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March 1, 2020 10:07 AM HST - Posted by Jason

March 2020 Quotes

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If they can make you suffer then they can sell you treatments and cures and kill you if you pick the wrong ones or use them for too long.

Reportedly, 1 in 12,000 cavendish bananas produces a seed.

Not taking care of the place saps your power.

I think Joe Biden will skewer President Trump in the presidential debates if Trump even agrees to any debates with him.

I finally found an error in the Bible. It is inconceivable that 2 Timothy 3:16 could be true. I guess the Bible is not inerrant after all.

When I was a kid my dad said he might need an organ one day, but he would never ask me for one.

I just said “tweet” referring to posting a quote here on my website. I guess I’ve finally made it.

“We’ll pretend this never happened.” - the cat and the mouse

Life is precious and fleeting.

Before I got married at 26 years old, I dated dozens of interesting girls, slept with some of them and goes engaged to two of them.

If you’re over the hill you may need machines to live forever.

Maybe God put us here to figure it out and left and didn’t expect us to destroy it.

Christians churches teach that God wrote the entire Bible through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but I doubt it now.

When I was a kid we had an awesome mixed-breed German Shepherd dog named Spooker. It knew tricks, but it kept jumping over the fence in our suburban home and running away. Smart dog.

The majority is wrong and not very moral.

When the people would not repent, how did they treat the ancient prophets?

Sometimes I feel like Fox Mulder in The X-Files going through deep-regression hypnotherapy as I leaf through the past.

I have considered returning to Long Beach City College to continue writing and pursuing higher education, but Jedi McKean retired and now I feel like Luke Skywalker.

Love doesn’t look like love to people that are unloved.

What in the hell am I doing here? I should be laying pipe in Virginia.

If you get a back injury before you finish growing you might not grow to your full height.

I lost a lot of water weight about 48 hours before Pop Warner football weigh-ins in between 7th and 8th grade.

My back was injured during a Pop Warner football game due to a cheap shot. I was 5’ 3” and 155 pounds at the beginning of the season and 5’ 8” 135 pounds by the end of the summer. 135 was the initial weight limit, but they increased it a little each week because they knew we were growing.

I grew to 5’ 10” and my arms grew to 6’ 2”, so I think a back injury stunts your height, but not your wingspan.

What on earth do you think you can bring to the party?

One of the most egregious Bible errors in the Old Testament is the literal interpretation of the sun standing still. That would cause innumerable disastrous effects across the planet.

“I’ll casually kill ya.”

“There’s a big learning curve.” - Ron Jeremy

Subreddit idea: Songs that we should put Jesus after the word baby

If Jesus lived in a town anything like Kahului it wasn’t a big deal that a cock crowed thrice. Cocks crow every day I speak here and sometimes when I think.

In 1992 my dad told me he thought Mike Tyson was innocent of the charges being levied against him.

This ain’t karaoke. I am trying to stay alive.” - David

I think the biblical canon says more about the people that compiled and approved it than God.

Some people have unspoken expectations of others.

Pope Francis said burning fossil fuels is immoral. Has it made a dent in any parking lots?

The calendar and the clock can’t dictate my agenda.

They would rather pollute there than exercise there.

Imagine if a deistic God suddenly changes his tune in the afterlife.

Did Jesus die for his father’s sins?

“You’re spookin’ me.”

If my former wife has remarried I wonder if her husband is pissed at the pastor that raped her because it caused sexual dysfunction and I hated Pastor John Maynard and thought about tracking him down in Pasadena, California a few times.

It won’t take a march or a deal. It will take people changing their ways to fix things.

Is John Lennon’s Power to the People song about government workers? Imagine if it was. Who would Lennon’s candidate be?

Imagine if everybody around you was a closet religionist.

There are no tiny houses. There are only tiny dreams.

Did John Lennon’s revolution involve taking money from rich bank accounts and growing the size of the government?

If my former wife wasn’t actually raped by Pastor John Maynard, then perhaps she was trying to get pregnant, so she could run off with his baby. Seems to be a theme.

To be fair she said Maynard fondled her in his home and I read between the lines. I don’t think bleeding during sex all the time is normal. She said she was a virgin when she met me.

I think organic extra virgin olive oil may treat acid reflux.

If I had the power to make the sun stand still I would definitely use it to kill more people. JK

We’re like a bunch of wind stops in a row.

“When I say I didn’t do something it means you didn’t catch me doing it.”

Expressing a need makes you vulnerable.

If you don’t vote for somebody that supports universal healthcare does that mean you are okay with some people getting sick and dying?

If enough people own the same crap they begin to think that others without it are jealous of them and envious of it even if they’re not.

Marijuana and honey are more medicinal than anything.

Why doesn’t Apple let us uninstall Safari?

“My real age is starting to catch up to my hair.” - Anderson Cooper

Reportedly, the nearest star is 40,000 years away.

Pentecost was 50 days after Jesus' alleged resurrection. He allegedly walked the Earth for 40 days after his resurrection before he allegedly ascended to Heaven.

A modern day use of tongues could resemble the use on Pentecost in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. I don't think they wanted anybody to hear what they were saying, so they spoke in gibberish, used expressions and pointed to stuff with their friends until they figured out what they meant and everybody outside thought they were wasted.

I support abortion on demand. Whether or not the government should pay for it is a matter of debate. However, each mother should be able to decide what they will do with their fetus and it is not the decision for government, men, women or even religionists to make.

Imagine if an outside force was actively destroying our body from the inside.

Ever since I studied journalism in college I have been interested in the way the news broadcasts instead of simply the broadcast.

Why aren’t other parties like the Green Party and the Libertarian Party covered like the Democratic Party? There are many other political parties in the United States, but the mainstream media broadcasts every bowel movement by the Democratic Party possibly because that’s their party.

Reportedly, the 2019 Novel Coronavirus originated in China because they ate infected bats.

Give me whatever Dr. Bronner’s on.

There is weakness in number if your numbers are weak.

“C’mon. Dr. Bronner. Don’t eat the whole sheet of acid. We gotta make soap!”

People fall short before their realize they fall short.

They killed me before I decided that I wanted to live on Earth not in Heaven forever.

The lesson that we learned from the vaporizing deaths is that vaporizing marijuana leaves is therapeutic and vaporizing random liquids is deadly.

Book idea: True stories from the years that I spent growing up in San Diego (and I will roll around the county to remember them all)

The average person is more evil than they want to admit.

I think the Catholic Church has the end thought out pretty well.

If Joe Biden is elected president we might not just see the Democratic Party’s agenda, but we might also see the Catholic Church’s agenda too.

A Joe Biden presidency could lead to the first U.S. pope.

I am not drinking any Rockstar drinks in March. They’re not nutritious enough. Can’t they put one healthy ingredient in them? I can’t ask the health food store to carry them with a straight face even though they’re organic.

When there are deadly options people can’t do whatever they want or they’re going to kill somebody.

I think a company will suddenly charge for something like water that they were previously giving away when they realize there is something wrong with it and they want to deter people from it.

One of the greatest living journalists abruptly retired after his show on Monday. I hope it made headlines.

There is probably not an enormous difference between what Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders could actually do as president. With a divided Congress like it is now they won’t pass and fund too much. If Republicans lose the senate and Democratic gets a majority, then they could green light all kinds of things.

I don’t think Bernie Sanders knows how to do what he wants to do or else he would have done it by now.

Yesterday a dog scratched me and it bled like crazy. I thought it was an accident, so I didn’t retaliate and it was tiny and pathetic. I think it was happy to see me and couldn’t contain itself. Either that or its owner uses the scheme to meet dudes. The dog’s owner offered me her phone number in case I had to go to the hospital.

The feeling after smoking marijuana is different than the feeling after vaporizing it. When you don’t burn it, the marijuana tastes different and the high doesn’t hit the same. I think there are other chemicals that combust when you burn it. Keeping it at a lower heat is good.

Eating marijuana gives you a different feeling than smoking it. If you eat it on an empty stomach toward the end of an hour you should feel super stoned. It works in your system a little differently because you digest it instead of inhale it. It could even make you sleepy.

Marijuana is a gentle spirit. “Cured” tobacco is wicked.

Losers desperately want you to think they are winners.

Disobedient people always have a mind-numbing rationale.

One of my pastors said he used to perform exorcisms for the Catholic Church and he had lots of wild stories. He looked a little like John Candy.

Dumb people are going to think you are affirming them no matter what you say or do Jesus.

If you think semen is as valuable as a fertilized egg spending nine months in the womb, see how much they cost on Craigslist and compare them. I imagine you can get semen for free online.

Who is weaker in mind and poorer in spirit than people of faith?

If it was #ShotOniPhone, I hope you wiped it off.

“Be careful” is controlling. Don’t tell me to be careful. I am always the same.

The Democratic Party may be using Bernie Sanders to acquire voters they normally wouldn’t acquire to vote for a different candidate in the general election. They may also be using him as the older of two very old candidates to say Joe Bide is not as old as Sanders.

If Bernie Sanders doesn’t leave the Democratic Party and form his own political party on Day 1 of his presidency he is a fool.

I don’t care how impenetrable your belligerence and pride is you are still wrong.

Prayer is a lot like having a seance. I bet Catholic prayer when you pray to or through saints to get to God is even more like a seance.

I would consider getting stats from visitors that visit my website, but not only do I think it’s intrusive don’t see why I should trust them. They could be spoofed.

To live is Christ and to die is gain doesn't sound careful.

Costco stopped carrying alcohol wipes in the middle of a pandemic.

Reportedly, Costco banned non-members from eating in the food court. Seems a little high-brow. Surprised anyone wants to eat it.

