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June 1, 2020 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

June 2020 Quotes

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June 1, 2020

It’s time to roast Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton looks like a voodoo doll. He acts like he represents African Americans, but if they aren’t rich, old, religious Democrats he is just tricking them. He sounds like a demented old man on drugs. He seems like he takes himself way too seriously.

Somebody spray painted Matthew 19:24 on the wall of St. John’s Episcopal church in Washington, D.C. Matthew 19:24 reads, “Again I say, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into the kingdom of God.”

Many of the places that are experiencing protests and riots are cities where I have lived in, visited, wanted to visit or considered living in. I have lived in Miami, San Diego and Long Beach, California and I have visited Baltimore, Birmingham, Fort Lauderdale, St. Louis, New York City, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Louisville, Denver, Atlanta, Oakland and San Francisco. I have wanted to visit Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Tampa, Boston, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Seattle and I have considered living in Santa Monica and Sacramento, California, Houston and Bellevue, Washington.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is talking about “common sense gun reform”. My common sense gun reform involves disarming the U.S. military before the civilians.

Picking between MSNBC, CNN and Fox News to learn about the protests is like picking between feces, diarrhea and vomit.

Rich people that have profited from the rigged, oppressive system and done nothing to fix poverty and racism are acting like they are reporting and commenting on poor people standing up against racism and oppression.

Reporters, pundits, politicians and others are judging a man’s motivation by the color of his skin and they want people to stop judging people by the color of their skin.

Judging somebody by the color of their skin and telling others to stop judging people by the color of their skin is hypocrisy.

The media is full of race baiters.

President Trump just used the Bible as a prop.

Republicans have horrible ideas, but many Democrats have horrible ideas too.

Reportedly, President Trump can’t use the Insurrection Act of 1807 to move the military into states without the permission of each state’s governor. Washington, D.C. is an exception because it is not a state.

I can’t imagine President Obama saying or doing the things President Trump is saying and doing.

How is your abode?

The media should interview some poor white people that have been abused by police officers like Kristofer Bergh. He said the officer that killed George Floyd pointed a gun at him and his friends which were all white and lied to his parents causing them to file a complaint.

Beware of black people in power that stand up for the status quo and have had the chance to remedy systemic racism at least in their area, but have not done so.

Illegitimate people are telling people who a legitimate protestor is.

Shout out to the Trump administration for giving poor Americans a $1,200 stimulus payment and for giving unemployed Americans an extra $600 a week.

Terrence Floyd is a fool.

I think George Floyd’s family’s end game is getting paid for the death of George Floyd and I think their attorney is fueling that goal.

The media gives airtime to people that tell others to peacefully protest, but they do not give airtime to people that tell others to loot, riot and burn things.

People that rarely pray don’t have confidence to pray out loud.

At least the mainstream media is holding President Trump accountable for his words and actions.

Religious people are oddly optimistic.

“You didn’t know the time of your visitation, so I left.”
“Jesus I don’t have a watch.”

CNN said there was widespread looting in eastern midtown Manhattan today, but I have not seen any footage of it.

My username for myfreecams.com has the word “anarchy” in it and it’s always funny when the ladies call me anarchy.

After sunrise it was relatively peaceful across the country on the major news stations, but I had a feeling that things would change after nightfall.

The TV media employs a lot of judgmental people.

I ate five organic onions on May 30. I cooked them in organic extra virgin olive oil in a pan and four of them were yellow onions and one was a purple onion. They were yummy.

Brian Williams is getting paid by pharmaceutical drug ads on MSNBC after a news segment on looting pharmaceutical drugs in Van Nuys, California.

You could say that Jesus was a non-violent protestor, but he reportedly predicted that the Jewish temple in Jerusalem was going to be torn down brick by brick to its foundation because they didn’t recognize him. He also said the people and their children would be killed and then he chased out people that were in the courts. These things indicate he wasn’t exactly a non-violent protestor. Reportedly, there was a fire in the temple when it was sacked in 70 A.D. that melted the gold and after it flowed through cracks in the rocks looters tore the temple down brick by brick to get to it.

Edward Beck is a fool.

Did you know that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, William Barr, Chris and Andrew Cuomo, David Muir, Lawrence O'Donnell, Stephanie Ruhle, Stephen Colbert, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are Catholics? Did you know that 22 out of 50 U.S.senators are Catholics? Did you know that four out of nine Supreme Court justices are Catholics (five if you count Neil Gorsuch)?

Jesus called the first pope Satan. If there was no resurrection, then there was no restoration of Peter too.

Fox News is broadcasting a commercial that encourages people to donate money to feed old Jews that are stuck in their house due to COVID-19.

I will never be interviewed by a religious person because I don’t want to affirm their beliefs and they lack integrity for having them.

I will never accept an honorary degree. If I didn’t earn it, then I don’t want it.

Vapid people like symbolic gestures because they hope somebody else can attach meaning to them.

Being unable to quickly get the country over the COVID-19 pandemic and the George Floyd riots must be difficult for a narcissist like President Trump that wants to be the center of attention and control thoughts and actions.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox News hosts are like bad magicians.

Youthful protestors are making it clear that they can’t be stopped and are willing to fight back even against law enforcement.

CNN and MSNBC keep playing Terrence Floyd with Al Sharpton in Minneapolis telling people to vote and avoid violent protests and Fox News keeps playing chaotic scenes in Democratic Party-run areas like New York City and Minneapolis. This is partisan propaganda at its finest.

CNN is trying to give the impression that law enforcement in Democratic mayor Eric Garcetti’s Los Angeles which is in Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s California is in control and looting is sporadic now.

It is a shame that rich people still are not getting the message that poor people are sending them.

Rich people ask questions to nobody and answer them because they don’t actually want answers.

The media thinks society can change without them changing.

TV media is the opposite of journalism because journalism eschews opinions and analysis and TV journalism relies on it. In fact, TV media uses people to report stories and then they tell people how they feel about it and how others should feel about it.

Before TV journalism did not have a tone of voice.

Journalists, fuck your tone of voice, fuck how you feel and fuck your facial expressions.

Rich, powerful people want others to be impotent unless they sing the same tune. There is not one person on TV that I want to be like, Jesus

People that are hated by their peers are not understanding why they are being hated because they are still in denial.

Prideful people are never blameless.

June 2, 2020

Dan Scavino is a moron.

Some oversized dudes were acting dumb in the men’s locker room in Honolulu and some other fools were dropping weights on the floor above me as I showered and it sounded like they could fall through the ceiling, so I rapped Colors as I showered and everybody got quiet and left. It was like Jesus drawing in the sand.

Andrew Cuomo sounds like Mr. Rogers on steroids and cocaine.

MSNBC doesn’t just give Democrat Joe Biden airtime, but they also give his surrogate Symone Sanders airtime after he speaks without any counterpoint.

Most of the cities with people that are protesting police violence have a Democrat mayor.

Catholic Joe Biden didn’t just pander to Christians in a Methodist Episcopalian church, but he pandered to African Americans that dominate their congregation.

Seeing people protest in a pandemic is surreal because almost everybody is wearing a mask or face covering making them look particularly ominous.

Reportedly, over 80% of the people taken to jail in Minneapolis are from the area despite local politicians saying they are mostly from out of town.

The way President Trump was holding the Bible yesterday resembled the way you would hold it in a “sword drill”.

If you don’t do bad things that others do you are a better person than they are.

There are many indicators in the Bible that we are in a competition. Verses indicate believers will receive eternal rewards and treasure in heaven based on their good deeds on earth. Life is compared to a race by Paul. Heaven is called a kingdom and according to the Bible it won’t be the same experience for everybody. There are also five crowns that believers could get if they earn them on earth.

Since I have read the Bible and listened to it on audio I have sarcastically said to people reading the Bible, “Let me know if anything changes in there!”

President Trump posing with a Bible in front of a church doesn’t bother me as much as the way the military dispersed peaceful protestors that were obeying the law and exercising their right to peacefully, publicly protest in front of the White House. It was something that Trump had just said he supports too. Seeing those people being scared, prodded and chased away like animals is disturbing.

Bad people seek moments when they are praised and perceived to be good because it fuels their pride and they know they won’t ever be treated like a good person.

When I was 17 years old I left my parents’ house and I did not return until my father made a deal to pay for my college tuition, room and board, a weekly allowance, a new car and car insurance and then I returned for a few days and said goodbye to my mom before I moved to the university.

When I was 16 years old I was arrested and law enforcement put me in the juvenile diversion program. They said if I did not get arrested for anything else until I turned 18 that my offense would be removed from my record. However, they also said if I was arrested for something else, then both of my crimes would be held against me. I was not arrested during that time, but my parents made me obey the juvenile curfew law that minors must obey even though my friends never obeyed it. I had to be home by 10 p.m. every night or I had to stay the night at a friend’s house.

When I was 15 years old my parents made me a deal. They said if I earned As and Bs on my semester report card in high school they would buy me a motor scooter. In California you are allowed to drive one with a learner’s permit at 15 1/2 years old, so I got As and Bs and they bought me a new Honda Aero motor scooter and I drove it everywhere.

Put yourself in a position where you will be blessed and be patient.

Don’t expect me to be somebody again in your lifetime, Jesus

The U.S. has not seen a pandemic like COVID-19 in over 100 years and the U.S. has not seen riots like the ones after George Floyd’s death in over 50 years.

When I lived in Oceanside, California in 2001, two men broke into my van that was parked in front of my apartment’s fence and stole my Yamaha acoustic guitar, American Fender Stratocaster electric guitar and DigiTech RP-7 multi-effects pedal. I saw one of them jumping the fence in the gated community, realized what they did after checking my van and called the police. The cops found one of the perps which was an African American man named Michael Lafayette in the nearby McDonald’s drive thru. They recovered my electric guitar and pedal and arrested him. I went to court and the judge ordered him to pay restitution for the acoustic guitar that his friend stole and he made a couple of payments before disappearing.

People that have done good things in the past think they justify the bad things they do in the present.

“If you burn things down it doesn’t change anything.”
“It looks changed to me.”

People won’t thrive with too many yokes and burdens.

If God exists God may reward and punish people in different ways.

If God exists God may give you what you need even if you don’t want anything.

If God exists God may be a personal God or an impersonal God.

God could change.

It’s hard to plan when people across the country are protesting and rioting during a pandemic.

What if I buy a plane ticket and the airline declares bankruptcy before I fly?

What if I make a hotel reservation and there is a riot or a virus outbreak a day before I check in?

The only question left is how much you will pay for what you do to me, Jesus

What happens underwater stays underwater.

When you don’t reply I wonder if you are dead, Jesus

Imagine if picking Mike Pence as vice president is the only thing keeping President Trump alive.

Brian Kilmeade makes me think. He has good energy.

June 3, 2020

Using excessive force to disperse peaceful protestors that were protesting excessive force before the curfew seems inappropriate and ironic.

Shout out to Kasie Hunt.

Shout out to DeRay Mckesson.

There is no bigger waste of time than religion.

Sometimes it burns before it heals.

Reportedly, there have been 109,140 COVID-19 deaths and 1,901,493 cases in the U.S.

Biased people don’t seem to understand how their bias is merely an opinion.

The media gets people with the same biases to speak on TV all day and all night and they ignore people with other biases.

Biased people don’t seem to understand how their bias is merely an opinion.

Depraved people hide their depravity because they are ashamed, but they do not fool the wise.

Losers judge others with a subjective criteria that includes what they think they do best while ignoring everything else they do and don’t do.

NASA or another company could seed a planet with life and then say they found life there.

I don’t care what any of these twisted people think, but now I must listen to dozens of them repeatedly saying the same thing on the news and making people feel guilty if they don’t feel the same way and prioritize their biased, narrow-minded train of thought, God

Children brag about insignificant things, but many adults do too.

The herd feels validated by repeating what other people in the herd utter.

Imagine if people would not stop protesting until the government stops selling, using, profiting from and allowing the sale of gasoline and coal.

Fight for the rights of black people, so they can die in your sins like you.

Joe Biden is a horrible person, but he looks good compared to Donald Trump because Trump is an even worse person.

If Mika Brzezinski keeps saying Joe Biden’s name like he is a dreamy pinup model I am going to puke. We already know she is a good actor. Look who she married.

If Joe Biden does not want to see a clean country in his lifetime I don’t believe he wants a clean country in anybody's lifetime.

People don’t want others to judge fat people, Christians disobey Jesus’ call to fast and the American diet is horrible, so we will just quietly watch Americans get fat as hell, look disgusting and live shorter, more painful lives with diseases that rely on harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

8 billion people could believe the same thing, but I still won’t believe it.

Atheists say they have no gods, but they clearly don’t know what a god is because they only have one less god than monotheists.

You are a terrible god.

I recently learned a new word from Anderson Cooper and I had to look it up. “Downwash” refers to the downward flow of air produced by a helicopter. It has been used to disrupt and disperse crowds in other countries and it was used against peaceful protestors in Washington, D.C., so President Trump could get his picture taken holding a Bible in front of a church.

Have they considered charging the person with a crime that recorded George Floyd’s death and did nothing about it?

Since my freshman year in college I have wanted to visit Amsterdam, but it sounds like California is similar these days.

The officer that was standing next to the three officers on George Floyd should have told them to get off when Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. If they refused to listen, then he should have pulled his gun on them.

Sometimes law enforcement must protect civilians from law enforcement.

I help houseless people that do not smoke cigarettes on me. If they smoke cigarettes on me I will not help them even if they are a veteran.

If you damage my health in any way, shape or form all bets are off and I am ready to fight you.

You can’t disregard your health and care about the environment.

Be healthy. Stand up for yourself and fight for others.

Some guests on MSNBC read their script in an annoying way, so I change the channel. They do it on CNN and Fox News too.

Is anything more difficult than trying to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Hawaii? Some companies don’t do business in the U.S. Some companies don’t do business in Hawaii. Some companies have an application with no instructions. Some companies want all sorts of verification and you have to download other applications or use hardware. Some companies let you buy and trade crypto, but they don’t store it, so you have to use another company for your wallet. Of course there are no clear instructions for connecting and using a wallet or how to withdraw the money to your bank account. What a pain in the ass.

The mainstream media has been saying polls indicate that older voters are no longer supporting Donald Trump like they did before and are supporting Joe Biden. However, I haven’t seen any polls regarding COVID-19 killing large numbers of black voters that would have voted for Joe Biden even though they have said black people are dying at a much higher rate and the vast majority of African Americans vote Democrat.

It sounds like one of the police officers asked George Floyd, “What are you on?” referring to drugs. However, the mainstream media wrote a different caption on the screen. According to the medical examiner’s report there was evidence of fentanyl and methamphetamine use.

I need groceries. I better wear my face covering before I enter the battle space. Wish me luck.

Justin Trudeau gave new meaning to the phrase “pregnant pause”. His pregnant pause gave birth to triplets.

June 4, 2020

I like Joe Scarborough’s passion and I like Willie Geist’s earnestness.

Soldiers and police officers should do everything they can to avoid harming civilians and especially journalists. They should be protecting them.

There are disturbing videos of law enforcement harming civilians including journalists in many cities and it needs to stop. I think it is a not-so-subtle message to stop protesting and reporting and I hope it doesn’t deter people from exercising their rights.

If you don’t sleep how will you dream?

I think attorney Ben Crump is preparing to file a civil suit against the four police officers charged with contributing to George Floyd’s death on behalf of his family, but he will wait until the criminal trial ends. He probably won’t have anything to do with the criminal trial and he has probably already coached everybody in the family, so they know how to talk and act to ensure they have the best chance at getting a large settlement even though they might not get it for a long time. If the officers are acquitted, then there is a reduced chance that Crump will win a civil suit.

Paul McCartney sang Let It Be. John Lennon didn’t.

I think universal basic income is just as unpopular with Democrats as it is with Republicans.

The mainstream media would rather tantalize black people with the prospect of eradicating institutional racism and discrimination instead of having a dialogue about giving everybody universal basic income to lift them out of poverty even though George Floyd was so poor that he tried to use a fake $20 at Cup Foods before the police came and killed him.

The mainstream media has chosen to focus on skin color instead of poverty.

In the last two presidential elections about 90% of black voters voted for the Democratic Party candidate and since the mainstream media is liberal and pro-Democrat they probably see their broadcasts the same way President Trump sees a Trump rally.

21st century African Americans don’t deserve reparations more than every American especially poor people deserve universal basic income and only giving black people money is racist.

You can’t solve racism with more racism.

Most Americans are not being represented in the TV media.

People without integrity like you when you are on their side and hate you when you oppose them even if you are being honest.

Since George Floyd’s death I have not heard any racists having a come-to-Jesus moment.

Imagine it being fashionable to hire the least qualified people.

Ecclesiastes is a strange book to quote from because scholars think it was probably written by Solomon while he lived an ungodly, carnal life with 1,000 wives and concubines.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is right about protestors needing to get tested for NC19 and President Trump should be saying the same thing.

I think people in some states have a false sense of security about COVID-19 because they say their state is nowhere near as bad as New York.

They say one way to forget about your problem is to find a bigger problem, but I don’t think that works in a pandemic.

This morning on Fox News Sandra Smith spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic in the past tense like it was over.

Reportedly, in 2019 nine unarmed black people were killed by police officers and The Washington Post reported that number and recently changed it to 15.

The Democrats think if there is a horrible voter turnout in the African American community, then it will lead to a victory for President Trump in November.

I used to think liberals were the ones that truly supported free speech, but it increasingly seems like conservatives are the ones that actually support it.

Republicans like to support wage earners and Democrats like to support the poor.

Reportedly, George Floyd committed armed robbery and served five years in prison. I heard that on MSNBC from Chris Hayes today.

I think attorney Ben Crump thinks it will be very difficult to get a lot of money in civil court for him and the Floyd family if the Floyd family tells everybody to burn down the country.

