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February 9, 2021 3:33 PM HST - Posted by Jason

What's Happening!?

I have been renting a hotel room for the last week. Can you believe it?

I wasn’t always such an extreme environmentalist and health-conscious person. However, I switched to organic food in 2013 when I lived on the streets of Long Beach, California. It was filthy and I wanted to give my body the best chance to live a long life. Being better for the planet was a bonus.

Living in the Los Angeles County pollution is what drove me to be the environmentalist I am today. I took the bus everywhere around Long Beach and Lakewood in particular) and I would have to stick my head in a bush to breathe clean air at bus stops. It was horrendous.

After moving to Hawaii in late 2014, I began enjoying cleaner air, but certainly not totally clean air. I rode a bike around Honolulu and took the bus to the north shore a few times. It felt like even more of a shame to see pollution in such a beautiful place.

I sold my car and began living on the street in 2012, but I vowed to stop burning gasoline. Many years later I resolved to avoid burning fossil fuels in a house. These were just personal convictions because I knew there were better options and I think the current ones are causing enormous, irreversible problems around the world.

Before I moved to Kauai from Maui in March, 2020, my dad offered to put me up in the Maui Seaside Hotel and I said ok. The government closed the 24 Hour Fitness in Kahului where I was showering and I only had a few days left on the island. A day or two after I left the hotel, it closed because it had no business due to COVID-19. They were required to close shortly afterwards anyways.

Staying in a hotel by myself felt unique because it was something I hadn’t done in eight years on the street; not even once. The last time I stayed in a hotel I was in 2012 before I started sleeping on the streets of Long Beach.

My father treated me to about three months in a half-off studio condo in Kapaa in 2020, so I saved money during that time. I was counting on showering daily at the YMCA, but they closed due to COVID-19 until the summer. When July 10 arrived, I didn’t even think about staying in a hotel or motel though. I dutifully returned to the street and lived in Lihue for the first time until I moved to Hilo in the Big Island in late December, 2020.

While I was there I recorded a series of videos aabout my experiences throughout the Hawaiian islands. I also mentioned living in Long Beach in one video. I finally had time to summarize everything between 2012-2020. I also recorded live videos as I watched the early morning TV news (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.). All the videos are on YouTube and Periscope.

In 2018 I wrote a haikus book in Oahu and in 2019 I wrote one in Maui. In 2020 I wrote a haikus book in Kauai and in 2021 I am writing one in Big Island. I have written 73 haikus so far and I have 41 to go.

It was very difficult to live outside in Hilo and it became even harder. First, the gym wouldn’t sell me a membership until I had been in Hilo for two weeks. This means I had three main shower options: camp shower (filling a bag of water), beach shower or sink shower. None are good options and all of them are freezing cold. Needless to say I began showering infrequently and poorly like I had never done before which was difficult because hygiene is important to me. It opened my eyes again to the way that some people are forced to live outside though.

When they capped two water spigots I was using I realized it was time to move on. Not to mention there was nowhere to plug in my iPod, phone or iPad. This made it impossible to charge devices, so I tried several power banks (that come half full) from Walmart and realized that was a poor way to go if I can’t charge them anywhere. Not to mention most of them had flaws.

Although I wanted to forget about it the wound on my leg wasn’t healing, so I saw Dr. Chan at Urgent Care in Hilo and got Doxycycline and and ointment for it. As I took the antibiotic and rode my bike each day, the sun burned my knuckles! In fact, it burned them so badly they have been healing for over a week with very little sun and they are still peeling. Now I see and understand what those sorts of blisters are on others.

Fortunately, a local woman recommended a hotel to me that suits my needs. It’s not glamorous, but it could be worse.

Making lots of organic tea and getting extra rest has helped the wound on my leg continue healing. A few days ago I ran out of the ointment that was prescribed to me, but my body has taken over the healing pretty well. I have been using garlic inside and out along with turmeric and they have helped. I should have cleaned it better in the beginning, but I have learned a lot of things during this 3-4 month ordeal.

I bought 365 trees for $365 because I like to plant one tree for each day I must burn coal indoors. However, there is no heater or air conditioning and I am not using the refrigerator or fan. Therefore, the only energy I am using is the same energy I would be using elsewhere to charge my devices, light the room and warm the shower. I wish it was 100% renewable and I wish I could buy a house or at least rent a room with 100% renewable energy. Nonetheless, I think Hawaii has one of the best ratios of renewable to non-renewable energy in the country and it keeps improving.

I didn’t want to seem inconsistent, but my health is very important to me and if I am unable to get clean, then I can’t be a functioning member of society. I am sad for the people that can’t get off the street. In fact, I gave $560 $20 at a time to 28 houseless people in Hilo this year. I thought they needed it more than I did and I didn’t realize how rewarding the experience would be.

I don’t mind cutting it close and I don’t mind giving it away. Whenever I give it away and endeavor to downsize and say, “I want less!” I inevitably get blessed with more sooner and later, figuratively and literally. Since I’m not playing the game of Survivor and I have a savings and income I figured it would be wise to get off the street. However, it has been an adjustment like housebreaking a wild animal.

Good luck.

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February 19, 2021 11:33 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Islands I've Visited

I have visited 13 islands. This is a list in alphabetical order. I did not include Tom Sawyer Island, but I have been there too.

Coronado* **
Great Britain
Key West

* multiple visits
** tied island

March 3, 2021 2:04 PM HST - Posted by Jason

19 Employers and Jobs

I’ve had the chance to work for over a dozen companies. I prefer being self-employed though.

Here is a list of companies I’ve worked for and what I’ve done. I am sure that I had more duties, but I listed my main one or two jobs. Also, I’ve been self-employed and performed a lot of charity work.

All of these companies are in California, but I worked at a Circuit City in Virginia. Uncharted Waters employed me to coach soccer camps in Arizona and Colorado.

D&D Saw and Supply - made band saw blades

King Schools - worked in shipping, telemarketing and advertising for the flight school

DiLeone's Italian restaurant - server

Cal Stores - stocked sporting goods, took inventory, etc.

Rubio’s Fish Tacos - worked on the cash register with customers, cleaned tables, etc.

Circuit City - sold portable electronics

San Diego Unified School District - substitute teacher for grades 1-12

Oceanside Unified School District - substitute teacher

Coleman College - taught psychology and sociology classes

The Good News, Etc. - delivered monthly newspapers

Arcadia High School - coached frosh/soph boys soccer

Pico Park Community Center - taught group guitar and keyboard lessons

California Music Studios - taught private guitar, bass and piano lessons

Uncharted Waters - coached soccer camps

Escondido Union School District - substitute teacher for grades 1-12

Calvin Christian High School - coached boys junior varsity soccer and was a substitute teacher

New Venture Christian School - taught middle school Bible and history

Santa Fe Christian School — coached junior high school soccer and was a substitute teacher

Kearny High School - coached boys varsity high school soccer

April 2, 2021 12:49 AM HST - Posted by Jason

Cassette Singles I Owned

When I was a teenager, cassette singles were popular, so I bought a few of them. I usually bought one because I liked it a lot and could hardly wait for the album or because I didn’t want the album. Here are some of the ones I bought when I was a kid.

2 Live Crew - Me So Horny
Ace of Bass - All She Wants
Anything Box - Living in Oblivion
Bon Jovi - Living On a Prayer
The Cure - Friday I’m in Love
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Kid N Play - Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody
Madonna - Like a Prayer
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Right Said Fred - I’m Too Sexy
Seal - Crazy