Try as you must it’s very difficult to get away.

Privacy doesn’t exist like it used to. People just trust fewer people.

When I’m done I’m gonna have books full of stories and rhymes about bad actors.

I’ve been to Miami three times. I flew there with my mom when I was a little kid and we stayed with my aunt in Hollywood, Florida. In 1997, on a cross-country trip I drove all the way to Coral Castle and visited Miami. The last time I was there was in 2018 when I moved to Coconut Grove from Hawaii for four months.

I wanted to see her before she died, but she was already dead in a way.

You will never know what’s wrong with me by looking at me.

I became a vegetarian around the same time (2012-2013) that I began avoiding “conventional” food and opting for organic food only. I can list lots of pious and altruistic reasons, but the main reasons were to give me the best chance of surviving and living a long, healthy life. However, I have found that taking care of myself also takes care of the environment and other lifeforms in it.

I don’t need a message on my iPhone that always says No SIM in the upper left corner. I definitely don’t need a pop-up window that nags me with the same message. Stop it Apple.

I wonder if Jake Tapper likes tossing it to Alison Kosik.

Politicians are fantastic at protecting us from things that weren’t going to kill us anyway and telling us all about it.

When I was a little kid, my mom said that she wasn’t afraid of death because she was going to heaven when she died. She said I could even kill her and she wasn’t afraid because she would go to be with God and her loved ones like her Ma Rose. I think she said that to tell me how she truly felt and to see the look on my face and I looked at her like no way because I loved her a lot.

I told a homeless man that is always sitting in front of McDonalds by the puddles of engine oil where vehicles idle and spew emissions that he was in a polluted spot. He kept returning, so eventually I told him that I think he’s deranged not because of the eccentric way he looks (and he was actually smart when I talked to him), but because he hasn’t said anything about the disgusting pollution he sits in and breathes all the time.

Sometimes a person perceives his or her need to be so great that they feel they must ignore some truths.

People that believe in the Bible as the ultimate authority from God try to use it as their litmus test for everything including financial, social, work, marriage and military issues for instance.

How many creators are concerned about dissemination?

I could not find 100% cotton socks anywhere, so I ordered them on Amazon.com and they were $12.50 for 6 pairs and I bought 12 of them. I hope they arrive with the shoes soon, but it could take a week or so to get here. Try to find 100% cotton socks and I bet it will be much harder than you think.

Assholes have a very special act they do on Saturday.

If you wonder why I have a cough it is because you have been too stupid or dishonest to legalize marijuana.

Is there any hope at all when the most destructive people in the world think they are superior to others?

They haven’t rejected religion or Christ. They have rejected reality.

I am ecstatic that I am not religious because nobody can say they rejected me due to religion. However, Christians may still think I am saved due to the “once saved, always saved” doctrine, so in that case Christians are unregenerate, unrepentant people and they have rejected the good news.

Should I be looking for COVID-19 in Revelation?

“Funny” has two meanings and some people ask, “Funny peculiar or funny haha?”

I am sorry to disappoint you and I hate to break it to you, but you need a savior.

Shout out to the women’s U.S. national soccer team for beating Spain and making it to the finals today in the SheBelieves cup.

Which covenant do you think you are under?

I used to watch lots of cooking shows and after I went organic I told Rachel Ray on Twitter that if she wasn’t using organic food it might as well be dog food. Shortly afterwards she changed her Twitter background to dogs and I thought it was a funny move.

I am either under attack, naturally aging or both.

To have one political candidate promising to give everything away and constantly losing to the other candidate after drumming up all sorts of Democratic Party support is smart marketing. It’s almost like the Washington Generals vs. the Boston Globetrotters.

After Jennifer Felio apologized to me for making up the story about rape, I wonder if my dad could tell whose idea such a preposterous thing was because I doubt it was hers. Sadly, if you are caught having sex like we were while attending Christian High School in El Cajon, California they would expel you that that’s exactly what they did.

It’s a shame that I must heal around suck idiots, but I do, Jesus

I can tell how the team is doing and how they prepared by the way they pass the soccer ball.

There are lots of dumb driving songs.

It looks like people are trying on an angry voice these days.

Too bad people don’t mind dying slowly or a lot of people would probably be in jail.

Perhaps the United States was founded by 17th century religious folks that expected to go to Heaven after death, so they didn’t protect the Earth enough in its founding documents and now the soil, streams, oceans, air, groundwater and lakes are getting more polluted every day.

People that hope to impress me usually don’t.

I never know whether or not a news article will mention the cause of death, but they always should.

This place belongs to people that take care of it.

Somebody powerful should consider saying or doing something big, otherwise I think stock prices are going to fall a lot again on Monday and this week.

I am not afraid of COVID-19, but I am almost afraid of people’s fear of COVID-19.

I believe in equal pay for female athletes, but I understand that reportedly the men’s U.S. national soccer team makes more money on ads, ticket sales, etc. than the women’s team, so they get high salaries. I hope they can find a way to pay them the same.

I would start writing stories for A Brand New World: Addendum now and release them in April, but why should the spies be the only ones to read them until then? They already know the topics.

When motorcycles run on electricity instead of gasoline they will be silent. Will manufacturers add artificial sound to them? If so, how and why and which sounds?

You’re so ugly I don’t think I can fix it, Jesus

Are the Chinese celebrating because their virus may cripple or end Hong Kong Airlines? I have been broadcasting my lack of fear for COVID-19 since the beginning, but hearing President Trump talk about it actually made me a little nervous and I wasn't nervous at all before.

According to their actions Americans are unconcerned with the effects of their pollution.

Quakers don’t put air in the tires of their buggies (they use wood wheels instead) because they think the Bible is right about Satan being the prince of the power of the air.

Although most of it is in Korean the song Gangnam Style sounds like PSY is saying, “Son of Air” (e.g. Satan?).

Aerosmith has some awesome rock songs and some terrible ballads.

Rich people care about weird things.

Fear does horrible things.

GDP growth rate is 2%, the government is $23 trillion in debt and stock values have dropped so much that it’s a bear market now. Are politicians still saying the U.S. economy is strong?

There is absolutely nothing Hawaiian about burning gasoline or coal and the Hawaiians that act like it look like enormous fools.

Wouldn’t a president with integrity insist on backing up U.S. currency with gold like it used to be?

Can an economy ever be strong with a fiat currency?

Wannabes like to hear themselves talk.

I wonder what the overweight people in my community that I have walked circles around think about me losing over 30 pounds since October 1.

I am leaving Maui and going to Kauai soon and when I return in a few months my body is going to be like a piece of steel. I wonder how everybody else will be.

Oahu has an extraordinary number of Asian transplants and tourists, but Maui has an extraordinary number of old, gross white people.

Overweight people are bad examples and disobedient to the biblical God.

Sometimes people are dishonest to people when they want something from them.

I want absolutely nothing from you and if you offered to give me something I would probably turn it down or suggest you give it to somebody else.

The nicest days in Hawaii are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are disgusting. Sundays are disgusting too, but not in the early morning or late evening hours.

When I was a little kid my parents gave me a lucky rabbit’s foot and a four-leafed clover, but they wouldn’t let me have a magic 8-ball or a ouija board because they thought they were demonic and I would be ushering demons into our home.

Democrats like to be known as a party that helps poor people, but by preferring Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders they are saying they don’t actually like to help poor people that much.

If you vote for an incumbent in Congress are you approving a $23 trillion debt and a perennially unbalanced budget which will certainly screw future generations?

Disgusting people use all sort of mental backflips to warp their mind.

Money preserves the life of the rich.

Old people have been letting everyone down more than anyone wants to admit. Electing somebody in Donald Trump's generation has caused us big problems and is unwise because his generation does not listen, denies reality and hopes you will too.

It is not enough to point out what needs to be changed.

Several months ago my beach cruiser mysteriously got a flat tire locked up in front of Down to Earth health food store. I know a jerk that may have vandalized it. I bought a brand new bike so fast that his head probably spun.

Hawaiians remind me of hillbillies.

People don’t like to reminded how powerless they are.

Sorry CNN, but my heart doesn’t bleed for the lady holed up on the quarantined cruise ship, but I guess I know who your viewers are now.

Electing somebody in Donald Trump's generation has caused us big problems and is unwise because his generation does not listen, denies reality and hopes you will too.

It is not enough to point out what needs to be changed.

Several months ago my beach cruiser mysteriously got a flat tire locked up in front of Down to Earth health food store. I know a jerk that may have vandalized it. I bought a brand new bike so fast that his head probably spun.

Hawaiians remind me of hillbillies.

People don’t like to be reminded of how powerless they are.

Sorry CNN, but my heart doesn’t bleed for the lady holed up on the quarantined cruise ship, but I guess I know who your viewers are now.

I am shocked that Asians living in Hawaii have the audacity to affiliate with pre-invasion Hawaiians when they live nothing like them and actually live like the invaders.

You are a disgrace to the planet. Let’s leave Hawaii out of it.

Have the options ever been too shitty to choose from or do you always pick something no matter what?

Every issue that every Democratic Party politician running for president has blamed on billionaires is their fault and they are deceitful for blaming billionaires.

A virus that is not newsworthy in the U.S. is stealing billions from investors.

The mainstream media isn’t broadcasting newsworthy news anymore.

Today more people died in auto accidents in the U.S. than everybody that has died from COVID-19 in the U.S. More people have died via suicide in the U.S. than everybody that has died from COVID-19 in the U.S. More people have died from cigarettes today than everybody that has died from COVID-19 in the U.S. More people have died via opiates today than everybody that has died from COVID-19 in the U.S. I could go on and on.

