Search for wisdom like lost treasure and you will find it.

March 9, 2020 10:47 AM HST - Posted by Jason

February 2020 Quotes

(The newest quotes are at the bottom.)

Some people are too stupid to be ashamed.

Faith prevents change.

The only epiphany I expect you to have is discovering your own depravity.

You can’t tell somebody is Hawaiian by looking at them.

Misplaced anger fuels everything.

She’s beautiful, but she comes from a family of horrible liars.

Some people are dependent like house cats.

I have not eaten fast food in about a decade.

I have lost about 20 pounds since September 1, 2020. I am getting into the best shape of my life and you should too.

Pondering which social media company I should use is like wondering which company I should let steal my data.

I can’t even watch a 5-minute comedy segment on YouTube from a TV show without a low-key, covert ad sponsor being embedded in it.

I pity every social media company and their pathetic quest to steal users' data and sell them crap.

If a homeless person pities you, you must be fucking pitiful.

Imagine if President Trump braggs about his accomplishments, belittles others and shows disdain for the truth on Tuesday at the State of the Union Speech and on Wednesday the majority of Republican senators agree that he committed an impeachable offense and vote to impeach him from office.

Sometimes prosecutors can’t catch a criminal committing a major crime although they know he committed several, so they find a lesser charge that they can convict him on and it serves to punish the offender for the crimes he got away with.

American Christians are extremists and they are in denial about the effects of their pollution because they generally don’t lift a finger to make any lifestyle changes despite anything they hear in the news or from scientists about climate change. Bible prophecy teacher Chuck Missler said Christians would lead the environmental movement though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they do nothing for a long time and made some extreme changes when it’s almost too late.

I am not afraid of any fucking coronavirus and I think I will probably die from a hangnail before the “2019 Novel Coronavirus” which I am sure your flu shot does not protect against. I refuse to waste one second of my time reading or watching anything about it. Put it into perspective. Reportedly, about 36,000 people die in the U.S. each year from the flu. About 36,500 people die in the U.S. each year from automobile accidents. Fewer than 300 people worldwide have died from this coronavirus. The media loves the attention though and they are happy to scare the shit out of you as long as you watch their broadcast.

I would rather vote for Amy Klobuchar than Elizabeth Warren. Warren seems like the grandma that will say anything to be popular and I think she lacks personal morals and an original vision.

I don’t think it is fair for the government to run up a $23 trillion debt and then specifically tax the richest Americans’ wealth. Why should they be penalized for making money? Why should the government get a free pass for squandering $23 trillion? What are they going to do with this money? Raising the 1%’s income tax and closing loopholes makes sense, but taxing money that Americans have in the bank feels like anathema to me.

President Trump’s impeachment trial in the House of Representatives and the Senate would have been very different if the U.S. was not dominated by a biased, two-party system.

Our leaders don’t have enough integrity to fix the biggest problems.

Is anybody dignified?

You eat food I wouldn’t give to animals or put in landfills.

Morons don’t connect with friends, family or nature when I see them in public because they are busy fooling around with their cell.

I have to say what I say because I keep seeing it over and over.

I feel gratified every time I make a righteous judgment and somebody proves me right again.

Imagine if everybody refused to burn fossil fuels. How long do you think it would take for governments and businesses to change and sell people things that don’t destroy life on Earth?

One time I visited Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday and walked on all the rides without waiting in line.

I have never worn makeup or a beret.

Does record heat in your city or town inspire you to consider making lifestyle changes?

If you hate the truth, then maybe you are living a lie.

If Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are elected president on November 3, 2020 we may see a lot of extremely rich people move their money overseas before the president is sworn in on January 20, 2021.

The two impeachment trial votes (one in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate) make little sense to me. The House of Representatives requires a majority vote to impeach the president and there are 435 seats (218 votes impeach). The Senate requires a two-thirds majority vote and there are 100 seats (67 votes impeach). Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming have one representative and two senators. In those seven states (14% of the U.S.) the single representative has roughly as much power as the two senators except for in the impeachment vote. The representative in those states accounts for .2% of the total impeachment vote in the House. The two senators in those states account for 2% of the total impeachment vote. Is that fair?

Survival isn’t elusive for people that want to survive more than anything else.

You might think that your sins do not affect anybody, but they do. They always affect somebody.

The first thing I am going to do after I get my inheritance is fire the gardener unless he uses electric tools and give organic chemicals to the house cleaner..

When comments are turned off in YouTube videos and Instagram stories I think it is safe to assume that they have gotten an extraordinary amount of hateful messages.

When I was a kid my dad told my mom that the words “For Sale By Owner” that we saw on a sign as we drove around town was actually a company and she believed him until he said he was joking.

If you offend or harm me with your behavior I won’t be silent about it. It also may cause me to be brutally honest about everybody’s behavior in the vicinity.

If you are overweight or short it would be wise to avoid even considering a fight with me because you will lose.

He can’t judge your sorry ass because he is a sorry ass.

Don’t believe your delusion. I don’t.

Is social media a good place to be left the hell alone?

I think the more money you have the less you like Bernie Sanders.

The Salt Lake City airport in Utah was the whitest place that I have ever been.

Reportedly 7 of the last 9 Democratic presidential candidates won the Iowa caucuses.

The majority of society thinks we are gonna die, so guess what we’re gonna do.

Do some Democrats think Bernie Sanders is unelectable?

Imagine if people have been spying on Americans to know their reaction to the presidential candidates.

I wish the police would ticket more people in Maui, but I could probably say that anywhere in the U.S.

Do people think Donald Trump is conservative?

Who loves you more than the person that wants you to be a better person?

Today it smelled like dead chickens and oil downwind from the new Jollibee. Totally gross. Cringe.

I just wanna lap you a few ore times before I go Jesus

I married an Asian guy to a blonde girl. I hope they are happy.

I can’t read what I can’t respond to.

Are you sure she’s a woman? She hasn’t made a man of you yet.

Republican senators are saying President Trump was impeached in the House in a partisan manner and that may be true on the surface, but Mitt Romney simply voted to hear witnesses in the senate trial and CPAC uninvited him.

Who would each Democratic presidential candidate pick for a Vice President?

It feels like Maui could benefit with its own representative in Congress. One representative for two islands and part of another island is a lot of work. We are hundreds of miles apart and there is an ocean. No other district is gerrymandered like that.

Why don’t the members of Congress vote on impeachment with a secret ballot?

I would be surprised if the three elderly Democratic presidential candidates aren’t running out of duty and happy to rally behind any of the major candidates to beat President Trump.

Which percentage of the things people say is actually true?

My back needs to be cracked and I know how to adjust it. Sometimes I say, "the chiropractcor has taught you well."

I don’t know how the Democratic presidential candidate could beat Pence, but I know how he or she could beat Trump.

How does Madonna get it?

I met a woman that looked like my great grandma Alice a few days ago and she was from Germany. I should have asked her what Übermensch meant in German and if I am one.

I didn’t want the wall because I’m racist. I wanted the wall to protect racists. Big difference.

I don’t support raising income tax on the 1% because I hate the rich or want to bilk them. I support it because it worked in the past. The highest income tax rate was around 80% before America started going into tremendous debt.

Sometimes the Apple iPad changes a word that I correctly spell to one or two totally different words.

Is the dog that barks the loudest the one that got hit?

If I told you to fuck up the place faster you wouldn’t know how.

You would have to drive down the street emptying a bag of garbage to pollute the planet more than you already do.

Juan Guaido has never been the president one day of his life. The people hardly knew who he was, then they saw him as an American pawn and now they dislike him and think he is impotent.

Who in the hell won your weird game?

A lot of people compare apples and oranges.

How do we know whether or not we are in a simulation?

Sometimes I prefer to avoid showing unregeneration people my tricks.

I think Senator Romney will be misunderstood, but he was right to vote for President Trump’s impeachment.

Jesus, people with terrible discernment and bad judgment don’t like me either.

The things I say seem to shape my experience.

Perhaps people in the future will live in a simulation.

I weigh about as much as I did in my freshman year of high school.

Does Bernie Sanders have any clothes that are older than Mayor Pete?

Are you going to fuck up all day?

You all look the same and I’m not just talking to the Asians.

Do you feel like you could do anything too?

I have no notifications on and anytime I go anywhere my devices are in airplane mode.

If you stare at your cell phone for more than a minute or two I may think you are a fool with no life that wastes lots of time.

After the government runs everything in Bernie Sanders’ second term they should at least be allowed to buy organic soap from local businesses.

I think the worst things that Donald Trump did regarding his impeachment accusations were withholding a lot of Congressionally mandated money that could have cost lives in Ukraine (I’d be shocked if 0 U.S. soldiers are there), doing it to go after somebody that is not working for the government (Joe Biden) and disallowing several people to testify. Why don’t the Republicans nominate somebody else?

Should I get a Mitt Romney tattoo?

Chelsea feels it. You have a big part of me in Chelsea.

He’s a type of them. How are they going to overthrow him?

I understand President Trump’s voice because my father and I had a similar voice.

“I'm just here to eat these nuts."
"That's what she said."

Can somebody run their hands through Brooke Baldwin's hair?

Making people that you don’t like look like idiots is a favorite American pastime. Don’t Google Santorum (although they’ve tried to clean it up).

Some fools are waiting to be controlled by morons.

One thing that makes Bill Clinton’s impeachment different than Donald Trump’s impeachment is Clinton apologized. Historically I think a sincere apology has went a long way with most Americans.

Ancestry.com is owned by Mormons and Mormons think that American Indians are related to an ancient Hebrew prophet named Lehi through his son Laman. They say they sailed to the Americas around 600 B.C.

I get tired of seeing the same faces all the time and I imagine they do too.

Try browsing while blocking all cookies. Some websites won’t work at all.

Apparently the Democratic presidential candidate needs 1,991 delegates to win the nomination. After 97% reporting in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg has 550 delegates and Bernie Sanders has 547. Sanders is about 2,500 votes ahead by popular vote.

Lots of plastic waste including microbeads are washing up on the windward shore of Oahu, Hawaii. People in Kailua are cleaning their beaches, but they can’t get it all. I don’t think the plastic was used in Hawaii or disposed of by Hawaii’s occupants.

Do Hawaiians love Las Vegas (they call it the 9th island), San Francisco (lots of 49ers fans) and the Pacific Northwest the most because they are the most liberal places that they can find on a map?

Why do all of your gods make the place filthy? Why don’t any of your gods clean the place? Why don’t your gods know how to clean anything?

It’s so beautiful outside, but you are so ugly.

I think people would have a very hard time guessing what I am upset about most of the time.

“It sucks that I have to be anywhere near you people.”
“That’s what Jesus said after about three years of street ministry and 40 days after the crucifixion.”

In U.S. politics it looks like liberal Catholics, Protestants and Jews are aligned against conservative Catholics, Protestants and Jews. There are some exceptions, but not many. I think liberal Catholics and Jews dominate the Democratic Party and conservative Protestants dominate the Republican Party.

Donald Trump picked two conservative Catholic men as Supreme Court justices although one of them looks like he might have drifted toward Protestant Christianity.

The U.S. House of Representatives (435 total seats) has 382 representatives (88%) that identify as Christians and 234 are Protestants and 137 are Catholics.

If the Democratic Party wanted to hold up the results of the Iowa caucuses to take the temperature of the gay community’s support for Pete Buttigieg I think they pulled it off.

“What are you up to?”
“Just saving.”
“Jesus is that all you do?”

Which bodily functions are you people ashamed of again?

Pretentiousness protects everything.

I respect the dead every day.

ABC has been broadcasting more segments on “2019 Novel Coronavirus” than any other station I subscribe to on YouTube (which is a lot). I haven’t seen any of them.

Intro exists, but Outro does not exist. Use Coda instead.

Which percentage of short people do you think have a Napoleon complex?

Imagine if the U.S. government was relieved after Edward Snowden’s revelations broke because it meant they were going to get away with a lot of stuff.

My mom valued cleanliness a lot. She cleaned every table before she sat down. When she left the hospital they complimented her on how clean and perfect everything looked (e.g. the bed was made, trash was removed, etc.). Sometimes in grocery stores she would turn labels one direction on all the cans. That might be unrelated.

My mom liked me cleaning the table before we sat down. She said it was because I had long arms. I never minded. I always liked going out with her.

Ultimately you and only you will be responsible for how long you live.

When I was trying to upload some graphics a few days ago at Safeway in Kahului my Pictures' main index.htm file disappeared out of the blue. I wasn't even using it. I restored it in about an hour from a backup file.

