battles and their usual enemies to consider how other enemies might be seeking their demise.

The typical American diet is deadly and should be considered a pre-condition for COVID-19.

Many of the things advertised on TV are shameful.

MSNBC and CNN did not play footage of Joe Biden’s interview from yesterday, but Fox News played a couple of clips of him answering questions.

If Juan Guaido has $220 million to pay mercenaries to assassinate or capture President Maduro, so he can be the president why doesn’t he feed the people he says are starving?

This is all part of the plan, but I figured it would happen sooner, Jesus

Jesus did not lead a movement from an ivory tower. He led by example.

Last night or this morning I dreamed that I was standing in a field with someone and there was a very strong wind. I jumped and stayed airborne, suspended horizontally with my arms outstretched. My hands were clenched into fists like I was holding onto a pole like a flag, but there was no pole. I also dreamed that I made a decorative glass plate and it had a blue design on it. I also dreamed that I was in a room of people talking to my childhood friend Charlie Kohler. He had big muscles and spoke in a deep voice like he did in adulthood and his young, blonde daughter was sitting behind him. I wanted to return to the field to fly in the wind again.

Some experts think over 100,000 people have already died in the U.S. from COVID-19 because the initial deaths were undercounted and attributed to other things.

Some experts think there may never be a COVID-19 vaccine just like they have been unable to develop a HIV/AIDS vaccine and a Hepatitus C vaccine.

News is considered something that has happened that is newsworthy. News is not considered something that might happen. Nonetheless, CNN and Fox News are spending time reporting possibilities.

Your fear is related to your sin. The more you sin the more you fear.

Never base your conclusions on a broadcast from the mainstream media. Always do your research and get the full truth.

Do you think anybody on TV received the $1,200 stimulus?

Since childhood I have hated needles and I think my father contributed to my aversion to needles because he wanted to ensure that I did not shoot drugs like heroin. Consequently, I have never done any drugs with a needle.

Although getting stuck was almost unbearable and sometimes my vein would roll, I donated plasma lots of times in my 20s. I even have a scar to prove it.

I don’t like to give people false hope.

Donald Trump is a false prophet. Why anybody listens to his prophecies anymore is mind-boggling.

When did Chris Cuomo get so annoying? Watching him is what I imagine somebody doing reader’s theater on crack would be like.

Americans continually lie to themselves about the way they truly are and TV helps perpetuate that lie by continually distracting them from reality.

I stopped eating at buffets when I stopped eating “conventional” food and went organic, but now I would not even eat at a buffet if somebody finally decides to build an organic one which may never happen.

Assholes ignore questions because the answers are damning and expose their lies and impotence.

Liars think their lies will save them, but they actually cost them.

Controlling assholes only want you to be successful on their terms.

Unconditional love is a myth.

Do American isolationists understand how much everybody else hates them?

Apparently, if you can’t treat people right the night best thing is to have enough money to bribe them.

I hate your pastor and if God exists God hates your pastor too.

Pointing out the failures, inconsistencies and incompleteness of a Christian is useless because he or she will just say they rely on God’s grace and all their sins are forgiven anyway.

Fundamentalists don’t have integrity. They have a fundamentalism.

Christianity glorifies failure because everybody wins no matter what.

Republican leaders are as stingy as hell.

It’s time to roast Lou Dobbs.

Lou Dobbs looks like he dyed his hair so many times it started receding. Did his forehead invoke eminent domain on his hairline? I wouldn’t be surprised if he sweats hot dog juice. He sounds like a deranged Trump supporter. He acts like money is his god. He seems like he expects people to take his biased opinions seriously.

I think a school should not reopen until 90% of the teachers, students and parents agree that the school should reopen.

I think sometimes MSNBC does not like being lumped in with CNN when people refer to the mainstream media.

President Trump thinks he can redeem himself, but he can’t and he won’t.

People that live abroad differ in their perception and opinion of President Trump based on the news outlet that they read and watch.

Some people have isolated themselves in their “home” so much that watching TV is the only way they know how to relate to others.

If you want people to like you for what you are not they may end up disliking you for what you are.

My father is a slimeball, Jesus

I would not be surprised if my ex-wife is saying and doing things to try to trick my daughter into getting pregnant, so her mom can have a great-grandchild and she can keep Jordan under her thumb.

Wickedness is not a state of being. It is a way of life.

In high school my friend Pat Keough and his brother Mike called cigarettes and alcohol “contraband” and it caught on with me and some of my friends. We had to use code words at our private Christian school and around our parents.

The first cigarette I ever smoked was a Marlboro red that I took from one of my dad’s open packs of cigarettes in a cabinet. The first tobacco I ever chewed was Kodiak. A kid from the south gave me some at a camp called JH Ranch. I was in high school both times.

The only time I took up smoking cigarettes was after Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary threw me out of school for sleeping with my fiancé and she broke up with me. I bought cartons of Marlboro menthols in Lynchburg, Virginia and moved on to Djarum cloves and bidis before I quit about a year later.

When I quit smoking cigarettes, bidis and cloves I did it cold turkey. For about 24 hours I shook, cried and felt miserable, but I was much better the next day.

I have never liked smoking hookah. I tried it a couple of times when I lived in Pacific Beach and the buzz was so lame I wished I was smoking pot.

I think chewing tobacco is unwise because it causes mouth cancers. In fact, that is how Tony Gwynn died. I think smoking cigarettes is unwise too because it causes lung cancer, emphysema, etc. That is how my aunt Dot died.

I am ashamed of most of the things government employees do and allow people to do, but making cigarettes illegal for people under 21 years of age was a positive development in Hawaii. I see no reason why cigarettes should be legal at all especially if suicide and homicide are illegal.

Some large corporations injure and kill humans (and other lifeforms) and they are too stupid and weak to do anything about it.

If somebody wanted to argue that the U.S. is being run by sadists I think they could make a strong case.

I will never call Israel the Holy Land again. There is nothing “holy” about Israel and I have been there twice. I have exhorted AP Style to avoid calling it “Holy Land” as well. I don’t think it is journalistic to call any land holy unless it can be objectively proven that the soil is holy.

Islam is incorrect about the urine of the uncircumcised. It does not defile the earth for 40 days. If a Muslim wants to prove that the uncircumcised penis’ urine is different than the circumcised penis’ urine I would like to see them try. Bihar, vol. 13, p. 245 makes no sense because al-'Allama al-Majlisi did not know what he was talking about.

When I was a baby I was circumcised, but if I ever have a boy nobody will circumcise him.

May 16, 2020

I don’t care at all about NFL football. I will never watch NFL football again. I think NFL football is stupid. My favorite football player Junior Seau committed suicide because he had CTE. The San Diego Chargers moved to Los Angeles and I lost my family’s season tickets. I sustained a bad back injury that stunted my growth playing Pop Warner tackle football between 7th and 8th grades. My mom hated football. There are few things I care about less than NFL football. If I have a son he will not play football and I do not think any child should play organized tackle football under any circumstance.

NFL football is an outlet for pathetic, prideful men to get their jollies at others’ expense.

Today the news reported that the NFL was incentivizing hiring minorities. Isn’t that called affirmative action? There are some great minority coaches and players, so I don't see why anybody needs an incentive to hire them.

MSNBC, Fox News and CNN’s new thing is to have one news host or pundit stare directly into the camera like they want to fight somebody. Challenge accepted. Let’s brawl.

If you download a contact tracking (aka contact tracing) application and the government uses the information to arrest you, you may never realize it. Remember social security numbers were not supposed to be used for anything except social security benefits, but they lied about that. Remember your metadata was supposed to be private or at least between you and the service provider you pay, but the government can get it without a warrant.

Whenever somebody has your information like your metadata it can be sold, stolen or given to the government. The company that has it could also sell it and say they were hacked.

Imagine legally buying medical marijuana while a contact tracking (aka contact tracing) application is on your phone and then the government uses that information to have the Drug Enforcement Agency break down your door and arrest you.

Every Republican and Democrat in Congress lies by commission or omission every second of every day.

Do I need to write it on a tablet or a plate for you, God

It is amazing what some people do to try to stay relevant.

Some middle-aged people are desperately trying to be accepted by younger people.