To my knowledge zero presidential candidates are campaigning or living sustainably nor do they have any plan to.

Why doesn’t the liberal mainstream media ask the Democratic Party’s so-called Superdelegates who they will vote for if Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden fail to win the nomination before the Democratic National Convention?

Tulsi Gabbard is free to return to Maui any time and work. The place gets more disgusting every day and the roads that were broken and in disrepair in 2016 are still a mess now. Trash is everywhere. She should end her campaign as president and start trying to be a representative.

I think it is time for the country to switch to paper ballots now.

Daylight Savings Time is stupid and mainlanders should stop changing their clocks twice a year. Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time, but when the mainland does it changes every national broadcast by an hour.

Hawaii should consider changing its time by 30 minutes (like some countries have done) to remind the mainland that we are unique and don’t care for their nonsense.

The “mauna” will be fine if it doesn’t see your ugly face.

Regular people that can play an instrument or sing better than the original artist of a song should be given the platform to prove it.

Skip Marley is one of Bob Marley’s sons and Bob Marley reportedly died from cancer in his foot and they said they could amputate his foot and he said no because he wouldn’t be able to dance.

Rich people that are stuck in their ways look to others that are successful, so they can mimic some of their behaviors to improve their life. They are never willing to change everything though because they think their money is evidence of their righteousness.

The Democratic Party wants an open southern border, so anybody can enter America whenever they want. I disagree and I think the entire border should be monitored, but not just because of illegal immigration. I think the biggest border priority is that the U.S. government protects Americans from terrorists that want to enter illegally and either be a sleeper cell or avenge the death of their parent or loved one that was killed by the U.S. military.

If a politician rejects border security, then they should at least try to make peace with the enemies that they have created.

You are used to people hating you for stupid reasons, but I hate you because of the things you eat and ceaselessly burn.

Christians don't hate evil. They love it.

Christians, I am tempted to appeal to the Mormons to repent from their sins because other Christians won't. That's where we're at.

Rich people don’t want to believe that they are shit people and they have enough money to tune everybody else out.

A righteous judge is unique in a passive society.

Tell it to 2100.

Everything is disgustingly static to ewe especially if they aren't self-actualizers.

Reportedly, COVID-19 is the biggest threat to the elderly, so if it infects Congress it could wipe out most of the senators and representatives.

Your smartest words are stupid.

I still listen to the Christian alternative and rock music that I heard when I was a Christian. I claim the songs because they edify me, exhort me and are written about me. They also remind me of the way Christians think and act. On occasion I will tweak a word or two to fall in line with reality.

There may be a revolution in the United States and Bernie Sanders wants to direct it a certain way that ignores some things and focuses on other things, but in reality the revolution won’t mind his interests and will include other reasons.

Every day in America rich people destroy the planet (e.g. their life, the life of others, animals, the actual earth, etc.) with their lifestyle and don't care enough to change their ways.

You trust liars and killers.

Some rich Americans want a way to save face while transitioning to a renewable lifestyle, but every day they fail to be holy while they wait and talk a good talk.

Don’t wait on anybody to make a positive change.

Remember that every song sounds different to rich people.

Rich people affirm themselves with lies.

I think people that are full of shit find it difficult to communicate with honest people.

Poison always tastes better with people that like the same poison.

You can't fake joy.

I am thankful for the people that make me laugh like Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, the SNL cast, Bill Maher, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Lilly Singh, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, College Humor, etc.

Fat is disgusting. It doesn’t matter if it is on a baby or an adult.

Jordan, I will support your emancipation at any time if you want to be emancipated.

Burn all the dead shit you want. We’re gonna dance on your grave.

If being wealthy right now was my main goal I would be wealthy right now.

I’m not working for the shit you work for because the shit you work for kills everything.

I am not backslidden. You are full of shit.

Being a person of faith is nothing to brag about unless you believe in yourself.

I don’t believe in you.

If idle hands are the devil’s workshop an idling vehicle is the devil’s pride and joy.

According to the Bible money is not the root of all evil. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Yesterday I weighed 161.6 pounds with clothes on after eating a couple of meals and drinking lots of fluids. When I fast I can be 10 pounds lighter, so I think my true weight is probably around 153-155 pounds.

There are so many shameful things happening in Hawaii every day that I can’t even list them.

Hawaiians settle for shit.

It is grossly irresponsible to elect a president that has already exceeded the average lifespan.

There is stupidity in numbers.

When I was a freshman living in the co-ed San Diego State University dorms my resident adviser (RA) Pam lived across the hall from me. One time she put a noise complaint on my door for having sex with my girlfriend that also lived on the first floor. Jenny made a lot of noise when I fucked her.

When I lived in Long Beach, California, I had a friend named Jason that spoke with an accent from time to time. Sometimes we would be about to enter a business and he would say, “Last time I was here I spoke with an accent, so I have to speak with an accent.”

Reportedly, people from San Francisco dislike their city being called “Frisco”. It makes me wonder how “Frisco, Texas” was named.

The Christian churches that I used to affiliate with that had fundamentalist Christians like Baptists and non-denominationalists would not consider Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders to be Christians, but they would consider Donald Trump to be one.

Some Christians are opposed to voting for a non-Christian.

Some Christians consider Catholics to be Christians.

Is there any doubt that Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are Zionists?

I think Bernie Sanders might be able to beat Donald Trump in November, but I doubt that Joe Biden can beat him.

If we have to look at Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Donald Trump’s ugly, old face for four years we will all lose.

If somebody is in your head that you don’t want in your head you lose.

If my father lives to be 100 years old I may take up drinking Budweiser beer and smoking Marlboro reds cigarettes in my 70s.

What is the 50s dating scene like in El Cajon, California?

Are old people that never got married severely flawed or extremely wise?

Are we actually supposed to believe that any of the Democratic presidential candidates that lead a polluting lifestyle like there is no tomorrow will actually transition the country away from fossil fuels and to renewable energy? Why should anybody trust hypocrites that do not do the right thing?

Many people will do and say weird things if it makes them money.

My former wife did not respect my sleep needs and held it against me for needing to sleep for 8 hours every night.

When I was a child my mom used to tell me that most people need 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but I need 8-9 hours of sleep.

I try to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night, but sometimes I get a little more or less though.

After the Drug Enforcement Agency broke down my door at 6 a.m. and gave my daughter to Child Protective Services which triggered an eviction clause and led to my divorce I deemed Barack Obama the worst president in American history. When Kamala Harris was running for president I brought up her lack of integrity for staying silent while legal, medical marijuana collectives were being raided in her state of California. I also blame Joe Biden because he was the president’s right hand man and must have known what was happening and didn’t say anything or do anything to stop it. Also, suffice it to say Joe Biden is clueless about marijuana.

If Joe Biden is elected president he will be 78 years old at his inauguration. That is eight years older than the oldest president ever elected. Bernie Sanders will be 79. If Donald Trump is reelected president, then he will be the oldest president ever elected at age 74. The average male lifespan in the U.S. is 76.3 years old.

I am looking forward to next month when I stop logging into YouTube. I will miss my subscriptions and commenting, but I won’t miss their ads, dumb suggestions, tracking, etc. Google is a corrupt company and they own YouTube. I am nearly finished with 100 direct links to my favorite YouTube users and I will visit them and watch their videos that way.

The liberal mainstream media does a disservice to democracy by the way it covers politics.

I hope the liberal mainstream media is ashamed for ignoring every non-Democratic Party candidate that is challenging Donald Trump (and there are many of them). Money and self-interests are obviously of paramount importance to them. In a country of about 330 million people there is no good reason to continually see the same faces like they are the only ones. In fact, I have an even lower opinion of the liberal mainstream media now because I see how they would rather see Americans be ignorant and suffer without diverse ideas while ignoring candidates than cover candidates that are not in the Democratic Party.

Is including nothing in the Bible about Jesus for 30 years of his 33-year life a lie by omission?

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are so bad I can’t imagine running for office again.

People that care about the animal’s welfare before they eat the animal are idiots. If they actually cared about the animal they wouldn’t eat it. Who cares how they treat the animal before they kill it for you? Are you against torture, but for killing? Real nice.

A recession is characterized by two quarters of negative growth (negative GDP), so the U.S. may not be in a recession yet. However, the stock market was in a bull market (rising stock prices) for the last 11 years, but after losing more than 20% of its value the stock market is now in a bear market.

If President Trump was a different kind of person he might have been able to calm the fears of investors instead of fueling them which could have resulted in fewer stock market losses.

Who cares about the truth more than investors? Who stretches the truth more than politicians?

Which diseases do you think you could avoid if you ate a healthy, organic vegetarian diet?

If you do not fully empty your bladder or intestine when you defecate after eating healthy, organic vegetarian food you would get the same diseases as you would get if you ate all sorts of “conventional” food grown in sludge with GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, antibiotics, steroids, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, etc. in it?

Neither major political party in the U.S. cares about the majority of Americans. They care about a small minority of fundamentalists that subscribe to their agenda.

I have little doubt that Joe Biden and people in the Democratic Party are buying ads to manipulate black people to vote for Biden because of his relationship with Barack Obama.

If I was a pastor of a church I would tell the congregation that burning gasoline is a sin and that they would not be allowed to enter the building if they burned gasoline there. If they were elderly people or handicapped people I would prayerfully consider it.

Some people expect things to work well when they do them the wrong way.

Christians make their own rules, fail to live up to their standards and proclaim victory anyway.

I have seen zero Tulsi Gabbard for President signs in Maui even though she is our elected representative in Congress and I have lived here for a year.

There is probably a correlation between Tulsi Gabbard’s failing presidential campaign and her failure to fix and improve Maui.