Imagine having to be ready to fight anybody at any time because you live so radically different and you are fed up with people killing it.

Just because you have adopted and developed a passive lifestyle it doesn’t mean that I have to live that way.

President Trump would rather fire Democrats and non-partisans that are working for the government and replace them than work with them or let them do their job.

Is Conan O’Brien trying to deter people from voting for Bernie Sanders with his horrible impressions? 4 more years of that? Damn.

I think Joe Biden was the #1 Democratic presidential candidate before President Trump's accusations about his alleged behavior in Ukraine and he was the #4 Democratic candidate (13.7%) at the Iowa caucuses.

When Americans get free healthcare we will have other countries to thank because they did it first.

Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden the only two candidates that have said they will cure cancer if we elect them? Wasn’t that always the biggest whopper one could tell?

I think the impeachment process favors the president and makes it difficult to impeach a president especially if most of the House of Representatives and most of the Senate agree on impeachment.

If you don't think satellites spy on us, then what do you think they are doing?

How many satellites are in space without any identifying marks?

You act differently based on which day it is, but I am the same every day.

When it rains do you have more in common with the rainmaker or the filth maker?

Is anything besides organic vegetarian food not killing and destroying?

Breathing vehicle exhaust gives me an upset stomach when I fast, so I try to avoid it even more than usual.

People always want to talk to somebody that isn’t talking to them.

“You can read that again!” - Democratic presidential candidate debate

Imagine if Bernie Sanders was the only one listening.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like the dead warmed over?” - rejected debate question

Now back to your regularly scheduled lying and bullshit.

Did somebody give you my mom’s nose? She used to say people told her she had a perfect nose and she told me I had one too.

If you shoot your gun in the bush your bullet belongs to the bush.

All it takes is one moron to make another moron think they’re not a moron.

I increasingly and deliberately don’t consider nonsense that is attempting to deter me.

Do you think more people do the same things and go the same places each day or do more change their routine on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays?

I hate Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Victorino, Brian Schatz, Mazie Hirono and David Ige more every day for the way they have let Maui become. At least Kirk Caldwell got things done eventually.

People that drive gas-powered vehicles are either in denial about the effects of their pollution or they are oblivious to it. If their windows are rolled up, then they may not be breathing it, so they can seem aloof.

The people that need to fight back the most are being lied to the most.

I would be concerned that Tulsi Gabbard would make the mainland look like Kahului, Maui, but I don’t think she ever comes here, so the U.S. should be ok.

I had a short essay on free speech on my website's main page from 2015-2019. During that time Twitter suspended me three times for tweets and banned me altogether. When Twitter bans somebody every tweet they ever made is deleted. About a dozen subreddits banned me too.

I think people that have it good don’t see how it could be better.

When I vaporized marijuana flowers with an herbal vaporizer it filled inflation bags. It was a great way to do it because it cooled it and it didn’t burn because you could set the temperature. There was no waste and I made pot butter with the used product (vaped marijuana buds). Vapir made the one that I bought several times and it was like the original Volcano, but it was portable (with an electrical cable) and half the price.

When I vaporized marijuana into inflation bags and inhaled it, I realized it was an expectorant and a great one. It helped get mucous out of my lungs. Cleaned them right out.

Sometimes I use organic green tea instead of bong water in my bubbler.

Unrepentant people trample on everybody’s grace and patience.

Imagine if fast food drive-thrus could give fix-it tickets for gross smog offenders.

Giving black Americans money and nobody else money doesn’t sound like reparations. It sounds like racism.

Has the U.S.’ military presence in Afghanistan prevented a 200-million-man army descending toward Israel from China? China shares a border with Afghanistan and has a military that big.

Idiots assume.

Some depressed people make me feel depressed.

A Jollibee fast food restaurant recently opened by a McDonalds that I visit for WiFi and they always have a line around the building because they have a small dining area. Employees at McDonalds (noticeably the older women) keep staring at them through the window for long periods of time and showing signs of depression though. No joke. They have even done a poorer job cleaning everything lately.

After I moved to Oahu in 2014, Howard Hughes built the 36-story Waiea apartments in Ala Moana that blocked the beach and the sun from view at Starbucks and thereabouts. It literally blocked out the sun and I could no longer tell whether the sunset was going to be visible or behind clouds.

I moved to Maui in 2016 for a few months, then I moved back in 2019. In that time they haven’t done anything to fix Alamaha St. in Kahului between Dairy Rd. and E. Wakea Rd. and it is a dangerous disaster (and a literal dump) especially when it rains.

When a road is undeveloped and in disrepair without lights, sidewalks, drainage, etc. for years it makes you wonder if your representative in Congress has ever walked or ridden on it. The next thing you wonder is whether or not the representative thought it was acceptable (which it isn’t), didn’t care enough to do anything about it or were too inept or impotent to fix it. Perhaps all of the above is true.

Some people like to call Ala Moana Kakaako, but they are two different (neighboring) towns (or “districts”) in South Honolulu, Oahu. Ala Moana has been recognized as a poorer town with lots of homeless people and tough locals. Kakaako has been recognized as a richer town with wall art, hipsters, cafes, etc. Ala Moana is to Ocean Beach what Kakaako is to La Jolla Shores.

It probably looks like what it is.

What do some people think is honoring to God about calling Jesus God?

One day Ronald McDonald will probably be a woman.

Every analogy wears thin eventually.

Sometimes when I see somebody with their head buried in their cell phone, quickly walking somewhere and frantically looking up over and over, I say, “Sacajawea?”

I have disabled cookies (Settings/Safari/Privacy & Security/Block All Cookies) and many websites won’t work anymore. Wikipedia, PayPal, GoDaddy and others will deliver a partial website and fail to log you in over and over.

Reverse racism doesn’t fix racism.

Some people are so gross they make me lose my train of thought.

It will be hard for the Democrats to beat Donald Trump’s rhetoric on the economy because they have been lying about it too.

The generation that was just happy to be alive gave birth to the generation that wants to live and breathe forever.

Your worldview happens to be good for your wallet. Is that a coincidence?

If you work full-time and are broke it isn’t because they take .10 cents a day from your taxes for the EBT food stamps program that feeds tens of millions of Americans. However, if the government (USDA) wants to approve everything that’s on shelves and call it food (which I don’t) they should probably give EBT to everybody so Americans can buy the best quality food that they can.

Some religious people will bait you.

I imagine a murderer’s mind is a horrible place to live in.

Nobody wants to admit that their lifestyle needs to change.

One thing I learned shortly after moving to Hawaii is that many Asians are sadists.

I think sadism is distasteful to me because my name means healer which is the opposite.

“I like your slow character.”
“Which one?”
“All of them!”

When I was in high school, I had a couple of college sweatshirts and one of them said Notre Dame. In my senior year of high school Notre Dame sent me a letter offering me a soccer scholarship at their school.

Missing the mark by a few inches feels like missing the mark by miles to me.

People that burn coal in their sleep and burn gasoline to the health food store to buy food that is not organic every day are worse than people that do the same thing and go to McDonalds. At least the people at McDonalds sort of realize how bad their shit smells as they both totally miss the mark.

Is there a better chance that Apple’s Instagram by Facebook Application Update has a patch to protect me from a hacker or coding that hacks me?

I’m not a big fan of taxing businesses more money. It seems to affect the most successful businesses the most. Also, the cost will inevitably be passed along to the consumers (higher prices for products) and the government (paying unemployment insurance after layoffs). The employees that get paid by the business pay income tax and that includes everybody and it can be a lot. Businesses also have to pay other taxes and get permits, licenses and insurance sometimes. Some businesses will probably go out of business and there will be more acquisitions and fewer choices eventually.

Driving in the rain is like lighting a trash fire in a car wash.

When there have been too many taxes or laws affecting businesses they have moved to a different state or even a different country to get around them and get more favorable treatment (e.g. very low minimum wage in parts of China and Apple took advantage of it, assembling things in Mexico, etc.).

If the government cared and had its shit together we’d be driving electric cars that connect to free charging stations that use 100% renewable energy sources (if we were to be best).

I am not sure what a lying dog-faced pony soldier is, but I am pretty sure that I don't want to be one.

The type of gift somebody gives says something about them.

Does organic cat food even exist? I want to start a GoFundme for organic cat food to feed the strays in Kahului. I can’t even find it online though.

I don’t need or want a penny from any of you and I have made that clear on social media too. If zero of you give me one penny or buy any of my books I will be absolutely fine. I don’t do or say anything I do or say to get money and that’s the way I am.

I enjoy writing and publishing books of quotes, poems, stories, haikus, etc. and if you like them, then that's fine. I never write anything to be liked or sold though.

If you ever see my father's house you will realize that you have been living in a dump.

The most judgmental pricks fail to judge themselves very well.

The loser’s logic is short-sighted and selfish.

Joe Biden called a questioner a lying, dog-faced pony soldier which was weird, but he was right about the lying part. She admitted to lying later.

The people that want to know what you say the most can use software to monitor updates to your website.

Does everybody’s lifestyle involve somebody else not doing their job?

If the government cared we’d be driving electric cars that connect to free charging stations that use 100% renewable energy sources if they had their shit together if we were to be best.

Candidates that spend money on ads on liberal mainstream media stations could benefit from the advertising whether it works or not if they control the numbers and don’t cite their sources (or use shady ones).

How should I couch it is the story of my life, Jesus

I have liked most of the people that the president has attacked and put down.

Mike Bloomberg is tuned into some of reality because he runs a news outlet. Whether he is liberal, conservative or just nuts is anybody’s guess.

Millions of people die every year from air pollution, but “scientists” want to call it global warming and then climate change and now they want you to worry about icebergs melting and butterflies being displaced instead of the real issues.

I should have taught myself how to write with my left hand a long time ago.

Bernie Sanders is literally talking to the 1% (1.6%) in New Hampshire. He is vying for 33 Democratic Party delegates and he needs 1,991 to win. The president has fingered a few fools.

If Billie Eilish keeps her hairstyle a few more months kids will probably buy wigs like it for Halloween.

You don’t need a bad villain act if your normal self is sufficiently horrible.

You can’t do the right math with the wrong numbers.

A good poker is very useful.

The most liberal members of the conservative Christians churches she attended liked her, but not everybody did.

Who knows what kind of horrible decisions she has made since I saw her last.

If you have a vehicle would it be wise to get lots of groceries as infrequently as possible and when you are already out to save on gas?

I like things about all the Democratic presidential candidates although I wish we had a viable 3rd party or no parties at all.

44% of all statistics are made up on the spot. I just made that up on the spot.

CNN played a graphic last night during Don Lemon’s show that had four Democratic Party presidential candidates with 22.2%.

There are fewer things to throw me off balance at the sea.

It can be easier to live without what you don’t think about.

The ascended masters knew how to disappear.

Jack N the Box and McDonalds doesn’t smell like food. I haven’t eaten it in a decade and I have been eating organic food for the last 6-7 years.

The iPhone does not have to say No SIM 24/7. I don’t care. I don’t want a SIM.

My dad would crack jokes when we went out and sometimes may mom would ask him if he could be serious for a minute.

Veganism is about abstaining from eating animals not about environmentalism or even optimal health. People should stop acting like it’s admirable because it’s the bare minimum when you start to give a shit.

Gelatin can be derived from plant or animal sources, so it should specify on ingredients lists.

I always smell great, but the places I go don’t smell so great sometimes.

“You’re giving me a rash.” - what my mom would say when I’d exasperate her although she would usually laugh a little and stare over her glasses at me and say her mom used to say that to her

Have you ever considered that Jesus may have had a terminal illness like cancer? I have for many years. I just considered something else.

Maybe his biological father with the big house had a terminal illness and he was the only child.

Somebody poll Christians and ask them if they didn’t believe in Heaven (or a magical “New Earth”) would they treat the Earth better.

Does anybody think that a vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for an eventual one-world government?

Self-absorbed people imagine that they are being affirmed by people when they are not.

I’m not sure which type of person makes conservative Christian Republicans recoil the most, a homosexual or somebody that might relinquish 1% of American sovereignty.

If Bernie Sanders bans “assault rifles” I don’t think he will assemble a police force to get them, but it could prevent sales of new and old ones though. He could probably even make it illegal for gun owners with Armalite rifles to shoot them and buy ammunition.

"What's the song about?"
"It's about guitar licks, hooks and solos."

I think some of the things that President Trump has done have resembled things that we have seen from dictators in Africa and South America.

I don’t think the system failed us with the impeachment of Donald Trump. It worked as intended. In a situation where the Democrats in the House of Representatives have a majority and impeach him and the Republicans have a majority in the Senate and vote against impeachment (for instance) he walks. Whoever designed the impeachment rules probably considered what happened. In a situation where it’s a virtual tie the president stays in office.

