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April 1, 2020 12:00 AM HST - Posted by Jason

April 2020 Quotes

(The newest quotes are at the bottom.)

Stock market investors get jittery and sell their stocks when they get wind of over 100,000 projected American deaths. Who knew?

Fearful people tend to give up their rights without a fight.

I was going to begin writing 109 Haikus in Kauai today. Since I am supposed to honor a statewide stay-at-home order maybe I should write a book called 2020 Quarantine Haikus instead...

Maybe I should buy some organic vodka (or gin) and spin some Quarantinis.

Imagine if COVID-19 is a curse for eating wildlife.

We’re going to learn from this, but what we’ll learn isn’t fully known yet.

I disagree with Mark Esper. The “war on drugs” has failed and it’s time to legalize plants.

How dare the government say they are fighting drugs coming into the country while people die from opiate pills and other substances that could be considered drugs at a record rate.

I don’t believe in the government’s drugs. I believe in making my own decisions regarding plants.

Government says they want to destroy Mexican drug cartels, but they aren’t concerned about pollution in the U.S. from Mexico via the Tijuana River even though it has been occurring for decades.

It’s not surprising to me that an old, conservative, religious government has tried to remove and keep illegal THC which is an integral part of medical marijuana. THC opens and expands the mind which exposes their bullshit for what it is.

When poppy and coca plants are legal it will save lives because it will reduce the amount of potentially deadly, processed drugs.

I never asked the government to protect me from plants.

Government will destroy your life under the guise of protecting you and others.

I am not letting this go.

Why are psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA illegal?

When the government declares a pill is illegal instead of regulating its consumption for safety they cause or allow many deaths.

Lies make me ill.

Human rights begins with your body. If you do not have 100% control of everything you want or need to do with your body, then you are being controlled and not actually free.

I don’t miss the mortuary yet, but I probably will in a few weeks.

After displaying a COVID-19 death toll graphic for many days in a row, CNN has removed it on April 1 and hasn’t even mentioned how many people died today.

Whose fears are you honoring?

I am not surprised that some Christian pastors have rejected the government’s fearful mandates and are meeting anyway. The government is not following any biblical principles in their attempts to stop COVID-19 and telling the church to stop meeting is anti-biblical and a sign of the times.

If the government has the power to harm you, then the government has too much power.

If you calculate the U.S. average, daily death toll from COVID-19 from the day the first death was reported on March 1, then there have been about 148 deaths a day. If you calculate the U.S. average, daily death toll from the first person diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 15, then the death toll is about 62 people a day.

The COVID-19 response suits self-righteous Americans well because they love to virtue signal.

If nothing changes in the U.S.' relationship with China because of COVID-19 they are being foolish.

If you thought liberals had no faith I think the COVID-19 scare and response will disavow you of that notion.

The causes of death that have killed millions of people that people are ignoring will continue to kill millions of people until people care and change their behavior.

Some people say COVID-19 will disappear when the weather gets warmer and if everybody is indoors using their air conditioner, then it should be warmer outside soon.

Has anybody grown a conscience about the way that they were polluting the planet or is everybody waiting with baited breath to fuck up the place again like usual?

Reportedly, as of April 1 about 2.2% of people in the U.S. that get infected with COVID-19 die from it.

On this current trajectory and in light of the government’s intentions to lift stay-at-home orders on May 1, they are apparently intending on COVID-19 killing around 25,000 people before May 1 and about 75,000 to 215,000 more people dying afterwards. With all due respect that doesn’t sound like much of a plan.

I use CNN, MSNBC and Fox News applications to watch the news on my Apple iPad. CNN’s app is the best. MSNBC’s app makes me enable Location Services and buffers or crashes when I change from the small screen to the full screen. Fox News doesn’t require Location Services, but unlike the others they do not allow you to watch a little screen and access other applications at the same time. All of the apps let users enter their cable TV credentials to watch live programs for free.

If Americans didn’t eat such a poor diet and have such an unhealthy lifestyle they would have a better chance to fully recover from COVID-19.

This weirdness is going to cause a lot of problems in the U.S. for a long time in many different ways.

I hope I see your face again because I can’t quite remember your name.

There should be a way to prove to the government that you have gotten over COVID-19 and are immune to it, so you can return to your regular life instead of living in hiding for no reason like they want everybody to do.

Why doesn’t the government protect us from air pollution?

Fools judge others more than themselves.

On my last day in Kahului, Maui, I used my camp shower at Jack N the Box because they have an outdoor spigot and strong, overhead eyelet in a secluded place by their store. An employee told me to stop and I said ok and that she would never see me again. Meanwhile, an armed security man took their cash and walked to his running vehicle and I asked both of them a question. I said, “If those two homeless people stink (and I pointed to two homeless people in the parking lot) whose fault is it?”

A wisely worded question can be more powerful than an angry threat because the hearer will answer in his or her head and it will be a conclusion that they can’t easily deny or reject because you didn’t put it there.

If suicides increase in the dystopian state of America I will be unsurprised.

On this trajectory the planet has a death sentence and America will have blood on its hands because only America can stop destroying the planet before it irreparably changes everything for the worse and then motivate others to quit destroying it too.

No matter how much you worry and no matter how scared you get some things just aren’t newsworthy.

Liberals have made wild assertions about COVID-19, assumed that they are correct, belittled others for not accepting them, assumed the government’s projections will happen and then made more assumptions based on those assumptions. What a twisted house of cards.

Americans are like drug users that need an intervention.

If anybody doubted whether or not the ruling elite think New York is the center of the galaxy I think those doubts have been assuaged.

I love Andrew Cuomo (and Chris Cuomo), but I don’t want to hear him talk every day. If I did I would probably move to New York.

Shout out to politicians that don’t fear monger, but quietly and strongly do their job well.

If 10 million people that filed for unemployment insurance benefits get $600 a week the U.S. government will spend $6 trillion a week on them. $6 trillion a week is approximately $24 trillion a month which is approximately what the entire U.S. national debt is now.

The U.S.’ response to COVID-19 is like somebody with a hangnail cutting off their hand.

Allegedly, God created everything in six days and Christians want us to believe that Jesus has been preparing a place for Christians in Heaven for almost 2,000 years? That doesn’t add up.

It is puzzling that a nation founded on Christian principles and run by Christians that believe in instantaneous, radical, positive changes want to do things the wrong, filthy, deadly, way for as long as humanly possible.

In 2020 because of COVID-19, the government is doing something similar to Americans as it did to me in 2011 when it broke down my door and arrested me for growing medical marijuana for medical marijuana patients in San Diego, California.

Mentally strong people should be fine in isolation and poverty, but mentally weak people probably won’t be ok.

As long as you don’t call your sins what they are you won’t repent.

There are zero verses in the Bible that condemn any of my behaviors, but there are many scriptures that condemn many of your actions.

The unrighteous call the righteous self-righteous.

If you can prove your righteousness, then you aren’t self-righteous. You’re righteous. If you can’t prove your righteousness, then you’re self-righteous.

What happens if you get windmill cancer and COVID-19?

The average Christian is displeasing to their God if their God actually wrote the Bible.

You aren’t influenced by people you don’t listen to.

Every day politicians and the mainstream media dump their problems and issues on us.

The mainstream media is practicing transference on Americans every day.

Assholes try to make good people afraid.

Nobody can make you eat.

When I flew from Maui to Kauai a few days ago the TSA flagged my backpack and confiscated a can of organic pinto beans that I had put in a zip-top bag. They said it was considered a gel over 3 ounces.

I dated a Greek girl with one leg in college. She said she was born that way and she thought it was because her parents lived by a nuclear power plant in Greece.

Johns Hopkins University was dead wrong about Hong Kong being the country with the second most COVID-19 infections behind China. Dozens of other countries have more infections.

What will they call the next coronavirus? Perhaps they will call it “the new coronavirus” because calling this one “coronavirus” is a misnomer because it describes a type of diseases and not a specific one.

I still do not fear COVID-19. I think there is an extraordinarily remote chance that I will be infected. Also, I think if I get infected I will not die or have any lasting health problems from it. I am not afraid in the slightest despite the government and media’s best attempts to make people fearful.

It is in the best interest of the rich to scare the poor into obedience.

Are people with sickle cell anemia more vulnerable to COVID-19?

I think if pastors don't add burning fossil fuels to the list of sins that they preach against everything will die.

Money makes life different, but not necessarily easier.

After you realize you’re going the wrong way, you wonder if there’s a shortcut to get you back on track.

“Pollute like us or we will kill you with our pollution.”

Hold every emission captive.

People in the future will not understand the way that you live.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the most hated generation.

People that look wealthy aren’t necessarily wealthy.

The government should commission automotive shops to recycle vehicles.

“What did you trade your vehicle in for?”

What I was is no longer what I am.

The bus in Kauai is free, but it comes every two hours instead of every hour now.

People that don’t ride a bike or take public transportation don’t realize how their disgusting lifestyle has deterred the development of public transportation and bike services.

If someone is simmering in anger because of you, you may regret it.

Rachel Maddow, some people watch your show away from home and some people watch it in the afternoon.

Over the last few years I have noticed more and more Mexicans in Hawaii. Today I saw a new sign written in English and Spanish. Since I grew up in San Diego, California (a border city), I can easily tell the difference between Mexicans and Asians/Hawaiians.

One little known benefit of the COVID-19 scare: when you give the bird to irresponsible, single people driving SUVs there is a reduced chance that they will pull over to fight you

COVID-19 is deterring carpooling.

If the weakest people are dying from COVID-19, then natural selection and survival of the fittest will produce a stronger gene pool.

After I moved from Maui to Kauai, I unsubscribed from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s email list. However, I just realized that she is Kauai’s representative in Congress too! Now I have lived on three Hawaiian islands that she has “served”. Please God make it stop.

Kauai needs its own representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Kauai is 300 miles from Maui and separated by water.

Disgusting people like disgusting people.

Over 250,000 Americans have immunity to COVID-19. If you are in good health, being one of them before you reach old age might be wise.

I affirm the efficacy of reputable vaccines, but the toxins that they include with the vaccines should never enter anybody’s bloodstream.

Today a 75 year old woman at a bus stop in Lihue, Kauai told me that the first COVID-19 patient was a disgruntled chemist from China that brought the disease here on purpose to kill as many people as possible because he is dying.

If you add all the days that I have fasted, I have not eaten by choice for many months of my life. However, I have only not eaten by circumstance a few times. It’s a different feeling when you don’t decide to avoid food, but you are unable to buy food. Fasting is empowering, but hunger is debilitating.

Today I began instinctually saying something that I used to say in my first years living on the street. “We’re screwed.” It had little to do with COVID-19. It had to do with people still ignoring the biggest causes of suffering, disease, death and eventual extinction even after making radical changes.

The American lifestyle is the biggest cause of disease on Earth.

Today the Kauai police arrested a homeless man that flew here from Oahu because he had no lodging and violated the 14 day mandatory stay-at-home/self-quarantine order by Gov. Ige. I hope they aren’t rounding up all the homeless people and incarcerating them because that doesn’t seem fair.

I visited Costco, Safeway, Papayas and Hoku foods today for groceries and it’s safe to say that the organic food supply is not being threatened at all which isn’t surprising to me.

On April 3, Molokai logged its first case of COVID-19. Reportedly, the infected person got it from Las Vegas.

I should record a parody song of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 because we have been ordered to obey a curfew in Kauai from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day due to COVID-19.

Living in a country that is demonstrably losing its power and influence feels like aging and approaching death.

You taught me lots of things and decided not to follow them.

Your safety, health and well-being revolve around knowing and following the truth.

Hawaii is letting people exercise outside, but if you sit down you can get warned, ticketed and jailed. What about practicing yoga? Yoga poses are still and can look like sitting or laying down.

Donald Trump ordered states to stop allowing exemptions for people to get EBT (food stamps). In other words, if a homeless person isn’t working or isn’t earning a lot of money they won’t qualify for EBT anymore (technically, they will only be eligible for 3 months in a 3 year period until they are 50 years old). However, he stayed the order for a while because of COVID-19.

If you cause a problem and then you fix the problem how much credit should you get for fixing the problem that you created in the first place?

The COVID-19 response by governors is like coming to Jesus and only changing your hairstyle. It’s like getting a stain on your tie and changing your shirt, suit, pants, belt, socks, underwear and shoes.

I told my mom that I loved her many times throughout my life and in the days, months and years before she died, but I think I would be even sadder about her death if I never told her.

Yesterday at Safeway there were lines and only one checkstand open and self-checkout. The cashier said she was the only person there that could do it. In a pandemic you would think the grocery store would try to get customers in and out as quickly as possible.

A scientist’s assumptions are not necessarily any better than a layperson’s assumptions.

I don’t believe a lot of things that are commonly accepted in society.

The truth defies a lot of textbooks.

I think making assumptions about fossilized teeth is unwise. For instance, how do we know that ancient explorers didn’t bring marsupial teeth with them to the Americas? Perhaps they were considered good luck or medicinal. How do we know they didn’t bring the opossum too?

“Laughing Buddha” isn’t actually Buddha.

Gautama Buddha was not overweight. The overweight man in a cloth sack aka the laughing Buddha was a Chinese monk named Budai.

The more you hate homeless people the more out of touch with reality you must be.

The worst medicine harms you instead of healing you.

Pharmaceutical drugs’ side effects can occur whether or not the pills work.

It’s a shame that it took a pandemic to make some people do what they should have been doing anyway.

Scared people say and do things that unafraid people don’t say or do.

Joe Biden seems like he is senile.

Seeing fools quarantined in their homes has never made me want to be more unlike them.

If we can put a man on the moon we should be able to make a way or device for people to breathe freely in public without catching a virus.

It is funny how unoriginal people try to be different and create art.

Even though my piano teacher told my parents I was a prodigy my father didn’t want me to be a musician as a kid because he said I wouldn’t have anything important to sing about until I was older.

People don't mind horrible art if they like the person that made it.

Sometimes I click on a link to a YouTube video, but I don’t watch it. I pause the video and comment.

When I listened to Bible and prophecy buff Chuck Missler speak many years ago he said America is not mentioned in the Bible and it is strangely absent from the End Times verses. He said there were several reasons why America would be a non-factor and he proposed a few devastating possibilities.

I just realized that Ezekiel 39:6 could more easily refer to the U.S. and U.K. now that the U.K. left the European Union (which biblical scholars see as the revived Roman Empire).

Despite your religion and whether or not the Bible is true over a billion people are learning it as fact and could make its prophecies happen. This has been happening for a long time too.

Some Americans are desperate to justify their fears.

The mainstream media can create the illusion of consensus.

I’m so bored. What’s COVID-19 like?

I think the stay-at-home orders are going to cause Americans to gain weight and more Americans will become overweight and obese.

Was Pinocchio Jewish?

“When did your nose grow to its full size?” - rejected pickup lines

Every time somebody dies these days I wonder if it was from COVID-19 or not.

COVID-19 is bringing false prophets out of the woodwork.

The longer this COVID-19 scare wears on the more unprepared our local and federal government appears.

I wonder how many people are going to take their $1,200 from the government and leave the country.

CNN could be called the Coronavirus News Network these days.

On April 5, 2020, COVID-19 has reportedly killed over 9,200 Americans and over 315,000 people have survived and gained immunity. That means about 2.7% of people that get it end up dying. It also means the seasonal flus killed about nine times the number of people in the 2017-2018 flu season.

What’s up you controlling motherfuckers?

Weather reports have become far less important to me since I am supposed to stay inside.

Fearful people want you to fear what they fear.

I like straight shooters.

CNN, I have seen enough Sanjay Gupta ads. If you have to advertise Gupta this much, maybe people just aren’t going to like him or watch him.

I think the president is always being baited to do inappropriate things, so he must use a lot of restraint to avoid doing them.

Some homeless people have other options, but most of them don’t.

Local and federal government should have had a plan for the homeless population during COVID-19. Their lack of a plan says something about them.

Corrupt governments care more about families than individuals.

I reject the causes of disease and death that you create and accept. Don’t ask me to prioritize your flavor of the day.

The climate is ripe for a real presidential candidate to emerge. Rest assured that COVID-19 is this bad in part because Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have lacked vision and integrity for a long time.

People that want others to change should change themselves first.

If you’ve reached the age of accountability you don’t have an excuse for following bad advice no matter who gives it to you.

Some Hawaiians say Hawaii tends to be a week or two behind the mainland when it comes to the spread of viruses, so they think that the COVID-19 scare may last a week or two longer here than elsewhere.

Since 2012, I have been saying the U.S. is circling the toilet bowl and it feels that way now more than ever.

In case you are a cam girl, your cell phone, fake nails and fake eyelashes aren't turn-ons. Also, soliloquies and dissertations aren't necessary either. Just have fun and be yourself.

I will not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

When I read the Bible and consider how some parts of it are strangely relevant and possibly even prophetic, I wonder when the entire book and the New Testament in particular was actually written. The date that I keep coming back to is the 1450s when the Gutenberg Bible was printed with the printing press because after that date it would be exceptionally difficult to change it.

There is no better time to use a VPN.

People with apparently nothing better to do like to criticize others.

I do not think the Republican governors in states without stay-at-home orders should issue them unless they are certain it is best for their state.

The point of taking pills should be to make you well, so you can stop taking pills.

Who and what are you relying on now?

Shout out to my friends in Kahului, Honolulu, Long Beach, Miami and San Diego. Hang in there!

I haven’t been outside in two days, so I did push-ups and sit-ups today even though I am fasting.

I never realized how much people deserve to be hated.

The more dye you have on your head the dumber you look.

May God have mercy on your soul if you get aid to advertise something that harms and kills.

They played them against each other.

Married people suppress some emotions.

A couple of years before we divorced my former wife said I could date girls I said no and I never cheated on her. I haven’t even dated anybody since I have been divorced.

Jordan, my offer still stands.

The first time I called the police on my former wife was shortly after we were married in Oceanside, California. She sat on the kitchen floor and kicked in our oven among other things during a fit of rage.

You aren’t smart enough to get away with it, so don’t even try.

I don’t like people trying to control me even if they can’t.

I have never killed anybody and I never will. I’ll never kill myself either.

I will not eat seafood anymore. Basically, if it poops I won’t eat it. I used to think I needed it for proper nutrition, but I don’t because I can get all the nutrients elsewhere and whatever else I eat will be organic and won’t be ingesting plastic or swimming in mercury and lead.

Atheists have told me that when Christians tell them they will pray for them they respond by saying they will think for them.

Some people are secretly trying to harm and even kill others.

I blame every alleged overdose death on the government for making medicinal plants illegal.

Some people are secretly trying to harm and even kill others.

When I lived in Long Beach, I wore black from head to toe, but after I moved to Hawaii I began wearing white again.

I refuse to do more damage to cover up the other damage.

I am hesitating to follow the users that I used to follow on Instagram because they are no probably more special than the 400+ non-celebrity users I am following now. As far as I can tell the main differences are their wealth, celebrity, occupation and number of followers and those are silly reasons to follow somebody. I am reconsidering whether or not I should tacitly support them by following them.

Zealots do evil to make their prophecies come true.

I keep hearing ocean waves crashing from my room and it is so loud it sounds like the neighbors are listening to a wave machine.

There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that you can do something nobody else can do and only doing it in your own company.

Imagine if somebody has discovered how to live forever, but wants to kill off certain people before revealing it.

I subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels, but sometimes I will only read the headline and won’t click on the video if I know that channel always disallows comments.

On Sunday, April 5, 2020, the surgeon general compared this week’s COVID-19 situation to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, but I think those are terrible analogies. About 3,000 people died on 9/11 and about 2,300 people died in Pearl Harbor. Reportedly, COVID-19 has already killed more than 9,000 Americans and is killing over 1,000 Americans a day now. Also, the 9/11 and Pearl Harbor attacks resulted in a military response.

Out of touch people reveal how out of touch they are during tragedies.

My dad said my mom took hydroxychloroquine for years until she to treat her arthritis. He also said that it compromised his immune system.

What is difficult for one person to do may be easy for someone else.

If the government wants to easily control businesses and the country it will be much easier for them to do so if small businesses go out of business and only a handful of big corporations remain.

COVID-19 is distracting the American people.

Reportedly, COVID-19 originated in the largest, godless country in the world (China) and has affected Italy and the U.S. the most which are the most influential Catholic and Christian countries in the world.

Reportedly, there are rumors in China that COVID-19 originated in the U.S.

Some people have interests that will never be considered, so their only hope is to piggyback on somebody else’s interests that are similar, but not exactly the same.

When I must watch TV commercials all I see and hear is greed.

As of April 6, 2020, New York has about 36% of the U.S.’ COVID-19 infections.

My wedding anniversary would have been on April 7 which is roughly the day when the U.S. should exceed 10,000 COVID-19 deaths and there should be over 70,000 COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

An MSNBC pundit just said New York is the canary in the coal mine which is what Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said. Also, Donald Trump recently confused the words “less” and “fewer” like Dr. Anthony Fauci has done. Perhaps the liberals have a better writer.

America believes in the survival of the least fit.

You can't easily fake being prepared. You either are or you aren't.

People that are just happy to be alive don’t lodge a lot of criticisms.

Reportedly, divorces have been increasing because of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, but I think it is actually because marriage is an unnecessary, antiquated, patriarchal, religious relic that should be abolished. I also think it defies the separation of church and state and fosters discrimination against single people because married couples are shown favoritism.

Anybody that kills people and says God told them to do it is an evil person.

The mainstream media would rather report the same story over and over instead of reporting different stories.

I think President Trump may care more about saving lives than the economy, but I think he may care more about getting reelected than everything else.

You are not a bad person if you are sick and tired of hearing about death tolls and New York’s problems every time you turn on the news.

I have considered running an advertisement to find somebody with COVID-19, so they can expose me to it because it will not kill me and I would rather know what it's like and acquire immunity than hide from it.

Do you think it is better to be weak-minded or weak-bodied?

If I get COVID-19 I will not go to the hospital or the doctor or take any pharmaceutical drugs, but I will stay away from others until I get well.

Captain Brett Crozier that was fired for his behavior regarding COVID-19 was probably fired for legitimate reasons because unlike some employers the U.S. military actually follows protocols and has some accountability and oversight.

Imagine if people that have gotten over COVID-19 and acquired immunity from it receive a special pin to wear in public.

Decrying drug cartels and allowing pharmaceutical drug companies to advertise drugs on TV is hypocritical.

CNN is a pitiful trainwreck.

The vast majority of Americans don't try to eat the best diet possible.

Shout out to journalists and writers that work hard. I feel bad for them when they work for a lame company though.

Nothing perks me up quite like an orange.

Every time I turn on CNN they tell me that more people died. Imagine if they did this forever.

Reportedly, the U.S surpassed 10,000 COVID-19 deaths today and the Dow Jones stock market index rose by over 1,300 points. Did Apple launch a cremation app? Did Home Depot start selling caskets? Did Charmin join the index?

I’ve seen a lot of bad haircuts lately.

People need to use this opportunity to test their indoor air quality.

The mainstream media can broadcast Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s speeches every day, but imagine if they covered North Dakota’s governor every day.

I have a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, but the only title I use is Meshiach Nagid.

People that don’t normally file taxes are waiting for the government to create a portal to file a “simple tax return” or at least submit their bank information, so the IRS can deposit their $1,200 stimulus. The irs.gov website says they will do it “in the coming weeks”.

Reportedly, cats can catch COVID-19 from humans, but dogs can't.

On March 31, 2020, I emailed exemption@hawaii.gov to ask them if I could have an exemption from the stay-at-home order, so I could leave my condo and write 109 Haikus in Kauai around the island. They replied the next day and said no.

My dad said he is going to wear a gorilla mask when he leaves the house.

He may be a chicken in spring, but he’s not a spring chicken.

“I’m only a type of Christ.” - Antichrist

More people still die in the U.S. every day from the Top 10 causes of death than from COVID-19.

When I left Costco on April 3, the employee at the exit that checks receipts was standing behind a big, clear, plastic barrier and asked me to hold my receipt up to it.

Has anybody gotten windmill cancer and COVID-19? I bet that’s the worst.

I don’t want a gun for the same reason I don’t want a driver’s license.

Shout out to mutts.

In fairness to CNN, today they covered a few stories that didn’t have to do with people dying from COVID-19.

Dr. Sanja Gupta seems smart and wise.

They’re always hiding something.

President Trump has made anti-government statements and is a self-styled independent outsider, but he is oddly for pharmaceutical drugs. Usually anti-government types like him have no love for big pharma.

Most people that criticize big pharma cite their greed not the drugs’ debilitating side effects.

Have laundromats turned into old timey trading posts yet?

Does everybody in California look like a gangster with a bad haircut now?

I am in a beautiful condo, but there are a lot of barking spiders.

Most Hawaiians are extraordinarily nice people which only makes me more upset that they have been mistreated and lied to more than they realize.

I’ll never get over living in Hawaii, noticing it’s 9:15 p.m. and realizing that in 45 minutes CNN will start broadcasting tomorrow’s news live.

If Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden catch COVID-19 I think they will probably die.

Shout out to the late night comedians that have been raising money for good causes.

Reportedly, as of April 6, 2020, the state of Hawaii has confirmed 387 cases of COVID-19 and 5 people have died. That is about half of the national death percentage at about 1.3%.

I think some essential workers wish they were considered non-essential workers.

Paranoid liberals are validating paranoid liberals on the liberal mainstream media’s TV show. Surprised?

CNN’s commercials, pundits and anchors are singing the people’s praises for obeying the (mostly) Democratic Party governors for turning their lives upside down and they are pretending like they know it made a huge difference.

I have been saying that we live in a country that is being run by religious extremists and the COVID-19 response affirms my righteous judgment.

CNN alternates between trying to make people afraid and praising them for reacting in fear.

You live in a twisted society when strength of character, body and mind is chastised and fear is praised.

I think there comes a point when you have to cut to the chase and simply say they are bad people because they are bad people.

Is clean underwear essential?

I hope people realize they probably can’t fuck people with COVID-19 and get away with it without being infected.

Many Asians that I have encountered are racist toward black people, so it is strange that COVID-19 originated in Asia and seems to be more deadly to black people than white people.

Some people are manipulated to believe.

The 9 p.m. curfew in Kauai makes perfect sense because everybody knows that bad things happen at night.

My first college roommate would mock gangsters and call people essay and paragraph.

If Dr. Oz isn't careful a gangster is gonna put a cap in his ass.

Conservative pundits are having a hard time critiquing Democratic Party governors for their response to COVID-19 because some Republican governors have responded the same way.