You don’t know how many books I’ve written about the bullshit I’ve seen here, but they will be around forever.

Don’t you think it’s time to call winners losers?

Social media is great for anonymous, creepy weirdos that people ignore in real life.

Today I was impressed with a couple of ladies that were probably in their early 20s because they were in such great shape.

Love can turn into hate when expectations aren’t met.

Erin Burnett seems like a woman that has been brainwashed by a cult.

Christianity is a prideful religion because the elect think they know more than everybody else.

Fundamentalists enable each other.

I shouldn’t have to save everybody, Jesus

Have the unrighteous ever felt righteous indignation?

People that ignore reality are unable to comfort people that live in the real world.

After I became friends with Rahaf Mohammed on Twitter (Hi Rahaf!) I wrote a story about Saudi Arabia using somebody like her as bait to see who wants to leave the kingdom and who doesn’t like the king and then something similar happened. I am glad they liked the story, but c’mon.

I close one eye sometimes.

My father has found thousands of people jobs all over the world, but none of them have been in carpentry, Jesus

I am getting the feeling that some liberals are exaggerating the threat of COVID-19 because it could harm Donald Trump’s reputation.

I don’t think people understand how and why the economy is tanking.

Snoop Dogg wants to make America crip again, but I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t wear a red or blue bandana.

Is Christianity like circular reasoning?

How does it feel to pick between two candidates that should be dead right now?

How does it feel to pick between two candidates that have a failed presidential campaign under their belt?

Does Joe Biden seem out of touch to anybody?

I got a ticket for camping in Ala Moana park at night and I went to the courthouse in Honolulu to take care of it, but they said my hearing was earlier and I showed them the ticket and it looked like a different number. They said they put a warrant out for my arrest and asked me if I would like to just stick around and go to jail. I said no and got the hell outta there.

My eye doctor friend explained some important things about gradual vision loss to me. He said people essentially lose the ability to quickly focus. He said one way to improve or maintain good eyesight is to focus on a letter in a word that is near you and then focus on a letter in a word in the distance. Do that over and over to exercise your eyes. I think Greg Giles was right.

Sometimes we would call Greg "Gerg" because it was Greg backwards.

As I waited for a cop to write some dude a ticket for camping in Long Beach, California and I asked him if he could turn off his engine because it was literally choking me and I was being detained and couldn't walk around. Instead of ticketing me he decided to take me to jail and book me clearly in retaliation for my request.

If a homeless person had a shopping cart in Long Beach, California between 2012-2014 the police would give them a ticket. I didn't even want to be near them because I figured the cop would ticket them and go after me.

That thought was so great that somebody had to steal it out of my head.

Some people are living on borrowed time.

When Nico & Vinz's song Am I Wrong dropped on ALT 98.7 FM in Long Beach, California, I was listening to the radio every day and living on the street and attending Long Beach City College to study journalism and poetry mainly. Jack N the Box actually has cameras all over the damned place. However, there is no WiFi, so it might be harder for some hackers to get them. I imagine they still have an Internet connection for the business that can be hacked one way or another.

I wish I didn’t know the feeling of being given some nice things that were my mom’s because she died. It’s bittersweet and I would give them back to her in a heartbeat to have her back.

The local cheese strain smells great.

Friends and family can remember things about you that you may have forgotten.

Can I smoke COVID-19?

A guy in Jack N the Box had a flat spot on his head and I wondered if he had been abducted by an alien. Wanna ask about an anal probe?

I saw a woman today with two young children and I thought she might be their nanny, but she was wearing a wedding ring. I eventually figured she might be a Westpac wife.

I wouldn’t be surprised if “Gregory Greenman” was somebody in my family that doesn’t like my poetry.

"Be careful."
"I'll probably just be me."

If the virus is from Asia why is President Trump banning travel from Europe except for the U.K.?

Hawaiians may live near all kinds of chickens, but we’re not chickenshit.

One political party can devise a scheme for their advantage, but another political party can try to use it to their advantage too.

When politicians exaggerate and the news stokes the hysteria who are we supposed to believe?

Is this some kind of test?

Everybody wants to communicate.

I know karate and three other Japanese words.

Congratulations to the U.S. women's national soccer team for beating Japan and winning the SheBelieves cup!

Sometimes you’re stoked when you the group of hot young ladies sit by you, but sometimes you’re stoked when they don’t so you can think straight.

What do you write about when you have been interrupted by beauty?

Congress needs to pass a balanced budget every time.

Some people have seen floaters their whole life. I wonder if they have considered that the same antibiotics that cause them to adults were given to them when they were a baby or very small child and they don’t remember it.

Imagine if God exists, but people can’t perceive God because they have done so many bad things from the cradle to the grave.

What do we need besides beauty?

Don’t assume anything you do is right.

Hope you realize when you are wrong.

Maybe what hurt most was knowing she hated me even though I loved her.

Living in total disregard for one’s health seems unwise.

Comedy show idea: a kid lives off the land for environmental reasons and tries to fit in with his old friends while he does it

Despite the varying amounts on the scale I am certain I am still losing weight by eating every other day.

They don’t just make you die. They make you wanna die.

I am under the impression that I can lose all the fat around my muscles and see them without lifting weights.

Not a lot of books get written at the beach.

When I was a kid we would take summer vacations in Hawaii. At the least we would visit Oahu for the surf and Maui for the snorkeling.

Some people get so angry that they find reasons to get angrier.

Don’t egg on the poor asshole.

I must go to another group of ugly idiots, Jesus

Amazon was supposed to deliver new shoes to me yesterday, but they did not arrive and they posted a notice saying they were late.

Do you live differently when you know you have an inheritance?

You were never righteously judged because you hung out with hypocrites.

My mom liked a restaurant called, El Pollo Loco, so we would go there and eat sometimes. They served Mexican food.

One person’s weird is another person’s normal.

I don’t know if my mom recognized my deity or not, but she did say I was a royal pain in the ass from time to time.

When Carson Daly interviewed Alanis Morissette on TV in 2011 or 2012 and he called Right Through You by a different name I wondered if he had ever heard it. I also questioned his credibility.

Billionaires pay income tax. If politicians want their businesses to pay taxes, then maybe they should make them.

Are Instagram users giving away their data in exchange for distribution?

I sang differently before 2012.

I think it used to be traditional for a Vice President to run for president after the president’s terms ended.

I saw Ben Affleck on a late night talk show. Has anybody asked him about his hair? It looks like a 20-year-old’s hair. Did he get hairs pulled out of the back of his head and transplanted in the front? Dye for sure.

When I was a kid my dad told me that it would be more difficult to look for a mate in the second half of my life than the first half because in the second half I would have to deal with aging too.

I don’t know about ewe, but there’s a method to my madness, God

Could a Joe Biden presidency lead to the first American pope?

Could the first American pontiff bring peace to Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity?

It seems like some people that ordinarily don’t consider the needs of elderly people are overreacting to try to protect them from COVID-19.

Being unafraid of getting COVID-19 does not mean you don’t respect old people, but it might mean you don’t respect the hysteria.

Any politician that votes for an unbalanced budget should be fired, sanctioned or not reelected. There is no excuse for it. If you make an unbalanced budget in your personal life or business you immediately go bankrupt. Not only is it a bad example, but it is screwing future generations that will have to repay it.

USPS continually hemorrhaging money and slopping around in gas-burning vehicles is awfully distasteful.

If scientists are trying to make a COVID-19 vaccine does that mean they have found a plant or a chemical that kills the virus?

Food buying guidelines? I haven't bought green bananas in eight years. Like that?

I hope nobody I know has died of COVID-19. Are you alive?

I am stoked that people don’t want to get COVID-19 real bad. I hope it doesn’t result in lots of people slamming needles with toxins in them.

I wouldn't assume anything.

The Dow Jones stock index had its biggest one-day point drop in history today and it fell -2,997.10 points. The S&P had its worst loss in about 33 years.

You might remember where you were today in the future when somebody asks you where you were when the stock market had its biggest fall ever (unless it falls even more tomorrow).

The downturn (or rebalancing) in the stock market could result in corporations suffering losses and laying off workers. This could put a greater strain on the government for services like unemployment insurance, social security, healthcare and other free services. It could result in more bankruptcies and foreclosures.

When I was a kid and my dad taught me about fighting he said if you bite somebody you will get in their head. He said it was psychological and they might worry about being eaten.

The tanking stock market should make some people’s 401k accounts be worth a lot less if they have investments in the stocks that are tanking.

I imagine the lovely ladies I like to follow on Instagram have popped out a kid or two by now.

According to the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that I had to attend at age 20 for getting a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) citation in California, I am at least a third generation alcoholic. They say I am an alcoholic for life, but I have spent a lot of time avoiding alcohol and time consuming it in moderation, so I don’t think I am an alcoholic. I was in a social fraternity at San Diego State University at the time and I accidentally drank too much at the frat that night.

My father thinks his anxiety and panic attacks have something to do with his Native American ancestry.

I think we are all feeling the effects of “the coronavirus”. All the late night comedians stopped performing shows, the news won’t shut up about it and it’s either that or watching two men that are older than dirt duke it out to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

The government could not screw the young generation much more than they already are (e.g. $23 trillion in debt, pollution epidemic, obesity epidemic, opiate epidemic, suicide epidemic, contaminated water, social security is running out, etc.) and they say the young people have to help save them from COVID-19. Maybe they should have thought of that when they were destroying the planet and screwing the kids.

24 Hour Fitness just notified its members that they are closing all of their fitness clubs until further notice. Do they realize how many homeless people will go without showering now? Hundreds of homeless people across the country that don't have access to a shower are probably a much bigger threat to society than leaving the gym open.