People are not used to being honestly judged and rightly disliked.

I am not at my best if you approach me when I am about to sleep, asleep or awake for only a few minutes.

Losers tell themselves a lot of bullshit stories.

Nobody pities anybody more than I pity ewe.

Old people are lucky that their kids bow down to their gods. Imagine if they didn’t. Imagine if they hated all of them.

After I lost about 20 pounds I felt like I could walk further and I was right.

I think this generation underestimates the number of people in the future that will be understanding about their choices and lifestyle now.

They like you because you worship their nonsense too.

Let me guess. You want a lot of credit for half-assing it?

You don’t compete with the bullshit they value. You compete with what’s inside of you.

No matter how much I transcend it all I still relate to God more than you and I know you are doing a terrible job of trying to be like God if you are trying at all.

The dumber you act, the dumber you look.

Homeless people line the streets by the library in Kahului where there are two churches (one Protestant and one Mormon) with gigantic, green, grassy yards. It would be nice if they would let the homeless people use them if they want. Otherwise, it looks like God demands big, vacant, grassy yards especially with the scripture sign above it.

Dozens of homeless people in Kahului could use a storage unit for their stuff. When I was in Honolulu, I asked Mayor Caldwell to give them vouchers or something. There were tent cities in Ala Moana.

I ended my first GoFundme campaign early because I didn’t want it to continue. Since mid-2012 when I hit the street, I have avoided asking anybody for a penny. I felt like this campaign was too close to asking somebody for money even though it was specifically for organic food. I think it also says something about the way people think they are broke and their disregard for organic food too, but I digress.

I want to do a GoFundme campaign for organic cat food for the stray cats I see in Kahului. I eat organic food, so why shouldn't they? It's better for them and the environment. It’s too bad the crazy cat lady doesn’t care.

I told Chris Pratt I hope like hell that his vehicle was PNO when he was homeless in Los Angeles.

I have never pretended to talk into a cell phone.

“I have to kill everything. I have a family to feed.”

Out of the next billion people that are born how any of them do you think will understand and appreciate your lifestyle? How about the next billion?

I have decided to write two sets of posthumous poetry, but I haven’t written any yet.

You make bad decisions daily.

I usually don’t read poems, blogs and even books that I write after I publish them. What I write could be my opinion, mood, hyperbole or just the God’s honest truth. Sometimes moods and even opinions change though.

If you commit the same sins over and over isn’t that the definition of unregenerate?

It’s just one ugly, puke-worthy person after the next.

Some brown-skinned people treat white-skinned people differently in Hawaii (either better or worse).

I tweeted Dennis Prager 58 times when I was on Twitter. It was mostly during the time I listened to parts of his radio shows on AM radio in 2012-2014 when I lived in Long Beach, California. I listened to AM/FM radio everywhere, but I digress. I am going to read my tweets and consider putting screenshots of them on my website. I had lots of concerns. Yesterday Prager was the subject of a segment on Samantha Bee's show.

Have you ever visited a place that you knew was going to be underwater? I have. Key West, Florida.

Do you know what your carbon footprint is? Have you ever calculated it?

I don’t want to hear about the president or any presidential hopefuls every day. I would like to hear the news though.

The Democratic Presidential candidates are like a case of hemorrhoids that you learn to live with.

I have seen one McDonalds employee leaving Watchtower Magazines on tables and I throw them in the garbage whenever I see them.

Does the other chicken place employ different cultists?

It's a shame that the U.S. has a president that acts like pollution is a joke. Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency in favor of businesses seems unwise. Fighting California's vehicle efficiency standards is stupid. Forsaking the world with no alternative plan except, "buy our fossil fuels and weapons" is sad.

The Bible is creepy and inappropriate for children if you think about it. There is justified genocide, racism, sexism, polygamy, justified murder, etc. A lot of it is actually pretty horrifying.

Does being passive solve anything?

Being passive around people that will take advantage of you could be a deadly combo.

Remember that America’s vision is to slowly die all drugged up.

Seemingly everybody gets to bend the rules in their own way for at least a little while.

When you get closer to your goal you may realize how far off you actually were.

I got a raw deal from Yelp. I only left honest reviews and I never left a fake review. However, they censored some of my reviews and rejected others. They also relegated several of my music students’ reviews to some back page people had to hunt to find because they joined Yelp to write my review. I thought that was a good thing, so I stopped using Yelp and started reviewing businesses on my website.

If you submit information that you have worked on to any website it would be wise to save a copy of it.

I was married to an American-Palestinian, Lebanese, Armenian woman for 10 years and she spoke in Armenian to her grandma, mom, aunts and sister on the phone and in person. It never bothered me and I got used to it like background noise.

Something strange about me: crying babies or children don’t bother me.

When I literally lost faith in the Christian churches to do anything about the environmental issues we are facing I contacted Dan Barker at the Freedom From Religion Foundation to ask him what his team was doing.

“Taking the LORD’s name in vain” has nothing to do with language. It isn’t saying, “God damn.” Taking the LORD’s name in vain is actually hypocrisy. It’s what Christians in America do today. Taking the LORD’s name (e.g. Christian) in vain (e.g. being complacent).

If American Christians were living victorious lives wouldn't every one of them stand up to President Trump and say, "We don't talk that way and we don't act that way"?

We are all like guinea pigs that are being tested.

Live any way you want. Just don’t kill me with the way you live.

Is Hawaii the only place where an Asian person from anywhere could come and look at white people down their nose like, “Why are you here?” and get away with it?

Sometimes I am literal to a fault.

It should be obvious that I don't want what you have. I haven't had it or asked for it in eight years. If I wanted it I would have it.

Sometimes I slowly count to 0 from 10 and then I know I am not being impatient.

One reason I attended college for so many years is the chairs. They were good for my back.

I am sure somebody will listen to all of President Trump’s calls whether he likes it or not.

Some of us have a real mansion awaiting us and some people have an imaginary one.

Imagine if journalists also reported the medications somebody took and procedures they had performed when they report on the death.

Sometimes I see Father Time in Kahului, Maui, but we don’t hang out.

Living outside makes it obvious how disgusting people are making it on a regular basis.

How do you think people in the future are going to characterize American adults that are alive today?

I deleted the MSNBC application because it makes me turn on Location Services and after I turn it on it acts like it isn’t on. It did this with my iPad and iPhone. There’s nothing else that I can do. It’s sad that it's so bad.

With increased persecution there is increased transcending.

Sometimes it feels like there is a fine line between being crucified and crowned king.

How would you expect somebody to talk to the last filthy generation? Like you’re not like a bunch of pigs? If you weren’t like a bunch of pigs destroying life on Earth, then everybody wouldn’t know that we need to change to renewable energy.

Repeat offenders make righteous judges look good.

“What is the worst thing about homelessness?”

I wish the only difference between you and me was that I slept outside for eight hours.

Being passive looks like lying to me.

Imagine how different you would be if you actually cared about the environment.

Nobody else can tell you what nobody knows.

Impotent people know all sorts of trick to make others think they have power.

I know the vehicles that park on my street better than anybody.

The only number I can dial on my phone is 9-1-1. The last time I dialed it in Kahului the Maui Police Department was there within 1-2 minutes.

It’s beautiful outside even though you look like an idiot.

Judge everybody by their carbon footprint.

I am not on Facebook or Twitter for a reason. The people that use those mediums are assholes. My presence is unique and there is no good reason to throw my pearls before swine again.

I grew up with enough rich friends that are still rich that if I wanted to I could mooch off them and never work another day of my life.

When you don’t want anything you can’t be controlled.

This generation that is polluting the planet and destroying life and the future is not just polluting, but they are preventing the world from changing to energy sources that do not pollute.

Who thinks you are a lying piece of shit?

If gay athletes are allowed to compete in the Olympics after using steroidal drugs and other enhancement drugs due to their transgender transition, then they should definitely let people use weed.

Regularly delete your cookies.

What some people forget about homeless people is they prevent theft.

There should be a code of clean conduct for homeless people. It could be like the Bible. You know. #FUBU

How in the hell am I gonna walk across the water, Jesus

Well, you know what the Bible says about a well-hung eunuch.

Gay people are as pathetic as straight people.

The last thing I give a shit about is what adults do with their genitals as long as they keep them away from minors.

Your carbon footprint and your lifestyle is infinitely more important than who you have sex with, get marriage tax credits with or sign life contracts with.

A pathetic government incentivizes stupid actions.

I think the Trump administration has built about a mile of new wall. However, some of the wall has fallen due to the wind. Nonetheless, there is an extremely long border and it needs various things to keep it safe. Open borders is unwise due to the depth and frequency that the U.S. government’s actions radicalize others that may come to harm Americans.

The people that I am expected to like the most are usually not the people I like the most.

I try to treat everybody equally.

When you decide what you will not tolerate you see what everybody else tolerates.

I don’t care about any of the shit you brag about.

You are going to have to shine your turds a lot brighter than that if you want to tempt or impress me.

Some people try to create needs in other people.

Imagine if the acts that you think are a little gross are actually repulsive, deadly, disgusting and unforgivable.

If I judge myself and others by any standard other than perfection I am a fool.

The things that I have disliked the most about Donald Trump’s presidency are his anti-environment actions (repealing what Obama did and gutting the EPA), being unable to establish a peace treaty with North Korea, leaving the Paris Climate Accords without a better plan, ending the Iranian nuclear deal without a better plan, endorsing a poor Israeli-Palestinian plan, dropping the biggest bomb we have besides a nuke, calling over 100 cases of traumatic brain injury nothing, failing to get Otto Warmbier, failing to work with Democrats, doing nothing about Mexico’s polluting into the U.S., calling Juan Guaido the president of Venezuela, etc.

If President Trump breaks laws while in office he probably won’t be charged with crimes, but after he leaves office he could be charged. In fact, the prosecution could be already mobilizing.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how bad something that somebody does is or if it’s even bad at all.

I hate hearing stories about horrible male gynecologists that do and say inappropriate things to women. Perhaps women should consider seeing a female gynecologist.

Why are there so many commercials on CNN and MSNBC? Do they have to play that many? What a waste of time and energy. There should be a way to skip or avoid them.

If sadists were killing you how would you know?

If your search results were being filtered how would you know?

Is everything you know tempered with nonsense?

“The jury’s still out about whether or not I have to be a responsible human being.”

Show me Facebook and Twitter users that are bragging about their solar panels and their electric vehicle because they have no carbon footprint and they only eat organic food, then I will reconsider how I feel about the people that use Facebook and Twitter and the gods that they praise.

President Trump’s supporters don’t care how ungodly he acts as long as he’s not a Democrat.

Republicans act like Democrats are going to give away all their money.

Today a pro-Pete Buttigieg voice on CNN with Anderson Cooper implied his weakness was pro-choice, but I think his weakness is his age and experience.

Encourage people that pour out their heart.

I am not intimated by pathetic sheeple. In fact, I look them in the eyes and judge them appropriately and accurately unlike most people do.

Some homeless people are ass-kissers because they want money.

I know what time the sprinklers come on.

I know where the cameras are and where they aren’t.

I know who breaks into the dumpster and steals recyclables at 3 a.m.

People in homes do a poor job of judging themselves and people without homes.

People that don’t know what’s going on don’t want to know.

I wouldn't be so different if ewe weren't so horrible.

I don’t simply hate every way you pollute, but I hate you for doing it.

The Bible says “hate evil”, so I am not surprised that a Catholic does the opposite like Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t not hate. Catholics think God wants them to do the opposite of what the Bible says a lot of times, but they think they are obeying God.

If a Christian says they do not hate they are being disobedient to God by disobeying the scriptures. I have always hated even when I was a Christian. However, I used to “hate the sin and love the sinner” and now I hate the sin and I love and hate the sinner.

If you eat fast food you are a fool.

If you are single and drive a SUV I will fight you. I usually don’t like hurting the mentally ill, but I have been taught to box idiots in a ring instead of taking matters into my own hands.

All it takes is one idiot to make another idiot think they are not an idiot.

All day people that fail to accurately judge themselves judge me.

People are so lost and so far from the truth that when I give them the bird as they sin and break biblical and local laws they still don't understand the message I am conveying.

I can tell which couples had a lame Valentine’s Day by the way the act the next day which happens to be today.

When I attended churches they acted like their biggest foes were gays, the Clintons, the liberal media, abortionists, etc.

People judge me with a trite "cool" all day every day, but I still don't trust their judgment and want them to judge themselves.