Today the CDC said the 100,000 to 240,000 death toll estimate from COVID-19 was based on 50% compliance (to their fear mongering) and much fewer people will die. In other words, they thought half the country would think they are full of shit and reject what they said.

Reportedly, 97% of the U.S. has some sort of stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order now.

President Trump said other big countries have more COVID-19 infections than the U.S., but they are reporting fewer cases because they have not tested as many people as the U.S. has tested.

I am happy to rebel against the government because the government has greatly harmed me and they continue to harm me and others.

Some minorities aren’t necessarily racist toward other minorities, but they desperately want to be #2.

If African American voters die in swing states, then there is a good chance that the majority of people in those states will vote for President Trump in November and he will win those states.

I am stoked that I don't have to see the people that I know in Maui living the same destructive, defeated lifestyle while incorporating drastic life-changes from COVID-19 fear mongering.

If they can make you think you are helping the helpless, then you won't think about the way you are harming everybody.

Reportedly, more people have died in the U.S. on April 7, 2020 than any other day and by the end of the day 2,000 people may die from COVID-19.

I appreciate your skepticism.

Before a person is cremated or buried that allegedly died from COVID-19 they should be tested to confirm it.

People tend to trust others instead of verifying their claims.

People that expect favoritism don’t trust independent, unbiased people.

Human behavior has caused some animals to get cancer.

If God exists God might not be good.

I cried a lot when my mom died and I will cry right now if I think about it.

Do people that support bad ideas lack the ability to come up with good ideas?

I think the lack of COVID-19 tests is causing some people that catch COVID-19 to be undiagnosed and causing some people that are assumed to have COVID-19 being wrongly diagnosed.

If children are relying on schools for food, then EBT (food stamps) is failing them.

I would not be surprised if EBT is failing children because the government cares much more about adult couples than single people.

People that have been given money tend to avoid criticizing the people that gave it to them especially if they want more money from them.

I have lots of energy, ideas and artistic ability, but in times like these I think I avoid creating because few people I see are worthy of it. Perhaps I should always consider the posthumous value of the things I create.

More people would recover from COVID-19 and other illnesses if the U.S. would have been off fossil fuels by now.

Who is more skeptical than the person that realizes they were led to believe lies?

Some people never wanna get off the gravy train.

How do you think your face will evolve with a chin implant?

Voting involves a degree of trust.

If their numbers are right more Americans died from COVID-19 on April 7, 2020 than any other day. About 2,000 deaths were reported which is hundreds more than yesterday’s total.

This week I’ve been watching Fox New’s The Five at 11 a.m., CNN’s Out Front at 1 p.m. and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show at 3 p.m. President Trump’s briefings have interrupted Fox News both times and CNN and MSNBC are barely watchable because they do very little reporting and a lot of assuming while patting their buddies on the back.

I think we will see a compliance curve regarding the behavioral changes that have been demanded due to the COVID-19 scare.

If people won’t change their destructive behavior do others have any hope except to see them die?

A great way to let humans down is to live for a myth.

Imagine if the strongest country in the world is being run by horrible people.

“I can’t believe that North Dakota’s governor hasn’t issued a stay-at-home order.”
“Have you ever been to North Dakota?”
“Neither have I.”

I am still uncertain about whether or not doing nothing besides taking the measures you would normally take in flu season in every state except New York would have had similar infection and mortality rates.

People that turn their lives upside down for the greater good want to feel like their actions were warranted. People that make people turn their lives upside down for the greater good deeply want them to feel like their actions were warranted and they were right.

I haven’t seen so many people confidently opine since I used to attend church.

People are praising people for their fearful response to COVID-19, but if you want my praise you need to stop burning gasoline and coal and stop killing animals. If you want my admiration you will have to do those things and eat only organic food.

How good do you feel when lowbrow idiots praise you?

If you need praise from fools, then you are one.

Celebrity worship is perpetuated by celebrities.

Since they aren’t testing all the people that allegedly die from COVID-19 all they have to do to end the U.S. pandemic is begin saying people are dying from other causes.

Honolulu Democratic Party mayor Kirk Caldwell would rather try to prevent people from flying to Hawaii to take refuge even if they pay for a room and quarantine themselves for 14 days.

COVID-19 is bringing the asshole out of some people.

Your life is constructed out of fear or confidence, but you can’t pick both.

I do not support Hawaiian government officials for sending two homeless men back to Los Angeles because they flew here during the COVID-19 scare.

Several years ago I told Honolulu Democratic Party mayor Kirk Caldwell that Hawaii does not have a homeless problem because homeless people are an asset. I told him his problem is his reliance on fossil fuels.

If you are a business owner and you let a homeless person sleep in front of your building at night why don't you tell people how many times somebody has broken into your building?

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

You will probably never be able to determine whether microbes to man evolution occurred on its own over a very long period of time or God created everything fully formed.

What is more annoying than somebody telling you something you already know?

As a child my parents took us to Hawaii every summer on vacation. They never wanted to visit another country or take a cruise though. They said the laws in other countries make it a risk and we could drink bad water, eat bad food, etc. They also said lots of people get sick on cruises and not just seasick.

Cruise lines have been grossly irresponsible when it comes to pollution and that isn’t even taking into account the fuel they burn.

When I lived in Honolulu, I always liked watching the sunset over the ocean in Ala Moana park and it always made me upset when cruise ships got in the way. They ruined many pictures and I refused to even take a picture many times because they were in the way. They usually looked empty too. It made me so upset that I wanted a moratorium on them around the time the sun was setting. They appeared to be a big, stinky advertisement more than anything else.

I will not get a flu shot. I would not recommend getting a flu shot.

If they can get you to fight others you won’t be fighting them.

President Trump was grossly irresponsible for suggesting that people use the drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 because it could be deadly and it may not work.

The surgeon general has defended his absurd comments and President Trump’s absurd comments earlier this year about COVID-19 by saying they made the best conclusions they could make based on the information they had at the time. In reality, their horrible suggestions and false claims should have been more measured with different language and they should have been wiser.

Imagine if every prognosis was given in the lens of horrible assumptions like you will breathe polluted air, eat polluted food, use toxic chemicals and your health will steadily decline.

I want to see doctors that want me to live for 1,000 years and not simply the average lifespan. Do any exist?

There should be a bipartisan effort to end gerrymandering and if there isn’t, then they don’t care about the American people or the integrity of the vote.

It is absurd that we have online banking and online applications for government benefits, but no online voting yet.

If my father wasn’t such a patriot that loves America and affirms the rule of law I would be a very different person now.

Some people are legally blind in one eye with no visual evidence of it.

Marriage being recognized and rewarded by the government is as absurd as baptism or circumcision being recognized and rewarded by the government.

Controlling people try to shape behavior by giving rewards for doing certain things. Loving people treat everybody equally and don’t leverage their blessings.

When I was a kid my dad said that certain people would have to die off before things could improve in America and I didn’t understand what he meant, but it makes sense now. Some people will die before they change.

If people justify killing others, others will justify killing them.

I could do without the National Football League because of CTE and the injuries I sustained on tackle football teams, but I would like to watch Major League Baseball again.

If somebody says it's incredibly safe to be outside while wearing protective gear from head to toe it might not actually be ok.

Other countries don't understand some things about America and I am sure that gerrymandering is one of them.

People with integrity want to win fair and square or not at all.

Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you.

I think more people died in the U.S. on April 7, 2020 than any other day in history and I wouldn't be surprised if Americans have PTSD now.

When President Trump said if more Americans vote, then Republicans will never win an election again what was he actually saying?

President Trump isn't merely a bad liar, but he is a bold-faced asshole sometimes.

My father has enjoyed voting via mail and he is a Republican.

President Trump said the U.S. was going to stop funding the World Health Organization because he didn’t like what they were saying, but when he was asked about it a few seconds later he said he was only considering it. I think he heard the way the reporter framed the question and realized he shouldn’t have made the claim.

Has Bill Gates done anything to house the homeless during the COVID-19 scare? If not, why not? Isn’t he a billionaire and one of the world’s richest people?

Some people only help others when they have a selfish motive.

Prayer changes you.

I think President Trump has embarassed himself and the U.S. with his tweets.

On CNN on April 7, 2020, a doctor responded to President Trump’s question, “What do you have to lose?” His answer: “Your heartbeat.” He said you could die from taking hydroxychloroquine.

The U.S. government has purchased about 29 million hydroxychloroquine doses and most of them are from India.

New York and New Jersey have nearly half of the U.S.’ confirmed cases of COVID-19.

If everybody had a N95 mask and wore it from Day 1 would COVID-19 be back page news?

When I was a kid, sometimes I would walk into a room and my mom would be watching TV and crying. She was usually watching the news, an investigative report or a movie. Sometimes my dad would poke fun at her or try to lighten the mood with a joke.

My mom was like a bleeding-heart conservative.

On CNN a doctor said that young obese people are at greater risk for COVID-19 complications.

If you like pharmaceutical drug ads you should watch MSNBC because they always advertise them and so does CNN.

Reportedly, surgical masks are good for stopping the spread of COVID-19 if you have it and respirator masks are good for avoiding a COVID-19 infection.

One might think that most rich people live sustainably because they have the money to easily do so, but most of them don’t. They burn gasoline, coal, jet fuel and boat fuel just as much as everybody else if not more.

In my experience the only words of Donald Trump’s that have ever had any value to me are the words that have had comedic value.

Donald Trump has never inspired or encouraged me in any way, shape or form.

I liked some things about Bernie Sanders, but I think he was wise to quit his presidential campaign. He is too old and he was going to be used by the Democratic Party again to drum up support from independents, moderates, Jews, young progressives and the non-religious only to lose the primary to an old, establishment candidate and see his supporters vote for somebody else.

Andrew Cuomo does not know when to use the words “less” and “fewer” in a sentence. As soon as Cuomo made the embarrassing error, CNN left his press conference, said a few words and went to commercial.

It’s time to roast Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo looks like he dyed his pubic hair too long with Just For Men and had it transplanted on his head. His face looks like a boxer that was left in the ring too long. He sounds like an extra in a movie about John Gotti. His demeanor resembles somebody that just stole a pack of gum from a bodega. He acts like John the Revelator’s scribe after eating some bad fish.

I am inclined to encourage single people more than married people. In fact, I have less respect for married people than single people.

I am not a Joe Biden fan, but knowing Biden and the Democratic Party he would never consider ordering states to stop giving EBT (food stamps) work requirement exemptions to homeless people and some others like Donald Trump did.

Selfish people want you to honor what they tell you to honor.

Extremists are good at coming up with extreme solutions.

Impenetrable American belligerence is the phrase I coined to describe the people I see in society and those words popped into my mind as I heard President Trump and Mike Pompeo speak today.

Jesus never gave money to anybody, but he did feed people and give them wine.

Just because you said and did a bunch of crazy stuff and then you didn’t die it doesn’t mean that your actions had any bearing on anything.

If you shut down somebody’s employer and threaten them with tickets and jail time if they leave their house you shouldn’t praise them for their discipline. Praise them for their submission to your will.

Telling people you’ll give them money if they stay home from work is a big incentive.

Politicians that are giving over $1 trillion to businesses because they shut them down desperately want to justify their actions to taxpayers.

The old dying generation wants to fuck the young generation, but they don’t want the young generation to fuck them.

If the government wanted to give everybody money and make sure they spent it and didn’t save it this is probably how they would do it.

Some people make an art form out of putting the cart before the horse.

Imagine if you had a much higher calling than you realize.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has 180 polling locations, but because of the COVID-19 scare only five of them were open yesterday for the Democratic Party primary.

I realized several years ago that you can't be a great teacher and be a mysterious person. You have to pick one or the other because great teachers are always teaching and mysterious people keep lots of secrets and don't want people to know what they know or what they do.

The wicked can justify anything under the sun because they are right in their own eyes.

On April 7, 2020 the University of Washington revised their COVID-19 death toll estimate and said they expect 81,766 people to die by August 4 because people have been staying at home and social distancing. This resembles my earliest prediction that COVID-19 will be like another seasonal flu when it comes to its death toll. Seasonal flu killed 80,000 people in the 2017-2018 flu season, but typically fewer people die.

By citing the new, lower, projected, COVID-19 death toll allegedly due to compliance gives them an out if there are more deaths because they can always cite incidents of non-compliance.

Would a political party that effectively disenfranchises another party's voters by gerrymandering care if they died?

If the government did not respond to COVID-19 like it did and did something much less extreme a few more people may have died, but exponentially more people would have acquired immunity.

The liberal mainstream media is in bed with Democratic Party politicians and the conservative mainstream media is in bed with Republican Party politicians, so don’t expect to get the full truth from any of them.

I won’t be surprised if the U.S.’ credit rating is downgraded before the election in November.

The government is fortunate that its greatest evils (debt and air pollution) are hard to see, easy to forget and difficult to articulate.

If President Trump was a successful businessman with a vision for the future instead of a failed inheritor that was saved by appearing on a TV show he would be paying down the debt instead of growing it.

How did the government convince irresponsible people to be lazy? Oh yeah; with $1,200 and lots of carrots and sticks.

You can call it Holy Week, but I will call it something else. How about Imagination Week or Use Your Illusion III week?

I am stoked that they don't treat Holy Week like the Holy Land or there would be blood everywhere.

Some politicians want people to vote by mail instead of voting in person or online. Why don’t we just use stone tablets?

I don’t need or expect one penny from the government; not a stimulus, not a tax credit, not social security. Zero. If you are relying on the government for money, then I pity you.

If there were only two possibilities and Jesus was either lying about a heavenly inheritance or referring to an earthly inheritance from his biological father and the Bible’s writers lied which one do you think is more likely?

Do you think the people that have been harshly criticizing the seven Republican governors in states without stay-at-home orders will issue apologies to them if they don’t have a COVID-19 outbreak? Do you think they will admit that the governors were right and they were wrong?

Mayor Garcetti, do you like the air quality in Los Angeles now? Well, so do the homeless you know. Why don’t you devise a plan to recycle vehicles that burn gasoline and migrate to electric vehicles? It will be a lot nicer at the time of your visitation. How are your palms looking?

If the Trump administration, New York and New Jersey would have been prepared for COVID-19 and the other 48 states would have taken precautions like they do for the flu, 97% of the country probably wouldn’t have thought that they needed to close. It could have saved thousands of lives and trillions of dollars too.

If you could take New York and New Jersey out of the COVID-19 equation, then it could have been an uneventful March and April. As of April 8, 2020, New York and New Jersey are responsible for nearly half of the 400,000 confirmed cases and over 7,700 deaths (which is over half the U.S.’ total deaths). The state with the third most cases (Michigan) only has about 20,000 and fewer than 1,000 deaths. Most states are much lower.

Dear government, I was born (again) and raised around fearful, crazy, superstitious people, so you’re gonna have to try a lot harder to freak me out. I was born for this stuff.

One of my older friends at Shadow Mountain Community Church was a guy named Bill McKeever. He was in “counter-cult ministry” to the Mormons and he evangelized them so hard that they forbade LDS missionaries from knocking on his door. They wouldn’t even let them go anywhere near his home. He was funny and he shot from the hip.

Reportedly, a blood transfusion from somebody that has survived COVID-19 has antibodies that can significantly help somebody with COVID-19. I wonder what Jehovah’s Witnesses think about it because they cite scripture to refuse blood transfusions.

Reportedly, over 1,900 people died from COVID-19 on April 8, 2020 which exceeded the record high that was set on April 7.

Fearful people are unpredictable.

Blaming the Obama administration for failing to have a federal stockpile of masks in the Trump administration’s fourth year sounds disingenuous. Why didn’t they notice they needed them and order them by now?

Since they weren’t prepared and didn’t listen to warnings, could the Trump administration have handled the COVID-19 pandemic any other way?

When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked if any of the State Department employees overseas that have been infected with COVID-19 will take hydroxychloroquine he said he didn't know.

Chuck Missler had a different name for the Antichrist. Missler called him the Pseudo-Christ.

President Trump sounds like he says whatever he wants in an echo chamber and when he speaks to the press sometimes he forgets he is not in one anymore. Reporters listen, want to know the truth and hold him accountable for what he says and does.

I think any form of voting can be corrupted, but every form of voting can be secured.

The government should stop the fraud instead of stopping the voting.

You can use a rock as a hammer if you try hard enough.

If Americans get their stimulus money before the COVID-19 pandemic is under control the seven states without stay-at-home orders might be in for a big surprise.

If you follow a fool's advice you might die.

I am not afraid of the truth. Are you? Reportedly, 6.61 million more people filed for unemployment insurance and the Dow Jones stock index rose +285 points.

I am not repeating myself. Remember what I said and wrote.

It’s time to roast Deborah Birx.

Deborah Birx looks like a CPR dummy that was submerged in the Hudson River for eight weeks. She comes across as a lipstick lesbian on her first day. She acts like she just peed her pants in Disneyland’s Haunted House ride. Her busy scarves look like something in the back of Steven Tyler’s closet.

If Anthony Fauci was about 40 years old instead of about 80 years old would he be talking the same way about COVID-19?

If unemployment is astronomical and the economy is perceived to be awful I don’t think President Trump will receive pity votes.

You talk to rich people that want to be richer.

How many people do you talk to that want less?

You will never meet another homeless man like me, Jesus

On December 2, 2014, President Obama postulated about a virus that could hit the U.S. in five years.

I turn off the mainstream media after the first half-truth I hear.

A half-truth is a whole lie.

Well, it’s Thursday afternoon in Hawaii, so it’s time for most late night comedians to take their usual 96 hours (4 days) off.

I don’t care what the truth is. I just want to know it.

“Holy Week” reveals who’s nuts.

Reportedly, ancient people scheduled their new holy days on the same days as old holy days. Perhaps they wanted the appearance of widespread recognition when there wasn't any.

Many American journalists prioritize the most popular religious rituals and don’t cover all sorts of other religious rituals.

If everybody denies reality it still doesn’t change reality.

The last thing I want is to hear somebody talk about "God".

When I find somebody that I think knows something about God I will let you know, but so far I haven’t met anybody.

After living on the street for a couple of years I began mimicking Paul's words to Athens. Read Acts 17:22 and 23 and you will know exactly how I feel about everybody.

Every time you hear that social distancing is working remember that people wouldn’t have been asked to social distance if the government would have been prepared.

People on MSNBC seem more relatable, intelligent and sensible than people on CNN. People on CNN seem like they expect viewers to assume what they assume, but people on MSNBC seem like they want to present facts to viewers, so they can draw sound conclusions.

After I moved to Hawaii in 2014, I gave myself a buzz cut and stopped dying my hair. I felt like the strong, chemical dyes were harmful to me and the environment.

When I was in high school, I had posters of INXS and The Cure on the wall in my play room.

Shout out to Modern Family. I just watched the series finale and I will miss that show. I liked every cast member and it was funny and well written.

Don't count on essential businesses maintaining the same business hours now. I just found that out the hard way.

Stop polluting the place or I am going to leave and you will never see me again, Jesus

I think everything that Americans are doing to stop the spread of COVID-19 is due to New York and the government being unprepared for the outbreak.

People that lack integrity want to blame the problems that they create on others.

Andrew Cuomo said New York is the canary in the coal mine, but I think that is a poor analogy because New York is unique and obviously an outlier. New York is more like the fool that built his house on the sand.

As of April 9, 2020, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Arkansas and Iowa have no stay-at-home order like the other 43 states do due to COVID-19.

Depending on the country and the society, denying the delusion that the majority believes could cause you some problems.

In honor of Holy Week, I subscribed to American Atheists, Center For Inquiry and American Humanist Association and so should you.

When is the last time that somebody made a claim on a mainstream media TV station and somebody asked them to provide evidence for it?

During the COVID-19 scare I have realized what it would be like if we had no journalism whatsoever because that is all they talk about.

I think the only reasons why the mainstream media would ignore nearly all news stories except ones related to COVID-19 for weeks on end is ratings and money.

Is Joe Biden seriously the Democratic Party’s candidate to challenge Donald Trump for president?

Donald Trump has been giving Americans bad advice.

Did anybody that voted for Donald Trump expect him to act this way?

If I was in the White House as reporters asked President Trump questions I would be laughing my ass off. In fact, I would laugh so hard that they would probably throw me out.

It’s time to roast Anthony Fauci.

Anthony Fauci looks like a muppet that came to life. He acts like Pinocchio’s creepy uncle that got a medical degree in the mail. He comes across like a televangelist on cocaine. His demeanor reminds me of Napoleon after catching the flu while taking the Eucharist.

If you are healthy and unafraid of COVID-19 you should consider volunteering somewhere. Reportedly, grocery stores need people to bag groceries. Food banks could probably use help as well.

As of April 10, 2020, 10% of the U.S. workforce is unemployed.

Colin Jost and the Saturday Night Live writers and actors must be licking their chops as they watch the news cover and the Trump administration spin COVID-19 every day.

Nobody in the mainstream media or the Trump administration have suggested any religious or biblical solutions to COVID-19.

I have not heard or read anybody suggest dietary changes or improvements or any particular foods or supplements that are important to build the immune system and aid in wellness to fight COVID-19.

The government's response to COVID-19 reminds me of everybody's response to Noah's flood after it began raining and they weren't inside the ark.

Has anyone considered that antibodies and treatments for SARS and MERS could benefit people that suffer from COVID-19?

Is the government's response to COVID-19 causing people to consider starting an online business and working from home?

Strong people don’t feel slighted when it’s time for them to listen, but fools like hearing themselves talk all the time.

What do you think the effects will be when the U.S.' credit rating is downgraded again?

Shout out to politicians that genuinely care about all the people in their state and work hard to ensure their safety and prosperity.

Mayor Victorino in Maui has ordered people to mind an 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew tonight, Saturday and Sunday. Mayor Kawakami in Kauai has ordered vacation rentals to stop advertising and renting rooms to people between April 11 and May 3, but they are allowed to honor reservations made before April 11.

Imagine if the Attorney General was an elected not an appointed position.

If young people aren't dismayed at the extraordinary dishonesty and irresponsibility of old people they are fools.

Young people have believed, honored and entertained the bullshit espoused and illustrated by old people for a long time.

Being unprepared is costly.

Remember that the old generation that is alive today did not expect the advent of the world wide web, but they expected others to be under their thumb forever.

There are more bad people on the loose than in jail.

The stock market is closed on Good Friday. How does that mind the separation of church and state?

I have never pretended to be religious.

When I was a fundamentalist Christian, I think some atheists wanted to debate me because they worried that I might become a powerful religious leader and they wanted to understand me and try to refute what I was saying.

I think atheists, agnostics, skeptics and unbelievers categorize people of faith because there are several types without many exceptions.

My parents lived in New Jersey, North Carolina, Missouri and Wisconsin when they were young before my grandpa moved the entire family to El Cajon, California (East County San Diego) around 1970.

My grandpa flew Corsairs off the Bon Homme Richard aircraft carrier in World War II and the Korean War. After he returned he helped John King start a flight school and created flight videos for King Schools, so people could learn how to fly. He even took me up in a prop plane once.

The U.S. National Debt is like the rising seas because nobody is particularly interested in making changes to lower it or stop it from rising, but it will eventually create extraordinary problems.

As of April 10, 2020, the U.S. National Debt is over $24.1 trillion.

The people in your subculture or counterculture may not be representative of the people in your country or the people in the world.

People that are afraid can be manipulated more easily.

The pastors of megachurches across the country that I used to listen to rarely said anything about science or the age of the earth, but they said the days of creation in Genesis were literal days. They typically thought the earth was under 12,000 years old, but they usually left that sort of evangelism to parachurch ministries.

I don’t trust celebrities any more than I trust the man in the moon.

COVID-19 has been so stressful for Andrew Cuomo that I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped dying his hair a solid color and started dying it with specks of gray like President Obama did.

The most convincing liars believe their own lies.

Zero people in my former life that knew me will ever question the sincere faith I had in Jesus. I sang loud, took notes, taught Bible studies, attended Bible conference and prayed to God like I knew him because I thought I did.

Zionists know that the vast majority of American Christians support Israel no matter what they do and they think they are simply doing what they need to do in the Middle East.

Imagine what the mainstream media would be like without any advertisers.

I don’t believe in shooting the wounded, but prideful people hide their wounds.

Has anyone considered that tests for SARS or MERS might work for COVID-19?

Saying and doing the right thing at the wrong time usually isn’t very helpful.

“I’m gonna keep spankin’ it!” - baseball players and porn stars

The only thing more embarrassing and disconcerting than the average age of politicians in Congress is their wonky religious beliefs.

If you want to see how scared adults are of children and how much they belittle them and don’t care what they think suggest that we lower the voting age to 16 and see how they react.

I think the liberal mainstream media cares more about New York than any other state.

Rachel Maddow continually rails against the seven Republican-led states that have not issued stay-at-home orders, but I have seen her interview zero people in those states. I have seen her send zero MSNBC correspondents to those states to report on their situation.

If nobody attends church services this week, then this is the first time in recent history that Americans have followed the example of the 1st century Christians. They didn't meet in grandiose buildings. They met outside and in people's homes.

Since Jesus was homeless why don’t we read in the Bible that somebody offered him a place to sleep?

Catholics and Christians have the vast majority of the political power in government.

If you want to know a public figure's religious beliefs it usually mentions them at the bottom of their Wikipedia page. However, you can't see it with the application and you must use the Desktop view.

People that think they are going to a wonderful, magical place when they die aren’t too concerned about this life or this planet.

Radiohead is one of the most overrated bands that I have ever heard.

I can't glorify your fear.

Too many people are affirming bad people.

If all of the people in the U.S. that have allegedly died from COVID-19 have not been tested for the disease (and they haven’t), then the government and the media should qualify the death tolls that they announce.

If you want to stop killing people, then stop burnings gasoline and coal. Killing every living thing on earth slowly is worse than killing thousands of people relatively quickly.

People don’t define themselves as gas-burners and coal-burners because they are liars.

The only thing homeless people know about you is that you burn gasoline on them and everything outside every time you travel. Sadly, they are typically too weak and needy to be righteous judges though.

I tell homeless people that I see on the street that they are liars unless they call you what you are.

You won’t be an effective environmentalist until you are willing and ready to defend yourself from physical attacks by people that are destroying the planet.

Hawaii Lt. Gov. Green said they will evaluate COVID-19 on April 20 and decide whether or not they should lift the stay-at-home order on May 1.

Some of the worst lies are by omission.

Do states with higher death rates from COVID-19 usually have the unhealthiest levels of air pollution?