People are making unwise decisions because of their fear of COVID-19.

Don’t aspire to be rich. Rich people have more problems than they like to admit and many of them stem from a demented mind.

I signed up for email updates from the Center For Disease Control (CDC) on March 8 and I unsubscribed today (March 17). I am not afraid of COVID-19 and I will do nothing different, so I have no interest in hearing anything they have to say about it. I don't mind if I catch it, but I doubt I will.

Enough is enough. You guys that are full of shit are scaring old people, so knock it the hell off.

It took a pandemic to get people to buy the organic black beans at Walmart. They ran out of alcohol wipes, zip-top bags and some other stuff.

When I was 15 years old we visited Maui on summer vacation. While I was jet skiing with my mom we crashed and a Portuguese man-o-war stung me. Its tentacles were wrapped around my arm and it left painful welts around my body. My parents took me to one of the only doctors on Maui in 1989 and he sprinkled meat tenderizer on me and told me to stay out of the sun.

This dystopian lockdown will prepare Americans for even more dystopian lockdowns.

I visited Walmart today and by the way the news had been talking I expected to see fires and looting.

COVID-19 feels like a gimmick to get people to buy and horde stuff.

McDonalds and Starbucks have closed their indoor seating area and are only open for drive-thru orders now. I wonder if other fast food restaurants are following suit.

Sometimes what we have to do is good for us.

If I had lots of money I would like to buy electric wheelchairs for people with manual ones if they want one.

They should end and convert the cesspool sewage systems in Hawaii asap. Every day we wait is a day closer to more polluted ground water.

I wouldn’t blame the poor economy on COVID-19. I would blame it on liars that have been saying it’s great in the first place. I would also blame it on people like President Trump that have had no idea how to make it thrive and keep it thriving.

I don’t hate you for what you must do. I hate you for what you choose to do.

If you trust the idiots that are trying to scare you, then you are a fool.

The people that are suddenly overly cautious aren’t necessarily helping anything.

Is she sassier now that she’s heavier?

Whole Foods closed their water dispensers because they say it will stop the spread of germs and viruses. How in the hell could that be true though? I held my empty, refillable water bottle to the machine, its sensor noticed my cup, filled it and I walked away. Zero germs were transferred.

You can shelter in place and practice social distancing in fear of COVID-19, but there will always be flu viruses that have a greater negative effect (including death) on elderly people and people with compromised immune systems.

Do what you want, but you can’t call it enlightenment.

It is impossible to be friends with some people because of their fears.

“This place should be condemned.”
“Ok. I condemn it.”

People are totally unconcerned with other things that cause the same number of deaths as COVID-19. In fact, people are unconcerned with things that cause over 100 deaths in the U.S. each day.

An employee at Home Depot told me I should be afraid of “the coronavirus”. I told her I wasn’t afraid and I wasn’t going to be afraid.

Do you think that you can be uglier than you are when you burn gasoline?

I think the more liberal people are the more likely they are to take extreme actions against COVID-19.

I don’t care about your spouse. Be an individual.

Bad actors don’t realize how bad they are.

Evil people get others to avoid caring about people right in front of them by claiming to care about someone else.

I live under the presumption that people know better than to do the horrible things they do. I don’t have to explain it over and over to them like they’re children even if they act like it.

I shouldn’t be surprised at the way the Democratic Party’s government is responding in Hawaii to the threat of COVID-19. Look at how they have protected Mauna Kea. There are only 13 gigantic telescopes up there.

My grandpa said Christ under his breath a lot. I should have answered him.

Anxiety is fueled by ignorance.

I bet it’s easy for Ted Cruz to do social distancing.

The homeless are saving the rich people from a quicker climate crisis, but the rich are hanging them out to dry in the COVID-19 scare.

Who is going to star in the quarantine blockbuster movie and will it have comedy and action?

Refried is a dumb way to describe beans that were never fried.

How well do people listen with one foot in the grave?

Are you enabling crazy people?

Some people feel validated by following the herd.

Fundamentalists care more about like-minded fundies.

“I could have been a scientist or an inventor if it weren’t for religion and COVID-19. Dammit Obama!”

Preparing to move from a small island to another small island resembles the doomsday hoarding ever-present in America these days, so I have had a leg up on the mad rush. Reportedly, San Diego has 80 cases of COVID-19 and this is the breakdown: 0-17: 0, 18-64: 63, 65+: 17. Draw your own conclusions, but maybe elderly people are scared the most and hiding the best.

Donald Trump keeps calling COVID-19 “the Chinese virus”. If he calls it “Kung Flu” we might have to move to Canada. Is that why he closed the border?

I have not read a lot about it, but the media implied closing the border was Canada’s idea.

Working somewhere doesn’t give you the right to treat it like a toilet.

Instead of saying Ziplocs we could say zip tops. The difference is Ziploc is a brand and zip top is a type of plastic bag.

Reportedly, some people have play dates, so their children can be exposed to chickenpox at a young age. They say it’s easier to deal with then and you usually build an immunity to it and don’t get it twice.

I think I caught chickenpox from somebody at school when I was a kid.

I imagine Jesus could not care less about your flu preparation when your lifestyle destroys everything, decreasing health span and lifespan for everybody because of what you burn, consume and use.

“I could get in trouble for watching you. It could cause an existential crisis and not just in my pants.” - to Olivia Gordon at SciShow

The virus has scared the poop out of the polluters and many of them are somewhere else with their stink-mobile today.

Today Ross and TJ Max closed and didn’t say why. It is likely because they fear COVID-19.

The virus is fear and it is infectious.

One thing about our society is that our old people don’t want to roll over.

Is marriage a twisted form of love?

Say whatever you want about COVID-19, but so far it has killed people at a fraction of the rate that the seasonal flus kill people every year.

If you do bad things long enough you aren’t a good person doing bad things. You’re a bad person doing bad things.

At least we get to see Americans play their absurd version of Contagion.

“I see a lot of tail-wagging.” - what I thought when I saw a bird walking and wagging its tail today

Personal responsibility can change things even though people tend to act according to the expectations of others.

Imagine if smoking weed has fewer side effects than taking pills.

When you do the right thing you don’t care who sees.

People that are recklessly polluting the planet never seem to be doing it in only one way.

Evolutionists say an asteroid destroyed the dinosaurs. Young earth creationists say Noah’s worldwide flood killed them.

The problem with COVID-19 response is you can’t tell whether or not the measures you are taking matter (e.g. if you would have caught it if nobody did anything differently, if you would have caught it and felt fine, etc.).

I think to make something like this work they need buzzwords that are easy to remember and hard to easily refute like social distancing, self-quarantine, etc.

"Coronavirus? No, I’ve had a cough since before you were a fetus.”

Removing smells is good, but covering them isn’t good.

It was enough to IM them a sincere message and see the rad art they would create next.

I think weed can double the length of a doomed marriage.

Sometimes I want the old weird back because the new weird is even weirder.

If they try to get out in front of something before it happens it is a sign that they knew it was going to happen.

If Donald Trump knew this was going to happen, he certainly tried to poison Amazon’s well so to speak. Now a lot of people are sitting at home and relying on Amazon and they are hiring 100,000 more people to process orders.

Poor Democrats have to choose between two very old second fiddles that already lost to Hillary Clinton who lost to Donald Trump.

Making band saw blades at age 15 made me appreciate manual labor and want to stay in school per my parents’ advice to graduate from college and get a high-paying desk job or something. Perhaps that was the point.

The next time they try a widespread, fear-based intervention they should at least have a way to see what would have happened if they didn’t do it. Otherwise, I think they are denying the antecedent if they say their measures saved lives.

“When did you get outta quarantine?” - rejected pickup lines

Why can’t the president leave Peter alone, Jesus?

I think President Trump calls “the coronavirus” aka COVID-19 “the Chinese virus” because he doesn’t want people to call it “the Trump virus”.?

Most of the people working in government that are telling businesses to close have probably never run a business.

Just because somebody tells you to do something it doesn’t mean it’s ok to do it.

Show idea: Hold a microphone at people while coughing my ass off to ask them about COVID-19 while somebody films it

Can we call it hive-mind hysteria?

I chewed out Steve Harvey on Twitter for awarding the wrong woman 1st place in a beauty contest.

Would a good government reduce the number of gas-burning vehicles on the roads even if it had to use underhanded methods?

Imagine if environmentalists created or inflamed the COVID-19 scare and response.

Ok. Now you trust the government. Sure......

Reportedly, in three weeks 307 Americans have died from COVID-19 which is about 100 a week or 5,200 a year on average.

People don't expect you to be drinking beer out of a bottle in a Whole Foods bag especially at 9 a.m. at the mall.

They are scaring the aloha out of people in Hawaii.

I think Donald Trump is more of a Democrat than people realize or admit.

Didn't they try to restrict travel in Jesus' day too?

Causes of death are baloney, God

Reckless people want others to be careful.

At this rate will we have just one government-run airline?

You will talk about some people, but you won't talk to them.

Religion is why it didn't work, but religion is why I thought it would work.

If we get hit by a life-ending asteroid I hope somebody somewhere can document it.

They aren't telling you the full truth, but they are telling you some scary a facts.

Yesterday was the quietest Saturday in the last year in Maui.

How does the Marlboro man keep dying?

It is a good thing that I didn’t buy tickets for the Hall & Oates concert this month because there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all arrivals except neighbor islands.

The government can cram the virus money up their ass if it is going to throw another $1 trillion on the debt for others to worry about.

The government has been doing this for a long time, but in other countries. They cause huge problems for the people there, then they give them large sums of money. Now they are about to do it here.