I will listen to Terrence Floyd if he says he will donate every dollar he gets from his civil suit to the NAACP.

The so-called “die-in protests” look the way houseless people sleep every night.

Sen. Kamala Harris said George Floyd died on the sidewalk, but he didn’t die on the sidewalk. He died on the asphalt. She would know the difference if she had slept on sidewalk and asphalt like I have done. In fact, she would know if politicians spent one night a month sleeping on the street like I have suggested for years.

Today Joe Biden sent me four emails and three of them asked me for money. One of them asked if I was voting for Democrats up and down the ballot.

If you disagree with the larger narrative it doesn’t mean you support what happened to George Floyd.

Dinesh D'Souza is wise.

The media has been giving lots of airtime to anybody with a tan.

I imagine the four police officers with charges related to George Floyd’s death will use attorneys that will claim that George Floyd did offensive, threatening things that were not captured on video.

The African Americans that say they fear for their life and could be killed any time in America sound like houseless people.

Shout out to protestors.

You don’t win big unless you gamble big.

President Trump probably thinks his threats to send the military into states caused people to stop violently protesting. Violent protestors probably think their protests caused a 2nd degree murder charge for one suspect and felony charges for the other three suspects in George Floyd’s death case.

I think some Democrats take President Trump’s words more seriously than Republicans do.

Ben Crump is an ambulance chaser.

I imagine protestors are going from small towns and cities to big towns and cities to join lots of other protestors, be covered by the media and maybe because they had a bad experience with law enforcement there.

People that blame protests or certain types of protests on outsiders sound like naive parents that think their kids can do no wrong.

I don’t think President Trump knows how to get back into people’s good graces. I think he thought the stimulus checks might do it, but he keeps angering, disappointing and concerning rich liberals that have the power to influence lots of people, so it isn’t working.

President Trump did not hold the Bible upside down for the photo-op in Washington, D.C. despite many people saying that he did. He held it right-side up.

Reportedly, the top 25 U.S. cities for NC19 infections have seen outdoor protests against the death of George Floyd.

Reportedly, there have been protests against George Floyd’s death in 430 U.S. cities and towns.

Sometimes people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

Reportedly, 300,000 Americans die each year from poverty.

“Let’s hope it stays peaceful in the U.S. tonight. It’s fine if we wreak havoc in other countries though.” - sarcasm

General Mattis quit. He was not fired by President Trump. Intending on firing somebody and firing somebody aren’t the same thing.

In the U.S. there is a big difference between being fired and quitting a job. If you are fired you probably won’t put it on your resume because a future employer might ask your previous employer why they fired you and it could prevent you from getting hired. If you quit you could put the job on your resume and explain why you left.

Bernie Sanders said the greed of the drug companies stands in the way of universal healthcare, but I think Congress does. Wouldn’t drug companies want everybody to have healthcare, so they can sell drugs to more customers?

Music is colorblind.

I have seen several concerts that have featured black musicians including Slash, The Wailers, Tait, DC Talk, Metallica, Cypress Hill, Seal, Alice in Chains, Guns N Roses and P.O.D.

On Fox News Trace Gallagher mischaracterized what Gov. Cuomo said about protestors and COVID-19. Gallagher said, “act like you have it,” but Cuomo said, “go get a test please”. Siraj Hashmi mischaracterized his words too. After getting it wrong they played a clip of Cuomo telling protestors to get tested.

Fox News has a systemic hearing problem.

Fox News lies to liars that like lies.

If you say or imply Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd because of the color of his skin you have judged people based on the color of their skin and I am better than you.

A radical, life-changing event can accelerate your evolution.

If mayors and police chiefs can’t stop their police officers from harming people and bring them all to justice I think the next best thing is defunding police departments and letting them go.

There is zero chance that the Judeo-Christian God exists, but if a monotheistic God exists I think God will punish or destroy religious people. However, I think there is a remote chance that God will segregate religious people to keep them from the non-religious and let them work out their issues.

God did not tell the Israelites or the Jews to commit genocide and take other people’s land.

Imagine if God gave the Americas to the Native Americans. Imagine if they said that.

Some assumptions are popular and some assumptions are unpopular.

The Bible says that God judges the heart not the outward appearance, but Al Sharpton does not want to be like God and either does the mainstream media.

Since I am a founding father of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity chapter at San Diego State University I contacted KA several times about removing or replacing Robert E. Lee as our spiritual founder. You can see screenshots of my 14 tweets today. When I joined I was 18-years-old and didn’t understand how tainted Lee’s legacy actually is, but since I was initiated I am a KA for life.

When Black Lives Matter targeted police officers several years ago I said they should be listed as a terror organization.

The systemic problem in law enforcement and the justice system is taking advantage of poor people and giving special privileges and consideration to the rich.

People want to believe that they are part of something big whether they are reporting on it, sitting in a pew or participating in some way, but people are rarely an indispensable part of anything bigger than they are.

If a twisted, conservative mastermind was behind George Floyd’s death, inciting nationwide, outdoor protests by liberals during a pandemic is probably exactly what one would want to see.

Minorities like to lump themselves in with the poor at the exclusion of poor white people and it is not fair or right. It is wrong.

Wicked people make ignorant claims and then seek facts that might justify them.

Some people that have been identified as liars and spin doctors will do anything to distract people from that truth. Others don’t care and just live with it.

June 5, 2020

Horrible people don’t mind giving terrible, thoughtless advice especially when they think it will save them money.

Never think that somebody that is qualified to do one thing has any knowledge or expertise whatsoever in another field.

I don’t care what you worry about. Stop worrying.

I wonder which percentage of people delete Zoom because they don’t want to see your ugly face again.

The media has used the word "violence" to describe attacking people and the destruction of property. They should be more clear because they are not the same.

I’ve seen you without a mask and you should keep wearing one.

Evil liars give you good advice, then they give you bad advice that contradicts their good advice when it suits them.

Your God is a liar just like you.

CNN is interviewing a Congressman that is arguing for reparations for black people. Fox News is broadcasting President Trump lying and boasting live at a press conference. Dare I see what MSNBC is broadcasting? It couldn’t be any more absurd. Could it?

Liars assume others are lying too.

Fools make accusations without any evidence.

Were your parents religious because they were stupid or because they were liars like you?

If you think a white police officer killed a black man because he is black I am pretty sure that you are the racist.

This week law enforcement has made it painfully obvious that they don’t just abuse black people. They abuse everybody. They pushed down a 75-year-old white man. They shot a white, female reporter with rubber bullets. They hit white and black ladies with batons. They tased a black man and woman that were sitting in their car. They hit a white cameraman with a shield. They tear gassed everybody.

Kamala Harris is a race-baiter.

Your sins harm you and others in innumerable ways, but I still transcend them, Jesus

President Trump treats Americans like stupid children.

I am just going to sit here and hate you, God

Idiots justify their stupidity and that’s why they continue to be idiots.

21st century America’s grocery list of problems is all the evidence you need that Christianity is counterproductive nonsense.

If you don’t bitterly hate some people you are not a righteous judge and you should not be trusted.

Imagine if everything you have ever done has actually been for yourself.

As somebody that has eaten only organic vegetarian food for years I think some Americans are beginning to feel like I feel as their government neglects to keep them safe from COVID-19 and threatens their lives with their irresponsible behavior. There is food that causes diseases everywhere I go and now there is a virus that causes a disease everywhere you go. At least you are used to death.

Today I donated to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) because I don’t believe in harming animals.

You can't love what you are supposed to love because you won’t hate what you are supposed to hate.

If you take dumb advice you are ultimately to blame unless you are a minor.

I have no interest in watching NFL football or hearing about it. I think hitting people with a baseball bat or running over them with a vehicle is healthier than playing NFL football and Pop Warner football.

Many Americans have health problems that doctors are not fixing and politicians don’t care about.

I don’t care if you can’t afford to buy things that destroy life on earth. In fact, it is better if you can’t afford them.

If cities defund or disband police departments I think you can blame it on bad cops and powerful police unions that protect them.

Lying to people about the danger involved in returning to work and urging people to return to work so you will get PPP loan forgiveness isn’t anything to brag about.

Joe Biden said 10-15% of Americans are bad people, but God knows that number is closer to 99%.

If you are thinking about visiting the U.S. don’t think that Fox News, CNN or MSNBC have integrity or report what the majority of people do, think or feel because they don’t. They report on a bizarre collection of stories from weird angles with partisan pundits commenting to promote their weird narratives and twisted agendas.

In the same way that the Dow Jones stock index is no longer a valid indicator of the strength of the economy many of the people reporting stories on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are no longer reputable or enviable people, but they are people to be scorned and hated for their lies by commission and omission.

When Keith Ellison was a congressman I thought he was a partisan hack that had lots of baggage and cared more about the Democratic Party’s agenda than Americans, but as the attorney general of Minnesota I think he might do a decent job of prosecuting the four police officers involved in George Floyd’s death.

You love idiots and assholes and that’s why we have to keep looking at them, God

Lip injections look stupid.

If 5,127 more people die from COVID-19 in the U.S. it will have killed more people than all the U.S. soldiers that died in World War I. At the current rate that number should be surpassed in about a week.

One of America’s biggest problems is that liars won’t stop lying and won’t admit that they have lied.

It’s a little late because you’ve already taught me to hate everything you are, Jesus

I can’t say one word to you without stooping to your level, God

Rich baby boomers don’t mind failing in 9 out of 10 ways according to a current, objective standard because their foolish pride makes them think they are successful and winning according to another standard.

Evil people from Generation X and Generation Y that fail by a current, objective standard are empowered by like-minded losers from the Baby Boomers generation.

Christians glory in failure because they say God forgives them and shows them grace, but they are lying to themselves and there is no evidence that their wish is the truth. It helps them sleep at night though.

Perhaps China treated the COVID-19 outbreak like they did because they hate Baby Boomers.

On CNN Alysin Camerota made it clear that she doesn’t understand how some white parents give their kids “the talk” about police officers too. When I was a kid my dad warned me about their power and told me ways that I can behave to stay safe and out of jail. He told me how to respect them.

June 6, 2020

The only thing worse than getting bad advice is getting it from somebody that is passive aggressive.

People that talk about taking a knee during a NFL football game sound like a bunch of rich, privileged babies that think they are the center of the universe and I don’t care if they take a knee, hop on one leg or take a shit on the 50 yard line. It never did any good anyway. All it did was distract people from football and make people sound like fools. If you want to draw attention to police brutality you can find a way, but don’t think drawing attention to something does anything about it. If it worked George Floyd would still be alive.

Bad people are rich because you watch them on TV and praise them. I understand that it may be difficult to stop if you are a bad person too.

Imagine if Americans started ignoring people that weren’t living blameless lives.

If you didn’t love garbage we wouldn’t have to look at it all the time.

Reportedly, yesterday President Trump tweeted and retweeted 200 times and I am proud to say I read zero of them.

TV news wastes precious time on opinions and stories that are only relevant to a select few.

Joe Biden is a clueless old man.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump embody the worst things about their political parties.

Black Lives Need More Money seems more relevant than Black Lives Matter. Don’t expect to hear that slogan anytime soon though. It’s a lot easier for rich people to condemn racism than open their wallet.

Don’t forget that all of you are racists for saying a white man killed a black man because of the color of his skin without any evidence.

Jesus warns about making superficial judgments in John 7:24, but Al Sharpton and many others that claim to know God do not care.

President Trump says and tweets stupid things, but that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from broadcasting them on a loop.

Reportedly, 11 protestors have been killed by the police during the George Floyd protests. They include David McAtee, Dave Patrick Underwood, Chris Beaty, Dorian Murrell, Italia Kelly, Calvin Horton, Jr., Javar Harrell, Victor Cazares, Sean Monterrosa, David Dorn and James Scurlock. RIP.

When I was on Twitter I followed a few racists to keep an eye on them not because I agreed with them.

Police officers should wear body cams and there should be a consequence for turning them off.

If Americans want the government to stop using and selling dirty energy (fossil fuels) before the planet passes the point of no return I can’t imagine it happening any other way besides widespread protests even bigger, longer and more serious than the George Floyd protests.

We get it Fox News. You were wrong about hydroxychloroquine and embarrassed by the mainstream media and comedians and now you want to spin the new findings and imply nobody is reporting them. The problem is that I already heard about it on CNN and just because two studies were invalid it doesn’t mean all the others are invalid. It doesn’t mean those veterans in the first test didn’t die at a higher rate than people that didn’t take it. It doesn’t mean it can be used to prevent getting COVID-19. It also doesn’t mean you aren’t dumb, lying cheerleaders that are putting lives in jeopardy with your stupid bullshit.

Shout out to Manila Chan and Rachel Blevins.

Naming an organization Black Lives Matter is like naming a company For Sale By Owner.

I get the feeling that 57 police officers resigned from the riot unit in Buffalo, New York because they got mixed signals from their boss. I think their boss wanted them to use excessive force and then after two of them used excessive force on a 75-year-old man, nearly killed him on video and were put on leave without pay they didn’t know what was expected of them and they did not want to risk it.

I dreamed that I was sleeping in a bed in a small bedroom and my dad was smoking a cigarette in the same room. He was standing and then laying on the floor and I tried to hit him in the face with a silver music stand. Suddenly he was gone and replaced with a pretty woman with a big smile and she looked like Zoe Lister-Jones, but she was smoking too.

I think people are protesting in the streets now unlike in the past because of the way that New York and Hollywood movies and shows have depicted African Americans for a long time. They did the same thing with homosexuals and eventually enough people supported them and they received more rights, protections and considerations. I think the content of the entertainment that people have been consuming has prepared them for this moment. Just like it slowly changed their perception of gays it has slowly changed their perception of black people. People eventually befriended gay people and could say they know somebody that is gay like they have befriended black people and can say they know a black person now.

Reportedly, only 37% of evangelical Christians say they will get the COVID-19 vaccine.

It will be nice to have a president that uses Twitter like a mature adult.

Pastor Miles McPherson was on AC360 on CNN with Anderson Cooper yesterday and he apparently contacted Cooper on Instagram about coming on his show. He was my (last) pastor in San Diego for many years at Horizon Christian Fellowship, a small auxiliary campus and eventually a large, new campus that he built called The Rock Church. He said we are all created in God’s image. It’s too bad Cooper didn’t challenge that notion because there obviously is not any evidence. Cooper seemed enamored with his slick style and mentioned wanting to attend his church and McPherson apparently has a book about racial harmony that he is selling.

You don’t need to believe anything to treat everybody equally.

Shout out to Alexander Marquardt and Bill Weir.

If you need a religious person to affirm you, then you are a fool.

Trying to untangle the roots and find solutions to the excessive use of force by police and the belligerent crimes by dangerous civilians is like trying to untangle and solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I have the same sort of respect for religious people that I do for disabled people.

I can’t compare religious people to mentally ill people because religious belief is a choice and mental illness is not. Religious belief negatively affects many others more than traditional mental illness does. However, I think religious people are mentally ill.

George Floyd does not sound like a particularly good person, but he should not have died the way he died.

It is difficult to end racism because people tend to judge others by the color of their skin and many of the people protesting George Floyd’s death have proven this point.

Bad people that want to control others try to make people think the majority is on their side.

Some rich and powerful people do not try to stop misled people because they like their agenda.

Can you prove that everything you have is a blessing and not a curse?

If anything you own gets in the way of self-reflection you should get rid of it.

Even if an extraordinarily small number of people do something the TV news can make it look like everybody is doing it.

After several arrests for theft and drug possession George Floyd spent four years in prison for armed robbery during a home invasion.

According to some reports and YouTube videos George Floyd performed as an adult entertainer in at least one pornographic movie. In a video branded by thehabibshow.com, Floyd identifies himself as “Floyd the Landlord” and appears talking with a woman. Only the beginning of the video has circulated around the Internet, but the website identifies itself as “the best amateur porn on net”. There is also at least one picture of him from the video and she is topless and he is shirtless as they sit on a bed together.

I added the paragraph above to George Floyd’s Wikipedia page with a reference link and it was immediately removed and reverted because it was not espoused by a “reliable source”.

Reportedly, black people commit crimes at three times the rate that whites people do.

This generation is relying on the next generation to be as selfish and irresponsible as they are, so they can’t judge them.

How understanding does Greta Thunberg look?

11 people have died in the George Floyd protests, but I haven’t heard about them on the news. I heard about them from Amber Ruffin and after I searched for an article on the Internet the Associated Press article I found did not even mention all of their names like she did on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

If your religious parents and your non-religious aunts and uncles told you opposite things who would you believe?

People trust people with bad judgment.

A graphic on CNN said a crowd told Minneapolis’ mayor to resign after refusing to defund police, but they did not play any of his speech. However, I heard the chants on RT’s Ruptly on YouTube.

Nobody in the Trump administration knowing who gave the command to use force to remove peaceful protestors in Washington for President Trump to walk across the street for a photo-op is not very reassuring.

I think the George Floyd protests will end just like the government’s stay-at-home guidelines ended; way too early without fixing the problem and without effective solutions, but pacifying most people and keeping everybody in the same danger they were in before.

Reportedly, 13% of the U.S. is African American.

June 7, 2020

The peaceful George Floyd protests are perfect for virtue signaling social justice warriors.

Your government wants you to shut up and hurry up and return to destroying everything with your irresponsible, materialistic, selfish lifestyle.

The government does not want to listen to you. The government wants you to think they are listening to you.

The TV news is full of useful idiots.

Young people don’t understand how things don’t change.

It’s time to roast Victor Blackwell.

Victor Blackwell looks like a conehead in blackface. He seems like an insecure know-it-all that pooped his pants. He acts like he feels righteous indignation about something. He talks like his parents sent him to finishing school.

Reportedly, George Floyd dropped a bag of fentanyl when the police arrested him.

402,746 people have died from COVID-19 around the world. 4,634 people have died in China which is 1.1%.