What is the sense in fighting a disease that you can’t see or test people for?

Bad people hear the truth and wonder how they can justify their behavior. Good people hear the truth and wonder how they can change.

I think some parents use religion to control their children.

Would most Republicans elect a flaming bag of feces if it was a Christian, not a Democrat and wouldn’t raise their taxes?

They will keep throwing money at you until you forget about the elephant in the room.

President Trump was not as interested in informing the American people via press conferences when he was traveling around the country and speaking at Republican rallies.

Leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic President Trump said the dumbest, most tone deaf and out of touch things that I have ever heard a president say.

Jesus was not the Christ, but compared to the sheeple he exhorted he was God.

Many titles are more of a comparison than a literal statement of fact.

Vice President Mike Pence’s vice is religion.

The Trump administration is like the manager of a baseball team that forgets about Spring Training, loses the first 10 games in a row and then after their team somehow wins its first game lavishes praise on everybody.

Good Friday is a stupid name to commemorate a crucifixion.

Your sins are not cosmically erased or forgiven and there is plenty of evidence of them on earth for everyone to see.

Saying your horrible behavior has been forgiven by an invisible being is delusional.

President Trump said you have to go back to the 1950s to see oil between .80 and .90 cents a gallon, but I visited Atlanta in 1997-1998 and it was .87 cents a gallon.

President Trump has no vision regarding ending the U.S.' dependence on fossil fuels.

If your cartel deals medicine the U.S. will hunt you down and kill you, but if your cartel deals poison, then the U.S. will be happy to talk to you and make deals with you.

On April 9, 2020, the Dow Jones stock market index rose +300 points after the Fed announced it was injecting $2.3 trillion into the economy. The Fed already cut the interest rate to near zero and supplied over $1 trillion to purchase Treasury and mortgage-backed securities.

On Monday, March 30, 2020, Steve Mnuchin said small business loans in the $2.2 trillion package that Congress passed should be available on Friday, April 3, 2020. He said $350 billion in small business loans will cover about 50% of the private workforce.

On Friday, April 10, 2020, after losing about 1/3 of its value President Trump said the stock market gained more in four days this week than it has gained in a single week in more than 50 years.

The Trump administration’s press conferences are like a 12-car pile-up where people are screaming in pain, lots of people are dead and blood is everywhere and you want to accelerate past it as quickly as you can, but you slow down and eventually stop because you’ve never seen anything like it and you can’t look away.

I like Surgeon General Adams’ words on cigarettes, but I don’t think he knows what a drug is and he sounds clueless about marijuana and drinking organic red wine in moderation.

President Trump just compared COVID-19 to chickenpox which is rich. When I was a kid, my mom told me that she knew people that would have chickenpox parties and purposely expose their children to it, so they would acquire immunity at a young age. Reportedly, it's much better to get it when you are young because you will gain immunity and it could cause serious health problems in old age. The Trump administration and most governors across the country have the opposite philsophy regarding COVID-19 and they are probably wrong.

In 2013, when I lived on the street in Long Beach, I visited a food bank with my homeless friends and it was the first and last time. I realized that the food wasn’t particularly healthy and that I should let the dirt poor people have it because they needed it more than I did. I was transitioning to organic food at the time and now I won’t even give away food unless it is organic, but I offer organic food to homeless people all the time now.

In 2013, my homeless friends took me to a church in Long Beach because they were giving food to needy people, but it was not good. They made dozens of homeless people sit through a lengthy sermon and prayers and then they gave them bottled water and some food. I never returned, but I realized what churches put homeless people through before they will help them.

Allowing people to give tax-deductible donations to churches defies the separation of church and state.

It’s time to roast Jerome Adams.

Jerome Adams looks like Mr. Clean in blackface. He sounds like a puritan auditioning to be an extra in Next Friday. Did he steal G.I. Joe’s wardrobe?

Surgeon Generals are not surgeons or generals. Surgeon Generals are admirals, but not in the navy. They are generals, but not in the army.

Reportedly, New York has more confirmed cases of COVID-19 than any other country.

When I grew up in the Christian church, they led me to revere Messianic Jews, but now that I am older I revere secular Jews a lot more.

If 2,000 people don’t die in the U.S. in a single day from COVID-19, then we might be able to conclude that the outbreak has peaked. If 2,000 people die in a single day, then we can’t conclude that it has peaked.

If the president isn’t championing the development and proliferation of COVID-19 testing, then he might not want anyone to know how many people are or have been infected.

Have three years and 12 weeks of a presidency ever seemed so long?

President Trump said he is listening to Robert Jeffress’ Easter message and I don’t even have to look up Jeffress’ theology to know without a shadow of a doubt that he is of a different denomination than Trump. How do I know? Because Trump isn’t actually a Christian and he doesn’t have any theological perspective.

Religious people love to play the victim.

The liberal mainstream media broadcasts liberal pundits and doctors, but rarely any conservatives. The conservative mainstream media broadcasts liberal pundits and doctors, but rarely any liberals.

Since the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea they have had an application that indicates where they can find face masks.

Sometimes there is only a small window of opportunity to do the right thing.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 is more contagious than the seasonal flu.

If vaccines teach your body how to make antibodies do you think pills teach your body how to do what pills do? For some time I have thought that my body learned from the last pills I took many years ago and was able to do what they did.

People do not have control over many of their body’s processes because they’ve never tried to control them.

Nationalizing businesses is a pre-cursor to a one-world government (also referred to as the Beast government).

According to MSNBC and Johns Hopkins University, in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak the federal government effectively stopped potential COVID-19 patients from being tested.

If the government is in charge of COVID-19 antibody testing, will there be a way to determine if they are telling the truth about the test results?

If Democrats and Republicans get their way all Americans might be in very big trouble.

The Democratic Party would prefer a one-world government much more than the Republican Party would, but Republicans' interests are so strange that they will end up letting it happen.

CNN just broadcasted a story about a woman using FaceTime to attend her mom’s funeral and they displayed a graphic below Erin Burnett the entire segment that said, “Woman Forced to Attend Mother’s Funeral via FaceTime”. When I studied journalism at Long Beach City College and I wrote and edited The Viking newspaper, we were taught to avoid mentioning brands. A legitimate, journalistic graphic would have said, “Woman Forced to Attend Mother’s Funeral via Cell Phone.”

Do you think the mainstream media gets money or products when they engage in product placement for corporations?

If you worry I don't want you around me and I don't want you controlling anything that affects me.

If you wonder whether or not the U.S government is full of shit about COVID-19 being able to kill 100,000 to 240,000 Americans under any circumstance ask yourself if they are full of shit about anything else. Consider their position on marijuana, abortion, voting rights, fossil fuels, prison system, election interference, Guantanamo Bay and Mexico. Do they ever admit they are wrong? Would they rather indefinitely perpetuate a lie instead of eating crow?

I think Hawaiians can be manipulated more than any other people group in the U.S. and I think the Democratic Party politicians that are runing the islands know this full well.

Don’t put down RT for broadcasting American news because they are Russian if you use TikTok because it is Chinese. When you watch RT news on YouTube it doesn’t know anything about you or sell your metadata, but you don’t know what China is doing with your information when you use TikTok.

Shitting your pants doesn’t justify hysteria.

Philip Morris stocks have dropped almost 14% in the last three months. Perhaps their customers are dying at a higher rate than everybody else from COVID-19.

I think what’s making more people die in single days from COVID-19 than the 2017-2018 seasonal flu when over four times the total number of people died (so far) is the time of year. COVID-19 began spreading 2-3 months later and it spread more because more people were outside since the weather wasn’t freezing cold.

After 80,000 people died in the 2017-2018 flu season why didn't anybody say anything about staying at home or social distancing?

When somebody makes a wild claim, do you ever say, “Prove it!”? I do.

I would deactivate Instagram and delete CNN, MSNBC and Fox News applications again, but part of my purpose is to discover the truth and expose lies and you believe and repeat a lot of lies, so it gives me something to do. Discovering the truth and exposing your bullshit is like weightlifting for my mind.

Gov. Laura Kelly in Kansas makes wild, unprovable claims and is an alarmist.

Would you rather live long or live well?

Is the government so deep in bed with big tobacco that they won’t announce how many COVID-19 deaths were cigarette smokers?

You can never get away from what you did even if you got away with it.

There has never been a better time to stop being religious.

I took commuion at the empty Garden Tomb in Israel during my trip in 1997-1998 and I think the people that run the place know it isn't the actual location of Jesus' tomb. Their motto is something like this: "If this isn't the location of Jesus' tomb it should have been." They say that because a beautiful garden surrounds it.

I feel like Andy Kaufman (played by Jim Carrey) in Man On the Moon when he traveled the world to find the cure for his cancer and was disappointed when an alleged healer in a foreign land was actually deceiving everybody and not healing anybody at all.

The best criminals get away with something when there is another plausible explanation.

If my state implements new laws indefinitely that invade my privacy because of the COVID-19 scare I will move to another state.

Some people are so stupid that they will end up harming you by accident.

If you want to practice eisegesis start with Isaiah 7:14. That’s a classic.

In the U.S. it is acceptable to say the word “nigga”, but taboo to say the word “nigger”. If you say “nigga” and you don’t want to offend African Americans, then make sure you don’t accidentally put an “r” on the end of it.

Sigmund Freud was not right about everything, but I read The Interpretation of Dreams and he said some dreams are the fulfillment of a wish and I think there is some truth to that theory.

All I want to do is go back outside and sleep somewhere, Jesus

Remember that Jesus was a homeless man and the only thing he had was the keys to his father’s house.

All my life innumerable people have stared at me, talked to me or bothered me that I developed a philosophy on the street. If anybody ever finds anything whatsoever objectionable about me and decides to leave me alone I rejoice!

When I criticize a politician or say he or she should not be reelected I am not saying that a candidate in the other major political party should be elected.

The U.S. senate confirmed Pete Gaynor as the new head of FEMA on January 14, 2020. On January 15, 2020, a man from Washington state returned to the U.S. from Wuhan, China and was infected with COVID-19. It was the first known case of the virus in the U.S.

RT is the only network that I have seen broadcast President Trump saying they bought 29 million doses of hydrochloroquine to a CNN reporter. Even after I saw it, CNN and MSNBC broadcasted ignorant segments wondering why he was speaking so highly of the drug.

There is a big difference between just wanting an answer and wanting the truth.

I don’t think that humans should be breathing the chemicals produced by an air conditioner. I came to this conclusion several years ago and I just remembered because I smelled them. Sweating is a natural, bodily function. Ingesting weird chemicals is not.

Nobody that justifies harming themselves or others (even in small, legal ways) wants to live for 1,000 years.

President Trump is not a wartime president and he is nothing like a wartime president and every time he says he is a wartime president he sounds like a fool.

I hate it when something horrible happens and liberals and conservatives have a vested interest so neither group is able to appropriately critique the situation. It actually amounts to sweeping awful things under the rug and it only goes to show they put their party above their country.

Shout out to healthcare workers that are working with COVID-19 patients.

Remember the people that wrote the Old Testament were looking for Christ and said Jesus was not him. I used to think Jesus was God, but now I agree with the Israelites/Jews and realize Jesus was not Christ or God.

The Messiah that some of the Jews are looking for is not like the Messiah Christians think Jesus was.

Rich people act like they don’t need to take important things seriously.

Today President Trump seemed upset that they have nowhere to put the oil that they are pulling out of the ground in the U.S. He said it is on ships and it is unprecedented.

I’m not fond of doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

It’s easier to take somebody’s words out of context if you don’t like them.

Every day people that live in a condo a couple of doors down drive places and are gone for most of the day. It is obvious to me that they are probably not leaving their condo only for essential services. However, they have been respecting the 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. They look a lot like tourists that are flouting the rules though.

Liars protect other liars if they tell the same lies.

If you have zero solutions to my problems and are a big part of the problem, why should I talk to you?

Al Gore said air pollution is a pre-existing condition for COVID-19 and compared it to a comorbidity.

Most people just want to get away with the things their peers are getting away with.

Some people are afraid to reject the majority's religious beliefs even if they know they are bullshit.

Imagine how you would be if you weren’t always full of shit.

Justifying one’s fears has become an art form.

I already know how you justify your fears, God

You are more than the sum of your ancestors’ fears.

Wicked people try to curtail your freedom because it scares or inconveniences them even if you are right.

Who listens to the weak’s threats?

The terrible air pollution in New York City is probably one reason why New York is the leader in COVID-19 deaths.

People on TV have to lie, but writers know better.

Reporting people to the government is a slippery slope.

Fearing COVID-19 is bullshit, but your pollution is very real.

Imagine if the COVID-19 response was orchestrated by the Obama administration many years ago because it was the only way that they could get people to stop polluting like there is no tomorrow. The COVID-19 response has been effective in changing the behavior of Americans even though Congress is controlled by big oil and people have no soul.

Some pastors are so oblivious to their pollution that they are not recognizing how the lack of gas-burning vehicles on the roads is a blessing.

If your bullshit game was saving the planet maybe I would consider playing it.

Sometimes you can't choose how your prayers are answered.

If a journalist without integrity discovers that one of their idols is to blame they won’t reveal it to the public.

If COVID-19 was designed by the non-religious they picked the right time and place to launch it.

Rev. Edward Beck has more faith in the government than God.

It is difficult to tell who’s worse the religious or those that cater to the religious.

Imagine if they would have killed you by now, but they want your death to be a spectacle and something that won’t easily be forgotten.

Some people spell care “c-o-n-t-r-o-l”.

Weak people want others to think they have power that they don’t actually have.

Reportedly, for the first time in history all 50 states are under a disaster declaration.

Bad people make excuses for their bad behavior.

Has anybody hurt you more than the people that said they cared about you?

I think some politicians are worried that Easter Sunday services could create a large spike in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, but most people are staying home and most of the people that will defy the government won’t get tested.

Religious people scare just as easily if not more easily than non-religious people. They are used to honoring a fear-based system.

Strong people make others reveal their strength or weakness.

Bill Maher thinks Joe Biden will win the presidency and step down a few months later and his vice president will take over.

They might be able to stop you from getting COVID-19, but nobody can make you stop being a fool.

"Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty we are free at last!" - non-Christians

Many Christians are waiting for the rapture and they think God will remove the Holy Spirit from the earth at that time, but I have news for them. The Holy Spirit has been gone for a very long time.

Does Israel think that their God was just joking around when he told them the only way to obtain forgiveness for their sins is for the high priest to offer a sacrifice in the Holy of Holies? It seems that way because Israel has been a sovereign country for about 72 years and they haven't bothered to build a temple or even a tent.

The Western Wall aka the Wailing Wall is the most pathetic religious site I have ever visited. That’s what God said.

Imagine if somebody appealed to China to save them and the planet because Americans refused to change and COVID-19 was the result.

Christians must be suffering a lot from the COVID-19 response because they are used to a big dog and pony show and parading on Easter.

Donations to churches will be down because people are staying home. Maybe pastors will have to get a real job.

Is anything more liberating than telling the truth?

Celebrities on Twitter should fight for free speech because people don’t realize how wonderful and appropriate it is to stop listening to them until Twitter bans them for something they tweet.

The people that Twitter users listen to on Twitter every day are not just among the worst people on earth, but they are among the worst people in the history of the planet.

If you prefer a gorgeous or talented famous person over a gorgeous or talented non-famous person you are a fool and you should rethink your priorities.

If being famous is more important to you than being your best, then you are a fool.

COVID-19 should be a warning to gas-burners because air pollution has been a pre-condition for the world leader in COVID-19 deaths (New York). If you don’t stop polluting with your vehicle it could be your city next. Since gas-burners usually drive around with their windows up, live indoors and are selfish, short-sighted people I do not think it will be a deterrent, but it should be.

“Shut up or I’ll tell the government that you leave your house every day for no good reason.”

Shout out to Saturday Night Live and everybody that makes the show possible. I laugh a lot and it loosens me up. It’s such a huge blessing to me and I am sure that lots of others feel the same way.

The U.S. has been sanctioning several countries into the Stone Age. Since there is a pandemic now, shouldn’t they consider lifting sanctions at least for a while?

Don't uderestimate the power of humor.

Some states are using companies to track people via their cell phone to see whether or not they are staying at home and maintaining social distancing. I put my cell phone in airplane mode every time I go anywhere, so I would like to see them try to track me.

CNN said the companies that track cell phone users don't know who they are, but even if that's true it wouldn't be too difficult to figure it out. The application that shares geolocation data could determine the cell phone's unique identifying information (e.g. IMEI) and share it with a company that can identify you by it.

Reportedly, Kentucky authorities are taking pictures of license plates of vehicles driven by people that attend church and ignore the stay-at-home order, so they can enforce a 14 day quarantine. I think that is awfully intrusive and over the top.

Some Hawaiians think Democratic mayor Kirk Caldwell is enforcing a curfew in Oahu this weekend to see how Hawaiians will respond in expectation of a future police state.

Donald Trump claims to be a Presbyterian and he said he is watching Robert Jeffress’ Easter sermon. Jeffress is a Southern Baptist pastor of a megachurch in Texas. I was born and raised in a Southern Baptist church and I never met any Presbyterians there or at any other Baptist churches that I attended.

One of the most glaring theological differences between Baptists and Presbyterians is TULIP (which is an acronym). The “L” may be the most problematic because it stands for Limited Atonement and it represents the belief that Jesus didn’t die for everybody’s sins. According to them he only died for the elect.

Presbyterians support reformed theology like Calvinists. One of their core beliefs is predestination which basically means God chooses who he wants to save and the Holy Spirit compels them to believe. They support TULIP (which is an acronym) and the “I” stands for Irresistible Grace.

I think one problem with the doctrine of predestination is if you extrapolate it the doctrine means some people were created for judgment in hell.

After we graduated from college one of my high school friends attended a reformed church because he was a Calvinist and he hosted a home Bible study that I attended weekly for many months.

I coached the JV soccer team at Calvin Christian High School in Escondido, California and I enjoyed it. I also did some substitute teaching there, but they were hesitant to hire me as a full-time teacher because I wasn’t exactly a Calvinist.

I earned my M.A. and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Baptist universities, but I also attended Westminister Seminary and took a Greek course. The school supported reformed theology, but not everybody that attended was a 5-point Calvinist.

The Via Dolorosa is only the actual path that Jesus walked to Calvary (Golgotha) if the traditional Catholic sites are correct. If the traditional Protestant sites are correct, then Jesus did not walk the Via Dolorosa. I have visited both sites and walked the Via Dolorosa and it is awfully unassuming.

Some of my Christian friends didn’t like being called “Protestants” and they said it was because they weren’t protesting anything.

Some of my Christian friends that did not attend seminary used to call it “cemetery” because they said it sucked the life out of zealous Christians and turned them into academic zombies. Have you ever heard Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Otherside song? It has a lyric that makes me think they know this.

When I visited Safeway today it was difficult to tell the employees from the customers and I had to ask several people if they were an employee or not. I think the ones that were not particularly helpful or nice were worried about COVID-19 because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

I don’t have a mask and I don’t want a mask. I don’t have COVID-19 and I don’t care if I catch it. I am not afraid and I will not cater to anyone’s fears. If you are afraid, then stay home.

The more you idle you’re gas-burning vehicle the less you care about the environment and life on planet earth.

I think it is past time that people stop sugar-coating everything they say.

Faith is unenviable.

How do beliefs hold up in a court of law?

How many kids do you think grow up and hate their parents because they made them believe nonsense when they were a kid?

Just think one day your sins might be quieter because electric vehicles don’t make any noise. However, if they plug into a power grid that uses fossil fuels like coal you will still be polluting the planet.

Your actions define you not your faith, your job or what you want people to think.

Yesterday when I visited Safeway I got excited for a minute because they started selling organic onion ring chips. However, I was disappointed after reading the label because there was sugar and cheese in them and no fiber. One cup of onions has about 3 grams of fiber, so where did the fiber go? I don’t eat food with no fiber in it because I think it’s important to poop.

If hospitalizations are dropping in New York it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in the clear. Perhaps more people are avoiding the hospital now.

CNN is broadcasting prime minister Boris Johnson dressed in a suit and making a speech for the first time since he left the hospital allegedly after surviving COVID-19. Playing him on Easter Sunday seems like a ploy and politically expedient and like they are implying he is like Jesus.

I think younger people could run the country better than the older people that are running the country.

New York politicians should be ashamed for allowing so much air pollution for so long because now it is biting them in the ass. It is causing more deaths and complications from COVID-19. However, it causes more deaths and complications in general too.

I think people hide from discerning people when they are trying to get away with something.

“Air pollution is destroying the planet! Stop driving places and stay inside!”
“No. I don’t care.”
“You might catch a cold!”

”Ok! I won’t go anywhere!”

A doctor in Miami told a MSNBC reporter that the police are arresting homeless people for erecting tents and she had no questions about it. However, I wonder what time of day it was and where it was because those things make a big difference. For instance, if it’s 10:30 p.m. on a sidewalk, then they should leave them alone, but if it was in the middle of the afternoon on private property, then they should ask them to leave.

A doctor in Miami told a MSNBC reporter that the police are arresting homeless people for erecting tents and she had no questions about it. However, I wonder what time of day it was and where it was because those things make a big difference. For instance, if it’s 10:30 p.m. on a sidewalk, then they should leave them alone, but if it was in the middle of the afternoon on private property, then they should ask them to leave.

When I lived in Miami the police only bothered me once shortly after I arrived. After leaving a restaurant and walking across the street to another restaurant, a man that was in the first restaurant accused me of stealing his wallet off the table. I had no idea what he was talking about because I saw him, but I didn’t see or take his wallet. However, the police took me outside, put me in handcuffs, rifled through my backpack and questioned me before letting me go. It seemed almost like a bullshit ploy for the police to determine who I was and what I was doing there.

When I moved to Hawaii in 2014, I was guarded and didn’t talk to anybody about anything personal because I had been that way for 2-3 years. However, the taxi driver that drove me from the airport to Ala Moana interrogated me in the nicest way, so I sang like a songbird. It made me wonder if he was working for the government or if the government spied on these types of conversations because they could get a lot of information if they did.

When the U.S. has uninterrupted, coast-to-coast WiFi people will be able to make free VOIP phone calls anywhere, but they will also be easily tracked.

Jordan, I hope your mom gives you the $500 COVID-19 stimulus that the government will give her because of you. I would let you have it and spend it on you.

If the president would try to open the country on Easter the governor and mayors in Hawaii would not bat an eye. In fact, they probably won’t care what he says about reopening the country no matter when he says it. They are Democrats that march to the beat of a different drummer.

In 2016, I lived in Maui during the election and I looked everywhere for a polling place and I couldn’t find one. It led me to believe that the government doesn’t care whether people vote or not.

I think it is inaccurate to conclude that the number of people that file for Unemployment Insurance (UI) is the number of unemployed people. For instance, when some self-employed people lose their job or have no work they typically don’t file because they don’t pay into UI and won’t get anything.

100% of your beliefs would be inadmissible and laughed out of any court in the country.

Some people want somebody to believe something to spite somebody else.

I think air pollution and lack of preparation are the biggest reasons why New York has had the most COVID-19 cases and deaths, but you probably won’t hear that on the liberal mainstream media because Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and New York is full of liberal Democrat politicians like Chuck Schumer, AOC, Kirsten Gillibrand, etc. that have been impotent or looking the other way for a long time.

People are so nice and clueless in Hawaii that when I ride my bike outside, look at somebody driving and prepare to give them the bird they are preparing to wave at me. When I do give them the bird they don’t always understand why I did it. That is how lost and indoctrinated they are.

If you want to see Asians in Hawaii I recommend visiting Honolulu, Oahu because the vast majority of people in Maui and Kauai are white people and the Big Island is similar to the other neighbor islands.

On April 12, 2020, unlike any date in history Americans are obsessed with invisible things that they think can kill them or give them eternal life and neither belief could be further from the truth. The consequences of their lifestyle are the biggest causes of suffering, diseases and death. What kind of God would want to be around them forever?

Today on MSNBC Al Sharpton interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci and complained about COVID-19’s effects on African Americans. When is the last time Sharpton told them to stop eating McDonalds or eat organic food or stop burning gasoline? Has he ever told them to stop eating animals with antibiotics and steroids in them? Has he ever told them to stop eating food with insecticides, herbicides and pesticides in them? I have because I won’t eat any of those things and I know how they destroy.

You eat food that I would not give to animals or put in landfills.

Few things are more repulsive and upsetting to me than Hawaiians trying to emulate the horrible things that mainland Americans do and on Easter Sunday it’s even worse than usual.

There are many similarities between the faith of fundamentalists and an infectious disease.

I haven’t seen my daughter in eight years and she is almost an adult now. When I finally see her I will make sure we are not be recorded or spied on. Thanks Obama.

COVID-20 or COVID-21 cases could be something besides a coronavirus, but we won’t know unless they test for it. If testers don’t have integrity and if testing doesn’t have oversight, then they could lie about test results and get away with it.

I have not heard any data about the homeless population being infected with COVID-19. Perhaps they are somewhat immune because they are always around germs and have a strong immune system or perhaps they are dying and nobody cares. Perhaps the mainstream media doesn’t report those numbers because they don’t exist or they think they will reflect badly on politicians they support.

Anthony Fauci said lives would have been saved if mitigation efforts would have been taken sooner. He might be right, but one thing is certain: fewer people would have acquired immunity to COVID-19.

Where was the mainstream media when 80,000 Americans died from the seasonal flu in the 2017-2018 flu season? Were they totally silent about early mitigation efforts? Were they totally silent about social distancing in the 2018-2019 flu season?

If the government goes deeper in debt giving people money to help them and stimulate the economy and it stimulates the stock market does it confirm how the U.S.’ economic outlook relies on a house of cards?

Some people that make you wait are recording you.

Some people go from one echo chamber to another.

Sometimes I miss Oahu even though it is the dirtiest island.

Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is be quiet.

Does anybody see themselves as they actually are anymore?

Old people that have burned gasoline and coal for decades have not taken any responsibility for COVID-19 complications or deaths and they probably never will.

You will reap what you sow.

Americans would rather blame somebody else than take personal responsibility for their actions.

Your gods betray you.

My dad is in his 70s and he smokes Marlboro cigarettes and drinks Budweiser beer every day and his doctor says he is in great health (except for prostate cancer), so if you want to be in great health, then maybe you should consider smoking cigarettes and drinking beer daily.

I think CNN and MSNBC thinks that if they get enough people to say the same thing over and over, then people will believe it.