People don’t know how to encourage me, but that’s ok because I don’t need their encouragement and I encourage myself.

Most people don’t know how to transcend and rise above arrogant, prideful people, but I do.

Settle for shitty love and it could kill you.

If you look like you are living a defeated life, then you are probably discouraging others.

According to the Bible nobody “accepts Jesus” and gets saved. People must repent from their sins and believe and trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Mere acceptance is unbiblical.

Sometimes the drugs taken to treat the ailment are more harmful than the ailment.

I would like to formally debate a Christian with a resolution regarding Christian immorality or the lack of the Holy Spirit. "Christians are immoral" or "The Holy Spirit doesn't exist" are two possibilities. Email me if you are interested. It could be a written debate, phone debate or in-person debate. I have been in all different types of debates.

Fools defend poor decisions.

I know lots of homeless people, but none of them are righteous. They may be more righteous than people that burn coal though.

I have never had elective surgery, but it appears that many Hollywood celebrities have had work done (e.g. fat removal, plastic surgery, etc.).

People reveal their age and fitness level when they sit, stand and walk.

If you are overweight don’t bother trying to act like you aren’t. If you don’t like being overweight, then lose weight.

Most of the things in the American news today will never impact your life in any way, shape or form unless it scares or controls you.

Your electronic devices don’t make you a better person.

I said I would never vote for a Republican or Democrat presidential candidate, but after seeing how Republicans act it is hard to avoid supporting whoever challenges President Trump.

In about a month around 1,500 people in China (and four people outside of mainland China) have died from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (aka COVID-19). 36,000 people die from the flu in the U.S. each year which is 3,000 people a month on average. This means the ordinary flu viruses kill double the number of people in the U.S. every year.

It sucks when people that you wish would leave change seats and stay longer.

I have turned down free vehicles that pollute, so you are not going to impress me with your gas-burner. I will not envy the garbage you have either. You should grow up.

People are not used to a handsome man's righteous indignation regarding their behavior. They are used to digsuting people crying about their personal problems and pet issues.

I pity sinners.

Why and how do Christians insulate themselves from righteous judgments? You can’t run from the truth.

Who is going to protect me from the protectors?

You are going to have to shine a turd better than that Satan.

The bus system is so bad in Maui that it is impossible to travel to Haleakala on the bus and return in the same day. The bus only takes people within about 12 miles of the park, so if you visit by bus you will need to camp somewhere and return the next day.

What are the Hawaiians that cry about respect all the time respecting? Not Hawaii.

There are many ways to lose.

If you lost everything and had to start over what would you do?

I deal with idiots all day every day. She’s just an idiot with a little tiny of power.

A wicked generation only cares about itself.

If I start howling a song while I am listening to music you can blame Spotify Shuffle (aka God).

Fortunately there is no law against being disgusting and discouraging or else a lot of people would be in legal trouble.

Nobody has harmed Mauna Kea more than the protestors. They have caused over $12 million in damage and have harmed indigenous, endangered foliage.

Some people want to see you become greater, but others are intimidated by the prospect.

Jesus said, “Eli, Eli, why have you forsaken me?” on the cross. Christians say he felt the weight of everyone’s sins - past, present and future - at that moment, so he said it. However, he may have been crying out to his estranged, rich, biological father named Eli that he was expecting an inheritance from because he let Jesus die on the cross and he wasn’t going to get it.

Jesus’ apostles and the Bible’s authors may have made errors and made stuff up.

Jesus may have referred to an earthly inheritance that he was intending on receiving from his rich, biological father and It was such a big home that he started telling his homeless friends there were many rooms and they could stay there if they were holy. He would talk about it in different ways from time to time, but some of them misunderstood and hyperspiritualized his words.

How do Muslims feel about left-handed people? Do they wipe their butt with their right hand?

ABC, CBS and others report on a lot of unimportant news or news that the majority of people don’t need to know.

Seeing couples in relationships makes me not want to be in one. They are docile, weird and not particularly happy.

Since I was divorced in 2011 (technically separated in 2011, divorced in 2012 and finalized the paperwork in 2013), I have not been jealous of one relationship.

You don’t have what it takes to merely pick and choose which wisdom you want to apply to your life.

I hope people with horrible judgment think I am right.

You can fool your dumb kids, but you can’t fool me.

At least I know that your God is dead.

If I had to summarize why my marriage failed I would sum it up like this: She didn’t “leave and cleave” or follow my lead. She kept her familial union stronger than any other relationship and rejected my leadership. I was a devout Christian and she said she was one too. We got premarital counseling from a pastor, marriage counseling from several pastors and we constantly attended church and Bible studies. None of it mattered much though because she would pick and choose what she felt like following in the Bible and she would ignore the rest.

I wish ewe knew how dumb ewe look.

The people that look at me in shock when I wear a bandana around my nose and mouth when I walk around town look like belligerent people that forget pollution comes out the back of their vehicle.

Imagine if Americans get “Medicare For All”, catch superbugs when they see a doctor and suffer with incurable infections and diseases as they spread them to others until they die.

If your young spouse gets pregnant on your honeymoon and you want to give your baby up for adoption and your spouse threatens to leave you if you don't change your mind, what would you do?

If you need customer support from SafeLink Wireless regarding your new phone service that may or may not be working all you have to do is call them.

I have a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, so I recognize bullshit.

I think one Safeway banned me because they realized how badly they screwed up (e.g. destruction of my property on their property, repeated targeted harassment there and elsewhere, etc.) and they were worried that their employee would escalate it or I would retaliate (e.g. I have already threatened to get a restraining order on the employee’s spouse). If I tell my case to the manager they might unban me, but I don’t want to go anywhere near there if that’s how they’re going to be.

I asked President Trump to fire John Bolton a long time ago. Bolton might write some true things in his book, but he refused to testify to the Democratic Party-led House of Representatives in Congress and said he would speak to the Republican-led Senate, but he never did. Bolton is opportunistic, war mongering, money-hungry and the opposite of a patriot now. If he actually wanted to testify to Congress he would have testified. He had no authority to refuse to testify to the House of Representatives.

Kate Bolduan is hosting Erin Burnett's show on CNN today. I like seeing peace between Arabs and Jews.

Regardless of whether or not two-thirds of the Senate will vote to convict Donald Trump I am unopposed to the House of Representatives impeaching him again on another charge if need be.

I don’t want to hear Democratic presidential candidates bickering at each other even though buying attack ads is probably Mike Bloomberg’s only chance.

People that are forbidden to meet their own needs will probably seek somebody else to do it.

Some people want to be great, but others just want people to think they are great.

Any coach or trainer that wants you to run as fast as you can before you warm up and stretch is a fool.

Most injuries that you sustain on high school athletic fields and courts will be forgotten by everybody even though you may suffer from them until the day you die.

In high school, I was taught that the Earth is about 10,000 years old. In college, I was taught that the Erath is billions of years old. Now I don't know and I don't care. Every estimate is based on an assumption.

In high school, I was taught that God created everything fully mature as stated in Genesis. In college, I was taught that the evolution of species created everything alive today. Now I don’t know and I don’t care. Every claim is based on an assumption.

People that don’t like me probably don’t understand me, love evil or both.

If it weren’t for his money the mainstream media would ignore Mike Bloomberg.

I love you too much to worship your gods.

The weather report usually refers to Oahu even though there are eight Hawaiian islands that are separated by hundreds of miles. That would be like hearing a weather report for Los Angeles in San Diego, California.

Attorney General Barr is a mixed bag. On one hand he is a predictable, establishment, Republican, good soldier and another AG could be worse. On the other hand he can’t rein in President Trump, he isn’t very progressive and his puppy dog-eyed, good cop/bad cop routine is getting old.

The spirit of aloha is bittersweet when everybody takes advantage of Hawaiians.

Your power is commensurate with your righteousness.

I tell people to stop calling themselves Hawaiians for the same reason I tell people to stop calling themselves Christians.

If you look for a reason to give up you will find one.

I would help you get a girl like you want me to do, but I can’t because you are a loser.

“You have been judging your every thought, word and motive, so you must be close to perfect by now. Right?” - something I sarcastically say to judgmental people that obviously haven’t judged themselves

If I had to pick a winning team you wouldn’t be on it.

Religion isn’t a catalyst for change. Religion gives you a reason to justify your bullshit.

I am giving Mike Bloomberg as much attention as I am giving the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Almost none at all.

When I visited New York City in 2012 for three weeks, I went there (and Long Beach and the Bay Area) to see if I wanted to live there. I picked Long Beach though. NYC had bags of garbage everywhere and it was extraordinarily polluted. I tweeted Mayor Bloomberg many times and nobody ever replied or did anything. Shortly after I left Hurricane Sandy hit and caused over $65 billion in damage.

If the Democratic Party's presidential candidate pool stays big and divides each state's votes, then there may not be a candidate with a majority of votes (delegates) at the Democratic National Convention when voting ends. If that is the case, then none of the candidates that were vying for the spot will win it outright and the delegates will pick their candidate. It could be almost anybody too.

“We’re a fraternity not a frat. You wouldn’t call your country a cunt. Would you?” - what my Kappa Alpha Order brothers kept saying at San Diego State University in the 1990s and they were serious

2019 Novel Coronavirus has killed half as many people as the flu kills in the U.S. in the same amount of time (about a month). 1,500 have died in China. 3,000 die each month (on average) in the U.S. from the flu. Also, the fatalities in the U.S. were over twice as high a couple of years ago.

“Climate change” is like a degenerative disease. Sadly, most Americans seem unconcerned with them, fail to pinpoint their causes and avoid preventing their occurrence.

When a judge orders a prison sentence in the U.S., I think prisoners typically can get out of prison after serving half of their sentence if they exhibit good behavior.

When I attended grades 1-8 at Bostonia Christian Elementary School and Christian Junior High School in El Cajon, California, the principal spanked me with a wooden paddle every year. Public schools in California are not allowed to spank students. During my junior and senior years at Christian High School they threw me out of school and I went to Valhalla High School and never got in any trouble. Next I attended San Diego State University for five years and earned a bachelor's degree and never got in any trouble. However, I attended Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia next and they threw me out too. For what it's worth I had deep and sincere faith in Jesus Christ between ages 7-37 and now I don't believe that Jesus is God.

What do you think an organic vegetarian smells like when he or she sweats?

Impenetrable American belligerence probably occurs because of religious belief.

Old, overweight, unattractive women that I am I not attracted to act like they think they have a chance with me and it’s probably because they watch too much TV.

Are Democratic presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar polluting around the country while they don’t do their job in the senate, so they can tell people how they are going to fix the country if they are elected president?

Life is like a game because you can’t make up the rules.

If somebody calls you weird remember how awful normal is.

If you drive anything besides an economical V4 or an electric car around town you are probably an asshole.

Reportedly, 1,617 Democratic delegates will be awarded to the Democratic presidential candidates on March 3, 2020 (Super Tuesday).

Some people say that President Trump commuted some sentences of criminals he wasn’t connected to in order to commute sentences or pardon people that he is connected to without raising too many eyebrows.

Reportedly, Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan is the most generous plan in the world because there are no premiums and no deductibles.

Some people will not respect, listen to or associate with people that are not in good physical condition.

During my 10 year marriage (2001-2011) my wife and I slept in the same bed together virtually every night except for the days she would visit her family which was 2-3 hours away.

Never give anybody permission to enter your property if it is an active crime scene.

Wicked people like to pretend that a righteous man isn't that righteous.

You’re an idiot if you forgive somebody that has wronged you unless they ask you for forgiveness.

According to the Bible God does not even forgive somebody until they ask.

Since I am 5’ 10” tall and my wingspan is 6’ 2” long I think my body type defies the Body Mass Index’s (BMI’s) calculations.

Bernie Sanders has lots of right answers, but if he is like other politicians he will accomplish a fraction of his agenda and it will probably only benefit minorities, rich people or both.

Over 100 people die in the U.S. every day from auto accidents, cigarettes, suicide and opioids. Who has proposed a solution?

How can we blame people for believing lies if they have never heard the truth?

Which political party is God in?

Can you lead the world in the most important way?

When I attended Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego and heard Pastor Howard Everett’s sermons he contradicted the Bible sometimes. We were friends and although it was a little embarrassing he touted me as a seminary student that fact checked him because I took copious notes and altered his quotations to fall in line with the Bible as I wrote them.

I love me.