My ex-wife yelled in my face and threw tantrums immediately after we got married before she had our daughter. It typically happened after she finished talking to her mom or somebody on the phone in a foreign language. One time I pushed her and she fell and bruised her back. I was working at a Christian school in 2001 as a full-time Bible teacher, History teacher and worship band leader and I had gotten her a job as a child care helper. She showed the bruise to somebody at school, told them I pushed her and they fired me. I have been self-employed ever since then. We divorced 10 years later.

You can’t write natural causes on a death certificate. Journalists should not report a death was by natural causes. When they do it reveals their ignorance.

Fred Willard is the first person to block me on Twitter and literally die. He blocked me because I teased him after getting arrested for masturbating in a theater.

Talking about a COVID-19 vaccine now is like talking about what you hope to get for Christmas.

I stopped calling Jesus Christ. I just call him Jesus. Calling him Christ is a profession of faith. Jesus never called himself Christ in the Bible.

There is no bigger prison than the human mind.

Every time you don’t take a swing you don’t hit anything.

Some morons that do bad things have a horrible rationale that they use to attack others when they are called out.

After getting thrown out of Christian High School in my junior year for a series of referrals for doing fun stuff with my friends on campus, I attended the local public school. I had never drank alcohol, but I started trying different kinds of drinks because I met a guy that made me a fake ID and I knew an Arab student that worked in his family’s liquor store. I drank Boone’s wine, St. Ides, Olde English 800, Mickey’s, Night Train, Mad Dog 20/20, Schnapps, wine coolers and various beers and hard liquors. I never took my dad’s Budweiser beers because I thought he would notice.

The first time I ever drank beer I woke up with an upset stomach because I kept swallowing a gulp of air to push it down. I went to Long’s Drugs and bought Mylanta tablets and they settled my stomach.

I have never huffed glue because it kills brain cells and the high doesn’t last long.

Marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells. Breathing anything except oxygen kills brain cells. People that say marijuana kills brain cells probably need a few more brain cells.

It can be difficult to ascertain whether some people are lying on purpose or so stupid that they are repeating a lie.

I pity everybody with uneducated parents.

Not supporting universal college education is saying you want people to be stupid. Not supporting universal healthcare is saying you want people to be unhealthy. Don’t underestimate how much you will suffer though. You can’t live in a stupid and unhealthy society without it affecting you.

I already made my peace. I already made my peace. I already made my peace.

If I were you I would fear the afterlife too.

Americans don’t care about old people or kids. They don’t care about anyone. They barely care about themselves.

Nobody deserves praise for what they do if they have to be guilted and threatened before they will do it.

The first temper tantrum my ex-wife had with me was in our first apartment a few days after the wedding and she was sitting on the ground in the kitchen by herself screaming and kicking in the side of the metal range. I called 9-1-1. Later, her sister told me that she had anger problems as long as she could remember even though I never saw or heard about them until then.

May 17, 2020

While I was broadcasting my live video on unbelief last night people liked it over 2,500 times.

I am not interested in impressing people that are impressed by nonsense.

When you realize you are on the wrong path what do you do?

How long do you suck a tea bag?

I have never read the Bible from cover to cover because it is not in chronological order and was not designed to be read that way. However, I have read the entire New Testament and much of the Old Testament and I listened to an audio Bible for the OT parts that I did not read.

Some biased, agenda-driven people are good at telling only one side of the story.

You can't create shit, Jesus

Andrew Cuomo should give the houseless people in New York City facemasks and stop putting them down until he can address them without sounding like an asshole.

I think some people hate others and they know they like marijuana, so they hate marijuana too.

What kind of Christian breaks into his relative's house?

Since I am part Seminole on my dad's side he used to tell me about Native Americans. He said some Indians steal stuff and think it is ok. He said Indians don't consider it stealing if somebody isn't using it.

I love Hawaiians and Hawaii is beautiful.

All I ever do is watch people kill and die, Jesus

There are journalists that will die from cancer that are neglecting to ask Donald Trump and Joe Biden how they intend on curing cancer like they claimed.

If you want to stop causing and spreading diseases you will need to get rid of your gas stations.

"Are you a white or brown-skinned invader?" - rejected pickup lines

If you pretend to love and respect people that you do not actually love and respect your words will eventually betray you.

There are too many people destroying the planet that say they are saving it.

Did Jesus decide to live outside after his family stole from him?

Some people steal by comission and some people steal by omission.

Not only will I not talk to the Hamalians again I don't even want to see their ugly faces.

Some musicians have written music about me and did not realize it until later, Jesus

I would be honored to join the Palestinian resistance movement in Israel or Palestine.

People that think they know God don't know God. People that think they please God don't please God.

Money can save you time and energy.

I think some houseless people have parasites and don't realize it.

Homeless = houseless

If the speech police care about political correcteness and want Americans to avoid calling people a variety of things, then they should stop calling houseless people homeless people. They have a home. They just don't have a house. May 18, 2020

Shout out to Jason Cain, Andy Herbert and Jason Wenning.

There have been 640 cases of NC19 in Hawaii and 17 people have died. 21 cases and 0 deaths have been recorded in Kauai.

There have been 1,527,644 confirmed cases of NC19 in the U.S. and 90,978 people have died. That is a death rate of nearly 6%.

Useful idiots like their job.

“The check is in the mail.” - U.S. government

Is duplicitious your middle name too?

Nobody has known whether I am coming or going, Jesus

I have never eaten SPAM even though many Hawaiians eat it and they sell it everywhere from McDonalds to 7-11 to Costco in Hawaii. My parents wouldn’t let me eat it when I was young.

I like Nancy Pelosi. I just think she should take border security more seriously and I don’t care for her religious beliefs.

Sooner or later you will probably regret trusting whoever you blindly trust.

You can play with the cards that you were dealt or you can fold.

The government is controlling most Americans with shame, threats and money.

What you say and do makes me want to give up, God

If anybody knows fat, old, ugly pricks that talk out of their ass it’s me, Jesus

My only solace is the truth.

Sometimes people do puzzling things.

Meat eaters remind me of drug users.

May 19, 2020

Stop putting things off.

This is an amazing time, but it’s too bad that we must live this way.

Being exposed to prideful people with unenviable qualities is taxing.

President Trump’s doctor said hydroxychloroquine could be a treatment not taken as preventative medicine like Trump claims to be doing.

I don’t believe President Trump is actually taking hydroxychloroquine. Why doesn’t he tweet a video of himself taking it? I think he wanted to see who will believe him and con people into taking it because they bought 29 million doses.

If you are poor $1,200 is a lot of money. Some people have never seen that much money in their bank account.

“I take a pill every day” is what President Trump said about hydroxychloroquine and he could lie and say that with a straight face because he takes a different pill every day. He also said, “I don’t take it because” and stopped himself which sounded like a confession. He said, “I’d take it” twice which is odd if he is taking it. He said he started taking it a couple of weeks ago and he said he has been taking it for about a week and a half now. He said, “I hope to not be able to take it soon” which is strange. He also repeated himself many times and made unsupported and vague claims about others taking it which does not lend credibility to his claim.

President Trump has turned journalists into babysitters.

I think if the U.S. had a Democratic president or a non-Republican president and a Democratic majority in the house and senate the COVID-19 pandemic would have caused many, long-term, positive changes for the U.S. instead of rushing people back to work and buying things. I think they would probably be giving people universal healthcare, universal basic income, universal college tuition and student loan forgiveness. I think they would also be ending our reliance on meat and gasoline.

I have a weird process, God

Should personal freedoms vary by state? Is that what America's founders envisioned?

Some people never discover how to be balanced and stay within themselves.

Some people are uncomfortable in their own skin.

New York has more NC19 cases than any other country.

If I had to choose between listening to Elizabeth Warren speak and somebody running their fingernails down a chalk board I would have to think about it.

When somebody takes your things and destroys what you created and you know they could do it again you will have little motivation to do it all over again.

President Trump makes lots of enemies.

Today which is the day after President Trump bragged about taking potentially suicidal doses of hydroxychloroquine that only the extremely ill should ever consider taking the Dow Jones stock market index fell -390 points. The S&P and NASDAQ indices dropped as well. I bet he didn't see that coming.

A lot of people including Emme Olivera did not care for my ex-wife, but I never understood why. They must have seen something that I didn’t see or something that I ignored. Perhaps they were jealous and thought she was fake.

I told a houseless guy that I keep seeing in town that my beachfront condo has mold and fruit flies in it and he chuckled. I gave him the finger guns.