People on CNN and MSNBC are so full of shit, misguided and missing valuable lessons and the truth in the COVID-19 debacle that I am deleting the apps from my devices today (Easter) and I will not pay any attention to them or other media outlets until I reevaluate everything in May. I have already discerned the truth and realized that they don't care about it or want people to be informed. They want to control people's thoughts and behaviors.

Getting old, crusty, Democrats to read stuff on TV isn’t news.

If EBT didn’t exist I probably would have left the U.S. by now.

If or when you finally discern the truth you will realize how few people care about it.

I am sure that Jesus isn’t listening to you anymore either.

Everybody is killing and dying and the only people that can do anything about it are so religious, wicked or both that they don’t care.

I have unsubscribed from every news outlet that won’t stop talking about COVID-19 on YouTube whether they are local, national or international stations.

In America, telling the truth is not as lucrative as entertaining.

Don’t let people that aren’t worth your time occupy your mind.

Getting rid of what you don’t need is liberating.

You validate people by following them, so make sure you validate the right people.

When you download free applications and use them remember there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Horrible parents will abuse their kids until the day they die.

I don’t just say and do what you choose not to say and do, but I say and do what you are unwilling and unable to say and do.

Television makes you think you are something you clearly are not.

The truth is not impossible to discern, but it is if you only watch the mainstream media and believe what they say.

If you want to guard your heart and mind you have to avert your eyes sometimes.

If you can’t see what I see it’s because you can’t access it and don’t know how to find it.

Don’t spend the money until you get it.

The more isolated I am the more truth I find.

How’s your rathole?

The U.S. is apparently blocking browsers from accessing at least two Chinese news websites and it appears that Japan is blocking them too. Xinhuanet.com and news.cn are being blocked and only accessible in the U.S. and Japan via a proxy that puts your IP address in another country.

Remember that all of America’s enemies have friends.

The wise are patient and prudent, but fools hurry and make mistakes.

Evil people keep getting away with wicked behavior until somebody stops them.

Anthony Fauci is the kind of person that will utter facts 80% of the time and opinions 20% of the time.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, but if you only know one way you will run into problems.

Stress takes its toll.

I ask gardeners that use loud, smelly tools that burn gasoline in Hawaii if they are homeless because I want to make a righteous judgment.

It wasn’t easy to see through Bernie Sanders’ smokescreen, but I have slowly lost all respect for him. I think some of his politics only look appealing because others are so unappealing and out of touch with the truth and reality.

If Sanders was not a liar about his revolution he wouldn’t live in a house that burns coal. He wouldn’t drive a car that burns gasoline. He wouldn’t eat food that isn’t organic. He wouldn’t burn jet fuel all the time. Sadly, Sanders is only a fake revolutionary because his lifestyle has been complicit in everything that is destroying the country.

Rich people that want a revolution think a revolution is what happens when other people change.

Jesus was the most revolutionary person of all time and he was single, homeless, didn't care for his mom or stepdad and didn't particular care for the government or the religious leaders.

Expecting a government employee to be honest about all the changes that need to be made and lead by example is apparently too much to ask for.

Howard Stern isn’t the king of anything and he certainly isn’t the King of All Media. He is more like the Gangly Goofball of Radio.

Popularity and wealth will never be barometers of success.

My mom was a devout, conservative Christian and she disliked foul language and anti-Christian sentiments. Ozzy Osbourne and Howard Stern are two people that I recall her telling me she didn't like. She also disliked The Simpsons and Married With Children and I wasn't allowed to watch several shows on TV.

Most people support people that talk a good talk even if they don’t walk a good walk.

If you live in the U.S. and you haven’t said you are surrounded by idiots, then you have been one of the idiots.

We live in a society that thinks they are doing almost everything right and only need minor tweaks, but they are actually doing almost everything wrong and need major improvements.

There is no good reason why companies like Facebook and Twitter can’t make a way for users to create content on their website and have it resolve on their website.

A cleaning lady is coming to clean tomorrow and the way Hawaii’s politicians have scared everybody about COVID-19 I imagine she will come in a hazmat suit with gallons of bleach.

If you still burn gasoline in your vehicle and lie about it being for an essential reason during the COVID-19 pandemic I hope you are struck down because you are clearly one of the most belligerent and out of touch liars on earth.

Losers look like winners when people don’t make righteous judgments.

I am always going to be addicted to nothing and if I feel myself being controlled by something I am going to let it go.

If Andrew Cuomo opens New York for business without doing anything about the pollution people should vote him out of office.

Act like you care about the homeless all you want, but the homeless have never breathed such clean air.

Beware of people that are proud of their mistakes.

I am ready to get outside and call everybody that is polluting a loser again.

Do you think your sins can be measured?

Catholics say Mary approached Jesus with his brothers, but not literal brothers; brothers like “bros” (How else could she be a perpetual virgin?). However, they think Jesus will give Peter actual keys to decide who gets in heaven and that Matthew 16:19 says he is the first pope and there is papal succession.

Pope Francis said burning fossil fuels is a sin and Catholics didn’t listen to him, so he is either a fraud, Matthew 16:19 is a lie or both.

Can you give somebody keys that belong to somebody else?

Minority-worship isn’t the solution for inequality.

Casual Christianity doesn’t care about anybody’s theology.

Ecumenicalism may be anti-biblical, but I don’t see any other way.

Why do you think religious Jews that observe the Old Testament are not the biggest, loudest religionists when it comes to pointing out doctrinal heresy and the folly of the cults?

Letting somebody go to Hades or Gehenna because they like you seems disingenuous to me.

Are people still saying that Israel is the only real Middle East democracy as Benjamin Netanyahu holds on to power at all costs and belligerently avoids accountability for his actions and his wife’s actions that appear to be demonstrably illegal?

If they had feelings and could articulate them, do you think plants and animals that are outside would want you to live or die?

Don't let your wants or needs make you a liar.

The Down to Earth health food stores in Hawaii just required customers to wear facial masks in the store. We don’t have one in Kauai, but it wouldn’t be a problem for me. I routinely wore a bandana over my face in Maui until I walked in their store to protect me from air pollution and filth. Sometimes I even forgot I had it on.

Protecting you for an absurd reason is protecting me from something real.

People that have been destroying the planet the longest with their lifestyle are in such bad condition that they want you to avoid giving them a virus that may be deadly to them because of their irresponsible actions.

I have been telling polluters to pray there is no God for years because it will be better for them if they don't face God's judgment.

I have been telling polluters that I am going to dance on their grave with their grandkids and their kids are going to die in their sins for years.

I had extraordinary love for you until you harmed life over and over and refused to stop. Now I care more about the life you are destroying than I do about you.

Don’t think you are getting away with anything. Some people are waiting until after you die to publish the truth about you. Some people already started writing too.

I think a lot of people are misdiagnosed by medical professionals.

To some people “no cure” is a death sentence, but to others it’s a challenge.

I only know so many ways to save you and none of them will work if you don’t listen, Jesus

How do you think the prophets felt after they warned people to change their behavior, they didn’t and then they suffered the consequences?

Imagine if New York’s COVID-19 problem is subsiding in part because there is less air pollution now, so people aren’t having complications or dying from it like they did before.

Will the mainstream media be the last ones to broadcast stories that are critical of the government after letting them get away with those things for a long time?

Irresponsible people point their finger at others when they are to blame.

It's time to roast Jim Acosta.

Jim Acosta looks like an ewok with giantism. He sounds like President Trump gave him $100 to be nice to him, but he vacillates between regretting it and asking him for more. His demeanor resembles somebody that bought almond milk and forgot to buy cereal. He acts like a guy that opened his front door, noticed a smoldering paper bag of poo, then ran to his car, drove away and is trying hard to forget about it.

Today I unsubscribed to about a dozen media outlets on YouTube that won’t shut up about COVID-19. I watched zero minutes of MSNBC and CNN and I feel fantastic too.

People have not cared about things that I care about for a long time. Why should I care about what they care about now?

The more I hear people talk about it the more I like the notion that healthcare should not be tied to a particular job, but should be given to people by the government. Remember that most of the illnesses that Americans acquire are due to things that the government has allowed to be legal that shouldn't be legal.

Too bad I can’t tweet my quotes and see rich Americans ignore them and continue to praise and worship nonsense while promoting themselves and their dumb friends.

If you think I am tone deaf to the words of rich Americans maybe I don't like their tone, Jesus

I define rich Americans as every American except the homeless.

What will Peter do if God replaces heaven’s gates with a keyless entry system?

Imagine if Barack Obama is Joe Biden’s VP pick.

The more they bother me the more I will speak in tongues, so they won’t have any idea what I am thinking.

Imagine if an entity could put a word in your head and discern what your response is.

Spies must shit their pants when you use a VPN.

I will never use any device that listens to me and if you use one that listens to you I would prefer to avoid you and avoid talking to you.

When I buy a new laptop and the seller asks me if I want them to uninstall bloatware I say yes and I don’t mind waiting.

When I was young I mined planets for Promethium.

Lying to somebody doesn’t honor anybody and it certainly doesn’t honor a benevolent deity.

If they make you wear a face covering when you go outside what’s next? Sharia law?

“If we had a secure southern border it would protect Mexicans from Americans giving them COVID-19.” “See! It will help everybody!”

As of April 13, 2020, the U.S. National Debt is over $24.2 trillion. It has increased by $100 billion in three days. At this rate the debt will increase by $1 trillion a month, $7 trillion by Election Day in November and $9 trillion by Inauguration Day in January. The Obama administration increased the debt by $10 trillion (from $10 trillion to $20 trillion) in 8 years. The Trump administration is on pace to increase the debt by $13 trillion in 4 years.

The U.S. has an AA+ credit rating and a 109% debt to GDP ratio, but most of the countries with a similar debt to GDP ratio have a much lower credit rating.

Many nations follow America’s lead for better and for worse.

If I go outside today and everybody is wearing a face covering I am going to take pictures and videos of all of them because they will all look like psychopaths and thieves to me and I want to stay safe. I usually avoid taking pictures and videos of strangers because it’s rude and I want to be shown the same respect, but not if they are wearing masks.

I'll be damned if I live on my heels.

I have been stung by a Portuguese man-o-war and a jelly fish. The man-o-war was in Maui and after my mom and I fell off our jet ski it stung me. I pulled its detached tentacles off me because they were wrapped around my arm and stung me all over. I was only 15 years old, but it hurt a lot. I accidentally kicked a jellyfish on a San Diego beach and it stung a little. They say both of their stings are worse in warm water and I think that is true.

It will be a cold day in hell before I get a COVID-19 vaccine.

It has never been so easy for the government to keep an eye on people.

Most Americans won't admit that they were duped and believed bullshit, but they will eventually rebel.

In times like these the last people on earth I want to hear are people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg.

“Finally! Ugly people are wearing masks!” - beautiful people

If the government requires people to get COVID-19 vaccinations I hope they have a nice warm jail cell for me.

Fuck former President Obama for saying nothing about COVID-19 on the news this year and suddenly appearing and endorsing Joe Biden today. If anybody thought he was a great leader I hope they see the light now.

Could Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama show any more disrespect to Tara Reade? Yesterday she said Joe Biden sexually assaulted her and Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden. Could they spit more spittle in the face of the Me Too movement and abused people in general?

Democrats spin the distasteful things that other Democrats do.

Rich people see the truth through the lens of their interests and biases.

Fearful assholes don’t want to hear how strong somebody is. They want to hear they share their same fear.

I washed all my clothes today, so I have a week of clothing that should last about a month because I hang out in my underwear all day.

If you want to talk to somebody while wearing a mask you need to speak loudly and clearly.

Has anybody realized that an ungodly amount of pollution occurs during business as usual?

On April 14, 2020, Safeway told me to leave the store because I didn’t have a facial mask. Employees at the laundromat and the health food store said nothing, but I didn’t see any employees at the laundromat.

The laundromat was playing Fox News and Let’s Make a Deal on two widescreen TVs. President Trump was saying something about COVID-19 at one point, but I wasn’t paying attention.

The government let’s you acquire all sorts of debilitating and deadly degenerative diseases from food, water and air, but a virus that usually isn’t fatal or even symptomatic is apparently where they draw the line.

New York City wouldn’t have such a death problem if they didn’t have such a pollution problem.

Great teachers know when it is a teachable moment and when it isn’t one.

When I asked the government of Hawaii to exempt me from the COVID-19 stay-at-home order to write 109 Haikus in Kauai they said no. I said it would be a different book if I had to write it indoors and I started writing it today and the first haiku is about the mayor and the governor.

The U.S. government is the virus that changes everybody’s life.

At my Christian elementary school, I met a Japanese kid named Troy Yasuda and he was cool. He had a unique way of writing the letter “Y”, so I started writing my Ys like him. He was so cool we played with four-square rules named after him. At recess, “TST rules” referred to Troy, Steve Miller and Travis Tipton. Many years ago I wrote the word “Cataylst” and had a tattoo artist tattoo it on my leg and I wrote the unique y that he taught me.

TED Talks are informative, but when I was a kid growing up in El Cajon, California the retarded kids rode a bus with “Teds” written on it, so some kids would make fun of normal people by calling them a Ted.

Nobody at Christian High School was gay, but they recognized that Freddie Mercury was gay and he sang We Are the Champions, so some people would make fun of others by calling them a "champion" to imply that they were gay or stupid.

My aunt went to Valhalla High School with swimmer Greg Louganis and after I was thrown out of Christian High School I attended Valhalla and graduated there.

When I became interested in music as a kid it was the end of the vinyl record era and the beginning of the tape cassette era. However, I had a record player and two records: the We Are the Champions single and the Star Wars theme song. Also, my dad’s friend Dave Moan gave me a Twisted Sister record for Christmas as a gag gift, but I think my parents hid it.

The federal government acts like they are afraid of Mexicans, gays, abortion doctors, marijuana, black people voting, BDS and now a virus. I am stoked that they aren’t afraid of white people yet.

Even after unsubscribing from a dozen news outlets on YouTube and refusing to watch the mainstream media anymore I still have to scour dozens of news feeds for news to read that is unrelated to COVID-19.

If you wanted to get away with something and fly under the media’s radar now would be the time to do it.

Under the Trump administration the U.S. is no longer an UNESCO member, they left the United Nations Human Rights Council and today they stopped funding the World Health Organization (WHO). Also, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act that was written in 2017 proposes that the U.S. leave the U.N. (and the U.N. leave the U.S.) The U.S. refuses to be a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and withdrew its signature from the Rome Statute. The Trump administration also withdrew from the Paris Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.

If there was a Republican majority in Congress the U.S. would probably leave the U.N.

According to the U.S. Constitution, I think former President Obama could be Joe Biden’s Vice President. I also think he could be president for a third term if Joe Biden stopped being president for some reason during his term.

Look on the bright side. At least we can buy a gun in a drive-thru now.

A friend stabs you in the front.

Every day I find more reasons to avoid New York City.

If you are homeless and need a weapon let me know.

In 1st century Palestine Jesus mobilized, exhorted and edified the homeless, but in 21st century America Jesus just massages the rich.

I discerned that President Trump had no vision, so I said so on Twitter for years and now I see that he not only has no vision, but he also ignores people that have vision.

President Trump’s administration has fought California’s automobile emissions standards, so vehicles can pollute more across the country. Now we find that air pollution is a pre-condition for COVID-19 and makes it more deadly.

Every time it rains remember that some homeless people are getting soaking wet.

The only thing better than eschewing big corporations is using their free products against them after they try to silence you.

I just listened to Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles and Hoku’s Perfect Day, then I listened to Bob Marley and the Wailers' Exodus and Skip Marley's Lions.

A gun always ups the ante.

Do you think your possessions control you? They don’t control me.

There is nothing that I have that I wouldn’t miss if I lost it.

If you ever catch me eating anything except organic food I will give you everything I have.

I am stoked that I am no longer a Christian and not a comedian because intelligent critics don’t take either of those groups seriously and they probably never will.

Do you trust people that expect a paycheck for what they say?

Did Jesus expect to receive riches from his followers?

There is actually a Christian movement in the U.S. that thinks Jesus was a rich man and says he wants you to be rich too.

I was taught that pastors should make as much money as the people in the congregation not a whole lot more than them, but some pastors earn an extraordinary amount of money even though they don’t do more than poor pastors.

If somebody forces you to make a sacrifice do you think you still get credit for making a sacrifice?

Has anybody lied to you more than your parents?

I am not watching the mainstream meda today because they are rich losers that refuse to repent and lead people to hell and I have a lot of things to do, Jesus

The Bible says if you are given a lot a lot will be expected from you, but rich Americans act like the opposite is true.I am not watching the mainstream meda today because they are rich losers that refuse to repent and lead people to hell and I have a lot of things to do, Jesus

The Bible says if you are given a lot a lot will be expected from you, but rich Americans act like the opposite is true.

Evil people expect you to prioritize whatever they want you to prioritize.

21st century American Christians are as impotent as a 100 year old blind man.

People that can't control themselves desperately want to control others.

I used to think a lot of the Christian songs in my #1 Spotify playlist referred to Jesus and God, but they actually refer to whatever I am whether or not the singers realize it.

Some singers sound like they are singing about somebody else, but they are actually singing about the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Pastors warn about continually sinning and generational sins (and curses), but sheep in their congregation suffer from both.

Christians refer to adherents as sheep and children and it is nice to see they got something right.

The only one I want power over is myself.

The unrighteous kill the righteous and call themselves righteous.

I would prefer an overheard fan over an air conditioner any day.

You won't know what it's like to do things differently until you try.

Ignore whoever steals your joy.

I hope nobody ever tells you that you were as prepared as an American for COVID-19 because that would be rude.

If Jesus said you could move a mountain with a word why do you say so much and why do you repeat yourself?

I don’t want to be like you and the best way to avoid being like you is to avoid listening to you.

I moved to Kauai in March thinking the YMCA would remain open during the COVID-19 response because it is a charitable organization and charities are exempt, but the Hawaiian government forced them to close.

If a thief gets away with breaking into someone’s home and stealing from them they will likely steal from someone else’s home too.

I have more in common with my grandpa than most people realize.

Is there any bigger virus than religion?

Most people don’t know how to heal, but they are good at killing and dying.

You can call me whatever you want, but my name is healer.

Do you even know what your name is (or was)?

Someone that wants to live forever without dying doesn’t respect people that kill them even a little bit.

Southern Baptist pastor Howard Everett privately used Matthew 10:16 to justify lying to people and deceiving them for the “cause of Christ”, but I didn't.

Reportedly, green tea has beneficial properties that cross the blood-brain barrier.

Changed lives don’t authenticate or justify any religion, but many religionists will say they do.

The only thing that can contradict a righteous judgment is change.

Several bands have posted one of their old music videos on YouTube during the COVID-19 pandemic. I think it’s because they realized that it is relevant.

Great teachers are like great journalists because they can listen intently and plan their next action at the same time.

Reportedly, it is beneficial to go upside down every day, but you don’t have to stand on your head or hang from your feet as long as your head is lower than your waist (e.g. bend over) for a minute.

“You need to wear a mask.”
“Have you looked in the mirror?”

Proverb 14:12 makes more sense now than it ever did before.

Christians have been called “the people of the way” probably because the Bible says Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Christians that attend church with ulterior motives don’t mind ecumenicalism, but Christians that attend Bible studies think it is abhorrent.

Even in a country full of people without much integrity many decent people believe that one person with much higher standards might exist.

I forgot how beautiful Spanish was until I heard a girl speaking in Spanish to me today.

I had a so-called ocular migraine today.

Imagine if somebody wants the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan for religious end times reasons.

If Afghanistan did not share a border with China do you think the U.S. would still be there?

I will get a lot uglier, God

The bus system in Kauai left something to be desired before the COVID-19 scare, but after Mayor Kawakami’s order it has been pathetic. The buses are running half as often, starting 1-2 hours later and stopping 1-2 hours earlier.

Some Hawaiians invoke "kapuna" when they want to control people.

It’s too bad that earthlings haven’t colonized any other planets or moons yet.

Being tempted to return to Facebook is like thinking about going to your high school reunion if they were all jihadis.

The day after President Trump called COVID-19 a hoax, the first death in the U.S. occurred.

People like to blame their enemies and praise their friends.

If I live on the street again I should get custom shirts made and one should say, "It smelled better when you were scared."

New York should have prepared for COVID-19 like they should have prepared for the future not with ventilators, but with disallowing millions of people to pollute like there is no tomorrow by giving them other viable options.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic I had not burned gasoline or coal in 7-8 years. Can Bill Gates say that? Can Andrew Cuomo?

Irresponsible people that are doing horrible things want you to think that they have your best interests in mind.

Your gods are letting you down.

Imagine if somebody developed a cancer that fed on air conditioner emissions.

Sometimes olive oil, avocado oil and canola oil are called vegetable oils, but olives and avocados are fruits and canola is seed oil.

I think brining, curing and smoking tend to make foods less healthy than they would otherwise be.

If you would have been cultivating your strength daily and exhorting yourself to be stronger and stronger over the last 8 years like I have done you would not be responding to COVID-19 like you are responding to it.

Entertaining fearful people eventually makes you afraid.

Watching too much TV saps your strength.

The government wants you to be strong and afraid on their terms.

Do you think corporately fasting caused a revolution in the Old Testament?

One of the biggest lies that Christians tell themselves is that they have a relationship not a religion.

The 21st century is being hamstrung by fools that believe old lies and liars.

The people that believe old lies also believe new lies and of course they want others to believe them too.

Putting a band-aid on a symptom doesn’t fix the root cause of the problem.

If you use Gmail I don’t like emailing you.

When they open the country again and start telling us what to do with our time and money I challenge you to do the opposite. If they tell us to go see a movie, I will watch something online. If they tell us to go to a sporting event, I will go to the beach. If they tell us to go to restaurants, I will buy organic food from the grocery store.

If Hawaiians weren’t dependent on tourists for money their anti-tourist bias would be legendary.

The next time some idiot tries to scare you and says you might be murdered by somebody ask them what the murderer’s motive would be.

I laugh at your fears and pity you for having them more every day.

When everybody avoids caring about the most important things in life you are better off if they don’t “care” about you.

Perhaps Americans do evil because there are cute names and misnomers for their reprehensible actions.

The government should use new, proven technology and not software and devices that were designed decades ago.

If New York City wasn't the biggest U.S. market the mainstream media would not be broadcasting stories about NYC every day.

New Yorkers are usually self-absorbed people, but COVID-19 has taken things to a new level.

When somebody says they received a vaccination or vaccinated their kids you don’t have to believe them.

A country that has been riddled with pollution and seen the average lifespan decrease in recent years probably should not be too surprised when COVID-19 causes complications and deaths.

It’s time to roast Steve Doocy.

Steve Doocy looks like a bean pole with a blonde wig, makeup and glasses. He sounds like Mister Rogers after a shot of tequila. He acts like a game show host on crystal meth. He seems like he might have stuck a few rosary beads up his ass.

If homeless people are complying with the government’s orders and guidelines they are being remarkably gracious.

Some people think Fox News is a Christian media outlet, but I think more Catholics than Christians are employed by Fox.

A Judeo-Christian’s final authority is either the pope, God or Jesus, but it can’t be all three.

How much are you willing to inconvenience yourself for privacy?

Jesus died because of their sins not for your sins.

If God exists and if COVID-19 is a curse on America from God I would not be surprised at all. I also would not be surprised to see something worse happen if people don’t repent from their sins whether God exists or not.

Tell me the name of one innocent person that COVID-19 has killed.

If God exists and cares about life on the Earth, God would probably prefer to kill you than see you callously, repetitively, mindlessly pollute and kill everything.

Sometimes when my former wife said or did mean things to me she would be ashamed and sleep on the living room sofa or the floor and I would usually tell her she didn’t need to do that and invite her to bed.

Love may keep no record of wrongs, but if you want custody of your child in a divorce it may come in handy.

Few people domestic or abroad will challenge the U.S. government.

A diabolical religion rightly judges and condemns somebody’s behavior, then magically saves them if they utter a few words.

Wait. You mean a president that champions coal jobs, stinkier auto emissions standards and eating fast food like McDonalds wasn’t ready to lead the country in a pandemic? No fucking way.

Can the government contact trace dees nuts?

If aliens exist and they have not made contact with humans, then maybe they saw the mainstream media's broadcast and turned their ship around.

If the mainstream media really wants to scare people with sensationalism and propaganda, then they should dress in black from head to toe and play scary music.

Old people are the government’s and the mainstream media’s bread and butter because they are not only easily frightened, but they are also easily tricked.

Open the country. Close the country. Why should I care? You still have absolutely no respect for your body or life on Earth.

Americans don’t seek the truth. They seek people that agree with them and people that will justify their assumptions.

Reportedly, social security is on pace to pay out more money than it gets by 2022 and OASDI will exhaust its asset reserves in 2033. However, if lots of social security recipients die from COVID-19 that could change.

If Hawaiians were bleeding out their eyes the mainstream media would probably have a 30-second segment on it on a Saturday afternoon.

If it is within President Trump’s power he should dissolve political parties now.

“What did you do today?”
“I watched bananas turn light green.”
“That sounds like fun.”

If you ask somebody for the truth and it becomes clear that they don’t know the truth is there any reason to continue the conversation?

The U.S. government is blocking more websites from Americans than most people realize.

All of you are low-energy as far as I am concerned, God

Many viruses are named after the place where they originated (e.g. West Nile, Zika, Ebola, Hanta, MERS, etc.). However, I don’t think any of them are named after a country except for the Spanish flu and it was named Spanish flu because they think King Alfonso XIII of Spain died from it.

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono was on every mainstream media news station saying, “Believe all women” when Christine Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh, but Tara Reade has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault and she has been strangely silent. Why?

It’s hard to live in a country where the mainstream media is seen as normal by a lot of people.

The mainstream media banks on Americans being ignorant about journalism.

You aren’t supposed to give the questions you will ask in an interview to the person you are going to interview, but the mainstream media clearly does it anyway.

The mainstream media seems to be hiding or glossing over three important things about COVID-19. First, they have repeatedly worried people about catching it from asymptomatic people. However, if somebody with COVID-19 does not cough or sneeze - which are the primary ways of spreading the virus - they are not very contagious. Second, If there are 700,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 35,000 deaths, then over half a million people are immune to COVID-19 now. Third, if everyone in the U.S. wore a N95 mask outdoors for two weeks it would end COVID-19.

How do people justify having no soul?

Assholes without understanding want you to think that others are assholes without understanding.

I think the mainstream media is starting to lose viewers that tuned in because of COVID-19, so today they are complaining about the lack of tests and burdening everybody with the question of when the country should be reopened.