7,013,737 people have been diagnosed with NC19 around the world and 3,430,444 people have recovered.

For years I have been leading by example and protesting the use of gasoline and coal, the killing of animals for food and the use of harmful chemicals. Now social justice warriors will see how difficult it is to get people to change and how some people act like they are listening and want to change, but do nothing different as they continue to kill and destroy life on earth.

I think the only tangible result of the George Floyd protests will be an increase in NC19 cases and an increase in COVID-19 deaths.

People without money and power can’t control people with money and power without continually rejecting every bad thing they do and say in word and deed. They can’t worship some of their gods and think they will make the changes they want them to make. They have to reject all of their gods and continually rise above them in every conceivable way.

Americans’ inability to understand the power of a real revolution is intertwined with their inability to understand Christianity.

If you think that the George Floyd protests are changing the police look at all the incidences of police brutality and the 11 deaths since the protests began and those are just the incidents caught on video.

The mainstream media wants to give protestors the feeling that their protesting is working, so they can assume they are making progress and a victorious ending is in sight, but there will be no end until they give up and go home. They don’t have the money, power or energy to sustain a fight against the powerful police unions. They are essentially lobbies that are entrenched in cities across America and have been influencing politicians and legislation for a long time.

President Trump may have summoned a large troop presence to Washington and threatened to send them into states because he knows that protestors won’t get what they want without fighting the police in something resembling a civil war. However, Trump underestimated the Democratic Party’s ability and desire to trick the protestors into complying with their pacifism.

After June 30 I will not watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox News daily anymore. In fact, I will hardly watch them at all. I only watched them a lot in April, May and June because of the stay-at-home order.

CNN, MSNBC and Fox News do not represent or care about all Americans. They care about a weird subset of people that share their ideals and participate in their fundamentalism. This is evidenced by the stories they cover, the people they interview and the pundits that make comments.

I don’t see anybody on TV that I want to be.

Reportedly, it was Thomas Lane’s fourth day on the job. It was J. Alexander Kueng’s third shift and Tou Thao had knocked out an African American man’s teeth. They are the three police officers that have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in George Floyd’s death case.

Rich people in the media want people to return to work in a pandemic as people are protesting police brutality. Imagine what they would say if people were protesting fossil fuels.

Most people alive today obviously haven’t considered how stupid and horrible they will look in 100 years.

Expecting a Zionist to avoid being racist is like expecting a dog catcher to avoid catching a dog.

I don’t think most Democrats actually want to defund or dismantle police departments. I think they are threatening to defund police departments, so those that oppose them will agree to something else.

You can preach to the choir about racism, but if they aren’t in the choir they probably don’t want to hear it.

How many Confederate flags have been burned?

I think more people will stand up against police brutality than racism.

Some minorities don’t mind people being racist toward black people because they think it moves up their position in society’s pecking order.

In Hawaii I have seen some Asian people discriminating against black people and other types of Asians.

I think some minorities are racists because they want to have the money and power that white people do and they think it is impossible, but they think they could be #2.

I had several roommates one at a time in college and several roommates after I graduated. One of my college roommates was a racist and one of them was an African American man. I liked both of them and I didn’t become a racist or join the black panthers.

Security guards tend to eyeball me in stores and sometimes I say, “If you keep looking at me you aren’t going to catch people that steal because I am not a thief.”

I think whenever one race of people is in the majority some of them tend to look down on people of other races.

When I lived in Oahu which is 80-90% Asian, I bonded with some African Americans because we were minorities.

People would rather talk about a problem they think they don’t have than a problem they do have.

People in Hawaii that call white people “haoles” are racists and I call them racists whenever I hear it.

You will never know or understand some things until you experience them.

I have tried to donate to Planned Parenthood several times, but their website keeps rejecting my payment.

George Floyd being African American is the third most disturbing thing about his death. The most disturbing thing is police brutality. The second most disturbing thing is his poverty.

If you misdiagnose the problem you probably won’t fix it.

Some rich people want to articulate poor people’s problems in a way that won’t cost them any money. In fact, they hope they can make money by the way they characterize and respond to poor people’s plights.

Rich people that don’t think they are racists are thrilled that people are protesting George Floyd’s death because it means their destructive, irresponsible lifestyle that is destroying life on earth can continue to fly under the radar and be ignored by the poor, angry masses, the media and almost everybody else.

You can distract yourself with any problem you want, but the biggest problem that all life on earth is still facing is pollution from burning fossil fuels, using harmful chemicals and overusing plastics.

You listen to a lot of people without integrity. What do you think that makes you?

If you woke up after burning coal all night, do you think you woke up a sinful, depraved person? Do you think anybody should take you seriously?

People that don’t want to solve a problem act like they don’t know what the solution is.

You stop racism when you stop being racist. You stop pollution when you stop polluting. This isn’t rocket science.

Racists are still racists. Bad cops are still bad cops. Poor people are still poor.

The greatest protest you could ever make is with your behavior.

Why do you think Jesus was houseless?

You will trust somebody you shouldn’t trust if they tell you what you want to hear.

I don’t believe that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd because he is black. If you believe that, then you are assuming and trusting somebody that I do not trust without evidence. I will follow the evidence wherever it leads though.

Sometimes a person murders somebody of a different race for a reason besides their race.

Sometimes a person accidentally kills somebody else.

People are afraid to challenge people that assume.

I am not afraid to tell dumb people they don’t know what they are talking about no matter how angry, rich, powerful or influential they might be.

Michael Holmes is a fool.

One difference between a journalist and a news anchor is one reports the news and the other one wants to be accepted.

I feel bad for African Americans in the same way I feel bad for kids. By the time they get the money, power and independence that they deserve they will be living in a dying world on life support unless everybody makes radical changes now.

Reportedly, there are about 12,000 police departments across the U.S., so defunding the police will take about 12,000 movements to do so.

I support zero of your interests, God

If Christians refuse to live like I am they have to imagine what a righteous person is like and emulate that person and we see how well that is going, Jesus

Reportedly, 29% of Americans think NC19 was likely created in a lab.

I have disagreed with the claim that NC19 was created in a lab because bats are known to carry coronaviruses and I see no reason why scientists would recreate the wheel.

I think part of the reason why NC19 has not been taken very seriously in the U.S. and over 110,000 people have died from COVID-19 could be blamed in part to the woeful inadequacy of science education that the average American gets in school.

Most of the people you like are going to die because of the things they ingest.

Racists are protesting racism.

Evil people feel justified racially profiling Derek Chauvin.

Some people hate another person so much that they will lie about them and side with other liars.

The TV media can lead people astray.

Instead of giving airtime to different viewpoints the TV media finds people with the same viewpoint that articulate it in different ways.

The TV media has not been interviewing very many police officers or people that question their racial injustice narrative.

The TV media likes to take an important topic, act like it is the only thing worth reporting and beat it to death.

Reportedly, over 2 million Americans have or have had NC19.

June 8, 2020

“Dismantle” the police department is a vague, undefined word in this context, but it isn’t stopping the media from using it.

“Defund” the police department is vague and could refer to cutting some money and cutting all the money.

If a city abolishes their police department I hope their safety plan involves arming citizens.

Some racists are not racist to all races.

I think the New York Times is acting like Sen. Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed is an editorial.

Shout out to Mitt Romney for marching with the protestors against police brutality.

Liberal Jews and liberal Catholics tend to give African Americans preferential treatment, but conservative Jews and conservative Catholics usually do not.

CNN has reported that 75-year-old protestor Martin Gugino is in serious condition and in critical condition in Buffalo, New York. I can’t find any recent articles about his condition, but they say, “stable, but serious condition”.

I don’t know what your God damned plan was or what it had to do with me, but it ends with me, Judas

On CNN pundit Harry Enten said President Trump needs to win back voters that say they will vote for Joe Biden to win the election. However, he could always let them die or disenfranchise them.

They say masks besides N95 masks are only 20-30% effective against NC19 and that rating wasn’t meant for people that spend hours around hundreds of people at a protest, so I doubt they are very effective in that scenario.

How President Trump used the Defense Production Act on meat packing facilities, but not for PPE is puzzling.

I think it is difficult for mayors and governors to figure out when they should reopen their cities and states because they have never been through a pandemic and they are relying on statistical data that relies on accurate testing and many tests have been wrong.

Reportedly, the increase in NC19 cases that could occur from the George Floyd protests should be noticeable as of June 11, 2020.

“If you’re old, white and disgusting come to Hawaii and spend your money. You’ll feel right at home!” - rejected Hawaii tourism slogans

Karen Bass looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Josh Campbell looks like Alfred E. Neuman’s fastidious cousin.

“This just in. Everybody thinks Donald Trump is a sack of shit.” - CNN (paraphrase)

I wonder how George Floyd would feel today. Maybe President Trump can enlighten us. He apparently knows this stuff.

Wichita State University canceled Ivanka Trump’s virtual commencement speech. She can’t get much lower than that. A state university in Kansas didn’t cancel an in-person speech, but they didn’t even want their students to hear or see her online.

I wonder how pro athletes feel about everything. JK

I wonder if any actors want to sell me things. JK

It will be hard for President Trump to reach out to African Americans while they get a reach around from the Democrats.

“George Floyd was my favorite human being on planet earth. I have never loved an illicit drug-using, ex-con pornographer more than I love George Floyd. I can hardly wait to meet his family and give him a 21-gun salute.” - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (paraphrase)

“Our bill stops police from racial profiling. If somebody is going to racially profile it is going to be us. White man Derek Chauvin killed black man George Floyd because of his skin color. Police need to be colorblind though.” - Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty (paraphrase)

37% of people that say they are afraid are not actually afraid. (estimate)

“Write your answers to my questions and read them out loud a few times and then I’ll interview you while you read them on air.” - CNN (paraphrase)

Reportedly, the Republican-majority Senate is poised to vote against the bill that the Democrat-majority House of Representatives wants to pass regarding police reform.

Dr. Peter Hotez obviously isn’t working too hard on a COVID-19 vaccine because he does interviews all the time on multiple news stations.

Reportedly, if there is a surge of new NC19 patients in hospitals after the Independence Day holiday they won’t be able to use the remdesivir treatment which can reduce hospitalization from 15-16 days to 11 days.

Reportedly, Gilead gave 1.5 million doses of remdesivir to people around the world and the U.S. received 607,000 of them.

38% of WestPac wives (aka WestPac widows) cheat on their husbands. (estimate)

Why is everybody Tebowing?

Today CNN started playing the wonky re-election ad for Donald Trump that Fox News has been playing.

“The criminal justice system favors white people!? Hooray! We’re white people!” - overheard

If the government did not raid my home and destroy the medical marijuana collective that I directed in 2011 or if I had the means to properly defend myself in court I probably would have been ready to launch an epic recreational cannabis dispensary after California legalized marijuana in 2016.

Why doesn’t the NFL stop playing the national anthem before games? There is nothing patriotic about football. It seems like an emotional attachment scheme like churches taking an offering after singing worship songs.

Republican senators intend on voting down the police reform bill and only Democratic mayors and city councils in New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Washington are talking about cutting their police department’s budget.

Is anybody going to do anything about Aunt Jemima?

If they abolish the police who will get cats out of trees? A social worker?

President Trump should lighten up on people that take a knee during the national anthem. It’s not like they’re doing the Nazi salute.

I don’t think it’s remarkable that the NFL has changed its tune about kneeling during the national anthem. They want to keep making money hand over fist and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic they don’t know when football games will resume or how many fans will attend games.

During a pandemic a NFL football game will be a super-spreader event.

According to the statistics Colin Kaepernick is not a great quarterback. He is an average quarterback that has not played since 2016. After three surgeries he went 1-10 in his last season.

My advice to NFL players, coaches and owners is shoot for the 2021 season, lobby to stop Pop Warner football and develop CTE tests for athletes.

Fox News keeps showing the Dow Jones stock market index today because it is up. Experts and pundits have been saying it is not an accurate indicator of the health of the economy. It is an index of 30 huge corporations that know how to make money in any weather. If they looked at the smallest 500 businesses they would see a lot of struggling.

If they abolish the police are they going to give us guns? Will they teach us karate at least? Maybe give us nunchucks and throwing stars.

Whenever Atlanta’s Mayor Lance Bottoms talks I think she’s going to do a z-snap.

“The Dow Jones stock market index is up today. I bet George Floyd would be proud.” - President Trump (probably)

Eric Garcetti said they are cutting LAPD’s budget and investing in healing. That sounds like something Marianne Williamson would say. I wonder if weed or crystals are involved. Two LAPD officers physically abused me in 2012. Will they pay for my healing? I can send him a bill.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is dumb, but not the definition of insanity.

If they abolish police departments will people visit a donut shop for a gun for hire?

After every poll said Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump I don’t know how the mainstream media can cite another presidential poll with a straight face.

Katy Tur is fighting racism because she judged Derek Chauvin by the color of his skin. What’s wrong with this picture?

There are plenty of proud racists that will openly admit they are racists. If you judge somebody by the color of their skin that makes you the racist. Maybe you should go after people you know are racists instead of people you think are racists.

You can’t make a racist stop being a racist any more than you can make a Christian stop being a Christian.

Which racists do you like the most?

The “homeless” have been mentioned a lot lately by people that are talking about defunding law enforcement. It’s too bad they can’t be politically correct and call them “houseless”. Be that as it may it sounds like the Democrats are finally going to fund the houseless! Maybe they can train them and arm them and kill two birds with one stone.

I dreamed that I was on the roof of a building and it was pouring rain. The water was almost up to my knees and there was a big, long, white fish swimming around. I was concerned that it might bite me and it was swimming close to me. I grabbed it and wrestled it out of the water, but it slipped out of my hands.

If they defund the police will we have a volunteer police force?

Was Polly a racist?

Cornel West said people need to respect others and then he called former Camden police chief Scott Thomson his vanilla brother.

Maybe Minneapolis can abolish the police department, hire strippers and make them dress like the police. They can show up to domestic disputes, dance and strip. That might help.

Maybe they can replace the police with dogs or robots. At least they would be objective.

Did Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech have anything to do with rushing to judgment?

J.K. Rowling apparently doesn’t realize that transgender people are akin to a protected class in the U.S. and rich, virtue signaling, social justice warriors want their entertainment, acceptance, business and money.

Throughout history there are many incidences of the majority of people in a society being wrong about something.

Taking the police out of schools sounds like a silly idea. Police protect the students and foster goodwill between students and law enforcement. They can also respond to somebody with a gun.

I do not see most of the pundits on Fox News on CNN or MSNBC.

Fox News and CNN seem extraordinarily partisan. Some shows on MSNBC do too.

Donald Trump likes Twitter because the little circle with his face in it is small enough to hide his double chin.

Polls can be skewed because they depend on the small sample of people they poll. For instance, if they poll people in a red state full of Trump supporters they will get different results than if they poll people in a blue state full of Democrats.

Partisans are in control of the TV media and they like the lame, two-party system.

Just because Donald Trump is a fool it doesn’t mean you are not one.

Sometimes the police are right.

If your kid plays Pop Warner football you are an irresponsible parent.

If President Trump wants to have safe political rallies maybe he should have them in American Samoa because there have been zero NC19 cases there.

Old religious people are either the dumbest or most deceitful people in society.

June 9, 2020

President Trump is a jackass.

CNN played the dumbest part of Chris Cuomo’s interview with attorney Earl Gray. After Cuomo called him on it he admitted it wasn’t a sound argument. However, he said many revealing and interesting things that CNN failed to replay and they failed to cite the way he retracted what he said about civilians stopping Derek Chauvin. Epic fail.

Poppy Harlow, Jim Sciutto and Josh Campbell are liars.

The TV media is just as stupid and pathetic as the drug commercials they broadcast.

The Dow Jones stock index went up over +400 points yesterday during the recession, but it is over -300 points down today because people heard the U.S. is in a recession.

According to attorney Earl Gray that saw a body cam video from the George Floyd murder case he resisted arrest and said he could not breathe before he was on the ground.

If the police’s lawlessness is worse than the people’s lawlessness, then I guess you have to get rid of the police.

If President Trump actually wanted to help Americans he could avoid shaming and threatening protestors and citizens and shame and threaten the police.

Would you rather buy a mail order bride or an exotic animal? Is that a first world problem?

Franklin Graham is an opportunist.

I thought Donald Trump’s supporters were egregious liars until I saw George Floyd’s funeral.

If God exists God must think Christian funerals are a joke and a charade.

This morning on MSNBC Eugene Robinson confirmed something that I already knew and said. During the George Floyd protests they have been registering people to vote.

I don’t care about the color of your skin or your socioeconomic status. If you are religious you are full of shit.

The number of Catholics in the senate and the Supreme Court are not representative of the number of Catholics in America. The percentage is twice as big in each institution.

I dreamed that I was running a 100m race against a young Chris Cuomo on a track. I carried a silver, metal chair as I ran and I was behind at first, but I caught up with him after letting go of it. I ended up beating him by the smallest of margins. It was a photo finish and I barely edged ahead at the finish line.

Atlanta’s Mayor Lance Bottoms has been mentioned as a possible vice president candidate, but she dropped the ball in Georgia’s primary voting today. Perhaps she should focus on her city and state. Reportedly, African Americans experienced the worst problems (e.g. broken voting machines, long lines, running out of provisional ballots, etc.).

Partisan people like to blame another political party even when it’s their party’s fault.

The Rachel Maddow Show has a lot of good information and much of it is from newspapers around the country.

If they ban chokeholds how will they choke my chicken?

Americans are good at denial.

We’re screwed because you’re an idiot.

The actor in the White House has soured me toward actors.

I have a strange superpower, Jesus

We will never solve racism, but we might solve police brutality.

Americans aren’t just fighting 400-year-old racism. Americans are actually fighting racism that is thousands of years old. See Deuteronomy 20:17.