The employees at Hoku foods are very nice. Last time I was there the checker was so nice that I was extra nice to the checker in Safeway without any effort.

A woman that feels spurned can be dangerous.

Anderson Cooper is a good reporter.

President Trump is passive aggressive.

An expert on MSNBC said patients take hydroxychloroquine once a week for some ailments like lupus, but people only take it daily if they have a very seriously illness.

I know how to grab a tiger by its tail.

Maybe you should let them be gay, God

Ron Reagan had nothing to do with the donation I made to the Freedom From Religion Foundation today, but I like him and his commercials on the Rachel Maddow show.

The only argument I’ve heard against the Freedom From Religion Foundation is a bias toward one religion.

Religionists should support the Freedom From Religion Foundation because we don’t want a theocracy and if one political party has the power to invoke a theocracy, another political party that comes to power next could use that power to make it a totally secular country.

Maybe you need light in your body.

I am so bored I could inject a disinfectant. JK

I think fruit flies are giving piggy-back rides or having sex mid-air.

If Americans don’t elect Donald Trump or Joe Biden does that mean we won’t get the cure for cancer?

Why do Christians think that Israel’s 1st century government and the majority of Israelis that rejected Jesus were wrong and judged by God for it, but Israel’s 21st century government and the majority of Israelis that do the same thing is divine and on God’s side? They don't even have a temple now.

Rosemary Church is a peach.

Who has confidence like a fool with a woman?

Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether bodily changes are temporary or permanent.

May 20, 2020

I was going to list the reporters that I like, but there are too many to list. When I was on Twitter I maintained an epic list of thousands of journalists around the world.

I liked Barack Obama’s graduation speeches. He has some good qualities and is a good orator.

Sometimes a good person is misunderstood and sometimes a bad person is misunderstood, but if they keep talking you can usually figure out which type they are.

When you have a small, residual income you learn how to patiently budget well.

“Rich” is a subjective word.

Some Americans have money coming out their ears.

We need to upgrade our American Dream.

Reportedly, the measures that people are taking to avoid NC19 are helping them avoid other illnesses as well.

If the Democratic Obama administration was so innocent why doesn’t the mainstream media tell us what the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) did during that time? Was it ok to raid medical marijuana collectives in San Diego, California? Why did they allow it?

If Christian churches want to avoid spreading viruses they should avoid passing offering and communion plates and cups.

If you have bad data you will make wrong conclusions.

Imagine if people realized that eating and drinking unhealthy things causes diseases, so they required restaurants and bars to sell organic food and drinks before reopening.

I stopped using Google’s Gmail on January 1, 2020 and started using Proton mail and it’s great. After using it about five months I have nearly exhausted the free 500 GB allotment, so I am going to pay about $50/year for the 5 GB plan because it’s worth it.

People with no life are obsessed about when live begins.

Not letting priests marry, not letting people use birth control and not letting people get abortions is a great way to increase the wealth and membership in the Catholic Church.

The Hawaiian government should consider giving grants to farmers that grow organic food for USDA certification because some organic farmers don’t pay for it and people have to trust them.

The more power a person has the more ability they have to cover their tracks.

If Joe Biden wants a female running mate why doesn’t he pick Alyssa Milano?

Imagine if Donald Trump said Mexico will pay for the border wall because he was going to avoid using eminent domain to build it and build it in Mexico.

I imagine Israel would bulldoze Palestinian homes to build a wall and probably give them a 5 minute notice. Either that or they would pay somebody to fire a missile into a field from their yard and then drop bombs.

How dare Palestinians keep military weapons in their homes. They should keep them in the military base they don’t have.

Are people going to start smoking pot to make sure they don’t get glaucoma now?

If President Trump was a great businessman with integrity he would order Congress to pass every budget with a sizable surplus and not a deficit like they always do.

Deficit spending is foolish.

Memorial Day in Hawaii without huge numbers of tourists milling around will be surreal and memorable.

Don’t complain. By mid-2021 you’ll be praying for another pandemic.

A double-minded man is indeed unstable in all his ways.

Controlling people cause others problems because they are selfish and think they know best.

Social media gives morons confidence.

Embrace uncertainty.

I already gave away my bootstraps, Jesus

Hate whoever makes you worry.

Wicked people do evil things with the truth.

Michael Mann is a typical, pathetic American that won’t change, but wants others to change and make people change. He just revealed his pride and ignorance on MSNBC.

Rich Americans that don’t want to do the right thing know how to talk in circles.

Most people in the U.S. have probably never heard of Wuhan, China before the COVID-19 pandemic, but over 11 million people live there.

If we compare the U.S. to China or Wuhan to New York City, China’s government gets an A+ for handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. government gets an F.

Hawaii is in a unique position for the COVID-19 pandemic. It has no border states or countries, but millions of tourists visit every year.

Peter was the thorn in Paul’s side.

If a taxpayer belittles you for paying for your food via SNAP (EBT/food stamps) remind them that .10 cents a day is used from their taxes to pay for about 40 million Americans to eat.

Is aloofness a fruit of the Holy Spirit?

Cults never call their group a cult, but they may call other group cults.

I wish the federal government was as good as Hawaii’s government at stopping the spread of NC19.

The national media rarely covers Hawaii, but I think Hawaii has a unique success story regarding COVID-19 up until now.

Reportedly, New Mexico is giving people a cell phone to track them.

Reportedly, President Trump is polling 11 points behind a man that has not won his party’s nomination. He won in 2016 when he was polling 4 points behind Hillary Clinton.

Shout out to Paula Reid.

USPS is vital for America and the government should fund it like an essential service instead of expecting it to be successful like a for-profit business.

Apparently the Trump administration used Americans’ anti-Iranian sentiment to create an emergency declaration to sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars in arms to wage war in Yemen because Congress would not have approved it.

What is the RDA for auto emissions?

Some rich people prefer to give things that make them look good despite what others need or want.

My first college roommate used to say that he wanted to start a fraternity called Kappa Kappa Kappa. We were in other fraternities, so he was joking.

Don Lemon said voter fraud is rare in relation to voting by mail, but the greatest frauds go undetected. If the government is guilty of voter fraud how would we know?

I enjoy watching and hearing news reports on TV and YouTube, but I don’t care for people that scream and try to make me emotional.

People that harm others with their lifestyle lack the moral authority to make righteous judgments about the behaviors of others.

New York is an echo chamber, but some New Yorkers don’t realize it.

What President Trump said about President Xi and China in January and February was correct then and now if you apply his words to the death toll in China from COVID-19. China has had 82,967 cases and 4,634 deaths in a country of over 1.4 billion people. If you say China is responsible for the death toll in other countries, then all bets are off.

The U.S. has more malicious enemies than China, so it is possible that NC19 originated in China and has been maliciously brought to the U.S. by others.

After I took a misdemeanor plea deal after fighting four bogus felonies for a year in California for growing medical cannabis for a medical marijuana collective in 2011, they made me surrender my Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit because the misdemeanor was in child endangerment.

People want others to care about their health more than they do.

Your twisted plans might have worked if you didn’t care about yourself more than the truth.

May 21, 2020

When the majority follows a stupid, disgusting example like it’s obviously the right way they don’t see or understand how it affects people that reject it.

Who is worse than a smug weirdo that sets stupid examples that you won't follow?

There is little enviable about society’s most envied people.

President Trump has shown us inside the mind of a fundamentalist, Christian Republican. If you don’t think so look at the other ones that have not condemned him for his daily misdeeds.

If you are a discerning person you realize that when politicians speak they leave more questions unanswered than answered.

Donald Trump always wears a mask. You just don’t see it.

Is Rachel Maddow my spirit animal?

America is the monkey that gets its hand stuck in a jar because it grabs something it wants, but can’t get it out without letting go.

Europe is unable to effectively reprimand Russia because they rely on Russian oil just like the U.S. is unable to effectively reprimand China because they rely on Chinese labor and products.

Even though Gov. Whitmer is a lifelong Democrat that worked her way up through the Democratic Party system in Michigan’s government I would still prefer her as vice president than a senator.

According to the WHO yesterday was the biggest single-day increase in NC19 cases because 106,000 cases were reported.

Reportedly, if the government would have started its COVID-19 response one week earlier it could have saved 36,000 lives.

Yesterday President Trump said he would not have done anything differently regarding his COVID-19 response.

If Russia’s death toll from COVID-19 is inaccurate, then maybe their case count is inaccurate too. Reportedly, they have 317,554 cases and 3,099 deaths which is under 1%.