Vehicles in Hawaii are allowed to have limo tint on their front windows which is the darkest tint. States like California have made it illegal because it is dangerous for the police and pedestrians. When I walk around in Hawaii lots of clowns have limo tint on their front windows, so it makes it impossible to make eye contact with them. No wonder Hawaii is a leader in pedestrian fatalities.

Some people that have been abused don’t immediately realize it.

The earth is my footstool.

If I hated you when I was fat I will probably still hate you when I am lean regardless of whether or not I am suddenly on your radar.

Do you think you can accurately (righteously) judge yourself and the people around you without ceasing? I would like to see you try.

If everybody fails the same way it looks like winning.

I know a lot of homeless people and some of them avoid Starbucks and McDonalds like the plague, but others frequently hang out at one of them.

Liars pretend to feel what they do not feel.

Take the time to get it right.

Target blocks Port 21 which makes it impossible for me to use FTP to administer my website there. For a notoriously liberal establishment that is awfully conservative and uncouth and violates the industry standard of leaving it open.

Love your gods with your whole heart, but I still do not see their redeeming value.

If you don’t harm life, then why should I care how you waste your time?

People are in such denial about killing life on Earth with their lifestyle that they don’t call it what it is. People say they are harming the Earth or the planet which is true too, but sort of a misnomer. The soil isn’t the #1 concern. The life on Earth that is being killed by pollution is the main concern.

Do you think you can harm “the planet” or life on Earth without harming humans?

Society's status quo relies on the majority of people to look the other way while people unceasingly do horrible things.

If what I say sounds revolutionary and you have never heard it before, then consider how you have been lied to.

If you are a stranger and you sit in a restaurant or cafe and I am nearby rest assured that I don’t need your company and I won’t be sad when you leave.

It feels like there is a strange silence in the air when people I see eating at a restaurant or cafe are thinking about leaving and they don't want me to be sad that they leave. Despite the awkwardness I'll be fine.

This is like an only child's paradise. That's what Jesus said. JK. He had brothers.

I have made it a point to rejoice any time anybody leaves and it serves me well.

Most bad people don't think they are bad people.

I made band saw blades for D & D Tool & Supply in San Diego, California when I was 15 years old. Can I sue them now? It had to have violated child labor laws. I sautered band saw blades together in a dark, dirty shop room by myself for hours at night and they paid me cash and less than minimum wage.

Whatever you want you can have.

When I went to San Diego State University I studied psychology because I wanted to diagnose pathologies starting with my family and myself.

Mauna Kea protectors and vegans are similar because it is a good start and not nearly enough.

My first college roommate used to walk around the house with a cup of coffee in the morning and talk like James Brown and say stuff like, “I like my coffee like I like my women. Hot and black!” Chris Clayton was a ham. We had a lot of fun together for about a year after the first year we spent in the dorms as hallmates.

Take a few screenshots of whatever they’re trying to sell you from time to time. It could tell you who’s doing what.

I have 7 months of missing tweets because my last Twitter backup was 7 months before they banned me. I would like to have them and I wonder if there is a reason why they don’t provide your tweets in the period of time between your last backup and the day they ban you. It seems shady and like it should change before they get sued.

I have only sued a couple of entities. I have not sued anybody in Hawaii.

I was writing with my left hand and a gay guy became interested in me, so I started writing with my right hand and a couple of beautiful twins sat down. JK. One of them is younger and the guy had a meeting.

I saw a girl that looked just like Jayme Shepherd. She was awesome and we were good friends in junior high and high school. I always thought she was hot and cool and funny. She hated her voice and said she felt awkward. I could see it, but she was athletic and pretty much all around amazing.

I thought sex could ruin some relationships and when I got older I found out that I was right.

The only thing I ever didn't like about the adult actor that played Sheldon is that he insisted on $1,000,000 an eisode and didn't care about the quality of the advertisements.

“I’m gonna make that bitch bleed!” - Ron Jeremy probably

I transcend all kinds of competition because I don’t compete. I am.

A good mother knows what makes her daughter tick.

I saw a lady that looked like Annie Lederman at the mall. She looked great from a distance, but I didn’t see her up close.

I think girls ultimately pick the guy they want. Guys may court them and pursue them, but ultimately they say yes or no.

I took communion in the Upper Room with a white golden chalice in Jerusalem. I was baptized in the Jordan River by a man of great faith. I fasted for 40 days with no food or juice. I have persisted on nothing, but honey too. I can clasp my hands behind my back and touch my toes. Are those signs?

My best friend since elementary school is Asian, so I think hanging around lots of Asians in Hawaii reminds me of the comfort and acceptance I always felt in his home and at his parents’ Asian restaurants (he called it a donut shop, but they fed us delicious rice dishes and other stuff too). I was lucky to know them and visit them because the Tangs were a delightful family.

My town is a pop psychologist’s dream.

I don’t mind Mike Bloomberg buying advertisements, but I hope they aren’t senseless attack ads because those don't cast his vision. What he is doing is legal because he is playing by the rules. They want to change the rules though and "take money out of politics."

After people work on their own problems they work on other people’s problems.

My ex-wife became overweight after we got married and she always offered to give me oral sex. I think she was embarrassed that she bled all the time and was poor at lovemaking. It could have been something else too.

You gotta keep your eye on a butterfly.

I think Jesus told his homeless friends that his real father has a huge house and they can come live in it if they don’t act like fools. The only catch was Jesus’ father lived in BFE. Literally.

I miss some of the people that I used to know on Instagram. I miss some of the people that I used to know on Twitter too.

I set a tentative date for my return to Instagram (if I return) of April 1.

I can tell which kids have good parents.

Having paper ballots backup the applications or machines sounds wise to me.

It would be wise to divest from fossil fuels.

They have been kicking the can down the road.

I think YouTube is awfully chummy with my website or my search history on Bing.

The word “know” was used in English translations of the Bible to mean sex and I think it has been used again that way in recent years in some songs.

I had a totally different singing voice in church. It was higher and different.

“Everybody used to wanna hang out with us. Now only a bunch of wacknuts, Mike Pence and mother wanna see us.” - Melania Trump

Quotes is my dad’s nickname because when I was a kid he ran for school board and his political signs had his nickname in quotes. Pat and I hung them around the city with him and Pat made it up and that’s all he would ever call him. His little brother Mike called him quotes too, but both of them were afraid of him. It was funny as hell.

Dick length is related to arm length. Who knew?

CNN saying Mike Bloomberg did horrible in the debates is just giving him another reason to buy more ads.

When I directed a medical marijuana collective I had to make sure the donated medicine was ok for the patients, so I would sample it and one batch was contaminated with mold and it made me sick. Afterwards the grower said he put it in the oven to try to get rid of the mold. It caused a stubborn cough. I got antibiotics at the doctor for it and they gave me eye floaters, so I stopped taking them.

After keeping it an a jar for a couple of weeks and eyeballing it up and down I sampled the weed by rolling several joints and smoking them at an Ozzy Osbourne concert when his band with Gus G toured with Slash and Myles Kennedy and their band. You could say that was where I was infected.

Movie idea: a weather reporter goes nuts reporting weather and stories about climate change after realizing he is causing it and he can’t change

I appreciate good energy.

When I was a little kid my dad said it was ok to be homeless for a while, but he said I shouldn’t be homeless too long. I asked him why and he said because it’s so dirty it will drive me crazy.

I think people usually have more than one reason for the things they do.

If you have huge muscles I hope it serves a purpose besides vanity.

Is weightlifting considered manual labor? It looks like it.

Life is like a series of games.

A wicked generation refuses to repent.

I’ve made my peace. Why haven’t you made yours?

After you make your peace you live differently.

My aunt and uncle said they think my parents gave my sister up for adoption seven years before I was born, but my parents never said anything to me about it. I have wondered what she looks like and if I will ever see her or meet her. Now I am wondering if she has a son or daughter that I might run into because if she has children they could be in their 20s or 30s now.

Steve Bannon said President Trump used a code to tell people what to do, so he didn’t have to say it. I would like to know more about that.

Proverb 13:24 is a verse that many Christians use to justify spanking children.

If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination maybe he can pick Pete Buttigieg as vice president unless he wants somebody more like Castro. I was hit seven times while riding my bike in Oahu over the course of about three years. More white people than Asian people hit me. I was hit by a car one time in about 10 months in Maui.

I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 and it was my first time voting for president. He had some good qualities and seemed like a smart businessman. He also seemed more independent than Republican. I registered as a Republican because my parents did and later I became an independent. I have also voted for people in various political parties.

When we visited my aunt in North Carolina she gave me head when I was 16 years old. I said yes when she came on to me in her house, but it was actually statutory rape. I didn’t tell my parents, but I told a couple of my friends because I didn’t know how to process it and they made fun of me and made me laugh. She was into church and recorded a worship album afterwards. Her sons are into music.

When I went to the Ozzy Osbourne concert at Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, California on February 1, 2011, a pretty single girl that looked my age was dancing near my seat, so eventually we were dancing next to each other. However, after the show she said she was some sort of Christian and wanted to proselytize me and she was actually stalking me and knew who I was, so I got the hell out of there. I would remember her face if I ever saw it.

Maybe I’m seeking somebody that doesn’t exist.

They put cocaine in CocaCola and nicotine in cigarettes. Could they do anything else to hook people?

The water in the canal was very low and the fish and turtles were gone. It didn’t smell like rotting fish, so I think somebody may have saved them. I told the fish store and PETA about them, so maybe that helped.

Although most of my former wife’s abuse was psychological abuse and verbal abuse she also hit me and my daughter Jordan, so we called the police and they arrested her for domestic violence and took her to jail. Jordan was only about 4 years old.

We had a fully stocked bar for the second half of our 10-year marriage and we spun a lot of drinks.

Sketch idea: feds going door to door confiscating Armalite rifles

Sketch idea: Aerosmith writes and records Draw the Line for the first time (female actors can play the band members) and it borrows a note My former wife insisted that I destroy all the pictures of me with my girlfriends through the years. I didn’t even talk to them or hang out with them anymore. I never cheated on her or tried to make her feel jealous. It was a mean thing of her to do because those memories are gone now.

Let the jelly masses unite.

Hawaii looked a lot different when I visited it as a tourist when I was a child with my parents.

I don’t look at dicks.

The more you speak the less I trust you.

If you must listen to a fool run his mouth you lose.

“I know you are, but what am I?”

Wicked people rely on you having a bad memory.

People talk and act very differently depending on which city or town you are in around the United States. It couldn’t be much more diverse.

“We’re not sayin’ it’s fun yet. We’re just sayin’ it’s medicine.” - Kentucky and Hawaii on marijuana

How many carnal desires will you satisfy today?

A very rich, moderate Jew is running for president as a liberal Democrat and rich, liberal Catholics will not hear of it.

A lot of people put on airs. Some people go to great lengths to pretend they are something they aren’t.

There are many uniquely horrible things about Fridays, but one of them is people acting differently because they feel like they have to.

Society puts weird pressures on people that want to care about what society thinks.

A great way to misunderstand somebody is by getting the words they say through somebody else instead of them.

Which mountain are we going to avoid destroying? Which mountain is holy? Why just that one?

I have never raped anybody and I think rape is a horrible, violating, inexcusable act.

When people don’t have substantive complaints about somebody they make unsubstantive ones.

Some people with money bank on others believing their bluff about being much richer.

“I probably shouldn’t harp on it.” - timid harpist

I don’t know if I can fill my dad’s shoes, but I swim in his pants.

It may be wise to corporately fast in America, but I doubt the leaders in power will ever call the people to one. Not only would it harm the precious economy, but it could also harm people that rely on pills if they take their pills on an empty stomach.

I have different creatures living inside of me, but you have an enticing microbiome.

My first experience singing outside the church was at a Vietnamese karaoke restaurant in San Diego with my high school friends when we could drive, so around 16 years old.

CNN said there is breaking news and “Sanders was told Russia is trying to help his campaign”. This sounds like an unerhanded way to delivier Sanders a blow because it probably can't be authenticated or denied by many people. I’m sure his Senate record regarding Russia is accessible though.

Bernie Sanders is going to have to be harder on Russia than anybody because his vision includes the end of using fossil fuels and Russia supplies Europe with fossil fuels. He’s going to have to tell them to stop which is unlike the way other administrations have leaned on Russia.

I almost married a Southern girl named Rexella that I met in Israel, but she cried when we had sex and she had some issues. I couldn’t figure all of them out in the time I knew her, but I think they were caused by strict religion and her religious parents. I think she had been psychologically abused and possibly physically abused before she met me.

The less you take care of yourself the more medications and procedures that you will probably need.