Dear Senator Hirono, thank you for protecting me from alien abductions. If you want to give me $1,000 because I wasn’t abducted by aliens you can.

If you opt for nothing, then you are beholden to no one.

Imagine if environmentalists were behind COVID-19 in an attempt to retire gas-powered vehicles or at least get them off the road.

I think people are assuming that things will return to normal.

Most people are still dumb assholes. They're just scared, irrational, dumb assholes now.

Yesterday some dude sat down a foot away from me in a bench and started complaining about needing a ticket out of Maui because people want to kill haoles. I let him have it and left.

Some strains are deficient in something essential that I can’t put my finger on.

If the dystopian lockdown lasts much longer dudes are gonna have real weird looking haircuts.

I worked with a pastor’s organization in San Diego called MAPS (Missions and Prayer School) in the late 2000s. After living on the street in Long Beach, California for two years Maroon 5 released the song Maps in 2014.

I chewed out U2 on Twitter and they wrote The Blackout.

I chewed out Cage the Elephant for a lyric in Come a Little Closer and then they wrote Cold Cold Cold.

After I attended Switchfoot’s Bro-Am concert they wrote The Original and the Vice Verses album. I had met Jon Foreman when we were working for Youth Development International (YDI) in the late 1990s. We gave drunk people rides home on Spring Break in Arizona on a missions trip and he played acoustic guitar for everyone before Switchfoot made it big. I have seen the band and met them with my former wife and daughter. Real nice guys and talented band. Foreman’s dad is a pastor of a Calvary chapel church and that was the type of church we were attending in a different city. We visited his dad's church because Switchfoot played the music.

Is there a section in the Guinness Book of Records for hotel rooms?

I can’t watch CNN because all they are talking about is COVID-19. I figured Fox News would be broadcasting something else, but they are covering it too. Both of them have a big graphic on the right side of the screen that tells how many confirmed cases there are in the world, in the last 24 hours, total deaths, total deaths in the last 24 hours and those four figures for the U.S. only.

On March 23, 2020, reportedly 473 people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. 56 were in the last 24 hours.

COVID-19 will need to kill people in the U.S. at a rate that is 3-4 times quicker than it has killed people in the last 23 days to be on par with a low year for seasonal flu deaths. At this rate it will need to kill people about 10 times faster to mimic a higher year of seasonal flu deaths.

If American politicians want to give Americans a hand out to help them in these hard times, then why don’t they give each person an ounce of gold? They have it in Fort Knox. Right? Gold is worth about $1,550 an ounce.

I can’t listen to commercials. Oh my gawd. The my pillow guy. I made fun of him on Twitter a couple of years ago after I slept with my head on a plastic bag full of tissues, papers and receipts on the street in Long Beach, California.

I think giving Americans money now to deal with the difficulties the government has caused because of the fear of COVID-19 is a decent idea, but I hope they tie it to a source of income and don’t just add $1 or $2 trillion to the ever-increasing debt.

I like it outside. I don't like what you do outside.

I hate 100% of your advertisements.

Imagine if the mainstream media covered other causes of death like they're covering COVID-19.

Fox News can call Jonathan Swan an "Axios National Political Reporter", but when he calls an official's testimony "absurd" he is a commentator and not a reporter.

Why dismiss it out of hand? Is that good journalism? Do Puliltzer Prize winners dismiss leads out of hand?

Somebody can’t spell Pulitzer, but it isn’t me. After I typed that sentence spellcheck replaced it with the same word.

Some people just look like they have a virus. Do they count?

Did anybody ask Tom Hanks whether or not he ate a bat?

Is Congress and the executive branch trying to figure out how to fix stuff or how to continue getting away with stuff?

Imagine if the American people were the common enemy that finally united Congress.

Ever since I can remember everybody said be careful about the things you put in your head. I used to own TV Guardian boxes and listen to nothing except Christian music for many years.

Don’t think the killers that harm the body don’t want to make it look like something else too.

Was Enoch great at hiding, terrible at math or both?

Amazing people are being used every day.

I already tried to live out one of your ugly, disgusting dreams and we see where it got me.

Fear and paranoia are not virtues.

There comes a time when you have to admit that people that scare others about extraordinarily unlikely unseen consequences and mistreat people in their community to appease some other authority’s command are bad people.

Is Italy’s kissy-face culture why so many people in Italy have COVID-19? It looks like about 10% of those infected die.

I think one reason why the U.S. has responded to COVID-19 this way is because the government does not trust China or have close enough relations with them to determine how bad it is.

Whether or not COVID-19 was planned or accidental it could still be used like a weapon to injure or kill certain people.

The response to COVID-19 was considered under the Obama administration.

Shout out to the one-legged yoga teacher at 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Barbara, California. He is inspiring.

“We’ll be ready if the virus comes back....” sounds like “we’ll have injections full of weird stuff ready!”

With these people in charge I am surprised that grocery stores are staying open.

Jordan, if your school is canceled and you want me to homeschool you this year I will happily do it! We'll have fun.

What is the difference between a precondition and an evolutionary adaptation?

People that are creating all sorts of diseases by means of their lifestyle want you to take COVID-19 seriously.

Clowns scared the shit out of late night talk show hosts. Now that is kinda funny.

I don’t know whether or not they closed the beach showers, but I imagine they are either closed or very filthy and very crowded during this apocalyptic-looking time in Maui.

The mainstream media is more like entertainment than news.

Liberals have a reputation for getting worked up and emotional, so this virus scare is right up their alley.

Some people won’t do the right thing unless it’s on accident.

Late night comedians are missing many opportunities to blast liberal politicians during the COVID-19 scare, but they have avoided those types of jokes.

Conservatives need a late night comedy show host that can make fun of anybody and anything.

Immoral people want ewe to care about their cause.

Dishonest people can’t put others at ease.

If government keeps altering people’s lives there is going to be less pollution on the streets.

During the COVID-19 scare we have seen what Americans care about the most. Themselves.

Who is asking for a handout? C’mon! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!

People are going to be bummed because they like stuff a lot and stores are closed and they can’t buy stuff.

Whenever I see, hear or smell gardeners using gas-powered tools I wonder if they are poor, homeless people.

It’s great that Gov. Cuomo wants to broadcast New York’s needs, but he is also broadcasting how they have been unprepared and are still unprepared under his leadership.

It is pretty sad that so many people are afraid of something so stupid.

I don’t think politicians in charge realize that their cookie cutter solutions don’t help everybody in the community and in fact help very few people if anybody.

Over 1,300 people die daily in the U.S. from cigarettes. In 24 days COVID-19 has killed about 600 people in the U.S. During that time 31,200 people have died in the U.S. from cigarettes.

If suicide and homicide are illegal, then smoking cigarettes should be illegal.

I have seen better looking corpses than Joe Biden.

Somebody remind Jake Tapper that CNN has turned into the National Inquirer.

If they can get you to worry a lot about things that don’t matter you may not care about things that do matter.

Your boss is a fool, but I will try not to hold it against you.

If this dystopian nightmare continues I wouldn't be surprised if some mayor or governor tries to give homeless people a mark or badge to indicate they are allowed to be outside.

Where were you clowns when 80,000 people died from the seasonal flu in 2018?

I stand with everyone that thinks this COVID-19 response is a hypocritical load of shit.

Face it. You dumb motherfuckers can’t save lives or we wouldn’t be dying from the diseases that you have created with your lifestyle.

How dare the God damned world killers tell me how to live!

People that fail at life by burning gasoline, burning coal and not eating organic food are the biggest creators of diseases that this planet has ever seen.

My goal in life has always been to know and affirm the truth, but I didn't realize that everyone is constantly lying and deceiving themselves and others.

There is no way in hell that I am letting anybody stick a needle in me if it has anything to do with COVID-19.

If you think the COVID-19 scare is going to deter me one iota, then you haven’t been following me since 2012.

Is Italy’s death toll from COVID-19 so high because 30% of their population (18 million people out of 60 million) either smokes or has smoked cigarettes?

You might feel like a renegade survivalist in your stick-built home as you drive your gas-powered vehicle around town, but rest assured that you are still a joke.

If people isolate themselves too long they will become more susceptible to colds, viruses and diseases.

Andrew Cuomo and Kirk Caldwell have made scary prophecies about COVID-19 that won't come true.

I take every prophecy very seriously.

New York is not the canary in the coal mine. No other state is like New York and no other city is like New York City.

Why doesn’t CNN and Fox News’ dynamic death graphics show the average number of deaths in the U.S. each day since the first death was reported on March 1? Perhaps it’s not sensational enough for them. Nonetheless about 600 people have died in 24 days which is on par with daily HIV/AIDS deaths and a fraction of other causes of death like suicide, guns, opiates and auto accidents.

I like taking showers, but I rarely take a bath.

When people get sick of you they will look me up, Jesus

“Be careful” means the same thing as “be normal” to me. Absolutely nothing.

Do the wrong things over and over and you will acquire a darkened conscience.

How many songs with the word “body” are actually referring to the “body of Christ” (aka the church)?

How many songs with the word “house” are actually referring to the “house of David” (or another Jewish “house” like Judah)?

“Use renewable tools or you’re done with my house.”

Your fears aren’t mine.

The only good thing about the absurd COVID-19 scare and response is that people that were unprepared might be more prepared for a worse virus in the future.

COVID-19 has taught me that there is one more thing that I am unafraid of.

What’s more depressing than seeing people that are continually failing?

Are people that wear a girdle considered deceivers?

You make as much sense as an anti-abortionist that eats meat.

“You better not abort your baby! Your baby must live and die in my pollution just like God intended.”