I don’t care who the wicked admire.

Biased people pretend the weakest critiques of their favorite people are the only critiques.

The biased are less objective than the unbiased and by extension they are also less intelligent.

Politicians and the media can blame the state of America on NC19, but in reality America is in the position it is in because of the way the government prepared and responded and the way the people reacted.

Gov. Cuomo said New York’s essential workers have been tested for NC19 and have it at a lower rate than the general population and it is due to PPE. However, according to Dr. Katz in the Bronx on Bill Maher’s show on April 24, 95% of the patients (19 out of 20) they tested that were definitely infected had negative test results.

People that trust somebody inevitably expect you to trust them too.

I think NC19 testing is important now, but I think it will be very important in the flu season (e.g. November - February).

Some people routinely talk with a set of built-in assumptions that they treat as facts.

How did Bernie Sanders discern that it was wise and prudent to vote no on the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) on Iraq, but Joe Biden didn’t?

Stephen Colbert relentlessly teases many politicians, pundits, journalists and actors, but he never continually chastises liberal Catholics because he is one.

Except for ratings there is no good reason the mainstream media needs to cover President Trump like they do. They have turned news coverage into a soap opera.

Why use USPS for mail-in ballots when the government could revive the Pony Express?

Despite the way politicians use the Internet it is not just for fraud and treason.

The government protects people by inconveniencing them and making them miserable.

This is going to happen again. The only question is when.

I think many people in various parts of the U.S. will spread and acquire NC19 during Memorial Day weekend. In fact, America could have a second wave this weekend and a third wave during Independence Day weekend and a fourth wave during Labor Day weekend that will lead to flu season which may appear like one big wave.

CNN, “China’s Deadly Secret” sounds stupid.

Right now in America it feels like the calm before the storm in the movie Jaws.

I think we are beginning to see how the most vulnerable populations are treated in South American countries and elsewhere.

There are many disturbing things about the Ahmaud Arbery murder case.

Seeing the way that many Americans are reacting to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order makes me wonder if their life, their marriage or their house sucks the most because I am pretty sure they all suck.

Your pastor worships too many of your gods to be effective.

May 22, 2020

After living on the street for eight years and being holed up indoors for about two months because of the "stay-at-home" order I couldn’t say this any more emphatically, but I could do without all of you fucking weirdos that constantly fuck everything up around me forever. If I never see any of you again it will be too soon.

Don’t be a weak-minded, wicked sack of shit. If God exists God thinks the exact same thing.

How am I supposed to care about a restaurant that is suffering with no business when they sell food that is not organic; food that I wouldn’t even give to animals or put in landfills?

How am I supposed to feel for Gov. Cuomo for being unable to pay essential workers when he has relied on gasoline taxes to pay them?

What would you do if you had enough integrity to stop destroying life on earth with your polluting lifestyle? Have you ever even considered it?

People don’t care about people they kill.

You don't have to destroy everything with your lifestyle. You choose to destroy everything with your lifestyle including yourself.

I don’t want to see, hear or know how proud you are of your pathetic, disgusting possessions.

America is fueled by pride, envy and discontent.

Fuck the Joneses.

America needs a revolution, but it is getting the Beautiful Depression exactly like it deserves.

To those that think they can’t catch a virus at the beach have you ever smelled somebody’s cigarette at the beach? Imagine everybody smoking a cigarette, but instead of smoke it could be a contagious virus.

Americans are impatient.

Americans are enablers.

If you destroy life on earth with your disgusting lifestyle you have no authority to tell others to hurry up and do the same thing.

If the Vatican can run on renewable energy, then so can Washington, D.C.

I regret every time I ride my bike on the street because I have to breathe your God damned auto emissions.

Americans are selfish, out of touch assholes.

A “black box” is an orange box before a plane crash.

Baptizing a baby is unbiblical. There are zero examples of babies being baptized in the Bible.

Christians say the 1st century Jews did not recognize Jesus was the Christ because of their sin, but in reality the Old Testament depicts a different person and Christians reinterpreted (mistranslated) verses to describe the legend of Jesus’ life.

The Jewish Messiah is not God and is not born of a virgin. He is from the line of David on his biological father’s side. The Jewish Messiah does not rise from the dead.

The only thing I trust is a strong hand.

Melania Trump is a fool.

You don’t realize how dirty you are when you are dirty like everybody else.

The people that I hate the most think they are bulletproof or justified.

Don’t pee in the bath water.

I think the problems that you can’t see tend to be the last ones you fix.

When President Trump says businesses need to reopen and the country won’t shut down again he sounds like somebody that keeps telling everybody he is going to buy a football team, but never does.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” unless you have premarital sex with your fiancé and then we will throw you out of school. - Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

When I was in high school I decided I wanted to attend San Diego State University, so I didn’t apply to any other schools.

When I applied to SDSU, they were accepting students that scored 1,000 points on the SAT with a 2.0 grade point average or higher. I earned above a 3.0 gpa and over 1,000 points on my SAT, so I was automatically accepted.

I think it is cool that Joe Biden was the first black president's vice president.

If a black woman is the most qualified vice president candidate, then I hope Joe Biden picks one, but I do not think Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams qualify.

Nutters need to be careful or places of worship are going to spread disease.

Rich Americans are weird.

As soon as you expose an evil person they will try to justify and hide their behavior.

Imagine if people were content to stay home until the government traded an electric vehicle for their gas-powered vehicle and powered their house with 100% renewable energy.

Good non-religious people still look out for the religious even if they don’t return the favor.

You can use your body in a way that it was not intended for a while, but not for too long without suffering the consequences.

Reportedly, there have been 1,645,094 cases of NC19 in the U.S. and 97,647 COVID-19 deaths.

This year Memorial Day should also remember 100,000 Americans that died from COVID-19.

The rain is your saving grace.

Why should anybody care how white your teeth are?

Americans don’t know who to trust.

If I didn’t have morals I would be doing things differently, Jesus

May 23, 2020

Actors are the ultimate wannabes.

Nobody can relate to me not even my father, Jesus

Spineless married comedians, I want to hear jokes about your spouse.

How 21st century Americans think they are pleasing a 1st century houseless man is beyond me, God

Can a journalist ask Joe Biden about increasing the U.S. debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion as vice president in the Obama administration?

Some politicians have pandering down to a science.

I don’t need to hear anymore Joe Biden commercials with him yelling over the “Applause” sign.

I don’t think Pentecost had anything to do with the Holy Spirit. I think Pentecost had to do with being spied on.

The more churches that close the better.

Americans have bonded over baloney for a long time.

Lenard McKelvey, when are descendants of World War II veterans going to be compensated for their sacrifice?

Superstitions are never essential.

I dreamed that I scored a goal in soccer. I toe-poked a screaming, low, line-drive from the top of the box that went in the lower right side of the goal. The goalie dove, but it went past his outstretched arms. 40 years passed between God allegedly writing “thou shalt not kill” on stone tablets atop Mt. Sinai (or Mt. Horeb) and God allegedly telling the Israelites to kill all the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites and take their land. They obviously failed the test.

You may think that Jews without merit have been given acting jobs, but Jews have been acting for a very long time.

A Republican solves your problems by telling you that you can fix them.

I would rather listen to a chimpanzee than Donald Trump.

Sometimes the greatest thing a person must overcome is their parents.

Lenard McKelvey, I will call a human being God right after I suck his dick. In other words never. In his defense if my name was Lenard McKelvey I would want to be called something else too.

Is violence ever the right response to words?

The U.S. failed to follow China’s example as they professionally and overwhelmingly contained NC19 in their country, so how can they criticize China’s response? What did they want? A dissertation or a movie? Did they expect them to broadcast a skull and crossbones 24/7?

Sneaky bad people want one defensible reason for their actions to obscure the indefensible reasons.

Christians think their money and religion will save the planet, but they won’t.

I don’t care what you think I will do, God

Guilty people want others to think they are guilty.

CNN is broadcasting reporters talking to mayors on beaches, but people probably won’t spread NC19 very much on the beach sand. They will spread it at the local convenience stores and restaurants that they flock to before, during and after their beach visits.

Reportedly, 333 witnesses will be testifying against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he defends himself against three criminal charges.

When I was a Christian I used AOL and my main email addresses were JCSaves7, JCSaves3 and JCSaves333.

