Search for wisdom like lost treasure and you will find it.

April, 2021 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

April 2021 Quotes

April 27, 2021

Talk to the future.

The bullshit mantra you recite does not compute.

The anti-Christ is not evil. He just is not a bullshit Christ.

Would you like me to incorporate your fears into my daily routine?

Self-righteous skin flutists abound.

Some people don’t know how to do much that isn’t forced.

Imagine if they won’t tell us the real reasons for aging because it would cause a revolution.

Some parents are happy to send their kid a few hundred dollars or more (if they have it) each month to keep them far away from them.

He’d probably go to bat for me if I wanted to swallow his poison.

I’ll keep telling your demons no.

My improving health is equity.

It took a lot of people to screw up COVID-19 this badly.

I never stop creating, but sometimes I stop sharing what I create.

I forget who I am following and I forget who’s following me and I don’t really care as long as they aren’t bots, pawns or patsies.

I don’t think line-drying my clothes is shrinking them Ike an electric dryer.

April 28, 2021

Liars can either keep lying or stop lying and if you surmised they’d rather keep lying you’re right.

Are you out of touch with who you are?

If you are a sad person, I am not interested in your crap.

Ever hear of anger-eating?

Love is wasted on people that don’t love themselves.

I think hairstylists have the power to harm somebody short-term and long-term and sometimes they use it on accident and sometimes they use it on purpose.

One of the dumbest thoughts that some people grow out of is thinking that others are thinking about them when they are not.

Tell whoever rents space in your head to vacate.

Some people are liars by association.

People that keep sticking the same crap in their ears and eyes wonder why you aren’t thinking what they’re thinking.

Just For Men is evil.

Being unnecessarily contrarian is counter-productive.

My mom had concerns about my father and tried to express them to me a lot. Sometimes we would be in private, but sometimes he would be in earshot.

Fatal flaws don’t help.

Who would cultivate their child’s blind spot?

Nobody can take a song out of your heart or a spring out of your step.

Did Jesus sign autographs? I bet he did on pieces of wood or rocks.

I adjust my back dozens of times a day usually when I am alone.

My parents said Shadow Mountain Community Church will always be there for me and will check on me when I get older.

Reading a prepared response to a live public speech may be as talking past somebody as you can get.

You’re never so close to losing than you are right before you win.

Listen to your parents except when it comes to religion and politics.

“Maybe he doesn’t want a girlfriend with big breasts.” - mom to dad in front of me

April 29, 2021

The longer he lives the more he will look like an usurper.

I was taught to tithe to church when I was a minor, but my dad told me not to until I got older because he did for our family (me and my mom). When I became an adult I started tithing and eventually tried to give a few dollars each time I went.

It’s like preaching to people that think they’re in the choir.

Some people don’t actually have faith in God, but they have faith in themselves.

In 2021 I began using a key for the first time in many years.

My shit is a lot safer than yours.

The only person that might speak honestly abut religion is somebody not being paid by it or its adherents.

I used to smoke menthol cigarettes in Virginia in the late 90s, but I hate cigarettes now. I don’t think they‘re noticeably worse than other cigarettes or cigars, but it is a step toward making smoking tobacco illegal; at least openly burning it (like a trash fire) in public and near children (I hope).

I think we should have tests to know whether or not I have had the virus and we should know whether or not I can get it twice. Those two things should be automatic before needles imho.

I love people the way they should be loved.

At some point I ascertained that she was a bad person, but it was partly because of her religion.

Self-fulfilling prophets shouldn’t drag others into their shit.

Reportedly, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have lost about one-third or more of their viewers after Trump left office, but they tend to amplify each other.

Imagine somebody listening to every shit you take and every fart you make.

The truth sets me free; the truth that I found without much help from you.

I used to fall asleep to ocean sounds from a wave machine and now Spotify plays them.

If you can’t take a joke you’re too woke.