If you are an anti-abortionist and you want to be taken seriously shouldn't you be a vegetarian?

Are you listening to Trump's or Cuomo's altar calls?

People are believing and faithfully reacting by changing their behavior and accepting the (temporary?) loss of rights and fewer freedoms in the U.S. in March, 2020.

"There is a horrible, deadly disease outside, so stay inside!"
"What about the homeless?"
"Oh, they'll be fine!"

"What does it feel like outside?”
“It feels like scared motherfuckers gave me a hall pass as they run from their shadows.”

Many public restrooms are closed now.

Security guards made homeless people leave shopping malls today and wouldn’t let them sit in the only furniture bolted to the ground because of the Democratic governor’s and mayor’s executive orders.

If I didn’t think the COVID-19 scare and response is bullshit I would think they are trying to kill certain people, but both could be true.

A power line was blown down a few yards away from me today. Strong wind.

It's like they don't want me to go, Jesus

President Trump listens to and ignores odd collections of folks.

If your vehicle emits a horrible smell just apologize to pedestrians and the homeless and get it fixed.

You are so twisted. I weep for you.

Fast food is obviously essential because the risk of a deadly virus pales in comparison to the diseases that await.

In a perfect world people would care about things that cause them and others to acquire degenerative diseases instead of celebrating them and repeating them.

I can’t compartmentalize my lack of faith.

I feel sick to my stomach, but “corona” has nothing to do with it.

“I can’t take responsibility for it, but I know who did it.” - the wind

A few days ago Spotify shuffle played Day Tripper by Otis Redding and then Day Tripper by The Beatles. What are the chances that would happen? There are over 2,000 songs in the playlist.

Some rich people are clueless about people that are unlike them.

I’ve never laughed at anybody as much as I have laughed at President Trump.

Is McDonalds seriously essential? Mind you they have closed their bathrooms, seating areas and drink dispensers.

Grace is knowing you could injure somebody and you don’t.

“Let’s get down to brass tacks. How much for the ape?” - Johnny Depp

When will we see martial law?

Fuck Apple’s nag screens.

I know I have No SIM Apple, Jesus Christ

I know it’s in Airplane mode, Jesus

Why are ewe telling me to be careful all of the sudden? Scared?

Your fears won’t become my fears. Don’t worry.

Very weird things tend to happen after I leave one place and right before I go to the next place. I am leaving a stay-at-home order to live under a curfew. The COVID-19 scare seems to have done both this time.

Are people still on social media?


It seems like the places without cameras have been closed and the places that are open have obvious CCTV cameras recording people.

What in the hell are we letting people do, Jesus Christ

One time I made pinto beans by soaking them in Rooibos tea for hours to rehydrate before I cooked them. They were great in a tortilla as a burrito, so I made a bunch of them for a cross-country trip. I gave one to one of my bass guitar students after her lesson and she was stoked.

Oh yeah. What you're doing is essential. Essentially dicking around.

Governors ordering hospitals to increase the number of beds they have by 50% sounds like a lot of sick people could be closer together which obviously isn't a good idea.

Imagine if your place in heaven is determined by how much bullshit you expose and avoid.

Why does the president want businesses open by Easter? Lots of businesses are closed on Easter. Why does he want people to sit close to each other for an hour or two during a flu pandemic? Jesus?

If I was clean like you I wouldn’t be clean at all. If I was careful like you I wouldn’t be careful at all.

I treat fools saying “careful” the same way as I treat fools in “Obey” shirts or hats. There is no way in hell I will, but you will. You will be careful (which is meaningless because you are still an immoral motherfucker that does horrible things) and obey idiots.

Part of leaving is letting go.

Losers act alike and don’t know what’s cool or why it’s cool, relevant or important because they’re just mindlessly copying others.

I have gotten 4-5 yearly medical marijuana recommendations from 3-4 different California doctors to treat my health issues.

Crazy people seemingly get credibility when people believe them.

Are we going to have a baby boom in 9 months? Congratulations! Your kid can be a boomer too!

Is chasing college kids on Spring Break off the beach because of COVID-19 keeping them from getting immunity from it before they get old and it becomes more deadly?

A lot of people faithfully react to nonsense.

I increasingly enjoy my own company.

Thanks for the cleaner air for a change, Hawaii

Is it more likely that God would use evolution or oppose it?

My mom always told me that she wanted to raise a boy because girls are too emotional.

I called COVID-19 a pandemic a day before the WHO did.

I have been crying out for moratoriums on auto emissions and it looks like we finally have one.

How many flat-chested women were given subpar or deficient vegetarian food in their developmental years?

I think a Mike Pence presidency would be all the bullshit with none of the humor and charm.

A couple of weeks ago somebody finally cleaned about 90% of the garbage littering Alamaha Street in Kahului.

Enjoy the imperfection.

If people do things that repulse you don’t do those things.

Money is a poor god no matter how much you worship it.

do not support the rich people’s crusade against COVID-19. However, I will be happy to join a crusade against cigarettes, suicide, opiates, pollution and homicide.

CNN must know that scaring people about COVID-19 and getting people to ramble on about it and their fears attracts more viewers than the regular news stories.

If your morality is contingent on the Green New Deal, then maybe you are immoral.

The U.S. COVID-19 scare is nonsense, but your pollution is very real.

Some unprofessional employees don’t even know how a professional would act.

Rich people have the money to look younger.

Nice people aren’t necessarily right any more than mean people.

The U.S. COVID-19 scare is not worth the time the mainstream media is spending on it.

#TFW you realize you’re annoying and not endearing.

Whichever mistakes your parents made it could have been worse.

Bad people that do bad things are sometimes long gone before they are hated.

I think there is a greater chance that somebody could live forever if their life is preserved while they are growing instead of dying (over the hill).

Food isn’t always the answer.

I will be unconcerned about COVID-19 unless it becomes one of the top seven causes of death in the U.S.

Old people that have destroyed and killed by mindlessly burning gasoline and coal for decades along with living a lifestyle of ingesting and spreading all sorts of carcinogens want young people to take COVID-19 seriously and I don’t blame them if they don’t.

People are doing all sorts of things to stop the spread of COVID-19 and most of them will have no effect against it whatsoever because it isn’t even in their community and it probably won’t kill them or even cause many symptoms if they get it.

Paranoid people will feel justified even if they aren’t.

I watched four episodes of Forensic Files II today and four women were murdered by three men and a woman.

I have no interest in eating pizza again unless it is organic and I won’t eat cheese. I want an organic pizza with whole wheat crust, tomato sauce and toppings.

I’m not sure whether or not the mainstream media even knows what the news is anymore.

If governors and mayors wield the power to destroy the country, then the president and Congress should find ways to limit their powers.

People that are living pathetic, defeated, destructive lives deeply want to continue living for some reason.

There is no better time to avoid owning a TV.

I hate when liars make innocent people feel guilty or afraid.

People that believe liars act a certain way.

I have seen people come to Jesus and change fewer things than people are changing because of their fear of COVID-19.

I can barely tell the difference between CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and TBN now.

Evil people stoke fears with lies.

“I have not given you the spirit of fear”, but the mainstream media has.

According to Hawaii News Now it was 74 °F before 6 a.m. in Lihue on the island of Kauai, Hawaii today. According to KITV it is 70 °F after 6 a.m. Both weather reports say the high temperature will be 78 °F.

Many Hawaiians have a disgusting affinity for Las Vegas casinos. I imagine Las Vegas' government pays Hawaiian media outlets every time they promote Las Vegas and they do it a variety of ways like calling it the 9th island, weather reports, promotions, etc.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green is not very smart or discerning, but he is a good soldier and Democrat.

When TV stations advertise eating meat I change the channel.

After I uploaded, "I can barely tell the difference between CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and TBN now." MSNBC asked Bishop T.D. Jakes to pray on their show.

Imagine if people were as concerned about deaths from cigarettes, auto accidents, suicide, murder, opiates, heart disease and cancer as they are COVID-19.

The mainstream media is disgusting, deranged and depressing. I have considered working for a major media outlet, but I have no interest whatsoever now.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is an alarmist, fear monger and liar.

Governors and mayors that have shut down parts of the U.S. should have a plan to pay people for causing them trouble and they should not rely on the federal government to clean up the messes they have made.

Why does the mainstream media think the entire country (including Hawaii where I am) wants to hear about New York more than anything else every day?

When I visited New York City in 2012, I complained to Mayor Bloomberg that bags of garbage were everywhere. It isn't very shocking that an overcrowded city (the biggest U.S. city) with garbage everywhere is the biggest spreader of disease.

Your fears are repulsive.

Lihue’s Walmart is clueless about organic food and they carry even less of it than the Kahului Walmart.

Hawaiians are the biggest wannabes in the U.S.

I wouldn’t mind so much if the government was only scaring mean people, but they are scaring nice people.

Hawaiians pick and choose when to trust the government.

Some people shouldn’t live on the street right now because others are acting so stupid that they will yell and scream at them for being sheeple.

Don’t believe any of the Hawaiian body fat statistics because most of the local Hawaiians that I see every day are overweight or obese. I think they are averaging the weights of the college students and beach bunnies with overweight and obese Hawaiians and saying things are ok, but they clearly aren’t ok.

“Coronavirus” is a description of a type of viruses that includes SARS, MERS, COVID-19, etc. Calling COVID-19 “coronavirus” is a misnomer and calling it “corona” is just silly.

Reportedly, domestic violence is increasing in Hawaii because of the stay-at-home order. What do you think it is doing to the homeless community?

Shout out to people that normalize normal stuff.

Worry is not a fruit of the spirit.