When they know they can’t stop somebody they try to slow them down and distract them.

It’s time to roast Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough looks like a shaven ape. He talks like a substitute teacher reading what the teacher wrote for him to say to the class. He seems like he would fist-fight Donald Trump, but you know he would cry like a baby and run away if he was ever confronted. He acts like a partisan voter that wants you to think he isn’t one.

Some musicians say some band’s song is the greatest song ever because it is one they can play or sing.

Married people are twisted.

Your abusers do not want you to be a singer or a poet.

"I am the only one on Earth that cares about you!"
"Wow! That must be a lot of pressure!"

You can justify anything if you try hard enough.

The morals that parents instill in their children only allow for their immorality if their children are immoral too.

If you can’t admit that a bad person is a bad person, then you are a bad person too.

The government approving people to breathe dirty air, eat polluted food and drink polluted water their entire life until they have health problems in old age and then trying to save them from dying from a virus is like a Major League Baseball manager that fills his roster with AA players and an All-Star relief pitcher.

Is any question more selfish than, "Will you marry me?"

Shout out to every married person that has realized marriage is for the birds during the COVID-19 sequester.

When you are stuck with somebody you must listen to a lot of things that you ordinarily wouldn’t have to waste your time hearing. It’s a shame when it validates somebody that rambles and then they think others want to hear their incessant rambling.

People are still playing games, God

I am not surprised that Hawaiians want to get out of their shanties.

Are you telling people that still burn gasoline and eat conventional food that they are the biggest cause of disease too?

The government celebrates the majority of people to the brink of death, but they don't want to be blamed for being the nail in their coffin.

America doesn’t just let you kill yourself slowly, but America lets you kill everything slowly.

I don’t know whether or not God is a lie, but I know your God is a lie.

The only reason why Christianity still exists is because Christians are too lazy to study the Bible, too weak-minded to put it into practice and too dishonest to admit most of it doesn’t work.

Jesus if you think I am scary and intense you should meet my father God

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to figure out something or somebody is a lie.

You either want your kids to reach their potential or be under your thumb, but you can't have it both ways.

Some truths make people uncomfortable.

There is no evidence that God listened to Jesus or did anything Jesus asked.

On Friday, April 17, 2020, the Dow Jones stock index rose by over +700 points which is about 3%. I think it is no longer a legitimate indicator of the health of the U.S. economy. It only indicates the state of the 30 huge corporations in the index.

Desperate people do not mind lying if they perceive a benefit or reward for doing so.

Some people tell the truth at great risk.

Isolationism in 21st century America is impractical at best and impossible at worst. Nobody is an isolationist in practice because everybody uses things that were made or assembled abroad.

There are plenty of pictures and stories about automobile emissions being reduced due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, but there have been no pictures or stories about coal emissions.

People that have made horrible mistakes want us to make the same horrible mistakes so it will cover up their horrible mistakes and so we will share the responsibility and condemnation associated with them.

When you make positive changes that the majority of people in your society do not make your resolve will be tested.

What is more disgusting than the poor complaining about the rich?

I don’t have respect for people that feel entitled to rich people’s money and I am not rich.

America is plagued by all kinds of extremism.

Imagine if the effects of the worst things that you do on a regular basis can't even be seen by you.

Are Donald Trump and Mike Pence in sackcloth and ashes yet? If they aren’t, then I am not listening to their COVID-19 news conference.

The U.S. government is full of religious people, but I haven't seen any of them laying prostrate before the Lord yet.

Joe Biden is so old and senile that he may let the country be run by other people if he wins the presidential election in November.

Imagine if Jimmy Carter said he wanted to be president again and it was a contested Democratic Party convention because nobody won the primary and the superdelegates selected him to be their party’s candidate.

In America, it is easier to leave your family’s religion than to stop polluting the planet like they do.

In 21st century America people think that money is evidence of righteousness, but it isn’t.

Some Americans don’t want to be tested for cancer because they don’t want to know the test results.

I don’t believe Donald Trump or Joe Biden when they say they will cure cancer.

Prophets think remaining silent about the truth is worse than the risks involved with telling people the truth.

Do you have any idea how polluted the air is inside your home?

As of April 17, 2020, nine people have allegedly died from COVID-19 in the state of Hawaii and there have been 553 confirmed cases. Reportedly, there have been 705,373 confirmed cases in the United States and 37,221 deaths.

The vast majority of people in the U.S. that are taking extreme measures to protect themselves from COVID-19 probably would not have been infected anyway, but the government and politicians that have destroyed the economy, put an ungodly debt burden on everyone and ruined life as we know it due to fear and worry will always say that their actions were justified.

Old people run the U.S. and old people fear COVID-19 the most and feel like they can and should control others no matter the cost as long as they preserve their own lives.

I think Donald Trump's supporters would rather die than see a Democrat elected. They don't put their party over the country. They put their party over life itself.

It’s time to roast Mike Pence.

Mike Pence looks like he pooped his pants and he is squeezing his ass cheeks and hoping his adult diaper doesn’t leak. He seems like he thinks COVID-19 is a curse from God, but he wants to blame it on China. His demeanor is like a prisoner of war that has decided to side with the enemy. He sounds like a bumpkin that has just returned from an extended vacation to a big city.

If you are not an essential worker, but you drive somewhere every day during the stay-at-home order you are essentially a fool.

I see a lot of pathetic, lonely drivers milling around town.

Foolish behavior isn’t justified by repeating it.

My Polish-American friend that grew up down the street from me was like a racist Rolodex. He probably became a weightlifter to defend himself from the people that he offended.

If an alien race is watching Earth they must be wondering why so many people believe so many things.

If an alien race ever makes it to Earth I don’t think they will be religious because a religious race probably won’t progress to the point of being able to visit faraway planets.

No politicians were prepared for COVID-19 because they have not ended the use of fossil fuels or stockpiled N95 masks. Besides drastically changing the food supply and making cigarettes illegal those are the only things that would have prevented the spread of COVID-19, reduced complications, saved lives and prevented a lockdown.

I have not heard anybody in the mainstream media say cigarette smokers are at a greatrer risk of COVID-19 complications and death, but I think that conclusion is obvious.

If your sins are profitable to people in power don’t expect to them to confronted you about them.

Treating symptoms is not the same thing as developing a cure or preventing the disease.

You can't expect diseased people to overcome every virus.

Many Americans are assuming that COVID-19 is a very deadly virus, but that assumption relies on the assumption that people that are dying aren’t already diseased.

Americans still don’t understand how they can’t pollute the planet without polluting themselves or they just don't care.

I think many old people and some middle-aged people have diseases that they won’t tell people about or don’t even know they have.

Learn how to say these two words to anybody: “Prove it.”

The government wants you to support the ways they allow disease-causing air, food and water to be legal and they want you to turn your life upside down, so nobody catches a virus and dies because they are already so sick from the government’s preferred lifestyle. That’s a lot to ask and that’s why they aren’t asking, but they ordering, threatening and scaring everybody.

If I have learned one thing from COVID-19 it’s that a lot of people have underlying health conditions that they either don’t know about or that the media does not report.

Mentally ill people act like an army agrees with them.

The story of Jonah and the whale is absurd because prophets value and prioritize discerning, following and telling the truth not the response.

I think the people that wrote and canonized the Bible didn't think that there would be anybody greater than the "heroes" in the Bible, but they were wrong.

The truth doesn’t have any friends and the truth doesn’t try to make any friends.

Picking between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is like picking between diarrhea and bloody diarrhea.

Today I visited Joe Biden’s Twitter page for the first time in a year. He (or somebody running his account) quoted Soren Kierkegaard, posted a video of Billie Eilish singing and supported Hong Kong. I hadn’t heard anybody mention Kierkegaard since I studied theology with theology buffs many years ago. Reportedly, young people and Democratic socialists will not endorse him.

People talk about putting party over country, but I think even partisans put money over party and if that is true, then the Democrats could be nominating somebody that they know won’t get elected because they think they will keep more of the money they make and possess under Donald Trump.

The weak trick themselves into believing they are strong, but the wise see through their charade.

Fools think they are somebody they are not. Evil people expect you to believe them.

I almost forgot how Americans haven’t experienced righteous indignation.

Hanging around dumb people will make you dumb like them.

According to the Christian doctrine of salvation every adherent to Judaism is going to hell. The New Testament says the old covenant is gone and people must be under the new covenant. The New Testament also says Christians are filled forever with the Holy Spirit at the point of their confession and profession of faith in Jesus. The Old Testament says certain Israelites were temporarily filled with the Holy Spirit to perform a task.

Christians have been commanded to avoid being unequally yoked with non-Christians and there aren’t any exceptions. This refers to marriage and close relationships.

Christians say the Jews are God’s chosen people, but according to the Bible (and predestination in particular) if they reject Jesus the only thing they might have been chosen by God for is judgment in hell like the rest of the non-Christians.

Christians that believe in a pre-tribulation or mid-tribulation rapture believe that 144,000 zealous, Christian Jews will perform all sorts of miracles in the end times. According to the New Testament these Jews can’t reject Jesus before the rapture or they wouldn’t be able to get saved after the rapture. Therefore, the pre-trib and post-trib doctrines rely on 144,000 powerful Jews never hearing about Jesus and believing after the rapture.

Righteousness is its own reward and it‘s immune to behavior modification.

When I studied the faith of America’s founders, sometimes I found quotations from when they were young that sounded like they may be Christians and quotes from when they were older that sounded like they were deists. I think that speaks to their intelligence and integrity.

A wicked generation leaves problems for the next generation.

I was taught in church that generational sins were like alcoholism and drug use, but now I think they include burning gasoline and coal and eating unhealthy food.

Whenever I eat 300-400 calories of organic pinto beans I have a great bowel movement the next day.

If you need to urinate and can’t do it try blowing cool air on your penis. If you need to poop and you can’t do it try clasping your palms together in front of you. Try both of these things while sitting on the toilet of course.

People want other people to be environmentalists.

They have no reason to hate me, but I have every reason to hate them, Jesus

The creepiest carbon-emitters roll by slowly and stare.

During the COVID-19 pandemic would have been a good time to have universal healthcare.

Some rich people don’t want universal healthcare, but I think they would like catching a disease from a poor person even less.

Jesus played on people’s fears.

There is nothing particularly great about anybody in the Bible which is probably why the writers and red actors felt inclined to attribute miracles to them.

If you emulate people that aren’t great how will you ever be great?

Gov. Ige, you said Hawaii will be totally on renewable energy by 2045. Will you be 87 or 88 when it happens?

There seems to be more bugs and different bugs outside now.

My former wife abused and tortured me for her mistake until I fought back and eventually agreed that we should end it.

Some people don’t take a promise very seriously even if it’s a covenant with God.

I can hear her lying to people now.

My former mother-in-law Rita Hamalian said I was family and would always be welcome in her home until my former wife and I separated and she had my daughter in Palmdale, California. I knocked on her door right before I left town and she said I wasn’t welcome in her home anymore. I thought she was a devout Christian too.

I don’t care if you are racist towards me. I will not be racist towards you.

My former wife didn’t understand my faith because I actually had faith and she didn’t even though we were both Christians.

My former wife and I never argued before we got married. We even had numerous premarital counseling sessions with a pastor to make sure we were compatible and didn’t have any issues. It wasn't until after we were married that we started arguing and then her family (e.g. her sister Talar) sheepishly told me that she had had a very serious anger problem (e.g. throwing inconsolable tantrums) for a long time.

I had a lot of reasons to stop identifying as a Christian and start warning everybody to avoid Christianity, but it all comes down to who you think Jesus is because if you don’t think he is God, then you are not a Christian.

According to the Bible only God can forgive sins. “Jesus was either a liar, a lunatic or the Lord.” If you don’t buy that trilemma you are not alone because I have considered another option. People lied about the things Jesus did and said and I think that option is more likely.

If you like to masturbate like me is a funny way to start a sentence.

Some people are lucky to get married in their youth because they get a lot uglier real fast.

I think the mainstream media knows that they have been sensationalizing the COVID-19 pandemic and poorly covering it and they are concerned that it will backfire later and they will lose lots of viewers, so they started focusing on emotional stories of people working which are testimonials and anecdotes that aren’t necessarily newsworthy. However, they tug on the heartstrings and are hard to criticize because Americans respect essential workers for their sacrifice while they sit at home and do nothing.

If you create something that you want to share online for a long time, then you need a website, a web server, a domain name and a hosting plan. It would be wise to prepay for these things for 10 years (which is the maximum length of a domain name registration) if you are serious and have the money.

The only way that you can deceive a smart person is by continually deceiving them because they will eventually see through the lie if they are given the chance to see everything without being constantly influenced.

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party were working on the response to a global pandemic when he was in office. They might have waited for a Republican administration to take this sort of response to a virus like this because they might have thought that shutting down the country in a Democratic administration would have caused a civil war.

I will not be surprised if we learn that the government penned two responses to a global pandemic; one with a Republican administration in office and one with a Democratic Party administration in office.

On April 19, 2020, some Americans in various states (Denver, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona, San Francisco, California, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Annapolis, Maryland, Austin, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, etc.) are protesting their state’s stay-at-home orders, but not all of the media outlets are covering them. In fact, the mainstream media has been giving airtime to people that have been critical of reopening the country and protesting.

Shout out to protestors. Speak your mind without fear.

Some people don’t want people to get free college education, but if their parents would have been able to attend college they would have been better, smarter, stronger people.

I think Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been very careful to avoid condemning or belittling President Trump in the COVID-19 pandemic for several reasons. New York needs assistance from the federal government. He knows Trump broadcasts White House news briefings daily and he could start blasting him on a regular basis. I also think that he thinks this isn’t the time or place for partisan politics and pointing fingers.

If I lived in New York, I would probably be thankful for Gov. Cuomo’s constant contact with the public, but since I live in Hawaii I started ignoring his broadcasts a week or two ago. They are not relevant and they are sad and depressing even though the mainstream media and YouTube play them on a loop and the Cuomos are likeable.

When you give someone your ear you give them your mind too.

Since the 2019 Novel Coronavirus from Wuhan, China does not always cause a disease, calling it COVID-19 is inaccurate because it means Coronavirus Disease 2019. Calling it SARS CoV-2 is inaccurate too because it means Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 and it does not always cause a respiratory syndrome.

Every virus was created by a human as far as your computer is concerned.

Many Christians believe that there was no suffering, disease or death before the first sin in the Garden of Eden and they think this occurred about 8,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Perhaps a virus could evolve into a person if given enough time. I know some people that are like viruses.

I have come a long way, Jesus

Revisionist history is a liar's favorite subject.

If you tell the truth about deluded people they will think you are talking about somebody else.

Imagine if closet cigarette smokers are freaking out about COVID-19 the most.

I have not had the relationship that you have with the truth for a long time.

“I will see you in Heaven!”
“Not if I see you first!”

When I married a Christian woman I thought she wanted to be like Mother Theresa, but it turned out that she wanted to be like Tammy Faye Bakker. When she realized I wanted to be more like Gandhi than Jim Bakker she lost interest.

I will eat local organic food, but I will not eat locally grown food if it is not organic and you shouldn’t either.

MSNBC's Morning Joe wants you to think the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is about Donald Trump, but it isn’t. If they stopped talking about Donald Trump for one day they would only broadcast commercials.

Liars resent your honesty.

You will probably never get old people to stop believing bullshit that they have believed their entire life because they are too heavily invested and they see no upside to coming clean. Also, they think that the nonsense that they insist is true will continue to shape society if they keep believing it.

Everybody needs an ace in the hole, but two aces are even better.

When I meet a Christian that follows the truth wherever it leads I will let you know.

Christians will not be proud of you if you deconvert. In fact, most of them probably won’t even associate with you anymore.

Speaking authoritatively about things that you cannot possibly know contributes to your ignorance and mental illness.

Donald Trump lies like a bodily function and his supporters do too.

Everybody talks about the way the cessation of burning gasoline has improved air quality. Nobody is talking about the way that burning coal is still harming the environment and life on earth.

If you are weak and you pretend that you are strong it doesn’t make you strong. It makes you an actor.

Rise up against the devil’s advocate.

After you have been pegged sleight of hand doesn’t work.

There are many wrong ways to fix a problem.

Congratulations to everybody that was born and raised a Christian and left the faith when they got older. That is admirable and I am proud of you.

Liars question the motives of honest people.

My people see through your open windows, so keep typing.

Liars have a selective memory.

The mainstream media doesn’t know what the people that die from 2019 Novel Coronavirus have in common or they don’t want people to know.

The mainstream media doesn’t know what the people that survive the 2019 Novel Coronavirus have in common or they don’t want people to know.

The liberal mainstream media may be too partisan to be of any real value anymore.

The way that some people cover up their mistakes makes me wonder if they have made much worse mistakes.

If the U.S. is going to bail out airlines, then they should require them to pollute less.

Hawaiians are not used to seeing a white person living sustainably and continually seething at the people that are burning gasoline and polluting everything, but I have earned their respect over the last 5-6 years because I am one.

There is nothing inherently liberal or conservative about liberals and conservatives. They are actually two distinct groups of fundamentalists with many liberal behaviors and many conservative behaviors in common.

You can’t turn off discernment.

Saying conservatives aren’t funny is like saying humans aren’t funny.

“If they can’t prove that I lied, then I told the truth.” - liars’ logic

A liar’s ability to say something that can’t be proven or disproven like it’s obviously the truth is unparalleled.

Can you ever stop eating like me, Jesus

You can't pay me to take oil. Leave it in the ground.

Some angry people make great comedians.

Somehow I am more connected to this world than most people realize, Jesus

I haven’t spent this much time indoors in a very long time. What in the hell do you people do inside? Jesus

I need to hear Gordon Ramsay yell at someone.

“Which Germ do you like best, Mozart, Nietzsche or Martin Luther?”
“Are those my only options?”
“Well, there’s Hitler and Hasselhoff.”
“Does Wolf Blitzer count?”

“Which Irishman do you like best, Bono, Carlin or Conan?”
“Are those my only options?”
“Well, there’s Colin Farrell and Liam Neeson.”

”How about Matthew McConaughey?”
“Alright, alright.”

Some people think their faith gives them license to do whatever they want.

I tore my quadriceps muscle on the soccer field in my senior year because I didn’t stretch before I sprinted in a race. I told my coach that I wasn’t stretched or warmed up and he told me it didn’t matter because he wanted me to race somebody. No matter what your coach says stretch and warm up before you run hard. I should have avoided playing, so it could have healed, but I didn't want to miss my senior year of soccer. I ended up playing and leading East County San Diego in assists at the center midfield position. I also earned 1st Team All-Harbor League honors and we won our league.

Take care of yourself because your coach doesn’t have to live with your pain.

Coaches at Christian High School in El Cajon, California were uncredentialed and reckless which is par for the course for small, private, religious schools. I suffered a quadriceps injury on the soccer field and a shoulder injury on the football field among other injuries. In both circumstances I did exactly what my coach told me to do. My shoulder hurts to this day and my quad injury causes my opposite hip to be inflamed and hurt.

When you have inflammation in your hip and you do a hip opening yoga pose like pigeon it feels like somebody is sticking a hot knife in your hip.

Small Christian high schools just hire parents and journeymen to coach sports. My dad (a headhunter) coached the soccer team. An insurance salesman with a kid on the team coached football.

If I would have had a choice I would have never attended any Christian schools and I would have attended public schools instead. I have a litany of reasons, so maybe I will write a book about it one day.

One-tool players only get you so far.

If honoring somebody's wishes will cause you physical pain do what you want to do and not what they want you to do.

If you hate the truth you probably shouldn’t read what I write because that’s all I write, Jesus

It's time to roast John Berman.

John Berman looks like a shaven troll that teleported into CNN’s studio from a Dungeons and Dragons module. I wonder if he has a battle axe and chain mail under his desk. I have heard more succinct questions from a parrot. He acts like he was voted most likely to be smug.

I challenge you to shame single people that drive SUVs any way that you can. I won’t stop until they stop polluting on everything.

You know the weak, pathetic way that caused the disgusting cloud of filth over the planet, so don't think that you are unique or special because you are a hellbound sheeple.

I don’t fault Kenneth Copeland for his powerful words. I fault Kenneth Copeland for his sins that make his words ineffective and useless.

Imagine if the Christian rapture actually refers to a Christian holocaust.

When I was a Christian I attended a Bible conference in Colorado. I volunteered to help and worked Tim LaHaye's book table. He wrote the Left Behind book series and he gave me a copy of his Prophecy Study Bible and I read it.

Reportedly, Kim Jong-un is in "grave danger" after surgery, but if he dies we will probably never know the actual reason. He could have caught the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Alternatively, it could be a trick to see who says and does what.

If you need the government to save you from your sins (e.g. destroying everything with your lifestyle), then you probably aren’t a Christian. If you want to see how a Christian tries to justify his or her sins, ask them if they eat meat. If they say yes say you are a vegetarian and they make you stumble. Cite 1 Corinthians 8:13 and Romans 14:20-21 and see them not give a shit and pretend like they do.

Many Christians use Paul's words in Romans 1:27 to say being gay is a sin, but most of them ignore Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 8:13 and Romans 14:21 about avoiding meat.

Christians sure do love a book that they completely, utterly and repeatedly fail to follow even though they say God wrote it.

I used to like the verse that says, "Your faith has made you well." I realize it's baloney now and in recent years I have been saying something a little different to people. I say, "Your faith has made you ill."

If anybody wants to explain to me how Christianity is not a cult I would be happy to listen.

The next time I enter a church it will be to debate a Christian and I will tear him from limb to limb.

The prayers of the hypocrites make the righteous one ignore them.

On April 20, 2020, for the first time in history oil became worthless. However, I think Americans will give up that addiction when they give up their addiction to cow products. Never.

Maybe it's because of my upbringing as a young earth creationist that I tend to think America's oil independence is due to the mass slaughter of 100 million Native Americans. It seemed more plausible than God putting it there or eons of evolution that nobody has seen or proven.

Indians cremate their dead and have 13% of the oil reserves that the U.S. has and 10 countries have more oil than the U.S. India imports 82% of their oil.

I haven’t burned gasoline in eight years by choice. Several years ago I started calling it black death juice and calling people that burn it in their vehicles God damned gas burners.

I have screamed at the top of my lungs, “Gas burner pride baby! Burn that shit to hell!” at people like you more times than you could possibly imagine.

Your faith has made you a virus.

Donald Trump’s Republican administration has fought California’s emissions standards because they are lower than other states’ standards and the automobile industry doesn’t want to make lower emissions vehicles for California and higher emissions vehicles for other states. Nonetheless, California’s government has realized that air pollution causes costly problems and it isn’t worth it.

People that are proud of doing something the wrong way expect you to do the same thing or at least avoid confronting them.

A Democrat and a Republican look exactly the same to a tree and the sea.

As a nonpartisan person the Republican approach and the Democrat approach to renewable energy look very similar. Republicans deny the fact that pollution is causing all sorts of horrible problems. Democrats admit pollution is causing lots of problems, but they pledge to slowly meander toward the solution over decades.

When is the last time that Jesus told somebody to change in a couple of decades?

I don’t want to be anywhere near the miserable killers I see everyday on the street and one day I won’t be, but I didn’t ask for a break or a refuge and I am ready to oppose all of you just like I did before if I have to.

Today I will record and broadcast my third video in a 10-part series on my journey in 2012-2020. This one is on my move to Hawaii. A few days ago I decided to do one more podcast when I’m done on environmentalism and pollution. I will broadcast it on May 7.

“Where do you live?”
“I live everywhere! I am alive right now! You should try living somewhere!”

You will always be clueless about a lot of things until you live on the street. Jesus probably felt the same way. That’s why I have asked politicians to sleep on the street one night a month, so they could clue into what is actually happening.

The earth is my footstool. I bet you thought it was God’s. Well, it’s not. It’s mine.

I am like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane now.

They don’t know what it’s like to be Jesus and they don't care. How dare they call themselves Christians.

I can hear them and they still think their sin is essential.

Losers think they are winners when nobody judges them accurately.

Forget the devil. Pastors are the biggest contributors to their sheep's sinful lifestyle because sheep justify what their pastor does and they like to emulate him.

Jesus is not a vaccine.

If an alien from another planet asks me what Christianity is what would you like me to say? What would you say? What's the truth?

It took the fear of catching a potentially deadly virus, the fear of transmitting a potentially deadly virus and orders and threats of fines and incarceration from local governments to get people to change (e.g. stop burning gasoline) and some of them still won’t change and are protesting. Did you realize that repentance works that way in the 21st century?

If you flout stay-at-home orders at least avoid burning gasoline by yourself in a personal vehicle.

Imagine if God wanted to isolate you, so you would listen and repent.

Justifying the sins of your loved ones is a disservice to everyone.

I have exhorted pastors and the Southern Baptist Convention to add burning fossil fuels to the list of sins that they preach against. Have they listened?

Money blinds the rich.

If your kids do the same awful things you do it does not justify what you do and you should fear a millstone and stay away from the sea.

Besides not having N95 masks I think the biggest ways the government was unprepared for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus was by allowing air pollution, cigarettes and unhealthy conventional food because they all cause disease and could be considered pre-conditions.

If you think a dead person can save you from your sins you are wrong.

Freedom of choice is fantastic if the options aren’t deadly.

Do you think the uprising should be against the government for giving people deadly options, businesses for selling things that kill, people for choosing deadly options, churches for tacitly condoning deadly options or all of them?

If enough people would be disciplined and refuse to choose deadly options we wouldn’t need an uprising or revolution. Why can't religion do that?

If you care more about the economy than the air quality I pity you.

Before I moved to Hawaii, when I lived on the street in Long Beach, California in 2014, I said I would move to Los Angeles, but the air pollution was too bad.

I think if we did not have a Republican administration in the White House that we would be ending our reliance on fossil fuels and cooperating with the world.

Senseless belligerence isn’t endearing.

Your people are killing me and I won't kill them, but I am writing books to expose them for eternity, Jesus

When you realize or admit that the disgusting world they want you to create kills everything will you still want to live in it?

I would listen to Donald Trump, but I stopped listening to the devil a long time ago, Jesus

Your vices unite ewe.

The large, influential, non-denominational, Calvary Chapel church movement has its roots in the 1960s “Jesus movement” that featured illicit drug users (e.g. hippies) on the West Coast that combined Christianity with drug use to have supernatural experiences that they thought resembled the miracles in the book of Acts.

Some people’s biases run their life.