May 24, 2020

If the U.S. had stronger leadership from the federal government people would be acting differently this holiday weekend. Also, if state and local governments thought people would listen to them and if they weren’t desperate for money they would be telling people to stay home this weekend.

“What makes somebody Hawaiian?”
“Using one Hawaiian word every conversation.”

A lot of politicians are going on record about the way they are not enforcing masks or stay-at-home orders this holiday weekend and they might regret it even though they are trying to be measured and supportive.

It’s one thing to have a president that doesn’t know what he is doing, but it’s another thing to have a president that acts like he does.

People that refuse to take responsibility for their actions like to find a scapegoat.

Are you uploading all your content to a website that is blocked for over 1.5 billion people which is about one-third of all Internet traffic?

Saying vaccines don’t cause autism is a strawman argument.

If you have never heard about the toxins combined with vaccines it is because they have lied by ommission and you have not done your research.

You don’t know what saved lives, but everybody knows what kills people. Your pollution.

Robert O'Brien is a liar and a fool.

I don’t want to hear from anymore good soldiers.

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a concerted campaign by the government to act like there is nothing to see here, so people will continue spending money and going to work and they have been wrong.

The media’s focus on Joe Biden’s dumb joke about black people is a strawman that is taking the focus off his age, poor health, vote to authorize the Iraq war, his sexism in the violence against women act and his bias in saying he will select a female vice president instead of the best candidate for the job. It has given liberals a chance to do more virtue signaling though.

On MSNBC, Richard Engel, Amy Webb and somebody else criticized President Trump for calling NC19 the Chinese virus and implied it was racist and inappropriate, but they neglected to reveal how many other viruses are named after their place of origin like Ebola, MERS, Spanish Flu, West Nile Virus, etc.

Richard Engel compared COVID-19 to a tsunami and said the first wave should be the worst and the subsequent waves should be easier to manage, but the Spanish Flu’s second wave was much worse than its first one.

Like the government sometimes the media either tells people what they want to hear or what they want them to think.

If I ran a media outlet and a reporter told me they were in a political party that would be their last day of work.

Has anybody without a tie said we need to hurry up and open the entire country? Has anybody in a hospital gown or with a stethoscope said we need to hurry up and open the entire country?

There are no limits to what a fiat currency can do.

Steve Hilton, Stephen Moore, Charlie Kirk and Lisa Boothe are comparing the U.S. to other countries that have opened schools and saying they are not spreading NC19, but the U.S. does not compare to any other country because the Trump administration’s pandemic response has been so horrible that there are exponentially more confirmed cases and deaths and a lack of reliable testing.

Charlie Kirk is a fool and a liar.

Fox News is doing a bizarre dance picking and choosing data that supports their wonky positions without condemning the Trump administration while ignoring the context and full truth.

President Trump railing against Fox News is like a lottery winner complaining about getting yearly payments instead of a lump sum.

Stephen Moore called the Democratic Party the lockdown party on Fox News even though two-thirds of the country’s Republican governors closed their state just like the Democratic governors did.

Some people ignore people that don’t tell them what they want to hear.

Plexaderm looks like a scam.

Hong Kong reminds me of an old man that can’t take care of himself, but doesn’t realize it.

Jesus called the first pope Satan.

My long-term plan is to have lots of short-term plans.

Since I do not believe in Jesus’ resurrection I obviously do not believe in the restoration of Peter.

Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are cut from the same cloth.

Never before have so many false prophecies been made by so many people.

I think some Americans are having an identity crisis because they have realized that their job is not essential for society to function and they may never have the same job again.

I think some Americans are having a midlife crisis because they have realized that they are leaving their kids nothing but a legacy of pollution, materialism and lies.

People that have deceived you do not want you to have a lot of spare time because that is when you are most likely to see through their lies.

State and local governments were unprepared for Americans to be free from bondage because they tied funding essential services to gasoline taxes and such and now they can’t pay police officers, fire departments, etc. until lots of people buy gasoline again or the federal government gives them money.

Don’t tell me that getting off the polluting hamster wheel won’t inspire governments to change. They are already reeling.

America is banking on you worshiping their gods until the day you die.

May 25, 2020

I lived on the street in Long Beach, California, Miami, Florida and Hawaii from 2012-2020 and the vast majority of the houseless people that I met were not veterans. In fact, meeting a houseless veteran was very rare.

A quack is a good fall guy.

If people elect you to serve them and the country for a predefined term they expect you to serve for that amount of time.

Spending time with your kids and spending time with your spouse are two very different things.

Strangely unnecessary, factual statements may not be factual.

Is President Trump the boy that cried wolf?

Placebos protect lots of people.

Hawaiians should not have to choose between buying certified organic food shipped from other states and uncertified, local organic food.

Whoever wants a presidential candidate to choose a person of a certain sex or skin color above all else does not have the country’s best interest in mind and they do a disservice to people of that sex or skin color.

Who acts stranger than powerless people that want others to think they have power?

Somebody paid to advertise the actors, celebrities and musicians that you like, so they would both make money off you.

I was a huge fan of the first six Star Wars movies and when I was a kid I had the action figures and spaceships. I dressed up like them for Halloween and had a lightsaber and Han Solo’s gun. However, I didn’t care for the new actors that J.J. Abrams casted. I liked the six original and prequel movies, but didn’t care too much for episodes seven and eight and I didn’t even see episode nine.

Some people make themselves look uglier trying to make themselves look more beautiful.

Some people are murdered because a powerful person doesn’t want anybody to know what they know.

Some people recite irrelevant facts to take the focus off the facts that they are hiding.

The best night to get away with a crime is a night with no moon.

The best time to make a headline you don’t want noticed in the news is on Friday.

Don’t put all your eggs in two baskets.

Good liars know how to omit important details and they avoid setting the record straight.

In 21st century America I think most politicians would rather see poor people alive than dead as long as taxpayers are paying their bills and expenses to corporations.

At 3:19 p.m. HST the https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ website said 99,805 people had died from COVID-19 in the U.S. and it has not been updated in the last 9.5 hours.

May 26, 2020

I don’t think the pictures and videos of President Trump in public without a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic are going to age well.

Reportedly, about 1,354,664 Americans have died in wars.

By the end of June there could be more COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. than all the U.S. soldier deaths in World War I.

I don’t think Joe Scarborough had sex with Lori Klausutis and I don’t think he murdered her, but that’s not to say he is totally innocent.

The island of Kauai, Hawaii may be the safest place in the country regarding COVID-19. There have been 20 confirmed cases, 1 hospitalization, 0 deaths and no new cases in weeks.

Sometimes a murderer thinks they are doing somebody else a favor and sometimes they are right.

What happened at the Bates Motel?

You don’t have to kill animals to survive, so why do you do it?

If you would prefer to eat a dead animal instead of a fruit, vegetable or grain you are a sicko.

I don’t understand why mainstream media shows like Morning Joe on MSNBC repeat the same stories verbatim three times in three hours instead of reporting three different stories.

The mainstream media is more interested in influencing people than informing people.

I don’t ever have to do anything and the sooner you realize that the better.

Powerful people only have power because you obey them and worship their gods.

Science does not care for optimism.

Out Front with Erin Burnett, AC360 with Anderson Cooper and the Rachel Maddow show were good shows today. I have been liking Lawrence O’Donnell more and more too.

Has COVID-19 mostly killed and scared the people that supported and did not oppose the creation of a Jewish state in 1948?

People that commit a crime typically confess to at least one other person. I think this is human nature, something the Catholic Church has capitalized on and something the Bible got right (see James 5:16).

Beware of a criminal that speaks in tongues because he may not confess to anyone in a language they can understand.

It is inconceivable how President Trump thinks he has handled the COVID-19 pandemic well after 100,000 deaths, scrapping the pandemic task force in 2018, calling it a hoax by the Democrats, ignoring early warnings, failing to replenish the federal PPE stockpile, failing to help states get equipment and tests and recommending that people try a deadly drug because he bought 29 million doses of it.

At 2:17 p.m. the https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ website said 100,573 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19.

If you don’t believe in magic after Noah’s flood people in Babel were so angry at him and his family’s stories that they rejected the very language that they spoke, moved far away and created their own languages.

It is a federal crime to rob a mailbox.

Shout out to Sarah Cooper.

Think and say whatever you want about Twitter putting a label on President Trump’s misleading tweets, but their ability to do that and stay out of court and jail is indicative of the freedom that people including businesses enjoy in the U.S.