When I was a kid and I was telling my dad a tall tale I had some tells that I think I used to indicate to him to look out for me because I would be out with my friends doing only God knows what. He was intuitive, but I would be vague and it would be fairly obvious. I was pretty obedience under my parents’ roof though and I moved out a week after I turned 18 years old.

The bad news is they think we’re gonna die and they’re gonna make sure of it. The good news is they think we get a big house afterwards.

I refuse to pretend like I am a loser like you.

If working for money is the goal of mankind, then why doesn’t it say so in Bible?

Being righteous is more important than being rich.

The Bible says that most rich people are going to hell.

Losers that make money tend to think they are not losers, but what they do for work and what they do with their money determines that.

The mainstream media knows what American can’t avoid watching.

Everybody wants God to endorse their gods.

“Good mourning."
"I'm sorry for your loss."

Fools want a band aid to fix a major problem and they want to copy successful people to appear successful.

Some religious people emphasize that God honors whatever it is they want their child to do.

If every word that you have ever heard about the deadly effects of your pollution on life on Earth (e.g. the need for environmentalism in the face of climate change) has been spoken by people that are burning coal and gasoline imagine what the truth actually is.

Do people always make excuses for people that they want things from?

Billions of people could call ugly beautiful, but it still doesn’t make it beautiful.

It would be one thing if people were destroying a shit hole, but they are destroying the most beautiful state that the U.S. forcibly stole from the indigenous people. That’s not right.

I don’t choose my friends by their body type. I would consider body type before picking a person for a physical relationship though.

Don’t bullshit yourself with semantics.

Some people are making up nonsense now, so they can expand on it later and manipulate people.

Don’t assume you know why people think you are an idiot.

Are you relying on people that don’t give a fuck, people that are fucking up everything to fix everything?

You seem great to irresponsible idiots that have their head up their ass.

To people that are fucking failing miserably you look great.

If this is you at your best I would hate to see you at your worst.

America’s message to Iran is the same message to you. America doesn’t care if you want to develop clean energy. America isn’t going to let you because America has lots of fossil fuels.

I am making the same righteous judgments I made a year ago because you are still unrighteous.

What kind of sacrifice is burning gasoline and coal and who is the sacrifice to exactly?

Humanity is going to die from the sins that your pastors refuse to repent from because their sheep haven’t even considered repenting from them and they won’t until he does.

Assholes can’t accurately judge assholes as assholes when they are the same kind of assholes and they don’t look like assholes to assholes.

Where were you at 2-20-2020 at 2 p.m.?

Is everybody getting dumber, less relatable and more evil?

Imagine if the worst sins that you commit are being carried out by others.

Imagine if your conscience became darker with every unconfessed sin.

Destroying the place quickly is illegal, but destroying everything slowly is somehow ok.

Hey Christian churches, why don’t you weigh in on Mauna Kea?

Some revolutions are ill-advised, ill-timed or both.

Can Bernie Sanders stop up to the Semite lobby? They will try to get him to do radical things in the Middle East.

I wonder if the young, brown-skinned, Asian, homeless guy that now has open sores and an over-heating beater that occasionally meets his kid and baby mama at a fast food restaurant was Japanese if he’d still be neglected.

I love every shade the same.

Maybe it was the way it should have been in light of the cards that were dealt.

I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression after the government broke down the door and took my daughter Jordan in 2011. It was the last night she ever slept under my roof. I don’t know how long I have stared out into space.

Don’t rub sunscreen into your hairline with regular sunscreen unless you want it to turn white.

Just tell me which candidate you weirdos pick because I can’t watch these ridiculous caucuses and primaries anymore.

I wonder what an organic vegetarian female smells like. I have never met one.

Maybe he’s an idiot because his generation is full of morons.

Wisdom is eternal. Bullshit is fleeting. Don’t repeat it.

If your God likes your behavior, I don’t want to know your God.

You can compartmentalize health like you can localize pollution. You can’t do either.

If you get married and become overweight that’s messed up and you are an asshole.

It is too bad that your gods can’t clean anything.

Don’t treat life on earth the way you do and think you aren’t going to hell.

With every passing day religion looks dumber and dumber.

Becoming more deluded won’t help you pursue the truth.

You will only lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have a real job, so I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

If somebody has a nose ring it means they know a pretend environmentalist, so I guess that would be you dude.

Without hypocritical environmentalism would there be any?

Some young people don’t understand how, when or why they need old people.

The last people on earth that are qualified to tell me what is holy are Israelis and Hawaiians not to mention the pope.

Asians are driving around with bumper stickers that say Ku Kia’i Mauna. I don't speak Hawaiian, but I imagine it means, "I am a belligerent ass."

People worship beauty.

I think I would have been in more accelerated classes in elementary school, but Bostonia Christian Elementary School wasn’t very accelerated.

At least I get to think for one now.

I think Jesus’ disciples were idiots and didn’t understand him and some of them even lied about him.

The government is giving young people enough rope to hang themselves because nobody should ever pollute to eat, travel or live and as long as young people do it they will have a difficult time blaming the government for their destruction.

I don’t need or want your affirmation, so spend your time and energy judging yourself.

If you think Jesus is speaking to you as you burn gasoline maybe you hear a demon.

I went to a Catholic mass at a parish and nobody took notes.

During one month of church services and Bible studies at Shadow Mountain Community Church I took more notes than most people took in their lifetime there.

Some people don’t want what you have and they aren’t jealous, envious or hoping to have it.

I don’t care how many fools worship losers because they are still losers.

Their best is killing us.

Some fools pretend like they are leaving to see how people will react.

I can’t pretend that I am like you, but it is obvious that I am not.

Women that work in the adult entertainment industry should be loved, honored and protected and not taken advantage of.

Some people are in a relationship because one person has an automobile.

“Every time he sees me he asks if I have weed."
“How much did you sell him three days ago when you saw him last?”
“A gram.”
“Maybe that’s why.”

Political parties are like cults.

You could say that the Republican Party owns Fox News, but it is obvious that the Democratic Party owns CNN and MSNBC.

I will not watch anymore of the liberal mainstream media’s coverage of the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries and caucuses. They aren’t liberals, but they are fundamentalist Democrats. If they were just liberals, then they wouldn’t act like Democrats are the only ones challenging President Trump in 2020 because there are many other candidates. The liberal, mainstream media cares more about how much money the candidates possess and acquire from voters than interviewing a variety of diverse candidates and there is nothing I could care less about than how much money they have or get.

Some people know, understand and respect how somebody of greater moral fiber would want nothing to do with them.

Do you know how you overcome “Russian election interference”? Pick your candidate now and ignore political ads. Problem solved.

“Russian election interference” isn’t a mystical or esoteric thing. Russian fools buy ads and influence people in the U.S. This happens around the world all the time, so don’t be duped. Whether it’s right or wrong is a matter of debate, but they allegedly, legally bought Facebook ads to influence the 2016 presidential election. Reportedly, other countries including the U.S. have attempted to influence foreign elections in similar ways. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE INFLUENCED, DON’T LOOK AT THE ADS.

Donald Trump made fun of politicians trying to read teleprompters and I agreed that they looked dumb and he shouldn't do it, then he started doing it and looking like a fool. Late night comedians on TV have a reel of gaffes he has made by misreading things.

Candidate Trump made fun of politicians trying to read teleprompters and I tweeted agreemeent that they looked dumb and he shouldn't do it, then he started doing it and looking like a fool. Now late night comedians on TV have a reel of gaffes President Trump has made by misreading things.

Some people unhappily laugh.

If you want to lose weight forget about the gym and go to your kitchen and throw away your food.

It’s insulting to be told to believe something especially if they are not under oath.

The God of your imagination thinks you’re amazing.

I read a book that told me to hate evil and I can’t divorce what you do from you, so the only conclusion that I can make is that you are evil, so by extension I hate you too.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Visit Whole Foods on a Saturday afternoon if you want to be surrounded by a crowd of old white people destroying the planet that think their poop smells better than everyone else’s.

When I was very young I used to say my name is, “Jason G.” and I would say it like, “Jason G period”. My mom thought it was cute, so when I got older she used to talk in a little kid’s voice and pretend to be me as a child saying it.

About .10 cents is taken from each taxpayers' income tax each day to pay for over 40 million Americans to eat via EBT (food stamps). If you are a taxpayer and you see an EBT recipient don't be smug because you only gave him or her a fraction of a penny today.

I think police officers can tell someone’s experience with other police officers when they approach them.

In 2012 I was physically abused by two, tall, white, Los Angeles Police Department officers in front of my hotel room on Western Avenue in LA. I think they were directed by a superior Armenian officer wearing a fake name badge that saw me first and an African American sergeant that arrived later named A. Wright. I think they tracked me there from the hotel I visited in Burbank, California the previous day and based on a 9-1-1 call I made near the Western hotel earlier that day. I was speaking in tongues in my room and I had shaven my head, but that may have had nothing to do with the sting. When I filed my case against them in Long Beach, California it was moved to the San Pedro court and the sheriff could not find Sergeant A. Wright to serve him, so the case was dismissed without prejudice. I have a scar and nerve damage, so I should sue them in the future.

Some homeless people that have money drive big, ugly, tall, white, medical vans and sleep in them. Apparently they want to stand upright inside, but they look weird and must get terrible gas mileage. Some homeless people rent U-Haul vans and sleep in them too.

Countries test weapons and attempt to influence foreign elections all the time, but the mainstream media typically only reports on Iranian and North Korean weapons tests and Russia’s attempt to influence U.S. elections.

People that don’t know the Bible sometimes make up stuff that isn’t in the Bible and attribute it to the Bible anyway.

“Love the sinner and hate the sin” is not in the Bible and it contradicts the Bible. “Hate evil” is in the Bible though.

It is illegal to enter a crosswalk with your vehicle if a pedestrian is in it, but vehicles do it all the time without being ticketed.

Today I was walking in a Kahului crosswalk across Dairy Rd. with a girl because it showed the walk signal and two drivers turned right in front of us. The second driver cut it too close and I was in front of his minivan when he turned, so he drove several feet with me on his hood as I spat on his windshield. He stopped, took out his camera, said I was crazy, got out of the vehicle and approached me. I stopped walking away, put my bag down and raised my fists to fight. He told me to hit him and I said, “I’m not going to hit you. I’m going to defend myself.” However, an unmarked, navy blue police car stopped behind him and the officer apparently saw the whole thing. He talked to me first and when I left he was talking to the perp and he was belligerently defending himself.

I think the Democrats are doing a good job of vetting the Democratic presidential candidates because they are asking a lot of questions and the candidates are committing to different positions on issues. They are telling Americans about their plans and agenda too.

I think the incumbent always has the advantage in an election, but the Democratic Party voters will rally behind whichever candidate the delegates pick at the Democratic National Convention and they will vote for him or her despite any perceived lack of electability.

I think South Carolina Democrats are likely dominated by black, liberal, religious folks and that may be Bernie Sanders' worst demographic as an old, non-religious, Jewish man.

I think Democrats are conditioned to consider high income tax to be their way of helping the poor and the country, but I also think the richest Democrats are afraid that a Bernie Sanders presidency will tax their income and possibly even their wealth more than they would like.

If the Russian government helped Donald Trump get elected in 2016 what will stop them from trying to help him get elected in 2020?

Some people are pro-life because they want a grandkid.

I had a nightmare last night that I was arguing with somebody and it may have been my ex-wife. It was not fun and detailed, but I can’t remember all of it now. I think we were inside a home somewhere. I wrote myself a simple note, so I wouldn’t forget it altogether, but that’s all I remember.

How should I know what I want when I have been choosing from your shitty options?

Which morons would you accept compliments from?

I deny friendships based on the size of their vehicle. The bigger the vehicle the less I want anything to do with them.

I hate people that act like a question is off-limits.

Do you call that brain activity?

Most people have a static life and a static perspective on life and compartmentalize emotions and feelings and change into very weird people for some reason that don’t actually experience life and enjoy it to its fullest because they are too busy faking that they already do.

The less you are able to edify yourself the more you will seek validation from others.

More than one person in Oahu and in Maui have attempted to start a fist fight with me, but I have used restraint. They are lucky that I didn’t fight them like my dad taught me or they wouldn’t have a face anymore.

An only child doesn’t fight the same way that a sibling fights.

Some problems are bigger than I am.

I imagine the dumb, pathetic words I hear people mumble are meant for them because they always fall flat and never pertain to me. I guess that's what happens when the unrighteous try to judge the righteous. Every word of "advice" they give is actually to them because I have already repented from my sins.

Life turns into a bullshit game when sinners accept and hide their sins.

Stupid people set dumb traps.