On April 21, 2020, it was reported that hydroxychloroquine actually killed more people when it was tested as a treatment or cure for COVID-19 than the number of people that got well without it. On April 3, Donald Trump encouraged people to take it and asked what do they have to lose.

In early April, President Trump said the government bought 29 million hydroxychloroquine doses from India. Apparently, India had banned the export of the drug, but sold it to the U.S. anyway after Trump spoke to prime minister Modi.

Do you think a bias is like a god?

John Oliver said he knows somebody that has lupus and uses hydroxychloroquine to treat it and she is running low on her medication because people are using it to treat COVID-19.

Does the U.S. have a good system to determine which drugs that the government has approved actually do not work and end up causing more harm than good, so they can recall them?

When you have a lot of power a mistake can mean the loss of lives.

When killers are praised like saviors what hope is there?

Is the Holy Spirit a low-information voter?

I pity the fool that doesn't know enough to ignore a liar.

On April 20, 2020, when I heard about President Trump stopping immigration I thought it might be to see who is illegally crossing the southern border. The next thing I considered was that he might think that immigrants with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus will come to the U.S. to visit Republican states that open for business first.

Perhaps I am unique because I actually believed Jesus was God, so I became like him and then I actually stopped believing it. For all intents and purposes people never actually believe and never actually stop believing. They just float in the middle somewhere and pick and choose what suits them which is actually the definition of being a lukewarm believer.

If the book of Revelation is a prophetic book and if the first three chapters refer to seven periods of time when they address seven churches, then it would make sense because it would mean that we are living in the lukewarm (Laodicea church) age.

You can’t fake paying close attention.

Be careful what you say to children because they have a much better memory than you may realize.

How many songs sound like they are saying “across”, but are actually saying “a cross”?

Imagine if every day that you engage in the same sin God adds another way that you will be tortured in the afterlife.

You can’t tell somebody that their faith in a personal God is nonsense if you have faith in a personal God too.

Must I dumb down, God

Assholes hurt people, but huge assholes hurt people and hate them for using medicine to treat the wounds they caused.

Most people don’t seem to care how disgusting the world will be after they die.

I think people that flunk out of college like to whitewash it.

Since my parents converted me at a very young age and I was raised as a Christian and attended Christian schools in grades 1-12, I did not realize what I did not know until I got older.

I think kids may have an excuse for believing nonsense, but adults do not.

I haven’t prayed in about a decade.

You won’t figure out everything if you always pray to somebody that doesn’t exist.

Purell is a brand not a verb. Let’s stop using it and Google as a verb.

Using a brand as a verb gives a corporation free advertising.

How do scientists know what the rate of decay was before they started measuring the rate of decay?

Christians think Nephilim in Genesis 6:4 refers to fallen angels, but I think it is more likely that Nephilim refers to non-Israelites or the negative effects of inbreeding. Whatever the case may be the Bible says God was very upset about the children that were being born to Israelite women.

Assuming that Nephilim refers to fallen angels in Genesis 6:4 means the fallen angels (that were created by God and fell to Earth with Satan according to scripture) had a human body and human sperm (super-sperm actually) and these claims are unsupported in the Bible and make little sense. In fact, they attribute demonic power to fallen angels that they do not have.

There is no evidence that the beings called Nephilim in Genesis 6:4 were the same beings called Nephilim in Numbers 13:33.

If the U.S.’ enemies are behind the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the U.S. or if they want it to continue it may not end any time soon.

President Trump, why did you roll back 95 environmental protections? Is it because it’s too late to slaughter infant children? You know just can’t kill a man when he’s dead.

Since the response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus has caused an unprecedented loss of jobs and an economic recession like the Great Depression, imagine if it is a curse from God on President Trump for prioritizing those things above all else.

The more news I read and watch online the more I realize that CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, etc. don’t inform people very well.

My mom voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and died in 2017 in a hospital after catching a superbug and being subjected to a botched colostomy and botched surgery. Her colostomy bag leaked because it was upside down and she literally ate shit and died. If God exists God might have been judging her. She probably could have lived 10-15 more years.

I think the longer the COVID-19 scare continues the more people are going to spin conspiracy theories.

“Keep it closed! Keep it closed! Keep it closed!” - Mother Nature on the country

All of the TV comedians that I used to enjoy on YouTube are increasingly annoying. They just seem like fear mongering, corporate, cookie cutter, liberal pansies now. It is too bad that they are so one-dimensional and close-minded. God forbid they avoid towing the party line for one day.

Seeing people in their ratholes has made me like them less, Jesus

Seeing comedians with TV shows broadcasting from their homes reminds me of how I felt when I went to Universal Studios or when I rented an office from a church. It’s like standing behind a magician. The magic is gone.

“How dare they. Iran should arm themselves with slingshots, bows and arrows. Maybe a Swiss Army knife. That’s it.” - Mike Pompeo

Some bands and musicians have a knack for ruining a great song by playing it acoustically.

If I hear another dude cover Don't Dream It's Over I'm gonna puke.

Jimmy Kimmel has been my favorite late night comedian in the quarantine. He seems to get it.

If rest homes across the country are being hit hard by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus now (April 22, 2020), then they must have been totally unprepared and ignoring the writing on the wall. Also, they may have a higher concentration of people with diagnosed and undiagnosed health problems.

President Trump was unprepared for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and he routinely lies, praises himself and makes false predictions, but he does daily news briefings as if he thinks that continually appearing before the public will make people assume he is a good leader and doing a great job.

Drinking a glass of ice water can save you money on air conditioning costs and help the environment.

Reportedly, people in 43 states have been ordered to stay home except for essential business. Is everybody overweight or obese now?

I think Kauai has one of the strictest COVID-19 lockdowns in the country. We have a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily, a stay at home order, a 14-day quarantine for anybody flying here, people must wear masks in businesses and on buses and property owners are not allowed to rent their rooms to anybody.

If I get a $1,200 stimulus payment from the government I will defintely consider visiting another country or one of the seven states that are open. I have already considered it and looked at airfare prices.

Reportedly, in 54 days about 48,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. During that time about 70,000 people have died in the U.S. from cigarettes.

Reportedly, as of April 22, 2020, 12 people have died in Hawaii (7 in Oahu and 5 in Maui) from COVID-19. Only the states of Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming have fewer deaths.

I told my dad that I heard in the news that Europeans brought COVID-19 to New York. He said there are a lot of Italians in New York City. I repeated what he said and broadcasted it as I commented on a live news broadcast and the next day President Trump banned immigration.

If I read all your messages now what will I read after you die?

"Stay inside so you don't spread a killer virus. Feel free to pollute everything early and often though." - sarcasm

Someday you will want to protest something and you will be glad that you can.

If the mainstream media does not report an increase in 2019 Novel Coronavirus cases in the cities with protests against stay-at-home orders you can probably rest assured that the protests did not spread the virus.

Protesting is an outlet and protestors are going outside to protest having to stay inside, so you won't make them stop unless you fine them or arrest them. If you fine or arrest somebody for going outside I don't think I want to live in this country anymore.

Liberals are taking themselves awfully seriously these days.

Today, Anderson Cooper said the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is more infectious than Legionnaires disease, West Nile virus, Ebola and Polio. However, I haven’t heard anybody explain how and why the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is more contagious than the seasonal flu or those things.

If they actually wnted to open the country now wouldn't they make sure that everybody has a N95 mask?

If the government implements contact tracing before giving everybody a N95 mask they care more about tracking people than keeping people well.

Say whatever you want about Republicans, but I think if there was a Democratic president and a Democrat-dominated Senate and House of Representatives Americans would be losing all sorts of rights and freedoms right now.

The yin may suck and the yang may suck, but it would be worse with two yins or two yangs.

Imagine if there is nothing particularly uniquely deadly about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, but a lot of Americans are in bad health now.

Life expectancy in the U.S. peaked in 2013 at 78.94 years. 38 countries have a longer life expectancy than the U.S.

My parents taught me to never make fun of the way a person looks, so all my life I never did. However, during the COVID-19 lockdown something changed. I suppose after hearing comedians like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers make fun of the way people look all the time I figured I would try it. Andrew Cuomo was the first person I roasted, then Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci, Jerome Adams, Jim Acosta, Steve Doocy, Mike Pence, Joe Scarborough and John Berman. It is easy to find my roasts if you search my quotes page for “roast”. If I roast you don’t take it personally. I am just playing around, I admire something about you and I think you can take it. I am an equal opportunity roaster.

Turkey has more ancient biblical sites than most people realize. For instance, the seven churches in Revelation are in Turkey.

The only thing I know is that I don’t believe anything.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, but sometimes it rolls far away.

If you believe something I doubt I want to hear about it.

Nobody except an attorney has ever visited me when I was in jail.

Unbelievers have way more faith than I do.

I used to give money every time I went to church because I wanted to have a spirit of giving. I would either drop cash or a check into the offering plate or bucket.

Pastor Miles McPhearson criticized people that didn’t give at least 10%. He said 10% is a tithe and anything above 10% is an offering. He also said anything below 10% is a tip and you are tipping God like he is a bad waiter.

Before I started living on the street I gave clothes, money and food to dozens of homeless people in San Diego, California. I helped the homeless with groups of people, organized my own group, blessed them by myself and with my daughter and former wife. Since I have lived on the street I have given many homeless people food, clothes and money by myself. If homeless people don't beak your heart, then you don't have one.

Imagine if the things that you do are not just killing you, but killing everything.

Humans lack the ability to leave Earth’s solar system and I doubt they will ever acquire it.

I was John the Baptist a long time ago.

I used to constantly say in my head that I love God. However, many years ago I replaced that with saying I love me.

The best of you look like chopped liver to me, Jesus

If small businesses go out of business and don’t return there will only be big corporations. If there are only big corporations, then Americans will have fewer choices and they will be easily controlled by the government. The dystopian one-world future that I was told about many years ago by a Bible prophecy teacher looked this way.

Taking the wrong medicine could kill you.

Many people die from taking pills, but it is unclear whether more people die from taking a lot of pills over a long period of time or a few pills in a short period of time.

Everybody should have the ability to see inside their body whenever they want.

If something slowly kills you it could mask itself, so you either don't know what kills you or you can't prove it.

I think people rarely protest for the exact same reasons.

Imagine if one day America’s enemies see it as a binary choice; destroy the U.S. and save the planet or ignore the U.S. and everything on Earth dies.

Imagine if your father went behind your back and enlisted your best friend to help you lose your virginity to a woman to try to make sure you wouldn’t be gay.

Discernment does not require a confession.

If Bill Clinton was the White Horse and George Bush was the Red Horse and Barack Obama was the Black Horse, then Donald Trump is the Pale Horse and you should look the hell out.

If you are a single-purpose anything you will miss everything.

I could teach a grade schooler guitarist ROCKSTAR 101 with my eyes closed.

People with power like to judge others harshly and give themselves a free pass.

On April 24, 2020, the language that I heard Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci use on TV had a latent meaning.

Anthony Fauci said, “We will have coronavirus in the fall.”

People don’t realize how others are because of their biases.

People don’t respect people that sit on their hands.

I think Georgia’s governor is getting some strange advice.

There is a disconnect and friction between wealthy northern states and poor southern states.

Monday morning quarterbacks like scapegoating.

One-tool players always sound goofy.

Imagine if somebody engineered a cancer accelerant.

Since COVID-19 and SARS-CV-2 don’t accurately describe the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (it usually doesn’t cause a disease or syndrome), I started using the abbreviation NC19 (pronounced “N-C nineteen”) today to describe it.

If they say you test positive for NC19 ask for evidence and go home if you want.

My business makes a fraction of the money that it used to make, but I am not worried about it.

If NC19 doesn’t go away on its own with voluntary behavior modification, then the government may feel like they must enforce stay-at-home orders with force.

Mike Pence said 1,013 soldiers are helping doctors, but I can’t find a news report about it.

Imagine if China already has a vaccine for NC19 because they started developing it a long time ago.

A second surge of NC19 could affect some states and not others.

The people in the government that are reading statements in the news conference seem like they are being controlled.

Imagine if your dad told you that he wasn’t going to teach you the family trade because there would be no need for his job when you got older and then he never retired.

Mike Pence said the pandemic would be gone by summer, but Anthony Fauci said we will have coronavirus in the fall.

When, where, why and how did bats get NC19?

It’s a good time for a skylight.

Reportedly, NC19 lives longer on non-porous surfaces than porous surfaces.

President Trump says the U.S. is the world’s leader in testing for NC19 and implies many people in other countries have it that are not being counted.

I probably don’t always hear what you hear because I listen closely and don’t have the same filters, reference points, biases and expectations.

When Donald Trump says, “I think” that’s his voice, but when he reads it’s somebody else’s.

You can tell somebody how to live, but it may not matter very much unless you show them.

After I said I was more Iike Gandhi than Jim Bakker, Amazon sent me an email that said I will receive a payment this month for book sales in India. I got another email later saying I will also get a payment for U.S. book sales.

I still don’t respect or admire the people you think I should respect and admire, Jesus

Alarmists make an art of getting out over their skis and they sound like false doomsday prophets.

I think the government in Hawaii has green-lighted EBT recertifications, so people can renew their food stamps benefits and get the food they need without a hassle because of NC19.

I think governments that keep marijuana illegal (or expensive and hard to get) are either in bed with pharmaceutical companies and/or big alcohol and/or they are pandering to the minority that wants to keep it illegal.

It is difficult for people that are continually bombarded by information at a certain angle to see things from a different angle.

Reportedly, nursing homes, meat packing plants and prisons are being hit the hardest with NC19.

Some cultures don't use nursing homes because they are used to living with their extended family and they want them close.

I think judges should weigh in on whether or not inmates should be released from prison because of NC19.

Prisons seem as unprepared for a pandemic as nursing homes do.

Why do you think the ACLU refuses to challenge the Hawaiian government for awarding people with a roof 12 months of food stamps, but only 6 months for the homeless?

President Trump is like a blind squirrel that found a nut.

I think the mainstream media has avoided telling Americans which types of people don’t die from NC19 for several reasons. I think they want everybody to stay at home and they feel guilty for being complicit in causing the pre-conditions that cause NC19 to turn into COVID-19.

I think President Trump is a self-proclaimed cheerleader because he thinks it helps investor confidence and the economy; namely the stock market. However, I think some of his constituents take his relentless optimism as a sign that there is no threat at all of COVID-19 and they are responding accordingly.

There is a big difference between a tax protestor and a tax avoider. The tax avoider finds ways to avoid paying taxes. The tax protestor refuses to pay taxes and would rather go to jail than pay them.

At San Diego State University, at his request I wrote in a paper for a persuasive speech in Speech class that my roommate Chris Clayton had cancer and he felt better when he used marijuana to relieve the effects of chemotherapy. Shortly afterwards and after he moved out he was diagnosed with cancer and he felt better when he used marijuana to relieve the effects of chemotherapy. I didn't see his diagnosis, but I saw him with a shaved head. I won't do that again. When I asked professor Cindy Frye at Long Beach City College about writing news before it happens she didn't like the idea and I want to be journalistic.

I already checked out, Jesus

You can ruin a relationship by lacking confidence in yourself just as easily as you can by lacking confidence in somebody else.

Atheists like telling people of faith, "I just believe in one less god than you do." If only that were true. I say to atheists, "You just believe in one less god than religious people."

I have never worn makeup and I have never had a dick in my ass.

Who’s going down to Georgia for a tattoo tomorrow?

People that don’t have a transformative relationship with Jesus somehow think they can fake one.

Some people make lying and deceiving their hobby.

The only thing you can count on from a liar is that they are going to lie.

Nobody else being prepared is a poor reason for being unprepared.

On April 24, 2020 the U.S. national debt is over $24.6 trillion.

If you are unafraid of catching NC19 and want to avoid staying at home, then you should be able to articulate how you will avoid catching and spreading the virus because somebody is going to criticize you and ask you.

You are in a very bad place when the majority of people are so used to choosing between the lesser of two evils that better options don’t even throw their hat in the ring.

I have met homeless people that do not want help from anyone. They include the mentally ill, the prideful and those that want very specific things on their terms. Some homeless people are very nice and gracious though.

This was not meant to be an isolation journal, but I guess it sort of is one now.

According to the Bible Jesus patiently stands at the door and knocks for people to let him in (e.g. change). The government is not as patient as Jesus anymore though.

There has to be some other planet for me to go to, Jesus

Promises keep you accountable.

Reportedly, on April 24, 2020, the U.S. should exceed 50,000 deaths from COVID-19.

I don’t think President Trump takes himself seriously all the time and he may expect the same from others, but I don’t think everybody knows when to take him seriously and when not to.

I think Americans are used to listening to a president that they can trust most of the time, but I think they are realizing that they can't do that with Donald Trump.

Whether President Trump meant to do it or not, when he suggested that they consider using light or disinfectants internally to kill NC19 he exposed the way that Deborah Birx and William Bryan won’t say no even when no is the right answer.

Today everybody learned that rich liberals don't want light in their body, but I could have told you that, God

Imagine if your enemies like to throw you underhanded pitches to see you take the bait.

It is only a mixed metaphor if the two metaphors make zero sense together.

I did not underestimate NC19, but I underestimated the government's response and I overestimated the government's preparation and the health of people that have died from COVID-19.

I wonder if the mainstream media believes in magic.

If your eyes hurt, then try cupping them. According to my eye doctor Greg Giles, cupping your eyes gives them a rest and mine feel good when I do it. Cup your hands and close your eyes. Now put one hand over each eye. Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes and they will feel rested and stronger when you are done. Do it in a room with very little light if you can.

As you age your eyes tend to take longer to focus. You can try to fix this by exercising them one at a time. Close one eye and look at a letter in a word near you. Look at it until it comes into focus, then look at a letter in a word that is about 10 feet away. After it comes into focus repeat it, but look at a different letter near you, then a different letter about 10 feet away. Do this for several minutes to strengthen your eyes.

It isn’t always easy to stop doing something that you are used to doing every day.

“If you are vigilant you can kill them all.” - on fruit flies

If there is a being behind the spread of NC19 it has gloried in humiliating conservatives for making false predictions. In many cases a false prediction or bold claim was made and recorded on video and the very next day they were proven wrong.

Some people profit on people’s fears.

The mainstream media relies on people caring about things that are irrelevant to their daily life.

If God exists do you think God is pleased with people on TV that get paid lots of money because their network advertises pharmaceutical drugs, gas-powered vehicles, disease-causing food, etc.?

People that spend all their time in an echo chamber forget or don't realize how unlikeable they are.

I can’t imagine the U.S. being anything except better off if Donald Trump were to disappear.

Musician Pete Stewart deconverted after recording Christian music and I asked him about it on social media several times and he ignored me. I wouldn't be surprised if he was relying on money from Christians even as an atheist.

Unless you have guts and are willing to risk it all people usually don't tell the full truth about people that give them money.

The more people you rely on the more you can be controlled.

I know homeless people that can read well. Why doesn’t the mainstream media hire them to read stuff on TV like everybody else does?

CNN and MSNBC are acting like it’s the end of the world and Fox News is acting like people shouldn’t be acting like it’s the end of the world.

When did a fat guy reading stuff become must-see TV?

Every one of your gods hates you and the sooner you realize that the better.

On April 24, 2020, the CDC added six more symptoms to NC19. Perhaps it is mutating or there is another virus spreading too.

I create new, original, unique content on my website all the time, but I have no desire to create content on social media websites anymore unless I broacast a live video.

I thought liberals would require their favorite, rich, shiny gods to exhort and lead them to stop burning gasoline before they would actually do it, but it seems like being afraid of a virus has served the same purpose.

The people that have treated the planet like a toilet the longest want you to fear a virus and change your behavior the most.

Donald Trump is the type of cheerleader that doesn’t know what the score is.

On Monday if people in Georgia figure out how to eat in restaurants while wearing a mask I hope they teach everybody else how to do it.

Sometimes the mainstream media ignores information that is discovered by the alternative media or they report on it late without focusing on it if it defies their narrative.

America is a twisted place, but the media typically makes it look like a different kind of twisted place.

I think some people in other countries may think that everything President Trump has said about COVID-19 could actually be a description of the United States.

The religious right thinks the religious left are apostates.

During Bill Clinton’s presidency I started and directed a Bible-based, Christian, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and it thrived online and in the local community for over 10 years. It ended during President Obama’s first term.

Your sin saps every good thing about you except when you are around similar sinners.

Antibodies testing in Florida and California are revealing that NC19’s death rate is much lower than what the media and government have been assuming and reporting.

The vast majority of politicians are horribly unpopular and few of the 330 million Americans actually watch the mainstream media, but they give the illusion that the opposite is true. I grew up in the church, so I am used to seeing something similar on a smaller scale. They are all just different kinds of fundamentalists.

Sometimes Fox News does damage cotrol for the White House.

It is usually easy to trace liberal mainstream media stories to the glorification of a Democratic Party politician, the villainization of a Republican Party politician or both.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they develop and include a vaccine for NC19 with the seasonal flu vaccine that they will hawk for the 2020-2021 flu season. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there is a full court press including shame, threats and false statements to get people to get it. I do not get flu shots and I will not get it, but if they create a national, public database of the people that get flu shots I will consider it. Otherwise, people will lie and say they got it and I definitely won’t get it.

If you still pollute the planet with your lifestyle I don't give a flying fuck what you sacrifice, God

The government relies on fake environmentalists and impotent religious people.

Media outlets are a haven for like-minded folks.

The governmentent should let people buy food online with their EBT (food stamps) benefits card.

Too many people don’t have a vision for the future. Unfortunately they are in power too.

The only thing worse than seeing people glorifying fear is seeing them anxious to get back to their disgusting lifestyle. Talk about a freak show.

The antibodies testing in Florida has revealed that the death rate is actually around 1%. Reportedly, Florida has a lot of elderly people in the state too. Fox News has reported this first today and I doubt you will hear it in the mainstream media because it defies their narrative. They are probably wondering how they can spin or ignore it.

Rachel Maddow assumes Democrats and Republicans make up a majority of the country, but they don't. Reportedly, they make up about one-third of the country. Therefore, if about 80% of them think something it still isn't representative of the majority of Americans.

The mainstream media makes false conclusions and goes unchallenged.

Did Jesus ever trick anybody into doing the right thing?

If the majority of the country believes a lie does it make it true?

People look for reasons to justify their fears when their fears are costly.

Beliefs are not ridiculed nearly enough. In fact, some beliefs are praised.

Don’t assume that everybody working for the federal government is a Republican. Many government employees were employed before Donald Trump took office.

One of the mainstream media’s Achilles heels is ignoring people that disagree with them. Their other Achilles heel is giving people they interview the questions before the interview. When I took journalism classes at Long Beach City College and wrote for The Viking newspaper I emailed a school ambassador the questions before a phone interview and my adviser and peers told me to avoid doing that again and I did. When people that are interviewed read their answers on TV it is obvious that they were given the questions before the interview which defies good journalism.

At the heart of the government and the media is the false dichotomy that everybody is a Republican or a Democrat in thought and deed.

You know the mainstream media does not care about Hawaii when they call it evening and it is the afternoon.

Every day everybody constantly affirms my desire to ignore them forever in a faraway home that nobody can find and let them die in their sins with their pathetic gods and vices, Jesus

You have done a fantastic job developing your sheep voice.

People have pointed guns at me twice in my life. In 1998, an old man in Georgia pointed a gun at me because he was angry that his daughter got engaged to me and the government pointed guns at me when they raided my home in 2011. I was unarmed both times.

When I attended Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia my grades where so good that I made the Dean’s List.

If the government has to create a social media account and use their system to communicate with people, social media companies have too much power. Social media companies should use coding and scripts that allow governments and other users to write things on their website that resolve on their platform.

Reportedly, almost 2,000 people will die in the U.S. again today from COVID-19. The total number of deaths surpassed 50,000 and is currently over 51,000.

I would have more respect for the people in pharamaceutical drug ads if they stood on the street corner and sold marijuana.

If I was a fake environmentalist instead of an actual environmentalist with integrity I would probably be telling everybody to stay indoors because they are going to die from COVID-19. However, I am not a fear monger and I support personal responsibility. I also think karma, the potential of divine judgment and tangible consequences of one's actions should be plenty of motivation.

A pundit named Andy (Slavin?) on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show said nobody wants to avoid returning to business as usual and I disagree. Homeless people have no desire for people to resume polluting on them. It doesn’t surprise me that the rich are still oblivious to their pollution and how life outside feels about their lifestyle.

If the way Hawaiians are proud of adopting mainland Americans' destructive lifestyle doesn't break your heart you don't have one.

You can lead people to be destructive sheep, but I am leading people to be victorious revolutionaries, Jesus

The old man that pointed a gun at me in Georgia died a few years later. He was abusive to his daughter too. One of the guys that pointed a gun at me in 2011 when the government raided my home said he wanted to be transferred to border patrol in Arizona. He told me that while I stood outside my home in handcuffs because he didn’t believe in raiding my home to destroy medical marijuana plants.

Christians never take responsibility for what other Christians do. If Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested after routinely attending a Christian church the sheep’s main concern would be that unbelievers would be turned off. They would not consider avoiding church or rejecting biblical teachings even if they led to his actions.

Bill Maher hits a lot of home runs.

I would have more respect for President Trump if he would have taken responsibility for the federal government’s lack of preparation. If the government would have been more prepared, then 43 states wouldn’t have felt it was necessary to issue stay-at-home orders and close the country. Trump’s fake relationship with China, failing to stockpile PPE, failing to replace Obamacare with something better, ignoring early warnings and failing to improve air, food and water quality all contributed to the COVID-19 response and catastrophe. Now Americans aren’t just being ordered to stay home and depend on the government, but they also have to hear his stupid, arrogant bullshit every day.

Reportedly, Gov. Cuomo said antibodies testing has revealed that 2.7 million New Yorkers in the state have had CV19 and the death rate is .5%. He also said 1.7 million New York City residents have had the virus. This is in stark contrast to the 263,460 confirmed cases and 15,740 deaths that are being reported by the CDC.

Some people would rather tell more lies than admit that they were wrong.

What would you do if you could influence powerful people that tend to bark up the wrong tree?

What would you do if you were the only person that wanted to make the best choices all the time?

What would you do if you knew you could not trust anybody?

There is no better time than now to avoid eating meat and eat organic food.

If God exists I am sure that God feels the same way about you eating chickens, pigs and cows. The only practical reason to avoid eating pigs thousands of years ago is because they used to be grown in disgusting filth and they had disease-causing pathogens. Now they don't because they can be grown in clean environments and given antibiotics, but don't think you please God by eating chickens and cows and avoiding pigs because you don't.