Removing statues of racists without condemning the Old Testament is putting a band aid on the problem.

One interesting thing about President Trump tweeting conspiracy theories is that Wikipedia editors could probably prevent them from being added to articles until he tweets, then editors have a defensible reason to include them.

We should take slaveowners off U.S. currency.

After two officers in the Los Angeles police department abused me in 2012 after pretending that I resisted handcuffs (for doing nothing without ever charging me of a crime), I filed a lawsuit in the Long Beach courthouse because I lived in Long Beach. However, the case was moved to San Pedro and after I filled out paperwork for a sheriff to serve Sheriff A. Wright of the LAPD they said they couldn’t find him. My case was dismissed without prejudice, but I was supposed to pay for the service because there was a clause in it that said due to low income I did not have to pay for it unless they could not serve the papers.

I don’t care which religion you practice because I know that they are equally stupid. I have been to services at Christian churches, a Catholic parish, a Muslim mosque, a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall and a Mormon ward. I have a Ph. D. in biblical studies and I have read the Bible, the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, the Koran and Hadiths, the New World Translation and the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants.

Assholes can’t hide from the discerning.

I have been wronged by a lot of religious people, Jesus

Several doctors have recommended medical marijuana for my muscle spasms due to a pinched nerve in my back from a Pop Warner football injury, but I have not smoked, vaped or eaten any in about three months. A doctor also prescribed 750mg of hydrocodone, but I hated it and didn’t finish the bottle.

The people that clapped for Officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe after they left the Buffalo city courthouse are sickos.

It is shameful that anybody has even said the word “economy” during a pandemic.

This wouldn’t be the lowest point in American history if we didn’t have the worst president in American history.

Reportedly, there will be a full moon on Independence Day and July 4, 1974 was the last year there was a full moon on the annual holiday.

June 10, 2020

I think renaming the 10 U.S. army bases named after Confederate military leaders is a good idea.

When the Drug Enforcement Agency broke down my door at 6 a.m. with the San Diego Police Department, Child Welfare Services and the Department of Forestry in 2011 for growing medical marijuana they had a warrant, but they did not knock on my door.

Reportedly, over a dozen cities are considering defunding their police department now.

I think GOP senators can blow off questions from the press a lot easier when they wear masks.

Two of the greatest African American athletes in American history changed their name and became Muslims. Basketball player Lew Alcindor and boxer Cassius Clay changed their names to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Muhammad Ali.

Reportedly, 14 states just recorded their 7-day high for NC19 cases.

How much weed did Jim Clyburn smoke before he wore a kente cloth?

If President Trump is not a powerful deterrent to the Republican Party and Christianity I don’t know who is.

I am blogging about my experiences with over a dozen police departments in several countries to articulate the good and the bad.

How many cigarettes has Stephanie Ruhle smoked?

On MSNBC Joe Scarborough keeps saying that COVID-19 has killed more Americans than all the U.S. soldiers in World War I, but COVID-19 has reportedly killed 114,185 Americans and multiple sources say about 116,500 U.S. soldiers died in World War I. In a few days the U.S. should surpass that number though.

Democrats have been notorious for increasing the size of the government for a long time, so it is ironic that Democrats want to defund police departments now.

Requiring federal law enforcement officers to wear body cams is good, but without requiring police officers to wear body cams it won’t do a lot of good.

They keep reading a few names of people that the police have killed, but there are many more people than that and they aren’t all black.

The so-called FAANG stocks that refer to big tech, NASDAQ superstocks are thriving in the pandemic. FAANG is an acronym that refers to Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

Has anyone without a 401k criticized destructive protestors?

Karen Bass asked why the police should have to deal with the homeless and mental illness. I have a better question. Why should the homeless (let's call them houseless) have to deal with the police and mental illness?

I think there are too many federal laws.

Nobody lies like a politician’s base.

I have written in three newspapers including the Paramount Journal, Long Beach City College’s Viking News and Laney College’s Laney Tower. I reported on current events, politics, sports, etc., wrote opinion pieces and was a copy editor. I also wrote a column in my high school paper.

Making something federally illegal when it is already illegal is a way to unnecessarily grow the federal government and it sounds a lot like double jeopardy.

On February 24, 2020, while talking to a crowd Joe Biden said, “I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States senate.” He apparently forgot that he is running for President. Should somebody remind him to pick a Vice President? Is he senile?

President Trump might be a jackass, but at least he knows he is running for President.

There is no good reason why under 5,000 people have died from COVID-19 in China and over 115,000 people have died in the U.S.

My perspective about COVID-19 has changed over time and it has been different all along because I have been living in small neighbor islands in Hawaii with very few cases and very few deaths.

I am not an alarmist and I don’t trust anybody, but I realize now that I had put some faith in the federal government to prepare, heed warnings and keep Americans safe before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. I didn’t think that was too much to ask, but apparently it was.

It is incumbent on you to maintain a healthy body and if you don’t you may succumb to ailments that others overcome.

The entire state of Hawaii has had 17 COVID-29 deaths. Only Alaska and Wyoming have had fewer deaths.

The entire state of Hawaii has had 653 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Only Alaska and Montana have had fewer cases.

Some states have had an unusually high recovery rate for COVID-19. I wonder if it is due to poor testing or good health.

If you visit Kapaa, Kauai and want health food Hoku is much better than Papayas.

It’s pretty weird that the Democrats have decried school shootings for years and even tried to ban certain types of weapons and now they want the police out of schools.

It must be difficult for the government to raise the age for social security eligibility when lifespans are decreasing.

There is no better time than now to be an obviously flawed human being in America. You are in good company. You might even get a bill named after you, a TV show or win an election.

If governments want their statues of racist people, then they should put them in a museum before people destroy them.

Liars get good at it over time.

I don’t deserve having to live with you, Jesus

Shout out to NASCAR for banning Confederate flags.

There won’t be a solution to the police being brutal to the poor until the poor aren’t poor anymore.

I am happy to tell 8 billion people they are wrong, God

Jesus called one of his most devoted followers Satan and one follower in his inner circle betrayed him and sold him to the authorities for 30 pieces of silver.

I don’t need followers, likes, retweets or a cell phone because they already hear my words in their head, God

I think Joe Biden is a better candidate to oppose Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

I think people are missing or ignoring the way the police have taken advantage of the poor.

Democrats like making police brutality about race instead of poverty because about 90% of African Americans voted for the last two Democratic presidential candidates and they would rather try to kill two birds with one stone than open their wallet to the poor. 90% of poor people did not vote for the Democratic Party’s candidates.

We shouldn’t be surprised that President Trump does not want to rename military bases named after Confederate military leaders because he is of low moral fiber just like them. June 11, 2020

It is not surprising that the Democrats had Philonise Floyd testify in Congress the day after his brother George’s funeral. They wanted an emotional, influential, front page news situation and they used him for their agenda.

A taser sounds like a much better idea than a chokehold.

“LAW AND ORDER! Except for Michael Flynn.” - President Trump (paraphrase)

Corrupt lawmakers only change things when people have enough power to make them want to change things.

If you care about the rule of law you defer to China over Hong Kong.

Joshua Wong is a clown.

Supporting Hong Kong’s independence would be like supporting a state’s secessionist movement.

On CNN Christine Romans’ main concern about Hong Kong is their status as a financial center.

Reportedly, the police kill about 1,000 people a year and about half of them are white.

People are saying the officers involved in George Floyd’s death might not be convicted due to the judge or jury’s decision. However, they might not be convicted because of the body cam footage.

Some people are worried about a second wave of COVID-19 and some people are saying we are in the first wave.

Fruit flies dislike cardamom, cinnamon and dandelion root. They like hibiscus, red wine, rooibos and white vinegar.

More people have died from COVID-19 in California than in China.

Does Airbnb stand for Air bed n bugs?

President Trump has always lacked a progressive vision, so I doubt that he will be able to get the U.S. out of its recession before it turns into a depression.

Did you know that Hot Topic sells Finneas clothing? Since he has never heard of Van Halen, I will have to assume that people that wear clothes with his name on them are just as dumb. What a sorry excuse for a musician and a brother.

Yesterday I brought my bandana to wear on my face, but nobody in the laundromat was wearing one, so I didn’t wear it. They play Fox News on TV there. I noticed an old Asian man, a young white girl and an old white lady defying the guidelines. Everybody at the health food stores and the Post Office wore one, so I wore my bandana there.

The Post Office in Kapaa, Kauai was honoring the mask rules and social distancing. They allowed two people inside at a time and one was in a closed, inner room and one waited. Everyone else waited outside in line and stayed a few feet apart.

If you don’t care about New York, Minnesota, viruses or racial justice you have been shit out of luck for the last three months especially if you watch the mainstream media.

If the government wanted poor people to have free healthcare there wouldn’t be an application.

As long as you keep buying garbage they will keep selling it to you.

The Dow Jones stock market index is down over -1,500 points. Did they just hear we are in the middle of a pandemic?

“Racism is also in Canada. I should know. I wear blackface.” - Justin Trudeau (paraphrase)

Did Gov. Cuomo stop giving his daily speeches? I was hoping he’d bring his daughter and tell us he is clairvoyant again. Maybe drop a few more prophecies on us.

Maybe President Trump will rename West Point after David Duke.

It looks like Phoenix requiring masks in court and at the airport starting on June 1 was a little late.

At this point it may be safe to say that the states with rising NC19 cases have irresponsible governments and civilians.

Hawaii has been listed on some mainstream media maps as one of the states with the highest number of increasing NC19 cases, but in reality there have only been 685 confirmed cases, 85 hospitalizations and 17 deaths. After several days in May with no new cases there have been a handful of new cases lately though.

Do you think your pollution is endearing to God? You act like it is.

Imagine something even more important than racial justice.

The only thing worse than being a slave is being a slave that pollutes.

I don’t believe in your God and I don’t believe in you, Jesus

I can’t imagine this ending well, God

It appears that there is a correlation between the Memorial Day holiday weekend and the uptick in hospitalizations from NC19 now.

Slaughtering millions of Native Americans seems a lot like racism.

The U.S. has slaughtered, decimated, controlled and marginalized so many Native Americans that they don’t even have nationally syndicated TV shows to talk about it.

I think some people in other countries remember U.S. atrocities more than Americans do.

The U.S. national debt exceeded $26 trillion today.

Shout out to police officer Rich Agundez for saving my mom’s life. He was at Granite Hills high school in 2001 and apprehended the shooter after he shot people in the office where my mom worked. If he was not there she probably would have been killed. She still required a year of therapy due to the horrific incident that unfolded in front of her.

Over 44 million people have filed for unemployment insurance in the last 12 weeks.

If you can read they might put you on TV. You don’t even have to read well.

The voters in the high risk groups for COVID-19 vote Democrat more than Republican, so I think President Trump has little desire to protect them especially if it harms the economy and hurts his chances for re-election.

MSNBC might need to upgrade their WiFi or buy a better firewall.

According to TV commercials people on drugs look like very happy, active, healthy people.

We live in an unprecedented time when I am constantly being exposed to liars and clueless people.

I think renaming the 10 army bases named after Confederate military leaders to animals like jaguar, ocelot, flying squirrel, lion, tiger, bear, etc. would be cool.

Many stores in Kauai that I want to visit on Sunday are closed. Should I blame it on religion?

Reportedly, people that attend President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma must sign a waiver that says if they acquire NC19 from the rally they can’t sue Trump.

If President Trump loses the election in November I think he will be so embarrassed that he will quietly leave office.

The easy road is easy, so I see why you take it.

I understand Florida’s allure because I lived in Miami. It is a nutty state, but I wouldn’t mind returning.

Reportedly, there are over 700 Confederate statues and monuments across the country.

There were fewer than 10 black people at Christian High School when I attended and there were two black people (one girl and one boy) in my graduating class (although they threw me out and I graduated from the public school and I think the black boy was expelled too). I was friends with all of them and CHS had about 400 students.

When I attended Valhalla High School only a few black students were in attendance. There were about 1,600 students.

Senator Alexander said some absurd things on Fox News this morning. He wants kids to return to school now and he said “school could be safe” the best thing we could do is get minority kids back in school.

Some people are overly concerned with students returning to school and they have gotten airtime particularly on Fox News. I think they probably don’t have school-age children or want their children out of their house.

As I have said the asymptomatic spread of NC19 may not be widespread because those people are not coughing and sneezing. However, if you live with an asymptomatic person that is a different story because you will inevitably have conversations with them without masks and without physical distancing.

I have never seen or heard an influential comedian like Jimmy Fallon fail to make me laugh so often, but he seems like a nice guy.

Perhaps Jimmy Fallon should become a journalist because he could be a funny one like Brian Williams.

I think black lives matter, but I have no idea whether or not I support the Black Lives Matter movement. Before I support a movement I need to know about its leaders and agenda at the very least.

The mainstream media has conflated the words “black lives matter” and the organization called Black Lives Matter and acted like you must support both or neither of them.

I have heard some people vilify people that say “all lives matter” and I think they might be mentally ill.

How many African American women has Robert De Niro fucked?

June 12, 2020

Who cares if God exists? You can’t control people with your beliefs.

For a year or two I did exactly what I think Fox and Friends is doing which is I tried to see which context President Trump’s words and actions could be construed as positive or acceptable.

Sorry New York Times. There is no such thing as a vice president front-runner. Also, doesn’t the Democratic Party and Joe Biden think it is stupid to run with a VP from a state that he will definitely win instead of from a red state, purple state or swing state where it could help him win the state and election?

Democrats, the mainstream media and Fox News are giving President Trump all sorts of free publicity because he scheduled his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally on Juneteenth.

If people with integrity are not irate about having to use horrible, polluting substances like gasoline and coal until they are no longer used they don’t actually have integrity.

Virtue signalers impress other virtue signalers.

When I became a founding father of the Kappa Alpha Order social fraternity chapter at San Diego State University we had three black members and I was friends with them. KA was founded in Lexington, Virginia and Robert E. Lee is the spiritual founder (despite my attempts for years to remove him), so the nationals that initiated us were a little surprised. I think they were the first black KAs in the nationwide fraternity. Shout out to Sid Durant, Bobby Cherry and Wayne.

I am unaware of a scientific reason why New York is out of the woods regarding COVID-19. Thinking that you have overcome a pandemic in one of the contiguous 48 states before all the states are over it is a pipe dream.

During the coming months I think we will see people that have a callous disregard for human life being led by religious people that say they can die and go to heaven.

Imagine if Morning Joe replaces Willie Geist with somebody named Dick. Instead of Mika introducing “Joe, Willie n me” she could say “Joe, Dick n me”.

I visited the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma on a cross-country trip and went to a basketball game with my Kappa Aloha Order fraternity bros. It was fun and I liked driving fast on the Muskogee Turnpike.

I am not somebody’s ally because a rich person reads something on TV and tells me to be one with some emotional b-roll playing. I am an ally of the houseless people I see on the street because they need an ally. I listen to them and give to them.

I don’t believe any poll I hear on TV and I never will. I don’t think they are representative of all Americans and I think people lie about them and mislead people with them.

We live in a day and age when people on TV are trying to trick everybody into thinking things by acting like lots of popular and powerful people are thinking a certain way and by acting like the majority is thinking that way too.

When people on TV fail to expose viewers to both sides of an issue they have an agenda.

They have made it expensive to do the right things and cheap to do the wrong things.

Today the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. (116,825) exceeded the total number of U.S. soldiers that died in World War I.

Don’t think that religious people in California have apologized for the way they have treated marijuana users because of the way the state legalized it for recreational purposes. They just see it like abortion and think people are going to hell in a handbasket.

On CNN Drew Griffin said “excited delirium” is a controversial phrase, but they have no problem with “natural causes” even though it has never been written on a death certificate.

I think President Trump changed the date of his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally from June 19 to June 20 because he realized there would be a lot of protestors on the 19th and it would look bad in the press.

The mainstream media relies on circular assumptions. Something is true because they said it is true, so they assume it is true over and over.

I think police violence against white men goes underreported just like the domestic abuse and rape of white men goes underreported.

Only racists see a racial element in George Floyd’s death and there has been ample video evidence of police violence on white people lately, but the mainstream media still maintains the narrative that police brutality is a racial issue.

It is a shame that rich people don’t want to fix poverty and pollution now because those are the biggest issues facing every person in the country and on the planet.

Arrogant people don’t want to change. If they must change they would rather make the easiest, cheapest change they can make.

June 13, 2020

The Dow Jones stock market index fell over -1,800 points on Thursday, then rose over +400 points on Friday and CNN just displayed a graphic that said stocks are near a record peak.

On May 28 protestors burned Minneapolis’ 3rd police department precinct. On June 12 the Minneapolis City Council voted to disband the Minneapolis police department.

I did not know what Juneteenth was until I saw it on my iPad’s calendar a couple of years ago and typed it in a search engine. It sounds like an important holiday though.

I don’t stay inside all day because I am afraid of a virus or because I respect the government. I stay inside all day so your ugliness doesn’t make me depressed and so your pollution doesn’t kill me.

People that can’t control themselves want to control us.

I think some opportunistic people see this as the perfect time to manipulate businesses because business owners are afraid that their business will never bounce back after the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

Fox News is broadcasting President Trump reading a commencement address at West Point military academy and they’re social distancing while their families watch at home. CNN is broadcasting a Sesame Street episode on COVID-19. Seems about right.

HLN just said CNN heroes are providing 100% organic food to needy people. However, certified USDA organic food only has to be 95% organic. Sounds fishy. Reportedly, there is a special 100% organic USDA certification symbol that companies can use if it’s true, but I have never seen it and I have eaten nothing except organic food for the last seven years.

Minneapolis abolished their police department. When people call 9-1-1 maybe they can send somebody there to hug people. Alternatively, they could send somebody with a bag of weed and they could smoke out everybody.