Whenever you use a business’ services you must play by their rules unless they tell you to break the law. If they break the law they can still make you follow their rules to use their system until a court order tells them otherwise.

I think Twitter attached a warning to President Trump’s misleading tweets on mail-in voting because due to COVID-19 they think it is a matter of public health and they don’t want people risking lives to vote in person because of what Trump said on their platform.

The saddest thing about President Trump’s misleading tweets about mail-in voting is that he can’t even propose a solution besides visiting a polling place and waiting in line to vote on Election Day.

I like Brian Williams’ demeanor and I think his 11th Hour program on MSNBC is one of the least biased shows on the network.

Fox News is a dog whistle.

The MyPillow guy is a nutter. Shocking.

I was unjustly banned from Twitter about 1 year ago and I could easily create another account and return any time, but I haven't out of principle (mine, not theirs) and I won't submit any more of my original content especially not under a pseudonym.

Sometimes unbiased people are unappreciated and disliked by the right and the left.

Churches taught me to judge myself and others by their bank account ledger.

If the Wuhan virus, the China Sea and intellectual information theft did not teach you about the U.S.' impotence against China, then Hong Kong should make it very clear.

People don't respect people that never repay them.

The American concept of strength revolves around acting tough.

Everybody is being controlled.

May 28, 2020

President Trump should consider taking a Twitter break.

Don’t shoot the messenger because I was commissioned, Jesus

I don’t care if you can see a fetus’ nose or sex in the womb. The decision to give birth or terminate the pregnancy still belongs to the mother.

I am happy to say things that Americans don’t want to hear, God

I don’t need to hear popular speech. Unpopular speech is just as popular to me.

RIP George Floyd

Politicians are just as afraid or more afraid of soldiers and veterans as the general public is.

I wonder if Don Imus actually died from COVID-19.

People that criticize your behavior aren’t necessarily against you.

The media and even TJ Klausutis have said that Lori Klausutis died from an undiagnosed heart condition, but Dr. Michael Berkland came to that conclusion without declaring a time of death. His doctor’s license was revoked in Missouri and he lost his medical examiners license in Florida. He was charged with three crimes for keeping over 100 human organs in his storage unit in Pensacola. Reportedly, he also donated money to Joe Scarborough’s congressional campaign.

Guilty people like to repeat themselves without saying much.

Suffering a consequence does not justify the punisher or the punishment.

People that know how to uncover the truth know how to obfuscate the facts.

Just because you like somebody it doesn’t mean they are innocent.

Joe Scarborough is a liar.

Just because somebody says something is true it doesn’t mean it’s true.

People in an echo chamber don’t understand how guilty they appear.

Some people that are notorious for their anti-abortion rhetoric have paid for an abortion.

Seasoned virtue signalers make me sick especially when they play the kids card.

Don’t assume that a corrupt white cop that kills a black man would not kill a white man too.

Don’t assume that a corrupt cop’s first kill on video is his first kill.

I want a longer lifespan and longer healthspan than anyone that has ever lived and I don’t think injecting mercury in any form is conducive to my goals.

I think the medicines used to try to treat COVID-19 have revealed the impotence of Western medicine.

If a criminal says you are innocent you might want to get a second opinion.

Today the mainstream media including Fox News recognized that over 100,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.

Freedom is wealth.

Fuck clickbait.

When somebody can’t wait to get out of Dodge I wonder why.

I don’t care what Anthony Fauci believes. I don’t listen to scientists to hear about their beliefs.

I shoot fish in a barrel.

I don’t care how many pounds you can lift.

I don’t read your tweets.

Sean Hannity, I don’t care about your martial arts training. I care about the weird chemicals you put in your hair, the garbage you eat and call food and the fossil fuels you burn every day.

Everybody wants to destroy life on earth, but nobody wants to take responsibility for doing it.

The ShamWow guy is a fool.

Fox News has made ass-kissing into an art form.

Being repeatedly asked for money on Joe Biden’s website before I can even read the web page about his viewpoints is unseemly and inappropriate.

Fox News parades a strange band of painted and dyed weirdos in and out of their programs.

Chris Cuomo’s warning about people’s actions causing deaths and Don Lemon’s guilting about George Floyd’s death is virtue signaling because their disgusting lifestyle including their diet and burning fossil fuels is killing people and lifeforms on earth forever. They are typical fools that think they are good by looking at life through their lens when they actually fail at life by an objective standard. They don’t judge themselves by their diet or carbon footprint and they don’t want you to judge them by a realistic standard either.

If there were such a thing as a Christian environmentalist that was not a hypocrite and full of shit they would probably say that everybody in America was getting what they deserve when they suffer because of their pollution.

People with innumerable gods want you to be angry about the things that make them angry.

The problem isn’t guns. The problem is you are wicked and have no moral authority.

If somebody does poor journalism on your behalf they are nobody’s friend.

Sometimes people that tell you to avoid doing anything stupid do something stupid.

May 28, 2020

You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded me of my dream to become a recluse.

Yesterday CNN played Anthony Fauci’s belief about a vaccine possibly being ready by the end of the year, but I don’t think they listened to him very closely because he sounded very uncertain and like he was trying to assuage fears.

I liked Joe Biden’s statement about the 100,000 COVID-19 deaths. It sounded sincere, insightful and presidential.

Humans are resilient.

Would you rather have possessions or experiences?

You can’t destroy the planet without destroying yourself.

Imagine being perfect.

The mainstream media talking about a COVID-19 vaccine now is verbal masturbation.

It doesn’t matter how many brilliant people work on a COVID-19 vaccine. It has to be thoroughly and safely tested, mass produced and delivered to people and those things take lots of time.

As I ride my bike around town I still tell gasoline-powered vehicle drivers that they are a virus.

If I was covering President Trump every time I heard him make a claim I would ask him if he could quote an expert because he is not one.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe program must have viewers that either change the station after one hour or have a terrible memory because they repeat the same things every hour.

Are you sure you’re not a trained monkey? Are you sure you’re not a shaven ape?

Next to President Trump, Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer look like viable alternatives, so don’t give Joe Biden too much credit.

Reportedly, President Trump has appointed an extraordinary number of judges with lifetime appointments. If the Democrats win the 2020 presidential election and win a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives the judges will be the country’s only buffer.

Tim Klausutis wants people to believe he didn’t know his wife had a heart condition and she didn’t know she had a heart condition, but a discredited criminal medical examiner named Michael Berkland that lost his doctor’s license and medical examiner’s license because he didn’t actually conduct autopsies and was arrested for having over 100 body parts in his storage unit is the one guy that figured it out two and a half weeks after she died.

Who sounds dumber than the people that constantly preach to the choir?

The longer you trust a fool the more foolish you sound.

There will be a lot of finger-pointing at the pearly gates.

I am quite certain that Jesus did not want anybody’s endorsement.

Recognizing President Trump was wrong as hell does not make you right.

Hopefully whoever wins the 2020 presidential election knows the difference between a flu and a plague.

Liberals demand that the president tweet and talk more conservatively. That’s ironic.

The speech police are in full force today.

As of 3:35 a.m. HST, CNN says Johns Hopkins University says there have been 100,442 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. The https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ website says there have been 102,197 deaths. MSNBC says Johns Hopkins University says there have been 101,102 deaths.

Reportedly there have been 40.7 million jobless claims in the last 10 weeks.

Rich people don’t seem to understand that people don’t actually rely on food pantries until they don’t own a vehicle, don’t have a roof over their head, don’t have money in the bank and don’t have income.

Rich people act like they can relate to the poor.

Rich people that can’t relate to the poor trust other rich people that can’t relate to the poor.

Just because you don’t like somebody it doesn’t mean everything they say and do is wrong.

Saying you will repay a loan and repaying a loan are two very different things.

The TV media knows how to beat a dead horse.

If small businesses have been deemed non-essential and ordered to stay closed during the COVID-19 pandemic perhaps they should consider selling packaged food and water because they may have been able to stay open that way as an essential business.

Depending on what happens this summer I think opening schools in the Fall is unwise. Some schools are already saying they won’t open or they will only open until Thanksgiving which is on November 26 and then they will finish the rest of the semester online.

Fuck with Twitter all you want, but I still won’t read your tweets unless they unban me and reinstate my account.