Reportedly, 80% of pigs have pneumonia when they are slaughtered.

I think some people would lie to convict somebody they don’t like if there is not enough evidence to convict them and they think they are guilty.

I think reporters, writers and researchers that work for the mainstream media are able to dig up dirt on anybody.

Shout out to Trevor Noah. He has been one of the funniest comedians in quarantine. He is funnier than he is in the studio for some reason and funnier than I realized.

Sometimes you overestimate because you trust and sometimes you overestimate because you have bad data.

Bad people that do the wrong thing and are judged by the righteous one stay up late at night craving to find a chink in their armor.

I think people that work for the mainstream media wonder how secure their job is especially when the president calls them fake news.

Taking notes is smart because you can’t always remember everything.

If you allow your device to embed your geolocation into the pictures you take and you upload your pictures to Facebook either on your own volition or because they tell you to send them a picture of your face, you could be exposing your longitude and latitude to them.

What would you say and what wouldn't you say if they were putting your words in other people’s minds, Jesus

An Asian doctor that I married told me that the human body is only supposed to live about half as long as it lives today, but it lives twice as long as it should because of modern medicine.

A lot of people get away with harming a lot of people.

I wonder what antivaxxers are up to.

“If there is a God I am sure that God only wants you to make a positive change for a month or two.” - sarcasm

You don’t have to believe a bunch of crazy shit to be a good person. Do you?

April 25, 2020

Imagine what it would be like if you had a leg to stand on, God

Many people work for a liar.

When your state begins to do antibodies testing and you start learning that thousands or millions of people have already had NC19 and didn’t die, then you should make some conclusions about the government, the media and the protestors.

Nothing is pressing except for you.

You might as well abuse somebody while you wait. - sarcasm

I think Jeanine Pirro is wrong and sanctions on China is a bad idea. I also think it is that mindset that led to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last thing you want is to strain a relationship that you need to quickly determine the truth about a potential pandemic. I think the solution is counterintuitive and the U.S. should be putting ambassadors in Wuhan and other places in China and cultivating a closer relationship not trying to harm or punish them in revenge.

If your tablet is slow like mine it just gives you more time to chair dance.

I am not watching the mainstream media anymore this month. Let me know if they eat crow.

I don’t believe or trust Chris Cuomo.

It is one thing to avoid policing your own kind, but it is another thing to continually shower praise on them because of their beliefs while ignoring all else.

I did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton because they both have tremendous issues and I could not sacrifice my integrity to pick the lesser of two evils.

Not listening to somebody or remembering what they say says more about you than them.

Just because people don’t talk about the elephant in the room it doesn’t mean there isn’t an elephant in the room.

Fools don’t see a benefit for living unlike the way they do.

Wicked people avoid making all the positive changes that they should make, but they see the righteous one and pick and choose which positive behaviors they want to perform.

Weak people give up.

If your parents never tell you the truth that’s on them. If you discern the truth and ignore it that’s on you.

What you think, care about and want has no bearing whatsoever on the truth.

If you see the truth through the lens of your biases you will justify them.

The Ramadan fast is the dumbest fast that I have ever tried. It resulted in me doing what Muslims do which is binging before sunrise and binging after sunset. It is not a helpful fast for human health and it does little more than teach you what it’s like to eat an early breakfast, skip lunch and eat a late dinner.

I think the Ramadan fast is the way somebody would eat if they were working for a horrible employer that made them work from sunrise to sunset without eating anything.

Some religious people think doing absurd things pleases God.

Some people live in a way that they think pleases God even though everybody else hates them.

If you don’t have discernment and don’t follow the truth wherever it leads by the time you are old you will believe a lot of lies.

Some people that should be embarrassed because of the things that they have said don’t act embarrassed at all.

Sometimes the people you like don't know what you like about them. If you don't tell them they may assume that you like whatever they like about themselves.

"It's time to get back out there and kill everything!" - the devil

NC19 antibodies testing should have been conducted at the very beginning of the COVID-19 scare. If they would have discovered that millions of people already had antibodies like we know now the response by the 43 states would have been different.

Proselytizing children before the age of accountability should be illegal.

Proselytizing children before the age of accountability is selfish and in nobody's best interest.

Jordan, please believe whatever you want or even nothing at all.

Clever writers write things with more than one context that apply to more than one person despite directing the words to one person.

If you don’t prepare well you won’t respond well.

People that are still talking the same way are probably still listening to the same people.

If you tell a lie long enough you get good at it.

The real heroes are the people that don’t believe anything.

If you think the “cause of Christ” has anything to do with your church you aren’t pursuing anything that Jesus ordained.

In Matthew 16:18 and throughout the New Testament the Greek word “ekklēsia” that was translated into “church” in many English translations is also translated as “assembly” and “congregation” in English Bibles. There is no record of Jesus preaching in a church building or wanting to do so. The 1st century Christians met outside or in homes. The word “ekklēsia” means “those called out from” and has nothing to do with a church building, so it could be considered a mistranslation. However, I have heard some modern Christians recognize Christians as the church.

With some effort I can figure out what is actually happening, but it is more difficult to figure out why it is happening and who is behind it.

Cats that are born indoors in captivity have no problem with living a life of dependence. It is a different story for cats that are born outside and grow up there though.

I think it is difficult for people that eat the typical American diet to fast and eat less food because their microbiome is used to eating lots of simple sugars and when it doesn't get them the gut bacteria cause discomfort and distress.

I never realized that I did not want to see people on TV in their homes, but now I know. Seth Meyers looks like he’s being held hostage in an attic. Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert are in a little den. Trevor Noah looks like he’s sitting in his living room in a 300 sq. ft. studio apartment. John Oliver is in a small bedroom that the DMV might have decorated. James Corden bought everything at IKEA. Sam Bee looks like she stands in front of a green screen with the woods behind her. Bill Maher looks like he’s in front of a green screen, but it’s probably his back yard. I think Jimmy Fallon is in a basement and Andy Richter is at his kitchen table. I have gotten a few good laughs though.

When the U.S. opens the country again they should open it and refuse to close it unless people are diagnosed with a different virus. If they reopen the country and close it again because of NC19, then they shouldn’t have reopened it in the first place.

If we have learned one thing from NC19 it is that we need to provide at least widespread antibodies testing as soon as possible. Nobody needs to worry about people dying from a virus that they already had.

Some unbelievers get angry when you don’t believe what they believe and fear what they fear.

Yesterday I instinctually called my condo a prison cell. It feels that way sometimes. Kauai has issued a stay-at-home order that is supposed to last at least until May 3.

80,000 Americans died in the 2017-2018 flu season and Kauai’s mayor Derek Kawakami took office on December 3, 2018. Did he happen to say anything about washing your hands at least? If not, then take it up with his master.

Some people like to scare people that disagree with them.

The more you talk to me the more they see why your generation needs to die, God

Exhort your “church” to stop burning gasoline because I will return soon and I will not be the same person I was when I left, Jesus

When I debated atheists at least one of them told me that some former pastors and ministers no longer believe in Jesus Christ, but act like they do because they still get residual income from their work in ministry.

When I poured out my life working for many years in Christian ministry it barely paid part of the bills and I get no residual income from it now. It was never my intention to make a lot of money or get paid for the work I did after I stopped doing it.

Let’s just say that I will be there by the day of atonement, Jesus

I don’t think the next “Facebook killer” will be used to advertise Facebook's features. Quite the contrary.

Comedians in quarantine should take a page out of Saturday Night Live’s book because they have been nailing the stay-at-home comedy.

Too bad sitting on your ass all the time isn’t good for you, Americans

I appreciate everybody that tells the truth no matter who they are, who they vote for, what they say or who their employer is.

Earlier this month I said, “I am stoked that I am no longer a Christian and not a comedian because intelligent critics don’t take either of those groups seriously and they probably never will.” When I reread what I wrote, I remembered asking my dad about going into comedy when I was a teenager and he said I would never be taken seriously and I shouldn’t be one. However, I think it depends on what kind of comedy you do and your personality. Maybe things have changed in the last 30 years, but it looks like people take some comedians seriously. Some comedians have a funny way of getting serious points across. Comedy is a profession that you can get into later in life and I think he mentioned that as well.

I apologize if I ever unintentionally offend anybody. If I ever offend anybody I want it to be on purpose.

Can you have discernment without being sensitive?

When I was a kid my dad gave me a couple of Craig Chaquico's acoustic albums for Christmas and I still listen to his songs. If you like instrumental music with jazzy guitars you may like Acoustic Planet and Acoustic Highway. His music is refreshing when I don't want to hear any lyrics and I used to listen to them when I studied in college.

Strangely, comedy gets through to me.

The cheapest options usually aren’t the best ones.

April 26, 2020

Yesterday I finished binge-watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu and it was another great season. I liked how they weaved the pro-choice dog abortion narrative with the pro-choice hair length narrative in episode nine. Ending the season with Waiting for Big Mo was cool too. It is such a funny and well-written show. I hope they return for Season 15 soon.

The wickedest villains on earth don’t break character and harm people in such a way that they don’t even realize they are being harmed or how badly they are being harmed until later.

Horrible, powerful people steel the strong because they can’t break them no matter how much they try.

Wise pastors don’t bother running after sheep that escape if they know the word because they know they lack sound defenses.

The last time I slept I had a nightmare that somebody evil was standing over me in the darkness next to my bed. I woke up telling them off out loud. Nobody was actually there though.

The vaccine that they are making for NC19 might be ineffective by the time people use it due to the way the virus is already mutating.

The major Internet companies that host your data have the ability to hide your content from searches without you knowing it.

There are different kinds of spies with different abilities.

If I get a stimulus check from the government the first thing I will do with it is donate to Freedom From Religion Foundation and Team Trees. I already offered to give it to my dad and he didn’t want it.

I am in the middle of recording a 10 podcast series on my journey from 2012-2020. When I am done I am going to record at least three more videos and they will be on my deconversion, marijuana and privacy.

I have not smoked weed in over a month because of the government. My back hurts too, but they don’t care. It is hard to believe that California’s government is more compassionate and honest than Hawaii’s government now. I was even wincing while I spoke last night as I recorded my podcast. I think it goes to show how a lame government can screw passive people and treat them like children if they don’t put up a fight.

I think Hawaii's government cares more about tourists spending money than anything else.

In Hawaii, homeless people can only qualify for 6 months of EBT (food stamps), but people with a home can qualify for 12 months. I have contacted the elected politicians and they have ignored me. I have contacted the ACLU of Hawaii more than once and they have ignored me.

Say whatever you want about creationist Kent Hovind, but he called the ACLU the Anti-Christ Lawyers Union and the ACLU of Hawaii has proven him right.

Out of the top nine countries with the largest oil reserves in the world, the U.S. is sanctioning four of them. Iran, Venezuela, Libya and Russia. Venezuela has the most oil and the U.S. is #11 on the list.

I hate people that hurt me and others.

When you decide that you don't want to impress anybody else with your money, you probably won't care how much money you have. You attract the wrong kinds of people when you do that anyway.

They say N95 masks have an expiration date because the elastic band that holds them on your head deteriorates over time. They should invent or utilize a different kind of band that does not expire.

I think the Democratic Party would be thrilled if the Trump administration's response to COVID-19 causes him to lose the election in November.

The people that write Donald Trump’s speeches do not listen to everybody or even listen very well in general.

When Donald Trump read he did not support Georgia’s governor for reopening his state he was surprised at what he read like he didn’t write it and was shocked that he was saying it.

I doubt that 5g cell towers harm human health, but I think the effects of them on the environment and human health as they will be used are not fully known. I also think having many more towers across the country could allow corporations and the government to install cameras or listening devices on them and make cell tower triangulation more accurate determining your location at all times if you carry a device that tries to connect to them.

When I was in high school my friend Mark Baldwin gave a nice little white kid in our class named Danny Newland the nickname “juice”. I think it was because he always drank orange juice. That evolved to “OJ” and people called him OJ. That was about three years before OJ Simpson was on trial for murder. I wonder if people still call him that.

President Trump seems to be more obnoxious and rude to female reporters and politicians than male ones, but he has acted belligerently to plenty of men too.

That's quarantine talkin'!

Getting fat like a caged animal is not a hobby, America

Today I bought organic popcorn and organic corn chips from the ABC Store and I forgot a mask. However, I ducked into a public bathroom and made one to enter the store because everybody was wearing one per the mayor’s order. I used three paper towels that were barely attached and wrapped them around my face and tied them behind my head. It worked and probably looked very strange.

If you have to wear a mask in public and it covers your fat, ugly face what are you complaining about?

I think Hawaii's response to NC19 would have been different if the federal government and the mainland states would have been prepared, but I guess I am happy that they are not totally ignoring it because doing absolutely nothing may have been worse for some people. They always say Hawaii experiences things like viruses a week or two after the mainland, so I am not too surprised that the governor extended the stay-at-home order today until the end of May.

Are the people that bought lots of toilet paper shitting their brains out?

I have never seen liberals acting so conservatively.

Taking your money for a service doesn’t necessarily make somebody a great person.

A lot of insecure people use social media.

If Facebook locks you out of your account and wants you to verify your identity with a picture of your face, you might want to remove its metadata before you send it and wait a long time before logging in again.

Evil people want to distract you with a common enemy.

Controlling people insist on staying in the loop.

Who knows viruses better than Bill Gates? Microsoft products are riddled with viruses.

I wonder what people would be like if they weren’t knee-deep in one of the two major political parties and constantly in battle with the other major political party.

Imagine Hillary Clinton without a political party and without marrying Bill Clinton. I think she would have been better off with neither of them because both of them screwed her.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump because of the way he acted in his presidential campaign. I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because I thought she was being controlled by special interests that don't have Americans' best interests in mind.

I think the WHO is wrong and possibly lying about people that have had NC19. They said there is no evidence that having had the virus evidenced by antibodies leads to immunity from getting it again. However, the antibodies are the evidence. What do they think antibodies do? What other evidence do they want?

Bad parents prioritize their religion over their children.

Even though some states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use the Drug Enforcement Agency could raid every business that sells marijuana and charge every person in them with criminal charges at any time.

I don’t want to have a conversation with you, but I want you to do what you said and I want you to do what I said, God

Imagine broken promises destroying 1 billion people.

I could describe how horrible you are all day every day forever, God

Would you rather be related to Jews, Nazis, both or neither? Welcome to my world, Jesus

If you had an older sister that you never knew because your mom gave her up for adoption in New Jersey, would you assume that her adoptive parents died from COVID-19?

In 2012, I visited San Francisco and there were Occupy Wall Street protestors downtown. I talk to a couple of them, but when I noticed they were smoking Marlboros I concluded that they were a joke.

The word “home” in the Old Testament and the New Testament is a mistranslation. It should have been translated “house” and it was in some older translations.

21st century Christianity in America is nothing more than a way to try to control the culture.

When I read Knowing the God You Worship by Dr. David Jeremiah I realized that the people in his congregation weren’t worshiping God like the people did in the Bible.

If you were honest about the people that you wished would notice you you wouldn’t care if they noticed you at all.

My mom used to call my freckles angel kisses.

I think the best ideas used to win, but now I think powerful people that silence and ignore the best ideas win.

Donald Trump doesn’t listen to people, so when he says he hasn’t heard something it doesn’t matter and it might not be true anyway.

If you need somebody to heap praise on you before you listen to them you are pathetic.

Manufactured consensus is not consensus.

Sometimes the truth offends people, but what is the alternative?

Say whatever you want about Fox News and Republicans, but isolationism and personal freedom is closer to what America’s founders and framers intended than the vision that the Democratic Party and the mainstream media have for America.

The Democratic Party and the mainstream media seem a lot like a doomsday cult.

The Democratic Party has an agenda that they are trying to implement without telling everybody what it is.

President Trump is as flawed as can be, but at least he is not letting the United Nations run the country, trying to give the government control of everything or make everybody dependent on the government.

There are a lot of outspoken Zionists in the Republican Party and a lot of closet Zionists in the Democratic Party.

The World Health Organization might be in bed with the Democratic Party.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 and it has not increased in 11 years. If you work 40 hours a week, you will make $290 a week or about $1,160 a month before taxes. I think that would be very hard to live on with rent, car, utilities and food expenses not to mention gas, entertainment and incidentals. If you could make ends meet you certainly wouldn’t be able to save much.

Since the government is giving everybody a $1,200 stimulus which is roughly the federal minimum wage for one month, I wonder if they would have given everybody twice as much if the minimum wage was twice as much.

Spectrum Cable in Hawaii and seemingly U.S. mainland proxy servers, Japan and the Netherlands are blocking China’s English news website Xinhua (http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/). However, I can use the Tor browser and a proxy server in Germany to access it.

Somebody isn’t special simply because somebody else likes them or says they’re special.

I think it is unwise for the government to unwaveringly support any country and they should evaluate and reevaluate the merit of each country’s government even if they are an ally.

If the mainstream media has integrity they will interview all kinds of presidential candidates that are running for president this year.

I think the mainstream media is bought and sold by the Democratic Party and will act like Joe Biden is the only presidential candidate besides Donald Trump. At some point they might throw a bone to the Green Party candidate.

I hang around poor people a lot more than I hang around rich people.

It’s a red flag when the mainstream media criticizes all kinds of people that clearly aren’t Democrats, but won’t criticize a Democrat unless he or she murders somebody.

If you login to YouTube and let them keep track of your watch history they will deliver videos they think you will like based on the topics you have watched and the users that have broadcasted those videos. If you don’t let them keep track of your watch history they will suggest all kinds of horrible, unwatchable crap.

Clearly most 21st century Americans have not evolved with the discipline they need to say no to the things they don’t need. Obesity, materialism, celebrity-worship, TV addiction, liking lame music and pill addiction is evidence.

I have taught music lessons (guitar, bass, drums, piano and voice) to dozens of students of varying ages. By the way they improved and thrived it led me to believe that the musicians you hear on the radio and see at the awards shows are there for a reason besides their talent.

Several of my music students liked my lessons so much they created Yelp accounts and wrote positive reviews. However, Yelp removed them from my main reviews page and added one small, inconspicuous link at the bottom of the page to them because it was their first review. That was one of the main reasons why I stopped writing reviews on Yelp and stopped asking students to leave reviews. They treated them like they were spam accounts, but they weren’t.

Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia is the biggest Christian university in the world and their colors are crimson and blue. Lynchburg sits on seven hills and it is in the 6th congressional district out of 11, but Virginia originally had 10 districts in the Constitution and it has had 10 districts for much of its history. The biggest lake in the state Smith Mountain Lake is partly in Lynchburg. A female warrior is on their seal. These are some of the things that seem to describe the Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17 and there are more things too.

April 27, 2020

Sometimes people empathize with the people that hurt them and even make excuses for them.

If you don’t like me I know you won’t like Jesus.

If you don’t want to be like me you won’t want to be like Jesus.

Imagine if Jesus slept outside because he didn’t believe in burning wood. They say he was a carpenter. Maybe he was more into creating than destroying.

How many horrible decisions to people have to make before you stop listening to them?

The mainstream media likes to bait President Trump.

If God exists I wonder if God talked to anybody before everybody started doing horrible things all the time.

Prophetic scriptures talk about end times apostasy, lukewarmness and even the elect being deceived. They also say knowledge will increase, so don’t expect Christians to understand what is happening, realize who is to blame or be able to do anything about it in the end times.

Christians and Catholics get along great when neither of them know or care what their Bible says.

Muslims get along well with Christians and Jews when they ignore Koran 5:51 where it says don’t take Jews or Christians as friends.

Maybe English is just God’s second language because the English translations don’t seem very inspired.

Study to show thyself approved unless you're Catholic, then leave your Bible at home and listen to the priest. Is that in the Catholic Bible?

Any idea how Aaron made a mold for a golden calf circa 1400 BCE? Maybe he invented gold smelting.

Moses murdered an Egyptian man, then told everybody that God doesn’t want anybody to murder anyone. His brother Aaron made a golden calf god, then became the first high priest of the Israelites. Sounds about right. What’s Netanyahu up to? Did Israel seriously fire missiles at Damascus, Syria today during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It will be a cold day in hell (Hades or Gehenna, take your pick) before the Trump administration sanctions Israel. In fact, they would rather buy them missiles.

Fox News was going to broadcast a segment on Israel firing missiles at Damascus, but they had to take a commercial break and sell some drugs. Gotta pay the bills.

How long do SARS and MERS antibodies last? NC19 is a coronavirus like them, so maybe that will give us an idea.

Technically, Aaron broke the first two commandments before Moses came down Mount Sinai with the 10 commandments. God that must have been embarrassing.

Technically, Aaron broke the first two commandments before Moses came down Mount Sinai with the 10 commandments. God that must have been embarrassing. Did none of the prophets of Baal want to be Israel's first high priest?

Xinhua, I didn’t come to your website to read about COVID-19. Is that the only thing happening in China? If I don’t want to waste my time on America’s spin, I definitely don’t want to read yours. What else is happening?

China has sent medical supplies to countries around the world, but Fox News keeps discussing ways to punish China for the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am very uncomfortable calling myself or anyone else I see in Hawaii a Hawaiian because I don’t like the U.S.’ way of displacing indigenous people and naming themselves after them. I prefer calling people Asians, white people, etc.

If I was a Hawaiian that was related to the Hawaiians that lived in Hawaii hundreds of years ago by both parents’ blood, then you would probably never see my face and I would probably be an eco-terrorist.

Some people move to Hawaii and change their name. Some people fake a Hawaiian accent too.

There is a reason why Elizabeth Warren, for instance, can’t move to a Cherokee Indian reservation and start calling herself a Cherokee.

Asians have no greater claim to Hawaii than anybody else.

In my opinion "Hawaiian" and "Christian" are titles of high honor that are severely abused by everybody today.

If you want a leader that will run and hide when there is a virus I think Joe Biden may be your man.

The mainstream media and the Democratic Party have given cowards an out.

New York is not getting ready to reopen because social distancing and stay-at-home orders worked. New York is getting ready to reopen because they admitted that only .5% of New Yorkers that have gotten NC19 have died from it and they are done playing games because they have lost billions of dollars and don’t know if the federal government will give it to them or not. Also, they have admitted that millions of New Yorkers have had the virus and gotten well and they are unable to test everybody to know if they come down with it. When they do come down with it and get tested some tests show a false negative anyway.

I hope my aunt that raped me in North Carolina didn't sing about it in the Christian album that she recorded. That would be awkward.

Why do people still believe harmful bullshit that makes them dumber and everything worse?

Jealous people assume the worst.

When is the last time you recanted?

Sometimes you should not repeat things that you hear because they might be untrue, hurtful or both.

If you listen to lies the conclusions that you make from those lies are probably going to be wrong.

People should be willing to revise what they think when they acquire new information.

Of all the late night comedians it looks like Jimmy Kimmel has the coolest house and his daughter is adorable. I know it’s not a green screen too because I saw him climb through the window.

Should somebody check on Seth Meyers? I hope he isn’t pulling a Cuomo. By the way does he aspire to deliver more children in public spaces?

Good save, Jesus

I wonder if the typical American diet reduces the length of time that people acquire active immunity from viruses.

Hey Uncle Sam, I have already taught you what to eat for years. Do you want to see how an actual man spends $1,200 now?

City of Angels, if you turn the place into a toilet again, I may never return, Jesus

If you believe in pergatory and God judges you by your carbon footprint how long do you think you will spend in the holy clink?

I have never sent anybody a dick pic. In fact, I have never taken a dick pic.

I am going to stop using the word “homeless”. Everybody has a home and it’s called earth. I am going to start using the word “houseless” instead because not everybody has a house.

Some people are not wrapped real tight.

If you don’t draw the line at others harming you and life on earth, where do you draw the line?

The Republicans that I have known are characterized by things that I don’t want to be associated with like oppression, lies and superstition.

I didn’t grow up around as many Democrats, but the Democrats that I see on TV are seemingly unable to stop polluting the planet because they are in bed with big corporations that give them money to avoid converting the country to renewable energy in our lifetime which is probably a recipe for the end of the world at least as we know it.

Pollution is the planet’s degenerative disease.

People are never seen by others as they see themselves.

I think the best things I took away from Christianity were personal enrichment and mental strength (e.g. repeatedly praying for the fruits of the spirit) which seem to be things that other Christians don’t care about or have unless they use them to justify their depraved lifestyles.

Christians are like vegans. Maybe it is a good start, but it does not do nearly enough for them or anybody else including animals and life on earth.

I think the word “environment” has been used like “global warming” and “climate change”. People don’t care if they harm the “environment” like they don’t care if their lifestyle causes “climate change” because they don’t admit how it harms them and everybody else. The reality of it, personal responsibility and the ability to make a difference are completely removed from those descriptors.

When somebody criticizes the theory of climate change, I say, “Bears care about the climate. I care about your filth.”

Some peole don't mind creating problems that others will have to fix.

You don’t have to run your air conditioner. Nobody is putting a gun to your head.

Doing the right thing is exciting, but you will never know if you always do the wrong thing.

Just like Twitter can make your tweets resolve on Facebook, social media companies could make the content you create on your personal website resolve on their website.

I may sue Twitter for banning me and stealing my data. I think they may have the right to ban people, but not steal their data. My last tweets backup was about seven months before they banned me and they have ignored my request to download my last seven months of tweets.

Twitter banned me because they suspended my account three times, but I disagree with their decision. The first suspension was because I asked comedian Daniel Tosh if he was retarded. The second one was for telling off some Catholic morons that ganged up on me after I said something to the pope. The third one was for telling off an anti-choice fanatic that said I should not be around kids because I am pro-choice.

It is shameful when social media companies don’t allow any kind of speech that is allowable under U.S. law because it amounts to controlling the way people talk. Since I stopped attending church, nobody has attempted to control me as much as Twitter.

If you are having trouble paying your student loans the government is giving people until September 30 to avoid making payments because of COVID-19.

I hope I don’t catch whatever Cuomo has.

People are quick to forget their false claims when they want to win an argument.

Abortion is not murder. Murder is illegal and punishable by law. Abortion is not.

I have only been attacked while sleeping outside one time and it was in Ala Moana Park in Honolulu. I was kicked in the head by an asshole and he slowly walked away with a woman. After I realized what happened, I considered running after him and punching his lights out, but I didn’t for two reasons. I saw a policeman in the park and I yelled to him. I thought he was going to catch him, but he didn’t although he filed a police report. The other reason was because I thought it might have been a trick and somebody was going to steal my stuff if I ran after him.