Sometimes stereotypes are right and forcing people to avoid considering stereotypical facts can cause ignorance.

Sometimes people ignore unreasonable expectations, but pretend to honor them if they have no choice.

This time in U.S. history reminds me of a time when Barack Obama was president and people wanted big changes and only a fraction of what needed to change actually changed.

Since there are reportedly 18,000 police departments I don’t see all of them changing without an executive order or both houses of Congress agreeing on the solutions.

If all of the police departments don’t make the same changes I think bad cops will leave the departments with stricter rules and go to departments without as much oversight.

I watch and read a lot of news every day, so that is why I am surprised I haven’t heard about the black man that died by hanging in Palmdale, California. It happened on Wednesday and I heard about it yesterday in a 26 second video from ABC7 and then I searched for it and read an article. It was ruled a suicide, but it sounds like it may be murder.

An anchor on HLN just said “everybody” feels a certain way. I think that is called manufacturing consent.

In light of police brutality and the primary voting debacle in Atlanta picking Keisha Lance Bottoms as vice president would be absurd.

Black Lives Matter is an organization masquerading as a movement. Reportedly, there are over 30 chapters in the U.S. and they must submit to a rigorous assessment and commit to the organization’s guiding principles. There is a 13-point statement written by its leaders that followers must agree to.

I think the mainstream media avoids unbiased coverage and hearing from both sides because their viewers don’t want to hear people that disagree with them.

If you were houseless, an organic vegetarian and did not own a vehicle you would probably think everybody is hopped up on weird chemicals because they are.

The mainstream media loves black Monday morning quarterbacks.

Sometimes Fox News is more honest than the mainstream media.

If you think somebody is a bad person based on your warped, subjective judgment imagine how a righteous judge with an objective criteria would judge them.

Great leaders don’t have to play catch-up all the time.

Great leaders make sure all their citizens can vote.

Great leaders root out bad cops before they brutalize people.

On CNN Michael Holmes and Cheryl Dorsey said the Atlanta police should have used de-escalation tactics after Rayshard Brooks’ death. However, video shows him wrestling two cops, swinging at them, stealing their taser, running away and pointing it at them before being shot. He allegedly passed out in the Wendy’s drive-thru and failed a sobriety test. However, Holmes said he was sleeping in his car in the parking lot and might or might not have been intoxicated.

Amid claims of voting irregularities Keisha Lance Bottoms won Atlanta’s mayoral election in 2017 by 821 votes.

CNN and MSNBC lie by omission and commission.

America will never look like the country that some people want it to look like.

Reportedly, over 1,000 people have died after being shot with a taser and the stun gun was ruled the cause or a contributing factor in 153 cases.

Trying to eradicate racism in the U.S. is like trying to eradicate Christianity.

Your church is a cult and your faith is a mental disorder.

CNN just displayed a “mayors who matter” graphic with four African American mayors on it and nobody else. They include Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington’s mayors.

If you are poor, white and a victim of police brutality don’t expect anyone on TV to care because they don’t care.

Keisha Lance Bottoms is ignorant and lacks understanding about Rayshard Brooks’ death. When Brooks stole the officer’s taser it warranted deadly force because the officer could have been incapacitated with it and he had a deadly weapon.

I don’t know what CNN hopes to gain by siding with criminals and their attorneys and villainizing police officers.

Despite President Trump saying he likes Greg Gutfeld I still like him. His show was funny and informative today.

When Jesus ate at a Pharisee’s house I think he repaid the favor by mentioning his sins to him.

I am a victim of police brutality at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department. Maybe they thought I was black.

June 14, 2020

I thought President Trump looked a little strange rotating right and left as he read teleprompters during his commencement address at West Point military academy.

Somebody with a megaphone in Seattle’s “autonomous zone” told everybody to give a black person there $10.

Pete Hegseth is a bright guy and has good energy on Fox News.

If I was in Seattle I would visit the “no-cop” zone because it sounds interesting and it could be the beginning of a new movement.

America offers a lot of free services, food and money to poor people that play by the rules, so there usually isn’t a good reason to break them.

When the two, big, white LAPD officers pretended I was resisting arrest and slammed the handcuffs into my wrists so hard they bled and left a scar I didn’t even move. I stood the whole time in the same spot and faced forward. I didn’t touch them or try to go anywhere. I was on the balcony of a two-story hotel with the railing in front of me. I did nothing wrong and they lied and hurt me for no reason.

The mainstream media spends a lot of time interviewing criminal defense attorneys on TV.

Dan Bongino is the first person to articulate the tragic death of Rayshard Brooks in a rational way.

There are two ways to win with a bad hand. Bluff or hope everybody else has a worse hand.

We’re lucky to have somebody like Ilhan Omar in Congress that sees things in a unique, realistic way and is not afraid to articulate it.

I am self-employed and I am going to stay self-employed. People losing their job for giving their opinion or making a joke in their free time is bullshit. I will be damned if any of you control what I say and I have a Twitter ban to prove it. Motherfuckers.

In light of President Trump’s response to COVID-19 it is a miracle that his children lived into adulthood.

Shout out to all the kind people on social media.

There is not a judge or jury in the country that will take into consideration your good deeds when they judge you, but some people think that is how God operates.

The mainstream media loves black criminals.

Fox News reports on NASCAR a lot, but CNN and MSNBC do not.

White people aren’t mentioned in the definition of racist. Are they going to change it?

On CNN Michael Holmes said Rayshard Brooks fell asleep in his car, but he passed out in his car.

The mainstream media finds pundits that agree with their opinion.

When a guy has a gun you might want to listen to him.

How deranged do you have to be to wrestle a police officer’s taser out of his hand and run away with it?

Regarding African Americans some people are treating President Trump the same way they treat people that are not Zionists; the “if you are not for us, then you are against us” attitude. It is not enough to be democratic, evenhanded or unbiased to these people because they want preferential treatment.

I don’t mind fat people coming out of the closet, but I think cigarette smokers should stay in the closet.

When I was young they acted like HIV was a death sentence, but Magic Johnson still looks good. Eazy-E died from HIV/AIDS when he was 30 years old, but Johnson is 60 years old.

The mainstream media is like the owner of rabid dogs and when they let them off the leash and they tear up things they just shrug their shoulders.

I was free in the box, but now I am free outside the box.

Do you call yourself a skeptic? I weigh bags of produce at the grocery store to make sure they have at least the number of pounds it says on the bag.

Do you live today could be your last day on earth? I don’t buy green bananas.

After Rayshard Brooks resisted arrest, stole the police officer’s taser and ran, before he shot him did the officer ask him to stop and say pretty please with sugar on top?

June 15, 2020

“You’re black. Tell us how you felt when you saw a black man die on video.” - the mainstream media

Reportedly, police officers shoot and kill about 1,000 Americans a year. That equals almost three people a day. If the media tries hard enough they can show us several videos a week of the police killing somebody.

Who needs to watch the show COPS when the mainstream media will gladly show you cop videos all the time?

If the police shoot and kill three people a day is it still newsworthy? Would you like to know how many people die from other causes every day?

I don’t think the mainstream media has anybody’s best interest in mind except for their own.

Larry Kudlow is an asshat.

Rachel Maddow may be liberal, but her show on MSNBC reports on things that are important for conservatives to know. Erin Burnett’s show on CNN reports in a way that lets conservatives get out over their skis.

I didn’t realize that “resign” was a weasel word until the media used it over and over to describe what Erika Shields did in Atlanta.

I think some people in Seattle are discovering how dependent they are on the government and others and what it’s like to be a rich houseless person while they live in the “CHOP” zone.

I had not watched TV all day, but I just turned on MSNBC at 2:58 p.m. HST and Ali Velshi was interviewing two black men and could not say five words without saying the word “racist”.

Ali Velshi gives new meaning to the phrase African-American. Technically, you could call him an American-African although I am sure he is an American citizen by now.

The mainstream media is blowing the dog whistles again.

The mainstream media manufactures consent by interviewing somebody without any counterpoint.

The mainstream media is the ultimate bad debater. They’re so bad they won’t even allow a debate. You would expect this sort of behavior from a religious group, but not the media.

I am certain that there are some police officers and police unions that hate Keisha Lance Bottoms for immediately condemning and firing the officer that shot Rayshard Brooks and for forcing the Atlanta police chief to be reassigned, but I am sure you won’t hear them confront her during her interview on MSNBC.

Some religious people say God is judging Americans for the abortions that people get. If that is true how much more do you think God is judging Americans for their pollution?

Instead of resisting arrest, wrestling and fist-fighting the police, stealing their taser and running away perhaps Rayshard Brooks should have just spit on them and called them useless sacks of shit.

People are doing African Americans a disservice if they are not telling them to respect law enforcement.

The current climate in America fits perfectly into the narrative that Bernie Sanders championed that nobody needs to take personal responsibility for anything.

I am so bored I could pass it in a Wendy’s drive-thru.

If Joe Biden picks Keisha Lance Bottoms as a vice president does he also get whoever is pulling her strings?

It is pretty clear that Atlanta’s police chief was forced into leaving her position and being reassigned as a sort of plea deal. Of course Rachel Maddow didn’t ask Lance Bottoms about it. However, she was probably going to support her officers and speak honestly about the situation and the mayor knew that wouldn’t fit her narrative and she wanted to silence and deplatform her as quickly as possible.

If you are willing to commit felonies make sure they are worth it.

Most employers have a lot of power when it comes to firing most employees. If they are not allowed to fire employees for their sexual orientation and they want to fire them for that reason they will just fire them for another reason. It may look even worse on their resume too.

I get the feeling that the Democratic Party and the mainstream media want African Americans to vote for Joe Biden in record numbers.

You might be able to attribute the increased number of confirmed cases of NC19 to increased testing, but you can’t attribute the increased number of hospitalizations to it.

People keep saying the officer that shot Rayshard Brooks was fired, but nobody has said who fired him. The police commissioner was reassigned, so who fired him?

Rachel Maddow said the Atlanta police chief’s replacement is an African American man that had been working in the force for 30 years, but she did not say that the Atlanta police chief is a lesbian that had been working there for 25 years.

If a penis came to life it would probably look like Rick Scott.

Chris Cuomo opened his segment on CNN by decrying “when you lie to police power” and then he started talking about Rayshard Brooks which is exactly what he did.

June 16, 2016

I think Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a difficult job right now because New Yorkers are tired of the stay-at-home orders and they had the worst COVID-19 pandemic experience in the country and now they want to enjoy the summer outside and he has to rain on their parade and for good reason because there could be a second surge that overwhelms hospitals again.

Some biblical scholars say the number of the beast is not 666, but it is actually 616 which is today’s date (forward and backward 6-16-16).

Reportedly, Rayshard Brooks’ blood alcohol level was over Georgia’s legal limit when they gave him a breathalyzer test in Wendy’s parking lot. He blew a .108% and the legal limit is .08%.

24 Hour Fitness declared bankrupty and permanently closed over 100 of their gyms across the nation. In fact, they closed the Maui and Coconut Grove gyms and I used them daily. They also closed gyms that I have used in the Bronx, Pasadena, Glendale, downtown Los Angeles and two in San Francisco. They already closed the Lynchburg, Virginia and downtown San Diego gyms that I have used.

24 Hour Fitness closed a bunch of gyms in Houston, one in Chula Vista, California and one in Santa Monica, California and I considered moving there and using those gyms. They already closed the Bellevue, Washington gym and I was thinking about living there and using that one too.
24 Hour Fitness will be reopening their California gyms in Lakewood, Santa Barbara, El Cajon, Pacific Beach, San Diego and both Long Beach locations and I have liked using those ones.

On CNN Brian Todd said Colin Kaepernick was “essentially blackballed” without providing any evidence or mentioning how he had three surgeries before going 1-10 in his final NFL season four years ago.

The government should not be harming peaceful protestors and every time they do it is shameful.

The protestors in the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle should create their own language. They need a steady source of income, free goods and services or a combination of those things.

Dumb people sound even dumber when they’re lying.

I think everything the U.S. says and does against Iran and Syria is motivated by unchecked Zionism.

June 17, 2020

Most Americans’ concept of “going out” includes driving from their house to other indoor locations.

“I shouldn’t have disbanded the pandemic task force in 2018. It was a dumb thing to do and I’m sorry.” - something President Trump should say

I don’t know the answer to every question, but I know which questions to ask.

One-off attacks are not going to stop the police or the U.S. government. In my estimation t will take a much larger, longer series of never-ending, coordinated attacks in conjunction with many stockpiles of weapons across the country to have any hope of overthrowing them.

If you don’t heed a warning you better be able to deal with the consequences.

In 2011 as I fought four bogus felony charges for growing medical marijuana plants in San Diego, California, Michelle Sarubbi from the Department of Forestry testified that she spied on my Facebook account, so I unfriended 700 of 1,000 people, stopped using it and connected it to my Twitter account. However, after the 2016 election I deactivated the account until April 12, 2020 during the stay-at-home orders. I reactivated my account, updated my profile and started posting infrequent messages with links to my website.

I have changed in a lot of ways that my old friends haven’t changed.

I don’t value what I used to value.

Gov. Whitmer seems engaging, well-spoken and appropriately measured in her remarks.

I have heard some good ideas regarding police reform, but if Congress doesn’t agree with them and pass them into law they will be enacted in a piecemeal fashion across the country through executive orders by mayors and governors and possibly through city and state legislatures.

I downloaded Periscope in 2017, but did not use it much, so I deleted it. However, on April 14, 2020 during the stay-at-home orders I downloaded it again and started using it to comment on the news.

“We welcome the president to our state and we are not worried about people spreading COVID-19. We have been irresponsible for weeks.” - Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford (paraphrase)

I heard that Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt was dating Sean Hannity and I was surprised because I thought she was married. Also, she is beautiful and seems out of his league.

Maybe somebody loves you more than you realize.

Reportedly, more people died in a 24-hour period in the U.S. yesterday than all the single-day death totals in other countries combined.

President Trump is right about one thing. A lot more people in the U.S. could have died from COVID-19. If he would have ordered states (e.g. businesses) to stay open it could have caused many more deaths.

I think people should have the right to decide whether or not they want to wear a mask when they leave their house and businesses should have the right to decide whether or not they will do business with people that don’t wear masks.

Has anybody asked President Trump why he had his picture taken holding a Bible head-high in front of a boarded-up Episcopalian church with graffiti on it that had been burned by protestors?

Bye Aunt Jemima.

On June 8, I said, “Is anybody going to do anything about Aunt Jemima?” Today Quaker Oats said they will change the Aunt Jemima brand name and image.

My work is done here, Jesus

Whenever somebody wants to change somebody’s behavior I wonder what’s in it for them.

We could always give African Americans assault rifles. JK

People enjoy some of the freedoms that they enjoy today because some people broke the law until the law was changed.
It always feels good to want something to happen and know others want it to happen even more than you do.

I like the police reforms that San Francisco is implementing because the police are no longer responding to non-criminal calls. I think that will reduce police brutality and other issues that stem from trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

No matter how many laws they pass if a criminal like Rayshard Brooks treats the police like he treated them they run the risk of being shot.

Reportedly, the venue where President Trump is having a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday has canceled all events except for the rally until 2021 because of COVID-19.

Even though some people have money now the economy is going to struggle into businesses can safely open.

Reportedly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Trump is full of shit. I never thought I would agree with Pompeo, but I do now.

If mouth-breathing spreads NC19, then the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma could be a super-spreader event.

Being charged with a crime is not the same thing as being guilty of a crime. Although people often don’t extend the same courtesy, defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

In the past Mexico has denied the presumption of innocence and insisted that defendants are guilty until proven innocent, but that reportedly changed in 2016.

When I was a kid my dad told me that people were guilty until proven innocent in Mexico because we lived about 30 minutes from the Mexican border. I was surprised, but he wanted to make the point that I could be charged with a crime that I didn’t do and I would have to prove that I didn’t do it.

Houseless lives matter.

I think one reason why some schools have not talked about the Juneteenth holiday to their students very much is because it is in the summer and most schools do not have classes in the summer. The tend to focus more on national holidays and holidays that affect school attendance.

Nobody alive today is at fault for the enslavement of black people in America.

Reportedly, in Texas you can’t vote with a student ID, but you can vote with a gun license.

It is difficult to determine if abiogenesis and the evolution of species over billions of years is more or less absurd than the existence of a creator God.

I don’t care for your assumptions.

Reportedly, John Bolton’s manuscript for the book The Room Where It Happened was submitted to National Security Council's Records Management Division last year. His team thinks there is no classified information in it and they have apparently failed to making a ruling as of today.

Dropping the subpoena for John Bolton to testify before the Senate was an unwise action.

President Trump sounds like he is lying about John Bolton’s book and attempting to suppress unflattering information that is not actually classified.

Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard, Jr. said police officers can’t fire a taser at someone running away, so they can’t fire a gun at someone running away. However, that changes when the person running away fires a weapon at the officer.

June 18, 2020

I called my African American friend Bobby Cherry to pick me up from jail when I was 20 years old. I figured he would know exactly where it was. JK. I knew I could count on him. He is such a good guy that he was even there for me after my divorce almost 20 years later.

Say whatever you want about Fox News, but they have been forthright and honest about the states with the increasing number of NC19 cases even Oklahoma.

“North Korea likely to act U.S. presidential election in November” = the U.S. might want to attack North Korea after the election

Judge Andrew Napolitano is a wise man.

Attending an indoor rally with thousands of people without masks for over an hour in the middle of a pandemic demonstrates poor judgment, but the people that will be in attendance are Trump supporters, so that checks out.

Reportedly, Anthony Fauci told Americans at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that wearing masks wasn’t very effective in stopping the spread of the virus, but he recently admitted he said that so people wouldn’t buy all the masks and they could be used by people that needed them the most.

If Atlanta were to adopt San Francisco’s approach to emergency calls and stop sending police to non-criminal calls I think they still would have been sent to confront Rayshard Brooks because he was trespassing.