I think President Trump may have taken Twitter’s correction in stride if they didn’t link CNN and Washington Post to his tweets because he hates them and calls them fake news.

I will be waiting to read President Trump’s executive order on social media companies like I am waiting to read his tweets which is not at all, but the news will certainly shove it down my throat over and over just like they do with his stupid tweets.

The media always feeds the troll.

I was not angry at Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee, but I didn’t worship him like a hero or pretend he was a top tier quarterback after he did it. In fact, I said anybody should be allowed to do anything they want during the national anthem, but they should follow their employer’s rules if they want to keep their job.

Is there any evidence the cop that killed George Floyd would not have killed a white person?

Anthony Fauci always sounds like he just smoked a pack of cigarettes.

I think President Trump gets off on being obstinate.

I think President Trump likes people talking about the way he isn’t wearing a mask and might not wear one somewhere because he has made much worse mistakes that the media is not focusing on.

I think President Trump does not want history books to show him wearing a mask or researchers to see him wearing one because he thinks it will remind people about his mistakes regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The people that are complaining about the president not wearing a mask won’t get within 6 feet of him anyway.

People setting horrible examples want somebody else to set a good example.

A lot of losers think they are winners because they follow the herd.

I don’t care who retweeted or liked your tweet.

People don’t know how to inspire change because they don’t change.

When two Los Angeles Police Department officers physically abused me in 2012 they pretended that I was resisting arrest.

After the LAPD abused me they detained me without any charges by binding my legs, handcuffing me behind my back and making me sit on the asphalt. They mocked me as I waited in bewilderment.

African Americans compose about 1% of the COVID-19 deaths in Hawaii. CNN says African Americans compose almost one quarter of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.

The things that Taraji Henson says about the African American community could be applied to the houseless community and people care about the houseless even less than they care about black people.

I have never been to Minnesota, but I have visited most of the 50 U.S. states.

You don’t have to interview black people when a white police officer kills a black man. You can interview white people, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, etc. because they don’t tolerate police brutality either.

Laura Ingraham is a liar, a fool and an irresponsible journalist.

I think some conservatives say and do outrageous things because they think it is the only way liberal TV shows will play clips of what they say and do.

I visited Los Angeles with my friends in 1992 during the LA riots and witnessed lots of looting, but no shooting.

Americans have so many sins in their life that they ignore all convictions and they don’t understand righteous judgments because they are so unrighteous that they justify every wrongdoing.

It's time to roast Don Lemon.

Don Lemon looks like he just drank five gallons of salt water. He sounds like an Oreo in a wealthy, Democratic echo chamber. Too bad the heavy makeup can’t cover up his lazy eye. He acts like he is in an elite, privileged, protected class as a rich, gay, black man.

Rioting is good for ratings.

Who cares about a sheep’s reach?

If you threaten a business with lawsuits because of the speech on their platform and they will probably censor it.

You may have the right to free speech in America, but you don’t have a right to write whatever you want on somebody else’s website.

President Trump is opening a huge can of worms by removing Section 230 protections for social media companies and it could lead to censorship, lawsuits and the end of them.

If you hate somebody the most powerful thing you can do to show your disdain is ignore them. If they steal your time because you can’t stop thinking or talking about them, then you lose and they control you.

God hates you.

Whoever you listen to influences you.

Rich people have money-based interests.

Rich people want poor people to feel like they are on the cusp of great riches as long as they keep playing the game, falling in line and being a good sheep.

A traffic school teacher told the class that we should put our keys, driver’s license and registration on the dashboard as soon as the police pull us over and keep our hands on the steering wheel. He said those things should be easily accessible, so we don’t make the cop nervous by digging around the vehicle. I took his advice and it worked.

After I was physically abused by two LAPD officers I started moving slowly around police officers and keeping my hands where they can see them.

Is there anybody more dishonest than a rich religious person?

I don’t think CNN understands what breaking news is.

If you are a young person the smartest thing you can do is reject your parents' religion.

Jesus rejected his parents' religion.

May 29, 2020

I think the officers that were involved with George Floyd’s death may be charged with a crime, but I think the prosecutors are gathering evidence to make sure they will get a conviction.

Imagine if you could enjoy all your distractions without killing every life-form on earth with your disgusting lifestyle.

None of the three videos of George Floyd’s death showed what happened between the time that Floyd was standing by a wall in handcuffs and on the ground by a vehicle with a knee on his neck. Why? Evidence tampering?

Dear kids, please don’t take mail-in ballots from mailboxes. It is a federal crime and undemocratic.

President Trump criticizes Joe Biden for hiding in his basement while he hides behind Twitter.

The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Hong Kong was $33.4 billion in 2018.

The U.S. needs Hong Kong to buy its goods and services more than Hong Kong needs the U.S. to buy its goods and services.

When the judges are corrupt who judges them and how are they judged?

If you pollute the planet don’t tell me about right and wrong.

Rich people want you to obey the law because that makes them feel safe.

If God exists I would not be surprised if God uses China to judge the U.S.

I signed up for the Democratic Party’s potential 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mailing list on Wednesday night and on Thursday joebiden.com emailed me four times and asked me for money. One time the email said it was from Barack Obama. I replied every time the same way. “No. Stop asking me for money.” Every time an autoresponder replied and said they were busy and couldn’t reply.

I think the mainstream media and Fox News think the average person is a desperate, gullible fool.

I don’t believe that Joe Biden will switch the country to renewable energy by 2050 any more than I believe he will cure cancer if he is elected.

When the Democrats and the Republicans lie about the same thing it is very difficult for Americans to discern the truth.

Texas and Florida don’t seem like they are sufficiently or accurately testing or reporting NC19 cases.

I like Van Jones’ comments. We think a lot alike.

Some Jewish people think they are related to black people. Stories like the Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon and Solomon’s 1,000 wives and concubines (700 princess and 300 concubines) seem to lead credence to this possibility.

Protesting during a pandemic is a good way to spread a virus.

I won’t give a penny to a hospital that is affiliated with a religious group.

Americans are in the habit of giving people false hope.

Americans celebrate things that slowly kill life on earth, but condemn quickly killing others.

The mainstream media judges people by the color of their skin.

The difference between me and you is I think the people you like are bad people too because I don’t judge them like you do, God

I think the African Americans that will vote for the Democratic Party candidate in the 2020 presidential election can be easily offset by the Republicans’ paid advertisements.

Over a decade ago when I was a Christian I wrote an article called Racism is Wrong and even though I am not a Christian now I still think racism is wrong.

It is possible that they have taken a while to charge the four officers that arrested George Floyd with a crime because they are investigating and surveilling them to see if it was premeditated and to see which racists support them.

Is a peaceful protest an oxymoron?

At Christian High School people called a black guy named Alvin Evans an Oreo. He didn’t mind and he even called himself an Oreo. Some people made fun of his lisp, but we were teammates on the football team and I didn’t make fun of him. He was a very nice kid.

Whoever is without fault cast the first Molotov cocktail.

How many retweets and likes did John the Baptist get? How about Jesus?

The case for why President Trump should not be re-elected is overwhelming.

Reportedly, a mushroom is the only non-meat food that contains Vitamin D, but only when it is grown in the light.

Rich people don’t have the right to tell poor people to stop protesting or how to protest.

Rich people think their opinion is more valuable than a poor person’s opinion.

Don’t tell me you are unafraid. If you were unafraid you would be righteous.

You won’t be invincible until you have nothing to lose.

I think you stop American racism the same way you stop American Zionism. They are similar because they both involve preferring one race over another. Stop hiring and electing them, bond with people around the world that stand against them, educate people about them and financially support those that oppose them. If we do that we can wait them out and watch them die off and leave the world a better place.

May 30, 2020

Don’t think you can pollute and destroy life on earth like there is no tomorrow and get everybody to care about your cause.

Why should somebody’s cause have to be cleaning up your mess?

Liars think they are good at revising history.

President Trump obviously has no relationship with the Chinese government.

Pete Hegseth needs glasses.

Don’t tell me what dead men think.

People that make a living on opining should learn to use the word because.

Fox News likes word salad.

The disconnect between the rich and the poor, the young and the old has been made painfully obvious by the media during the George Floyd protests, demonstrations and riots.

Jedediah Bila is shocked that poor protestors have no respect for people like her, but I have been saying it for a long time.

Fox News wants to frame the argument in a uniquely strange way with logical fallacies peppered throughout.

Dan Bongino should lay off the steroids.