Maybe Jesus’ biological father was a big chicken, God

I wish I knew more about the evolution of the asshole.

If you want to blow a Christian’s mind ask one what they think Jesus’ biological father was like. I think most of them have not even considered it.

When I was a kid my dad said he would give my childhood home to me as part of my inheritance and he said it will be like the way God gives an inheritance to Jesus’ followers in heaven.

Last night, I dreamed that somebody stole my blue bike, but I don’t have a bike.

Pro-life is an absurd way to describe anti-choice and I think the pregnant mother that wants an abortion would beg to differ. How about pro-change?

If necessity is the mother of invention does she have any other kids? If so, are they dating anybody? Do they have a podcast?

Maybe we should not see the government as becoming increasingly intrusive. Maybe it’s just lonely and needs some friends.

Jimmy Kimmel is gonna have to beat off the guys that come after his daughter when she gets older. That might be a bad choice of words.

Before I supported three kids in Kenya with a monthly donation, I discovered that Compassion International was giving 80% to the kids and using 10% for advertising. However, I also discovered that World Vision was only giving 50% to the children, so I donated to Compassion for a few years. If you investigate a non-profit organization before donating to them “Operating Expenses” can refer to employee salaries.

I thought Bible prophecy teachers made it sound like in the end times there would be one airline, one grocery store chain, one gas company, one Internet provider, etc. and the government would easily control them and everybody because there would be no competitors and they would be coerced to submit to the government’s wishes. However, I think that scenario may be unlikely at least for a while and what is actually happening is small businesses can’t compete, so they are either going under or being ignored by most people while a handful of giant corporations are taking over because people are choosing them and they are submitting to the government which includes giving them their users' information.

When I was married to an American-Armenian/Lebanese/Palestinian woman, she said there was a great dentist in the Pasadena-Glendale area that I should use. I said ok and on one of our visits from San Diego to see her parents in Pasadena, we visited her business to get my cavity filled. When we got there the dentist was a middle-aged Armenian woman that looked like she had a lot of work done. She was friendly and said she could do it, but at the last minute she said she couldn’t do it, but her capable assistant dentist would do it. Sadly, he did a horrible job and created a “food trap” (one dentist called it a shelf) between two teeth that other dentists described and showed me on x-rays. In fact, one dentist filed it down, but it was too late because it had led to apparently irreparable gum damage that nobody has been able to fix. When I told Sarine (my former wife) shortly afterwards that he did a poor job and asked her why the woman she knew didn’t fix it, she didn’t want me to blame her. She said the guy was just some Mexican guy, blew it off and said she is real busy.

When I was in Maui, an old houseless woman named Gabriella told me she thinks the rich have found a way to live forever without dying. I said maybe, but I also said I thought it would have to be implemented before people reach the midpoint of their life (e.g. over the hill) and start dying or I didn’t think it would work without the assistance of technology and machines.

Some people do other people’s bidding without realizing it.

April 28, 2020

Contact tracing might work, but the problem is there doesn’t seem to be an end date. When will it end? There doesn’t seem to be a way to roll back or end a government action that might be good in the short term, but bad in the long term. The Iraq War and warrantless wiretapping are two examples. Also, if there is no oversight and plan or way to end it, it could become worse (e.g. more intrusive, used for other reasons, etc.).

Have the Democratic Party and the mainstream media put a restraining order on Tara Reade yet?

MSNBC and CNN seem more under the Democratic Party’s power than Fox News seems under the Republican Party’s power. The mainstream media seems like they are for Democrats and against Republicans, but Fox News seems like they are against Democrats and for conservatives.

I think the only way to avoid the downside of a one-world government, ceding U.S. sovereignty and eroding personal freedoms is to avoid having a Democratic Party presidential administration for a long time.

Growing up in conservative Christian circles I know how conservatives can rally around an obnoxious, bombastic outsider that is rude and unkind to people simply because they have the same faith and that is like what they did regarding Donald Trump. He entertains them and they don’t mind the way he mistreats lots of people because they don’t like those people very much anyway and they share some of his beliefs and viewpoints.

I would consider being more partisan if they would glorify money less, Jesus

I would not jump to the conclusion that the recent UFO video released by the government is an alien from another planet. I would consider things like a foreign military’s aircraft and somebody hacking the computer though.

Do you think it is more likely that the most popular YouTube broadcasters are popular because a rich person is buying ads, follows and likes until they have a large following, because YouTube shadow blocks others from being found in searches or both?

You can think and act any way you want in America, but you may have trouble influencing the right or the left unless you pick a side and indicate you are one of them.

If somebody is accused of a crime and their defense is saying somebody else is being accused of a crime that is not much of a defense.

I am against marriage now, but if I was a jerk I would support marriage, so others could experience the hell that I went through. However, marrying a Christian that hides her rape, vaginal bleeding and rage disorder, says she doesn’t believe in divorce, has your child and tortures you day and night in a myriad of ways until you give in to her demand for a divorce is something that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

I think social distancing and staying home has “flattened the curve” and slowed the spread of NC19 just like it always does. People and especially high-risk demographics have been voluntarily doing these things for decades every winter during flu season without being ordered to do them and without closing the country.

Zero doctors, scientists or journalists have explained how or why NC19 is more contagious than other viruses. However, many of them have claimed that it is.

Many people don't want you to know the truth. They just want you to do what they tell you to do.

Do you think the truth can ever get in the way?

If enough people don’t care about getting rich everything will change and rich people know this, so they want to tempt everybody and make everybody think they need lots of money. They also want everybody to think people with a lot of money are enviable and better than others.

The government has praised and helped the fossil fuel industry for decades. What have they done for the renewable energy industry? Fossil fuel corporations have so much money and power all they have to do is keep pricing renewable energy out of the market to keep Americans hooked on fossil fuels.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too partisan to lead the entire country. If either one of them is elected, at least half of the country will hate them.

Some sheep don’t trust independent people because they don’t understand them.

I don’t want to hear about any decisions that you made when you were a child.

Some people stay in a bad marriage way too long for religious reasons. Others do it because they have nowhere else to go. Some people do it because they don’t want to lose custody of a child or because they don’t want to lose half of their wealth and pay spousal support and child support.

I think marrying somebody outside your culture or in a differnet race can make it more difficult to stay together. I also think if you are from a patriarchal family and you marry someone from a matriarchal family it makes it even more difficult.

I think marrying somebody with no dating experiences makes it difficult to stay together. I think if they have been raped it makes it even more difficult.

I wish I would have stopped believing in Jesus Christ when I stopped believing in Santa Claus.

It’s never too late to stop believing nonsense.

If you are wondering whether or not you should send your child to a religious school or a public school I recommend finding a good public school.

Religious schools prepare people for fantasy. Public schools prepare people for reality.

If the Bible could be compared to the six Star Wars movies, in terms of lines and screen time Mary’s importance could be compared to Oola’s. However, the Catholic Church would lead everyone to believe Mary’s importance could be compared to Princess Leia’s.

If you don't believe in magic, Mary had sex outside of marriage and got pregnant, then fled to Egypt and to rural Israel with another man. She never talked to the child's biological father, so the child ran away, but Mary and his stepdad found him. However, when he got older he preferred living on the street than with them. When she visited him he wouldn't even talk to her.

When Don Richardson tried to evangelize the Sawi tribal people of Western Papua New Guinea, Indonesia he told them the gospel story and they thought Judas was the hero. They cheered and celebrated him and laughed at Jesus.

Rich, powerful people on the right and the left act like you have to pick a side instead of judging every issue and person on merit while staying unbiased and evenhanded.

The mainstream media tries to distract people with emotional, peripheral issues instead of hammering home the most important and accurate data and conclusions.

I don’t know how my neighbors would act if there was not a stay-at-home order because all they do is come and go and drive places constantly every day.

If you ever make a righteous judgment, don’t let them play the victim. Somebody else is always the victim of somebody’s sin. Also, you can remind them that they can’t be the asshole and the victim.

Whenever the Hawaiian government reopens the islands to tourists, I don’t think they will make a big deal about the way the islands have healed without all the tourists here, but they have gotten cleaner.

I hope single people driving SUVs haven’t felt justified during the COVID-19 scare. They still look like the biggest jackasses on earth.

If you are ready to continue destroying life on earth with your lifestyle, then I am ready to ignore you again and judge you, Jesus

Has anybody thought about treating the bats for NC19?

In case you haven't noticed, I don't have a calendar and I don't wear a watch, God

I think the bluer the state the more people expect the government to bail them out.

Absurd fears and fear mongering have hamstrung Americans and much of the world for a long time, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it is happening again now.

You will never be bolder than you will be when you have nothing to lose and don’t want anything from anybody.

Most of the things that people do to look younger accelerate aging.

When is the last time a house cat won a fight against an alley cat?

If you aren’t getting what you need it is probably because you are poor and nobody cares. It might be because you have not articulated your needs too.

The scheme of Christianity works best on the poor. Who else would care so much about an inheritance?

I have two words for anybody that tells me to humble myself. Fuck you.

The rich use Christianity as a weapon.

Christians don't judge theselves or others like the God of the Bible does. The God in the Bible ranks everybody by their righteousness and does not care at all about money or appearances.

If God decides to let you into the kingdom of heaven, I can’t imagine you doing anything except menial tasks forever. Why would God trust you with anything else? Why would God want to be around you forever?

Christians don’t hold every thought captive. In fact, I don’t think they hold any thoughts captive.

Hair dye contains carcinogens. Why do you rub carcinogens in your head? Are you an idiot?

Nobody cares about what causes cancer.

I would return to Instagram, but I don’t think I can stomach so many people being proud of bullshit and the idiots that admire them. I can't act like they are smart or cool when all they do is kill themselves and all life on earth and lead poor saps astray.

Jennifer Aniston, if you think all of these ingredients are good for your hair, your body or the environment, then you are an idiot. Octafluoropentyl Methacrylate (Polyfluoroester), Myristyl Alcohol, Polyacrylate-13, PEG-8 Stearate, PPG-2 Myristyl Ether Propionate, Polyisobutene, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Fragrance/Parfum, Polysorbate 20, Sorbic Acid, Citronellol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, Citral, Geraniol.

Some people have no problem lying to others for money.

When the Democrats do something dumb that harms people it is the Democrats’ fault. When the Republicans do something dumb that harms people it is the Republicans’ fault. When the Democrats and Republicans do something dumb that harms people it’s America’s fault or so they say.

There are not enough independent, non-partisan people with money and power to inform the entire country about the dangerous stupidity of the Republicans and the Democrats.

Reportedly, over 1 million Americans have had NC19 and over 58,000 people have died from it.

How will America ever be great unless they dissolve political parties or a third political party has the same power and influence as the other two?

Imagine a major media outlet that gets as many regular viewers as CNN full of Green Party voters.

I don't care about your religion or your pooitical party and I think you are an agenda-driven moron for joining both of them.

If Republicans and Democrats told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?

In the U.S., 80,000 people died from seasonal flus in the 2017-2018 flu season and 53,000 people have reportedly died from COVID-19 in 2020. Imagine if the only difference is the seasonal flus took lives in the winter and CV19 took lives in the spring.

When I was younger and more naive and trusting, I might have been afraid of catching CV19, but I have not been afraid of catching it or dying from it at all and I have made that abundantly clear from the beginning.

If you have CV19 please contact me because I want to catch it. I want to know what people are going through and I am confident that I will not die from it and I will isolate myself.

I would rather catch CV19 and have my body make antibodies than get a vaccine injected into my vein. I would also rather catch it when I am young instead of when I am older.

During the Great Depression in 1933, the U.S.’ unemployment rate peaked around 24.7%. As of April 23, 2020, the unemployment rate is reportedly 20.6%.

Prideful people that are wrong always want others to think they are right.

President Trump is a fool and says absurd things, but strangely the situation that the U.S. is in is not his fault because Republican and Democratic mayors and governors across the country have issued stay-at-home orders and he has not.

Imagine if President Trump would have said he disagreed with the Republicans and the Democrats on their COVID-19 response and he was leaving the Republican Party and forming his own political party.

You can't be a great leader and a sheep.

Idiots can’t get herd immunity from historians no matter how hard they try.

I think people take advantage of predictable people.

If President Trump was wise he would have asked Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci who they voted for in 2016 on Day 1.

April 29, 2020

How is your tennis elbow?

If you can’t make it to church you could always just read Marco Rubio’s tweets.

Some children seek negative attention, but incomplete adults do too.

If you marry an uneducated person it will probably end up taking years off your life.

Writers can make people sound smart or stupid.

Many parents teach their kids things that aren’t true.

Most Hawaiians will never be able to afford the hotels and condos they rent to tourists at resorts and they live in much worse places.

Some people like poison more than medicine.

Can you expect righteousness from imbalanced people?

People unapologetically harm the health of others.

If you annoy somebody until they recognize you, you may be in for a rude awakening..

Making a righteous judgment doesn’t necessarily make me happy, but I feel content, satisfied and edified..

The “don’t judge” movement” coincided perfectly with mass widespread because most people won’t make hypocritical judgments anyway.

Sometimes I Iike your writers more than your speakers, God

Don’t anger the righteous unless you love the truth.

When I was in 7th grade, a tall, white bully named Andrew Bowers used to choke me. My parents told me to stand up to him, so one time he choked me in a dark hallway at school and when he let me go I punched him in the face and he never did it again.

When I was in 7th grade, an American-Asian kid named Charlie Kohler used to tease me and call me a monkey all the time. It might have been because I hit puberty early and had hair on my arms when others didn’t. After I head-butted him by our lockers he didn’t do it again and we actually became pretty close friends afterwards and played football together. In high school my friends used to tease him, but I thought he was cool and we hung out.

My mom used to say she wanted me to be a chubby kid and didn’t want me to be skinny. She said she didn’t like the waif look and it looked unhealthy.

One time when I was a kid and my parents were discussing possible careers for me my dad suggested that I be a contortionist. My mom said there aren’t many contortionist jobs and my dad said I could be in the circus. I think he was joking though. I have very long arms for my height, so that might have been why.

Pain inspires me.

As I grew up my dad repeatedly told me, “Be a leader not a follower.”

If Congress says their jobs are not essential I think some people might agree with them.

The way Hawaiians have been treated and the jobs they have chosen to do reminds me a little of the Mexicans that I saw growing up in San Diego, California. They did the manual labor and jobs that my rich white friends did not want to do.

Joe Biden looked like he was falling asleep as Hillary Clinton endorsed him.

If New York City streets weren’t so polluted maybe the houseless would not take refuge in subways.

My mom told me that she used to be a Democrat when she was a kid and she liked the party because they were for the poor and the environment, but she said she didn’t know what happened and she was a Republican all my life.

I think the houseless people in the New York City subway would sleep somewhere else if they had an option. They probably sleep on subway benches because the ground is dirty and there is a draft. They might feel like it is unsafe elsewhere too because in the subway they are in the light and on camera. If they had a sleeping bag or a tent they would probably be happy to sleep elsewhere. Also, if they had a storage unit they would probably be happy to store their belongings and get a job. A public shower they could use would be helpful.

There is always a calculated risk when you go outside.

I’d like to have a word with the Chinese bats.

I’d like to have a word with the Chinese bats first, God

I don’t hear many visionaries these days.

I think President Trump is abusing his power by using the Defense Production Act of 1950 to order meat packing plants to stay open. It was never intended for that purpose.

Just because a pug might have gotten CV19 it does not mean that other dogs will catch it. Pugs are genetically weak animals.

I would rather catch CV19 than take a drug.

It may be acceptable for the WHO to say catching CV19 may not make you immune from catching it again, but it is unacceptable if they do not have a definitive answer soon.

If you get penile cancer after rubbing strange chemical lotions into your penis for a long time you probably shouldn’t be surprised.

I have no interest in reading President Trump’s tweets. Nonetheless, the media still takes them seriously and comedians make fun of them.

Apparently, President Trump does not know how to spell very well.

Reportedly, President Trump’s approval rating and disapproval rating benefited from the Rally Around the Flag effect, but he lost the gains quicker than any other president in history.

Evil, twisted people make bad decisions, won't admit it and spend lots of time and energy seeking sources that will justify their folly.

You don’t ever find the truth because you believe lies, look for people that will affirm them and then look for places you can go where people believe the same lies.

I would not eat anything that Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers sells. In fact, I wouldn’t give it to animals or put it in landfills.

I have seen enough advertisements for a lifetime, Jesus

I rode two buses in Kauai about two weeks ago and everybody was wearing a mask. A sign said, “No Mask, No Ride”. One of the bus drivers had a bag of masks and he gave one to somebody as he was exiting the bus.

The beginning of the Internet was the beginning of the end of religion.

Fox News sells more drugs than a traditional drug dealer.

It makes sense that the 1st century Israelites would reject Jesus because his kingship depended on his father’s lineage and his father’s lineage was either unknown or something they did not want to admit.

Your lifestyle is much more lethal than the flu.

Too many people want affirmation from people with their head up their ass.

Imagine if Caiaphas was Jesus’ biological father.

Poor Jesus. He probably never knew his real father.

I don’t hear many visionaries these days.

Tucker Carlson said a handwritten note about Michael Flynn was from a senior FBI official, but he did not say who wrote it and nobody knows according to Martha MacCallum, so he doesn’t actually know a senior FBI official wrote it. We also don’t know whether it was serious or sarcastic. He opened his show with it though.

I would not be surprised if a lot of conservative U.S. soldiers and their families watch Fox News.

Whenever there is Internet congestion more Internet users avoid using security like VPNs and proxies because they cause the Internet to be much slower.

To Tucker Carlson’s credit before his first commercial break about 17 minutes into the show he said the handwritten note about Michael Flynn was apparently from a senior FBI official.

If they know your thoughts or see through your eyes they probably don’t need to read what you write, God

The FISA court and its review court seem unconstitutional and ripe for abuse.

When I visited New York City in 2012, I was there for three weeks and stayed up for a week straight. I also slept in a Bowery shelter’s church pew one night, under a park bench a few times, in a park bench a few times and I even fell asleep on a subway train by accident and woke up in Brooklyn once. Also, my father put me up in a hotel in Chelsea for a few days.

Whenever I smell marijuana smoke outside the first thing out of my mouth is always, “Health nut”.

I don’t think Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be calling houseless people sleeping in a New York subway train “disgusting”. I also don’t think the first thing out of his mouth should be judging them for allegedly inconveniencing or endangering first responders that need to ride the subway. Those words are far from the mind of a person with love and compassion in his heart.

For years I have said that politicians should sleep on the street one night a month and today Gov. Andrew Cuomo underscored my words.

I think rich, powerful people typically only recant when they perceive the consequence will be greater than the benefit.

Fox News does not only sell drugs for humans, but they also sell drugs for dogs.

Republican and Democrat politicians are going to reward the young generation for keeping quiet in the COVID-19 scare by giving them 75% of their social security investment when they retire. Is that karma or the opposite of karma?

If you have a “real job” for many years and they take social security out of every one of your paychecks you stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if you retire after 2033.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is bankrupt. Medicaid is scheduled to go bankrupt in 2024 and Social Security is scheduled to go bankrupt in 2033. If those aren’t the best arguments against socialism and the best reasons to avoid giving the government control of businesses that are in the private sector I don’t know what are.

Could you give an example of irony? Here’s one. Sting sang on the hit song Money For Nothing and they didn’t pay him.

One of the most useless, senseless and annoying things that anybody can say to me is, “Be careful”.

If you don’t do what you tell others to do, then you are a hypocrite.

When I hear lame, absurd suggestions, demands or grumblings I reject them and attach them to whoever said them as if they are talking to themselves. The “Obey” clothing line is one example.

I don’t have time to listen to fools.

Some people that hate others are actually jealous of them.

I think many Hawaiians are caught between being the macho, anti-haole stereotype and putting on a big smile every day as they work in the service industry.

If they can get in your head they can control you.

I considered calling this section of my website, “Screaming Into an Empty Bag of Doritos”.

Weak people just want a reaction.

Make your peace. I did.

People don’t know how to edify themselves.

If you get muscle spasms in one eye somebody might be trying to blind you.

I have scars on both of my wrists. They aren’t from nails, but they are from two Los Angeles Police Department thugs’ handcuffs. If you are a crooked cop too I will know when you see my wrists.

Don’t visualize doing evil acts.

A week or two ago I asked the man bagging my groceries at Safeway if they were accepting volunteers that wanted to help bag groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic and he said no.

Hey WHO, Tom Hanks hasn’t gotten CV19 again. Is that evidence that you can’t get it twice?

Are they still counting President Trump’s lies? Is that an essential job? Can they count that high? Talk about doing God's work.

President Trump should start writing his own speeches.

Hiring the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds to fly around while there is a stay-at-home order in effect seems like a strange choice.

In case Americans were wondering what it would be like to have insane people in power I think they know now.

Sometimes people don’t feel like they can openly communicate, so they use other ways to get their message across.

You are not on my radar for the same reason you are not on God's radar.

When I was in a hotel room in Los Angeles during the trip when the Los Angeles Police Department abused me I thought my body was being scanned by a thermal imaging machine from outside the room.

The Supreme Court has ruled that using a thermal-imaging camera to look inside a building violates the 4th Amendment and requires a search warrant. Using a thermal-imaging camera to look outside a building is fine though.

April 30, 2020

Fearful people are easier to control.

I think the liberal mainstream media is at an all-time low.

If you tell somebody only the part of the truth that you want them to hear that is not telling them the full truth.

Did Israel fire missiles at Damascus on Monday to see who was paying attention? If so, they know now.

I think Zionists know that the Democratic Party is not nearly as sympathetic to their cause as the Republican Party. I also think they aren’t banking on President Trump being reelected. However, it does sound like Zionists may be writing speeches that President Trump and Jared Kushner have been reading. Why else would Kushner read a speech on Fox News that says, “the Americans”? Is he from another planet? Is he literally and figuratively in bed with Benjamin Netanyahu now?

My parents never let anybody else sleep in my bed.

Not only were Americans physically unprepared for the events happening in 2020, but they were emotionally and psychologically unprepared too.

Journalists should ask President Trump who has been writing his speeches.

The devil is not an essential worker, God

I don’t want credit blame for being anything that I am not.

President Trump has said he will cure cancer and U.S. will have a phenomenal year economically in 2021.

President Trump lies to justify his mistakes and poor judgment.

Americans are suffering because they have to get the news from many different sources, so they can put all the partial truths together and discern the full truth.

There is no off button on the fool switch.

If the federal government (e.g. FEMA) would have a stockpile of masks, then California would not need to buy 200 million masks from China.

The 30 giant corporations in the Dow Jones stock index know how to make money under any circumstance.

President Trump keeps saying he doesn’t understand why China banned travel within its own country, but not to the U.S. and Europe. If he had a relationship with China he could pick up the phone, call them and ask them and then he wouldn’t repeatedly broadcast his ignorance.

You are powerless because you think you are powerless.

Scared people will side with the devil.

People that lie to people don’t want them to think critically.

Fox News’ The Five thinks fair and balanced is letting four conservatives and one liberal opine.

You will be better served with strong, empowering voices in your head instead of fearful, debilitating ones.

I think living a lifestyle of distrust is unnatural for most Americans.

The way Stephen Colbert talks about Mike Pence is the same way that racist black people talk about white people.

I had forgotten how I was not a big fan of a solitary individual playing an instrument.

After my roommate turned me on to great music in college, I began saying it takes a lot of instruments in a band playing skillfully to impress me. That is why Led Zeppelin became my favorite band.

My first experience with live music was in the church. In fact, the worship band was always one of my favorite things about the service and if they had a crummy band or no band I was disinterested.

When I visited a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall one time to see what it was all about they passed out copies of The Watchtower magazine and played a cappella worship songs on a tape cassette. Needless to say it was not my cup of tea.

It’s time to roast Sam Bee.

Sam Bee looks like she bought a chin implant to take the focus off her oversized forehead. She sounds like she stopped taking speech therapy classes to lose her Canadian accent a little too soon. She acts like liberalism is the cure to everything. She seems like the Republican Party’s check bounced.

If you can’t think independently enough to roast liberals, then you are probably a one-dimensional moron like they are.

One day my former wife asked me to sodomize her, so I made her dream come true. It was my one and only cornholing though. I rode the Hershey Highway like a pony.

If you took the saber-rattling out of President Trump’s speeches they would probably be about half as long. I know they make him feel tough, but that is actually what weak people do. Strong people take swift and decisive action. Weak people wag their finger, beat their chest and issue idle threats without taking action. The more he does it the more pathetic he looks and the media and others that are enamored by that kind of nonsense are just as pathetic as he is.

World leaders with power and integrity don’t whine and complain about other countries because they know them and have a relationship with them and can influence them. They don’t foment worry or anger or fear about the actions or inaction of other countries because they have plenty of knowledge and great understanding. Weak, ignorant people without relationships do that kind of thing though.

Rich, powerful people want sheep to think that they are on the cusp of being rich and powerful too if they will only keep listening, following and obeying them.

Imagine how level the playing field would be if paid advertisements were illegal.

Guilting Americans into doing nothing is easy. Try guilting them into doing the right things. They won’t do them.

CNN, Fox News and MSNBC have turned journalism into a series of persuasive speeches.

Israel has biological weapons, nuclear weapons and ballistic weapons and they periodically attack their neighbors and steal their land, but they can’t seem to find any time to build the third temple.

On Monday morning Israel fired missiles at houses in a Damascus suburb called Hajira. Hajira (Hagar) was Ishmael’s mom and he’s regarded as a prophet and Muhammad’s ancestor. Hajira’s lucky number in Urdu is 7 and 7 people died. Israel attacked during Ramadan and a waxing crescent moon (a symbol of Islam) which wasn’t visible. Hajira means sunlight and Israel attacked in the dark.

On Sunday afternoon (HST) I mentioned that the word “home” is a mistranslation in the New and Old Testaments and it should be translated house and I have a crescent moon tattoo on my leg.

Politicians in Congress have been extremely unpopular for years, so I guess we should not be surprised that they have hidden from the limelight during the COVID-19 ordeal.

The U.S. is being run by a punch of pussies.

The only thing you should be afraid of is the way you can’t stop polluting.

The unchurched are astonished that Bill Gates and Barack Obama predicted a pandemic, but people that have been to a church that taught people about the future are not surprised at all.

I doubt that aliens exist, but if they do exist there is no way in hell an alien would ever want anything to do with an earthling and even suggesting such a thing is prideful nonsense.

Creationists and evolutionists start with a set of assumptions.

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