When I was a kid I ate a lot of roast beef sandwiches. It was my favorite, so my mom packed it in my lunch and I preferred it at sub shops.

Rob Smith from Turning Point USA is complaining about the use of the word "token" in referenece to Tim Scott, but I have heard it used about white people as much as black people. For instance, in high school my friend Pat used to say "token white guy" in reference to the one white guy that basketball teams would employ.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Florida politician Dave Aronberg said the response to George Floyd’s death is responsible for Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard, Jr. acting so swiftly to file lots of charges against the police officers involved in Rayshard Brooks’ death. He also cited the slowness of the Ahmaud Arbrey case after his death on February 23 as evidence for his claim. However, on Fox News' Fox and Friends they are saying that Howard is pandering to voters because this is an election year and he wants to get reelected.

Great Britain has nukes? What happened to the Red Coats?

President Trump is saying that John Bolton’s book contains highly classified information and he is also saying it contains lies. Since he is a liar I guess that checks out.

The problem with keeping no-knock warrants legal is that the police can break down your door with a battering ram at 6 a.m. while you are asleep and say they knocked. You won’t know if they knock or not if you are asleep in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the shower, etc. Also, keeping no-knock warrants legal allows them to knock, wait 1-2 seconds and then break down the door.

It is not shocking to me that a Zionist like President Trump would praise President Xi for putting Muslims in concentration camps.

Everybody has a different experience with religion. Some people have a good experience, but some people have a bad experience. Some people get involved with their place of worship, but others visit once a week and that’s it. Also, some people study their religious texts and consider the ramifications of belief systems, but others don’t read them very often and care more about the social support.

Deporting people under DACA seems unkind. If President Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants, I think “LIFO” could work. Last in, first out. If illegal immigrants are still entering or overstaying their visas after the president’s rhetoric and warnings they should be the first ones considered for deportation. Also, illegal immigrants that commit a felony should be considered for deportation.

If the U.S. offers people birthright citizenship, then why can’t long-time residents that were brought here as a child become citizens?

Some “dreamers” probably have no citizenship whatsoever. For instance, in Lebanon a newborn girl retains her father’s citizenship and if he was born in Palestine and then they come to America she has no citizenship. That’s what happened to my ex-wife.

I think President Trump and Republicans are worried that “dreamers” will vote for Democratic Party candidates if they obtain American citizenship.

The Supreme Court is required to be objective and rule according to precedents, so who they like and don’t like is inconsequential.

I have avoided using Apple’s iCloud and Google Drive (in recent years) to keep my data private and I have uploaded my files to a server on GoDaddy for years. However, this month their Network Violations Team emailed me and said I needed to remove over 300GB of files. They said I wasn’t allowed to store files on the server and when I called them they tried to sell me a different server for about 10 times the price. I guess this means they snooped around my files and they are not secure on GoDaddy, so it will be my pleasure to remove them. Buyer beware.

To President Trump’s credit recently he has been intending on reducing the U.S. troop presence in Germany and removing the permanent military bases and soldiers in Iraq.

Shout out to Target for pledging to raise its minimum wage to $15/hour on July 5.

Reportedly, the two police officers that tried to arrest Rayshard Brooks did not try to resuscitate him for about two minutes. After they wrestled him on the ground and ran about 100 yards to catch him they might have need a couple of minutes to catch their breath.

The picture of one officer allegedly kicking Rayshard Brooks on the ground doesn’t show him kicking him. It shows him with his leg bent. The picture looks like a screen capture from a video, so perhaps there is a video that shows the full truth.

According to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, 120,688 people have died in the U.S. from COVID-19 and 456,262 people have died around the world.

On the Rachel Maddow Show Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard, Jr. said he was able to swiftly charge the police officers in the Rayshard Brooks case because there was a lot of visual evidence. Reportedly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic a grand jury is not available to consider the case until October.

If Joe Biden insists on picking an African American woman as vice president I would prefer London Breed over Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris. I think Breed has been doing positive things for everybody in San Francisco. I don’t think the others care about everybody equally and have a strong moral framework and a progressive vision for everybody. However, I think there are qualified non-black women and men as well.

Liberals sometimes stop being liberal when it comes to supporting the interests of a minority group.

On MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, a female, African American pundit said all female, African American vice presidential candidates being considered are equally qualified, valuable and equitable. She might be right, but it is an appointed position without much of a job description, so it is not saying much.

Perhaps President Trump knows he can’t end DACA and deport the “dreamers”, but he thinks if he tries to do it and puts up a fight, then he can at least prevent them from getting citizenship and voting. If they get citizenship they will likely be eligible for more financial benefits and if they can vote more of them will vote Democrat than Republican.

I can’t wait to eat at a buffet and use a public restroom again. JK

My first roommate in college in 1993 told me about the racist stereotypes on some foods. He was a little racist and he knew things that I didn’t know or even think about and now they are being changed. He was a history major, fact monger and a guru of sorts and we talked about everything, so it was not out of his purview. He liked teaching me things I didn’t know especially when it came to music.

Instead of trying to fix racism which you can’t do why don’t you try to fix your carbon footprint which you can do? If you don’t, then how are you any better than the anti-abortionist that wants to control others, so somebody can live and die in a disgusting, polluted, dying planet?

Reportedly, the Cream of Wheat chef’s days are numbered.

Maybe they should put Ben Kenobi on Uncle Ben’s products.

Psilocybin "magic" mushrooms should be legal and I think many people know it including people in Denver, Colorado, Oakland, California and Oregon.

June 19, 2020

“Your slaves have been emancipated.”
“Don’t tell my slaves that.”
- Texas (probably)

President Trump asked whether or not the Supreme Court likes him, but if he was smart he would ask if their clerks that research laws, precedents, etc. like him or not because they do the important legwork on cases.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe keeps saying that according to polls President Trump is losing in every demographic except white men without a college degree and they look like they are fighting the urge to make fun of them.

Morning Joe is Midnight Joe in Hawaii.

Being a tough guy in the middle of a pandemic that has killed over 120,000 people reminds me of the surfers that catch waves in the ocean after a heavy rain in San Diego, California when the water is totally polluted. They tell everybody to wait 72 hours after it rains more than .1 inches, but some people disregard the warnings and get all kinds of infections.

It is great that the people protected from deportation under DACA get to stay in the U.S., but if President Trump tours around the country, holds big indoor rallies and spreads a deadly virus everywhere they might be better off elsewhere.

Liberals typically like other liberals. Sometimes they don’t care for other liberals if they are filthy rich or if they won’t control people with their power.

Joe Scarborough describes himself as a conservative, but he left the Republican Party and he seems pretty liberal to me.

Liberals want social media companies to control certain kinds of speech.

I don’t think “violent speech” exists. If you use the word violent to describe speech, then I think you are incorrectly using the word violent.

“Violent” is a buzzword that can refer to almost anything.

MSNBC and CNN have given an extraordinary amount of airtime to African Americans lately. That can’t be said about any other minority group.

I think the people that qualified for DACA are in the exact situation that President Trump wants them to be in. They are not American citizens, so they can’t vote (although a couple cities are letting them vote) and they can’t qualify for government handouts (at least not all of them). However, they are working or intending on working and spending money.

I think President Trump appeals to some of his supporters when he acts like he wants to deport illegal immigrants including “dreamers” and prevent illegal immigration.

If we can’t solve the problem of police brutality before we develop androids the government may use androids as police officers.

People that regularly engage with others on social media are being hoodwinked.

It is difficult to imagine how using social media is not being an enabler.

Reportedly, one of the police officers that tried to arrest Rayshard Brooks suffered a concussion in the altercation.

I don’t think we want to see the Trump administration ordering ICE to chase down Mexican kids and throw them out of the country right now. Not to mention it would totally get in the way of black people in the limelight.

Numbers make people prideful.

There is nothing I care less about than the numbers that impress you, God

Lara Trump and other pundits on Fox News keep saying the media did not condemn protestors because of the COVID-19 risk, but they are being negative about tomorrow’s Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, the vast majority of the protestors wore masks and they were outside. The Trump rally is not requiring masks to be worn and it is indoors. Also, Oklahoma and Tulsa in particular is experiencing a spike in NC19 cases right now.

Lara Trump is uniquely full of shit.

Mike Pompeo fired back at John Bolton on Twitter yesterday, but he did not deny saying President Trump is full of shit.

People that just want to get their way will make excuses and come up with reasons to justify why they should get what they want.

Donald Trump is a moron and it is a shame that anybody has to listen to him speak, read what he writes or listen to people read what he writes.

Numbers turned Donald Trump into an asshole. If it weren’t for numbers he would probably be a normal person.

If the Trump administration purposely used an inverted red triangle in Facebook ads, then perhaps they were trying to reach far right supporters (e.g. white nationalists) that have distanced themselves from President Trump because he is a Zionist. Also, it could have been intended to try to offset some of his inclusive rhetoric regarding Juneteenth to those kinds of voters.

It appears that we are on pace to see 500,000 people die from COVID-19 by the end of June.

I imagine a lot of people became houseless on the first Juneteenth.

MSNBC does not care if back-to-back shows broadcast the same stories or the same clips. CNN and Fox News tend to do the same things.

I hate how you read, God

They used to make people memorize their lines before they talk on TV. What happened?

The U.S. is 13% African American and I am pretty sure that all of them have been on TV now. JK

If everybody at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Trump rally is talking out of their ass wearing a mask on their face might not prevent the spread of NC19 anyway.

Everybody at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma might be endangering their life and the lives of others, but at least they will be eating the very best organic food and organic teas, so they can maintain a strong immune system. JK

This morning Fox News interviewed somebody in line at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma and he was literally breathing through his mouth.

A Trump supporter walked behind a CNN reporter at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Trump rally with a sign that said, “Enemy of the People” and had “Fake News” written in a circle with a line through it.

You gotta love middle America.

“See. I told you they are deplorable.” - Hillary Clinton (probably)

Somebody on Fox News said all the juicy details in John Bolton’s book have already been leaked, but I don’t believe it.

I don’t think the mainstream media cares about the stories that most Americans want to hear. I think they broadcast stories that they think will help the Democratic Party.

I don’t think Fox News cares about the stories that most Americans want to hear. I think they broadcast stories that they think will help the Republican Party.

Christians prove sola scriptura wrong every day.

Give me whatever Kayleigh McEnany is on. JK

Americans are idiots.

Donald Trump is not just the worst U.S. president of all time, but he is the worst elected leader in history.

The U.S. is going to spread NC19 to other countries and if I was the leader of another country I would be angry at President Trump and the piss-poor way his administration has handled the outbreak.

You couldn’t pay me enough money to go to a Trump rally or listen to Kayleigh McEnany.

The Trump administration should be ashamed for so many reasons that I can’t even list all of them.

I will not be surprised if Donald Trump is served on Inauguration Day.

Breonna Taylor died because of the U.S.’ absurd, sustained, dishonest and pathetic war on plants (aka war on drugs) that defies human rights, lies to everybody, pays all sorts of fools and incarcerates way too many non-violent people.

Old people in Congress are responsible for more oppression, suffering, broken families, deaths and prisoners than most people give them credit for.

I wonder who will hate this generation of Americans the most, future generations in America or future generations in other countries.

People that have money and a house have no urgency to change anything, so don’t count on them.

I think the FDA has not approved and rejected herbal supplements because they know some of them work and they will compete with Big Pharma which is probably controlling them with money. There is no good reason to write, “This has not been approved by the FDA” on the bottle. What is the FDA doing? Most herbal supplements should either be approved or rejected by now and not in limbo without regulation with a stupid label on the bottle. They are doing Americans a disservice because nobody knows what is in the bottle and most people don’t know if it works or not.

The FDA has approved all sorts of drugs with horrible side effects and they have not gotten around to approving or rejecting all sorts of herbal supplements without horrible side effects.

Brad Parscale said he will wear a mask at the Trump rally. If I looked like Parscale and talked like him I would wear a mask too.

It is awfully disgusting how President Trump has touted himself as the jobs president and acted like he is a champion for businesses and now there is record unemployment, businesses are declaring bankruptcy and closing locations indefinitely and he is unable or unwilling to help them.

Donald Trump has no regard for the truth.

June 20, 2020

I think there is one reason why I have struggled to get into epic physical condition and stay there in adulthood and it has nothing to do with discipline. It is because I am supposed to be about four inches taller, but my growth was stunted due to a back injury that I sustained in between 7th and 8th grades while playing Pop Warner football.

Your family lacks integrity, so the sooner you can stop trying to please them the better off you will be.

If you believe 1 million people requested tickets for the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma I have a bridge to sell you.

Fox and Friends is in full spin mode before the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma today.

People give too much respect to people that don’t deserve respect and they disrespect people that deserve more respect.

On the weekends the TV media gets more sub-par readers to read things on TV than they do during the week.

Yesterday I dreamed that I was making out with my ex-wife. Afterwards I was in a room with two guys and she wasn’t there. They were behind a TV directly in front of me and trying to take my picture. I knew what they were doing, so I was avoiding looking at their cameras and they marveled at my ability to do so and whispered to each other. The phone rang a lot of times and I thought it was my dad calling, but when I answered nobody was there.

Yesterday I think Kayleigh McEnany was prepared for a question that President Trump ignored the previous day about making bad hires. She was ready for it and gave a detailed albeit far-fetched answer.

I watched the entire 43-minute, body cam video of Rayshard Brooks’ arrest on YouTube. There is a discussion about where he is and he had no idea which city he was in, which street he was on or which landmarks were nearby. However, I have not heard MSNBC, CNN or Fox News play that part of his conversation even though they have played other parts of it. He also changed his story several times regarding what he drank and how much he drank.

Your heroes are not just flawed. Your heroes are criminals.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms should have the backs of Atlanta police officers instead of quickly condemning their actions and firing or reassigning them so she can control the narrative and silence dissenting opinions.

My first college roommate was a little racist and sometimes he would call me cracker or darky.

Most small businesses and large corporations in Hawaii are being run by employees in a way that you would expect a 10-year-old to run a lemonade stand.

TV gets worse and more unwatchable every day.

If you were not impressed by morons maybe there would not be so many morons.

I don’t think the big corporations that are in Hawaii realize how pathetic and unprofessional their employees are here. If they do, then they are probably banking on everybody expecting futility and bad service.

Perhaps the white people that I have met in Hawaii that have changed their name to something Hawaiian have done so to conceal the fact that they are white, so they will be treated better by the Asians and locals that call themselves Hawaiians.

The most pathetic people I know are people that mistreat honest people because they are honest and don’t like their honesty.

When people don’t repent righteous judgments are eternally right.

Some people are so pathetic that they know the only way to get on your radar is by offending or mistreating you like a bad child that craves negative attention.

People that speak the truth need to be emphatic because the people that don’t listen to you listen to people that do listen to you and sometimes they only care when you are honest and emphatic.

I don’t know what is happening in Seattle’s CHOP zone, but I won’t trust anything Fox News says about it.

Tucker Carlson has called Seattle’s CHOP zone the DMZ and used a graphic that typically says the city name with the words U.S. border/CHAZ or something to that effect. Pete Hegseth just referred to it as another country.

If rich Democrats didn’t lie about the economy for years, then President Trump wouldn’t be able to lie about how great it was before COVID-19 and get away with it. In reality, the GDP growth rate was in the 2-3% range which is not special, not the best and pretty average in relation to other presidencies. There was a lot of underemployment, low job satisfaction and always unbalanced budgets. Now the U.S. national debt is over $26 trillion, so President Trump’s administration has increased it by $6-7 trillion in the time the Obama administration increased it by $4-5 trillion. Nonetheless, rich people invest in the stock market and making people think the economy is strong makes them buy stocks which makes stocks increase in value.

Democrats and Republicans should be ashamed for nominating a candidate for president that has health problems and will exceed the average American male lifespan before his term in office is finished.

Eating dead animals is stupid and disgusting and people that defend that kind of lifestyle sound like drug users.

People would rather criticize others than critique themselves.

President Trump blamed protestors for keeping crowds from the rally, but there is reportedly no evidence of that happening.

Reportedly, President Trump took credit for signing the Veterans Choice bill that was signed into law by President Obama in 2014.

Reportedly, so few people were outside the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that the president and vice president changed their plans to talk to people that couldn’t get inside the venue. About 15-20 people stood in the overflow area and watched President Trump talk on a screen and they were expecting thousands of people to be there.

Some lies are embarrassing to the liar.

Fox News is broadcasting President Trump speaking live at his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally, but CNN and MSNBC are not. MSNBC is using it as b-roll and CNN’s panel is commenting on things he is saying.

President Trump said burning the American flag should be a crime and the punishment should be one year in jail. However, the Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that burning the flag is legal.

Greg Gutfeld is insightful and seems like more of an independent thinker than most people on TV news stations.

I think Amy Klobuchar likes African Americans, but experienced some blowback after George Floyd’s death and her record was exposed and it wasn’t great, so she decided to bow out of vice presidential consideration and endorse a black woman to try to accrue political capital for reelection in Minnesota.

I don’t think any of you know whet in the hell you’re doing in any way, shape or form, Jesus

President Trump called NC19 “Kung Flu” and CNN is calling it a racist term. I think it is a play on words.

Jonathan Reiner is saying in 7-10 days there should be an uptick in NC19 cases in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I feel sick just looking at these people. Can you get COVID-19 that way?

Perhaps President Trump is talking negatively about COVID-19 testing because he doesn’t want people in attendance at his rally to get tested because it will indicate his administration’s approach to staying safe and well did not work.

President Trump called COVID-19 the “Kung Flu” and the Chinese government is so chill that they have not responded. I doubt they will because that’s how they roll. I bet they shrug off a lot of stuff that Americans virtue signal about.