If there is a biblical devil one of the devil’s greatest accomplishments is convincing rich people that they are not actually rich and the Bible verses about the rich do not pertain to them, but pertain to somebody of extraordinary wealth (like a millionaire or billionaire).

It is not hard to see where some idiots are stuck and what makes them detestable.

I think the government’s biggest failures involve food and energy. Nobody should be burning what they burn or eating what they eat and only the government has the power to stop them.

Christians apply verses to their life that were written to others and they ignore verses that were written to them.

I hope I never see my ex-wife again, but if I do I am sure that I will be disgusted, disappointed and relieved.

The “health food” you eat is garbage if it is not organic.

You don’t have to praise and worship what you aren’t. You could change.

Some people deceive another person so much that they censor what they see and hear, so they will not be able to understand how they are being deceived.

Fools reject life-altering wisdom.

If you turn off the TV or stop watching the video when somebody is full of shit it could contribute to fewer people espousing bullshit because major companies can tell when you stop watching.

It takes some people a lot of time to sift through all the lies that they have been told and reject them after they accepted them as facts as a child.

Pastor Howard Everett said he knew somebody that called the TV the “one-eyed evil prophet”.

If I dyed my hair and hid my gray hairs would the first thing you see when you look at me be a lie?

Would you rather be a cautionary tale or a deceiver?

The liberal mainstream media is angering because they have been wasting too much time worrying about a virus that isn’t spreading in the U.S. and usually is not lethal while they promote presidential candidates that are going to quit soon.

The stock market has fallen almost 2,000 points in the last two days. They say it is because people fear COVID19’s effects, but the stock market was inflated because of reckless consumer confidence fueled by both major political parties constantly lying about the economy, so I am not surprised and I will be shocked if it bounces back tomorrow.

Is there anybody more deluded than a politician’s surrogates before he or she loses the election?

If your job makes you harm your body I hope you are getting paid a lot of money.

If you make millions of dollars a year and President Bernie Sanders raises income tax on the richest American earners, so they can pay for important programs and pay down the $23 trillion debt I think you will live.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some Democrats look at Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and think Biden will let them keep millions of dollars that Sanders will tax away from them. I think that’s how Republicans would look at it.

An unhealthy body is a sign of an unhealthy mind.

Twitter doesn’t have the integrity to protect free speech.

Some people would rather die than hear the truth from somebody they don’t like.

A couple of months ago I saw an avocado on the ground in a parking lot and laughed. When I looked up there was a homeless guy 10-15 feet away and he got angry because he thought I was laughing at him. That was the first time I ever saw him, but I started seeing him more often in passing and he always got angry at me which made me laugh even more. Sadly, a couple of days ago he told me he has cancer and he looks like it too because he has open sores all over his body now.

If you want to know what somebody will do look at what they have done and it may give you a good idea.

The “boyfriend loophole” sounds like a sexist moniker.

Preventative healthcare may be better than health insurance.

At the 10th Democratic Party presidential candidate debate, Joe Biden said, “Period. Period. Period.” Isn’t that an ellipsis?

Reportedly, Russians spent about $100,000 on Facebook ads to influence the 2016 election. In comparison, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent a combined $81 million on Facebook ads.

We live in a connected world and a capitalistic society. If you don’t want anybody outside the U.S. to buy political advertisements it could be unprecedented and impossible to stop. It might be better to train Americans to be skeptical truth-seekers because sticking our fingers in our ears probably isn’t the answer.

My mom used to call me Fred sometimes. I think she said her mom used to say it. She would say stuff like, “It’s time for bed Fred.” The Blackout song by U2 reminded me.

In the 10th Democratic Party presidential candidate debate, Mike Bloomberg sounded different than the other candidates. He sounded like a candidate in the 2016 GOP presidential candidate debate. The Democratic Party presidential candidates have adopted a different voice (e.g. anti-Trump, in-fighting, camaraderie, etc.).

Don’t worry too much about the serious badass. Worry about the badass that is dead serious and laughs his ass off.

Some fools can’t stop judging others.

There is no way in hell that any Christian will ever judge a God damned angel because they can’t judge themselves.

Your whim is not a litmus test.

If you are an organic vegetarian and you walked to the health food store I want your autograph.

The day after it rains at night you can tell which homeless people have a covered spot and which homeless people don’t.

Bernie Sanders seems to be planning on using a lot of money to pay for a lot of things (e.g. free college, free healthcare, etc.). I hope his plan includes paying down the $23 trillion debt because that is just as important.

Sometimes I am exactly like Jesus. Sometimes I am the opposite. I never try anymore though.

It appears that some hairdressers use cheap, strong, chemical dyes too long to burn the scalps of clients they don’t like (e.g. clients that don’t tip) and it results in hair loss over time.

Out of touch people are proud of shit.

Some people in leadership shouldn’t be leading anybody or anything.

If you think being with the weaker sex makes you stronger you’re wrong. It makes you dependent.

Renting a home is like flushing money down the toilet. Working to pay for a rental home is like indentured servitude. Working to pay for a rental home that resembles a shanty is sad.

Politicians (especially Democratic ones) in Hawaii should be ashamed of marijuana's status in the state. Only rich people can afford a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor every year. There are precious few medical marijuana collectives and it can be hard to find on the street. The way it is isn't humane, economical or even accessible.

On Monday and on Tuesday a brown-skinned man smoked a cigarette on me and when I voiced my displeasure they called me a haole and told me to go back to wherever I came from. I called one of them a racist fucker. I told the other one that he polluted more when he tossed his burning cigarette butt on the ground than I have in the last eight years. I also told him that this island belongs to whoever takes care of it not him.

With one exception I have not had cell phone service in eight years. I have used Google Voice, but I no longer want to use any of Google’s services. I do not miss having phone service and I do not want phone service. If I wanted it I would get it. It is liberating and nobody is tracking me, bothering me or stealing my metadata to sell me stuff and know more about my tendencies and preferences.

ICANN should let people register domain names for as many years as they want. A 10 year limit on .com registrations is absurd.

YouTube makes it impossible to avoid news by keywords if you subscribe to news outlets and it sucks because some news outlets will not stop fear mongering. They should let you configure your feed.

When I was a little kid and my mom and I visited my great aunt Dixie Sawyer in Hollywood, Florida she told me a wild story when my mom was gone. She said she was married to a Jew, did research and spoke to Jews and one of my ancestors on my dad’s side of the family was Jewish. She said in the early 1900s a Jew in Germany had a child with my ancestor, so they fled to the U.S. and changed my last name several times to fly under the Nazis’ radar. My dad rejects the story and nobody on his side of the family has confirmed it. However, my ancestors did leave Germany in the early 1900s, changed our name more than once and moved to the U.S. (confirmed by my living relatives). I recall her saying it probably wasn’t Adolf Hitler (and that he was a very bad person), but it was probably a high ranking officer.

My family didn’t want any part of Nazi Germany and they didn’t own slaves in the U.S. In fact, my grandpa joined the U.S. military and flew Corsairs off the Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) aircraft carrier in World War II (and the Korean War).

Do you know how I beat the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (aka COVID-19)? I beat it by eating an organic vegetarian diet, exercising regularly, maintaining low body fat and not listening to one word that anybody says about it. That’s how I win. You should count every minute that you spend listening to people talk about it a total and complete loss like stealing money out of your pocket.

Michael Bloomberg looks like a muppet doll that was squashed under other muppets for a long time.

Has Michael Bloomberg addressed the bags of garbage that are everywhere in New York City?

How was Michael Bloomberg’s response to Hurricane Sandy?

When I was in New York City in 2012, I did not see the police implement the “stop and frisk” policy. However, they were nice to me and I felt like they were looking out for everybody. I had my Fender guitar with me and I was in a seedy park and they told me to be careful and that I probably shouldn’t hang out there at night, so I appreciated their exhortation.

The traffic and pollution in New York City is utterly ridiculous and they were the main reasons why I decided not to move there after visiting in 2012.

Michael Bloomberg can’t be trusted to protect the rights of gun owners. Bloomberg will have a difficult time winning votes from farmers and veterans because they tend to like the weapons he wants to ban.

Anybody that says “assault weapons” is using propaganda. AR does not refer to “assault rifle.” AR refers to Armalite Rifle.

Mike Bloomberg is already using fear mongering to convince people that they need to restrict gun rights.

What do you think George Washington (the first president and founder of America) would say if you told him that one day the U.S. government would have nuclear weapons, machine guns, MOABs, fighter planes, aircraft carriers, unmanned drones, hand grenades, land mines, sea mines, submarines and other weapons and civilians would only be allowed to possess pistols, shotguns and knives? Do you think that was the kind of future that he envisioned and wanted?

A person that gets a 30-year loan from a bank to buy a house owns that house as much as I own the moon.

Some rich people act like the decisions they make are based on morals when they are actually based on money.

People that have been doing things the wrong way for a long time have no idea how to act or talk to somebody that does things the right way.

If you burn gasoline and coal and eat animals I hope you don't think you are a moral person. If you think so, I would be happy to hear your rationale.

I don't care what your religion or deity says.

All of your spiritual leaders are carnal idiots that conduct religious services in a way to get your money and make you return.

One thing that they never tell anybody at church is this: You can stop sinning, but nobody else ever will.

It is easier to sin like everybody else does instead of refusing to sin.

If Christians are the salt of the earth, then they are the sodium chloride packets with anti-caking agents and additives.

I like Bernie Sanders’ plans to forgive student debt, pay for college tuition and healthcare and educate children between the ages of 0-4.

Calling somebody by a title that they used to have is silly. I taught college students psychology and sociology classes in San Diego, but I don’t want anybody calling me professor.

Instead of calling Mike Bloomberg “Mayor Bloomberg” why don’t they call him “Retiree Bloomberg”? Instead of calling Pete Buttigieg “Mayor Buttigieg” why don’t they call him “Unemployed Pete Buttigieg”? Otherwise, they could use the word “former” in front of their previous title if they want to be accurate. They are not serving as mayor now.

Pete Buttigieg has been hailed as a veteran, but he did not enlist in the military. He joined the Navy reserves which is like a weekend job. If his seven months in Afghanistan was anything like a kid I know’s experience, he stayed at the military base with the majority of the other soldiers and continually saw bloody bodies returning and being treated.

I do not think Buttigieg represents veterans on gun control.

Joe Biden looks like he might be blind in one eye.

People can call Joe Biden a progressive, but he talks about the past a lot more than the future.

I think Joe Biden may make a good Secretary of State because of his political experience, but he would probably make a lousy president.

If you think the U.S. politicians and veterans that have died from brain cancer (glioblastoma) are unrelated I think you are naive.

Do you think more people die from cancer or chemotherapy?

The Bible does not instruct Christians to put ashes on their forehead.

Two days ago presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd he was running for the U.S. senate.

The only way that a Bernie Sanders presidency will cause Democrats to lose seats in Congress is if the Democratic Party’s voters turn on him and the party and either don’t vote for anybody or vote for somebody (like a Republican) besides the Democratic Party’s candidate. I find both of those scenarios unlikely because they are vindictive, counterproductive and motivated by greed and they give Republicans a chance to win a majority in the Senate and the House.

Every day I walk by a car dealership and tell them the truth in no uncertain terms. They used to fly Hawaiian flags on virtually every car, but now they fly American flags. I’m not sure if that is an improvement or not, but it looks like they are pimping the flag to sell cars.

The San Diego Police Department visited my house around 2008 because my former wife and I were in a loud argument. I had a .357 Smith & Wesson pistol in a case on the top shelf of my bedroom closet and even though it was never a factor in any argument and it never left that location and was never discussed or threatened upon anyone in any way they made me give it to them and I never got it back.

Amy Klobuchar seems wet behind the ears. She seems like she recently discovered a few right answers.

The whole “she persisted” thing was nonsense. Elizabeth Warren was reading something else when she was interrupted and it looked staged. Elizabeth Warren is a Methodist. Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush are Methodists. They were one of the first Christian denominations to accept medical marijuana.

Under Elizabeth Warren’s so-called “2 cent tax” on millionaires she will tax wealth over $50 million at the rate of 2 cents per dollar. For instance, if somebody has $60 million she will tax $10 million of it by 2% (which equals $200,000).

If I ever need a fake environmentalist I will look you up.

Pills have devastated the bodies of millions of Americans, but most of them haven’t admitted it.

Has Christianity ever been about doing things the easy way?

I can’t get away from the evil people that I hate.

Whoever said, “Don’t be unequally yoked” obviously wasn’t unequally yoked every time he opened his eyes like I am. He sounds like the chief of sinners to me.