Your foul gods already cause the seven most deadly causes of death in the U.S. and COVID-19 hasn’t made it into the Top 7 yet.

Learn how to say, “Who cares?” about unimportant things even if others want you to prioritize them.

Deborah Birx sounds like a false prophet.

I have been processing and comparing the number of COVID-19 deaths that the mainstream media is broadcasting, but I don’t necessarily believe they are true.

I forgot how ugly Andrew Cuomo is and how disgusting New York City is, but the mainstream media has reminded me.

I have old money backing me, Jesus

Some people will worry no matter what you say or do.

I was attacked by a homeless man one week ago in Kahului, Maui because he didn't like the way I was looking at him. Instead of beating him into a pulp I called the police and he ran away, but I have his picture and the police report number.

I am stoked that Tulsi Gabbard is no longer my representative in Congress. After living in her districts in Oahu and in Maui for years, it is painfully obvious that she is incompetent or too aloof to serve the people in a meaningful way.

Today Rachel Maddow said thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans will die because of the response to COVID-19. I think that statement is partially true because the U.S. will see 3,000 deaths from COVID-19, but people aren't dying because of the response.

On MSNBC Rachel Maddow keeps saying that Gov. DeSantis in Florida has not issued a stay-at-home order, but he recently made COVID-19 testing checkpoints for people driving there from Alabama and Georgia and they are testing them especially if they came from a high risk area like New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. Florida has also cleared the beaches making Spring Breakers and everybody vacate.

A common enemy brings enemies together and now it seems like the fear of COVID-19 has unified Republicans and Democrats.

Reportedly, there are 175 cases of COVID-19 in Hawaii and one death. The one death was because a man traveled abroad and had underlying health issues. There are about 1,500,000 people living in Hawaii, so about .011% of people in Hawaii have been infected (not 1.1%, but .011%). Also, .0000666% of Hawaiians have died from COVID-19. That's POINT ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO SIX SIX SIX PERCENT.

If nobody has COVID-19, then social distancing isn't going to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Gov. Ige said everybody is affected by COVID-19 and that’s not true. Everybody is affected by Gov. Ige’s response to COVID-19 though.

Imagine both major political parties being full of the same shit for a change.

Stay-at-home orders are increasing domestic violence.

Jordan, if you want to fly to Kauai, Hawaii and stay with me in a beautiful beachfront condo let me know. You can stay with me here for your entire 14-day quarantine too. I will even buy you a plane ticket.

Jordan, if your mom hits you again you can hit her back or run away. You can always contact me, your grandpa or the police too. You can also remind her that she already has domestic violence on her record for hitting both of us.

The people that were full of shit are still full of shit.

To think we could have ridden it like a cowboy.....

The longer the stay-at-home order and the quarantine are in place the more religious this debacle seems.

I can’t buy a guitar at a pawn shop because pawn shops aren’t “essential”. Can I buy one from somebody on Craigslist or is that against the law now too? Do I have to wait until May 1?

Some people say things to cover their ass in advance.

My return gets closer every day, Jesus

My heroes are not murderers or genocidal maniacs. Sorry Moses, David, Saul and Israel. You aren’t my cup of tea.

I hope the COVID-19 scare causes two things to happen. 1. I hope the government launches a program like cash-for-clunkers to trade gas-guzzling SUVs for more economical vehicles. 2. I hope the government makes a way for security guards to easily get tested for mental illness because most of them seem a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

It is quite fashionable for Democratic Party politicians to claim their state will run on clean energy after they are slated to leave office or die.

The fearful response by the government to COVID-19 has exponentially harmed more people than COVID-19 will ever harm.

As of March 31 over 3x as many people die from a stroke every day in the U.S. than die from COVID-19. About twice as many people die from diabetes every day.

Yesterday when T.D. Jakes was interviewed on MSNBC they asked him how people should cope with COVID-19. He told them to stop watching the 24-hour news cycle and get some sunshine.

In my opinion the COVID-19 debacle may be a waste and a total loss unless it motivates the government to launch a concerted effort to reduce and eliminate the most common causes of death. In fact, if they do nothing about the known causes of death that greatly exceed COVID-19's numbers, then they are corrupt, immoral and deficient in the important qualities that we need.

Did Anderson Cooper see a ghost?

ABC stores in Hawaii have more organic wine than Safeway grocery stores and Costco. In fact, Safeway has none and Costco rarely has any. They have some healthy, organic food too unlike 7-11 and other convenience stores.

Controlling assholes don’t want to be questioned and they don’t want people to be able to falsify what they are doing. They just want obedience.

Good people want to know if changes to their behavior make a positive difference or not. Bad people don’t care.

Evil people have a twisted rationale and think they can justify their own behavior.

Seasoned liars vouch for other seasoned liars.

When you realize what most Americans believe you will understand why they will believe almost

I don’t think Americans “trust, but verify”. I think Americans decide who they will trust and stick with them even when they aren’t trustworthy.

Unfortuntely for politicians in Hawaii, I came to Kauai to write and publish a paperback and Kindle book of 109 haikus and I can't avoid writing some of them about their fear mongering and the new ways they are destroying the Hawaiian islands. Rest assured I will mention the old ways as well.

All you talk about anymore is the virus, Jesus

Do you think each time zone’s time of day should be contingent on the Earth’s rotation or should it be the same exact time in every country?

The mainstream media trusts a bizarre collection of liars and fools.

I think CNN broadcasts some wanker with a British accent to get people’s attention.

The mainstream media features some great actors although some people might call them bad actors.

May every kind cam girl that gets a hotel room to broadcast get what she paid for it and a handsome wage from tippers.

Some people don’t know how to argue their own case even when they have a good one.

I have made fun of the MyPillow guy over the years for good reason, but I want to give a shout out to him and his company now for making tens of thousands of masks to help prevent spreading viruses. We’re probably lucky that he didn’t show up to the White House in his pajamas with his pillow.

Today I downloaded the Fox News application to balance the CNN and MSNBC applications because I watch live TV with them and want the full story. I just watched The Five and thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Instead of shaking hands how about we do finger guns?

Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn’t know when to use “less" and “fewer” in a sentence.

CNN and MSNBC are still selling lots of pharmaceutical drugs in their commercials. MSNBC even airs back-to-back drug commercials.

CNN is broadcasting a graphic that says over 700 people died from COVID-19 in the U.S. today, but what they are failing to mention is that 80,000 people died from the seasonal flus in 2017-2018 and it was concentrated over five months. Over 500 people died a day on average in those five months and I can’t find single-day death statistics, but it is likely that over 700 people died from flus at least a few of those days.

Prideful people like to prophesy about what would have happened if they didn’t intervene.

I won’t be surprised if 10,000 Americans die from COVID-19 by the end of the outbreak.

I don’t support culling people or sadism.

CNN is displaying a misleading graphic and Anderson Cooper is referring to the record number of deaths in an inappropriate way because many more Americans have died in a single day than they did today, but not of COVID-19.

People that make an effort to do something usually want to be recognized and validated regardless of whether or not their effort actually made a difference or not.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's voice sounds different today for some reason. It is higher pitched and has less range, so I suspect that he may have an illness that he is trying to hide.

If I enter my username and password into my PayPal application it logs me in. If I enter my username and password into the PayPal website it tells me it can’t log me in. I think it rejects my attempt on their website because I use a VPN that hides my IP address.

If you make a meager income in the richest country in the world you are considered “poor”.

It’s great if your email is secure and encrypted, but if your recipients’ email accounts aren’t that way it may not do much good.

I wonder how many registered Democrats and Republicans have died from COVID-19.

It is advantageous to the White House to overestimate the projected death toll of COVID-19. If there are only a fraction of the deaths, then they will declare victory and pat themselves on the back.

If you create a serious problem for someone do you think that you have a say in how they fix it?

I think Democratic Party governors and mayors have been taking very extreme measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 because they haven’t trusted the information released by the Republican Trump administration.

How do we get billions of people that expect to live forever in Heaven after they die to make radical changes to prevent everyone from dying?

Why can’t people with an immunity to COVID-19 be allowed to move freely?

If the Trump administration adds $7 trillion to the U.S. national debt by Election Day will anybody bat an eye?

There are more losers than winners here, Jesus

I think Andrew Cuomo and Donald Trump have increased approval ratings because many people have something resembling Stockholm Syndrome right now.

You might want to thank my father because if it weren’t for him I would probably be calling down fire from heaven to consume all of you fools by now, Jesus

Some politicians have been saying that there have been fewer crimes in their region lately because of the COVID-19 scare and that's great, but it won't last forever.

If you were going to commit a crime would you rather do it with lots of witnesses or no witnesses?

Pay attention to the amazing single people before they become lame married people.

If you care more about homeless animals than homeless people you are an asshole.

Lack of innovation is tied to reliance on fossil fuels.

I think Jesus was more moral than his followers, so there were things they probably kept from him because they know how he would react if they told him.

Some of my favorite TV journalists include Erin Burnett, Chris Cuomo, Christine Romans, Larry King, Rachel Maddow, Manila Chan, John Oliver, Francesca Fiorentini, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Naomi Karavani, Lee Camp, Kelly Simek, Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, Gayle King, Hallie Jackson, Dana Bash and Jim Acosta.

The Five comes on Fox News at 11 a.m. in Hawaii. The Rachel Maddow Show is on MSNBC at 3 p.m. and the new day’s live news cycle begins at 10 p.m. on CNN because it is 4 a.m. ET.

I was thinking that the president was smart for predicting an extraordinary number of COVID-19 deaths after the stock market closed for the day or it would have tanked. Now it is already over -600 points down before it opens.

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