I think the Trump administration fired Geoffrey Berman because they were surprised that he had integrity and pursued so many cases that they wanted him to forget even though he was affiliated with Rudy Giuliani’s law firm. I think they know the new attorney will continue with the same cases, but they hope they will have more control and stop Audrey Strauss from doing certain things. They will probably nominate somebody else for the job that will cater to their interests.

Make America great again is a stupid thing to say.

I think reparations is a pipe dream and merely a Democratic Party talking point.

If I was an African American person I think I would want everybody to get money and not just me.

“Don’t worry about the deadly COVID-19. I am protecting statues of old dead guys that fought against the government for slavery and lost.” - President Trump (paraphrase)

After the mainstream media finishes repeatedly telling us how badly African Americans have suffered are they going to talk about Native Americans?

President Trump said he told his people to slow down COVID-19 testing to keep the numbers down, then his administration said he was joking. In his defense his entire speech was a joke.

Politics will be much more boring without President Trump.

June 21, 2020

Fox and Friends talking about President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday sounds like sports announcers recapping a game that featured their favorite team losing 28-0, so they are pretending like they won.

If you read between the lines the Republican Party platform involves greed, control, antiquated beliefs, oppressing people and ignoring people that admit the majority of Americans are on a progressive path and don’t want the country to be the way it used to be.

The amount of people that attended the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a pathetic failure and President Trump should be extraordinarily embarrassed.

The singer Pink said she sold out the BOK Center in about 5 minutes.

I had a beautiful Ukrainian friend in my storage unit in Ala Moana which was my first stop after moving to Honolulu. She was a few units down from me and she would sit in her unit sometimes and I would squeeze past her with my bike and talk to her. She had a thick accent and was unique because most people were Asian or from the U.S. After being there a couple of years I moved a few places and returned and she was gone. I ran into her on the street and she said she left because some guy was bothering her and that upset me.

If you are not biased, warlike or religious, Israel is as insignificant to the U.S. as any other small, distant country.

If you are not religious, Israel is not just mundane. Israel is psychotic.

On CNN Ehud Olmert said Joe Biden has been a great friend to Israel, but he forgets that the Obama administration wasn’t and Biden’s politics change with popular opinion and support for Israel is waning in the U.S.

Supporting Israel is as smart as buying bars of silver.

Israel is like a violent child that does illicit drugs and spends his life in and out of jail, but you never stop giving him lots of money.

If God exists God doesn’t care about Israel more than anybody else.

I don’t care about your favorites because you don’t care about yourself, God

This is a bad time for you to finally get off your ass and congregate because we are in the middle of a pandemic and I don’t care what your reason is or where you do it. It’s not very smart.

Anthony Scaramucci has seen the light.

If John Bolton would have testified before Congress, then the senate might have voted to impeach President Trump.

I don’t think anything is stopping Congress from voting to impeach President Trump again and following through with its subpoena for John Bolton instead of withdrawing it like they did last time.

It is a shame that Christians don’t understand what Matthew 18:18 means because I do.

Mark Levin is actually making sense. What is happening?

Reportedly, about 6,200 people attended President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Shout out to everybody that has lost their father.

People that don’t have evidence assert.

I think N95 masks work well to prevent the spread of NC19, but I think other masks don’t work as well. However, if two people wear non-N95 masks and one has NC19 and one doesn’t there is a smaller chance that the virus will be transmitted.

According to Sanjay Gupta the U.S. needs to be testing 5 million people a day now. A Harvard University panel says the U.S. needs to test 20 million people a day by mid-summer to fully reopen the country.

When I was a kid my mom told me an Eskimo kiss is when you rub noses with someone and she used to do that with me sometimes. She would say, “Eskimo kiss!” and wait for me to give her one.

Apparently, you can get bladder cancer and other types of cancers if you do not fully empty your bladder when you urinate. However, if you only drink liquids that are good for you (e.g. filtered water, organic tea, etc.) I doubt that you will get those cancers.

President Trump is like a man that keeps getting punched in the dark and does not know where the blows are coming from.

Reportedly, a primary reason for a Trump rally is the so-called data haul, so before the election they can contact them and develop advertisements in regions that need them. Since the crowd at the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally was small and many of the signups were bogus their data haul was much smaller than they anticipated. Also, the money they spent for President Trump to speak to a few thousand people was more costly than it would have been if more people came and legitimately signed up.

“Every awful thing and lie that President Trump says is a joke.” - the Trump administration (paraphrase)

One way to get away with a lie is to have somebody else tell it. Also, if somebody lies that people have never heard speak it is easier for them to get away with it.

I don't see any evidence that NC19 is seasonal.

Reportedly, a white woman mentioned by Rayshard Brooks before his death that may have had a relationship with him might have burned the Wendy’s in Atlanta. Reportedly, Brooks’ family says they don’t know her or want anything to do with her which is a smart move if you are looking for a big payday.

Likes are stupid and they make vain people even more vain. They make misguided people even more misguided.

CNN broadcasts live more than any other news outlet, but they broadcast the same stories over and over. They will insert a new story from time to time though. There are a lot of important stories, so repeating the same stories is not necessary.

Some people can’t say what other people say, but they are thankful when they say it because they feel the same way.

Shout out to Bubba Wallace.

June 22, 2020

It would be nice if President Trump would stop joking about doing illegal and immoral things.

I don’t think Americans have the wherewithal to self-isolate long enough to let NC19 run its course especially not without strong, consistent leadership.

President Trump has made it clear that he can walk down a ramp and drink water. I think we’ll be fine now.

Reportedly, 12 college football teams have dozens of players that are infected with NC19.

MSNBC pundits are condemning President Trump for saying “Kung flu” and calling him racist while accusing him of fear mongering. Seems like irony.

I think President Trump thinks he is going to lose the election by a landslide.

Fox News should report stories on Seattle’s CHOP zone that don’t involve chaos and hysteria, but highlight what is actually being said and done there.

Somebody that is not working for President Trump is more likely to tell the truth about him than somebody working for him because he is known to fire people that say things he doesn’t like even if they are true.

Fox News is happy to report alleged crime inside the CHOP zone in Seattle, but they say nothing about crime outside the CHOP zone in Seattle.

People that complain about the way other websites treat them generally want to use them to make money, influence people or both.

Hawaii’s spike in NC19 cases seems to correlate with the way Gov. Ige revoked the mandatory 14-day quarantine for inter-island travel on June 16, 2020.

John Bolton said he would sue Congress if they made him testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial, but now he says he would testify if they subpoena him. Now he says he would obey the law. It sounds like he just wants to sell books. However, Vivian Salama on CNN thinks he had a come-to-Jesus moment and John King seems to agree with her, but I think they are naive.

Why is CNN repeatedly telling us that New York is opening hair salons today? Do they still think the world revolves around New York? Do they see it as a Democratic Party victory or do they think some people badly need a haircut?

Johns Hopkins University counts very slowly. Maybe they use their fingers.

Organic coconut oil apparently makes the body produce collagen.

Activated charcoal apparently treats Lyme’s disease.

What is the slogan again? Black lives what? It’s on the tip of my tongue. Black lives...... Give me a minute. I’ll remember. I’ll type it in a search engine.

Just because President Trump’s supporters don’t want to be seen in a stadium with him it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to vote for him.

There is no way in hell that Jesus is returning because he is dead if he existed, but he has no motivation to return and being associated with Christians would definitely be highly embarrassing to him. Not to mention he would be seen as the Donald Trump of religious leaders if he returned.

The way the mainstream media always talks about President Trump would be like demonstrating the same shock every day that Adolf Hitler is a monstrous killer.

A lot of adults don’t act like adults.

Donald Trump is a product of America and exactly what America deserves. He inherited an extraordinary amount of money, then he made lots of bad investments, but the false persona that he created for himself was good for TV, so he made a lot of money on a TV show. Americans’ biggest gods are money, entertainment and themselves, so as much as they say they detest Donald Trump they are just like him.

Shout out to Steve Schmidt.

Imagine if Jesus changed his mind because of your behavior. Imagine if Jesus was going to return, but he figured you have not honored your promises and you have said one thing and done another, so he will too.

Are old people terrible at everything they do?

You used to motivate me with garbage, but now the only thing that motivates me is seeing the day you die, God

When they automate your job remember that computers took old people’s jobs a long time ago.

The beginning of the Internet was the beginning of the end of Christianity because it exposes bullshit and connects people that recognize bullshit for what it is.

The has never been a worse time to call yourself a Christian than now.

I didn’t realize how stupid your parents were until I realized how stupid you are.

Many liberals on mainstream media stations have said “Kung flu” is a racist term, however zero of them have explained how or why it is a racist term. For a bunch of liberal, tight-assed, speech police they sure are quick to judge Trump and short on details.

One tactic of people that mindlessly condemn is to repeat the accusation over and over without giving any details or explanation.

One tactic that controlling people use is to say you need to change your behavior because it is offending others. They won’t be able to prove it, but they will make the claim like a virtue signaler.

Controlling people like to pretend they are looking out for others, but they aren’t.

The more people try to control people’s thoughts and speech the more I will make it clear that it will be a cold day in hell before anybody controls me.

Controlling people like to quote somebody like it’s gospel even when the person they are quoting merely stated their opinion.

The people that have judged President Trump for saying “Kung flu” are worse people than he is for saying it.

Speech police pretend like they are the judge and jury.

“Tell me what a scared motherfucker would do.” - the TV media to pundits about protestors (paraphrase)

Do you think self-actualizers get angry about name-calling and judge people for it?

The media expects you to make moral judgments without all the facts.

The media wants you to believe what they believe.

It is distasteful that Twitter is complaining about being unable to hire lots of immigrants via special visas instead of looking at it as an opportunity to develop and hire Americans.

June 23, 2020

Independent people are rare, so some people don’t understand how independent people behave.

Since I was born into fundamentalist Christianity and left it when I got older I will always have mixed feelings about people involved in a fundamentalism whether it’s religious (e.g. Christian), political (e.g. Democrat, Republican, etc.) or otherwise.

Saying you think somebody was born outside the U.S. is not necessarily racism, but Jon Meacham and others have characterized Donald Trump’s “birtherism” regarding Barack Obama as racism. I think preferring one race over others is seen in his Zionism though.

Equating birtherism with racism is absurd and possibly racism in itself because many different races live in virtually every country.

Donald Trump’s issues regarding Barack Obama’s birthplace had to do with citizenship not race. If Obama was born outside the country (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) he would be ineligible to run for president. However, any race can run for president.

Fox and Friends is in full damage control mode today.

President Trump said they invoked a curfew, so people in line at the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally were forced to leave. However, the media interviewed somebody that was 4th in line six days before the event and they showed him in line on the day of the event too. I doubt he left and returned and they found him again somewhere else in line.

President Trump said people said you are going to die if you go to the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I didn’t hear anybody say you are going to die.

President Trump is utterly and completely full of shit and everybody that supports him is full of shit too.

Wealthy liars think they are good liars, so they keep lying even though people that aren’t under their spell aren’t fooled.

If you could pick one group of people for COVID-19 to decimate to make the country a better place which group of people would you pick?

If you are an old person in the U.S. you should make your peace and write your will now.

Out of all the people that died from COVID-19 in the U.S. how many thought they had the Holy Spirit inside them?

President Trump talking affectionately about Confederate statues and monuments is repulsive.

MSNBC just broadcasted back-to-back commercials for information on getting a bent penis fixed and cheap erection pills.

Many old people clearly weren’t ready for the 21st century.

Email is a liar’s worst enemy.

Have all the faith you want, but don’t tell me that a religious book is from God or God wants society like the book says or like the way you want it.

The minute your faith attempts to change society I will oppose you.

I have nothing better to do than put you in your place every day until the day you die and that includes your controlling belief system that is a despicable lie.

I don’t care if lies give you a false sense of strength. Lies always do more harm than good.

There are many more reasons to avoid being religious than there are to be religious.

Your parents’ idea of entertainment and talking on a cell phone was standing in a yard, holding a tin can with a string tied to it and speaking into it while somebody else held the other can to their ear. Why should anybody care what they believe?

People that were raised with technology (e.g. computers, cell phones, video games, etc.) as a child have different connections in their brain that others do not have and can never have which is the biggest thing dividing people in the world today.

Sheep sap my strength, but creators and beauty inspire me.

They keep saying that President Trump is going to Arizona to speak to 3,000 supporters soon and I keep wondering if that means five people will be there.

I like how CNN is focusing on the spread of NC19 and COVID-19 deaths because the pandemic is far from over. Sanjay Gupta is a smart guy.

It seems like Fox News is trying to get President Trump reelected and MSNBC is focusing on political issues and anti-Trump sentiments.

Christianity didn’t make me a better person. I made myself a better person.

I give your god no credit for anything.

God is a placebo for fools.

I regret every minute I spent in church and every dollar I gave to churches.

Church and a Trump rally have a lot in common.

I care so little about money and I think religious belief is so evil that I unpublished the three religious books that I published in Amazon’s Kindle store. I would rather have less money than give people the wrong idea that Christianity is good or acceptable.

Selfish people give horrible advice because their advice is designed to benefit them.

If any other president besides President Trump was in office he or she probably would have issued an executive order to remove Confederate statues and monuments from public spaces by now.

Katie Pavlich is judgmental and lacks understanding and empathy.

Fox News pundits and reporters get the feeling that liberals are behind the push to remove racist monuments, so of course they oppose it now.

Katie Pavlich said it is unAmerican to deface or remove statues and monuments, but if Americans are doing it, then maybe it is American.

Morons act like removing an absurd, racist statute is akin to erasing history.

Republicans see the writing on the wall and are so out of touch with the way the country is headed that they are at the end of their rope and apparently think being contrarian is their only hope.

I will not be surprised if Donald Trump loses the 2020 election and Republicans lose the majority in the senate.

Some political reporters don’t ask tough questions when they interview somebody in their political party.

There are very few details about the noose that was allegedly placed in Bubba Wallace’s garage as a threat.

Republicans rely on disenfranchising people to win elections.

If President Trump was ahead in the polls he would not be say one word about mail-in ballots being problematic.

If President Trump loses the election and refuses to leave office I think the military will show him the door and his Twitter followers, 6,200 people in Oklahoma and Fox News viewers will not come to his rescue.

I think President Trump actually said he wanted to slow the testing down, but I think he said it to some people in his cabinet that were not decision-makers and they laughed. I think it was a joke with some truth in it, so he hasn’t wanted to admit the full truth because that would mean he said it, he wasn’t totally joking and nobody took him seriously.

I shouldn’t be surprised that a loser like President Trump wants to protect statues of losers. Literal losers.

Evil people think their self-loathing is enough punishment, but it isn’t.

I am better than you and your god because I am better than every hero in your Bible.

If your parents are religious don’t believe a word they say.

I don’t know what is more pathetic the stories that Fox News chooses or the angles they report on.

If Democrats run a city and something bad happens there rest assured that Fox News will report on it. I have had Fox News on for five minutes and they have already reported on New York City, Minneapolis and Seattle.

San Diego has a Republican mayor and there were mass protests for days that stopped the freeway and burned buildings, but I did not see it on Fox News channel.

Bakari Sellers knows how to judge, but he doesn’t know how to support his judgment with reasons which is par for the course for pundits. They assert and assume people will believe them.

It seems to me if the president wants to build a wall and can’t get funding from Congress, then he could get large corporations to sponsor it and brand it with ads, install solar panels to generate energy and build it a few miles into Mexico to essentially make them pay for it by ceding valuable land. Just spitballing here.

The TV news doesn’t care if you make a wrong conclusion from their reporting if it is the conclusion they want you to make.

“There are 19 or 20 names for COVID-19, but I am going to repeat the one that bothers liberals.” - President Trump (paraphrase)

“This wasn’t a brand new act of racism toward Bubba Wallace because he got us to ban the rebel flag. This noose has been hanging here for months.” - NASCAR (paraphrase)

Reportedly, Rayshard Brooks’ funeral was in an Atlanta church where Martin Luther King, Jr. preached, his daughter Bernice King spoke and Brooks had never been there.

June 24, 2020

Joe Scarborough and Jon Lemire pretend like they are standing up for people to condemn Donald Trump’s behavior as they assert their opinion.

I thought your opinion was dumb the first dozen times you said it. How many times are you going to repeat it?

Your opinion isn’t convincing me, so if that’s all you have then give up.

When I was on Twitter I exhorted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to keep connecting with her constituents and she will get reelected and have a long political career. I told her that because I liked her and knew that being in the national spotlight could make a struggle, but she shouldn’t lose sight of them like some politicians do. I have no record of it in my tweets archive, so I must have tweeted it in my last seven months on Twitter because I did not back those up (e.g. November 2018 to June 2019).

There is one and only one word that I will not say and it is out of respect for African Americans. It is the so-called “n” word. I support free speech, but I extend that courtesy to black people because of what they have went through.

John Berman and CNN said President Trump said Kung flu again and it is a racist term, but they didn’t say how they came to that conclusion. It was another news broadcast pretending their opinion is the news.

I get the feeling that the people that have condemned President Trump for saying Kung flu don’t have Asian friends.

The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are distinct groups of fundamentalists that tend to be extremists. Right now, Americans are enjoying the freedom of very little contact tracing and it’s mainly opt-in, but if a Democratic Party president was in power Americans would probably experience the opposite extreme.

After John Berman and CNN made a judgment about the term Kung flu, Berman asked a politician if it is right or not. Sounds about right. Quick to judge. Opine. Ask somebody to affirm you. Is that liberal politics in a nutshell?

I think Democrats are desperate for the Asian vote or anybody that will vote against President Trump, so they will act like Trump is offending them even if they have no idea.

Democrats and Republicans have different sets of words and actions that they try to ban. They have different versions of “freedom” that don’t like free to me.

Shout out to Rebekah Jones.