At this point in the Democratic Party presidential candidate selection process the only person I like is Bernie Sanders. I don’t like Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer or Mike Bloomberg and I think Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg have about the same number of positives and negatives.

Elizabeth Warren’s agenda divides Americans by race and net worth.

Whoever wants to do extraordinary things for only one race of people is probably racist because they haven’t cared about that race enough in the past and they are overcompensating or they have a vested interest.

Bob Jones University and Seminary is a big school in Charleston, South Carolina where today’s Democratic town hall meeting with four candidates was located. Did any BJ students or employees get to ask a question?

Imagine if the way people affirmed you was offensive to you.

I have over 50 story ideas in case I continue my A Brand New World book series. I am considering writing more stories beginning on or around April 1. The tentative name for book #11 that I came up with today is “Addendum”.

Imagine if Jesus left because he was tired of trying to get through to people that valued garbage and nonsense.

I ask people if they are left or right side imbalanced because unless they’re ambidextrous that’s what they are.

How much is affirmation worth if it’s from people with terrible judgment?

I think some of the Democratic presidential candidates are blaming rich people for America’s problems when the government is actually the problem.

Seth Meyers said he grew up on Milwaukee (which is apparently a street in New Hampshire). The next day there was a shooting in Milwaukee and six people died.

An elderly man that visits a cafe I frequent dresses like a woman and I have noticed the younger people accepting him and elderly people (women in particular) giving him dirty looks. He is nice and I like him and have no opinion about his decision.

If you can’t be emphatic about the truth you might not know it.

Many homeless people live in a vehicle and act like they aren’t homeless.

Some homeless people are extraordinarily lazy, but some homeless people work very hard.

My former in-laws came from the Middle East (my father-in-law was born in Palestine and my mother-in-law was born in Lebanon like my former wife). They were converted to Christianity by a missionary and relocated to the U.S., so my father-in-law could be an assistant pastor and they lived in a tiny home in Pasadena, California. In fact, they brought her grandma and aunts to the U.S. too. I have little doubt that conversion to Christianity was dangled like a carrot to get them to believe in exchange for immigration to America.

After I got married my father-in-law decided to live about three hours away from his wife and work at a junk yard.

The tattoo of a moon on my leg has nothing to do with Islam. It is the way the moon looked the moment I was born.

Circumcision is barbaric and should be banned around the world now.

“Did you happen to catch the name of the guy that cut off the tip of my penis? No biggie. JK.”

If you aren’t ready to fight sinners you aren’t ready to be a Christian.

Many people lie to themselves about very important matters.

Some people care too much about things that don’t matter and not enough about things that do matter.

Some rich, old people are extraordinarily deluded.

I have lost about 30 pounds in the last five months and my body has changed a lot. I am lighter on my feet and it feels like my body’s weight is putting pressure on my body at different angles now.

Some people are way too trusting.

My father has had a verbal policy with me since my earliest memories that he would always tell me the truth. I asked him and my mom a lot of questions too. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how trusting them may have led me to trust others that I shouldn’t have trusted.

If you can’t admit when somebody is disgusting, then you are probably disgusting or a liar.

YouTube makes it difficult to click three tiny dots that lead to important options.

Is that the face that Pete Buttigieg was born with?

I watched a YouTube video of a clip from a TV show and the word "retarded" was censored. Idiots that don't care about free speech must be in charge.

My Twitter account was suspended for asking comedian Daniel Tosh whether or not he is retarded.

Weak people badly want to be in control and even trick themselves into thinking they are in control when they are not.

I recorded and broadcasted live podcasts online via Winamp’s Shoutcast software in the 1990s. After doing it that way for a while, I recorded weekly podcasts that weren’t live for years when I directed a Christian non-profit corporation in the 1990s and 2000s.

Assume somebody is righteous to your own detriment.

If you invade my privacy (or appear to) you are off my radar and I don’t care what you look like or how old you are.

Many people do weird things for attention.

How hard are you working to destroy the place?

I could skewer any of the 2020 presidential candidates unlike they have been torn into already.

I’ll be damned if I sign another relationship contract.

American Christians are stuck in their ways and not even considering how they need to change their lifestyle to extend their life and preserve the lives of others on Earth.

I think some ancient people knew the truth, destroyed it and made up a different story to explain some things.

If it actually existed what happened to the biblical firmament?

Some people have chosen a lifestyle that makes them powerless.

If you assume that you honor God you probably don't.

Nowadays if you say the Earth is about 7,000 years old it is considered a belief, but if you say the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old it is considered a fact.

A friend of mine at the gym hadn’t seen me in a while and saw me a couple of days ago and noticed I lost weight. I asked him if he wanted to know how and he said yes, so I told him how I have been eating every other day.

Does the automobile industry, the state of Hawaii, Big Oil or some sort of lobby fight the implementation of public transportation to Hana? It is 40 miles away from the closest bus stop.

Static understanding only gets you so far.

When everybody praises the unrighteous is there any righteousness?

Nobody can stand up to the righteous.

The “don’t judge” movement is perfect for people that want to do evil things.

Ugly, overweight fools act weird and jealous when a good-looking person is in their vicinity when they are in public.

Mapquest has a bullshit advertisement for Hampton Suites on mapquest.com. When I click the X to close the ad it opens the Hampton’s website.

If you intend on sacrificing an animal to appease a deity you are mentally ill.

Reportedly, 17% of Democrats are pro-life and 36% of Republicans are pro-choice.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would eat a diet that was superior to everybody else’s, but I do now.

I never realized how low everybody’s standards were because my standards were low too.

The mainstream media wastes an extraordinary amount of our time on things that do not matter to us.

I bought two, organic, gala apples at Whole Foods today and they were mealy.

How many celebrities can you name that became famous without any paid advertisements?

Who is more desperate than the fool that uses negative attention?

Sometimes I spell karma you getting 75% of your social security investment back.

Fools broadcast their ignorance and think they are anything but ignorant.

Are there any words in the English languge that sound dumber than ok, really and whatever?

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not like the common cold or flu. It is a type of coronavirus, so don’t call it “the coronavirus” unless you want to sound ignorant. It resembles SARS and MERS.

There is no limit on how much you can worry.

Bill Gates’ foundation donated T-Mobile hotspot-enabled netbooks to the Hawaii Public Library system, but around 2016 all of them were lost, stolen or broken, so they stopped loaning them to people. I contacted him on Twitter to let him know and ask if they would consider making another donation and I never heard from them.

The mainstream media relies on false prophets.

I am in good health and extraordinarily unconcerned about acquiring or dying from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, but hearing President Trump talk about it and listening to comedians making fun of him actually started to concern me. I think the U.S. would be better served if he would say nothing at all than saying what he is saying the way he is saying it.

Reportedly, President Trump chose Mike Pence to be the point man on "COVID-19" because he wasn't doing anything else.

You know what I am saying is right and nobody else is saying it. What do you think that means?

I made $25 in about 10 minutes on my device today and it was immediately available in my account. How much money did you make? If nothing, then you know one reason why I think you look like a fool when you bury yourself in your device or waste time on your computer.

The only special thing about weekends in Hawaii is the extra pollution.

Either Jesus’ disciples and apostles lied, Jesus lied or they all lied.

Dependence is weakness.

You make a righteous judge right every day and there is nothing left to say.

Most people I hate hate themselves.

The longer that Christians do not repent the more certain I am that Christianity is nonsense.

The wicked don’t want the righteous to succeed.

Dependent people may think their dependence is a strength, but it isn’t.

Most cultists don't like being told that they're in a cult.

I am the canary in the coal mine.

If your religion has an open canon, then you should go get a stapler now.

When I lived in Honolulu and Jeff Sessions was attorney general they arrested 14 people in the Chinatown area for selling marijuana and possibly other things. When I went there to buy a bag I didn’t know about the raid until somebody told me, but I could tell something happened because nobody else was there. After returning once or twice I ran into a nice, old, homeless, African American lady that I had given a dollar to one time. She said she knew where I could get weed, but she said we had to take a bus there, so I said ok and we went on an adventure and she showed me exactly where to go. Several cool Hawaiians were chillin’ by a park and were friendly and happy to sell me a bag. Shout out to her.

I have received lots of death threats every day for the last eight years. Every day I have walked or ridden my bike around cities and towns and automobile drivers have rolled through stop signs and driven through crosswalks with me in them and threatened my life. I have been hit by seven cars and a bus in the last six years.

I was hit by vehicles seven times in Oahu and even though it is 80-90% Asian, I was hit by more white people than Asians.

When I needed a strong friend in 2011 after tragedy struck, Eddie Tabash was there for me even though we battled it out at Center For Inquiry West when we debated the existence of God. I have always liked and respected him and after that I thought even more highly of him. I also think he is a wise man with some fantastic views on controversial issues.

Eddie Tabash asked me if I was going to write my manifesto. I should ask him exactly what he means, but I named one of my first books of poetry Manifesto Poetry because of his suggestion. It included poems that I wrote while I was fighting four felony charges and it was the last book of poetry I wrote before I left San Diego, California. This is the description of it:

"This is a collection of 48 poems I wrote between November 24, 2011 through June 7, 2012. I was living in San Diego and dealing with the aftermath of a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raid on the medical marijuana grow I was overseeing for the collective I directed. During this emotional time, I also dealt with single life again and living in a resort community in Pacific Beach.

While I played guitar and bass every day, did yoga and taught music lessons, I was preparing for the next phase of my life. However, it wasn’t easy to move on, especially because it meant leaving behind everyone I loved."

People assume you need what they want.

I think that some Jews may be afraid that a virus will be used to kill them. Perhaps it is just their temperament, but some Jews have seemed more concerned about COVID-19 than most people.

There seems to be a discrepancy regarding whether or not the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (e.g. COVID-19) is a virus or a disease.

I am not paying a penny to be tracked and spied on by a cell phone company and their agents again. Not to mention I am not paying to have them steal my metadata and try to sell me stuff via 3rd parties.

I was hit riding my bike in the bike lane by the 13 bus in Honolulu, Oahu near the State library by an Asian driver a few years ago. It was recorded on four bus cameras and his attorney gave me a CD, so I could watch it. They said it was not his fault, but I disagree. In fact, I think he either tried to hit me or he is such a terrible bus driver that he should not be driving a bus.

According to the Old Testament, the ancient Israelites committed many genocide (Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites). Why are people including children reading about it at church every Sunday? Why is this record in a revered book that people say is from God?

I think people are making themselves very sick without realizing it.

I think people are either evolving voices inside their head or an outside force is responsible for them.

If there is an outside force that is putting voice inside the head of victims, then I wonder if that force can also read or hear thoughts. If you speak in tongues while you think I doubt any force will be able to read your thoughts.

I look better than you after sleeping outside in the rain, shitting in a plastic bag and not even looking in the mirror.

Even Christian scholars widely vary on their belief about tongues and how it was used, whether or not it is still used today and how it should be used. However, nobody seems to understand the practical application for tongues today; at least I have never heard them say what I have discovered.

A long time ago my father pointed out people that walked funny and said it is almost always because of disuse or misuse. They either didn't use a body part or muscle group for so long it fell into disrepair or they misused it and injured themselves.

The United States should not have killed or displaced the Native Americans or the Hawaiians and the U.S. should not support genocide or the mistreatment of indigenous people. In fact, the U.S. should stand with indigenous people against their oppressors.

People that routinely wave the wand of hyper-spirituality over their religious books tend to miss the truth about their practical application and value.

I have no faith in any major U.S. presidential candidate to do what’s right and best for the country and fix the major problems before it’s too late. Look at the way they have lived and are living now. They still pollute like I wouldn’t dream of polluting and they still eat crap I wouldn’t feed to animals or put in landfills. They are as clueless and horrible as the people that may vote for them.

If you drove and burned gasoline to the health food store and bought food that is not organic after polluting via your home all night in your sleep I am willing to fight you.

I knew Google was corrupt in 2013 when they "retired" Google Reader. In fact, it was the reason that I stopped using the Google search engine in 2013 and have not used it since that time.

Even though people are like slaves to their devices, companies, possessions, jobs and gods they need to realize that those things need them more than they need them.

Apple including front-facing cameras without a tangible shutter on their devices is an extraordinary and unnecessary breach of privacy.

As an organic vegetarian that uses EBT I have been inadvertently informiing the government about what I eat. Despite their legalization of deadly poisons they could potentialy learn what sustains one's life, but it won't always be that way.

There needs to be a Bill of Rights for kids.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Catholic Church destroyed the fossil evidence of a clear line of descent between animals and humans.

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