Fox News has their nose up President Trump’s ass.

Pete Hegseth should stop using President Trump’s bronzer.

Lowbrow, immoral motherfuckers like to make moral judgments about people they don’t know.

I just saw the first TV ad for President Trump’s re-election and it was on Fox News. He “gets it done” was the catchphrase.

Prideful people sound stupid until the day they die.

Prideful people would rather try to justify their foolishness than trust the wise.

Prideful people call black white and white black.

Prideful people don’t know when people stop believing their nonsense because they still believe it.

Fuck the auto zone.

Powerful people want to define the powerless.

Shout out to Taylor Swift.

I don’t believe President Trump’s justification for his, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” tweet because he said, “Thank you!” after writing it.

It’s time for rich, privileged people that destroy all life on earth every day with their disgusting, pathetic lifestyle to tell poor people to stop burning their cars and buildings.

I think President Trump thinks his executive action that could lead to the removal of Section 230 protections for social media companies will lead to the end of Twitter.

“The people that are burning our buildings and vehicles, looting, rioting and protesting against police brutality are from out of town! If anybody burns our buildings and vehicles, loots, riots and protests in Minneapolis they better be locals!” - Minnesota government officials

Politicians decry the status quo with words. Rioters do it with fire.

“Please don’t refer to us as ‘the black people’”. - MSNBC host Joshua Johnson to President Trump

I wonder if the armed men firing tear gas and rubber bullets at MSNBC journalist Ali Velshi realize he is a Muslim that was born in Africa.

There has been an 8 p.m. curfew in Minneapolis, but they have been unable or unwilling to enforce it.

I trust that the protestors have a good reason for protesting.

Today the sunset is at 8:51 p.m. in Minneapolis. Civil Twilight ends at 9:27 p.m.

Blaming violence on people from out of town doesn’t speak to the root of the problem.

The soldiers firing on the media may be trying to send a message to potential protestors that are watching on TV.

Record unemployment and long-term, stay-at-home orders combined with outrage against police brutality are a recipe for long, large, angry protests.

Sometimes the bottom line does not tel the full story.

The TV media seems like they are from another planet when they stop reporting the news and start letting politicians and pundits judge and define it.

Guilt is a weapon.

It does not matter what your skin color is. If you are rich and you have never been poor, then you don’t understand the poor.

Why should poor people care about what rich people say or want?

Some businesses are desperate for money and don’t know if their customers will ever return.

Social justice warriors are back in the spotlight.

The rich people broadcasting the news on TV either don’t understand or don’t want to admit that the problem in America has more to do with poverty and powerlessness than skin color.

I think poor people are beginning to understand that the system is rigged and they will never have a great job, never own a house and never achieve the American Dream and if there is a great miracle and they can get a piece of it they will make bad people rich and end up polluting everything by “winning” according to the current system’s way and order.

On Fox News Dan Bongino blamed racial problems in America on Russia.

Don Lemon asked Senator Kamala Harris how to fix the situation in America and she clearly does not know how, but she has a litany or band aids.

I know how you fix this situation and it is the same way you fix every situation; with money. Since I do not support paying only black people reparations I think everybody needs universal basic income now. That is the only way to lift people out of poverty, begin to level the playing field and humanize everybody again.

America is the richest country in the world and politicians do not mind if America goes deeper into debt giving aid to dozens of countries around the world, so they have no excuse for not giving Americans universal basic income.

Republicans are on the wrong side of history.

Have Americans, Brits and the Japanese ever considered that Hong Kong was never meant to be autonomous and only experienced limited autonomy for a while because it was invaded and stolen by other countries?

If George Floyd received $1,000 a month in universal basic income do you think he would have tried to float a fake $20 bill?

If looters got $1,000 a month in universal basic income do you think they would still be looting a business during a pandemic to steal shoes and socks?

Sometimes people that rattle cages cause changes, but don’t get credit for them.

News turns into propaganda when it projects and amplifies one voice and avoids reporting others.

Imagine what the news would be like if the media was not being run by rich people.

Imagine what the news would be like if they didn’t condemn certain types of protests and if they didn’t give lots of airtime to politicians and pundits that agree with them.

The media is out of touch with reality.

Just because you have a microphone and get paid for giving your opinion it does not mean you are right or worthy of being heard.

If you wanted people to stop burning gasoline what would you do?

If anybody strikes you in the face you don’t have to turn the other cheek. In fact, you have the right to defend yourself and hit them back and you should.

When I was a kid my dad told me that I should not hit a black man because black men look alike, they are hard to see in the dark and I wouldn’t be able to tell if the black man I struck was standing near me and ready to hit me back and it would make me jumpy or I would have a false sense of security.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox News demand that protestors protest in meaningless ways that don’t make a difference or demonstrate their anger against the rigged system the rich, powerful people created.

America is not short on talent. America is short on meaningful opportunities for everybody.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox News are involved in a shame campaign against the protestors and they have enlisted lots of politicians, pundits, reporters and others to carry the torch.

Protestors are sending many messages to the rich and they are still deaf to most of them and the media isn’t helping.

Poor people don’t buy advertisements.

Rick Leventhal is a poo butt.

When I hear the words “faith leaders” I think “full of shit”.

I like CNN’s anti-vaping commercials. Vaping anything except marijuana flowers is stupid.

CNN keeps saying the protestors are worried that the violent protestors are undermining their message. Maybe the violent protestors are worried that the non-violent protestors are undermining their message.

May 31, 2020

There is no evidence that the police officers that killed George Floyd killed him because he was black. However, I think they thought they could get away with it because he was not a rich man.

Beware of the people that have assumed that the Minneapolis police officers killed George Floyd because of the color of his skin because they could assume anything.

It is more palatable and profitable for the media to assume that police officers killed a black man due to racism instead of thinking they could get away with it because he was not rich. They can say they aren’t racist, but they can’t say they aren’t rich.

The U.S. government judges everybody, but rarely asks why people are acting the way they are acting.

Journalists should say “prove it” every time somebody they interview argues by assertion.

Reportedly, some black people don’t like Amy Klobuchar and don’t want Joe Biden to pick her as his running mate. Symone Sanders who is a Joe Biden surrogate was just asked about picking Klobuchar or a black woman and she totally ignored the question on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle.

Reportedly, Joe Biden’s net worth is $10 million.

You are full of shit.

Rich people want to define poor people.

Some people on the TV media have condemned the protestors for burning down and looting minority-owned shops, but I doubt Auto Zone, Target and ritzy stores on Melrose are minority-owned. Is the Mercedes-Benz dealership, the Patagonia store and Walgreens minority-owned?

When the Hawaiian bus driver ran me over while I was riding my bike in Honolulu nobody said it was racially motivated, but it could have been.

A black guy that was unlocking his bike in front of the State library in Honolulu said some drivers try to hit him.

Rich people are proud of the tower of shit that they have built.

I have always been impressed with John Lewis, but he is wrong today.

Rich people and poor people do not have the same interests.

Liars quote their enemies when they think it is to their advantage.

Wicked people blame their enemies when they do not want to admit the truth.

Naive people and liars like to make assumptions.

Liars make claims without providing evidence because they know that fools will believe them.

I appreciate Chris Cuomo’s coverage of the protests on CNN today. He featured an interview with a passionate, angry woman in a group of protestors in Long Beach and a body cam video of an Atlanta police officer that broke a car window and tased a man. Former Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey’s interviews are great too.

I think Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing a decent job responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, but I wish he would use the opportunity to clean up New York City’s air, streets and food and improve the healthcare system and wean the state off gasoline taxes.

I am going to exercise every day this month. Today I rode my bike 8 miles.

I have not seen evidence that ANTIFA is involved with the protests. It appeared that there were deliberately peaceful protest marches that may have been organized by somebody in New York City and Long Beach, California today.

When people are protesting and social distancing it is difficult to tell whether or not they are together.

Rich people spell love “m-o-n-e-y”.

Huey Lewis was deafened by the news.

I think some news outlets focus on a George Floyd being a black man and some do not. On Fox News Pete Hegseth focused on police brutality instead of skin color.

It took me a few days after George Floyd’s death to realize that some reporters and pundits were assuming it was a racially motivated murder without any evidence except for their skin color.

Naive people assume and naive people believe them.

Shout out to kindred spirits in Germany, Canada, the U.K., France and elsewhere that protest George Floyd’s death.

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