There is nothing wrong with saying Kung flu. Zero people have explained what’s wrong with it. The Asian advocacy groups that responded to it did not call it racist and addressed it in a general way saying they were concerned it could lead to attacks on Asians or bad policies. In light of their concerns, President Trump could have warned people to avoid attacking Asian-Americans.

Liberals that are attacking President Trump for saying Kung flu remind me of the fools that don’t utilize a freedom, so they don’t mind if that freedom gets taken from others.

Democrats want Republicans to change in ways they don’t want to change and Republicans want Democrats to change in ways they don’t want to change. They are both full of shit though.

If God judges you by your carbon footprint like I do, then you’re screwed.

Liberals tearing down monuments of flawed people seems like par for the course. Look how they are trying to control speech and self-expression on Facebook, Twitter, movies, products, college campuses and TV (unless somebody is kneeling during the National Anthem). Look how they want people fired for things they say in their free time. It shouldn’t be surprising that they want to remove Ulysses S. Grant’s statue because he acquired one slave from his father-in-law that he set free for $1,000. That is one sin too many for a virtue signaling social justice warrior.

Unfortunately, it looks like we are a long way from having a strong, viable 3rd-party candidate that can win a presidential election, but that might not always be the case.

Sickos that can’t control themselves want to control us.

Many Christians are intending on hiding in Jordan when the shit hits the fan, but I would not be surprised if Jordan prevents them from doing so if they continue to support Israel’s land grabs and mistreatment of the Palestinian people.

National polls are not too helpful when it comes to presidential elections because candidates need to win the electoral college and not the popular vote to win the election.

Christianity justifies all sorts of behaviors because Christians think God has forgiven their sins because of their faith in Jesus. They think God won’t judge them.

If you want to be unaccountable for your actions, then Christianity is the religion for you.

I think the mainstream media which is an arm of the Democratic Party desperately wants people to think President Trump is a racist because they think that will get more African Americans to vote Democratic in the 2020 election.

President Trump wants to protect statues of men that took up arms against the U.S., but he threatens people that vandalize the statues.

Your actions and inactions have consequences.

If you are a fool be thankful when people stop listening to you because that is how you help them.

Most people with my background never leave the path I left.

“I don’t think (President Trump) is a xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot. He’s not very religious after all.” - Senator Lindsey Graham (paraphrase)

The mainstream media acts like the one redeeming quality that President Trump possesses which is his ability to make people laugh is a liability and not an asset.

In the U.S. the food with a label that says USDA ORGANIC is least likely to cause diseases and harm the environment. Which percentage of it do you eat?

Liberals make fun of Kellyanne Conway and don’t care what she thinks or says until they find an old clip of her saying Kung flu is offensive and wrong, then they play it on a loop because it is anti-Trump.

I stopped listening to Kellyanne Conway a long time ago. I encouraged the media to stop interviewing her too because all she ever does is avoid questions and ramble on about things she wants to spin.

If you can only stand up with your mouth and not your life, then you aren’t making much of a stand.

People that enjoy making moral judgments about others are not forthright about the details of their life.

If you have not heard anyone that has talked about Breonna Taylor’s death identifying it as another failure of the U.S.’ pathetic, disingenuous and utterly pitiful ”war on drugs”, then say hi to your captors for me. Maybe you can buy pharmaceutical stocks like they probably do.

People that are astonished and flabbergasted because people in the U.S. still won’t wear masks know how I have felt over the last eight years about people that burn gasoline and coal.

If we are to determine whether or not saying Kung flu is right or wrong by the number of people that approve or disapprove of it, then I suppose it is right. Hundreds if not thousands of people at President Trump’s rally in Phoenix cheered when he said it, but a dozen or so anchors and pundits in the mainstream media have said it is wrong.

June 25, 2020

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are implementing a self-quarantine for people coming there from several states with high incidences of NC19 cases and Alysin Camerota on CNN is interviewing Gov. Cuomo about it like she has never heard of a state doing it, but Hawaii has been doing it for months and will be doing it until July 31.

Old Americans are the weekend warriors of life.

I pity musicians because they have a soul and are routinely used by people without one.

“I am too weak and irresponsible to protect Americans from catching Kung flu and dying, but I will protect statues of slave owners and colonizers with the full might of the federal government.” - President Trump (paraphrase)

I support assisted suicide. I also support unassisted suicide. However, unless a death is very clearly a suicide I think it should be investigated like a homicide.

How is President Trump polling among hospital workers?

At this rate I would not be surprised if they start calling COVID-19 the American virus.

Larry Kudlow said the economy won’t be closed down again, but he is powerless to determine whether mayors and governors close or open their city or state. The federal government did not close anything and they can’t open anything. Why the TV media (MSNBC and Fox News in particular) broadcasts his absurd claims without commenting on them is beyond me.

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams on MSNBC only played the first part of Larry Kudlow’s quote. On CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, I saw his whole statement and he said local governments may close. Good on Lemon. Shame on Williams.

I think the people in the Trump administration that are making very positive predictions for the future of the economy probably think they won’t be around to be held accountable for their predictions because President Trump probably won’t get re-elected.

I don’t think there is a lower COVID-19 death to case ratio now because treatment is better. I think there is a lower ratio because it is infecting people with a stronger immune system (e.g. people in their 20s, 30s and 40s) that are getting over it more frequently.

I don’t think NC19 is going to leave before the end of the year and come back like Bill Gates is saying. I don’t think it is going to leave at all.

It is laughable that some people actually thought that Americans care about others. Look at how they burn gasoline and coal. Look at the food they eat that destroys life on earth and their own body. Look at the harmful chemicals they use on their body, in the body, on their lawn, etc.

If the government cared about everybody’s health there would be universal healthcare.

There have been 850 cases of NC19 in Hawaii and 17 deaths. Kauai has had 33 cases and zero deaths.

On June 18, 2020, Mike Pence said they flattened the curve referring to NC19. It has been skyrocketing with record numbers each day, so maybe he meant a vertical trajectory when he said flattened the curve.

I can’t trust you or anybody that you trust.

It appears that President Trump’s platform includes throwing immigrant children out of the country, taking away people’s healthcare, protecting racist statues, lying about mail-in voting and ending funding for COVID-19 test sites.

Reportedly, according to Bubba Wallace the noose that was found in his garage was not functional.

In recent years there have been more biracial and homosexual people on TV.

Liberals are trying to normalize transgender people.

When the mainstream media lets people talk about reparations to black people they are always praised and never criticized.

President Trump is out of control.

Americans are out of control.

One would think that President Trump would try to protect the lives of his constituents at least so they could vote for him in November. Dead people cast no votes.

“I would be lean like you, but when I was young my mom told me she wanted a chubby son.” - rejected pickup lines

It is peculiar how Americans are too irresponsible to avoid getting NC19, but they are not too irresponsible to get tested.

Reportedly, 45,242 Americans tested positive for NC19 today and it is another record. Yesterday over 39,000 people tested positive.

Miami-Dade county is closing beaches from July 3 to July 7 which is probably wise, but won’t stop lots of people from visiting beaches between now and then.

A Democrat administration would be funding America’s pandemic response and recovery with patience and financial assistance, but the Republican administration is funding it with American lives.

Americans’ unwise decisions are coming home to roost.

Senator Mike Braun is a fool with his head in the sand.

William McGunn is a dope.

I am happy to hear that the House of Representatives voted to stop no-knock warrants. My book The Wrong Side begins with four departments of the government breaking my door down at 6 a.m. and they did not knock.

Does the Catholic Church have a patron saint of prison yet?

A miracle is either a lie or something that can’t be explained and all sorts of things can’t be explained.

Spontaneous remission is not necessarily miraculous.

There are a lot of idiotic TV commercials.

YouTube offers people a commercial-free experience. Why doesn’t TV?

I am happy to see successful web-based entertainers because I don’t have a TV and I am not interested in watching TV commercials or perpetuating the myth that the people on TV and in movies are god-like.

Is there anybody more pathetic than somebody that acts like they can control what they can't control?

I disagree with affirmative action and I support a merit-based system.

I think some people’s idea of equality is giving jobs to their buddies.

I think one day we will use a digital currency and paper currency will have no value.

I think younger people that are catching and spreading NC19 are doing so because they see the people that are telling them to change their behavior as old, partisan, out of touch folks like their parents that can’t relate to them and only want to control them.

We still live in a day and age when parents of young adult children were not raised with the technological devices that children are growing up with today.

Old people that are lying to us today thought they could get away with their lies a long time ago when they might have been right, but everything has changed in ways that they could not have anticipated.

There are a lot of great reasons for a revolution.

When your 79 year old pastor decided to become a pastor he did not realize the Internet would be invented and be accessible in everybody’s home and cell phone, so people could do their own research and freely fact check and judge everything he says and writes at their leisure.

Instead of meeting everybody’s needs the government leaves much of the work to non-profit corporations and many of them happen to be Christian churches and organizations. If we want people to positively evolve, then we need secular organizations or the government to do the work that Christian churches and organizations are currently doing in society.

Religious belief is insufficient to deal with 21st century issues.

Reportedly, men without a college degree are they only demographic that President Trump is winning. I think this explains why the Republican Party has been opposed to giving Americans free college education.

I think President Trump still thinks there is a chance that he will win the election.

If God were to affiliate with somebody it certainly would not be the Jews, the Catholics, the Muslims, the Christians or the religious right.

We are seeing what young people think about old people in the U.S. right now.

Some people said the old generation must die off before the young generation can make the necessary changes in society, but I don’t think they anticipated it happening by means of a pandemic.

June 27, 2020

If you prefer a fantastical version of the U.S., then you should watch Fox News.

If you don’t care about the facts, then you should watch Fox News.

If you want to know how your dead, racist grandpa wanted the U.S. to be, then you should watch Fox News.

If you want to live with your head in the clouds or up your ass, then you should watch Fox News.

News reports about a vaccine for NC19 are a waste of time because none of them are actual news reports. They are all conjecture about something that might or might not come to fruition months down the line. The TV news is sad and pathetic for wasting time on such “news”.

CNN keeps broadcasting that the E.U. may ban travel from the U.S. and that is not news either. News is something you didn’t know yesterday and they broadcasted the same thing yesterday. Also, news informs you about something that happened not something that might happen. If they want to start broadcasting news that might happen they will need a few more channels to do it because a lot of things might happen.

Shout out to the iconic McDonald’s in Times Square that just closed. When I visited New York City for three weeks in 2012, I used their bathroom and WiFi very late and very early more than once and I appreciated it.

I have said that I am surrounded by idiots for a long time and now the entire world gets to see it, God

Obesity is preventable.

Mike Pence is a liar and his lies put people in danger.

The mainstream media focuses on minorities and mainly African Americans and Fox News focuses on a deranged, twisted America that will never be. Should we be concerned?

Senator Tom Cotton is a bozo.

I support Washington, D.C.’s statehood. Without statehood its residents experience a sort of disenfranchisement. I think it would be wise for Washington to have a governor, a representative and senators and to give them full voting rights like other Americans.

I think the five U.S. territories including Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and American Samoa should be on a path to statehood.

I think there is probably a correlation between the lack of satisfaction in this life and belief in an afterlife.

I left a comment on an article about biocentrism called “Is Death an Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End” by Robert Lanza on Psychology Today’s website and it was quickly deleted. It was unflattering because it was a lame article, but it was honest and professional. I wrote a similar comment and posted it and they deleted it.

Today the world surpassed 10 million NC19 cases and 500,000 confirmed cases.

The Greg Gutfeld show is exactly what the U.S. needs because it makes fun of the left like few others do.

There have been 872 NC19 cases reported in Hawaii and 18 deaths. Lately, the cases have been increasing and today was the first new death reported in weeks.

President Trump said foreign countries were going to influence the 2020 election with millions of fake mail-in ballots. Who will they vote for? Why?

NASA has wasted a lot of time and money and they continue to do so.

The only thing you have to prepare is your mind.

June 28, 2020

To predict the spread of NC19 all you have to do is predict Americans’ behavior because it is dependent on what they do.

Democrats including the mainstream media tend to think paying higher taxes justifies them not giving food to the poor, sleeping on the street with the houseless or donating their time, so I am starting to feel like my contribution to racial justice is listening to them opine about it all the time and neglecting other important issues and stories.

Imagine if the Revolutionary Army rationalized things like you do.

I can’t compare myself to others because on their scale they are winning and on my scale I am, but I still want to bury them.

I can’t imagine God caring about athletic performance or acting more than anything else.

Legalize MDMA.

Senator Mitch McConnell is a descendant of a Confederate soldier. Perhaps that is why President Trump has been fighting for Confederate statues and monuments.

Facebook is suffering a good deal to stand up for the freedom of speech. Shout out to Facebook and fuck companies that are trying to control them.

I don’t want to do business with any of the companies that are in the Facebook advertising boycott. I am boycotting them.

The difference between me and the fools on MSNBC and CNN is they just repeat their condemning opinions and I make coherent arguments to support my positions.

Americans are fools with horrible judgment, so if you have a lot of social media followers what do you think that says about you? I don’t think it says what you think it says.

June 29, 2020

Governor Ron DeSantis is a fool and he clearly is not who he thinks he is.

“No mask, no ride.”
“That’s what she said.”

I like minorities and knowing what they are up to and not just the extremists or the lawbreakers.

In a few years white people will be the minority.

Mississippi, congratulations on voting to change your weird flag, but “In God we trust” is a saying and not an emblem. Why don’t you use your previous flag or have a flag drawing contest and pick one?

President Trump said an anonymous source told the New York Times that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and he cited an unnamed employee that told him the intel was not credible.

President Trump said the intel he says he did not get that said Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers is not credible, so he agrees with Russia and the Taliban.

Reportedly, there is no such thing as herd immunity in relation to coronaviruses which is evidenced by their reoccurrence.

For where two or three gather, in my name there am I with them, the coronavirus

Let’s not pretend like we are cut from the same cloth, Jesus

When I want you to die you will die, God

Deranged rich people sometimes let something horrible happen if they think they won’t get caught, so they can feel needed and fix the problem like a hero because they think it will put them in everybody’s good graces. I think it would be wise to watch President Trump and everything that is happening in the country and the world very closely until the election.

Alex Azar is dishonest and has mixed up priorities.

Americans are very susceptible to liars right now.

I got along with all sorts of people in school. Sometimes my cool guy friends saw me talking to ugly ducklings that I liked and then they talked to them too. I thought that was cool because some of my friends were in different cliques, but I transcended them because I liked almost everybody for different reasons.

Sometimes I don’t like somebody that everybody else likes and when that happens I am tickled by people’s reaction.

“I like how you’re not afraid of catching the virus. Are you a Fox News Republican?” - rejected pickup lines

It’s funny how the mainstream media is quoting dead, old and young black men and women and giving them credit for forcing the recent societal changes, but they are largely dependent on white people because white people are the majority in elected offices and the ones with the most money and power in the U.S. Without white people wanting the changes being made most of them would not be made.

Whether it’s true or not White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave a pretty good reason why President Trump did not not receive the intel about Russia allegedly paying bounties to the Taliban for killing American troops. She said he does not get bad intel and it was bad intel.

Shouldn’t your lifestyle be your protest not your clickbait?

The mainstream media and the Democratic Party would be thrilled to convince some conservative military voters that they should not vote for President Trump.

Why doesn't somebody ask how they knew the intel about Russian bounties was bad and who made that determination?

Sometimes you must throw the baby out with the bath water.

“Does your underwear match your mask?” - rejected pickup lines

Reportedly, Los Angeles county has 10 million people and 100,000 of them have been diagnosed with NC19.

900 NC19 cases have been confirmed in Hawaii and 18 people have died in Oahu and Maui. Kauai has had 37 cases.

Reportedly, there have been 2,681,811 confirmed cases of NC19 in the U.S. and 128,783 deaths from COVID-19.

Reportedly, there have been 10,409,239 confirmed cases of NC19 in the world and 508,084 deaths from COVID-19.

Sometimes the media finds somebody that is considered an expert in their field or at least a reputable source and they report something that people want to hear regardless of its merit.

June 30, 2020

People that use time and energy to loathe somebody probably have good reasons.

If you want people that you have never met to hate you, then keep polluting like you do and they will.

I think it is safe to say that young people do not watch CNN.

Americans think they must do a lot of things that I refuse to do.

Politicians know how to read out loud well.

Deroy Murdoch is ignorant about Crazy Horse.

I decided to stop caring about what anything is named. Change your name if you want. I don’t care. You gotta pick your battles and this one truly does not matter.

I think it would be wise for different types of people to respond to 9-1-1 calls depending on the situation and I think the police would agree.

I think sending kids back to school in the fall is unwise and will result in spreading NC19 to vulnerable populations and it will increase COVID-19 deaths.

I don’t think you can compare the COVID-19 epidemic in the U.S. to the COVID-19 epidemic in any other country. It is extraordinarily and exponentially worse here.

I think the people that want to rush kids back to school are irresponsible and ultimately motivated by money because they actually want to send the parents back to work despite the risks.

Senator Rand Paul is reckless, unwise and ignores data he doesn’t like and affirms data he likes regarding COVID-19.

Debating unbelievers on Usenet taught me how people refer to religious people and now I use the same words they called me which were accurate to call religious people because I am not religious anymore.

You may not understand if you are religious or if you have never been religious, but religious people are the dumbest people on earth.

I have not eaten a product that came from a cow in years and if I never eat one again it will be too soon.

Maybe you should try to leave cows alone.

Some diseases in America are due to Americans’ addiction to cow products.

I think about 1/3 of the country listens to President Trump. About 1/3 will listen to him if he knows what he is talking about and about 1/3 won’t listen to him.

The U.S. military is controlled and directed by Zionism and money.

Was Hannity always unwatchable?

Today Sean Hannity broadcasted some video clips of Joe Biden speaking not to discuss his political views or critique his vision for America, but to make fun of him and belittle him.

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